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The Process of Healing through Prayer. 2nd October 2017

The Process of Healing through Prayer.

We frequently hear about prayers being sent out for those who need healing and in many cases they appear to meet with some success. Would you please explain the procedures involved?

Prayer is a supplication, a plea for assistance. In general the individual, praying either for himself or another, does not find a way in order to effect the healing and merely has faith in that an outside force, outside that of physical reality, can somehow effect a miraculous healing.

Now how does this work? If you had asked this question before you were able to pass through the information that we have given so far we would not have been able to give you an answer in the fashion that you would understand but having taken you to the point that you now understand, whether or not you accept it, that each manifestation is comprised of many, many intelligent entities, shall we say, that come and go according to their interest in the events currently being experienced we may be able to draw an analogy now with the, currently in vogue, practice of crowdfunding.

What is the “Crowd Funding” process? There is an internet i.e. a medium through which you can contact many, many people, millions, even hundreds of millions, and should you be able to attract their attention and their empathy you can effectively raise a great deal of money in order that you can use that money to effect the intention that you hold. Let us take a case where funds are needed for very expensive medical treatment, if you raise $50,000 you can now afford the operation. If the operation results in a cure then what have you done? You have broadcast a plea, you have touched an awful lot of other intelligences, they have sent the money, you have used the money, which is energy, to get the operation and the person is then healed. This is using all the elements of physical reality.

Now when you make a prayer to the unknown, the unseen, what is happening? You are sending out a thought. You are sending out a thought, that thought, as we have told you before, then, for want of a better way of putting it, goes into the thought net. That thought is then accessible by every other intelligence. Due to, what you might call, their blocking mechanisms (their beliefs, preferences, resonances and the converse) a certain amount of those numbers out there will tune into that thought. Should they consider that thought, just as the crowdfunders, to be a suitable cause they will go to the object of that thought, let us say that this is a person thousands of miles away, distant healing you call it, who needs to be healed. They will take a look at that particular gestalt and decide whether they want to lend their focus, their intensity, you might say energy, to that focus, that gestalt.

Now the majority of that gestalt obviously have not been sufficiently, let us say, interested in the particular problem that the instrument that they control suffers from. It may be intentional, it may be, “let us see how this progresses”, it may be that this is not going to make a great deal of difference to the instrument. In other cases it may be that the intention is to leave the physical reality but let us assume that it is something that really hasn’t been addressed as such and is capable of change. In other words the majority (opinion, belief) may be a thin majority and it can go either way.

Now if sufficient other consciousnesses join, you understand what is going on here, if sufficient other consciousnesses join, and provided that their intention fits in approximately with the interest of the gestalt they can do so, then they just lend their weight, their intensity, their focus to that gestalt and they come down on the side of “let’s put this matter right, we feel that this is worth healing here”. All they are doing is effectively changing the majority view and once the majority view is changed a different direction is taken. If it was just going along with a laissez- faire attitude and the instrument wasn’t doing quite so well but the gestalt wasn’t particularly bothered about it or other matters are involved then if the gestalt consciousness is expanded by the addition of all those who have heard the plea and they want to change what is going on then the change will occur. A different direction will be taken. The instrument will be, let us say, reprogrammed, re-patterned. Let us say there is a tumour there. It may be decided to return to a previous pattern where there wasn’t a tumour, and you must remember here that past, present and future are all one, the future can affect the past if you so wish, so it is possible to go backwards and re-instate the pattern of that particular area as it was before the tumour started to appear. Alternatively you can change the signal that the cancer cells are giving out so that they become open to attack by the killer cells and the tumour will then disappear (a series of patterns giving rise to an impression of remission rather than raising questions as to the nature of spontaneous healing ).

Really what you have done is change the opinion of the majority of the consciousness that comprises the gestalt. Now if you can see from the gestalt that the intention is to end that life then no change will happen as you respect the intention of that particular gestalt. (It was meant to be!) It is not a question of wanting to change their direction, it is a question of looking into the particular circumstances pertaining here and if you understand that the gestalt knows exactly what it is doing then you simply turn away. If however you see that the opinion is vacillating then you might ask what is the overall plan here and suggest that it might be advantageous to have the instrument in good working order and you can change opinions like this and consequently the ongoing manifestation.

All consciousness is in the state of various beliefs, opinions and attitudes at any one point in time. Some can be swayed easily, some cannot. You have witnessed someone who is considered to be a normal human being who over a period of time is brainwashed into becoming a murderer and goes off to war. What has happened there? What has happened to the overall consciousness? It can be insidious, some join, a few more join, a few more join and suddenly that original consciousness is swamped by a great swarm of others who wish to have an instrument to play with. It depends on the strength of the original gestalt as to what plan is being followed. Do you understand? Do you have any more questions?

So attempts at changing the direction of the instrument are only undertaken after assessing the strength of the intention of the consciousnesses comprising the gestalt in question?

In general when a plea goes out it is for, what you would term, a good purpose so it attracts those who wish to help. It doesn’t attract those who wish to harm.

In an instance where the healing is going to occur does that mean that as the healing consciousnesses come to the gestalt the sick consciousnesses will be persuaded to leave?

It is not a question of “sick” consciousnesses. There are no sick consciousnesses.

Those who are persuading the gestalt to be sick. The constituent awarenesses that are manifesting the sickness in the instrument.

We are starting to get into the areas of good and bad again. There are only experiences that are wished to be undergone. You can take your hands off the wheel and just see what ensues. Let us ask “How has the sickness arisen”? There are many theories as to how sickness arises. Sickness does not only arise from physical sources it can arise due to emotional conditions or beliefs, from a sense of guilt, from despair or grief due to loss. These conditions often result in a lack of care for the physical body which can be translated as a lack of focus upon manifesting the optimal pattern, shall we say. One is introverted and focused upon the emotions of the mind and the body is ignored. This is all the consciousnesses involved in the gestalt of course as each one considers themselves the “I”. So if you come along and make them aware of what they are creating and offer to help remedy the situation your help may be accepted. In some cases the overall plan may have been lost sight of and that can be pointed out e.g. if the plan was to live for a further 20 years then you can ask whether those years would be better spent in health rather than in sickness and a change in focus may be made.

Let us say for example that there was a not so detailed life plan. There was a basic outline of a physical life with the major events to be experienced and “we’ll deal with the rest as we go along”. In sickness and in health, you might say. When an unplanned sickness arises there may be confusion as to how to deal with it, the thought goes out and those who wish to advise do so. Remember the focus is in the physical, the consciousnessses are not focusing as observers. They are on the stage. Those who are fully focused on the stage do not understand that they can change the blueprint if they wish to. They do not understand that they can, what you would term, go into the past and re-pattern. Due to the “rules of the game”, you might say, this information is blocked because otherwise you would have people staying far too young, far too long and the whole idea of the birth to death experience would be frustrated.  When you enter into a physical experience you are aware of the rules, the laws and should you be seen to be going in the wrong direction then because it is a co-creation other consciousnesses will simply weigh in and the intensity will change your direction. At any time those who are not happy with the general direction of a gestalt they are focused within can simply look away and focus into another gestalt. You only experience that which you wish to experience therefore you only focus upon those gestalts that will provide the desired experiences.

In general those praying for healing pay no more than lip service to the fact that the particular individual has a plan for their life before they enter physical reality and when we say “individual” we mean the particular gestalt and its planned series of experiences. You may see somebody who is relatively young say or who has a terminal disease and you feel it is such a shame and you want it changed. You want them healed. Now in your own case, Jean and David, if you had known that your own son was going to die from a terminal illness you and all those who knew him would have been praying for his recovery. Yet what has it done to all of those who were close? It has changed the way they think, changed the way they live, changed their interests. We wouldn’t have the website and all the people that are benefitting from the website and all the people that you have helped over the years through your activities in the spiritualist movement etc. if you hadn’t had the trauma of losing your child. Yes?


So could you turn around and say to yourself “well, somebody had to volunteer for this”?


So someone takes the part that entails leaving the stage in the second act and others took the part of being the bereft parents and siblings who vowed to help all the others who suffered the same grief and despair. But you would not have done that if you hadn’t lost a child, you could not have done the work you have done.


The same applies with any form of plea for healing. Some work, some do not, depending on what the intent was originally and you can see the argument for that, can’t you?


So to put it in a nutshell, a plea goes out, the plea is noticed, if it is considered that it is correct to heal the particular instrument after examination of the gestalt’s life plans and current intentions and its awareness of what is possible then you can gently make them aware and change opinions. Not that you have to, you can simply add the weight of numbers, the awarenesses, the focuses into the gestalt and things can be changed.

So we come back to the analogy of crowdfunding. You can write these steps down on a piece of paper and see that the process is pretty much the same.

Thank you.

Now it may take time for things to be changed within the gestalt. The focuses coming in and changing the imaginative picture need to keep focus there for a while to effect the healing completely. They may only stay around to focus in that particular life to help effect the healing  as that life may not otherwise be of interest to them so they’ll come and they’ll go and the belief that is being held onto in the physical may see it happening and then not believe it. Much like the placebo effect in that the placebo works because the belief has changed among those focused on the stage that this pill is going to make things better. Then when they are told that they were only given a placebo, it was not actually an effective drug, the beliefs change back again and the condition resurfaces. It depends on the beliefs pertaining in the gestalt at that time. Their beliefs, their thoughts, their imagination produce their reality.

As far as those who are praying, then one can say in their thoughts “we feel that this is a good case for this particular person to be healed and we ask you to look at the situation and if you feel that you agree then please join in the effort to effect said healing if that is what is meant to be”. That statement encompasses all the intentions of that particular gestalt. Then you let go, send the thought out and let go, there is no more you can do. You may wish to send the thought out a few more times but it will be noted in the first place anyway by those who are open to such thoughts and do not block them and there are sufficient out there at any time to effect the change should the cause be determined worthwhile.

Thank you again.


Talk:- The Interconnectedness of Universal Consciousness.  The Self as a projection of multiple individual Consciousnesses. 31st August 2017

Talk given by David Ingman to the Sydney Theosophical Society in September 2016 and given to the Sydney Group of the Scientific and Medical Network in August 2017.

 (This talk involved the use of power point and as such the below is split into the relevant power point pages.)

(Power Point 1)

Talk:- The Interconnectedness of Universal Consciousness.
The Self as a projection of multiple individual Consciousnesses.

(Power Point 2)

“How far is the one mind a collection of quasi-independent perceptual minds integrated physically in large measure by temporal concurrence of experience?”

Sir Charles Sherrington 1857 – 1952 Neurologist, Nobel Prize winner, President of the Royal Society

We hear much of the total interconnectedness of everything, we hear that we are all one and we hear that we are all each other. As many “particles” have to come together to manifest in a physical form so many “minds” have to come together to manifest a “self”, an impression of individuality.


(Power Point 3)

Everything in the Universe, throughout all its kingdoms, is conscious: i.e., endowed with a consciousness of its own kind and on its own plane of perception.

                                                                                                                               H.P. Blavatsky

Yet, the Universe is real enough to the conscious beings in it, which are as unreal as it is itself.                                                                                                                    H.P. Blavatsky

“Illusion is an element which enters into all finite things, for everything that exists has only a relative, not an absolute reality…. Whatever plane our consciousness may be acting in, both we and the things belonging to that plane are, for the time being, our only realities.”                                                                                                             H.P. Blavatsky

Everything that is, was, and will be, eternally IS, even the countless forms, which are finite and perishable only in their objective, not in their ideal form.

                                                                                                                                 H.P. Blavatsky

“Consciousness is the fundamental thing in existence. It is the energy, the motion, the movement of consciousness and all that is in it. The microcosm and the macrocosm are nothing but consciousness arranging itself.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sri Aurobindo


(Power Point 4)

“Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Albert Einstein

“Time is not at all what it seems to be. It is not flowing in one direction, and the future exists simultaneously with the past.”                                                               Albert Einstein

This can all be understood if you realise that the past, present and future are all available from the present time. The present can be present in the past, the present and the future and alternatively for the other two.

Now, when it comes, to let us say, viewing the past, it is possible to take the view that the vibrational pattern of anything existing in the past, in that particular space, still exists and that anybody viewing remotely that has the capacity to view across a wide spectrum of frequencies, shall we say, for your understanding, is able to see the different patterns i.e. energy patterns, blueprints, ideas that were subsequently manifested into the physical world, even though they have now been, you would say, destroyed, from a physical point of view. This can be seen as a logical and rational explanation even though you may have to stretch to believe that the energetic blueprint still exists.


(Power Point 5)

No human being ever learns to live until he has awakened to the dormant powers within him.                          William James

There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there.     Albert Einstein           (Leonardo da Vinci would probably agree.)

Einstein was as much a mystic as a scientist. Was he accessing a higher state when he thought:-      E  =  MC².   He could have alternatively interpreted the equation as:- Energy = Motion of Consciousness²       E  =  MC²        Energy is Consciousness in Motion. Consciousness in motion creates its realities. If you apply this definition to your own volition you may agree that it is equally valid.

How would Sri Aurobindo have interpreted the equation?

