“Death” – What happens when we die?


“Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”                                                     Albert Einstein

 “Death is a stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to “die before you die” — and find that there is no death.”                                                                     Eckhart Tolle

“Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.”                                                                                                     Rabindranath Tagore


So could you in your words explain what happens when somebody dies on the earth plane?

What happens when somebody dies on the earth plane? The physical body, dies, nothing dies of course, but the consciousness decides that it has had enough and it decides to leave. Of course it chooses its own particular method of leaving. All move into another reality, fully conscious, and depending on their expectations, will be met by, the appearance of, those who they hope to meet. Now, this depends on the abilities of those who already have left the physical body and their ability to present themselves in the framework which the person crossing believes he is in. However, much as you choose a vocation when you are in the physical, there are those who are, what you might term, professional transit easers.

As we said, they will know, immediately, who are the ones that they choose or they are assigned to, because this is a fairly organised process. They will immediately have the full information and the thoughts of the person that they are to take in hand and therefore can immediately create the person that that person will have confidence in. The process, as we elucidated before, will take its course, so just like emergency services swinging into action on the physical, the same, but because this is an ongoing disaster, you might say, the set-up is fully in place at all times, of course, and always has been to meet those who are returning home.

The person crossing will have certain expectations and will be creating their own reality. Now the people meeting sometimes will be not so skilled and may have a job keeping up with the flickering reality because the person moving over is not able to control their thoughts and as their mind moves from one subject, environment, whatever to another then different realities are being formed.Those who are very skilled in this meeting framework and can adjust very quickly indeed can hold the appearance that is acceptable to the person moving across and then hold their attention.

Whereas another person who has not been involved in this sort of thing may find it quite difficult to do. But of course, the person who is meeting quickly educates the person coming across and then is able to move their attention, in the form of an introduction to their relatives and of course once the focus goes on the relatives then it is mostly all over at that stage, because it is like coming into a room full of people and you move from one person to another and of course time is, “time”? time is passing. You are, at each moment, getting used to the new reality.

With regard to the question of being met on arrival. We can first start with the recent surveys by Fenwick and others that show that many people see one of their parents before they pass over. Regarding mediumistic messages the parents come through more often than not to let their children know that they are OK. This is just a continuation of the care and parental love that they have shown whilst in the physical body. Given the foregoing would you not think that when you actually leave the body the first persons there generally will be one or both of your parents and many other close relatives and friends.

On another part you are of the opinion that you have a higher self that is dwelling in another dimension, a higher consciousness, while your lower self or part of the lower consciousness is focused in the physical dimension. Now surely, when the work of the lower consciousness is finished due to the demise of the physical body would you not think that that part of the consciousness is immediately reunited with the rest of the consciousness? Notwithstanding the fact that it was never separate in the first place. It was merely the one consciousness focusing part of its attention into physical reality. Therefore talk of Purgatories and Limbos and various other states are probably more derived from looking at your life review and feeling the pain and suffering and remorse due to the actions that you committed during your life. If you light upon one portion of this when making a foray into the next dimension shall we say, then you will see anguish on behalf of the consciousness, but that is fleeting because it is purely a review. If you take it to be a permanent state then lo and behold, you have your Purgatory or your Limbo or your Hell. And of course many, in fact most, see the other point in that all is love and beautiful light and wonderful scenes. If you subscribe to the fact that we all create our own reality then what scene do you think would be created for you by those meeting you in order to immediately quell any fears and put you at ease?

As stated before, follow the logic and ignore the incoherent hallucinations of others. You are logical beings at the moment and that is due to the consciousness that is focused through you. You will be logical beings wherever you are, whenever you are. You may be temporarily discombobulated, under false impressions, but it is easy for those you love to disabuse you of those notions. Any questions?

No, I think that is quite clear, quite well put.

Can you expand on the meeting process when someone passes over?

There is really nothing very magical about this. It is just like you meeting somebody off a plane. They step into a strange land and they see you. Example, if you hadn’t seen somebody for 50 years, you flew to another country, you came out through immigration and customs and there they were, standing there. Now, what if you hadn’t expected to meet these people?

There are two cases, 1, you would expect to meet them, in which case you can imagine the scenario. They greet each other, wonderful to be back, come to my place, let’s go.

If you hadn’t expected to meet this person, you had thought they had gone forever, there is huge surprise and much talking goes on first before they then say, ”look, let’s get out of here and we will show you around”.

Now, although that may seem a short time to you, it could be a long time, particularly if you had forgotten what the other person looked like and you had to be persuaded that “I am indeed your grandmother” and especially again if you said “prove it, I am not so sure about this, I didn’t see you after I was 3, how do I know you are my grandmother? Can you imagine? So take process and take it to the physical situation we have just described and sit and imagine the conversation that might go on under different degrees of recognition especially if you had thought you were going to be met by a senior figure of the administration and you kept looking around for him and ignoring the people who are saying “I’m your grandmother” and you keep saying “Go away, I’m waiting for the president”. Can you see the parallel with the religious figure? Because there is something you desire and you do not want to settle for less and so you resist.

Most will not because they will recognise who is there and the desire is not so strong.

What is the purpose of seeing your life flash before you?

Let us again bring this back to the physical. You are told that you have six months to live. After the initial shock, when you are alone thinking that you only have so much time left, let us say that it is evening and there is nothing else to do before you go to bed or even when you lie awake in bed, what are your thoughts likely to turn to?

What you have done over your life.

There you are. This answers the question. Simply the life review is, you have actually left, the life is finished. Aren’t you likely to think “Hmm, well”, and then it becomes apparent, because the consciousness is now expanded once more, (you remember) why you went there in the first place.

You are now back. It is as if you went to another country, remained there for so many years, went back to your old country, were met by the relatives again and they said “What did you learn down there , what was it like?” Let us put it this way, on the plane back to the other country would you not think “Well, I will not see that place again, what can I take with me, what memories will I hold on to”? Of course, the impactful events that have stayed in your memory will arise once more. It is just a question of degree because everything is recorded. You cannot retrieve all that from the brain when you are in the physical but the mind and spirit has a better mechanism of retrieval and of course the vibration is of a much higher speed so you get the impression of being able to cast your eye over a life in what seems to you to be very little time. But, do you know how much time has passed any more than you know how much time has passed in a dream?

So you are reassuring us that we will all meet up with our loved ones before we reach a greater understanding?

Does everybody that loses a loved one here still think about them and care for them? So do you not think that those that pass on do not think about and care for the ones they have left behind. Reason, logic must be used, you understand. Look at the situations which pertain amongst those in the physical and realise that each one of those instruments being used in the physical is being, we use the word let us say, influenced, because manipulated or oriented are not quite right. Influenced because the fact that consciousnesses are what you might say stretched, with one end focused in the physical plane, the other end aware that they are not on the physical plane, but they are connected irrevocably. So those who are not in the physical plane are still…have the same feelings…

We moved on to where we said, look at what you do here,  that is the consciousness manipulating the physical in such a way that you keep close contact with certain people and not so close contact with others. There is a reason for that because as we said, think of a consciousness as stretched but the two consciousnesses that are close on the physical plane are also close on the non-physical plane. Do you understand? If you look at two stretched pieces they come together. With the consciousnesses that are not close on the physical plane are not close either on the non-physical plane. As above so below and vice versa. Again, logic.

When a person passes over and they already have a knowledge and belief in the  afterlife is it easier for them to contact people whose bodies are still alive than if they had no belief or knowledge?

It certainly speeds the process up because they know where to look, whereas the person who has no knowledge doesn’t even know where to look or what to ask for.  People are told that mediums shine a light into the other vibration and as such they stand out from the rest. So, if you have the knowledge of that and you look round, instead of wondering, “Why are they different?” you understand. Then you can focus upon them and try to impress them with your mind and then your thoughts. If you have a particular resonance with that medium then it would be easier for you to communicate through one medium than maybe through another. Again, you may have like thoughts, like likes, like vibration, it makes the process of communication much easier. So if you have some idea then obviously it is much quicker for you to go through the options. But, of course, depending on who you meet and how experienced they are, in the same way they have communicated themselves. Remember only a small proportion of people manage to communicate because of belief systems, because of the fact that it is very difficult to get the physical to be in the presence of a medium. To implant the message you have to influence the physical person to either approach a medium or in some way direct them into the path of a medium and let the conversation open up in that fashion. If you can only impress the medium in a superficial manner then they will not feel sufficiently motivated to pass the information on to a stranger. But if you can influence that medium very strongly then even though they don’t know the person they feel driven to stop that person and say, “I have this person here”, or whatever information is being, wished to be transmitted. So the simple answer is yes, but we gave you an explanation of why it is yes.

