Physical Reality is Where the Completely Connected can Experience Complete Separation

  • Consciousness constructs physical reality in order to experience separation from others because it is impossible to have that experience in fully connected reality.
  • Dear Wendy and Victor,
    Some follow up material from Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill for those of your readers who like to see the scientific proof of consciousness. Also a talk given by David Ingman to the Scientific and Medical Network Sydney Group (link)   Talk:- The Interconnectedness of Universal Consciousness.  The Self as a projection of multiple individual Consciousnesses. 31st August 2017 | Reality and You  It would be interesting for someone to read both to see if there are any major differences. (I would love to do it myself but my continual state of total exhaustion and heavy sedation  make it nigh on impossible to give a lucid interpretation.)
    Best wishes,David 

  • Email from Bruce Scott-Hill to David
    Hi Jean, Further to my last email, I was reflecting on David’s strong message in the teaching he provides on Interconnection between us all, and soon after, I (somewhat synchronistically) came across coverage of this –  in a book by Dr Eben Alexander – which I have inserted below for David to read (if he is well enough). I thought it is scientifically nicely expressed by him. Since I thought it supports scientifically a large amount of what you both are saying mediumistically in David’s books, I thought it would interest him. Kind regards, Bruce…… Extract from book EVERYTHING IS INTERCONNECTED “When observing subatomic phenomena, it is impossible to completely separate the observer (that is the scientist making the experiment) from what has been observed. In our day-to-day world it is easy to miss this fact. We see the universe as a place full of separate objects (tables and chairs, people and planets) that occasionally interact with each other, but nevertheless remain essentially separate. On this subatomic level, however, this universe of separate objects turns out to be a complete illusion. In the realm of the super-super-small, every object in the physical universe is intimately connected with every other object. In fact, there are really no “objects” in the world at all, only vibrations of energy, and relationships. … Far from being an unimportant by-product of physical processes, consciousness is not only very real – it is actually more real than the rest of physical existence, it is most likely the basis of it all. … particles are made of … well quite frankly, physicists don’t really know. But one thing we do know about particles is that each one is connected to every other one in the universe. They all, at the deepest level, are interconnected.”  The above is an extract taken from the Book, “Proof of Heaven” by Eben Alexander, M.D. – Page150/151Eben Alexander unfortunately does not give any references concerning the science above – which is unfortunate. However the fairly widely accepted current theory now that the whole universe is likely holographic certainly supports this. Also, (as I recall) Prof. Paul Davies suggests that entanglement of all particles in the Universe was inevitable as these were consolidated and the first to form during the commencement of the Big Bang.    

Questions from a Reader

Alistair Bruce Scott-Hill wrote:-

Hi David,

As a keen Seth reader, science author and avid afterlife researcher I have purchased both your books and enjoyed reading them immensely. I would very much like to initiate an email conversation on some points on your books with you. You will find details of my book, copious articles on the same subject and some background on my website. I have noted it is some time since you last posted on your website.

(David is in the late stages of a lung disease, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, a terminal illness which makes it increasingly difficult to breathe. An attempt has been made to answer the questions in the usual manner, however the outcome is halting and of low volume, so you may need to turn your volume up. The content, though, seems as good as ever.)

Questions from Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill, 28.3.21

Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill
Website: Book “The Paranormal is Normal” – is a breakthrough science book which took in excess of fifteen years to research as a voyage of personal discovery for the author. Such was the author’s faith in science to explain the world around us, he was determined to use only “solid” science to find answers which would satisfy himself, as to whether the concept of an afterlife made sense. The Paranormal is Normal Book won the New Zealand National Ashton – Wylie Book 2016 prize.

Question 1

Monarch butterflies hibernate on trees in California or Mexico for the winter. In the spring, they migrate and mate and reproduce, migrate and mate and reproduce, 6 or 7 times, dispersing thousands of miles to the north and east. Then, in the fall, the great great grand offspring of the spring Monarchs undertake the entire migration in reverse, and manage to find the same tree where their ancestor of 6 generations spent the previous winter. [Forest service article] See, Q1 My question is. How do the butterflies know what direction to take on any journey and how to identify their desired destination when they arrive? I find it difficult to believe the usual suggested “science” reason, typically offered without evidence (i.e. That given here, where it says, “It appears to be a combination of directional aids such as the magnetic pull of the earth and the position of the sun among others, not one in particular.”


Q2 With Remote Viewing,  protocols were soon changed from identifying the target by giving the remote viewer the accurate geographical co-ordinates – as I recall that it was the expert remote viewer Ingo Swann, who advised that this was unnecessary. Due to his advice; since then,  assigned random numbers have been universally successfully used for targets instead. How is this accomplished (it seems impossible) ?  


Q3 Also in an afterlife environment, it is said that to travel, one has only to think of a destination and picture it in one’s mind with strong intent and instantly one arrives. How does this occur scientifically, including how rapid and safe de-acceleration can occur when the desired destination has been reached by the entity concerned? Also how is this different from remote viewing?


Hyperthymestics and Photographic Memory

Hyperthymestics and Photographic Memory. Transcription of Audio File, Feb 2019

Hyperthymesia. Could you please explain hyperthymesia in terms of how it works in this reality and how it is related to your abilities in your reality, to see everything at a glance?

A life is continuous, as we have stated before, and so why should there not be the same abilities existing in different realities, except those that you choose to drop off while using others to full effect to enjoy the reality that you currently choose to focus in?

Now, in physical reality you are there to experience separation and so you do not want to have the feeling of being connected to everything and understanding everything. So, you close off those avenues of information in order that you are only exposed to the sensory reception attainable through the instrument. Now, as you can see in your own case, then you have not closed them all off. You are able to open your mind and let others speak to you, send you images, send you feelings from the point of view of mediumship and even take over your voice and word production, which is the process that is happening at the present time.

Now, not all people are mediums. Not all people are hyperthymestics. It is a rare condition because it is also somewhat destabilizing. How would you like it if continually coming into your mind were memories of various days throughout your life? They would disturb your focus on this life, wouldn’t they? And so, like everything else, when we decide to focus into a reality, we pick and choose the senses that are necessary to exist in that reality and drop off the others for the time that we are in that reality.

We will refer to a previous article when you decide as a consciousness to explore the possibility of being a cheetah, up come all the memories, all the patterns of the cheetah from conception to death. Now, forget the word memories there, all the patterns, all the information chains of the cheetahs comes up and remember you’ll have a timeless situation, instantaneous cognizance of all the information that is there and you can relate that back again to your NDE people who see their life flash before them in virtually no time. So, no big deal there.

Now, when it comes to photographic memory, well same thing really, isn’t it? You are just able to pick up all the detail. Just as we are able to see all the information that we have presented in the books at one time and then if we wish to focus on any particular piece, then we can activate the voice box and give it to you, transmit it to you. But we are aware of everything that we wish to do. Very difficult to understand because you think that this all has to be produced in linear, sequential order, or that it already exists. But of course, everything already exists, but that again is so difficult to explain when you are trying to understand it from your side. And so, it’s easier for you to say, ‘We prepared it all in advance. We laid it all out there and there we are, we’re looking at this picture with everything in it and as the question comes up, then we just pick out the bit that makes sense to you.’