“Consciousness is the fundamental thing in existence. It is the energy, the motion, the movement of consciousness and all that is in it. The microcosm and the macrocosm are nothing but consciousness arranging itself.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sri Aurobindo



(Power Point 6)

George Gershwin – Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

People are queer, they’re always crowing, scrambling and rushing about;
Why don’t they stop someday, address themselves this way?
Why are we here? Where are we going? It’s time that we found out.
We’re not here to stay; we’re on a short holiday.

Life is just a bowl of cherries.
Don’t take it serious; life’s so mysterious.
You work, you save, you worry so,
But you can’t take your dough when you go, go, go.
So keep repeating it’s the berries,
The strongest oak must fall,
The sweet things in life, to you were just loaned
So how can you lose what you’ve never owned?
Life is just a bowl of cherries,
So live and laugh at it all.

Now if you substitute “experiences” for “cherries” …………..


(Power Point 7)

Some consciousnesses simply do not want to accept that they are not, the larger element, shall we say. They do not wish to believe that the vehicles they control, they are controlling in a multi-consciousness capacity. They wish to feel that they are the top of the pyramid. Much as your leaders in every walk of life wish to feel that it is their thoughts, their utterings that prevail.

The only reason you are here is because you are working with others who all chose to work with you.


(Power Point 8)

Simply enough put, there are as many kinds of consciousnesses as there are particles and these are combined in infinite fashions. Your consciousness is not one thing like a flashlight, that you possess. It is instead a literally endless conglomeration of points of consciousness, swarming together to form your validity – stamped, as it were, with your identity.

                                                                               Seth:- The Nature of the Psyche – Jane Roberts


(Power Point 9)

Every singularity is created from a plurality. The one is always created from the many. Physics will show you that all is built up from the smallest by a process of accretion. Each discrete entity is composed of multiple entities, you might say, whatever you care to examine can be broken down into its many parts and therefore it is the sum of its parts.

So do not think that personality is not the same. Why do we cling to the notion that the self, the soul, the higher consciousness etc. is a self-contained discrete entity when all that your senses perceive are composed of multiple entities, particles, if you wish?

Now, when I am speaking I am speaking as a confluence, a coherence of many minds/consciousnesses/whatever you perceive to be the intelligence or intelligences that are forming these words. And I am speaking these words through an organism that is again formed of many, many parts. Vocal cords powered by lungs kept going by the heart that pumps the blood, all of which composed of millions of cells mediated by a brain, composed of millions of cells as well but also comprising millions of neurons, millions per second of electrical charges moving across the synapses between neurons.

All is multiple, so when you look at what you consider to be a person, a singular, it is a representation of a multiple. It only has a validity in terms of a multiple representation much as a government expressed as a singularity is representative of millions of people and you might say the president is the personality, or how the country is seen depending on how he presents himself and what he says. Then one who views, with no knowledge of the country, believes that he is speaking for his constituents, the word is correct, the constituent parts of the organism.


(Power Point 10)

So what is this thing called “I”? The “I” is something that you reserve, something that through your decisions you alter, that you create by virtue of those decisions, by virtue of the direction that you wish to take, in fact your wishes, your desires, your decisions all work together to form the “I”.

The “I” is merely a transient concept or fabrication that is produced when you open the window and peer into the realm of the physical. When seeing the situation that exists, you form an opinion on that situation, then as you are in a position to manipulate an instrument, you take action which alters the situation which you are observing. You learn from the actions you take and become aware of the strength of those actions and from that comes the feeling of power, and as this power is exercised, or this feeling grows through the exercise of decision, so arises the “I”.

The “I” arises from seeing the consequences of your decisions, my action is doing this, my action is causing that, this is ”ME”, this is “I”, this is the power.

Simultaneously, myriad others “looking through the same window”, part of the same conglomeration of consciousness, are experiencing the same as we are and each consider themselves the “I”.


(Power Point 11)

So, how is the “I” built up?

What you are doing in each moment is adding yet another layer of render to something, to something that started from nothing. There was nothing there until you painted the first stroke, then it became larger and you added another layer of paint, another colour and light was reflected in a different way. You became immersed in this ever growing pageant of light and you considered it to be real. You no longer considered it to be something you were producing, but if you stopped producing and retraced those steps, what would you be left with. You would be left with nothing. Therefore there would be no “I”

Can you see that is why there is no “I”. There is only the “I” that you continually create and through which you believe you have your existence. The unit of consciousness cannot be aware of itself, it can only be aware of that expression which it creates in conjunction with other units of consciousness. Each unit of consciousness participating in the production of the “I” considers itself to be the “I” and is unaware that the “I” is a co-creation.


(Power Point 12)

Now, how you perceive yourself takes on a different aspect when you consider that you do not have a separate, defined self as an inviolable spark of consciousness, you might say. Because we are aware that the instrument is speaking, moving, hearing, feeling the combined impressions of the multiple thoughts that comprise the consciousnesses that are presently focused upon the operation of this instrument, we are in the position of observing the combined thoughts of many as to what should happen next, actually happens. As we are observing we are not aware of the total number of thoughts that are being reflected in what we are observing because as thoughts, you might say,” lock on” in focus, we are not aware of the additional, let us put it this way, we are not aware of the additional in terms of saying, we now have a certain number. We are aware of a slight increase in intensity. If a lot, you might say, tune in, then we are aware of a greater increase in intensity. Just like your own communication channels, depending on the activity being conducted at the time, the focus that is being concentrated upon, thoughts from consciousness then join and leave according to the level of interest and we feel the intensity move up and down.

Now, as to self, there is generally a core of what you might call “die-hard supporters” who attend every game, who are there for every motion, every action and who want to experience every feeling.


(Power Point 13)

The stream of human knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality. The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter. We are beginning to suspect that we ought rather to hail it as the creator and governor of this realm.

                                                           Sir James Jeans The Mysterious Universe (1930), 137.

“There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.

We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind”                                                                                                                                           Max Planck 1944

 Einstein once spoke of the physicist David Bohm as his successor. Bohm introduced concepts of Implicate Order and Explicate Order. Bohm defined explicate order as the order of the physical world. He defined implicate order as the source of explicate order, and as an underlying whole that physical form constantly unfolds out from and enfolds back into.

“Implicate Order” – The realm of thoughts, ideas, patterns, plans and blueprints ever available within infinite potential.

The “past” is available in the “present” and the “future” and likewise for the other two. Time is merely a construct we observe in physical reality.

“Time is not at all what it seems to be. It is not flowing in one direction, and the future exists simultaneously with the past.”                                                           Albert Einstein



(Power Point 14)

So, where do thoughts come from? Thoughts arise from consciousness. You may say conscious perception equals thought. Thoughts are recorded in like files and therefore are forever open to examination. (Sheldrake’s “Morphogenetic Fields”?) Now in your own language you have phrases such as “bodies of thought”. Think of that particular phrase “body of thought”. You can think to yourself, does this mean that the body consists of thought and/or is it the thoughts that created the body? Or the more popular conception that this just means a conglomeration of thoughts and opinions.

So again, when considering where do thoughts go, then yes, they can go to a recording establishment or they can also be manifested in a reality. A thought becomes a reality especially if you classify the thought as an idea for something. You classify the thought as a product of imagination and then you look at the imagination which is another word, you might say, for thought or idea.

So thoughts are things and become things depending on how much the consciousnesses cooperate in wishing to make a particular thought become a reality. So in answer to the question of where did it go, it can go to storage or it can flow into what you would consider to be, objective reality in this dimension and also into perceptions of realities in other dimensions.

 From the implicate to the explicate.


(Power Point 15)

How many consciousnesses can be involved in any one life?

We do not know. The number can vary as we have conjectured before. It can be a few at one time and hundreds of thousands or millions, or whatever you wish to say, we have no idea at any time. This can be allied to one of your radio or television programmes. Are we ever certain at any time how many people are tuning in? When you broadcast information on a certain wavelength, unless there is reciprocity, you have no idea of how many people are actually receiving i.e. tuned into the broadcast. The subject of this discussion is rarely addressed and one would assume it would attract the interest of many consciousnesses. So at this stage the consciousness that normally comprises my influencing entity or conglomeration of consciousness is greatly expanded because of the interest. The information deriving from the experience of a multitude of other consciousness is also being drawn upon. It is as if all conscious beings are connected to every thought in existence, but only those thoughts/activities that resonate with their current focus are perceived and locked onto by those who find them of interest to whatever degree, resulting in a constantly fluctuating mass of interconnected consciousness.

Simply enough put, there are as many kinds of consciousnesses as there are particles and these are combined in infinite fashions. Your consciousness is not one thing like a flashlight, that you possess. It is instead a literally endless conglomeration of points of consciousness, swarming together to form your validity – stamped, as it were, with your identity.

                                                                               Seth:- The Nature of the Psyche – Jane Roberts

How can we give an identity to this sort of constantly fluctuating mass of interconnected consciousness that has never had an identity such as you would recognise. We use a name for convenience but it only applicable in physical reality.

(Power Point 16)

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.      Nikola Tesla

“Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg likens this multiple universe theory to radio. All around you, there are hundreds of different radio waves being broadcast from distant stations. At any given instant, your office or car or living room is full of these radio waves. However, if you turn on a radio, you can listen to only one frequency at a time; these other frequencies have decohered and are no longer in phase with each other. Each station has a different energy, a different frequency. As a result, your radio can only be tuned to one broadcast at a time. Likewise, in our universe we are “tuned” into the frequency that corresponds to physical reality. (Therefore we can only experience the particular “I” that is being produced by the group of consciousnesses of which we are one.) But there are an infinite number of parallel realities coexisting with us in the same room, although we cannot “tune into” them. Although these worlds are very much alike, each has a different energy. And because each world consists of trillions upon trillions of atoms, this means that the energy difference can be quite large. Since the frequency of these waves is proportional to their energy (by Planck’s law), this means that the waves of each world vibrate at different frequencies and cannot interact anymore. For all intents and purposes, the waves of these various worlds do not interact or influence each other.”
Michio Kaku, Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos

And in all of these “parallel realities” we can focus upon a selected consciousness grouping and experience a different “I”. But that would be the subject of another talk.


(Power Point 17)

Rosenblum and Kuttner: “In principle…any two objects that have ever interacted are forever entangled.  The behaviour of one instantaneously influences the other.  An entanglement exists even if the interactions is through each of the objects having interacted with a third object.  In principle, our world has a universal connectedness.”

Entangled Minds

Once upon a time, a thought arose, where it came from no-one knows. Minds saw this thought and liked the idea behind the thought. The thought was about having a certain life in the physical. Many more minds liked the idea of this life in the physical and joined the thought, until there were many, many minds and their thoughts linked together, united in their decision to experience that projected life.

They sorted out a mother and a father and it began. The child was born and was named Joe Public. As Joe’s life progressed other minds were attracted as they saw the events that were planned for this life, and they wanted to be part of it, wanted to experience this life, and as it went along many minds came, and many minds left, having experienced the event that they wished to experience. So, the conglomeration of minds known as  Joe, went along, forever adding and losing minds, but always known as Joe and all those minds that had ever been Joe, ever been a part of Joe, always had the memory of the experience of being Joe. So Joe was a part of many minds and many minds were a part of Joe and so it went on and Joe went on forever, forever changing, forever adding new minds, losing old minds, but was forever Joe, and Joe was forever connected to every other mind that had ever been a part of him. And every other mind who remembered their experience with Joe was always connected to Joe. And so Joe never had a real identity because Joe was a part of the whole of all these minds. And so was every other Joe and every other Joanna. Everything that exists is all a part of everything, a part of the thought world, endless conglomeration of thought, endless conglomerations of consciousness.



Are there limits to the information which can be accessed. 25th August 2017

It is apparent that you have more knowledge than you care to divulge regarding the relationship between the physical and non-physical. Are you not allowed to pass certain things on?

It is not a question of not being allowed to divulge the information it is more a question of not being thanked for volunteering further information as those that have decided to focus on the physical experience wish to be kept in ignorance of the non-reality of that focus as they have immersed themselves in their imagination and there is a mutual consensus that this is all there is.  When you focus deeply into a reality and you find yourself on the stage then to you that is your only reality. (If the majority of the gestalt consciousness is of that opinion then it is impossible for said information to be transmitted as it is automatically blocked.)

Now, as we have said before, when you are, let us call it, a puppet master, (suggest when reading this that you remember that puppet master is just a simplified way of describing the gestalt consciousness) then you know full well what is happening in the physical because you are guiding the ropes, shall we say, pushing and pulling to effect action within the physical. But you do have the opportunity to turn around and operate another instrument in another reality, or many realities if you wish, and so you are aware that you are capable of doing so. Of course you find that each reality, when you decide to operate in that reality, takes your full focus.

Let us say that you jump into a racing car and you are moving at high speed on a particular circuit then you leap out and jump into another race car on another circuit, again at high speed, and each time you are in the race with many people. Now, are you fully focusing each time on the race you are in with no thought of the other race and the other race track?


