Hyperthymesia and Photographic Memory 12th Feb 2019

The audio version of this session can be found under the Session Audio Files Heading.

Ignore the title, this will make the penny drop for some.

Hyperthymesia and Photographic Memory. With reference to understanding autistic savants.

Hyperthymesia. Could you please explain that in terms of how it works in this reality and how it is related to your ability in your reality to see everything at a glance?

Life is continuous, as we have stated before, and so why should there not be the same abilities existing in different realities? Except those that you choose to drop off while using others to fuller effect to enjoy the reality that you currently choose to focus in.

In physical reality you are there to experience separation and so you do not want to have the feeling of being connected to everything and understanding everything. Therefore you close off those avenues of information in order that you are only exposed to the sensory perception attainable through the instrument.

Now, as you can see in your own case, you haven’t closed them all off. You are able to open your mind and let others speak to you, send you images, send you feelings from the point of view of mediumship and even take over your voice and word production, which is the process which is happening at the present moment. Not all people are mediums, not all people are hyperthymestics. It is a rare condition because it is also somewhat destabilising. How would you like it if continually coming into your mind were memories of various days throughout your life? They would disturb your focus on the present moment wouldn’t they? So when we decide to focus into a reality we pick and choose the senses which are necessary to exist in that reality and drop off the others for the time that we (are focused) in that reality.

Now, you will, as the instrument already has, put two and two together and realise how we can, when choosing, we will refer to a previous article, when choosing to explore the possibility of being a cheetah, up come all the patterns of the cheetah, all the information pertaining to the cheetahs comes up and remember you are in a timeless situation, instantaneous cognisance of all the information that is there and you can relate that to your NDE experiencers who see their life flash before them in virtually no time. So, no big deal there.

When it comes to photographic memory, well, same thing really isn’t it? You are just able to pick up all the detail. Just as we are able to see all the information that we have presented in the books simultaneously and if we wish to focus on any particular piece then we can activate the voice box and transmit it to you. We are aware of everything we wish to do. Very difficult to understand because you think that this all has to be produced in linear, sequential order or that it already exists. Of course, everything already exists but that again is so difficult to explain when you are trying to understand it from your side and so it is easier for you to say that we prepared it all in advance, we laid it all out there and there we are, we are looking at this great big picture with everything in it and as the question comes up we just pick out the part that makes sense to you and so it will all fit in.

It is effectively as we described it. From your point of view it would be easier to understand a jigsaw. We have the whole picture in front of us of everything that we need to say to you because we know the whole block of information that we wish to transmit to you. Now as your questions come up, and remember that the higher consciousnesses are working together in all of this, so the questions are, whether you are aware of it or not, no matter who they come from, able to be answered from the block information in the jigsaw. (Comment:- Could we assume an element of orchestration here?) We merely look at the jigsaw, choose the right area and then transmit the answer. Now this doesn’t have to be, of course, word for word. It’s simply the meaning, the meaning, and the meaning is congruent with all the other meaning within the jigsaw.

So just as we talk about forever becoming there can be slight changes in the wording because the jigsaw is not laid out in terms of a written book. It is laid out in terms of, what you might call, the overall meaning of that which we wish to get across and it forms into the language as we go along. You can say to yourself, “well then, looking at your hyperthymestics they can recall any day, just like that”. Well we can recall, if you wish to bring memories back into this, any block of knowledge, any of that of which we are aware of. Of course we are fully aware of all the conditions that pertain here and therefore that block of knowledge is available to us, said jigsaw. Yes? And so we can access any part of that in reply to any question that comes from you.

Now all that is happening here in regard to the individuals on your side who possess some of this is, as we just started off, they just have a different part of brain/ mind connection that hasn’t really been shut off. If your mediumship abilities had been shut off like most others then you would not be able to be a medium, you would not be able to receive information from so-called deceased or from us and the same goes. Now it just so happens that this particular ability is of course endemic in our location. We can look at anything and it exists in its totality, ref the cheetahs again. Ok?

So you can see, when we talk about this, that when it comes to constructing a physical body, it seems a gargantuan task, enormously complex. But when you can see all the detail, in its entirety, just with a glance, all you have to do is scale up your autistic savant’s photographic memory ability to look at a picture or a landscape and then reproduce it down to the last detail, then scale it up to when you wish to form an instrument, a body. Scale it up to our instantaneous, we won’t say speed, but instantaneous awareness, say, and you can understand why the body can be created in every second, every millisecond, every nanosecond, wherever you want to end up here.

Simply by looking we can remember, and we produce and so we form……again we are getting into this form business here, but the picture comes up in the imagination, as we have said before and then we share that imagination with everybody else. Everybody else is engaged in exactly the same thing. We are all watching our ‘pattern progress, we say, fitting our own little tweaks and biases into the ‘rules of the game’, progression of the instrument, let’s put it that way. Yes, it’s going to get older, it’s going to do this, you’ve said you wanted to be in this game, play by the rules. You can’t stay young, we’ll give you a little leeway here and there but the mass consciousness says that if you get too far out of line then you won’t be here (with us) any more. You won’t notice the difference of course as the instrument will carry on with the majority but the outliers who refuse to fall in will simply not be part of the majority. It is as simple as that. It is not that they are thrown out it is simply that they are not able to influence what is going on. Do you understand?


Right. So there you are. It’s not rocket science, it’s just a question of using your logic to understand that ‘as above so below’, in certain instances, when things slip through the cracks. And also, there is a little bit of “well let’s slip them a curve ball with this one shall we”. Let us see that when you are separated you manage to work this one out. Because this is again the uncertainty and the excitement and the challenge of seeking and finding and understanding. It gives you something to do, doesn’t it?


Signs and wonders but you think ‘how can this possibly work?

Well we have just given you an explanation of how this particular trait does work. Yes? Thank you.

And thank you.

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