And so, it will all fit in. It is effectively as we described it. From your point of view, it will be easier to understand a jigsaw. We have the whole picture in front of us of everything that we need to say to you, because we know the whole process, the whole block of information that we wish to transmit to you. Now as your questions come up remember that the higher consciousnesses are working together on all this. So, the questions, whether you are aware of it or not and no matter who they come from, will be able to be answered from the block information in the jigsaw. We merely look at the jigsaw, choose the right area and then transmit the answer.

Now this does not have to be, of course, word for word. It is simply the meaning and the meaning is congruent with all the other meaning within the jigsaw. So, just like we talk about forever becoming, there can be slight changes in the wording because the jigsaw is not laid out in terms of a written book. It is laid out in terms of what you might call ‘The overall meaning of that which we wish to get across’. It forms then into the language as we go along. So, you can say to yourself, ‘Well, looking at your hyperthymestics then they can recall any day, just like that. Well, we can recall, if you wish (if you wish to bring memories back into this) any block of knowledge. Any of that which we are aware of. And of course, we are fully aware of all the conditions that pertain here. And therefore, that block of knowledge is available to us, said jigsaw. And so, we can access any part of that in reply to any question that comes from you.

Now, all that’s happening here in regard to the individuals on your side who possess some of this, is, as we have just started off, they just have a different part of brain mind connection that hasn’t really been shut off. Now, if your mediumship abilities had been shut off, like most others, then you would not be able to be a medium, you would not be able to receive information from the so-called deceased, or from us. And so, the same goes. Now it just happens that this particular ability is, of course, endemic in our location. We can look at anything and it exists in its totally. Back to cheetahs again. And so, you can see when we talk about this that when it comes to constructing a physical body, it seems a gargantuan task. Enormously complex. But when you can see all the detail, in its entirety just with a glance, all you have to do is scale up your autistic savants, photographic memory abilities, to look at a picture or a landscape, as you have found out, and then reproduce it down to the last detail then scale that up to when you wish to form an instrument, a body. And scale it up to our instantaneous awareness, say, and you can understand why the body can be created in every second. Every millisecond, every nanosecond, wherever you want to end up here.

But, simply by looking, we can remember and reproduce, re-form. And again, we’re getting into this form business here, but the picture comes up say, in the imagination, as we have said before, and then we share that imagination with everybody else. And so, everybody else is engaged in exactly the same thing. We are all watching our pattern progress, as we say, fitting our own little tweaks and biases onto the rules of the game, progression of the instrument, let’s put it that way. So that, yes, it’s going to get older, it’s going to do this, ‘You said you wanted to be in this game, play by the rules. You can’t stay young. We’ll give you a little leeway here and there, but the mass consciousness says, you know, if you get too far out of line then you won’t be here anymore.’ Now you won’t notice the difference of course because the instrument will carry on with the majority. But the outliers who refuse to fall in simply will not be part of the majority. It is as simple as that. It is not that they’re thrown out, it’s that they’re simply not able to influence what’s going on. Do you understand?


Right, so there you are. It is not rocket science, it is just a question of using your logic to understand that as above so below, in certain instances, when things slip through the cracks. And also, there’s a little bit of, ‘Well let’s slip them a curveball with this one, shall we? Let us see how, when you’re separated, you manage to work this one out.’ Because it is again, this is the uncertainty, the excitement and the challenge of seeking and finding, and understanding. It gives you something to do, doesn’t it? Signs and wonders, but you think now how could this possibly work? Well we have just given you an explanation of how this particular trait does work. Yes? Thank you.

Thank you.

Xenoglossy, Transcription from Audio File March 2019

March 2019 Xenoglossy

We understand that you can only use words which are in David’s repertoire. Where are these words held in the gestalt? The brain, the mind, the higher consciousness? We understand that some people, waking after a coma, for example, speak a different language. Xenoglossy? Perhaps you could enlarge on that?

Now, these are things that have mystified people, in much the same way as split personalities where one personality arises, then another one and another one. Now, generally in that case they are speaking the same language and appear to be personalities still focused in this particular time and place. In terms of the coma ones then sometimes a completely different personality arises, or it presents itself, from what appears to be a different era, speaking the language of that era and seemingly bemused by where it finds itself.

So, let’s think our way through this one, shall we? Now, what have we got here. We have a consciousness deciding to form an instrument. It focuses upon a pattern. So, then the whole thing builds up, everybody joins in, we all take our various parts on what we want to be responsible for because we are all going to enjoy the same feeling of ‘I’ anyway, but while we are doing our bit in keeping the machinery going then we can experience where the total instrument is proceeding. So, now to do this we have to have the physical instrument capable of operating. We have to have the brain, which we have previously termed as a labour saving instrument, sufficiently programmed that it can carry out the regular mundane tasks pretty much without supervision. We have said ‘automatic’, but you could also say that those consciousnesses know what their place is and what they have to do. They are the guys in the engine room, shall we say. Then you’ve got the guys on the bridge. You have the mind – let’s call it the mind, we have to use your terminology to give you some idea of what’s going on. All these are part of the same thing, but it is far too difficult to explain the communication systems that work between them.

So, you’ve got the chaps on the bridge, you’ve got the captain and all the other operating officers responsible for their particular departments. And so, they are not interested in what’s going on downstairs, shall we say. So, they are looking out at where they’re going. They’re looking at what’s got to happen as regards the waves, the weather conditions that are coming in, and making sure the instrument is kept safe. Much in the same way when you are driving a car you don’t drive with your eyes closed, do you? Something is looking out to make sure you don’t crash into anything. So, now you have got that part of it. Now basically again here you’re going through pretty much standard practice but you’re making a lot of analyses. Now whereas in the engine room it is a question of, ‘Keep this thing spinning, oil this, oil that, grease this, listen to this etc.’ React to the commands, increase the speed, decrease the speed etc. So, on the bridge it’s a question of ‘Oops, now wait a minute, there’s a storm coming up here. How can we avoid this? We can’t go that way, there’s a barrier reef. We don’t really want to go that way because we’re going to be heading into high seas and we’re not going to be able to head into them head on as it makes it much more difficult to control the ship. So, what shall we do? We’ll either set anchor and let the wind turn us to the appropriate position so the waves come at us onto the bow, or we are confident enough that we can steer around this, or whatever.’ But a lot of analysis and judgement goes on. But once more, that analysis and judgement go on due to prior learning, prior experience.