What generally happens when you believe there is nothing there then initially there is nothing there. But, of course, you realise that you still are and the question arises in your mind, “well I am here but there is nothing else around.” Of course, there are many people who love you, the ones that make their vocation the easing of transition of souls, such as these, from the physical to the non-physical.  They appear, as we spoke before, in a manner which is non-threatening and has a degree of acceptability to the newly arrived person, such that anybody that is not determined to dismiss everything as some form of hallucination then slowly gets a degree of curiosity, you might say, and opens up to and listens and feels that even though they may feel, “what is this?” they get persuaded over a period of time. It all depends on how some, immediately they are spoken to, realise, “Hey, this isn’t what I thought, but I had heard about this.” And, of course, just the joy of realising, “Yes, I am still alive and there must be a life.” Then they quickly change and open up and from there on they can be told that they can communicate. So if you are humble enough to say, ”yes I didn’t realise that, now I do. OK where do we go from here?” for those people you can go as fast as you like, because as the facts come you look at them and you see. Can you imagine somebody who goes over, then understands and sees somebody, especially a relative and finally accepts that the relative says, “Yes you are dead, and you know I’m dead, now you know we are both not dead.” When you are confronted with this and are prepared to accept that it is not a hallucination, because obviously after a bit of communication you are fully aware that you are in a new state, then you can be shown the ropes quickly. You can be shown somebody else communicating and so, in terms of time, this can all happen in the blink of an eye. So, horses for courses once more. If you are talking about your own loved ones who have passed over, you think, “How did they react to a changed situation that is irrevocable.” Would they cope with it or would they go into an act of total denial but there are few who do that. If they are any normal reasonable kind of person then the vast majority are aware of the possibilities within a short time. Then it’s a question of the logistics of bringing the people they wish to communicate with into, we might as well say, aura of an intermediary i.e. a medium.

In the non-physical are there any senses that we do not have in the physical?

Well again, first the sense that you can imagine is that of instant recognition of thought. Your thoughts are on display because as you pick up a thought, let us say, and you focus upon it, your signature joins that of the thought, put it that way or the thought lights up. It is apparent that you are cogitating upon that thought. It is as if you have a net and the thoughts get caught up in the net but everybody can see the net, so they see which thoughts are caught in that net. So some nets, all the nasty thoughts, you might say, pass straight through and other nets, they tend to linger, and so you can see. They may not stay there but they get focused upon, whereas in other nets they get instantly dismissed. So judging by the nature of the thoughts that get focused upon enables you to judge whether that particular consciousness or group of consciousnesses, because that is what it would be, is or would be a good companion for yourself. So there is the major sense.

Comment. Just have to break in here as I type this. People talk of levels of vibration in the afterlife, but how to change your vibration? What a simple explanation above, accentuate the positive (and loving), eliminate the negative. Try to only think the thoughts you are willing to declare as your own.

Now the rest is creation. You can create the images, you can create the sensations. So if you want the sensation of weightlessness, you can have the sensation of weightlessness. One can have the ability to produce the location of anywhere you wish to imagine, so rather than say you move instantly to the location, the location immediately surrounds you because it is in the imagination, shall we say. Imagine if when you shut your eyes a brilliant picture appeared and you could see right into it, we discussed this the other night when we were talking about virtual reality, coming home and sitting in your virtual reality chair and all the sensations in your body told you that you were walking and jumping and doing all kinds of other things. So you could write your programs and see yourself doing a hundred metre high jump, need we go any further?

It’s a wild ride isn’t it? From sliding down rainbows of coloured lights to being battered by the intensities of thoughts and emotions to finding out how to navigate through the fields of imagination without getting lost in your own creations and forgetting to remember where you came from in the first place. No wonder people stick carefully to what they feel safe with. Would you go on a small ship in mountainous seas if you didn’t have to? No, you wouldn’t. So why would you let yourself be immersed in a reality where it is quite easy to forget that you can change your focus and get back to you old reality? Of course, you can only change your focus to return you to your own reality if you remember what your own reality was.

So perhaps you have to have a guide who can stay at a distance and then, although you are immersed in your reality he can call you back.

Now, we have just drawn an analogy with the stretched consciousness. You carefully anchor one end of your consciousness in your home reality and then you allow other parts of your consciousness to go and explore. Once more, we can come back to what you have just read and imagine that to be the silver cord. Imagine that you have a walkie-talkie system, a radio transmission that for some reason you have dubbed “The silver cord”. Now when you go exploring, your controller in the home station decides not to send you any information and therefore you do not realise, you quickly forget because no more information is coming and you think you have lost the link.

So you are just aware, of what you are aware of. And, it becomes your reality. But at some stage, all of a sudden, a thought will come through loud and clear and it will be of such intensity that you will be in no doubt, this is real, this is not something I can brush aside and in fact, because it is coming from the controller they can simply blank out every other transmission and you only hear the words,  ”Come in No 4”, and you will return safely from whence you came.

Now do you find that understandable?

Yes thank you.

I think we have cleared up a little bit of what you have just read. It is very difficult when passing this information over to draw enough analogies to cover the different belief systems that exist amongst the physical instruments. The books would stretch to thousands of pages and you would be quickly bored with reading one analogy after another especially if you have understood the first one. None of your own writers even can afford to try to explain complex operations to those who do not already have a background in that particular field, which you would understand.

So the information that is being put through, even at a cursory glance, it is obvious that this will only appeal to, and be understandable to, people who have already wrestled with the mystery of how the physical world is created and maintained and all the differing theories of science and religion and philosophy where you, once more, looking at your screen with the different colours, is why most people focus on one colour, one filter system to construct their belief system. Because if they try to focus on all the colours the sheer overwhelming contradictory information would leave them totally at sea.

We have been told that people have what we call death-bed visions. Some state that they have seen the “spirit”, in the form of “smoke or mist” leaving the body.

All bodies interpenetrate. The bodies that comprise, let us say, operation mechanisms of the instrument, the pattern, interpenetrate each other and exist within each other. Now apart from physical and you have just taken on the belief of the etheric, the rest fluctuate, pulse, in a different frequency. When the physical body is no longer valid the other bodies have no need to remain in close proximity to the physical. As to this smoke, mist leaving the dying physical body, this has been attributed to the life force leaving the body. But, as you can imagine, one has to be of a clairvoyant nature to be able to see any part of the aura which is composed of the various bodies. So here you are seeing these bodies, let us say, regrouping. As previously stated, they no longer have to be in close proximity or even approximate the shape of the physical body, because the intention, the focus, was upon the pattern of the physical body.

The informational memory, the emotional feeling of self, still exists, but the raison d’etre, the reason for being was the pattern of the physical, and now the physical is to be dispensed with , although the pattern forever remains, the physical body consciousness groupings now begin to dissipate. Whereas the pattern, in the form of the idea, incorporating the built up personality and the connection with the sponsoring, shall we say, and directing entity will carry on.

Now, as you have been told , the pattern continues to exist, because what started off as an idea, then turned into an ongoing gestalt of consciousness with its own ideas about itself and being composed of eternal consciousness, its own ideas of purpose and what it wanted to do next, where it wanted to focus. So, a long winded answer, but basically this is the other bodies leaving the physical pattern body with no real need to maintain that particular pattern. Of course by re-focusing on that pattern the image of that body can be re-created in any particular plane.

They would do that in order to appear to a clairvoyant to communicate with their loved ones remaining on the earth.

For that, and also the purpose of meeting loved ones who have yet to pass over so that when they actually pass over you can re-create the original form. You may indeed, in the astral, keep that for a while until all are aware of the non-necessity of form.


Can you talk a little bit about survival of consciousness?

Survival of consciousness. Did consciousness need to survive, because consciousness did not need to be born and surely when you are talking survival you mean avoid elimination. If it existed before the period in the physical then it must have been in the situation to which it is returning. Again, if you peruse your religious literature you will find most talk about returning and returning means to from whence you came. Many questions are asked about survival but few are asked about origination. So, survival of consciousness is not a question that needs to be answered because consciousness always is, and we have to take the word always out because consciousness simply is. So, consciousness when it decides not to focus on the physical world, dimension, channel, program, whatever you wish turns its attention back.  It switches off the screen.

There is no question of survival it always survives. It merely creates. Once you discover, not only the thrill of creativity, but the enjoyment of, let us say, being inside the creation that you create, even to the point of forgetting that you are instrumental in creating the very world that you now find yourself in, and forgetting same.  Now, again, why the concept of the veil of forgetfulness or crossing the river Styx coming to being. Why is it said that when the soul makes the transition from the non-physical into the body at whatever point you wish to believe in, be it from conception to birth or any point in between, then why did this arise and it had to as a condition of entry to be stripped of all prior memory. You have to actually, let us say, meditate on that, and then you will find the answer  previously alluded to.

