Reality and You now available in Book Form.

We are pleased to announce that we have now published the material on the website in the form of two books. They are available through Amazon.

Book 1        Which is basically volume 1 of the site is titled:-

Conversations with Higher Consciousness

Available as a kindle version or a 272 page paper back.

Book 2       Which is basically volume 2 is titled:-

Reality and You. The Philosophy and Science of Consciousness.

Also available as a kindle version or a 374 page paper back.

Having typed and printed all the material on the site over the last few years we can tell you that it is far easier to absorb and understand when reading it from the printed page.  It is far easier to reference backwards and forwards for those of you who like to do so and you can dog-ear the pages and underline, annotate and comment to your hearts content. As you are all no doubt aware this material is intellectually challenging  and so makes a statement about you when friends pick it up from the coffee table and glance at the content. Seriously though it needs to be read several times before the conviction takes hold that consciousness is the ground of all being and that the life we are experiencing is simply one amongst many.

We chose to have this physical life experience so let us choose to concentrate on the wonderful expressions of consciousness  that surround us in all their diversity and remembering always  that any traumatic events and periods of sadness and grief will be recognised for what they truly are when we pass over. As was said in the concluding remarks in our last post:- “because you know that when the show is over everything is restored to as it was before and the experience is simply put aside. Nobody is left with the trauma of that experience. It is just transitory, you might say, in the moment. It is purely a transitory feeling.”



3 thoughts on “Reality and You now available in Book Form.

  1. Hi Steve,
    Glad you find the material helpful. For your information I only comment on the session content when I feel it needs a little amplification. Otherwise the site content is a verbatim transcription of the words “I” speak when replying to Jean’s questions.
    Now to my interpretation of your comment.
    As you know people pass over in various states of mind/understanding/consciousness holding the beliefs they have formed while experiencing physical reality. These range from:-
    1. Those so surprised by suddenly being detached from their body that they desperately try to return by joining whichever, generally young, consciousness will accept them. These are often the result of a traumatic end to a life. Dr. Ian Stevenson’s life’s work “Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation” are good examples.
    2. Those so attached to material objects that they continually revisit the physical to re-experience. e.g. ghosts.
    3. Strong love and care connections, e.g. grandmother continually visiting grandchildren.
    4. Those who understand their position but wish to communicate their continuing existence to their grieving loved ones by means of varied phenomena or by passing messages through mediums.
    5. Those who find themselves lost and confused on passing and cannot understand their predicament, they are often brought to rescue circles such as your wife attended. A great example is Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding”s rescue circle during the second world war, where “dead” airmen were brought to hear from the boss, who’s words they could believe.

    Doubtless you can intersperse many other examples into the above. Now all categories are at various stages of understanding, they leave a focus on physical reality and find themselves focused in one or more other realities. Gradually, however, depending on their thirst for knowledge and understanding they come to realise that they create their own reality by simply focusing on and immersing themselves in any particular idea or scenario that holds their attention. Sooner or later the realisation dawns that every reality to be experienced is a virtual reality constructed for that purpose. Plays incorporating events, emotions, sensorial experiences etc which can be looked back upon with the comment “well that was interesting” and even if it had a transitory traumatic effect it soon fades.

    This is my interpretation, given the requisite level of understanding, why “Nobody is left with the trauma of that experience”.

    May we wish you all the best in your efforts to spread the understanding of our being.


  2. I am currently constructing a course on Consciousness and Its many aspects and find the views and news expressed here very helpful. However (sorry!), I am puzzled that David and Jean have concluded that “when the show is over ” and ” Nobody is left with the trauma of that experience”. My wife sat in a Rescue Circle for many years and was instrumental of easing the pain of the many spirits that came through. How do you reconcile this?


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