So now let’s step to the next one, the consciousness. The consciousness has decided on its instrument, has decided what it’s going to do. It has done its programming, it has watched the instrument learn as it goes along and of course the consciousness is learning the same thing, but in the same fashion the consciousness is not bothered with the engine room, say, apart from a cursory look now and again. Because remember all this consciousness is basically interlocked and interdependent, interconnected. So, you are aware of all this at all times. You don’t have to keep changing focus. When we say change focus it would be so quick, instantaneous, ‘Everything ok? Yes? Gone’. Because otherwise you will be informed anyway, you would simply be aware that it wasn’t ok. Because if it wasn’t ok the guys on the bridge have to make a decision. Everybody is then aware.

So, let’s come to where the actual thinking is done. Would you think that the thinking is done by the consciousness?


So, we are back, aren’t we, to the puppet and the puppeteer, although it is something that is generally not palatable, as we have said before, it pretty much sums it up. And so, we can go to the consciousness and the stretch consciousness and you can say we can understand that as well. And of course, we have taken you to where it is all imagination. It is all shared imagination amongst all the consciousness. So, the thinking is done there. So, if the thinking is done there, is the learning done there?

One would imagine so.

Because, you have connections all over the place. All other lives, and you have the connection to any knowledge that you wish to focus upon. Whereas your people on the bridge, and your people in the engine room do not have that capability.

So, if you wish, as a consciousness, to focus on an entirely different language, you can do so. Now then, can you put it through the instrument? Now this all depends, doesn’t it, on whether the gestalt that you have is amenable to this process going on. Because it sets you apart from somebody else, doesn’t it? Now, if you have chosen a life – and we’re back to your life choice here – if you’ve chosen a life where you don’t particularly want to be standing out as the albino, you’d say, ‘Well I’d rather not do that. I don’t want to be looked at as an object of curiosity. So, I’d rather not do that one, thanks.’ Where another one might say, ‘I don’t really mind. It doesn’t really matter to me.’ When we say ‘me’ we mean the gestalt. In fact, it might be quite amusing, mightn’t it, to say, suddenly start speaking in a different language and watch the bemusement on the people around, and then switch back. And then we can say, ‘I have no idea what was going on there’. And of course, in the physical you won’t. Just the same as you crossed the River Styx on the way in, the same thing is happening. The consciousness is merely blanking out one line of transmission and putting another one in. So, you can do that as experiment. That’s one way to look at it, from that point of view.

Another way to look at it can be, you are living many lives at once, as you may or may not have accepted at the moment. And so, what if two decide to switch? ‘I’m interested in seeing what’s in the future. Or, I wouldn’t mind experiencing the past. Shall we switch for a while. And experience this.’ Now, what ‘s happening here? If we say, we have the gestalt consciousness that says, ‘I’d like to mix and match this. I’d like to take this bit over here, put it here and take this bit and put it there.’ So, you’ve got that one where it is definite then you can have your bleedthroughs. Much as David found himself speaking in a very high-class English accent and suddenly found himself able to sing brilliantly. So, you could say these are attributes accessed from another life.

Now again, let’s use this new term that David heard the other morning when he woke up, of ‘morphic library’. Now we’ve said about the library autobiographies, haven’t we? We mentioned the Sheldrakes, morphogenetic fields, we’ve mentioned the Akashic records. Past life regression can be like walking into a library of autobiographies. So, what are we doing here? We are merely accessing information, aren’t we? We access the information of a Chinese gentleman that spoke Chinese or Red Indian gentleman of some tribe that was of some hundred years ago that speaks a language no longer in existence, which your colleague, known for deep trance, that sat with you, has recently exhibited and is obviously bemused. And yet the university’s professors who have listened to the recordings identified the language for her as a little used Indian language from some hundreds of years previous. So, now you’d say, Why? How?’ Same thing applies doesn’t it? You have a term called the ‘cosmic joker’. The term we use, ‘Let’s throw them a curve ball here. Let’s give them something to think about.’

You can’t always find concrete reasons for things, you know. You make up things for entertainment. Well who do you think is making things up for entertainment? Your consciousness. So, don’t you think we may enjoy doing this? Even for fellow consciousnesses that are lost in the drama. ‘Look at them there completely tied up in that, not even listening to what we’re saying. We’re all here together as higher consciousnesses but these guys are so focused on their video games that they’re not even hearing what we’re saying so let’s put something into their video game that says, ‘Oh, what’s this, this shouldn’t be here.’ Then we can tap them on the shoulder and say, “Did you enjoy that?”’ So anyway, these are all speculations, and you can take what you will out of it. And again, you can think some of these things through for yourself, if you wish to.

So, that’s no particular big deal. So, you decide as a consciousness that, ‘We’re in a coma here. Bit of a nuisance, got a bit bored with all this. We’re going back to the same old boring bit. We have made the contract and have to do that. Well why don’t we have a bit of a change here. We’ll walk into the morphic library, we’ll pick ourselves out a previous life and we’ll grab hold of that pattern and we’ll wake up with the speech part of the pattern, shall we say, and the belief and the memory part of the pattern. And we’ll exhibit that for a while. And when we’re tired of that and what happens, then we will switch back once more. Having experienced the fun part of that.’ So, there’s one of them. And as we said, the others are just a blending from the higher consciousness saying, ‘Let’s see what happens here.’

Now this gives you the same answer, we will spike your guns on the next question here, as when you have experienced a medium in deep trance speaking in a language that is totally unbeknownst to him, with another person in the room and holding a conversation. Well, the same sort of thing applies here. You’ve got permission. As a normal medium you give permission for the communicating intelligence to use your body, to move it, to give you feelings, to send you thoughts in the form of pictures and words, in order to communicate with somebody, but they use the language you are used to. Now if you, as a medium agree, and we’re not talking physical here, we’re talking as from the consciousness, ‘Ok, we will focus completely aside. We will no longer listen to what we’re saying. We will no longer focus into the physical. We will go completely aside, as in, for example, going to sleep.’ The physical body will not be a brain and will not be aware of what is going on. We will leave you an utterly clear channel. Now the brain and the voice know all the sounds. It may not know the words, but it knows all the sounds, so simply another consciousness steps in, gets hold of the controls, temporarily, if you wish to put it this way, inserts its own program and it’s own vocabulary. Because let’s go back to the morphic library again, all words, all languages are held in the morphic library and can be accessed. So, you pull it off the shelf, you pull the repertoire off the shelf. Now that repertoire in this case will be your own. Your own pattern as a deceased person whose consciousness still exists. The gestalt still exists, and it wishes to communicate with the gestalt remaining on the earth. And so, the process for that temporary time, much like the other one, is instigated and you are able to hold that conversation. Because then the words are available. When the instrument is awake, is still engaged in the physical, then it is much more difficult. You are having to come through the mind and brain and that will not recognize and will not know how to form the words. Whereas when you take that aside and replace it with your own programs it just uses the voice box without any problem whatsoever.