To enjoy your creation to the utmost you must forget that you actually created it because once you understand all the indications of your creation it no longer holds any mystery or excitement. No thrill of discovery. Yet once you “survive” you then become aware that it was all your creation, and “your” is plural, everything is a co-creation, as on earth everything is interdependent, everything is a co-creation and so the world you “co-habit” in is the same. If you wish, multi consciousnesses create the, use the word, “play” shall we, that they wish to perform in.

Now, one thing, to digress a little but is does make the point. One example that we gave a few nights ago was that of the lava lamp. If you ever owned a lava lamp you will know that when the power is not on, the layer of material at the bottom of the lamp is still and quiescent and the medium above, basically water, is also still, nothing happens. Some may take this example and say that the bottom layer is the ocean of consciousness to which we all return, the formlessness, there is no form there. But when you switch on the power, in the physical you will use heat, in the non-physical you will use intent, will, focus. So, switch on your focus, that is energetic, the power, power excites the up until now still air, the void if you wish, the ocean, the still ocean of consciousness. What happens? Forms arise and float up into the clear light, water is used for the lava lamp but space is used in what you would call the universe. So depending on the creative idea that is focused upon the forms arise and the forms arise because the consciousness, that wishes to create the form, gathers together with other parts of that ocean of consciousness to create the forms which it can then view and then of course when you switch the focus off it all sinks to the bottom and becomes still once more. But the memories of the forms remain. Now this is a very simplistic example, but you only have to sit and let your imagination, logic and reason come together to see how all forms arise from the formless, simply because you decide and “you”, you can define as a singular consciousness, a large consciousness but it is all part of the one, call it ocean of consciousness and you could easily say that is one consciousness or is one mind but that is merely a point of view. Within the ocean you have warm oceans and cold oceans, frozen parts and boiling parts, all parts of the spectrum. The same thing applies to all the qualities of existence and even the perception qualities you apply such as good and bad. So, there are infinite possibilities because anything can be formed from the ocean of consciousness which creates the energy, if you wish, everything is created from that. This is virtually impossible for people to understand because they cannot understand the fact that imagination creates everything. Imagination can create energy, energy creates form, imagination creates action, it creates desire but there is a feedback with it as well especially when you forget you are the creator. So now, you will probably have to listen to this once more before you understand the ever circular motion of creativity, stillness followed by more creativity and stillness. Do you create during your waking hours then find stillness during your sleeping hours, so, as above so below ad infinitum.

How do we perceive ourselves when we return to a non-physical state? Do we still think in physical terms?

Earlier today we spoke a stretched piece of blue tack, modelling clay, anything you like with one portion at one end and one portion at the other end connected by a stretched piece pulled from the middle that seems to be heavily stretched further and further and further depending on the polymerisation of the material. But it is all part of the same piece. We have just mentioned also that when the creator, which is the whole piece creates the piece that it focuses upon, the reality it wishes to inhabit, it then still retains its other focus in the dimension from which it started to create or to focus. There is continual connection at all times between the two entities, you might say, conglomerations, gestalts of consciousness which are actually the same. As the life in the physical progresses and you get caught up in the believability of that life, you forget that you are part of the creation of that life, then memories, attitudes, everything else are formed and these are at the same time observed and recorded in the other half of the consciousness. Now when you decide that no longer is the creation necessary you merely withdraw your energy, withdraw that portion of consciousness. The cooperating consciousnesses that form the body find their own focus once more and they will join other gestalts if they wish or they’ll simply let some of that conglomerated consciousness energy return to the formlessness but most will just join another group focus. So you realise you are no longer focused in the physical, but of course you will have taken on board the emotional states and certain of the beliefs of your focus into the physical, much like you here read a book stating certain things and acquire certain beliefs.

So finding yourself with a full focus in the new direction, and remember nostalgia comes into effect here as well, there may be a certain amount of longing. Even though you knew you wanted to withdraw, and you did, there are some things which “ah I didn’t really want to leave that behind”. So it takes time to let go of certain attachments. Which is why you read of hospitals and other things because attachments need not all be of a loving kind. They can be an attachment to an illness. Basically an attachment is a belief so some awake fully conscious that the whole thing is full of sound and fury signifying nothing and others will take some time before they fully focus into the new dimension. But many, most, having met their others that have passed before, that they hadn’t seen for a long time, will find a joyous reunion and quickly become attuned to the new way of life because ,after all, it is what you have done many times before and so it is like putting back on a familiar old coat. Like moving abroad for many years and then coming back. All the old friends are still there, even your old house is still there and although it’s strange maybe and you keep thinking of what you have just left and the people you have just left, within no time it seems like you’d never left at all. Everything is back to normal and the time abroad is remembered but no longer has any real impact except for certain habits you may have acquired, certain beliefs you picked up while being “abroad”. So each venture into the new dimensions picks up a little bit more knowledge and changes you which is why we speak about the process of forever becoming, because each experience, each event just changes things a little. Much as, as you breathe in and out, you breathe out atoms, molecules, and as one researcher terms them, molecules of emotion. You breathe out molecules of emotions and of course they are your emotions but do you not think you breathe in molecules of emotions which is why many say we are all one another, all part of the one.

We have said much here that again is to be cogitated upon to see how it is a continual movement in the ever present and although it seems like time is involved it is just like the lava lamp, everything is in motion and yet it ever stays the same.

I think that also explains a little bit about survival of consciousness.

Is it an effort for the consciousnesses that are already on the other side to greet the consciousness that is newly over in a form that will be recognised?

Consciousness creates form. Consciousness can create any form it wishes. Therefore consciousness creates the form that it is aware, telepathically you might say, will be acceptable to the newly arrived “soul”. If you reverse the roles, put yourself in the other soul’s place, and you knew that someone was coming over and they expected Jesus to meet them, would you show yourself as yourself or Jesus? What would be possibly the most acceptable and wished for, you might say? Where the person would feel, ”Ah, I’m in the right place”. You would create a Jesus. You might, if you were very close, create your own form the person remembers as long as you are aware that it is equally acceptable. For those who are not highly religious then the joy of meeting loved ones they have lost knows no bounds. For others they would prefer to meet that which they expected to meet and their expectations are fulfilled. Any image can be created. We go back to a few nights ago with the painter/creator.

Many questions can be answered if you say, ”What would I do if that was me”. Because that which is you, is you, and so, many questions you can answer yourself. You may feel “can I believe this”? But where is your information coming from? If you believe that you are the “I” and you basically create your personality etc. then surely the “I” knows what it is all about. You merely have to pierce the ”Veil of Forgetfulness”. Just, ask, and you will give yourself, rather than, “it shall be given to you”.

When somebody dies and you for example feel them sit on the edge of the bed I suppose your answer would be that consciousness creates form?

Why would you come back to create an event such as you are describing?

To reassure somebody.

Put yourself in the position, look at the options available to you which others will show you, who have been back for a while, what is possible. You will choose the one that suits your purpose, because you know the person to whom you wish to present the idea that you are still around and what may be acceptable to them. In the same way, as we discussed the last question, then you may sit on the end of the bed, to some with experience you may appear full form and talk, discuss until the loved partner is at peace. You may do many things that we know we discussed earlier, aftershaves, smell of smoke, various knocks, door bells, even words on computer screens, coins, the list goes on and on. So, whatever you think might give comfort to one even though he misses you. Again, what would you do, when anything is possible? That you believe anything is possible. Remember that the attitudes of belief are just the same wherever you are, whether in this dimension or any other dimension, you see what you believe, you create what you believe you can create and the reverse is true also.

How much of our “personality” stays with us when we pass over?

It is not a question of passing over. It is simply a question of the experience being brought to a close and the consciousnesses involved in that experience then focusing in a different direction. Passing over is merely, as we said the other time, looking from left to right. You move from one focus to another focus. [From seeing, being, in one reality to seeing, being, in another reality]. All consciousnesses involved in the physical life then move their focus somewhere else, some quicker than others. We must come back to the realisation that the Joe Public, the body, is being experienced and directed by multiple consciousnesses.

You do not want to lose who you think you are, yet you cannot lose who you think you are, but wherever you focus, as we explained before, you are whatever you are aware of. [In other words when you focus into another reality you ”become” the personality you create in order to experience that reality and as in the physical do not realise or believe that you can be other than that personality]

So you are many things [many personalities] but that is difficult for you to understand? You will always be, this person, but you always are, many other persons, because everywhere you focus you become a part of, you understand, you have the knowledge, you form bonds, you are attracted by some things, repulsed by others. So wherever you look, and if you look upon your daily operation even when you pick up a paper or anything else, some things are attractive some things are not, some things you glance and go straight by, never to remember them, others will take your attention. You have formed a bond with some information and not with others. You will remember some of these bonds. Now as you go through the day, you will maybe look at the paper, look at the television, speak to somebody, you will go to an activity and if you review that at the end of the day you will find that there are a whole host of things which you remember and remembrance and memory is a bond. What language do you wish to use? What does a bond mean to you? What does a memory mean to you? It depends on the intensity you put upon the meaning of each word.