Yes, because your continued existence in that race demands your full attention. The same applies. (Some gestalts simply want to enjoy their physical experiences in blissful ignorance much as when reading an exciting book if one is informed of the outcome the continuation of the reading experience loses its aura of mystery and suspense) You are fully focusing, e.g., on the pattern of the cheetah, as we described in a previous session. You are watching for the next pattern and recreating it in your imagination because you have already scanned all the information regarding all the cheetahs that ever were and are. This just comes, you might say, instinctively in that you just put that knowledge to work. You might, as we said, tweak it around a little if you feel that there is something else that can be achieved (the present design can be improved upon)…….

If you are the puppet master of the cheetah does not your action depend on what other puppet masters of other cheetahs are going to do? You could be operating a very peaceful cheetah that is happy to lay in the sun or whatever and another puppet master with a cheetah could come along and attack your cheetah therefore your actions , should that happen, will be different than if that puppet master had not operated their cheetah in that manner.

Wherein arises uncertainty and excitement. (The constantly reiterated reason for creating and experiencing physical reality)

Yes, yes.

The reference we just made was to the actual holding of (in) the imagination your idea of a cheetah, yes?

Yes, right.

And of course you are not holding that in isolation. You are holding that within the environment created for the cheetah to exist in and the cheetah will exist with other animals and other cheetahs, yes?


So then your puppet master will take the appropriate action when faced with any event that arises, and that is part of the game, to react to the twists and turns, shall we say, of fate. In the same way the driver in the race is reacting to the twists and turns of the race track. But it still takes his full attention.

Identical Twins, One Soul or Two? 17th August 2017










It is interesting how identical twins often lead very similar lives right down to choosing a wife with the same name, having the same number of children, having a dog with the same name, that type of thing. Can you comment on this, is their blueprint very similar?

If you care to think through this conundrum with the knowledge that you already possess you will probably agree that the original plan, the original desire came from a single gestalt (soul) but, as we have said before, not everything is perfect as you can see from what happens in the physical world.

In the case of identical twins do you think that this was already in the plan, shall we say, the point is here that you are also talking the physical process in the division of the egg, shall we say?


Depending on how you see this. If you think it was originally planned that there would be identical twins, that is one scenario. If you think that it happened due to a, say, misapplication of  patterning, perhaps, in that only one child was planned, yet it was apparent that there were going to be two from an early point and therefore it was decided to go along with that situation, that would constitute another scenario.

You have mentioned identical twins but you are also aware that most twins are not identical, yes?


In which case would you say that the non-identical had separate plans whereas the identical had one plan?

It certainly could be that way.

In which case you probably had separate gestalts for the non-identical plan and a single gestalt for the identical twins, yes?


Now do you know of any puppet masters that can operate two puppets at once?

Undoubtedly there will be some.

Do you agree that most gestalts are capable of leading several lives at once?


So if you have a gestalt faced with two where they thought there was going to be one and if they have reasonably fixed ideas on what it is they want to achieve, then is it likely that the two twins, being identical after all, will also be accessing the identical plan?

I think that, to a certain extent, is borne out where the twins do not remain in the same family, are separated but when they meet up later in life they find that a great many things in their preferences, and life even, are identical.

As we have just said, you already have the knowledge and are now thinking it through for yourself, yes?


There are various ways of approaching this. In some cases the identical twins will live basically lives diverse from one another. In other cases these similarities of choice tend to come to the fore. It would be apposite, would you not think, for the connection between the, let us say, unforeseen identical twins to be closer than that planned for ordinary twins seeing as it all started with the one plan in regard to the identical twins.

Could it not have been that the plan was to have identical twins?

Can you give a reason for why you would want to have two of the same, identical twins?

Just for the experience.

Could be, but then would you have two separate gestalts?

Maybe it would be one gestalt operating both.

Which we just referred to…..

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it was unplanned.

In which case, because both identical twins are connected to the same gestalt, the same thoughts would go to each of the identical twins. Would you call that a greater connection than that of the non-identical twins who are almost certainly operated by separate gestalts?

Yes. The ones operated by a single gestalt would obviously have more similarities.

They share the same thought net, you might say, so they will receive the same thoughts.

In previous posts we referred to the shoal of sardines, they all became aware at the same time which enabled them to all turn at the same time. Now if you were connected to the same thought net would you say that the identical twins would be aware of the thoughts emanating from that net simultaneously?


Given that they are in different environments some of those thoughts would be ignored and others would be taken up to suit the situation in which they find themselves.

Yes, because surely the gestalt would recognise that the two situations are different so therefore they would know that some of the thoughts would be relevant to one of the twins but not to the other given the different circumstances.

But they (the gestalt) would still be thinking the same thought and yet even though they know that this one would not be applicable to one, the thought would still be in the thought net.

The thought would still be in the thought net and possibly operated upon by one (twin) and ignored by the other.

Exactly. Even though you (the gestalt) are looking at one (twin) and thinking one thing the other one will pick it up but because it is not applicable to its situation it will be discarded. Then, as we have said before, plans change and what was going to be a single life is now two and it can be very interesting to say “Let’s see what goes on here, let’s compare this. We will let this run its course”. In one case they stay close together, bonded, throughout life. In another case they are allowed to split up but of course they are always connected to the same thought net. So when the idea comes up for a child’s name or a type of dog to buy or whatever then the majority opinion in the gestalt, if there is a belief and all gestalts have beliefs, may have a marked preference for a certain type of dog and therefore both twins are aware of that thought and feeling and take it as their own. The same goes for names, choice of clothing etc.

This all depends on the gestalt recognition, you might say, laziness. It is easier to think one set of thoughts, have one set of beliefs than to try and split yourself into two and operate the two in two different fashions in which case they wouldn’t be identical anymore in their choices would they? Maybe in looks but not in their choices and as you will find there are plenty of identical twins in looks and physical attributes and yet they lead totally different types of lives. Yet when you come across what seems to be a mystery, of twins separated, in different parts of the world, yet seem to be living to the same script, we hope that what we have just outlined can give you some understanding that if you approach it from the point of view of the controlling gestalt it is quite simple to understand.

Thank you very much.


Were mediums part of the plan for physical reality? 10th August 2017

Were mediums part of the plan for physical reality?

Would you say that mediums arose due to a gestalt feeling the pain of a fellow gestalt which was fully immersed in the focus of physical reality and deciding to allay the grief of the instrument in the physical via another instrument thereby lessening the feeling in the fellow gestalt by letting the instruments into the secret that you will actually meet again? And so the door was opened a little and a chink of enlightenment was allowed to pour through.

Yes that sounds reasonable.

When it comes to the sort of knowledge that we are passing through do you feel that those who produce such films as Avatar, Star Trek, Ghost, Sixth Sense and many others of this nature are also trying in their own way to put across some form of hope to those who have lost.


To spark a thought that perhaps, “I have seen the film but I also know a lady down the road who claims to talk to her husband all the time. I thought that perhaps she was off her rocker, you might say, but now, who knows. In all respects she is perfectly normal and reasonable and logical and quite matter-of –fact when she says, I can communicate. So with the evidence that comes in from various sources continually I can shrug off the cloak of despair as I realise they are waiting for me. They have gone, I am still here but I will meet them again”. What is this but the religion of belief?


It is knowing that you are, shall we say, a spirit having a physical experience.

We have gone full circle once more in that if you can get this information out there the majority of people will be able to live their lives through a different prism.  Most people will eventually realise the sanctity of the individual gestalt that is operating through their neighbour. Do you understand?

I think so.

We are saying tolerance. Once you understand that your neighbour ……

Is another spirit operating a physical body.

Yes. And you are both, you might say, puppet masters and it is all make believe. You are all playing the part and that it is a game to experience and enjoy. It can be experienced in a friendly spirit, it doesn’t have to be carried out with animosity and in most cases, if you look around the world, people co-exist quite happily, help each other and are pleased when all are living a comfortable life. Very few set out with the intention of ensuring that others lead a miserable life, they set out with the intention of trying to lead a comfortable life for themselves. If that means by cooperating and making the environment conducive to enjoyment, the environment being their surroundings and their situation, being conducive to peaceful and enjoyable living then they will do so.

After all, all consciousnesses, when it comes down to the selection of ideas, are selecting the ideas that attract them and in most cases these are experiences that are going to be a source of pleasure. In other cases it will be a source of challenge or playing a part in the play where someone has to be the villain. Now if you understand that it all imagination anyway then just like an actor you can be a jolly good villain. If you take a pantomime the children will all boo the baddie and love the goodie and yet you know full well as a parent that the actor playing the baddie is quite a nice old gentleman and when the pantomime is over and everybody gets together, then you have all had a jolly good time , haven’t you?

You can scale that pantomime up to a national feud, shall we say, but then stand back, look at the parties involved, see what is happening and see whether, when the feud is settled, it leads eventually to a more amicable environment for the next set of consciousnesses that wish to experience that particular area of activity.

This is, as far as you are concerned, a continuous soap opera and if you can step away from your lifetime-based conscious understanding and see it merely as, let us say, a holiday resort where you visit at regular intervals in order to enjoy what it has to offer, then expand that to many years and many lives in the same or different physical environments and you will find you are back to your Eastern understanding of the wheel of life, shall we say.







A Point to Ponder. Are We Living in a Computer Program? 4th August 2017

A Point to Ponder

Are we living in a computer program?

See: The Simulation Hypothesis, Fairwind Films, Youtube

There is a popular hypothesis that we are living in a gigantic computer simulation. This depiction of reality, or not, seems to be a physically centric version of your statements regarding our reality.

Many of our scientists, technologists and others in the last few years and some before have been speculating as to whether physical reality is actually a simulated reality and that we all may be living in a computer simulation, let us say, in that there is some controlling being or beings that are producing what to us is reality whereas in effect we are merely ciphers being manipulated by others of which we know not. According to your previous analogies, with reference to the cheetah for example, then it seems to me that the so-called simulation is actually a continuous refreshment of the elements of a particular reality either by perfection of design or evolution by allowing various differences to emerge or simply experimentation. The reason for this would be that the original idea was continually being expanded upon so as to ensure continuity of experiences that are available for those that wish to participate in them. Now could you just give us your thoughts on how this reality is produced? We understand that it is imagination, we understand the artist connotation, we understand the getting together but as far as we are concerned we have to use physical terms so we use “computer and pixels”. When it comes down to a thought world we can understand that it can be pictures in the mind and you say there is no space, no time and no distance to travel so instantaneous. How can we have any idea apart from relating back to the origin of the ”Big Bang” and imagining consciousness compressed into a single point? Although this has been a rambling statement I would appreciate your clarification to help us grasp more fully the actual position.

As we stated in our last session it is impossible for you to grasp the attributes of the non-physical in terms of the physical. In relation to the analysis as expressed in the question/statement then yes you could look at the totality as being just a point, but how do you see that point? You see that as a point in space or a point surrounded by space so how could you possibly envisage a point with no space surrounding it? What would that point be? Because you couldn’t envisage a point if it didn’t have space surrounding it. Can you see that?


This is one of the problems in trying to get these explanations over to you. The human being has grappled with this enigma ever since they set foot on the earth. Ever since they were first imagined, and we are no further forward, simply because there is nothing to stand outside of. How do you envisage that? There is, let us say, ”nothing”, but you are fully aware that out of the seeming “nothing” comes everything. You are aware that the waves/particles emerge from the “void” and disappear back into the void, yet you have no idea of what the void is. You must remember that we are but one step removed from you from where we are speaking at this present time and you must also be aware that, just as we don our goggles or diving suit, you might say, to focus upon physical reality, we also have to block out other information which does not pertain to this. If we need to go beyond that we would have to do this in a step- down procedure and that is not as easy as it may seem.

So it is very difficult for us to give you information that will enable you to get a clear picture of how this happens. Let it suffice to say that, as you outline in your statement, the idea first arose in the imagination, it was embellished upon and expanded and added to until the world as you know it formed. So the parallel runs along with the “Big Bang”. It started, it expanded, it coalesced and various evolutionary paths came into being and it resulted in the position in which you find yourself at the present time.

Now you are indeed correct in restating, as in the cheetah analogy, let us say, that the original idea is continually expanded upon because you couldn’t have a cheetah that resembled a kangaroo as you would wonder “where the hell did that come from”? “Did they cross it with a kangaroo? “There aren’t any kangaroos where the cheetahs are and vice versa” “How did that happen”? That would set off a whole line of mystery and enquiry as to the nature of reality in which you exist and as we have said before, that would rather spoil the show, wouldn’t it?  So everything is moved forward by degree. It is just like a soap opera, we keep putting in new events, new angles, new things to look at and make sure that you can understand how they have been arrived at, how they have developed. Through technical, through biological, whatever.

This has got to be simply so that you can feel that you are able to discover, to advance, to create. The creative urge from our side is expressed in each reality, in some more than others. Some are, what you might say, holiday realities, rest homes, “let’s just enjoy ourselves here and leave the creative bit behind”. In other realities the creative ability is given full rein and so then you advance at a certain rate. Each reality will have these elements where you will advance at a faster rate in some than others. In some cases you will decide that you have exhausted that line for now and move on to another one. Alternatively you may decide to change the parameters and we will have to do that in such a way that the story line is changed, much as in a soap when an actor decides to leave the show he has to be written out and a replacement theme adopted so that the continuity is preserved.