To a certain degree, you see this in what has been happening with David when he spoke in this upper-class accent. He has memories of dealing with people of this nature, so one again can say, ‘Well he really did know a lot of this’. But how did he suddenly know how to sing? He had never been able to use his breath and reach the notes. So, somewhere in that pattern he was able to download a different program. Now again, once more, in today’s world these processes are being taught where you merely focus upon the abilities and the style of deceased artists and musicians etc. and you soon find yourself able to paint and play in their style. Now this again comes back to, if you wish, the same old business, the morphogenetic fields. It all results in there and we are all talking the same language here. The information is out there. It is merely having the belief that, ‘I can access this.’ And then when it comes you say, ‘Well, yes. I don’t know quite how I access this, but I have.’ And so, we’re right back to Mr. Einstein, “There are times when the mind accesses a higher plain of knowledge, but it doesn’t know how it got there.” In which case he may have been speaking from musing. Simply, because he mused, he was browsing, and he came across it by accident. Whereas in the case we are talking about with the artists, you are doing it by design. You have realized that this morphic library, this morphogenetic field, this Akashic record, does indeed exist and I can utilize it. (Emphatically)

That was interesting. Thank you.

What we agree is “Real” becomes the “Reality” we believe in.

Transcription of previously posted audio file

Sept 2nd, 2019 – Crystalized Imagination Forms the Reality we Perceive

Note: Question was asked after David ruptured his thoracic vertebrae.

The question is, when considering the human body and the spinal cord and the whole operation of the spine, and then comparing same to the robotic instruments that we are currently engaged in producing, it becomes quite apparent that in order to perform the functions of the human spine alone requires a very detailed and extraordinarily complex feat of engineering, and the amount of motive power in the unit form to be applied to all the various facets of the spine are such that the bulk would be impossible with today’s present engineering. And so, it goes on. So, how about giving us some explanation, or rather, some observation, on the intricacies of the human body and for that matter any other moving creature that we have in physical reality?

Now we brought you to a point where we have posited that all is imagination, albeit consensus imagination. We all agree to see the same thing. But at the same time, of course, every part of that reality that you enjoy, that you perceive, that you sense, has to be imagined. And so you would agree that reality is composed of myriad imagination of what you might term particles or energetic waves, forces, that make up in totality your appreciation of the complex object that you see before you. Now, you have to take this a little bit further and have, what we might say, the best of both worlds here. In that when you imagine a certain particle, for example, you all agree that this particle is a real particle as far as you are concerned, even though you all know that you are imagining this. But because it is held in the imagination of all, it becomes a non-changing object, and so, to all intents and purposes, it has a certain permanence in that everybody will agree that it is always there, so you have created what you would term to be a physical particle, a physical wave for that matter. You may consider it to be a non-physical wave. Whatever the object is, where there is a consensus agreement that this exists, then it has a certain permanence (much like widely held beliefs, especially religious beliefs). So, you might say that reality consists of imaginative segments such as everybody, all consciousnesses, agrees yes, that is what it is, and so it becomes a given.

Now, then we go to, well let us take this given that we have imagined, and that given that we have imagined, and put them together and what do we get? Now, follow this process of accretion of this given, that given and the other given and what are you following? You are following permanent, imaginative objects, let’s say, so that you can understand this. So when it is permanently imagined it becomes to you an object that you can actually move and manipulate because although it is in the imagination, because you accepted it as being permanent it becomes, let’s say, an unconscious imagination from then on in. It is simply there.

And so, take all these pieces that are simply there and start to do things with them. No different really to taking a whole lot of pieces of Lego and say, we’ve got this piece, and that piece, and let’s see what we can make out of this, and make out of that, and make out of the other. And before long you are all making different things, aren’t you, out of all these permanent particles? Which is why science is always looking for the basis of everything. What does it all spring from? As far as you have got so far, then you’ve got to the quantum foam, a whole lot of energetic bits and pieces, whizzing about, coming in and out of existence. But build up from there and you can build your physical reality, or certainly you take your physical reality and reduce it down to those parts. You have a little more difficulty in understanding how it is put together. Now, you do appreciate of course, that all these living things around you, that you consider living, and for that matter that the things you don’t consider living, upon examination all appear to be composed of moving bits and pieces. So, then you must look at all this and say, well, what is the design behind this? This is too intricate to be just random, otherwise there would just be bits and pieces flying around all over the place permanently. So there has to be some controlling aspect has been introduced into the whole of this. And so, to introduce controlling aspects then you have to say that there is thought behind this. We will do this, we will do that, we will do the other.

So now let’s come on to the nub of the question you’ve asked, which is the human body, and because of your current interest, the spine.

Now, as you state in the question, the spine is extremely well designed, shall we say. It may look fairly simple but you then start to think, how is this put together? We can understand the fact that this is segments with shock absorbers in between enabling movement and elasticity to enable things to move in all various directions. And then you say, ok, now, let us move to what is causing the movement in all these different directions. And then you find that it is the muscles that are attached in various ways to the spine that enable it to move in all these directions. We’ll go one further and say well then, we find that there is all the blood supply to these muscles and there are all the nerves to the muscles. And so then we would say, well, the instructions, the messaging is being carried along the nervous system and the nervous system all ends up in the brain in general, maybe with some intermediate stops to other organs along the way, but it’s all connected in one fashion or another and messages flow backwards and forwards. We are talking about the spine here but of course it applies to all aspects of the human body, all cells etc. Then, we move one more and we think, well what is operating in the brain. And, of course, this is taxing. It has taxed people forever and you have this current admission, to a certain degree, that the operator is outside the brain.

And you have evidence that the senses can operate independently of the physical body (NDEs, OBEs, remote viewing etc.). You have enough of this around now to where you can’t discount the fact that it is possible that the consciousness operates without the physical body, and that of course then says that the brain has to transmit this information out, or does it? And then the consciousness operates through the brain and through the nervous system for all the action. And so, you talk about cause and effect, action and reaction. Well, as your eyes note a certain thing happening then action follows to suit. Now, how does this happen? When the eyes see something, data is created, data is transmitted, data is perceived, analysed, and decision is made as to “well we will do this then”. Then data is transmitted, received, passed to the appropriate part of the physical body, be it human, animal, plant and then the action is performed commensurate with what is desired to do in view of what has been perceived. Now, when you look at the amount, the sheer amount of data flow that has to happen for even the smallest action to be done then it puts even your new 5G completely in the realms of the extremely simple. And so, you can work on the basis that it will take you, well, we won’t say forever because there is no time, but it is going to be an awful long time before you can build something, anything, like a fluid moving vehicle such as living creatures that you see around you.

So, what have we said? Yes, the spine is an extremely complex operation and a marvel of design really. It looks pretty much like a poorly finished object when you look at the actual bones and the cartilages in between and the ribs etc. When you look more closely you see that the function is there. It doesn’t really matter too much about whether it’s all bright and shiny, what matters is, is whether it can be repaired, renewed, whatever and whether it’s been built for a short life or a long life. In terms of your skin it is built to be repaired continually whereas your bones are built to be slowly repaired over a long period of time. Your bones take longer to heal than your skin does and of course, once you think about it there is a reason for that as well. I say a reason for that, there is a necessity for the skin to heal quickly. The bones can take their time. There are far more reasons for the bones to have to regain a certain amount of strength whereas the skin merely has to provide a certain amount of protection. But whatever, when it comes to the whole system of physical motion as performed by the living creatures that move about on the surface, in the air, under the water, in the ground, then you can only still look on and marvel. And sometimes, to take another saying, and put it in a different context, that “yours is not to reason why, yours is but to do and die”. Well you can say you are not capable yet of reasoning why, so why not just accept and get on with it.

