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I would like to be able to download your books on my computer. I thank you for the ability to do this and for your work. I am so sorry that your son is not physically still here, but I feel your material is so important and such a gift to others. Thank you for sharing this so freely to help others understand better loss and their grief. Many, many blessings to you. Jody

Tosca Zraikat
tzmythos@gmail.comPosted on New Post February 19th 2016
A wonderful post and some excellent questions. Thank you. I was particularly struck by their explanation of ‘development’ as expanding one’s consciousness, or becoming aware of, and able to move in ‘more realities’ than we are normally aware of. That helps me to understand development not in the linear terms of conventional thinking – from lesser to more or lower to higher – but as an opening up of, the expanding capacity to receive and be conscious of multiple dimensions of any moment, perception or reality. I find that very exciting.

Ingolf from Germany wrote:-

Today I have become a follower of your website. I have been interested in the afterlife since early childhood. ( Now I am a retired teacher.)I have read hundreds of books dealing with spiritual topics.
But your ideas about life after death are the best and I can resonate
with the models of the spirit world you present on your website.
I would like to thank you from all of my heart.

Yours Ingolf from Germany



Karl Riley posted a thought on ““Death” and Afterlife Conditions” on

February 5, 2016 at 11:28 pm Edit

Best description of “afterlife” reality I have read (hundreds). All this should be in book form.


Terry Burgoyne posted a thought on “How Consciousness forms the Reality we perceive” on

February 6, 2016 at 6:35 pm Edit

My first comment after view the rather original structure of this website is that I find it so intriguing that I know I am going to visit it frequently and I hope to be able to exchange views and experiences with other users. I still have to get used to the flow of things here and as soon as I get the hang of it I shall do my part in in it. I am looking forward to some interesting contacts here. Best wishes!


Excellent advice, advice that is also given by the Buddha, who said to not accept any of his teachings just because it came from him, and by Jesus, who blamed the priests of his day for holding themselves up as repositories of truth, instead of encouraging people to look within.


Anora Posted a thought on “Conversation with our son, Steven” on

January 30, 2016 at 10:28 pm Edit

Thank you so much for sharing this, I am so pleased you like my self are able to have your Son Steve Communicate through you, it’s well worth reading.


Karl R wrote to Victor Zammit:-

I have been reading the transmissions coming through David Ingman, and am amazed at the degree of detail describing consciousness at levels that usually cannot be described; i.e., the Astral and Causal level (everything needs a name). They do it through analogy, since direct physical words are not available.

It is like this info comes from the penthouse, whereas the valiant scientists are working hard in the basement trying to crack the egg of past scientific assumptions which are suddenly seen as archaic. Trying to “prove”, whereas from the penthouse the view is fantastic and beautiful. Both are necessary, but I prefer the view!
Gratefully, Karl R.