So when you talk about computer simulations, the reason the word simulation is used is because the writers are wary of saying this is a product of the imagination because although they create the virtual realities they find it difficult to acknowledge that whatever is creating the simulation has to be separate from the simulation and so they infer that it is advanced beings or aliens or something else, of course the word “being” or “alien” denotes another “pseudo human”, shall we say, even though that is not alluded to, rather than attribute it to an invisible consciousness.

Once you come out with the idea that everything is just consciousness, which has been stated by many of your most eminent scientists and philosophers, it generally hasn’t been taken any further as to how did consciousness arise. It has been put forward that consciousness is an epiphenomenon of the brain, say, then the word ”mind” comes in and yet what is “mind”? Is mind part of the brain? Some say yes, some say no. What controls the mind? So we are back to the consciousness again aren’t we? This is an area where mathematics are rather left behind. Mathematics are part of the underlying structure of physical reality but do not have any relevance in non-physical reality and if you don’t have any mathematics, and you don’t have any senses, apart from your meditative connections, shall we say, then how do you measure this thing called consciousness?

So this area is steered away from. If you can’t use maths and you can’t use your laboratory what can you use? You can only use your thoughts and if concepts emerge from thoughts they are usually treated as philosophical theories because scientific theories generally need to be underpinned by mathematics to prove the theory and with consciousness that cannot be done.

This is one area in which, as we stated before, it is going to be impossible to give you an answer. So, by all means, treat it as a computer simulation but instead of having your being, alien, programmer programming this so called computer, even though that may be a 2D pixelated universe, why not substitute that by consciousness imagining, in their mind, and we cannot expand that because you cannot understand mind.

Near death experiencers, when outside the body, what are they using? They are not using the brain, are they? They are using the mind, but they cannot express themselves until they are back in the body and therefore what does one say. How is the brain involved? It is seemingly not involved and yet it (the experience) could only be expressed by using the brain. Using the brain as an intermediary factor to operate the voice box in order to tell of the experiences.

So how does one show that the mind is separate? Now to some degree we are proving the point as we speak except for the fact that some might turn around and say that this person may be able to formulate all this in view of what he has learned over the years. Perhaps he is using his innate imagination to form these concepts and voice them in a relatively seamless manner.

We will leave it there as we simply cannot give you anything which you will be able to understand due to the restrictions of the terms available to us

Non-Locality, No Space, No Time.

Now when it comes to non-locality, this is something that is spoken of but is simply impossible to envisage. You are equipped with senses to see space, you are totally immersed in a time based world, so how can you understand a situation where everybody is surrounded by their own creation, be it co-creation or not, when we say ”own’ it encompasses all of those engaged in the particular reality in which you find yourself. The same thing applies to time, just as space expands in all directions around you so does time. Your mind expands back into the past and then forward into the future as you simply apply a system of measurement to it. So you have a measurement which you can measure in terms of your both written and perceived history and in your speculation as to the future that you can put a relative degree of understanding upon 1800 and the year zero, the year 400, the year 1100. You can place buildings there, you can place names there and when you go forward you only have a vague idea, but you can, to some degree again, speculate as to forms of transport and other forms of energy etc. some through extrapolation some through pure speculation.

But when it comes to bringing yourself down to non-locality, no  ”where” no “space”, what is it? Because even if you think that you see what is all around you and you are a point of awareness you still have to think in terms of “space’ because in order to see you must see light reflection and therefore you will measure the distance the light reflects from. Yet when you see in your mind, where is the “space” then? Do you think you see in your brain or do you think that you see in your mind? Now near death experience, out-of-body experience don’t really shed any further light on the subject as normally you are seeing other environments within you present physical reality. It is only in dreams that you find yourself in other realities and even then, have you created those from other scenarios that you have been browsing and simply transformed them into something you understand? Or, have you been out-of-body during the sleep state and just found yourself in a strange house or a strange location with people dressed in other forms? Once more, were these other people’s dreams, other people’s fantasies, mind creations? It is all very difficult.

So how do we find some form of analogy that enables you to get some glimmer of understanding with regard to “no space”?

So we came up with this idea that just as science reduces everything you see to a single origin, be it particle or wave and then suggests that everything is composed of numbers of these entities, so let us do the same thing to space. And the easiest way we can find is to say to you, imagine that your kilometre is only a millimetre, but use the same sense perceptions that you are already using and so reduce 5000 kilometres to 5000 millimetres. That immediately brings the object from 5000 kilometres away to 5 metres away, which means, you are already there, instantaneously. Now you have heard through various transmissions etc. that you just think of somewhere and you’re there, but how about you think of somewhere and it’s here? In your mind.

Just as this reality is in your mind, in your imagination, so is all the reality that you think is at a distance from you. You know of it and so you can envisage it. That enables you to imagine yourself “being there” when you think it is only 5 metres away, “Here I am standing there right in front of it”. But then, has it come to you? This applies also to the creations of others. If they are all existing in the same space as you are, all consciousnesses exist in the same space as you do, this is where your concept of the “One”, “All That Is “, “God” comes from, and yet it is made up of innumerable awarenesses. So is it the sum of the parts or is it a whole that operates through its parts? I don’t suppose you or we will know this, ever, and so we for one, have given up, as we have said before. We just rejoice in the fact that “we are” and can explore our creativity.

But you are still looking and so if you feel that everything is in the one place and you can understand that, then all the imagined realities of consciousness are in the one place also. Just as the pictures on your computer screen stack up, one behind the other, and as you click along the top headings they come to prominence, imagine that to infinity. All the pictures are there, on that flat screen, merely different configurations of the pixels.

So imagine, as we have said before, that the quantum wave background, if you wish, we will make things up here as nobody can give you any better definition, just responds to any reality and can itself, each wave in the background, respond in infinite ways. Just as the block of stone holds all potential designs then the wave background holds all potential realities, so as you focus on the one you intend to see it simply appears around you and also if another says ”Come and join me here, this is a reality I have created. I am on a balcony of a coffee bar high in the hills of Capri with a fabulous view over the Mediterranean”, and they send you the thought form. You say “why not” and you sit in the seat opposite. We can say that you project a thought form through space or you can say that the reality is in the same place as every other reality. Within your imagination you join in the co-created imaginative reality of your friend and as you are both many consciousnesses acting as one, as we have said before, then the two of you, groups of consciousness, then enjoy a nice coffee and a chat overlooking the Mediterranean. But you haven’t gone anywhere, you have simply produced the reality that you enjoy and you have got lost in your own creation, lost in your drama only this time it is not a drama of course, and you enjoy the reality of it all and why should that not be?

So, you could apply the same thing to time. You could take the year and make it 1/100 of a second. Now wouldn’t that simplify the life review? So easy to understand? What you see as a year others see as 1/100 of a second, shall we say, so your 70 years becomes 0.7 seconds and so your life flashes through and you see all the events. Of course you can understand that because if you look at all the sites on the computer which your search engines can scan in a fraction of a second then it wouldn’t be too hard for a computer to scan the major events of your life in a fraction of a second, flash them onto the screen in quick succession and if you were quick enough to comprehend each one then you would see as fast as the computer could present. You would also understand the information presented. (The feelings of yourself and the other parties etc.)

Now you can marry the two together of course. As you well know, time and space are relative and time and speed of motion are relative so if you come down to instantaneous, then no time has passed. So when your friend sends you the thought of the creation she has made in Capri, it comes instantaneously, you accept instantaneously and so time and space have simply disappeared. You are all in the one place, enjoying all your realities in no time and simply moving from one reality, one area of enjoyment, discovery, entertainment, thrill, challenge to another, whatever reality you care to join into we will say, rather than envisage, because all consciousnesses are grouping together to create the realities of their choice. You simply have to ask whether you can join in and if you are prepared to abide by the rules of that reality and you are acceptable to the majority that is within that reality then you can join in.

It is simply sometimes, many times, getting to know that these realities exist. So you go from one to the other, you learn of others, you exchange notes, you exchange ideas and because the thoughts are continually moving around, too many to mention, in the main you will only pick up associated thoughts but sometimes they are so tenuously associated that they introduce you to new areas that branch off shall we say. Whereas you were thinking along one particular line you suddenly find yourself thinking along another particular line and according realities surface into your awareness.

Have we been reasonably clear? Can you understand to some degree the notion of no time, no space, non-locality, everything simply being encompassed in one small point? Much like the Big Bang Theory of course. It all arose, sooooooooh it is speculated, from a singular little point.

We have just demonstrated that not only can the universe arise from a single point but so can all realities. Can you see the comparison?

Thank you.



July 28th 2017 All Worlds are Thought Worlds, All is Always Connected.                                   The whole idea of “reality” is that it is put at “arm’s length“ in order to try to experience a separateness of self.

In some of the previous articles you have been led to touch upon the fringes of what is the manner in which you, as human beings, see the reality which you enjoy. We hope to be able to pass across further analogies in the future which will tie together some of these conceptions and misconceptions and form a, let us say, more coherent picture, more intelligible picture of the reality you enjoy and how it is created by consciousness.

We need to have in many instances the prompts of questions because it enables the mind of the instrument to go more easily into an open, more waiting mode and then we are able to pass through that information with little hindrance. Whereas if the instrument is just waiting for whatever comes in, the monkey mind, although not apparent, is moving the tuning needle in a random fashion across the frequencies, it is not staying still. When the mind focuses on the question then the needle stays still. We are able to latch on and once we start to be able to transmit then we don’t get any interference. We are able to use the clear channel thus created. Do you understand?


This is a two-way street. It takes two to tango and we need a question, however wild, however not concerned with the subject, just to get the focus and then we can switch the subject.

In the previous session there were different voices speaking. Can you explain please?

The voices you hear are, as you would expect, produced by those who basically take centre stage. As we have said before the majority then sit back and wait for, what we have previously termed, the teachers, their thoughts, to predominate. When their thoughts predominate then a certain aspect is generally adopted in order to produce the tone of voice. Just as various aspects of personality are produced then would you not say that the voice is indicative of a certain melding of consciousness?


So the voice changes depending on the personalities that are coming to the fore. Some are very confident in what they are saying and therefore that will come across. Once more, if you had to hold the attention of a roomful of people then would you prefer this type of voice to come across or, let us say, David’s ordinary voice which may be hesitant and repetitive, not always of course, but sometimes and maybe with some changes of direction?  Whereas those who are prepared with what they wish to say, simply because they are not in the time-based environment, can therefore put everything together, we may say, previously. There is no need to be looking for the next word except to pick it out from the instruments repertoire.

As we are speaking now you will find a certain resemblance to that which you just listened to even in terms of the halting speech and gaps between the sequences of words. This can alter as someone else decides to take over and talk on a different subject. So perhaps, if we were to talk about music and rhythm and dance and singing then we could invite others to take over and a certain difference would be heard because the emotions and the audience for the material on those subjects would not want to be spoken to in an authoritarian, lecturing type of intonation but would prefer a softer, warm, fuzzy feeling, relaxing, happy and so much more enjoyable and upbeat. There is a certain amount of excitement and empathy going with the flow of the music so the voice will change as the subjects change. If there are purely teachings coming through then you will wish them to be sharp and clear in such a way that you can transcribe them effectively and those reading the words will, whether you know it or not, pick up, connect with the certainty, the authority coming through those words. As they read the words they will connect with the feeling. They will, on another level, hear the tones that you now hear and so the consciousnesses that are part of the readers overall conscious will hear in much the same way as the instrument’s consciousnesses are now listening to the words. You will understand that all the consciousnesses that are presently listening to what is going on are generally accepting what is being said as reasonable and logical because after all it is coming from their majorities as we have said before. Each time something comes through, shall we say, or is spoken by that majority, then it becomes, what you might call, group think, group belief until the next consciousnesses join and someone says “what about this then”? This may cause a moment of reflection and “well yes, we’re willing to listen”. Discussion commences, the instrument starts to, talk to yourself, (itself) say or others ( presumably non-physical ) and different opinions are picked up once more.

Now, you might say that this can all be done on our level but the reason that we focus on the stage is because the feeling is different when you are on the stage and certain things are enacted on the stage that you cannot enact in our reality. You cannot destroy a creation, shall we say. What we are saying here is that we create something in our own reality in imagined aspect and unless we give someone permission to destroy it, and why should we, then it remains our preserve. When we come into the physical we know it is co-created and we deliberately push our instrument out there to see what will happen. Sometimes the unexpected happens which is why we are there in the first place, to experience.  (Flow of words suddenly stopped)

All is change. We change from one moment to the other and perhaps part of what we were saying was not of interest to the overall consciousness and therefore minds drifted, you might say, and there was no longer the intensity of focus on the words being spoken and as the interest waned the words no longer are spoken. Do you understand that?


Just as your mind, as you know it, can wander in the physical then it is far easier for minds to wander in the non-physical with each idea. A plethora of ideas come by, it is so easy to get distracted. Whereas with yourselves in the physical world with your eyes open it is hard to get distracted if you are focused on a particular endeavour and your sights, sounds and senses coming to you are all from that endeavour as obviously other things get blocked out. It is not so easy to block things out in the non-physical, you have to be even more mindful as to what you are about.

I am having trouble dreaming up questions at the moment.

