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Consciousness and It’s Sense of Self. 3rd July 2018

Can one unit of consciousness, having been part of a billions of units co- production, recreate the physical body or its image?

Does one atom exist on its own? Does one electron, one quark?

I’m assuming yes.

You know that an atom is composed of multiple electrical charges?


How far do you wish to go before you decide that anything smaller cannot be aware? Yet it is in motion and it is communicating with others?

I have no idea.

If photons are communicating with each other can they be units of awareness?

They can be a unit of awareness but could that unit of awareness e.g. recreate me?

In what fashion?

I am not talking about the physical body, I am talking about in another reality.

In its imagination. If the photon is aware, is in communication with another photon, which is able to be demonstrated in a laboratory, then you have your quantum entanglement. Let us say that entanglement assumes that the observer can no longer distinguish the individuals within, so let us put it that they become like identical twins in all respects because they are sharing the same knowledge, the same information bank. One’s knowledge is the others knowledge. Alternatively you could say that they have merged, become as one.  Yes?

I am finding it very difficult. For example we spoke about remote viewing and how the remote viewer can be aware of information and images not locally present but when I asked if I could mentally send something to you the answer was no.

We are in the physical.

Well surely the remote viewers are in the physical or one part of them is in the physical.

Let us go back to the telepathy experiment. There is a belief and the belief is that you can get some information but you cannot get the full clarity picture (as seen through the other persons eyes).


When you are in the non-physical you know, you do believe and therefore you can say “I am sitting in a café in Capri overlooking the Mediterranean”. Yes?


You entangle, both are sharing the same image. Now do you understand?


When it comes down to you somehow needing to see an objective unit of awareness, being able to visualise or understand in some fashion “This is a unit of awareness”, can you understand this wave, particle, electrically charged unit going in and out of existence called an electron?

Sort of. We are told about it.

We are told about it? So let us go further down the scale, all the way down to the supposed limit of the Planck scale and would you agree that there may be orders of magnitude smaller than that theoretical limit?


Then imagine that these energy pulses, let us say, are all capable of communicating with each other. When you are a unit of awareness you will join whatever group that you wish to feel you are. You will adopt an identity. At the present moment you sit there feeling that you are “I”, (Jean) but you are also aware that you are part of billions of awarenesses all thinking the same?


Does each cell in your body understand that it is partaking in the physical instrument called Jean?

I presume they do.

Exactly. So if we assume that the consciousness that is focusing on the cell is a unit of consciousness, then you can say that unit of consciousness is entangled and is receiving all the same impressions that you are. Yes?


So as the cells split and you breathe molecules in and out and likewise eat and excrete, then you can say that your composition is constantly changing?


But each time as they join they pick up, they have access to, everything that you already know, have ever experienced and they immediately assume the “I”. Because they are connected to your memory store. They say “This is me, I am Jean”. Now you could turn around and say “But you have just joined.” And they will reply “No I haven’t, I have been here as long as you have”.

Now talk about time as regards this last statement.

“I have been here as long as you have”? Because there is no time, as you can access all the memories?

It is not a question of “I can access all the memories” it is “I have all the memories”. The minute you join, you focus in, you are totally connected, you are entangled, you become as one.

So then the minute you leave you still retain all those memories? (See Entangled Minds)  

Yes. But do you, as we said before, even though you remember something from June 12th can you then recollect June 11th?

No. Going on from that, say a unit of awareness has just left me and has gone to the next life. Can that unit of awareness, that is now in the next life and knows that is has been me, can that recreate me to those people who have left the physical before I leave the physical?

The awareness leaves the physical?


It then is able to be in knowing contact with others in the non-physical, in other words both know they are non-physical. The consciousness (awareness) that leaves you then is able to talk to your mother and father on an equal footing, they are aware of each other.  You have the memory store. Can that unit of consciousness, that considers itself “I”, access the memory store?


And can it see what it was like?

Presumably the answer is yes.

So as it brings that into its mind, it is communicating with your mother and father, they entangle, they become as one, they see the picture and the picture is completely clear. (We must remember that all parties to the encounter are recreating their appropriate image as in remembering, returning to acting, parts played in a play. In other words you become that person again)

Now you have to realise that this is a plane of separation. When you leave here there is no separation of anything, everything is interconnected. It is merely where you wish to be.  (What you wish to focus upon.)

You can be with anyone, what you call anyone, any imaginative representation, whenever you wish.

But in order to share that representation you have to activate the entanglement. Do you understand?

I know what you are saying.

If one side does not want to respond it turns its focus away and you no longer both share the image, but if you both wish to share the image then (automatically) you are both sharing the same image. (The intention is the key – to the reality of Capri; and to all other realities you care to focus on)

Such is the imagination that when one says “I am sitting in this chair” “Well I’ll sit in this chair then”, you just simply adjust the images accordingly.


You create your reality.

Now you have to assimilate all these different things and think them through. Then you will see that once you get away from this separateness you will realise quite quickly that there is no (intrinsic) you. There is only who you want to be.


“I am this, now I think I’ll be that, and that, and that”. So you are always speaking from the position of an adopted or created “I”, of an adopted or created identity. Do you understand?

I can understand what you are saying. It is just that because I now consider myself to be composed of billions of entities the mind boggles especially when they may all be thinking of different things.

You are concerned about losing what you consider is your identity.

No, I am not concerned about that, I just find the whole thing confusing.

Do you consider that there must be utter confusion in the ocean with all these untold molecules of water?