Parallel Lives

All Experience Family Life in Full, Whether In or Out of the Body

Miscarriages 18th March 2019

As you all know, we had a number of miscarriages. Just wondered if you could let us know anything about that please?

Now, if you think this through for yourself, you realise that there was an intention. And therefore, with that intention had to come what you will have termed, ‘a plan, a pattern, a blueprint’.


And so, then, the machinery was set in motion to manifest that blueprint. And that blueprint was such that it would carry the physical appearance of the two sets of genes but also it would be carrying the intentions of the gestalt that is forming the blueprint, and going on as to which events and how the life will be conducted within the reality that it was entering. As we have said before, things don’t always go according to plan. Yes?


And so, if you find out that something isn’t working quite right, or else even if, in the construction of the vehicle, some form of trauma happens or the composition, which can happen, of the gestalt suddenly finds a better deal to go on with then they may switch. But, as we have said before, once a pattern is created, it exists, it carries on. There are always those who wish to explore the possibilities of that pattern, which is why they focused upon it in the first place. And it got to that stage in manifestation. And as we have said again, there are many, many areas in which that pattern can be manifested. It may not be manifested in the physical, but it may be manifested in some aspect of what you would consider to be non-physical. Can you understand?


So that the same play can be enacted within a dense physical reality, a, what you might call a gravity-less physical reality or through various gradations to what you consider to be a spiritual reality, for want of a better word. Yes?


So, the script is still, for some, some part of the gestalt for those who are really interested in that one. It is still able to be seen through. Now, you have read about many times that the children who die might stick around with the parents and still be part of the family. You’ve seen that the gestalt can focus through many other gestalts as well so that the parent, for example, can see through the eyes of the child, as we have said when we referred to planting trees for 150 years’ time. So, you can keep contact all the way through. You have also read about others where the child still wishes to be part of the family. That means that the gestalt still wishes to try to be involved there. Now you have to realise that you have to take this whole scenario in, not just what is happening in physical reality. You certainly are aware that the higher consciousnesses together are, let us say, one step ahead, but still in parallel. Now, we haven’t spoken about this before either, but, you can see that these parallel universes could exist through said graduations of frequency reality, to put it another way, and the same play could be acted out in all these different areas. So, once more, look at it another way here with another very simple analogy. You can put this play on in New York, dressed as such, appropriate music, appropriate fantastic theatres, full orchestras, all the rest of it. But you could put on the same play with the same message, same meaning in any part of the world, but how would it be presented? It would be presented in the terms of where it was. If it was in an extremely poor area, it may be just with a whole group of people sitting around watching the actors portray that particular play just on a piece of grass or in a little compound.

And so, now take that, what have you got here? You have the same thing going on at the same time, with the same storyline but being enacted in different places. But the same storyline can elicit the same reactions etc. And so, we take this in terms of view of, let’s say, what you can perform on a stage in New York eliminates, for example, travelling in jet planes etc. It is mostly an interaction between people and props that are used on the stage. So, you can easily see that that is roughly reproducible basically anywhere. But your wonderful armchairs may be replaced by wooden stools. But the expressions, the words, everything else can be the same. And so, the feeling the audience would get from it and the feelings the actors would get from it are roughly comparable. Are you ok with this?


So, now we have been rather long winded as usual with this but can you see, how that once started, then the children you think you will never know, have been there all the time?

Yes, I can understand that. My understanding is that the reason that babies miscarry before the three months is that there is actually something wrong which prevents that fetus from continuing because it would be too deformed or internally wrong.

That is one belief. We have just said there could be a reason for no further interest in it from many, many aspects. Certainly, there could be something wrong, but there may not be anything particularly wrong. It may be that we have come up with a better plan. It is all imagination, remember, you are not killing anything. It also could be, as we’ve just explained, ‘Well look, I think this one would be better off in so and so reality’. Now, we are running all these at once. We are exploring all the possibilities. And remember you have all your other gestalts that are interconnected and interdependent at each time. Because the senses, parameters, etc., of the different realities are different, you can still have the same interactions between the awarenesses, between the gestalts in different realities where different things can be carried out. But exactly as the analogy we’ve just described, the general inter-experience of the parties involved can still be the same. Some will be more aware than others that it is a play. Others will not be aware at all. Now it just depends on where you are coming from in this whole thing. Some aspects of these particular interactions may wish to be more focused upon than others. And so, one reality may be more suitable to some aspects than another.

Now, the question which has obviously arisen in the instrument’s mind a couple of times today is, as we meet people we don’t know when we go over then are our other children going to be there to meet us? I think you can answer that for yourself.


Reunion will be more than you could ever hope for. When you realise you didn’t lose your other children either, but the ones that felt that interconnection and wish to be part of your life and enter into those love bonds with you is that there has to be a love bond in the first place really, in order for that to be a resident attraction. And they’ve been there all the time. But, how do you think this would go down if you actually started to try to tell the average person this? And, we have not covered this area before, but as we have said, Volume 3 is going deeper into the complexities of all this.

So, we will touch on the edge just for the moment, in this area. That as you go back through what we have written before, what we have said before, you realise nothing is ever lost, but you will shut out that which is not of credibility, shall we say. That which is not pertinent to your day to day activity. Now you’ve seen this in relation to other lives, of course, but you have not really addressed the fact, and why should you, that those who left before they were born are still around as much as the ones that left after they were born. Can you understand that?

Oh yes.


I’m just getting Mum and Dad.

(Very long pause)

Now David speaking

I was just getting beams and smiles, great big hugs, I could feel it all in my shoulders, and just absolute joy and great big smiles. It was that they have been recognized, well not recognized, because they’re there with us and we’re there with them. But the ability to get through to here as well. Again, it makes absolute sense. Why would we separate something that is living, growing and then only give it credibility when it is born? And still believe in the whole spiritual thing. As soon as you look at it from those eyes, you know, if you had written a character out of the play on day one, or stillborn, they are out before, what difference is there to writing one out of the play at three months? None. Come back to your religion, say, the soul enters at the moment of conception, but you say the soul continues to exist. Then that soul keeps an eye on the family. If it wants to it can still partake in the life of that family.

(Back in trance)

What we are interested in is the consciousnesses and the connection. It is completely immaterial as to whether the body was there or not. Do you think you will still be in love with your children, your Mum and Dad when you move over? Then the body is immaterial. In which case if those consciousnesses are still together after, they were together before. They will have got together before, wouldn’t they, in order to act out the play. So, they must have had a feeling for each other in the first place. And they’ve been receiving the feelings while they have been over there.