You do not have to write down lists of questions. You can ask, as you did with the bees, as you did with the earthquakes, with Nepal. Just ask for more information on things that are of interest to you, you can ask about global warming and what can we tell you? You feel that the seasons for example are constructed by conscious beings of which you are unaware?

I can’t follow you.

You think that it is all automatic because the earth swings on its axis round the sun but you are thinking in linear terms once more. In the world of no time there is always the present so which consciousness is thinking “I’ll move this way, I’ll move that way “? What is being experienced?

Perhaps you could explain how you can have seasons with no time.

Simply, you are in the world of time, your seasons are in the world of time but if you wish to create seasons in the world of no time you create the seasons. All seasons are available at all times, so it is simply where you wish to focus. Do you wish to focus on an autumn scene or a spring scene? Do you wish to focus with the trees bursting into bud or the leaves falling? At the present time you are in the autumn and it gives you great pleasure in seeing the different colours of the leaves. They present a very pleasant picture for you to observe but of course after going through a cold winter it gladdens your heart to see the fresh young leaves appearing on the bare branches.


And you have a belief in all this, so what you believe in, what you expect, you create.

It would be very muddled and confusing if you said what you concentrate on you are creating because you could desire one day to be seeing the green leaves and the next day to be seeing the bare branches and the next day to be seeing the green leaves. There has to be some semblance of order surely?

Where are you speaking from? When you use the word “you”, are you speaking from within physical reality or from without physical reality?

From within physical reality.

Where is physical reality being created from?

From without. So if you say that by concentrating on something, by desiring something you are creating it.. you can’t… you must have some semblance of order, there must be some semblance of order.

So, if you put yourself in the position of your higher consciousness can you experience many selves simultaneously in different environments, in different centuries, in different times of the year?

This is something that is very difficult to get a real hold on. The answer is yes but it’s just…

So can you have several television screens, shall we say, each one showing different seasons of the year?

Of course.

If you watch one screen to the exclusion of others are the other screens still there?

That’s a little bit like the tree falling in the wood isn’t it? One imagines yes they are.

You are able to watch four screens, each one displaying the activity in different seasons of the year. You focus on one in particular because you are interested in, say, spring. Are the other screens still beaming out their information?


You have your answer.

Everything exists at all times. You can focus on whatever you wish to focus upon. Back to your plays, you are sitting in the centre of six plays going on. Whichever one you care to focus on you can be involved in. When we say involved in, mentally involved in. You can be, caught up in, what is going on, until you switch yourself to another one. But the plays are still going on. Now imagine they are continuous plays and you will dip in and dip out as you wish. In some you will decide to stay, “this is a most interesting one”. You have to take on board the fact that you are able, and you do, you are, living many, many lives at once.

You must understand that you are connected. In much the same way that you are connected by your telephone with various people, are they still there?


Can you talk to them at any time? Where does your interest take you? Do they know you are here? Are you connected?


So, if you had e. g. a Skype screen for every person that you were connected with arranged around this room, you could look at this, that one or the other one. Whichever one you wished to speak to and they wished to speak back to you. Would you agree?


Now would you say that your connection exists with all of those people?


It just depends upon which connection you focus upon. Once more we go back to the speed of cognition and then realise that you can be focused upon as many as you wish to. All at the same time depending on the speeds of cognition relevant in those realities.


In general, realities are constructed requiring slower speeds of cognition than those that pertain in the reality of the constructor. Do you understand?

I think so.

If we take the amount of, we have to use the word “time”, as the time necessary to speak and understand the sentence in a reality, say a physical reality, then you can measure that in seconds, say, but in another reality, in a computer reality, the mind that can work at the pace of computers, that is understood in nanoseconds. Therefore take the seconds that are required in the physical reality and many other types of realities, the nanoseconds that it takes for receiving and transmitting from the centre enables you to say that (understanding, decision making and direction) basically it is a piece of cake, you can just handle the whole lot at once, multi-tasking with ease. Able to keep up with everything because as soon as the thought arises in one reality, you answer, immediately.

Yes, fully understand.

We may arrange it so that the compressed data, we might say, then has to be decompressed in the brain or the mind. Can you understand what we are saying here?

Yes, no problem with that.

In other words if you wish to download a film from the internet it can be compressed into a few seconds and yet when you play it, it may be an hour. The same principle applies in that the speed of apprehension, cognition of what is going on and the instructions given back, the instructions can be given back in compressed form to be then expanded in that particular reality’s time scale. So it is not a great leap of imagination to understand you can be living in all these realities simultaneously.

If we can come back to your question, please repeat it.

I was asking about focus and the necessity of continuity but you have explained that quite well.

Continuity is merely in your perception, purely in your perception and we hopefully have hit upon a good analogy here in that of data compression and expansion. It is very difficult for you to understand that the consciousness works at, you may say, enormously greater speeds because you cannot understand instantaneous. Due to your limited human ability to understand, let us say it is hundreds of times the speed of light, and you would reply, I could not measure that, to me it would seem to happen at the same time and that it exactly what does happen. It is simply that there is no space for light or signals to have to travel through.

All is always connected and all is always known. The whole idea of reality is that it is put at “arm’s length “, shall we say, in order to try to experience a separateness of self.

We are obviously constrained by the lack of knowledge available in physical reality of the conditions pertaining in non-physical reality and even if the instrument was well versed in today’s science you will no doubt agree that all the methods of explanation derive from physical reality.


Terms simply do not exist for what happens in non-physical reality even if non-physical reality is contemplated in the first place.

That’s right.

So we are back to “dark matter”, “dark energy” and who knows what? We try as hard as we can to find analogies for you to understand. The “ever present”, if you sit down and purely follow the logic that consciousness is all there is, consciousness lights up in various formats in such a way that other consciousness, shall we say, is able to see what another consciousness is producing. Do you understand this?

I can picture it in my mind.

Put it this way. As you look out from your eyes, can you see your face?


Would you agree that you are producing your face?


Your consciousness is producing its idea of what it wishes to project but it cannot see its own face, you have to have a mirror. If the mirror wasn’t there somebody else would tell you, but that is another consciousness projecting itself, so you would see each other and inform each other?


Now, imagine all of consciousness doing just that, not just humans, everything is representing itself and then because you adopt the senses of recognition applicable to the physical reality you can enjoy the manifestations of all the participating consciousnesses. Yet all this is, is a conglomeration of (individual) gestalts, groups of consciousness, (producing) a conglomeration of images. Yes?


So although we have referred to imagination before, it is each imagining his own projection, her own projection, its own projection and understanding and enjoying its part in the reality. Knowing that it is being seen by others and it is seeing. See and be seen. Yet, you can think to yourself that these are only thought pictures being broadcast and you are merely tuning in to the broadcast, but those broadcasts are fitted in, in that the tree, broadcasting, is in concert with the lake that it is sitting next to and with the mountain that is in the background and with the consciousnesses of the people sitting underneath the tree. So you get what is a composite broadcast, co-created and co-agreed.

This is not too difficult to understand once you try. As we have said before it is a question of designing and creating the set (the set in a play or film). This is what is happening but all that is actually there is the thought. Can you grasp this?

Yes, I can envisage many tuning into and adding to a reality like joining in a virtual reality game.

All is connected and you are enjoying the thought realities but you shut out the fact that it is a thought reality and adopt the belief that this is solid reality ( although we all know that nothing is “solid” we accept the concept because it is necessary for our functioning) because it is more enjoyable, it is different. As you aware by now there are many, many realities that you can enjoy. You just choose those which you find suit you more than others.

So it wouldn’t matter if physical reality no longer existed?

Physical reality is..

Just one of many.

Just one of as many as you care to contemplate. You cannot understand other realities, you can get some idea but..

The trouble is you think of them in physical terms. It is impossible not to think of them in physical terms. You might think of them in different colours or things of that nature but you still think of them in physical terms?

Put yourself in the position of someone who is blind and lives in a world of just sound and has no touch, say. All he has is a world of sound. So shut your eyes and imagine the blindness. Imagine those sounds being just sounds in your head, thoughts; thoughts being translated into the only language you know, the language you speak in or the language of pictures, but you would have previously needed to have seen to understand what they were. So you must take yourself to another level and imagine that if you were able to receive thoughts, in pixel form say, you could look at the blank screen in your mind and then a picture starts to appear. So although you think “I am blind” this picture starts to appear and you realise that this is something that exists in the thoughts of others and they are working together to present this, “now what can I add to it”?

So just as the artist looks at the painting, you in your thoughts see the picture and you decide to create or paint or light up a little corner of the picture, provided that those already in the game agree. You then enter your contribution to the picture that is going around and the picture has a certain permanence to it, but just as you are aware of what happens to everything, it is constantly changed by those who join and those who leave. So you have a moving picture, a changing picture. (Which we interpret as reality)

Once you sit and start to think these things through you will also realise that you can’t just change the picture without the consent of all and if you are a small player in a big picture you are not going to change much, are you? As above so below you might say, but you will find your own niche. It may not be fully to your liking but you will find it or you will turn your focus away and find another niche which is more to your liking.

(The last two paragraphs are reminiscent of the saying “We are all threads in God’s tapestry.”)

Thank you.

To All of Our Readers

Please let us know if you can understand what has been said whether or not you agree with it. We would really appreciate feedback as we need to know that our work is worthwhile.

Thank you.

P.S. Just before posting the above I came across an article about an artist, Pat Hines, using Microsoft Paint creating “realities” just using a mouse. His imagination became intention, focused, he pointed and lit up and the picture formed. Also

Imagine many “artists” (gestalts) combining to create the picture, “the reality”. Now see the parallel, these people are co-creating realities using their imagination.


July 21st 2017. (i) Why are all snowflakes different? (ii) Descartes, Darwin and the Big Bang Theory. All peering through a glass darkly.

(i) Why are all snowflakes different?

Why are all snowflakes different?

Snowflakes, you might say, are their own personality as projected into the physical but, as an artist decides on a picture that is to be projected, then, because of the nature of the physical pattern, the molecule of water and its crystalline existence, wherever you care to focus i.e. either in the liquid or the solid form as regards the ice, the liquid form is a fluid crystalline structure and the solid form is still showing itself in a crystalline fashion, there are certain lines, rules to be followed in the process of moving from liquid to solid. Just as all manifestation is predicated on a cumulative growth, shall we say, in that certain things will grow in a hexagonal form, others will grow in an octagonal form etc. because (of) an initial design, then what is expected to be the final outcome will then have to be (wrote?) back to its origination to determine the most suitable process by which to achieve the end result.

Now, from the molecule of water in its free state, i.e. as part of vapour, then the receptors on the molecules have to be designed in such a way that they interlock, which is why they are called receptors, with other molecules to merge together to form the fluid which then can, you might say, move around. As the temperature cools down, the density of the molecules, in terms of coming together in a slower moving union, to you appears to be a rigid and solid structure. It just means that the fluidity as such is no longer apparent. Much as when you see a pane of glass, that appears to be absolutely solid, when it is leant against a wall, within a certain period of time, long or short depending on its construction, it will start to bend. You will then understand its inherent fluidity as opposed to its seeming rigidity.

We have covered many aspects here in a long-winded fashion but if you wish, look upon it as being a pattern formation which then attracts the molecules of water. Your scientists may look upon this as being a mechanical operation but you must remember that each molecule of water has its own consciousness and its own limited amount of free will and desire to join in the construction of the snowflake and so you can either say that the idea of the snowflake was there and the consciousnesses joined in because it seemed like a good idea at the time or you can take the crystalline growth structure.  Even so you would have to postulate that the existing pattern existed or that, much as in the branching of a tree, only certain possible avenues of movement were possible. Yet when you consider that each snowflake is different from the other it would be interesting to hear what your scientists have attributed to that particular aspect of a snowflake.

So would you say that there is a catalyst for each snowflake?

If you work on the basis that there is a cooling element present, then translate that into, let us say, the potential for an idea, for an experience, to become a reality. In other words that those water molecules, the consciousness of those molecules, upon feeling, let us say, or becoming aware of the drop in temperature, the opportunity arises to experience being a snowflake. So you could call this the catalyst, the temperature drop. It is the sudden realisation that this is a possibility, “let’s try this”. Like all experiences, it can be a fleeting experience in that as the snowflake falls towards the warmer air then the molecules once more move back into the droplet or vapour stage in which case you can compare this to having a ski run. You experience a run down the ski slope, a molecule experiences a transition into a pattern of ice and then finds itself once more back at the bottom of the slope, shall we say, in the water.

Now, would you like to give the description of the catalyst that has been propounded?

I have read that a snowflake forms around a minute speck of dust.

And what encouraged……..

That’s what I don’t know.

We have just described to you something that you can understand in that particular personalities, (remember) consciousness is inherent in each gestalt that is forming in the molecule of water, and then (comes)  the greater idea which requires, let us say, millions of molecules of water to (focus together) to form a particular pattern and as you know if we conglomerate all these minds together then it is very difficult for any particular conglomeration to be like another because it would require that all be of the same mind.

Do you understand?

Two distinct conglomerates, two distinct gestalts. Each one comprising the same number of, let us say, million minds, when all are interacting all over the place. The mathematical probabilities are enormous, it will never happen.

Do you understand this?