All these molecules of water have come together and are now called an ocean of water…….

Where is their individual identity?

It isn’t all the time they are part of the ocean, it isn’t, they are just part of the ocean.

Have you got an individual identity amongst the 7 billion humans?

Yes. So they should all have their individual identity. I take that back.


I take that back. They all retain their individual identity and when the wind blows or the sun shines they go off to be something different. (To experience being part of something different)

And your billions of awarenesses? Comprising your particular “I”.

They can do the same thing, they can go off and be whatever.

But do they still retain the access to that particular sense of “I”?

I suppose so via their memory store, by focusing on the memory store of that “I”.

Now you have already established that you have your identity amongst 7 billion others and so if we take 7 billion molecules of water, say a couple of drops, you would accord them their individual identity within those drops of water?


If we now reduce those molecules to their component parts and keep on dissembling until we get to the limits of our comprehension then can we determine the state of the primary unit of consciousness? The consensus of opinion amongst the scientific community is that consciousness arises  at a certain point, but can that be demonstrated, what can they be certain of, or is it just speculation? Does it arise at some point during conception, after birth? The jury is still out. How many scientists would agree that consciousness is present before conception?

Probably not very many.

Exactly. It is the old business about when does the soul join but if you say that the soul exists before and actually plans all this then you won’t get much of a hearing from science will you?


Soooh. You have to just be happy with what you feel and decide if it really matters to you if you know what a unit of awareness is because “what have I got at the moment? I have a sense of identity” and from all that you have learned you will have a sense of identity when you pass over as do the NDEr’s. Can they see themselves? Have you ever read or heard of a near death experiencer saying “I could see myself” and describe their non-physical appearance?

No one has ever been able to see their ”Self”, as how can you stand outside yourself without being a separate “Self”?

You cannot.

So you can only be the “Self” that other “Selves” tell you, you are. What they reflect back to you from your own thoughts and their interpretation of same. Those selves can only tell you what you are by what you project. Now you either project your imagination to another “Self” in which case you are entangled and they will have your knowledge of what you think you are, how you see yourself. They can then pass that information back to you. At that stage they can tell you what they think you are. From all this information you will derive a sense of what you are like.

But what are you getting? You are getting what is termed “reflection”. So you don’t have a mirror, you have a thought reflection.


Your sense of awareness of “Self” comes from the reflection of your own thoughts back to you. As you send thoughts out regarding your belief, your attitude, your opinions……Let us assume that you have this thought-form of a physical body as you pass over. (Think of yourself as one unit of awareness amongst many.) You contact another unit of awareness, you are entangled. You, in your imagination, have this picture of yourself, from a photograph, say. That immediately becomes the knowledge of the entangled party so then they can send a thought back to you “This is what you look like” but they may have their own attitudes and beliefs so whereas you may see yourself as beautiful they may see you as not so beautiful and they send that back.

What has happened? You have sent a picture and they have sent it back and that is where the term reflection comes from. We talk “reflection” but we don’t think about, how is this promulgated? When we say reflection, and when I say “we” I mean from the physical, it involves the receiving of varied responses from those you interact with from which you gradually build up a conception of how you are in other people’s eyes.


You then decide or not to amend the way you present and conduct yourself to achieve the effect you desire. To be seen as loving, caring, humorous, impartial or maybe strong, dictatorial, an achiever or whatever mix you think is comfortable for you. You do this in response to data being received from other units of awareness. Of course in order for them to be aware of you, you had to make a presentation.

Now when you haven’t got a physical body and you have only got thoughts, and thoughts being imagination, you are broadcasting all kinds of images and information and it is reflected back to you. So consider that the other units of awareness are various distorting mirrors and all the sensory perceptions you put out there are then reflected back to you. So they come to you as thoughts. You attribute those thoughts to others and then you accord them whatever you wish to accord them in terms of importance to yourself. Can you see that?

Yes. Much the same as we respond to the opinions of others here. We either take notice or not depending on the source of the opinion and if we think it is valid we may change our behaviour.

Exactly. The process of forever becoming is continual, you exist, you are forever becoming.

Do you see that each time you make an adjustment you are creating your own sense of “I”?

Yes. I can see that I create my own identity continually, at every moment actually, every time I change my mind or amend my opinion or attitude. Who I think I am is who I think I am.

And it is whether you create that in a singular or a multiple capacity depending on the experience you are involved in, your current focus. You are merely joining in and accepting a sense of ”I” derived from the co- production of whatever reality you are involved in but at the same time you can happily imagine your own sense of ”I”. Now think of where you got that sense of “I” from in the first place. From something you experienced. Yes?


There isn’t a start, but let us start from the birth, let us say, of a unit of awareness. At that point it has no memories, it starts to acquire memories. Now you may equate this to a child, it cannot remember before it was born. So what does it do? It starts to accumulate experiences and memories.  You can compare this to a unit of consciousness. What we don’t know is, was it ever born and we won’t know, will we?

So we simply enjoy the fact that “I AM”.

When you consider the philosophies of millennia most thinkers arrive at the same conclusion, because that is all that matters.

It does not matter “I am what” it merely matters “What I am”, how I think of myself at the moment.

So arises the “I”.

Comment: You cannot find or lose your “self” because you are continually creating that “self”, that sense of self. 

Perhaps this explains how a “grandma” appears in dreams or to NDE’rs as she was at a much earlier age. Simple really isn’t it.

Gives a new meaning to “I think therefore I am.”   i.e. My thoughts regarding my “self” form the representation of who I think I am.