What we agree is “Real” becomes the “Reality” we believe in.

Transcription of previously posted audio file

Sept 2nd, 2019 – Crystalized Imagination Forms the Reality we Perceive

Note: Question was asked after David ruptured his thoracic vertebrae.

The question is, when considering the human body and the spinal cord and the whole operation of the spine, and then comparing same to the robotic instruments that we are currently engaged in producing, it becomes quite apparent that in order to perform the functions of the human spine alone requires a very detailed and extraordinarily complex feat of engineering, and the amount of motive power in the unit form to be applied to all the various facets of the spine are such that the bulk would be impossible with today’s present engineering. And so, it goes on. So, how about giving us some explanation, or rather, some observation, on the intricacies of the human body and for that matter any other moving creature that we have in physical reality?

Now we brought you to a point where we have posited that all is imagination, albeit consensus imagination. We all agree to see the same thing. But at the same time, of course, every part of that reality that you enjoy, that you perceive, that you sense, has to be imagined. And so you would agree that reality is composed of myriad imagination of what you might term particles or energetic waves, forces, that make up in totality your appreciation of the complex object that you see before you. Now, you have to take this a little bit further and have, what we might say, the best of both worlds here. In that when you imagine a certain particle, for example, you all agree that this particle is a real particle as far as you are concerned, even though you all know that you are imagining this. But because it is held in the imagination of all, it becomes a non-changing object, and so, to all intents and purposes, it has a certain permanence in that everybody will agree that it is always there, so you have created what you would term to be a physical particle, a physical wave for that matter. You may consider it to be a non-physical wave. Whatever the object is, where there is a consensus agreement that this exists, then it has a certain permanence (much like widely held beliefs, especially religious beliefs). So, you might say that reality consists of imaginative segments such as everybody, all consciousnesses, agrees yes, that is what it is, and so it becomes a given.

Now, then we go to, well let us take this given that we have imagined, and that given that we have imagined, and put them together and what do we get? Now, follow this process of accretion of this given, that given and the other given and what are you following? You are following permanent, imaginative objects, let’s say, so that you can understand this. So when it is permanently imagined it becomes to you an object that you can actually move and manipulate because although it is in the imagination, because you accepted it as being permanent it becomes, let’s say, an unconscious imagination from then on in. It is simply there.

And so, take all these pieces that are simply there and start to do things with them. No different really to taking a whole lot of pieces of Lego and say, we’ve got this piece, and that piece, and let’s see what we can make out of this, and make out of that, and make out of the other. And before long you are all making different things, aren’t you, out of all these permanent particles? Which is why science is always looking for the basis of everything. What does it all spring from? As far as you have got so far, then you’ve got to the quantum foam, a whole lot of energetic bits and pieces, whizzing about, coming in and out of existence. But build up from there and you can build your physical reality, or certainly you take your physical reality and reduce it down to those parts. You have a little more difficulty in understanding how it is put together. Now, you do appreciate of course, that all these living things around you, that you consider living, and for that matter that the things you don’t consider living, upon examination all appear to be composed of moving bits and pieces. So, then you must look at all this and say, well, what is the design behind this? This is too intricate to be just random, otherwise there would just be bits and pieces flying around all over the place permanently. So there has to be some controlling aspect has been introduced into the whole of this. And so, to introduce controlling aspects then you have to say that there is thought behind this. We will do this, we will do that, we will do the other.

So now let’s come on to the nub of the question you’ve asked, which is the human body, and because of your current interest, the spine.

Now, as you state in the question, the spine is extremely well designed, shall we say. It may look fairly simple but you then start to think, how is this put together? We can understand the fact that this is segments with shock absorbers in between enabling movement and elasticity to enable things to move in all various directions. And then you say, ok, now, let us move to what is causing the movement in all these different directions. And then you find that it is the muscles that are attached in various ways to the spine that enable it to move in all these directions. We’ll go one further and say well then, we find that there is all the blood supply to these muscles and there are all the nerves to the muscles. And so then we would say, well, the instructions, the messaging is being carried along the nervous system and the nervous system all ends up in the brain in general, maybe with some intermediate stops to other organs along the way, but it’s all connected in one fashion or another and messages flow backwards and forwards. We are talking about the spine here but of course it applies to all aspects of the human body, all cells etc. Then, we move one more and we think, well what is operating in the brain. And, of course, this is taxing. It has taxed people forever and you have this current admission, to a certain degree, that the operator is outside the brain.

And you have evidence that the senses can operate independently of the physical body (NDEs, OBEs, remote viewing etc.). You have enough of this around now to where you can’t discount the fact that it is possible that the consciousness operates without the physical body, and that of course then says that the brain has to transmit this information out, or does it? And then the consciousness operates through the brain and through the nervous system for all the action. And so, you talk about cause and effect, action and reaction. Well, as your eyes note a certain thing happening then action follows to suit. Now, how does this happen? When the eyes see something, data is created, data is transmitted, data is perceived, analysed, and decision is made as to “well we will do this then”. Then data is transmitted, received, passed to the appropriate part of the physical body, be it human, animal, plant and then the action is performed commensurate with what is desired to do in view of what has been perceived. Now, when you look at the amount, the sheer amount of data flow that has to happen for even the smallest action to be done then it puts even your new 5G completely in the realms of the extremely simple. And so, you can work on the basis that it will take you, well, we won’t say forever because there is no time, but it is going to be an awful long time before you can build something, anything, like a fluid moving vehicle such as living creatures that you see around you.

So, what have we said? Yes, the spine is an extremely complex operation and a marvel of design really. It looks pretty much like a poorly finished object when you look at the actual bones and the cartilages in between and the ribs etc. When you look more closely you see that the function is there. It doesn’t really matter too much about whether it’s all bright and shiny, what matters is, is whether it can be repaired, renewed, whatever and whether it’s been built for a short life or a long life. In terms of your skin it is built to be repaired continually whereas your bones are built to be slowly repaired over a long period of time. Your bones take longer to heal than your skin does and of course, once you think about it there is a reason for that as well. I say a reason for that, there is a necessity for the skin to heal quickly. The bones can take their time. There are far more reasons for the bones to have to regain a certain amount of strength whereas the skin merely has to provide a certain amount of protection. But whatever, when it comes to the whole system of physical motion as performed by the living creatures that move about on the surface, in the air, under the water, in the ground, then you can only still look on and marvel. And sometimes, to take another saying, and put it in a different context, that “yours is not to reason why, yours is but to do and die”. Well you can say you are not capable yet of reasoning why, so why not just accept and get on with it.

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