What do you feel about NDE’s?

Normal death experiences. Summed up, just like that.

Can you comment on the life review?

You are unaware that every sensation or thought is imprinted upon, we don’t want to get typecast here, so we could use the terms, energetic being, aura, magnetic record, computer file, whatever you wish, but, a mark is made every time there is any thought or movement or feeling or emotion, whatever. Yes? So the map cannot be destroyed. You don’t know how to get rid of it, in fact it is impossible to erase. Once more, when you are close to the ground you can only see the immediate surround. Yet when out in space you can see all around that person for thousands of miles. You can see, if you care to watch, where they start, where they finish. We are talking in spatial terms but of course the same thing applies in time terms. When e. g. you are in the satellite do you watch each single step, each movement as the person traverses from a to b? You just snapshot occasionally the progress. The same thing applies to a life review, all the images are there but as you scan the life review you gloss over the tens of thousands of meals you ate, the tens of thousands of toilet breaks, the tens of thousands, or maybe not..or yes, of nights of sleep, all the mundane pieces. Yet pieces that interest you, flash up, and you see all the pertinent pieces that you select without understanding that you are selecting them. And because your vibration, if you wish your powers of “sight”, more like powers of comprehension are far more acute, just like the computer you can assimilate information far quicker. So those highlights which if you think about it are not very many, a few hundred perhaps, and maybe you scan those few hundred highlights in a few seconds and you see your whole life flash before your eyes simply because your powers of comprehension are far more capable, let us say. You are capable of assimilating far more information, far more quickly than when you have to do it via a limited instrument that is your physical brain.

Some of these people report that they also felt the effect of their words and actions on others as the others felt them.

Information. Were they there at the time? Were they connected to the other party? In the physical body they couldn’t pick up the thoughts of the other party. But in, what you would term, the higher consciousness, they were able to pick up the thoughts of the other party and therefore that information is retained as well. So when you have the near death experience you have both the memory of the brain and the memory of the, let us put it, super-conscious mind. The controlling consciousness. And therefore you are aware of what is the effect of your actions as well as how you felt about your actions.

The NDE often has a life changing effect on those who return. What effect does it have on those who do not?

You have heard many times that people say that they were met by their god and told to not worry, you were only learning, which effectively means “your sins are forgiven” for they were not sins.

They were experiences.

They were just experiences and you were learning from those experiences and when you are ready it will be explained to you but you will gradually know anyway that you created those experiences and so did everybody else and they were not real, in the sense that you previously thought, because you created the entertainment. You explored what happens when you are in the drama and you feel that the drama is real. Now, for those that carry on, they can look at this and say “well, that was quite interesting, so this is now my state of being, because if I enter into another one, do I want to have these feelings again, even though later I realise they are yours (the other party)”. Just like yourselves going to a horrific movie and coming out shaking and saying “Uh I wish I hadn’t gone to that” and vowing never to go to another one again. Even though you know it was total fiction, it had an effect. No difference!

Other worlds, other realities, other states of being.

What if when you die you don’t wish to be a human being anymore because what you watch happening in the world around you, although it is only a part of what is going on, makes you feel that you don’t really want to be here, you want to be in a better place where you don’t have all this approaching madness going on.

There are people who leave the body that feel that way, that they don’t wish to return but they still keep an interest. It is possible just to watch what goes on and not be affected. For a while you may be annoyed, saddened or whatever by what still continues to be, but as your focus turns elsewhere for much of the “time” then the interest in the earth becomes purely cursory. Yes, it is still going on, it always is, when will we ever learn. How glad I am not to be locked into that.

When it comes to other areas of focus there are multiple worlds to be involved in. Many quite like the earth, but with different structures of behaviour. When you leave the earth you may decide to join in the construction of pseudo earths, in fact you might say that your own earth is a pseudo earth. It is just another state of being that you inhabit for exercise of your creativity. Others can be set up where violence is not an attribute that is allowed. Anybody that exhibits violent tendencies, what can they do because they cannot find their way into that state of being. The state of being in itself is such that it does not encompass violent attitudes so, even if they could find their way into there, they could not stay there because they would not be allowed to interact with other participants.

Any creativity you can imagine in the earth plane plus all forms of non-sensory perception, non-physical laws can be picked and chosen to form other realities, which are only realities should you decide to adopt the requisite criteria for participation in those realities. Therefore you can have realities where you eat and you can have realities where you don’t eat. You can have realities where your bodies are heavy and you can have realities where your body is light. You can have realities where all are equal, all love all others but still are able to play their games, communicate, discuss, even be involved in philosophy about “all that is” in the same way that you all do in the physical plane and yet, without necessity, or conflict and anger and associated traits. Can you imagine that?

Harmony, there is no problem. You have harmony in the orchestra, you have harmony in a team with all pulling together, you have harmony when you are all engaged in pulling for the same participant in a competition and so what would seem to you to be idealistic scenarios can indeed be realities and so you can choose a reality. As we said before, entertainment. An entertainment where we don’t have to find out “who dun it”. You just enjoy the thrill of co-operation, and co-operation and competition can still be enjoyed without acrimony. Imagine, you play golf against the same course, all the time, but do you hate the course because you don’t play well sometimes? You go back and try again, continuously in competition with the course and yet you can still love the course. You love being there, so you can see that competition and conflict and love and hate, or hate anyway, do not have to go together.

There are many, many worlds, states of being, universes, planes of existence, like all other things or terms used to describe that which you are not aware of, there are ways to be that are far too numerous to mention. That is why they are not generally outlined to you except in the broadest of terms because otherwise they will be fastened upon and seen as “the next world”. There are many worlds to choose from right now, let alone after you leave the physical body. Think of the worlds that are in your dreams, think of the worlds that people find when they say they have had an out of body experience, think of the worlds in a near death experience, of course, the first reaction when passing over is often to create by your conscious desire, your prior conditioning, prior idealistic aspirations, so you create or assume to co-created worlds of beautiful valleys and beautiful mountains and scenery and glowing cities, where everybody smiles, and everybody learns and listens to music. It may sound farfetched but given a free rein to create your ideal place what would you likely create? Once you think about it, is it so far fetched that you create such wonderful places?

There appears to be certain blinkered beliefs that the next worlds are only inhabited by consciousnesses that have recently exited the body, whereas even a little thought will tell you that the vast majority of consciousness has never been near the physical plane. It has created all these other universes. Only a certain type of consciousness comes to the physical plane. Others look and say “not for me thank you”. Others look and say “let us try and make it a better place”, as you have seen by the utterances of some of you that inhabit physical bodies. Others wonder ”how could I survive in that sort of atmosphere, would I do well , would I not”. So it attracts different kinds of consciousness, different types of personality. Of course when you are in one state of being and then you start looking at other states of being it has an attraction sometimes, many times, in testing yourself, in challenging yourself and you could say the earth plane certainly does that.

After physical death you will be retaining your memories and your memories of sensory perception. This is all to do with gradations of frequency movement, we may say. As you move away from the physical then you will lose touch with the physical and as one person remarked many years ago “you see through a glass darkly”.

Is this not referring to the bigger you?

Of course the statement is talking about the bigger you but that is what we are saying. When you withdraw your focus from physical reality….let us say we are the entity, the soul entity. It has focuses in several different realities, one of which is in the physical reality. When you withdraw your focus from the physical reality i.e. the instrument ceases to operate, then you still have … you do not need the physical eyes to see, but you do not see in the same fashion, you see vibration. Whereas using the physical eye you see, we can only say “light’. You have the same senses but they are utilised in a different fashion. So you can effectively, I think we said earlier on, you can tune in to the information that is coming through but you may not see completely perfectly.

Let us look at a near-death experience. Yes? So, the body is comatose. It is not moving but the entity is still intending to stay in physical reality. Are you with this? So the entity, as when the instrument is asleep for example, is able to turn its attention away and converse with others who have turned their attention away. Of course even when all are not asleep they can converse at a higher level. Now let us assume, we will go back to our previous example, the entity moves its focus from the body in the operating theatre to where the relatives are. Remember, the entity is experienced in the emotional connections of the instrument and the entity is feeling, that is the whole point of creating a physical instrument, to feel the emotional entanglements, the feelings, the results of actions. So you cannot help becoming….the entity is involved in the drama as well. Yes? Which is why when the entity is focused in the particular physical drama or any other dimension for that matter it feels that this is the only one. It knows it isn’t when it withdraws its focus but all the time it is focused the focus is so intent and so structured as to not allow other information through as it would “spoil the game”. Are you with me? Each focus is kept separate deliberately otherwise there would be confusion arising across the board. And so when you move your focus to the other room you can….colour is vibration, sound is vibration, you can see the energy of another person, you can also see their thoughts and you can see what they see. If you wish to see what another person in another room is seeing you merely, with permission, pick up the information from the other entity. Are you with me here?