(David again)

So, as we’ve just said, one reality or another, even this one, or even living the gestalt that didn’t manage to get through with a miscarriage could quite easily have joined in the gestalt of any of our other children. That’s on the physical basis. But on the other basis, it can still be able to say, ‘That didn’t come out correct, but never mind, I can watch the play from the back of the theatre’. So, that other higher consciousnesses can effectively, being our children that didn’t actually get born, watch it all from the back of the theatre. And at the back of the theatre they are with all our higher consciousnesses as well, so they are still part of the family. And then what happens when we leave the stage? We are all part of the higher consciousness. Then we realise we have been there all the time and none of us bother to think about the physical then, you see.

You can’t understand this stuff properly unless you move away from the physical. You cannot think it through in terms of the physical. And if you do find yourself trying to think it through in terms of the physical you can just keep coming back to the old thing, did the soul exist before? In which case, it existed all the way through. And if it started to form what it wanted to form and it didn’t work, it was still a soul along with all the other souls. So they knew each other, didn’t they? And it just said, ‘Well I didn’t get too good with that one. Never mind, how are you doing with your one? I tell you what, I’ll join yours’.

So, basically what you can say is your miscarriages, if they wish to have the ‘on the stage physical feelings’, can still join in with the gestalt of your other children. So, you don’t assign them, just like the Joe Public, you don’t assign that single personality to Steve, Michelle and Hayley. They’re all multiple. In which case, as they are all multiple then they could all have a finger in each other’s pies. That includes your miscarriages. In that they can be living the family life on the stage through them, they can still be living the family life from the back of the theatre, with all the other higher consciousnesses. But it means, to me, with all the terrific emotion and everything I was getting there, that I have just been given the absolute terrific love and joy and that of certainly two others, as far as I know, from here. Two children, now grown up, like Steve, that are here. That we are going to be part of.

Now, while I was doing that I had, and it’s come back again now, I have Steve on the side, he was standing beside and now I’m seeing him again standing on the side. That big smile. Well I could have told you that but how would you have accepted this, as wishful thinking or what? I don’t know. We have no answer to this at the moment. But he did say, I have met a lot of people I didn’t know I knew. We have taken that to be from other lives, haven’t we?

Parallel Lives – Observed and Observer Experience the Same. January 2020

Hi Steve, would you like to tell us about the fact that you have shown yourself to Richard at an older age than he remembers?

Now, just as we explained to Richard in your previous conversation with us, you are aware that everything that is explicated in the physical is constructed from the – we will go straight to the end game shall we – the imaginative patterns existing in the consciousnesses in the non-physical. So, if you consider that as you all age here, then it is quite obvious that the imagination that is producing the progressive aging here is also in the same progressive state. Now, as we have said, you are all together all the time. Because when one stops focusing fully in the physical, they (the observed) simply remain in the non-physical in the observer status, whereas the other family members, say, are both in the observed and observer position. Whereas the departed one is only in the observer position. But you live many lives at once and therefore you can happily stay with the ones that you know and love and are part of the, let us say, the band of players. And why wouldn’t you?

At the same time, just as we have discussed before, yes, it would be possible to stay at the age of 21 in this physical reality, should you, from the observer side, wish that to be, but of course it does spoil the game, it’s not in the rules. Also, you quickly find yourself in an alien position because everybody around you would be getting older and their tastes and activities would change and you would find that you would have to consort with a whole lot of others of the same age, shall we say, who may have moved on from your particular formational environments and now have different attitudes, beliefs, tastes etc. than you do. So, this simply doesn’t work. And nobody does it. So, many, many reasons.

Now, the same thing applies on the observer side. When you have your band of actors, your family say, then you tend to move along with the imagination so that even though you stopped explicating your non-physical patterns, at the age of say Steven at 26, that doesn’t stop him following the same patterns because then he fits in with all the patterns around him.

Now you must be remembering that this is all imagination, it is all plays, you are living many, many lives. There is no be all and end all in these things. You are simply acting out scenarios and so you change your, you may say, costumes as you go along. You grow along with the role. And so even though you have left at the age of 26 you still age at the same rate as the others do, in the imaginative pattern point of view, from the observer viewpoint. And so, you feel at one and you experience the same thing. Even though, for some reason or other, which let’s face it, it is hard to explain that you have left early, maybe the instrument wasn’t up to scratch and failed and although you had to go, it doesn’t stop you experiencing all the interaction and the feelings, emotions from the observer viewpoint. And as we have said before, it is slightly different from the observer viewpoint because you are aware that this is not, as we have just stated, the be all and end all. It is not a finality, it is not quite the same feeling, but you pretty much get the same idea. And at the same time, you still have the warmth and camaraderie of your fellow consciousnesses, of course. And so, when you do come to, as in this case, present yourself somewhere else, then why not present yourself as you are, rather than have to work hard to – if we put it ‘work hard’, makes it easier to say –  search back to find the date at which you exited, or the pattern at which you exited, and project that again. Which then would not maybe present the information that you wish to get across. In this case it is wished to show that you age in spirit and of course this bolsters the general belief that children grow up in spirit but of course that is exactly that. But what is said in your normal annals of the of the paranormal, the esoteric, the spirit world is that they’re looked after by other people who sort of foster them etc. and they grow up with them or they grow up with the grandparents or things like this. That’s not quite the same, is it now? We are setting out a different scenario for you. You simply grow up in the company of your mother, father, brothers, sisters, enjoying the same as you would on the physical except that you do it, let us say, at arm’s length, in the observer status. But you do still have the same connections all the way. And as they come over one by one then possibly less emphasis is then placed upon the remaining ones in the physical because by that time, they are getting close to coming over as well.

So, as we have said so many times before, all life is continuous. These things continue on as long as the participating consciousness are interested in continuing in those roles. But in general, as we have stated before, all is a consensus creation, so you don’t really get all these things sort of breaking up in a decaying process. You may decide wholeheartedly, ok we’ve run this one enough. We know that we’re all there and so move focus from there on to other ones. But again these things are still there and if ever you wish to come back and group together and set them going again then it’s as if you never left. This is hard to explain to you because you understand things in the world of time, but when you finally are here, and you understand no time, the timelessness, then you realise that there is no stop start pause etc. you simply ‘are’ at any stage. We won’t get into this business of sequentiality etc. It is just simply impossible to explain to you in terms that you will understand but, we made the point here that you do grow up in spirit, but you grow up amongst your own family, so we have to pour a little bit of cold water on the generally accepted beliefs, but you can imagine that it was very difficult at previous times to be able to put forward the fact that you exist in two places at once. And not only that, that this bit is produced by a far more expanded consciousness which is the real you and the bit that is here is simply the puppet you. Nobody wants to accept that scenario. You simply wish to think that you are you. But once you have sufficiently expanded your consciousness and the humility to accept the fact that, you are operating your instrument but you are both one and the same, you can accept that the sensations and the emotions you are experiencing in the physical are, let us say, more direct, more heightened. You are able in your observer status to either experience those or to keep them at arm’s length depending on your predilections, your desire, or lack of.