Which is why each manifestation is different. Whatever you look at you will see that nothing is the same (nothing is identical). So when you say that it forms around a minute speck of dust would you not think that as all atmospheric air contains minute specks of dust and the fact that a snowflake can only form under certain temperature conditions that in the formation it is inevitable that it will encapsulate certain specks of dust. One could say that “what was the cause and what was the effect”? Is the cart before the horse? But, did they address why is the pattern different (in every case)?


Would you not think that that is a very important part?

The subject was not discussed in any depth.

Have you ever read of anyone postulating a reason why each snowflake is different?


No, because if you go down that pathway you will have to acknowledge in the end that there is a designer behind the design of the snowflake. Yes?


And as you are aware, that is a subject that is generally not addressed.


(ii) Descartes, Darwin and the Big Bang Theory. All peering through a glass darkly.

That is another thing that I wanted to talk about. The blueprint. We talk about blueprints but when you think about, not only humans, but animals, they are born and they are born small. As they grow certain things have to happen to the body, not just get larger, changes have to happen. I find that says to me, there is some form of design. For example, teeth fall out and larger teeth replace them. It is so complicated that there has to be some form of design in some fashion, not a single designer but something that plans and decides.

We have covered this many times before. Of course there is a blueprint, of course there is a pattern, of course there is a plan. Now, if you just start from being a single point of awareness and then the thought comes through about a cheetah. What is this? A cheetah? And as you latch onto the thought other thoughts and all the associations rush to it, you might say, or you become aware of them (like a Google search). You are aware of a cheetah and then because you are interested you find that you are aware of, to a certain degree, that many others are also aware of a cheetah and are interested in what it is. We then move on to where the association and the thought comes through “I wonder what a cheetah is like?” You can take it from there, as the thoughts continue on, trying to imagine what it is like. As the intensity grows all the associated imagery comes in. All the pattern of the cheetah, from the moment of, what you might say, cheetah egg meets cheetah sperm, every alteration, every cellular division can be apparent.  Of course because we have spoken many times before about instantaneous, and your only way of looking at it is to relate it to supercomputer speeds, then you can scan through the plans, you might say, the patterns, of all prior cheetahs and see at each stage, each moment, each cellular change what the patterns are. (An accessible repository of prior knowledge akin to morphic resonance – see Rupert Sheldrake.)

Now, this is on such a vast scale, far beyond the capability of the human mind, the human brain to comprehend but if you take, let us say, you break the cheetah plan, blueprint, memory, whichever way you want to look at it, the film, the video recording, break this down into all its various aspects and, let us say, you have got a trillion cells organised into say X number of organs, muscles, veins, blood, cells etc. which brings it all down to a much more comprehensible arrangement. Then you need to have volunteers to organise and maintain, and hold their imagination, because you must remember that in the end this is imagination. Hold their imagination in the particular area in which they have agreed to operate in order that you can experience the actual physical cheetah between all of you. Now, if you follow the logic on that, it is just a vastly infinite exercise but to those who are at the, let us say, atomic level, the particle level and they are working together, it is no different, except in terms of scale, between you organising a vast factory of 20,000 people. It all works seamlessly, raw material goes in one end and the finished object comes out the other. There’s not much difference is there?  Like putting food in the mouth and producing blood cells in the body, it is a process, a manufacturing process. You simply have to scale this up to realise that it can be done, it is just a question of organisation.

If you take the fact of instantaneous communication then it is no big deal, is it, to scale those numbers up by a factor of 10, 100, whatever?  It is simply that you are only used to operating within a certain time scale. Where time is no problem and it can all just “happen’ if you wish it to happen, then it is not magic it is just simply that everybody knows what to do instantaneously.

Take a shoal of sardines and instead of imagining 10,000 sardines imagine 10 trillion sardines, they all still move at once, because they are all aware at the same time.

The patterns for everything, as we have stated so many times, are in the block of stone. Even before the first cheetah the possibility was there. Someone had to think of it and even design it but the potential for it already existed although that doesn’t mean to say that it has been actuated. This can carry on forever because the potential is always there. So once somebody wanted to think of, imagine, a cheetah, then it was possible because all things are possible, all objects, all events.

Who is the thinker?

Each awareness is the thinker. We come back to this area in which there is still contentious opinion in that this is chicken and egg, isn’t it? Where did the first thought come from? Then you will say “where did consciousness appear from”? You cannot possibly answer that because you are then back in the same position and this will always be. You are only aware of what you are aware of so you cannot be aware of where you came from. (All exists in a timeless present. You are who you are, when you are, wherever you are – wherever you focus.)

Thank you.

We cannot expect to get the answers to everything simply because in order to preserve these elements of excitement and uncertainty certain knowledge has to be withheld otherwise the reason for being, as far as physical is concerned, would disappear. Wouldn’t you think that this is applicable to all realities that are going to be experienced otherwise there would be no point in experiencing that reality? Yes?


Wherever you focus you will be aware of the parameters that exist for experiencing that particular reality and so you can get together with others and put together parameters for another reality and another reality. But how do you stand back and say to yourself “what reality am I in “?  Because you can only be aware of the reality you are focusing into. No matter how hard you try, at no point can you be yourself and another self, a greater self, because this becomes a series of Russian dolls. As soon as you try to step outside yourself then as soon as you realise you have stepped outside yourself you say “then what is outside me (this self?) So you want to go into that one. So how far can you go? Infinity once more. Whenever you try to see yourself from a different position it carries on ad infinitum.

But that is merely a theory, a logical theory.

We all have to rest within a certain understanding that, as was said, “I think, therefore I am”. Then you may say  ”well, I am aware, therefore I am and if I am aware that I am then I must be thinking”. You then have to become aware of “are there any others like me”? And what have you just produced? You have just produced a string of thoughts. Each awareness is producing a string of thoughts and so they quickly come together. Do you understand?

Because the thoughts attract the awarenesses or rather the focus of each awareness on that thought becomes what you may call, a talking shop, and if you take the gestalt back, in terms of a big bang say, you can take the idea with its trillion focuses and move it backwards to the original awareness that said “this looks interesting”. Simply the thought that “this looks interesting” attracted others. Like ants to the Ant-Rid. Like bees to the honey and suddenly there is a swarm around and the swarm feels the intensity and realises the potential that intensity gives it to create. The excitement builds and the manifestation happens. Suddenly,  ”we are doing it, we are doing it” and the desire arises to explore, explore the reality that has been created, has manifested. “how do we do it?”

Well, it’s all available, isn’t it? All the videos, all the patterns, all the blueprints. This is next, that’s next, that’s next. It is simple then, you just follow the numbers. You focus on the next pattern, produce it, the next pattern, produce it and so on. And so you get growth but as you do it your ideas change and because you have all the different consciousnesses involved in it from previous cheetah then slight alterations are made so cheetah number 2, 3, 350, 3050 are all slightly different from the last ones. Because they are composed of different viewpoints and all the while you are following the same pattern, because after all you did intend to experience being a cheetah, you might be a slightly different cheetah. “Can this cheetah run faster, can this cheetah jump higher”?

If you think about this in human terms and the consciousnesses involved then which abilities do different humans tend to focus on more than others? You can soon see that one set of minds focuses on being able to jump higher “yes that’s a good idea, I would love to experience that” and so you have a high jumper, a high jump athlete. Another one says ”I want to live in the lap of luxury and be looked up to by everybody around me” and so you get a very successful businessman. Another one wants to sing and have vast audiences. Now, all these ideas attract various minds. Others want to be part of a wonderful picture that everyone comes up and admires. And so are we coming back to your snowflake and the wonderful picture of each snowflake which is an expression of artistry?

It is all consciousness in motion and until this is recognised you will get these trite explanations of how such wondrous creations are brought about.

You must learn to ask the questions immediately something is put up as a simple explanation, “What about? How? You will see how very few are willing to go beyond their simple explanation, because those that do inevitably come back to the fact that there must be intelligent design behind this. Yes?


So this is all pretty ho-hum in the end because you realise that everything is an expression of a conglomeration of individuality. It is majority opinion, majority design and you just go along for the ride basically whenever you lend your arm to the wheel. You add your little bit of energy to the manifestation and you experience what is produced and you say to yourself “well that was enjoyable or now I understand what it means “ and then you move on and on and on because you have no option but to do that. As much as you try to still yourself to not focus on any idea how can you still your awareness and not find something of interest? It is difficult for you to say nothing is of interest as you always have certain beliefs. You cannot rid yourself of beliefs, it is impossible to rid yourself of beliefs once acquired and therefore beliefs will elicit reactions to ideas, emotional reactions or interest, same sort of thing. You cannot not be aware, so although you can try as hard as you possibly can to ignore, at some stage you will react. Some idea will come by; when we say ”idea” of course, we mean events, thoughts. It’s all the same thing, happenings, OK. Something will attract your attention because this whole sea of action is surrounding you all the time. You can only shut yourself down to a certain degree and then you have to keep a very strong focus on ignoring everything that is happening but just like any time you try to keep your attention focused for an inordinate amount of, we can only say, “time” then at some stage it will slip and you will react. From that moment the spell is broken once more and you find yourself in the maelstrom whether you like it or not and unless you are extremely obsessed with being non-involved then sometimes you can extract yourself from the focus but as soon as you are focusing of course there are many others with you and even though you may extract yourself then you simply find yourself with those of like mind. Once you have the knowledge even though you focus somewhere else the knowledge is within you because of the interconnection and you cannot break the interconnection, it is part of who you are and every awareness is. Every awareness. Can you imagine a neuron in the brain being able to break all its connections with the other neurons?


It would cease to exist, but as a point of awareness you cannot cease to exist and so you cannot not be connected. You can simply endeavour to be very unsociable.

Therefore the message is back to what we said in the first page of your website “Life is a bowl of cherries”. You are here to experience, you are focusing here to have a look and see what is worth doing, what attracts you and then picking that experience that you wish to go through, do it and then pick another one and another one and another one until some entirely new bowl of cherries attracts your attention.






(i) You need never be apart from those you love. (ii) Realities arise from focusing on the web of thought.

(i) You need never be apart from those you love.

We have sometimes alluded to the fact that you are never alone, you are never apart, you are always in contact, you cannot be separated and perhaps it is only right that we try to give you some analogies as to how this is possible.

Now you must start from the fact that you are first and foremost what you would term “spiritual beings”. You are, in the hackneyed phrase, spiritual beings enjoying a physical experience, which is 100% right of course. Now, coming back to our normal definition of consciousness, you are “conscious beings”; you are conscious entities who have decided to embark upon a range of experiences in a co-created environment that you term physical reality.

As we have explained so many times before and you probably understand by now, you are currently focusing (into) many realities simultaneously, what you would term living several lives at once. Now try to think what that means, that you and all consciousnesses, and let us just stick to the human species at the moment, are all focusing different places and living out a series of experiences in what is to you a separate reality in each focus. So, then you think to yourself, where is the centre piece of this consciousness that is sitting there looking around and focusing here, there and everywhere. Of course it is very difficult for us to put over the point to you that your unit of consciousness or what you seem to be only becomes reality to you when it is enjoined with many other units of consciousness through what you would term, to make it easier to understand, a form of neural network. So, if you can imagine, the energy of many coming together enables you to experience the joint perceptions of that particular gestalt of consciousness focused in that particular reality along with many other gestalts.

Now of course all these gestalts are interlinked. As you are. Your unit of consciousness is linked with many others which is linked with others, others, others, others, which is why all knowledge is available to all, because everything is totally interlinked. Now if you take this a little bit further and, as we have said, you have to start from the fact that you are conscious beings, spiritual beings if you wish, then the physical being is merely a construct of, what we termed before, imagination. It is a construct, it is a construct for your perception to perceive and for your perception also in sensory terms as in touch, taste, hearing etc. While this is going on, you’re focusing here, there and elsewhere, you are talking to each other all the time.

Let us give you some simple analogies to illustrate this fact. One that you may want to take a tour through the thought process with is the rather recent innovation of performing surgical operations at a distance using video technology and robotic instruments. We will not try to be too technical with this as because you only need to grasp the idea. So, the surgeon is sitting in a hospital in town A whereas the patient is in a hospital in town B, say 1000 kilometres distant. The appropriate equipment is set up and the surgeon can put on his visor, let’s put it this way, insert his hands into the equipment and then he is able to see and become part of, shall we say, the reality in that other hospital. All connections are made and the full operating support staff are participating as they would be should the surgeon be physically present. The surgeon proceeds using a robotic instrument which he can control and manipulate in such a way that it faithfully mimics his own actions.  At the same time he can focus around and communicate within that operating room almost as if he were physically present.

What have we got here? We have a disembodied being, i.e. the surgeon is 1000 kilometres away, operating a robot, an instrument, a vehicle, to keep our terminology constant in relation to the previous teachings we have put through and so you may look upon him as the spirit being. This is pretty much the same process that is going on with your own physical body and the spirit being. Now what is the surgeon doing? He is focusing in the other location, isn’t he? Which is exactly what is happening to you of course.  Now the surgeon, although looking through his visor and being focused upon the reality of the remote operating room, is not alone. He will have, depending on the difficulty of the operation, a backup team around him as well. Additionally there may be many other observers, medical students, teachers and other interested parties.  What does this mean? So this “spiritual being” has other spiritual beings around him, doesn’t he? (others of his gestalt). Yes?


