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You Create Your “Home” Reality. 26th February 2019

All consciousness creates the desired senses with which to experience its particular species instrument in any specific reality.

In the previous session you referred to senses which are inherent in your location being dropped off when entering physical reality, also where they were not sufficiently blocked off they cause some individuals to display abilities far beyond the average. Would you care to describe the wider possibilities of the senses that we are aware of and any others that may be available to us when not restricted by the “rules’ pertaining in the physical?

With regard to the terminology that we used of ‘drop off’ in the previous post we could also refer to it as ‘bleed through’ as we have used in previous analogies. In other words a sense that was utilised in one reality was not quite ‘blocked off’, or there is a reluctance, maybe, on the part of the consciousness, the gestalt, to fully relinquish that particular sense and, in addition, it could be a deliberate allowance of that ability to be displayed in physical reality in order that a sense of wonder and inquiry was aroused, a sense of seeking, in order to find out the reason why.

Now, David was inspired to preface the last post with the words “this will make the penny drop for some” and so your question has obviously been stimulated by that post and maybe the penny is on its way down.

Let me give you a new thought. David, some years ago, was giving a demonstration of clairvoyance at a local church and between messages he looked down and saw his right hand in an unusual position with four fingers spread as if on a gear stick, which was the first thing that came to mind. But the fingers wouldn’t be spread out like that, this was something else. He then realised this was a plane cockpit and that he had his hand on the throttle. So he then spoke to the audience “I have a pilot here”. The next second he sensed himself rocketing skywards with the attendant enhanced G forces and exclaimed “This is a military plane”. He went on to describe the person who transmitted his image and the communication was duly taken as being from the deceased brother who had met his end as a test pilot.

Now, let us analyse what has happened here. The deceased personage has transmitted a thought. That thought being a memory of piloting his plane at very high speed at a very steep angle resulting in some G forces. That was his memory. That memory, whichever way you wish to look at it, was transferred to the instrument’s consciousness, and let us use your terminology here, which went through to the mind and onward to the brain. But the brain had never experienced being in a military plane, had never experienced rocketing skywards and never experienced enhanced G forces yet somehow the instrument was able to physically experience them. What conclusion would you draw from that? That the brain had created the necessary sense perceptions. Yes?


Now extend that to all your senses you will see that it is quite possible that all that you sense is being created by the brain. This is an ongoing discussion, argument, theoretical projection amongst the neurological fraternity as to how the brain mediates the sensory inputs to give you the sensations that you enjoy.

You say that the brain is creating this. Would you not say that everything is there, as you say, in potential and the brain is selecting it rather than creating it?

Yes. It is just a question of terminology of course but the brain is only able to receive the information from the consciousness and that selection has to be made by the consciousness. We are trying to make it simple from your point of view. At present you can only examine the brain, you can’t examine the consciousness. You can make assertions but you cannot utilise your measuring instruments or your observations, let us say, to fully evaluate the abilities of consciousness and yet to some extent you can see by experiment what parts of the brain are activated and what other attributes are capable of stimulation. So, yes, you could say that you select these senses, but where did those senses come from in the first place. They were not just there you know. We say, you say, you create your own reality, you co-create your own reality. Well, when you create your reality, your senses are part of your reality. You create your senses. Hence our use of the phrase “The brain created the sense”. Yes?


It depends on where you want to start with this. You can place your element of creation in the area of consciousness, in the area of mind, whichever suits you at your present level of understanding. Do you understand?


When it comes to finally having the penny drop to where you not only create your senses, create your reality, but you create the senses with which to experience that reality, then you enter into a whole new field of understanding.

Let us look at your dreams for example, you say “It’s only a dream” and yet others will say “but you are creating that dream, the brain is creating that dream or mind is creating the dream”. Yet in some of these dreams you have unusual abilities. You have flying dreams, you have dreams where you take vast strides or run at super speeds. You have various abilities that you do not possess in waking reality. You are creating senses commensurate with the abilities.

So when it comes to your various experiences, your NDE’s, your OBE’s and your seers etc. then once more the argument can start, “ but is all this simply imagination, can we believe that these people  have actually seen these places, experienced these realities”?

Well, everything is possible in the imagination and provided that you admit to the possibility that the reality that you presently enjoy is simply a co-created reality produced by consensus imagination of cooperating consciousness then surely every reality is the same.

One thing here that we feel you might enjoy as a little party game, say is to sit with friends and maybe even some children, as their sense of imagination often knows no bounds compared to your own, and imagine what the human form could do if it had the abilities inherent in other species e. g. the ability to jump like a flea, many times your own height, to be able to see with the sight of an eagle, to be able to fly as a housefly does, to instantly take off in any direction and to change flight at right angles or instantly go from forwards to backwards etc. You cannot replicate this with your flying machines of course as the sheer mass of the flying instruments that you create cannot withstand the G forces occasioned by such manoeuvres whereas the composition of the fly’s body enables it to do so. We are simply giving you examples here so that you can then play with these and then apply them to the sort of realities that you could create.