Steve speaking

So, Mum and Dad, it is easier for them to explain these things than it is me, but as you found out about the miscarriages, we all grow up together. None of us miss anything and you aren’t missing anything either. You are missing me while you’re there, but you are not missing me while you are here. You are not missing the whole act, you know. Events don’t just happen in the physical, they also happen in the non-physical. Just as we talk about the patterns, the physical materialization, of course events are materialized as well. And so, the easiest way you might look at this is the fact that there is a mass dress rehearsal from the observer point of view and then the actual show goes on in the physical. So just like you can do your rehearsal to start with in mufti, shall we say, you then have the full dress rehearsal and you go through it and then there is opening night. So, you can play this along as you wish. But it’s all pretty simple really so the events are being experienced as well, but once more, if we kept coming through to you via a medium etc. and saying “Oh we were there, we experienced this and I’ve got sciatica in my left leg due to injuring my back.” then you would think, oh this is rubbish, wouldn’t you?

As we just explained, if you had to have the dress rehearsal and you had to create the patterns before you explicated them into the physical, then you would have to go through that group, wouldn’t you? As above, so below. The point is that you are not missing me growing up and I’m not missing what you’re experiencing there. And so, the whole point of this construction is the experience in the physical. And you can rest assured that I am experiencing being part of the family. You merely can’t see the action behind the curtain. It is just, let’s say, for your purposes, somewhat preceding the action that is seen by the audience. And when you come over you will obviously be, to use our previous phrase, instantly updated with the fact that you have watched me grow up all the way to the point where you come over. So if you come over at, let’s say, now for example, you would see me at the age of 52 and how I look in the non-physical and so, as we exchange memories – we’ll call it knowledge, shall we say, because you won’t exchange it – we will simply know that we have both experienced everything together as we would have done if the script, shall we say, had been fully played out in the physical by all parties. Whereas it is played out otherwise just in the observer status, although one part is eliminated from the stage. Now, do you understand what I am trying to say?


So, it’s a rather new take on things, but you will see this will enable you to take other people’s sightings, for example, or pre-cognitive dreams or visions where they see the child that is waiting to come to them. That they see that child at a certain age. And yet it hasn’t yet been born. You simply tuned in, or are being sent, how the child will look at a certain age. It is because it has already been organized, played out. It is in the script. You see? So, there are little bits of proof out there, which prove what we are telling you at the moment.

And on another note, I keep very close to Hayley and she will find her way and even though it may not be, let us say, an unbroken path of accomplishment and success, it will result in a happier and more fulfilled person who can afford, or shall we say rather than afford, will have to spend less time worrying about her health and more time enjoying life and making a wider circle of friends and releasing herself from the worry and anxiety of dealing with the present working environment. But you go through these things because you don’t know what you want until you are fed up with what you have already got and then you look for something else. And this is what is happening at the moment. And it, I can assure you for your purposes, it will work out for the better.

Everything else is going fine. Everything is ok with Michelle. We can’t give you any particular thing regarding yourselves because you are your own masters but you can see the way it’s going at the moment, you can see those around you and life is still pretty good, so as I have said before, no intensities arising yet. You can rest ok for quite some time. And probably a lot longer than you imagine you are capable of. So, now, you also need to take on board the fact that due to the pattern, you are no longer speaking to a 26-year-old. I am speaking to you as a mature person in their 50s who has experienced everything that you think I haven’t experienced. But I have and I am also privy to a lot more knowledge, the same as you two are now.

And so, we’ll leave it there because it’s best that the emotions are kept to this side, and I don’t get too close.

Love you, Steve.

Love you.

Love you, Steve.  See you soon.

I’m getting tears here. Starting to well up and… (audio stops)

Approaching the End of Life

Session 22nd October 2020

In view of the fact that David’s Health is deteriorating we would be grateful if you could give us some indication of how he is going to go and also the future of the website. We would also if possible like to hear from Steve or Roy.

Perhaps you have not quite realised that the desires, words being voiced are the expressions of the majority, so it should be reasonably plain to you once you consider such utterances that the majority is now on board to follow the path to the exit. Now it is not in the scheme of things for there to be sudden desire to leave followed by immediate action,  as even with the majority thinking one way it is possible for it to move in another should preferences change, so one generally has to look at the directional bias. Now you have noticed more comments are being made, and it seems to be getting worse, so you can see the direction things are headed in. As you have been told more than once, it is unlikely to be a long drawn out affair and it would seem that with the general unpleasantness of day to day living this is probably the best way. You may even take your own action as you are planning to do and of course once more this is the advice of the majority planning how to find the easiest way for all concerned.

And so once more you need to just sit back and say this is what it seems we want, as the majority, and this is how it is going. Imagine if it’s voicing this one day and the next day you felt as fit as a fiddle and were suddenly wanting to do xyz and then the following day you drop back into a bad situation, you really wouldn’t know your own minds would you, so take comfort in one way that at least things are not swinging backwards and forwards, the die is cast, you might say and the progression is on and as has been voiced, this is probably better for all concerned.  There has been plenty of notice. Both sides will be aware that they will be more able to live lives better once the situation is resolved, so, that’s the situation with regard to the near future you might say, and again the near future depends on your vantage point.

When it comes to the website. The website has already got far more penetration than is shown by the mere accessing of people coming to the site on a day to day basis, there are many, many, many out there to whom it has become their basis of understanding and they are preaching from the same hymnbook, singing from the same hymnbook you might say but they don’t have to keep referring back, they can download whatever they want to, print off whatever they want to. There is no need to buy the books whatever and so we are not too worried about the ongoing. Obviously the site should kept going in order that the information is available, information is always available of course, but far better for it to be available from the internet than from its source, it is far more accessible to the mass of searchers. Once more once David passes you can post the information on the website then at that time you can request that should there be other material out there that somebody would like a forum for exposure, they can send you the material and should you consider it to be of interest to the viewership of the site then you can post that information and its source. So instead of it just being a post from us, shall we say, then there will be a more wider, more eclectic group of contributors that can still add a wider connection, shall we say, to the material, although we imagine most of that will be, should it come in, then on a more scientific basis rather than a philosophical basis. But who knows, it is up to you to judge if you care to invite such contributions. We are relatively relaxed about the way it has gone so far as due to the interconnection on our side persons with a sincere wish to understand are mostly given the direction to finding the site. So I don’t think you need to be too fussed about how it carries on.

Steve speaking.

It’s a shame Dad can’t see better from a clairvoyant point of view, because otherwise he would see others grouping around, keeping an eye. He is expecting to see somebody, myself? or others, sitting on a chair, saying, time to go. But, you know, we may well be able to get to that stage, but only when it really is, time to go. We don’t want to raise expectations and then disappoint. I’m sure you would agree with that so when it comes to the right time then we’ll see what we can do.

