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The Reality of Dream Realities

While David was asleep last night he found himself in a windowless room with no doors, no way out, trapped. The walls were solid and he began to be concerned about getting out. He suddenly realised he was dreaming and once he realised that it was a dream he woke up, the room had disappeared and he was back in his own bed. Can you explain this and its implications, the seeming reality of it?

What you are confident of seeing, in other words you expect to see it, you have a belief in that it is there, then so it shall be, because you create your own reality. The converse is true also. Once you believe it no longer exists, it simply doesn’t exist. It may exist for others if they still believe it exists, but for you, it does not. Now, if you now wish to, let us say, join the club of believers again, you may say to yourself “I know it’s not real, but for the sake of harmony, I’ll go along with it” and so you will have the intention to see it even though you know it’s not real.

Intention or belief creates your reality. Now, your belief may create the reality that you do not necessarily wish to create at that moment and as the thoughts come by, you can, until you relearn, let us say, although you will quickly go back to your previous ways and lose the influence of the physical ,  occasionally get flashes of other realities. It is like when a thought comes to you, you momentarily consider it and then you discard it, you turn away from that thought. Well, that is a momentary creation of a reality and you get used to handling these sorts of things anyway. In other words your thoughts become a picture. Much in the same way as David could see and feel the walls around him until he suddenly applied his reason and logic and realised,  ” this has to be a dream” whereupon, of course, it instantly disappears. So, there is no particular magic in this and you will ask, as David was asking this morning, does this reality (our physical reality) exist simply because I believe it is there?  And so we refer you back to the information already given, and once more we say again, you create your own reality.

Now, when you first are in the womb and then when you become immersed in the outside world, it takes time for your vision, shall we say, or your awareness, to lose its link with the other aspects it has been involved in. There is a certain amount of bleedthrough. But as your attention is attracted, or demanded, by your consciousness of being focussed in the physical world then you tend to focus just on that and gradually it becomes your only reality. This applies to any reality that you focus into for any period of, what you might call, time, any length of intensity, that will become your only reality each time you switch to that reality, (you switch your focus of attention).

Now you must start to think more about what happens when you are asleep. You are totally unaware of the physical reality and yet you are aware of other realities some of which are somewhat vaporous, shall we say, somewhat disjointed, yet others seem quite real. So let us just go back to the flickering thoughts, the flickering realities, the jumping from one to another and yet in some you find them interesting and the dream goes on for quite a while and seems very real indeed. Now when you are in that dream, which seems very real, you are not at all aware of your existence in physical reality, much in the same way as when you are awake in physical reality you are totally unaware that you are, at the same time, dabbling in other realities, because, like any sensible person, you keep your data streams separate.

Now, the big question is “is this reality real”? If you will just read back over what we have just said you will get the answer.

Any reality is real to you if you wish it to be so for the purposes of experience and enjoyment, it is as simple as that.

So what was the idea of David dreaming about being in a totally enclosed space? Was that to give him the feeling that “Oh, this is a dream” in order to get the opportunity to explain it?

There are teachers. Does that give you the answer?

You’re saying yes, it was to explain it to him?

In order that someone has a ‘eureka’ moment they need to find a key to unlock their understanding. Sometimes that key has to be provided.


It enables us to move forward a little more but you need to, as was given today, to put this out there to see whether you can generate some replies, some thoughts of others that may lead us to be able to further expand on the realities that exist and the possibilities of accessing those realities without getting lost in those particular dramas.

Thank you.

Now it is over to you, our readers, to help keep this information coming. We are, at our age, comfortable with our present level of understanding and at peace with our concept of our being and are happy to continue to explore the wonders of this reality until we inevitably find ourselves in another.

We, as you can see from the above, are now having to be prompted to seek further knowledge but we are happy to continue seeking answers for those of you who wish to know more.

David & Jean Ingman

The link below is to an article in which Sir Roger Penrose, Stuart Hamerrof  and contributors from the Max Planck Institute set out the out the case for the survival of consciousness based on quantum information transmission research.