And yet he is in contact with all those in the remote operating room. So take the one where the patient is as the physical operation and the one where he is as the spiritual operation. He is in contact with both. He is in full contact with the personnel in the room where the operation is being performed and he is also in contact with all the, what you might term “spiritual beings”, around him. He is in both places at once, he is on the stage and he is in the back of the theatre. Now he can get lost in the detail as well. He can get so immersed in the operation (as indeed he should) that he may block out, ignore, be unable to hear, the whispers of his back up team as he is concentrating on the observations of his staff surrounding the patient. You can probably understand that. Yet if he allows himself to take a minute off to contemplate his next move and enters the silence, shall we say, then he will hear the whispers of his team back at base. What you might also term as intuition in another context. The team may take the opportunity to get his attention and proffer their advice. Run the scenario for yourself and you will get the idea.

Let us now try a simpler analogy. One that may give you a more basic understanding.

You go to a party. There are many hundreds of people at this large party. It is spread over a large area in a vast house. You wander from room to room observing what is going on and suddenly you happen upon, say, a poker game and you decide to join in. Another person finds that the Cup Final is being shown in another room and he decides to join that particular group. There is a fashion show going on somewhere else….. just run the thing yourself.

Various locations, various realities. (All arising from various focuses)

All these consciousnesses are involved in all these various things and depending on how much they are interested in what is going on then will they be aware of the other activities, the other realities? In most cases, not. The poker game may go on for hours, the Cup Final also. Other activities might do the same. Now take this in terms of your time and extend it to lifetime lengths and you will find that some people will spend their whole time focusing upon one particular activity, others will move from one activity to another. And yet they are all in the same place, aren’t they? And they all have the opportunity to step back from their focus and walk in to where others are watching the Cup Final and say “How is it going?” “Great, thank you” and they walk over to where their wife is watching the fashion show “are you OK honey?” “yes” “well I’m playing poker so we’ll catch up later” .

You are all in the same place, together, but you are all focusing upon the particular scene, activity that is holding your interest but you are aware that you can contact those you wish to contact at any time. Now let us say that there is a break, a rest time, for tea maybe. So what happens? You all wander back into the refreshment hall don’t you? And what happens to your focus? Your focus is temporarily laid aside e.g. the instrument is put to sleep, if you can understand the analogy here. And then you all talk to each other about what you are doing and agree to meet up when you are finished with your current focus.

Can you see this in terms of your daily sleep ritual and in terms of your life. There is no time, just a question of focus and of multiple simultaneous focuses.

Run this scenario in your own mind and you will see that you can both be together, or not, at any time you wish to.

You will find it difficult because you are focused, or so you think, purely in this reality, but, in effect, the part of your consciousness that is at the back of the theatre is able to pop in and out of the various realities and keep in touch with all the other gestalts. So in fact what you consider to be people who have been here and are now dead, which you now realise are not dead, you have never been apart from in the first place. You have always been able to talk to each other but you will not realise this until you get back and relinquish the belief that this is the only reality that you can inhabit at any one time. That is no different from trying to play poker while you are totally engrossed in the football game. You cannot give the attention required to both so you decide to focus on one and shut out the other. On another level you simply separate your focuses.

So you can understand, that although you find it hard to believe, you can never lose anybody, it is impossible to be disconnected. You can only choose to focus somewhere else and each time you wish to focus back you are together again. Which is why you can be, what you might call, “all things to all people” and you can have many, many love relationships. They all work and nobody gets possessive because it is the same for everybody, you cannot lose.

You need never be apart from those you love. You can always be together whenever you wish to be together. All consciousness is forever connected.

At the same time you are not tied to anybody. In the same way as you cannot lose anybody you have full freedom of choice as to whether you wish to answer the call, respond to the thought.  There is no way anyone can enter your awareness unless you open the door. In this reality you block out information from other realities so the same process applies. In general when these things happen, if you look upon what happens here, in many cases when people divorce some say they never want to see the other party again. Others stay good friends.


(ii) Realities arise from focusing on the web of thought

Let us try to explain to you how you are eternally interconnected and yet you can be experiencing many different realities simultaneously. So, let us picture a large web, any web you like, as you can see there are  pathways through the web and everything is interconnected so you can imagine neural networks, a spider’s web, whichever you like, but whatever happens in one area is felt or can be connected through to any other part. So, you have got a knowledge web, whatever you wish.

Now, for purposes of analogy let us locate you in point A of the web. If you look to the North, shall we say, you can see radiating around you, away from you, within that field of perception, all the connections and therefore all the realities arising from those particular connections. You might say arising from the thought of that gestalt if you wish, and if you focus in intently then that is the reality, the instrument etc. ( the body, the environment that you consider yourself to be a part of, your sense of “I” and your sense of the reality in which that “I” dwells).

Now of course if you then look West you have a different set of connections and accordingly a different reality, a different experience, and so on to South and to East and then you can graduate if you wish to SE, SSE, NE ,NW, however many realities you wish to be connected to.

Now, if there is a large scale emotion felt in one particular focus, one particular direction, one particular reality, let us call it a movement in the web, then a slight indication, a slight tremor, might be felt in another area of the web. You could put this down to a sudden feeling coming over you of happiness, sadness, whatever you wish. That could be what you might term a bleed-through from an alternate reality, another simultaneous life, another simultaneous “I”, one of the many “I”s that you are experiencing at any time. It is not too difficult to actually picture this in your own mind and watch what happens. Look at the web, look at your focus, see yourself as that one unit of consciousness in there connected with everything else (to all the other units of consciousness) and then see, as you look in one direction, all the interconnections light up, see them turn into colour, into a scene, you being part of that scene, see your body there and then see yourself believing that you are the body in that scene. Let’s call that North, now switch to East and see a different set of lights light up, it may look the same but you are actually focusing using (adhering to) different rules of the game, different parameters and a different scene appears and a different ”I”. (the particular gestalt you are now focusing into (East) will be creating a reality of its own which may differ somewhat from what we know as the conditions pertaining in North).

Are you following me?


And does it sound relatively simple?

Yes, thank you.

But of course you are there all the time, this connects to our previous expose that at any time you can switch focus and be in whichever reality you like with whoever you like ( one assumes the feeling must be mutual) . None of them ever disappear but you have the choice of focusing wherever you wish to focus and so do they. You must remember that your speed of cognition is basically instantaneous and so you are living all these lives, experiences, realities simultaneously.

Talk:- Seth, Consciousness and the Co-Creation of Reality

This post is a talk I gave to the Theosophical Society in 2014

    Seth, Consciousness and the Co-Creation of Reality

How your “SELF” is formed.

The Seth Quotes which can be accessed from the link below were shown before the talk started.

Seth Quotes from Seth Material talk to Theosophical April 2014NB

The talk then continued using Power Point pictures to illustrate things as the talk proceeded, most of the power points are included in the text as you will see.

List of Seth Books (Displayed as Power Point 2)

  •  The Seth Material 1970
  • Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul 1972
  • The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book 1974
  • The “Unknown” Reality: A Seth Book in two volumes 1977-1979
  • The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression. A Seth Book 1979
  • The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events. A Seth Book 1981
  • Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment. A Seth Book in two volumes 1986
  • Seth, Dreams, and Projection of Consciousness 1986
  • The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About the Art of Creative Living 1995

The Seth books are a series of books scientifically describing aspects of the formation of physical reality and personality. Virtually all human avenues of thought are discussed and explained in a vast and wide ranging display of superior knowledge and understanding.

They were channelled by Jane Roberts, a writer and poet, who involuntarily became a trance medium after she and her husband, Robert Butts, used a Ouija board and got more than they expected. They were received from the mid sixties until the late seventies.  Jane Roberts tragically died in 1984 at the age of 54.

(Jane’s picture was Power Point 3)

Now at this point I feel it is only correct to allow Seth to introduce himself as he does in Chapter 1 of “Seth Speaks”

To add a touch of theatre Jean will play the part of Jane.

(I am afraid the voice you are going to hear will be mine but it will give you some idea of what it is like to listen to a trance medium.)

(Power Point 4)

Seth Speaks.

The Eternal Validity of the Soul

By Jane Roberts

“I am an energy personality essence,

no longer focused in physical matter.”

Seth:- Now… You have heard of ghost hunters, I can be quite literally be called a ghost writer, though I do not approve of the term  ”ghost”. It is true that I am usually not seen in physical terms. I do not like the word “Spirit”, either; and yet if your definition of that word implies the idea of a personality without a physical body, then I would have to agree that the description fits me.

I address an unseen audience. However, I know that my readers exist, and therefore I shall ask each of them, now, to grant me the same privilege. My name is Seth. Names are simply designations, symbols; and yet since you must use them I shall also.

My readers may suppose that they are physical creatures, bound within physical bodies, imprisoned within bone, flesh, and skin. If you believe that your existence is dependent upon this corporeal image, then you feel in danger of extinction, for no physical form lasts, and no body, however beautiful in youth, retains the same vigour and enchantment in old age. If you identify with your own youth, or beauty, or intellect, or accomplishments, then there is the constant gnawing knowledge that these attributes can and will vanish.

I am writing this book to assure you this is not the case. Basically you are no more of a physical being than I am, and I have donned and discarded more bodies than I care to tell. Personalities who do not exist do not write books. I am quite independent of a physical image and so are you.

Consciousness creates form. It is not the other way around. All personalities are not physical. It is only because you are so busily concerned with daily matters that you do not realise that there is a portion of you who knows that its own powers are far superior to those shown by the ordinary self.

You would be much better off in reading this book if you asked yourself who you are, rather than asked who I am, for you cannot understand what I am unless you understand the nature of personality and the characteristics of consciousness.

If you believe firmly that your consciousness in locked up somewhere inside your skull and is powerless to escape it , if you feel that your consciousness ends at the boundary of your body, then you sell yourself short, and you will think that I am a delusion. I am no more a delusion than you are, and that may be a loaded sentence.

I can say this to each of my readers honestly (smile): I am older than you are, at least in terms of age as you think of it.

If a writer can qualify as any kind of authority on the basis of age, therefore, then I should get a medal.

I am an energy personality essence, no longer focused in physical matter. As such, I am aware of some truths than many of you seem to have forgotten.

I hope to remind you of these. I do not speak so much to the part of you that you think of as yourself as to that part of you that you do not know, that you have to some extent denied and to some extent forgotten. That part of you reads this book, [even] as “you” read it.

And I (David) can add “That part of you is listening to this talk ‘even’ as you are listening.

Seth’s Main Themes (Power Point 5)

  • Consciousness is “All that is”
  • “Gestalts” of Consciousness form patterns which are projected into physical reality.
  • “Personality” is a product of a conglomerate of many minds, which is forever changing.
  • Each mind is capable of living many lives simultaneously in multiple dimensions/realities.
  • The nature of mass consciousness and mass events.

Now to study and even begin to understand the “Seth” material takes many years and personally I think it would be a great subject for a PhD.

As the years have passed since the publication of the “Seth” books it is hard to imagine that later scientific theories such as David Bohm’s Implicate/Explicate Order and others were not influenced by a  knowledge of Seth’s portrayal of reality.

(Power Point 6)

“To my great surprise – and slight annoyance- I found that Seth eloquently and lucidly articulated a view of reality that I had arrived at only after great effort and an extensive study of both paranormal phenomena  and quantum physics……..”

– Michael Talbot

-author of The Holographic Universe and                                                                                                            – Beyond the Quantum

So let us get right into the basic thrust of Seth’s view of how reality is formed. We cannot even begin to scratch the surface in one hour and I want to leave as much time as possible for questions.

(Power Point 7)

  • C.U.’s Units of Consciousness
  • E.E. Units Electro Magnetic Energy Units
  • Gestalt Consciousness a term encompassing the above.

All gestalt consciousnesses co-operate and conglomerate to form the individual components of the living world.

Seth states that consciousness is the basis of “All that is”. He describes( within the limits of our ability to comprehend) “CU’s” – Consciousness Units – which form EE Units – Electro Magnetic energy units- which combine into myriad patterns to produce reality as we know it. Seth’s recurring theme is that everything is a gestalt consciousness, a conglomerate of multiple units of consciousness which operate simultaneously in multiple dimensions. Think of Walt Disney coining the word “Imagineering” i.e. turning an idea into reality. Now, by virtue of 3D printing we can turn an idea into a solid object in minutes. You have an idea of an object, you design that object using a computer. Where it exists in a kind of three dimensional electro-magnetic reality.  A Hologram!

You slice that Hologram very thinly, connect the computer to your 3D printer, load the printer with the material of your choice, metal, plastic or even living cells, and the printer then constructs your object layer by layer.


(Power Point 8)

  • Consciousness is a way of perceiving the various dimensions of reality.
  • “You” form your physical body.
  • The “inner you” directs your activities
  • The “self” that you know is but one fragment of your entire identity.
  • Your “identity” is a gestalt consciousness able to experience multiple lives in multi dimensions simultaneously.

As Seth states on page 8 of the Seth Material.