Your physical brother is in the other room, you-entity contact brother-entity and essentially see and hear through the brother’s sensory perceptors. Do you understand? But of course once the entity withdraws its focus from the instrument, (the physical body dies), you can do this for a while but you simply lose interest and you turn to other matters. You may focus in now and again but basically you are reading energy and picking up everything because you will always be connected so whenever you turn your focus you will not only pick up the present day you will pick up the whole of, what you might term, the Akashic record of that particular person that you were and are connected with. Is that clear?


Because there is only the present.

Let us call the senses instruments, what do instruments do, they measure, what is a measurement but a perception, so you create the instruments i.e. the senses, to measure whatever it is that you  wish to, for example, and you create the instrument of course to create. So instruments are used for various purposes. And so you have hands which are instruments. You have eyes which are instruments. Eyes measure, eyes guide, hands measure and guide, everything plays its part. All are instruments but all are composed of consciousness and consciousness is always aware. Consciousness is awareness, consciousness is constantly aware, it cannot be anything else because if it wasn’t aware it would not be conscious. So consciousness and awareness are synonymous.

Exactly, the nature of the soul, if you wish to call it, consciousness, the nature of perception, awareness, which we have just stated. It is a choice to perceive but you cannot, not perceive. You can merely decide, pretend not to perceive. It is like closing your eyes and deciding that you don’t exist. Impossible.

After death transition to the larger “I”.

You have just realised that the after death scenario that we have given you and you have learned from others over the years and the pictures that you have conjured up as to the procedure that you go through when moving over to the other side have all been predicated on the basis that the “I” that you know continues without any change. You meet all the other “I”s that you knew and you set about being involved in the co-creation and joining in the co-creation of a different reality. You view your life review as something you look at from your own perspective, but we have told you about being on the stage or at the back of the audience and simply being the observer focussed so hard into the physical that you think you are the observed. You can see these as being two halves of the same coin, shall we say, one half fully aware that it is the observer and the other half under the impression that it is the observed.

But you have just had one of those moments when you realise that when the observer withdraws his focus from the stage, shall we say, then the observed is no longer, he is now the observer. He is back to truly being “The observer and the observed are one” except that the observed is no longer active. Now how do you think you will view the procedure of going over if you are aware that you are going to become the observer immediately you move over? Your life review will take on possibly the same attitude as is put out in the near death experiences, because they are also, even if they don’t know it, seeing it from the point of view of the observer.

You will be aware more, because you will understand that you are now the observer and that was just another passing experience. Your feelings towards others in that experience will be tempered by the fact that you will immediately be aware and in contact with, as you are all along of course, with your fellow puppet masters, your fellow observers. Only they will have their observed parts active as well and when they see the pain that their observed parts, their puppets; as we said it is like having a child, it is part of you; then they will want to assuage that pain. So you will play your part in reactivating your pattern of your observed, your ”I”, in order to communicate with those who remain behind and say “Yes, I will be waiting”. Just a little white lie really. You are waiting and you will reconstruct the “I” maybe, especially if they don’t realise they are going to become the observer immediately.  They soon will but it is a subterfuge in order to ease the transition. You quickly become aware that you have been, well you don’t even have to become aware, you just are back where you have been all the time and the life will just, we won’t say it seems like a dream, but that little play is over for now. Although it is continuing your part in it is finished and although you can keep in touch with what is going on you will turn your gaze elsewhere for most of the time and just keep in touch with your fellow puppeteers and the loved ones you have left behind.

It is hard to tell people that although they lose their full sense of “I” the entity they return to becoming is more than the “I”, the “I” is just a part of it. You don’t actually lose it, it is just that you will realise that that little episode was merely a play act we got together to explore different experiences. It is quite difficult to draw an analogy here in that not many people find any kind of position where they go from being, let us say, a nonentity to a somebody in an instant. We don’t mean sudden fame either, we mean part of the same structure, almost like being the son of the chairman, in a fairly reasonable position and suddenly the chairman dies and you have to take over. You have suddenly got a much bigger field to play on, a lot more people to look after and you are no longer just interested in that small job you were doing before because you have another whole set of departments, a board of directors that report to you whereas previously maybe you were a middle manager. And so you forget pretty quickly what was going on in middle management as you are too busy dealing with matters of higher importance.

Not a great analogy but you will soon realise that you have many more things going on and as your son Steven said, he now knows people he didn’t know he knew. You will find the same but it’s all good stuff, you just get a bigger canvas to play on and you don’t lose the “I” that you knew. It’s just that you know that when your loved ones come over they will come up to speed probably just as quickly as you do because you will be there to show them the ropes if you haven’t already transmitted to them beforehand.

So another one to think through a little bit. It’s surprising isn’t it how you bask nicely in the knowledge that you’ve got it all buttoned up and then suddenly something rather simple occurs to you and you wonder, why didn’t “I” see that before?

But, perhaps, you weren’t given the thought!

(Makes you realise your higher self is pulling the strings)

Do you understand what we are saying?

I fully understand, that’s what I thought anyway.

Then you must be ahead of the game in many respects.

That’s just what I thought.

How many people do you think, think that way? That they will become something vastly bigger.

Probably not very many.

Can you think of another suitable analogy for the transition from the “I”, the small “I”, to a larger “I”?

The “actor” scenario is the method I can think of. The “I” is one of the parts we have to play, therefore the actor is the bigger part because we play many parts.

How about the actor suddenly promoted to producer and director who is also responsible for running several theatres and several plays at once?

Well, that is another thing I am……..

So we have hierarchies within hierarchies once more? Levels, levels of experience, levels of control, levels of direction and of course, levels of interest. So life can only get more interesting once you leave the narrow focus of the physical.

With regard to NDE’s, why is it that some people are told that it is not their time and that they have to go back?

Do you think that everything is perfect on our side?


Well, we will go into it a bit further but you have your answer there of course. In some consciousness groups there is a flux in the amount of consciousnesses joining and leaving and sometimes there is more of an exodus than there is an ingress. So it can be that there is a decision, even though momentarily as intensity as to the way forward fluctuates, and as the body is being recreated in every instant, it can be that sometimes the switch off moment can be a little longer than usual until it is decided to switch back on again. So the confusion that arises is generally settled by the stock phrase ‘it’s not your time’ and of course it isn’t, because it was but it isn’t any more. So back you come but of course then the argument having been settled, you might say, the intensity is such that there is a time to keep things stable for a while. You couldn’t have people popping in and out every five minutes could you now? It would be no good for either side. So these things generally get organised, you might say, so that you come down on one side or the other.

But in the main, and in the very, very, main of course, when it is decided that it is game over then the plug is pulled, you might say, and you are recalled to from whence you came. You are recalled to the home turf.

So do our lives have a predetermined end?

Most lives come with some kind of plan. It’s a co-creation and like writing any script, which you have to do of course because people want to know what they are letting themselves in for and whether it appeals or not. You don’t do it if it doesn’t appeal. You may do it if you want to help somebody else out although it doesn’t appeal, and of course you can stay in a semi- observer capacity, not quite as connected as another might be to experience it in full. In general the script is written out to a fair degree but there are changes made as you go along.  The ingress and the exodus of the consciousnesses can change the balance.  In the case of the group consciousnesses you might decide “oh, this isn’t quite working out as planned” or one says “I’ve had enough of this, what about the rest of you? Do you mind if I withdraw?” And the others might say “We are doing OK, it won’t make much difference if you do go so we are quite happy with it and we’ll just amend our pre- planning to suit”.

You can just take the same scenario here. If you were having a holiday and somebody decided that they had to go home for some reason then you wouldn’t go back you would just carry on. The analogies are easily drawn.

Thank you. When we pass over and we meet our loved ones how will our relationship with them proceed?

When you first meet you will don the garments that you were used to in the physical so that everybody can thoroughly enjoy the reunion of souls although the ones meeting are of course aware that they are re-entering the drama, albeit in their own reality. But the rush of knowledge back as you recognise your own reality and if you could say that you can see through the mask as the other person tends to relax somewhat, you will see a flickering of other portrayals shall we say, and you will recognise them of course. That will bring back other memories and as these memories flood in from previous relationships then the earth relationships start to take a minor role and move from a major to a minor role you might say as all the other relationships come in.