Now, the gate is unlocked, so it is ready to be opened to allow passthrough and, once more, the time, intensity, has to get to that position. But it is no longer locked, you have that assurance now.

Sudden flood of tears and sobs followed by:

Hallo son, (my Dad, who died 50 years ago after a long battle with lung cancer, speaks) , I’ll be there too , so will your Mum. You are going to experience so much sheer joy, the mutual love that you are going to find when you come over. You’ve been a great help to so many people most of which you are not aware of but it’s all seen from this side and you can imagine that we’re very proud to know that we are part of what you and Jean have achieved. The thing now is to just relax and go along day to day. As you know, you have said, I experienced the same sort of symptoms, frustrations, and feelings of helplessness which you are now experiencing and how it all fell away same as will happen to you, so try to put those minute to minute feelings out of the way and concentrate more on now, nothing lasts forever and so we’ll just say that you may not feel too good but it’s another brick in the wall, another further step along the path to liberation so … that will do for now. Love you son.

Steve again.

Chin up dad, as grandad said it doesn’t last forever and you are impatient as always and if you look at it it’s not too bad is it. Could be a lot worse so let us say thank god for small mercies and you can get through the odd bit of tiredness, not feeling so good, as you could be, you know, in a far more painful state. Bit more stiff upper lip, bit more looking out at the flowers and nice weather, that’s nice, there’s still things to enjoy along the way. You don’t have to be miserable all the time, look at some of the things your eye lights upon and says isn’t that nice, maybe it’s just this flower, that flower, the sound of the waves as you sit by the sea shore. There’s still lots of bits and pieces out there and then let the excitement build from knowing what a wonderful panorama of possibilities, reunions await you when you finally come over. Au revoir dad.

Growing up in “Spirit”

You can only be separated from your loved ones in the physical, it is impossible to experience such separation from the non-physical viewpoint. In the non-physical you can connect with whomever you wish to provided they are happy to respond respond.

Our son who died at 26 in 1994 appeared to our nephew in a dream in early 2020 showing himself to be a man in his 50’s. The following audio session explains the synchronicity between the implicate and the explicate.

New Scientist Cover Story 1st February 2020 What is Reality?

What is Reality? 
The More We Look At It the Less Real It Seems.

A ten page look at where physics theory currently stands as regards the “reality” we experience. For the sake of brevity I will just highlight some of the headings and quotations and their sources:-

“We humans have a bit of a problem with reality. We experience it all the time, but struggle to define it, Let alone understand it. It seems so solid and yet, when we examine it closely, it melts away like a mirage”.

“We are now at a point where it is equally credible to claim that reality is entirely dependent on subjective experience, or entirely independent of it. Reality has never felt so unreal.”

Excerpts:-  Is reality the same everywhere? – String theory – Multiverses.

Can we perceive reality?

“Everybody knows that we don’t see all of reality. I say we see none of it.” Donald Hoffman University of California, Irvine.

“Reality depends on us, it depends on the way we see the world. But at the same time, what we are perceiving is one aspect of this reality because our perception is shaped by the senses we happen to have.” Mazviita Chirimuuta at University of Pittsburgh.

Is your perception of reality the same as mine?

“We perceive the world in relation to what we already believe.” Tali Sharot University College, London.

Do we make reality?

“Largely for want of a better alternative, it has been impossible to erase the conscious observer from quantum mechanics. if anything, subjectivity has recently begun to reassert it’s centrality in the making of objective reality.” See Quantum Bayesianism or QBism – There is no objective reality only our subjective estimation of it.

Markus Muller, University of Vienna. Kelvin McQueen Chapman University, California.

It would seem that we are still treading the same path as Sir James Jeans in 1930:-

” The stream of human knowledge is heading towards a non- mechanical reality. The Universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter. We are beginning to suspect that we ought rather to hail it as the creator and governor of this realm.”

Max Planck (1944) was of the same opinion.

Sri Aurobindo:- “Consciousness is the fundamental thing in existence. It is the energy, the motion, the movement of consciousness and all that is in it. The microcosm and the macrocosm are nothing but consciousness arranging itself.”

As far as I am concerned the missing link in all this theorising is consensus belief, the co-creation of reality. Once you realise that it takes two to tango then you can understand that reality is co-created by those consciousnesses that wish to experience that reality.

As long as this subject is approached from the point of view of an individual brain, mind, consciousness an understandable concept will be incapable of formulation. Quantum entanglement is proving  total interconnectedness, instantaneous communication which leads to the elimination of space and time. Which leaves, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or, reality is in the perception of the believer, albeit a shared mass belief.

Now we have no concept of what constitutes consciousness or awareness but if we consider that “we” create all that we are currently experiencing, our reality, then we create our physical body, our brain, our mind?, which leaves us independent of same.

So take comfort and realise that “you” cannot die because you were never “real” in our sense of the word but  “you” have always been and will always be.

New Quantum Experiment May Prove That Objective Reality Does Not Exist

This is taken from 17/11/2019

Scientists in Edinburgh have been using quantum computers to measure the behaviour of photons while being observed in order to determine if reality changes its behaviour depending on if it is being observed or not.

A new paper published in Science Advances in September claims that reality may in fact be subjective.

According to the theory in the study, particles can simultaneously exist at several places or states, known as superposition. This is only the case, however, when they are not observed.

Once a quantum system is observed, the specific location or state is established thus breaking the superposition.

In 1961, physicist Eugene Wigner advanced a thought experiment, applying quantum mechanics to an observer being observed themselves. If his friend were to toss a quantum coin, in a state of both heads and tails, each toss would establish a definite outcome observed by the tosser.

Anyone outside of the room, however, would not be able to establish a definite outcome, and according to the theory, puts the person in the room in a “superposition” of all of the experiment’s possible outcomes.

Therefore, the reality perceived by the friend inside the room is contradictory to the reality observed from the outside.

Časlav Brukner from the University of Vienna found a way of translating the “Wigner’s friend” hypothesis into a real experiment to prove that reality may be subjective to individual observers.

Brukner conducted the experiment using two “Wigners” and two “friends” in two separate boxes, where their states where measured both inside and outside each respective box.

The experiment was conducted at Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University on a small-scale quantum computer using three pairs of entangled photons.

The first pair of photons and their polarization inside their boxes are measured. The pair outside the two boxes remain on either side and can also be measured.

After many weeks, they succeeded in demonstrating that quantum mechanics may contradict the assumption of objective fact.

Natural behaviour being subject to an observer has been proven before, such as in the famous double slit experiment. However, consciousness has not yet been proven as a prerequisite for this phenomena.


So we could posit that consciousnesses focusing with agreed imaginative scenarios break the superposition thereby creating the desired reality. Reasonable?

A Newtonian Worldview provides our Sensorial Reality. A Quantum Worldview provides a “Holographic Reality” September 2019

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What we believe becomes what we see.

The “Reality of the Physical World” depends on the crystallisation of imagined ideas, designs, and processes and permanent consensus  belief in the validity of their objectivity.