Consciousness is a way of perceiving the various dimensions of reality. Consciousness, as you know it is highly specialised. The physical senses allow you to perceive the three dimensional world, and yet by their very nature they can inhibit the perception of equally valid dimensions. You would not think of identifying with one portion of your body and ignoring all other parts, and yet you are doing the same thing when you imagine that the egotistical self carries the burden of your identity.

I am telling you that you are not a cosmic bag of bones and flesh, thrown together through some mixture of chemicals and elements. I am telling you that your consciousness is not some fiery product, formed merely accidentally through the inter workings of chemical components.

You are not a forsaken offshoot of physical matter, nor is your consciousness meant to vanish like a puff of smoke. Instead you form the physical body that you know at a deeply unconscious level with great discrimination, miraculous clarity, and intimate unconscious knowledge of each minute cell that composes it. This is not meant symbolically.

Now because your conscious mind, as you think of it, is not aware of these activities, you do not identify with this inner portion of yourselves. You prefer to identify with the part of you who watches television or cooks or works- the part you think knows what it is doing but this seemingly unconscious portion of yourself is far more knowledgeable, and upon its smooth functioning your entire physical existence depends.

This portion is conscious, aware, alert. It is you “the physical”, so focussed in physical reality, who do not listen to it’s voice, who do not understand that it is the great psychological strength from which your physically orientated self springs. This inner portion of you sifts all information from all dimensions and unbelievable inner activities take place before you can so much as lift a finger, flicker an eyelid,  read this sentence upon the page or before a word is spoken.

You must understand that there are no real divisions to the self , however, so we speak of various portions only to make the basic idea clear.

You cannot understand yourselves, and you cannot accept my independent existence, until you rid yourself of the notion that personality is a “here and now” attribute of consciousness.

The self that you know is but one fragment of your entire identity. Like the various skins of an onion or segments of an orange, all connected through the one vitality and growing out into various realities while springing from the same source.

For convenience’s sake, you close out the multitudinous inner communications that leap between the tiniest parts of your flesh, yet even as physical creatures you are to some extent a portion of other consciousnesses’.  There are no limitations to the self. There are no limitations to its potentials. You can adopt artificial limitations through your own ignorance however. You can deny, but you cannot change, the facts. The personality is multi-dimensional, even though many people hide their heads, figuratively speaking, in the sand of three dimensional existence and pretend there is nothing more. In this book I hope to pull some heads out of the sand.

Now listening to me recite paragraphs from the Seth books although thought provoking is a little bit dry.  Now following the death of our son in 1994 I became intensely interested in the nature of consciousness after I had several paranormal experiences which convinced me that my son in some form continued to exist. Reading of other experiences is all very well but having the experience yourself validates your conviction. For three years we helped an English medium to develop into a first class materialisation medium, with adults and children materialising in the room and voices of deceased personages coming out of the air. We have been involved with many trance circles in the UK most of which were of poor quality. However , for a period of approximately 3 years, 2010,11 and 12 here in Sydney we sat to develop a local mental medium and she subsequently developed into a first class trance medium. The group of minds that spoke through her ( I must tell you minds of this nature invariably refer to the medium as the vehicle or the instrument) were able to converse with a knowledge and insight, in my opinion, approaching that of Seth. They did not wish to dictate a book but we plied them with questions on all manner of subjects and particularly I asked questions covered by Seth in order both to test the knowledge of the communicators and validate Seth’s opinions.

I have been a medium myself for some 15 years and probably due to the number of hours I have spent in séances conversing with non physical intelligences my clairaudience in certain states of mind has become quite strong. I sometimes come awake in the early hours and “listen” to such as the following, which often appears to be a simplified version of more intricate realities.

(Power Point 9)                  Entangled Minds.

Once upon a time, a thought arose, where it came from no-one knows. Minds saw this thought and liked the idea behind the thought. The thought was about having a certain life in the physical. Many more minds liked the idea of this life in the physical and joined the thought, until there were many, many minds and their thoughts linked together, united in their decision to experience that projected life.

They sorted out a mother and a father and it began. The child was born and was named Joe Public. As Joe’s life progressed other minds were attracted as they saw the events that were planned for this life, and they wanted to be part of it, wanted to experience this life, and as it went along many minds came, and many minds left, having experienced the event that they wished to experience. So, the conglomeration of minds known as  Joe, went along, forever adding and losing minds, but always known as Joe and all those minds that had ever been Joe, ever been a part of Joe, always had the memory of the experience of being Joe. So Joe was a part of many minds and many minds were a part of Joe and so it went on and Joe went on forever, forever changing, forever adding new minds, losing old minds, but was forever Joe, and Joe was forever connected to every other mind that had ever been a part of him. And every other mind who remembered their experience with Joe was always connected to Joe. And so Joe never had a real identity because Joe was a part of the whole of all these minds. And so was every other Joe and every other Joanna. Everything that exists is all a part of everything, a part of the thought world, endless conglomeration of thought, endless gestalts of consciousness.

So, can you see that you are a part of everything, always connected and always yourself, yet forever in the process of becoming – always able to say “I AM”.

David Ingman – received clairaudiently upon waking.

(Power Point 10)

  • When you think about the constant exchange of atoms (consciousnesses and minds) between your body and the rest of the material world it is the same thing going on.
  • When you think how it is considered that planets, stars and galaxies are formed from gaseous clouds, black holes and white holes etc. is the conglomeration of thought the same process, i.e. it produces our world, the world that we “see”?

It is a simplified explanation of how we as seeming individuals are an individual pattern composed of an ever changing group of conscious minds. This simple story neatly encompasses many of Seth’s statements regarding identity.

Think of a piece of music always recognisable but subject to different arrangements, different instruments, different musicians, different conductors. The composition remains the same but is ever-changing and is always recognisable depending on which minds are interpreting the piece. (remember Joe Public)

(Power Point 11)

  • Seth:- So psychological structures form to which names are given. The names are meaningless, but the structures behind them are not. Such psychological structures also retain their identity, their pattern of uniqueness, even while they change constantly, die and are reborn. (See Joe Public)
  • The eye rises out of the physical structure. The ego rises out of the structure of the psyche. It cannot see itself. As the eye cannot. Both look outward – in one case away from the physical body, and in the other case away from the inner psyche to the environment.
  • The creative body consciousness creates the eye. The creative inner psyche creates the ego. The body forms the eye in the splendid wisdom of its great unconscious knowing. The psyche brings forth the ego that perceives physically. Both the eye and the ego are formations focused toward perception of exterior reality.
  • Seth:- The Nature of Personal Reality:- Chapter 1

Now if you refer to the last two paragraphs of the “Living Picture of the World” Seth states – The ego cannot see itself as the eye cannot.

Now this may be hard to accept. You will never find an individual “you” …. you will only ever “see”, “feel”, “imagine” who you are, as you project and observe, the combined interpretation by the multiple consciousnesses that comprise “you” in a particular direction of focus, i.e. at any “moment in time.” The interpretation of how a “particular” pattern is being portrayed results in the personality that you believe you are.

So, if you are content with “who you are” continue to observe and reflect. But, if you wish to change a little or a lot, think of the attributes/ traits etc you would like to exhibit and know that you will attract like minds/thoughts (like attracts like). If you concentrate on portraying these attributes/traits, gradually “who you are” will become “who you desire to be”. You will be able to look back and say “that is who I was” and “this is who I AM”

(Power Point 12)

  • There is no such thing as dead matter
  • Nothing exists – neither rock, mineral, plant, animal or air – that is not filled with consciousness of its own kind.
  • There is no object that was not formed by consciousness.
  • You cannot understand what you are unless you understand such matters.
  • Seth Speaks:- Page 10

(Power Point 13)

  • You are like an actor in a play.
  • What you do not realise is that you are acting in many plays at the same time.
  • In different centuries, in different dimensions.
  • You co-create the script, the props, the setting, the themes.
  • You, and every other individual consciousness that takes part.
  • You are so focused in your roles however, so entranced that you have forgotten that they are of your own creation.
  • Seth Speaks:- Chapter4

You co-create your lives, you co-create your events, you co-create your body and once you realise that the consciousness that is you cannot be destroyed, only continually transformed, you will realise that the only purpose in life is the purpose that you create for yourself.

So we have briefly covered how Seth sees the formation of physical reality and our part in it so now let us look at his statement that we live simultaneous multiple lives in multiple realities or dimensions. Some will interpret this concept as reincarnational lives. Seth states that time is a particular belief we apply to our physical reality. Many physicists agree – there is no such thing as “time” and the majority subscribe to the multiverse and parallel universe theories.  Multiple dimensions by other names.

Chris Johnson, an author of books on Seth, said to me “What we think of as “past lives” or “other lives” ( as there is no time where they exist in the psyche) can influence your “current life’s thinking and beliefs. Importantly, this also applies in “reverse” – what you “resolve” in the way of challenges in this lifetime reverberates across all the lifetimes that contribute to your overall identity.

All exists at all times and each event happens when you focus upon it and what is more you find yourself a part of that reality in what, to you, is the present moment. As you switch focus from one dimension to the other this gives the impression that everything happens simultaneously as you seem to be participating in all of these events at once with no break in sequentiality.

But of course if our minds could work at the speed of today’s computers, and remember that communication between the smallest particles/waves is instantaneous, then experience, comprehension and analysis of multiple areas of interest can be performed in the blink of an eye giving the impression of simultaneity.

There was a recounting of an NDE on Victor Zammit’s website where the person who had the experience states that wherever he looked he seemed to be in a different life and what’s more they were all happening at the same time. As explained by Seth in what he calls “the spacious present”

Now, when I had reached this point I thought the presentation was finished but in the early hours of the next morning I awoke to receive the following:- (some of you may pick up the thread as we go along and arrive at the end before I do.)

(Power Point 14)

Entangled Minds (an expanded version)

Once upon a time a thought arose, where it came from no-one knows. Minds saw this thought and liked the idea behind the thought. The thought was about forming a world composed of light, with many things to see, do and experience.

Seven major gestalts of consciousness decided that they would make the idea reality. They were known as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. They agreed that the group would be known as Roy G. Biv or ROY for short.

ROY began mixing colours (of consciousness) from his infinite palette. When he thought that he had done enough he said, “let there be light,” and there was. (The Big Bang? i.e. when consciousness decided to explicate the Gravityverse. )

Now some of these innumerable compositions of light, gestalt consciousnesses were called people. The people, as they stood in awe and wonder at the world around them, soon realised that ROY was everywhere, and they said, “ROY is omnipresent,” and someone exclaimed, “but that means he must know of all that is and therefore is omniscient.  Such total knowledge must give ROY total power, so he must be omnipotent.”

Roy G. Biv was, is, and will always be, composed of multiple consciousnesses with infinite aspects which when displayed in their infinite variety of composition we label “physical reality”.

Now you will all be familiar with the light spectrum and its range of frequencies.

Now ROY can present all shades of himself depending on what mix of gestalts of consciousness (minds) he chooses to project. All these shades we now refer to as personalities, aspects of minds of different intensities displayed as one.

ROY is, amongst others, also known as Joe and Joanna Public.

Power Point 15  “Light Diagram”

At this point a picture was shown which unfortunately I have not been able to attach. it showed Consciousness, Minds and Diversity of Thought, Identity and Unity of Thought(s), The “Observers”, The Observed, Personalities and how everything is linked.

Now, again I considered the presentation was basically complete, but “someone” was following a different agenda.

The following morning, January 19th, I woke up as a different personality I spoke with a beautiful cut glass accent, I sang to a compendium of 30’s to 60’s songs for three hours with a vastly improved range, and clarity of tone. I was able to sustain notes for much longer than previously and my breathing pattern was effortless. Of particular surprise was the way my phrasing often times differed from the way I had sung those songs for the past 50 years.

My wife, daughter and son-in-law, thought this personality was wonderful, commented that it seemed to be in love with the world and everything in it, and they sensed a powerful presence. For my part I was serene and relaxed yet felt totally self-assured and had boundless energy. My mind, hard to describe, also felt expanded and somehow I was “larger”. All in all I was ecstatic about the new me.

I recognised that I had been given this experience to underline the basic truth of my lecture. This personality is the ideal that I have always wished to be and probably my long suffering wife’s dream also.

However, being the person I am, that evening I started to analyse what was happening and whilst realising the pros started searching for the cons, and also, what parts of my personality would I lose. I went to sleep thinking of these things.

The next morning I woke up and the old me was back, but the comparison left me in no doubt, I was being given a choice. I could be who I wished to be if I chose to.

The new personality made its appearance at odd occasions during the following weeks. During a particularly pleasant period I “heard” the dry amused comment “perhaps we have reached a happy medium.” The most interesting part of this experience was that “I” was always present as an “observer” – I was “watching” and “hearing” my body expressing itself as a different personality – I was both the “observer” and the “observed”.

I hoped that I would be able to call upon this aspect of myself at will, but unfortunately that has not been the case and it has not made itself known since February. However, “I” have been left with a milder personality and have also realised that speaking with an upper-class accent is unimportant, likewise the much-improved singing. All in all I am more at peace with who I am.

This was the end of the talk and I then invited questions from the audience.