As you recognise the relationships you have played together before, which in general you have as you tend to go into realities with certain like minds, the die-hards you might say, long standing friends, you recognise that you have a number of portrayals for each of you and you will then put on that which you feel most comfortable in, in that relationship with that particular consciousness group. You might have one relationship with what you might call your son and another relationship with what you might call your wife but the wife and the son might have a different relationship. Do you understand? You don’t then relate to each other so much as you did on the, let us say, last life because also you now have to take into account the effect of living several lives at once, each group consciousness. So as each puppeteer, let us say, is running one set of puppets, for your understanding, during the daytime, at night time he puts them down to sleep but because there is no need to sleep he turns round and operates another set of puppets.

You can imagine then that he has got to shift portrayals quite quickly if two puppets come over at the same time. So, it is a whole mix of relationships and you just end up being comfortable with one another. Generally there is no need for any kind of body, you might say, picture, portrayal, it is merely the connection of consciousness. In other words you might just as well say the actors know each other, the parts are immaterial, to make it easy. So you can say that although you acted in all these plays with all these different parts, with all these different people, when all is said and done, behind the scenes the actors know each other. But they know each other through knowing a connection, you don’t need to see the physical body or any kind of body, you only need to be aware of each other’s thoughts to assess the person, the feelings, the comfort, the coherence, the sharing of like attitudes and thought patterns etc. So, you just have to rest in the knowledge that when you first move over everything will be hunky dory, it’s oh at last we see each other again, thank goodness for that. Then gradually the masks get dropped, but you don’t lose anything from it, you find you gain all the way because you will actually realise that actually you did not lose anybody and you never will. So the feeling of comfort and security grows dramatically.

Were mediums part of the plan for physical reality?

Would you say that mediums arose due to a gestalt feeling the pain of a fellow gestalt which was fully immersed in the focus of physical reality and deciding to allay the grief of the instrument in the physical via another instrument thereby lessening the feeling in the fellow gestalt by letting the instruments into the secret that you will actually meet again? And so the door was opened a little and a chink of enlightenment was allowed to pour through.

Yes that sounds reasonable.

When it comes to the sort of knowledge that we are passing through do you feel that those who produce such films as Avatar, Star Trek, Ghost, Sixth Sense and many others of this nature are also trying in their own way to put across some form of hope to those who have lost.


To spark a thought that perhaps, “I have seen the film but I also know a lady down the road who claims to talk to her husband all the time. I thought that perhaps she was off her rocker, you might say, but now, who knows. In all respects she is perfectly normal and reasonable and logical and quite matter-of –fact when she says, I can communicate. So with the evidence that comes in from various sources continually I can shrug off the cloak of despair as I realise they are waiting for me. They have gone, I am still here but I will meet them again”. What is this but the religion of belief?


It is knowing that you are, shall we say, a spirit having a physical experience.

We have gone full circle once more in that if you can get this information out there the majority of people will be able to live their lives through a different prism.  Most people will eventually realise the sanctity of the individual gestalt that is operating through their neighbour. Do you understand?

I think so.

We are saying tolerance. Once you understand that your neighbour ……

Is another spirit operating a physical body.

Yes. And you are both, you might say, puppet masters and it is all make believe. You are all playing the part and that it is a game to experience and enjoy. It can be experienced in a friendly spirit, it doesn’t have to be carried out with animosity and in most cases, if you look around the world, people co-exist quite happily, help each other and are pleased when all are living a comfortable life. Very few set out with the intention of ensuring that others lead a miserable life, they set out with the intention of trying to lead a comfortable life for themselves. If that means by cooperating and making the environment conducive to enjoyment, the environment being their surroundings and their situation, being conducive to peaceful and enjoyable living then they will do so.

After all, all consciousnesses, when it comes down to the selection of ideas, are selecting the ideas that attract them and in most cases these are experiences that are going to be a source of pleasure. In other cases it will be a source of challenge or playing a part in the play where someone has to be the villain. Now if you understand that it is all imagination anyway then just like an actor you can be a jolly good villain. If you take a pantomime the children will all boo the baddie and love the goodie and yet you know full well as a parent that the actor playing the baddie is quite a nice old gentleman and when the pantomime is over and everybody gets together, then you have all had a jolly good time , haven’t you?

You can scale that pantomime up to a national feud, shall we say, but then stand back, look at the parties involved, see what is happening and see whether, when the feud is settled, it leads eventually to a more amicable environment for the next set of consciousnesses that wish to experience that particular area of activity.

This is, as far as you are concerned, a continuous soap opera and if you can step away from your lifetime-based conscious understanding and see it merely as, let us say, a holiday resort where you visit at regular intervals in order to enjoy what it has to offer, then expand that to many years and many lives in the same or different physical environments and you will find you are back to your Eastern understanding of the wheel of life, shall we say.

Quantum Entanglement, Non-Locality and Interconnected Consciousness.

All verify that you are eternally connected to those you love.

Rosenblum and Kuttner: “In principle…any two objects that have ever interacted are forever entangled.  The behaviour of one instantaneously influences the other.  An entanglement exists even if the interaction is through each of the objects having interacted with a third object.  In principle, our world has a universal connectedness.”

Sir Charles Sherrington  1857-1952 Neurologist, Nobel Prize winner, President of the Royal Society: ” How far is the one mind a collection of quasi-independent minds integrated physically in large measure by temporal concurrence of experience?

When quantum particles are entangled they cannot be described individually. They form a single quantum object even though they may be located far apart.

Is there any further information that you can give us that possibly we might not understand but somebody accessing the website might understand?

You will have realised from your own searches into the current theories and philosophies that are propounded at the present time and from your membership of the Scientific and Medical Network that the information we have provided so far is what you might call at the outer limits of conjecture as regards the general attachment to the notion of self. Even though we feel that the process as we have described it is quite readily understandable there is a reluctance on the part of most to, if you would like to say the word, “accept” that it is a question of even understanding the acceptance of the idea of decision making by majority after a lifetime’s believing wholeheartedly in the fact that you are singularly responsible for your thoughts and actions. Even though you may wonder where your thoughts come from you still believe that your actions derive solely from your own decisions; that you make your own minds up albeit influenced by others and by circumstance. Even so you believe that when it comes to the crux that the sole responsibility for a particular decision rests with yourself.

Now to have to give up that control and simply sit back and wait for the decision to come to you takes some understanding because you will still feel that “Ah, I think I’ll do this”.

What is happening? You are responding to what you might call the mass decision, the majority of the mass of consciousness that is, at that time, focused on, what you might call, your particular instrument or identity and its position in its surroundings. So it would be quite difficult for you to stand aside and see a decision made from taking an objective point of view because you are part of the decision making process. The nearest you can get to this particular position is feeling that you have to do something, that this decision to a certain degree is being forced upon me. “I’d rather not do it, but I simply have to do it because I can’t see that there is any other action I can possibly take”. You will blame that on various factors, relationships, circumstance and other strictures but you are unlikely to think to yourself “Well, it’s simply the fact that the majority want to do something else, they don’t see it the same way as I do’.

So you will still take them (decisions made) as your own because really the decision is your own in that you will go along with the thought even though you don’t wish to. Because what is the alternative? The alternative is to switch focus and to do that you will leave the present focus into the physical. Now, of course, you can take the attitude “Well, I’ll sleep on it and so I’ll make no decision and see how I feel in the morning”. Can you speculate yourself as to what might happen during the intervening hours when you are no longer focused into the physical as we previously told you? Would you care to give an opinion on that?

Interaction with other consciousnesses which could give you an answer.

Certainly change your opinion or show you alternatives but point out that “this is the best way” or simply, “we know that may be the best way but we are quite interested in trying this other avenue”. Yes?


So your indecision may last for some time but if the overall life of the instrument still holds its attraction then you will stay with it. You will decide that it may be interesting to see what would happen if that course was followed. Normally I would do this but what would happen if I did that?


So this is the tough part about taking you any further because in order for you to understand more you would need to understand the feeling of the intensity of thought and the flow of thought and you are really not in a position to do that. You have to be in the world of thought in order to do this, to be aware of all the thoughts that are out there. At the moment you are only aware of the thought as produced by the confluence of thought, shall we say, the thoughts that emerged to which there is a consensus agreement. You are not aware of the multitude of thoughts that goes into that. This is one difficulty.

Now when it comes down to other aspects, as you have seen various scenarios propounded, in the “simulation” hypothesis for example, what is imagination but a simulation?


Except for the fact that the imagination is, shall we say, somewhat spontaneous. Spontaneous within prescribed parameters, a certain framework into which you have to operate, in that you can’t expect to operate as if you were at sea if you are on land. Different procedures may be necessary. So you could easily say that simulation could marry up with imagination and the same goes for virtual realities. It makes sense to imagine that somewhere you are wearing a virtual helmet, watching a virtual screen.  After all, what is it inside your head but a virtual screen? You have no idea. We may just as well say that what you are looking at is this, to make it easy for you, sea of moving waves, this 2 dimensional surround of “pixels” and wherever you look then what you see is the mass imagination, the majority imagination.

