Questions from a Reader

Alistair Bruce Scott-Hill wrote:-

Hi David,

As a keen Seth reader, science author and avid afterlife researcher I have purchased both your books and enjoyed reading them immensely. I would very much like to initiate an email conversation on some points on your books with you. You will find details of my book, copious articles on the same subject and some background on my website. I have noted it is some time since you last posted on your website.

(David is in the late stages of a lung disease, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, a terminal illness which makes it increasingly difficult to breathe. An attempt has been made to answer the questions in the usual manner, however the outcome is halting and of low volume, so you may need to turn your volume up. The content, though, seems as good as ever.)

Questions from Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill, 28.3.21

Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill
Website: Book “The Paranormal is Normal” – is a breakthrough science book which took in excess of fifteen years to research as a voyage of personal discovery for the author. Such was the author’s faith in science to explain the world around us, he was determined to use only “solid” science to find answers which would satisfy himself, as to whether the concept of an afterlife made sense. The Paranormal is Normal Book won the New Zealand National Ashton – Wylie Book 2016 prize.

Question 1

Monarch butterflies hibernate on trees in California or Mexico for the winter. In the spring, they migrate and mate and reproduce, migrate and mate and reproduce, 6 or 7 times, dispersing thousands of miles to the north and east. Then, in the fall, the great great grand offspring of the spring Monarchs undertake the entire migration in reverse, and manage to find the same tree where their ancestor of 6 generations spent the previous winter. [Forest service article] See, Q1 My question is. How do the butterflies know what direction to take on any journey and how to identify their desired destination when they arrive? I find it difficult to believe the usual suggested “science” reason, typically offered without evidence (i.e. That given here, where it says, “It appears to be a combination of directional aids such as the magnetic pull of the earth and the position of the sun among others, not one in particular.”


Q2 With Remote Viewing,  protocols were soon changed from identifying the target by giving the remote viewer the accurate geographical co-ordinates – as I recall that it was the expert remote viewer Ingo Swann, who advised that this was unnecessary. Due to his advice; since then,  assigned random numbers have been universally successfully used for targets instead. How is this accomplished (it seems impossible) ?  


Q3 Also in an afterlife environment, it is said that to travel, one has only to think of a destination and picture it in one’s mind with strong intent and instantly one arrives. How does this occur scientifically, including how rapid and safe de-acceleration can occur when the desired destination has been reached by the entity concerned? Also how is this different from remote viewing?


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