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You can only be separated from your loved ones in the physical, it is impossible to experience such separation from the non-physical viewpoint. In the non-physical you can connect with whomever you wish to provided they are happy to respond respond.

Our son who died at 26 in 1994 appeared to our nephew in a dream in early 2020 showing himself to be a man in his 50’s. The following audio session explains the synchronicity between the implicate and the explicate.


What we believe becomes what we see.

The “Reality of the Physical World” depends on the crystallisation of imagined ideas, designs and processes and permanent consensus belief in the validity of their objectivity.


The two following files are regarding miscarriages:-


Hands across the Veil.

I had the sudden urge to hold a session this afternoon and was prompted to tell Jean to ask a question about our miscarriages. After a lengthy setting of the scene for the purposes of understanding I had the most intense, loving greeting from the two children who never made it to us. So, so wonderful. They appeared to me as grown up, as they would be, and I just know that they have been part of our family all along, whether here or there. To all those of you who have suffered the loss of an unborn listen to this and see what emotions come over you. Your loved ones may take this as an opportunity to make themselves known.

The title of the following audio file is:-


Xenoglossy refers to the ostensible capacity of an individual to talk or write in a language which is completely unrecognized by them.


The title of the following audio file is:-

How did belief in eternal life arise? 6th March 2019


We recently discovered we could put audio on WordPress. When we first began these sessions we recorded them so that I  could hear them played back. Jean was asking questions about whatever came to mind so the sessions contain diverse subject material. It took us many months to realise that the amount of material was not only of a high  level but that we would need to edit the sessions in order to place the content in the appropriate chapters which we had rather hurriedly devised. So this session recording begins with a discussion between Jean and the ‘communicators’ as to who is speaking and what part my higher consciousness is playing in the process and their attempts to keep me, higher consciousness that is, quiet. Others questions put included, what happens when somebody dies, the purpose of the life review, learning and teachers in the afterlife, humanist expectation at death, senility and schizophrenia, choosing our life and choosing our parents.

This recording is uncut and unedited because we do not as yet understand how to do it.

Session no.6th May 2015.  Chosen at random, another experiment so comments most welcome.

(length 1hr 17mins)


Following is the audio file of Hyperthymesia and Photographic Memory 12th Feb 2019 (Length 12 minutes) Uncut and unedited.