You have constantly asked about what other lives can be led in the non-physical. Well, we have laid the groundwork for you here. You can easily see that should you all wish to be Superman or Spiderman or whatever other ‘man’ you create in your media, or woman we should say, then you are perfectly able to do so should you be able to get enough other consciousnesses to agree to create that reality with you and you make the rules to suit. It would be of interest for you, rather than us do your thinking for you, to sit down with others and say “let us look at the abilities of these other species, let us look at what instruments we could create be they of human form or some hybrid form maybe, let us just let our imagination run riot, let us brainstorm and see what kind of beings we could design and the sort of things they could do”. Then you could decide upon what would be the rules of the game and what senses the beings would enjoy.

So say that you want to create a large bird with the eyesight of an eagle but with the flight capabilities of a housefly. So you would ask yourselves “how would this be possible”? You may say “why don’t we just reduce the gravitational forces in our proposed reality”? “Look what the men on the moon could do in a reduced gravity environment and the astronauts in a spacecraft. We could set gravity at whatever level suits and now it is possible”.

This is expanding your mind, expanding your consciousness, which we stated at the beginning of our transmissions was our intention.

Now, if you are going to expand your consciousness, expand your mind, then part of this is up to you to do so and you can do this by flights of the imagination, because, you create with your imagination if you believe that this is possible. So by going through the process outlined above you are on your way to setting the rules for a reality. Yes?


So you could say that water is going to be part of that reality but it would no longer be wet and as you have read many times before in your researches, you can bathe in another reality, the water is sparkling etc., but it doesn’t make you wet.

Soooh, you have seen what is possible. You can also see that you could be impervious to heat and cold, so you could be Icarus. Only, as now you are impervious to heat, the wax holding your feathers isn’t going to melt and you are not going to fall out of the sky. So you can fly off towards the sun and as you are impervious to heat you can reach an appropriate position, watch the fireworks and marvel at the creations of other consciousness.

You can go on from there. You can have wonderful exercises in imaginative creativity. We now come back to the fact that you create ‘everything’, everything. You create your senses and you choose the senses for the particular environment.

When you ask us what senses are available in our location or other realities, other locations if you wish the word, then it can be any sense that you wish. You can have the sense of being instantly wherever you wish to be, in terms of bi-location, or non-locality as you might call it now in which case where you want to be comes to where you are. So if you think that you imagine in your mind then everything is coming to you in your mind, you don’t have to go anywhere.

Then arises the concept of no need for space and then of course time travel.  You can be back with the Roman centurions or forward into the year 4000, if you can create an imaginative scenario for that as your filmmakers do, then you can do that. So no time and we are back to the unimaginable, shall we say, from your point of view. But you can certainly see that you can put together all kinds of  lives. So don’t hang your hat on a particular form of life. It is quite obvious, as we have described before, that when you first move over it will be momentarily quite strange to you and to make you feel at home everything will be portrayed to you to be familiar so you can feel safe and secure and then you can open up from there. That particular sort of reality for some will be their ideal and they will focus into that reality for as long as it is of satisfaction to them but they will also find that they are dipping their toes into other realities simultaneously. Gradually you settle into, let us say, what you might call a favourite home reality that you might retreat to. You could also ally this to your feelings of bliss. Once I focus on my home reality I feel wonderfully at peace. Now I know that I can focus in this other one, this other one and this other one, for excitement, for fear, for challenge, for whatever.

But I can always return to my blissful home reality.

So, we have entered a new area of, let us say, imagination.

Thank you.


16th Feb 2019 Hear the “Teachers” as we first hear them.

We recently discovered that we could put audio files on the website and have created a new heading “Session Audio Files”. We have added audio files of two sessions, one from May 2015 and the audio file of our latest post.

The initial monologue of the 2015 session you will find at the beginning of “The Nature of Individuality and Personality” in Volume 2 in the Index.

Having not listened to this recording since  it was transcribed in 2015 it is interesting to compare my observations on the website with my comments in the recording.

More information about the subjects covered in the recording is in the preamble to the file in ‘Session Audio Files’ on the website.


Reality and You now available in Book Form.

We are pleased to announce that we have now published the material on the website in the form of two books. They are available through Amazon.

Book 1        Which is basically volume 1 of the site is titled:-

Conversations with Higher Consciousness

Available as a kindle version or a 272 page paper back.

Book 2       Which is basically volume 2 is titled:-

Reality and You. The Philosophy and Science of Consciousness.

Also available as a kindle version or a 374 page paper back.

Having typed and printed all the material on the site over the last few years we can tell you that it is far easier to absorb and understand when reading it from the printed page.  It is far easier to reference backwards and forwards for those of you who like to do so and you can dog-ear the pages and underline, annotate and comment to your hearts content. As you are all no doubt aware this material is intellectually challenging  and so makes a statement about you when friends pick it up from the coffee table and glance at the content. Seriously though it needs to be read several times before the conviction takes hold that consciousness is the ground of all being and that the life we are experiencing is simply one amongst many.

We chose to have this physical life experience so let us choose to concentrate on the wonderful expressions of consciousness  that surround us in all their diversity and remembering always  that any traumatic events and periods of sadness and grief will be recognised for what they truly are when we pass over. As was said in the concluding remarks in our last post:- “because you know that when the show is over everything is restored to as it was before and the experience is simply put aside. Nobody is left with the trauma of that experience. It is just transitory, you might say, in the moment. It is purely a transitory feeling.”