We are now moving into an area which is slightly different. We have touched upon this before when we were talking about a leader going along and as they do the imagining then you pick up on that imagining and accept it and go with it. See the large mountain on the right, yes, see the small mountain on the left, yes, and so you gradually set your environment up as you go along. We have said the same thing about the shoals of fish and the flocks of birds in that one sends a thought out, the others instantly get the thought and so instantly turn left, right or whatever.

Have you thought in terms of the fact that these flocks of birds or shoals of fish, in regards to gestalt consciousness, are all involved in the decision making? It is not just the leader saying “here’s a picture, go left, go right”, it’s the whole lot simply because of the speed, actually it is instantaneous but that is beyond your present comprehension. (The concepts of quantum entanglement and non-locality are the nearest equivalents to instantaneous communication). Everybody gets to say go left or go right and of course in the speed of things when it comes to say shoals of fish evading predators then that may be panic stations, resulting in left and right being yelled out all over the place. Whereas with flocks of birds do you notice the fact that the movement of flocks of birds is quite graceful. Now why would they do that do you think? The feeling of their movement against the air, would it be enjoyable?

I would imagine so.

If they were stopping and starting, dropping like a stone and having to start up again. You don’t see that do you? You see long graceful movements in the main. Maybe some turns. Pilots involved in acrobatic displays do the same thing, they do manoeuvres and loop the loops, rolls etc. but it all shows control and a certain pleasure in executing a manoeuvre as far as the birds are concerned and to a degree the fish when they are not being pursued may take pleasure in performing rhythmic movements much as you do when you are dancing or Tai Chi or whatever. But then you are entering into a mass agreement because the mass may decide in its imagination that it wishes to experience x, y and z. Once you think of the fact that even though we said before that there are different gestalts of consciousness, which indeed there are, doing their own thing, then due to the interconnectedness of consciousness there will be contact between all consciousness.

Just consider that all are aware of everything that is likely to happen (this would account for premonitions) because if they care to survey the “ocean of thought”, shall we say, much as you go to the internet and look at the world news, then you decide which interests you and which doesn’t interest you. When you are aware that an earthquake or hurricane or some other disaster is imminent, even say the plane or ship you intend to travel on or the turning you were going to take, you are aware of the likelihood of the outcome of taking said action and taking alternative actions because all probabilities are weighed and explored in one fashion or another. That doesn’t mean to say that all are experienced but one can certainly extrapolate them to their likely outcome and then you, your gestalt that is, can decide whether you wish to take the instrument into that particular environment with the knowledge that it may not come out of it or in other cases it definitely will not come out of it and that will be the exit that is planned. Although from your point of view this is seemingly against the run of reason, from another point of view, in that you may also be focusing through many of the gestalts that comprise your family and acquaintances etc., you will still be fully aware and fully focused into the physical but simply through different eyes. You actually don’t lose anything particular except a certain point of view from the one instrument no longer around, but you are still surrounded by the same environment and people except for the one. (Perhaps this is where the proposition arose that we are all one another )

Now if you had been focusing through all these, you obviously would not be aware of it, but you can easily see that losing the focus through one wouldn’t be a big deal. Would you agree?


You may miss out on a few experiences but in general the experiences will still be yours to enjoy.

We have covered a small part of an area into which you can look further. Whether it will have any practical value to you other than theoretical projection it is up to you to decide because what you have learned so far has given you a certain amount of peace in knowing that there is no question that you will survive the end of the physical body but you understandably would like to know more about your own physical trials and tribulations prior to your intended departure and also as to when that is likely to be. Of course this is all purely looked at from the point of view of the focus into the physical, because in order to take on the viewpoint the individual consciousness focuses into the gestalt and then one has to simply go with the flow and accept what goes on and just live one day at a time. That has got to be the goal of all those who wish to relieve themselves of worry and anxiety about the future. Simply wake up in the morning and “what shall we fill today with?” Put on one side the fact that this may or may not happen.

Now David likes to be in control of the day-to-day and the future. What is the point of buying this plant if I am uncertain as to whether I will see it mature? But if he took a moment to think about it then he would still see it wouldn’t he? (This puts another meaning into “the futurity of present decision”).

As we have just said, through somebody else’s eyes or simply by just focusing in. So how do you feel about those back in Europe who planted vast estates with no likelihood, from the physical point of view, of ever seeing them to maturity? Did they somehow know or did the gestalt know, and of course it did, they would see the end result of their efforts even though they may not be seeing it through one particular instruments eyes. For those who seemingly plan for developments outside their projected lifescale you must think to yourself that the consciousnesses doing this are involved in creation that by nature of the physical takes longer than the human lifetime. So why not? Why should you limit yourself to a human lifetime when it is only a focus through an instrument?

Now, you sit back and think to yourself “well I’m going to focus through several sequential instruments”. Yes?


Even though some of those may be alive at the same time. For example, you could be focused through several instruments, all of different ages, all in the same location and all aware of their environment. For you, your sequentiality of experience can be to you, provided you see it from that angle, basically unbroken. You can be looking at it through the eyes of the grandfather. The father is an adult as well, you can be looking through those eyes. The son is reaching adulthood as well and has memories of his childhood and so we go on. You don’t have to stay in the family line either.

You can be the tree.

You can even be the tree if you wish, yes.

If you are part of the person who is doing the planting and you wish to be part of the environment, you could give the instrument the idea of planting. It doesn’t matter whether it is for his lifetime because it is for your (planned) lifetime(s).

You make a good point in that it is possible that a group of trees may want to arrange themselves in a certain order. Now we could come back to another area of your previous mythology, you might say, that the god Pan is responsible for the flora.

I’m not aware of that, I don’t remember.

Let us look at gestalts which are not focused through physical eyes and are simply wishing to design the beautiful vista, shall we say. But in order to design that particular vista, yes, they can have it in the imagination like everything else but you all can work in different ways. You can draw or paint a vase or you can actually make a vase, two different experiences, different sensations and satisfactions. Painting a vase is more akin to an observer status but actually fashioning it and feeling the clay forming in your hands is being fully involved although you won’t be aware of the finished product until it is finished any more than you are until you make the final brushstroke on your painting. Different dimensional experiences, the virtual, the 2 dimensional and the 3 dimensional aspects of the actual vase.

If you wish to experience all three dimensions then you have to use different levels of involvement, different focuses and work with different numbers of participating consciousnesses according to the dimension you wish to create in.

So although you may be focused into a tree gestalt you may still need another gestalt, be it a human or an animal to plant these acorns, shall we say, so that in 150 years time say you have this wonderful avenue of oak trees. It is very unlikely that you would use a squirrel to bury these to the desired pattern so you would give the idea to an instrument that understands measurement. You can see that interaction and cooperation is necessary to co-create. One can never understand where the thought first arose. It is basically impossible to determine which consciousness produced the thought because that consciousness didn’t know where the thought came from either. How can you claim ownership when you are noticing thoughts all the time, from everywhere? How do you know whether your thought is original or not, you simply don’t. All get used to the idea in the end. It doesn’t matter where it came from, it looks interesting and I think I’ll follow it along because it looks like it could be an interesting experience.

This is one area worthy of further thought, trying to understand your own position in this web of interconnectedness and seeing the various avenues that are open to you.

You are getting to the edge now where you will need to experiment and have at least a mental experience of the maybe. We can use words and words and words but nothing in the end is going to substitute for your understanding through deduction and experience.

We suggest that you listen to this over again and see what major points you can take on board and we will revisit this at a later time.

Inter-dimensional Communication

Would you be able to inform us as to the process involved in communication between dimensions?

You can easily imagine for yourself the ability to communicate between various places and what you might refer to as dimensions. You will simply picture a group of humans in one reality or dimension, as you call it, speaking into some science fiction device and then you will create the conception of a group of “aliens” listening to such transmissions and communicating amongst themselves.

Now of course this can be extrapolated to multiple dimensions or even to an infinite number should you wish to speculate. But what is it that you are actually saying? You are merely saying that there is a possibility of communication between dissimilar species inhabiting different planets, galaxies, universes, shall we say, and there is the thought that information can be exchanged.

Now, you are aware of your physical reality and you have the belief that others inhabiting other realities are aware of their realities and yet as we have said before so many times, consciousness creates its realities and consciousness creates different realities. So what is the factor that is common to all these realities?

It is the consciousness that creates them.

So do you not think that consciousness can communicate with other consciousness and to continue with what we have laid out so many times “other gestalts”?

So we have this basic underlying consciousness which, for the purposes of explanation, we have set out as units of consciousness, units of awareness, watching the ideas floating by, focusing on one. Others focus on it as well until a sufficient consensus is formed about the idea that a level of intensity is reached whereupon the reality of the idea that is being focused upon is manifested. All those involved in the focus then experience that reality. Now it may be that the majority are needed to create the reality but even those who do not agree with the particular aspect of the particular idea that is being manifested can still experience it if they wish to stay with the program, shall we say.

So, yes, there is interdimensional communication but instead of thinking about it as from one reality to another think about it as going back to, what you have termed as “the source” which is the originating consciousness. Now you can look at that phrase “originating consciousness” as being singular or a multiple but of course if you have absorbed by now our previous information then you will understand that all communication is possible through the originating consciousnesses. Generally once you have come to considering communication between realities you realise that it is actually communication between the gestalt consciousnesses that are creating those realities. The awarenesses behind those gestalts can of course communicate with each other even though they are involved in separate gestalts. They do have, which you will agree with, the ability to think their thoughts and those thoughts are then able to be seen.

Have we answered the question to your satisfaction?

Yes, I think so. Thank you.

Now, there is another aspect.

You have the “intrusion” into your reality of such things you term as “unidentified flying objects” and various other inexplicable things as well. You may say that the consciousnesses involved in a certain reality are curious as to the existence of other realities, other dimensions, in much the same way as your own scientists are and those who we will term as “travellers in consciousness”. You have this suspicion that these other realities do indeed exist.

Now if you manage to discover certain parameters as you probe around these ideas and you connect with other gestalts you can see that in some instances there are realities which are almost a hybrid of two other realities, (as sometimes in dreams where you find yourself moving or flying in a gravity free seemingly physical reality) in other words a connecting bridge. You might also say that bridge has the ability to, let us say, “transform” the idea, the object, however you wish to focus upon this particular subject, into a form that can be fleetingly apparent or, let us say, holographically apparent in another reality, for perhaps a limited period of time. All you have to do when you want to envisage this is to think of a group of consciousness focusing on another reality that they suspect is there and they come across certain parameters that they feel may be endemic in this reality such as your looking into black holes and how they function, what happens in a black hole?

If you focus enough and you understand a little bit there is a possibility that your thought will be able to manifest in a certain manner in that other reality but you will probably be unaware of it. It is unlikely that you will be aware that you have appeared in that other reality (look at examples of bi- location where the subject is unaware of the appearance of their “doppelganger” in another location). This is much the same as in the talk that we had about accessing other attributes, other abilities from other lives that you are currently carrying on, experiencing. We have spoken before about the gestalt, let us say, that is wishing to experience several different lives at once and the data flow, the thought flow, the intention flow, the emotion flow between the “on the stage” focus and the “back of the theatre” focus (between the observer and the observed) in all those different lives and yet all the information flow comes back to the central gestalt and thereby to each awareness within that gestalt.

So as each emotion, event is perceived and experienced then it changes you a little which is the process of forever becoming. Let us call it the centre (and thereby each awareness focused into said centre, gestalt) is being changed by all the events in all the realities at the periphery. So a certain, say, traumatic event in one reality may colour your reaction to a similar event in another reality. You will not know why you take this particular attitude, but you do. There will be some aspects, as we have mentioned before with taste, for example, where you will try something and say “I don’t like that” and yet logic says “Why don’t I like that”?

Taste is a simple analogy but let us take emotions where you are mildly surprised at your reaction or lack of to certain information or events. You may feel that your reaction was not empathetic, rather callous and you wonder why, a little guiltily maybe. Well put that down to one of your, let us say, “bleed-throughs”. It could be that you experienced the same thing in another reality but at the same time, at the centre, the back of the theatre, you are fully aware that it is unreal. It is only the illusion of reality produced by the imagination. You may have had the shock of the initial experience, as we showed in our analogy of opening a door for example, and seeing the man rushing towards you firing a gun, you slam the door shut and then realise there are no bullet holes whereupon you tentatively open the door again and the same procedure is repeated. Open many doors and soon there will no longer be any effect.

So you could have this traumatic event in one reality, it will have an effect and yet you see it again in another reality and it does not have quite the effect. You won’t know why, “I should feel absolutely shocked at this, but these things happen.” Some part of you is saying “Don’t worry, it’s all just imagination, you don’t have to get upset about it.”

You have this interdimensional activity, you have the bleed-through from various lives, all information is available to all. Every endeavour is made to keep things separated so that the full experience, enjoyment and otherwise can be had in all the different focuses but inevitably some things slip through. A little bit of carelessness here, a little bit of “well it doesn’t matter any way” and sometimes as you have found with David you can actually seek and look for that particular talent, that singing voice, that style of speech as others look for how to play the violin like Yehudi Menuhin or how to paint like a great master. If you focus long and hard enough you will be able to tap in to that, as previously referred to, morphogenetic field and pick up the information but you have to have that total intent bordering on belief that it will happen and indeed it will.

You create your own reality.

Let us just comment on what is happening in physical reality today.

You will agree that it is full of uncertainty. Yes?


What have we said before so many times? You come here for the uncertainty and the excitement. Now, the world has got faster, you might say. Everything seems to speed up as each decade passes by.  There is more activity, communication is quicker and consequently you are more aware of what is going on. You are far more aware of interconnectivity and interdependence and as each event occurs you are aware of the possibility of knock-on effects and so uncertainty increases by leaps and bounds. As fast as one thing happens in one place something else happens in another and it is almost impossible to follow any particular predetermined path leading to a probabilistic outcome. Near chaos is becoming the order of the day and rarely does anything settle.

On the other hand the reality has got its compensations in the sheer interest. You are never short of interest. Whenever you look at what is going on in the world there is something happening whereas 200 years ago things happened very slowly, communication was slow and therefore new decisions took time but now communication is fast and decisions are made quickly. So you can look at what is going on here and see that it has become a far more exciting playground and as we have said before you wonder why the human population is increasing rapidly and yet you look at the amount of activity in the human centric part of reality and you can see there is a lot of excitement in anticipating outcomes and deciding on your own way of navigating through the minefield.

Whereas in some other species lifestyle does not seemed to have changed in several thousand years. Many of those species are dying out. Is there a reason for this? Could it be that as a consciousness looking at physical reality which existence looks more interesting? Same thing applies here. This of course depends on your looking at that part of physical reality that involves, let us say, mobile creatures of which humans are a part. If you look at other areas of physical reality say the Earth itself, the trees, the oceans, those areas are in, you might say, another dimension almost. They are experiencing their own reality, they are not experiencing human reality and their reality appears to be relatively changeless in terms of our own timescale, the human timescale.

So you may wonder about the possibility of inter-dimensional activity between the oceans and the humans. (given that all are productions of consciousness). Is there any communication?

I wouldn’t know.

You have very few explorers in this area. One explorer was the Japanese researcher Masuru Emoto who studied the effect of emotions on water crystals. Would you consider that to be an example of inter-dimensional communication if you considered that water was inhabiting its own version of physical reality as humans inhabit their version?  (Remembering that we all create our own reality within the confines of a larger reality.) The thought of one influenced the activity, the creation, of another.


So you have inter-dimensional communication. You are using the word “inter-dimensional”. Now what do you understand by dimension? Do you mean a different frequency, parameters, realities, you name it? It is something that you are not aware of and you are not aware of how the consciousnesses that manifest water, think. They are obviously aware of your thoughts but are humans aware of their thoughts?

Not that we know of.

The same has been found with plants, dogs and other living organisms. We are surprised to learn that these “species”, those inhabiting a different “perception’ of reality, shall we say, are able to pick up our thoughts and understand them. So why is it that we do not seem to pick up their thoughts? Or is it that there is so much to do in our own particular human-centric reality that we do not feel the need to communicate and simply block out the thoughts from others?

That is quite a possibility.

Maybe it needs our undivided attention to the rapidly changing panoply arrayed before us whereas say a molecule of water may describe its existence as same old, same old.

 (see Primary Perception: Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods and Human Cells. Cleve Backster 2003

I know that you have already spoken about this but would you like to enlarge on the sense of being stared at?

Let us say we have been in the connected mode whilst cogitating on the term “quantum entanglement”. The thoughts going from, you might say, David to David. Yes?


Then the answers are being accessed. Entanglement means connection, as simple as that. What have we said so many times before about universal interconnectedness? Everything is connected to everything else but what activates, let us say, the awareness? It is that connection being focused upon. If the connection isn’t focused upon there is no intensity. We will use the word intensity because it is an easy one to understand. As soon as you, through the physical eyes, look at another person you have activated the intensity on that link and so the intensity is felt. The person being stared at realises “somebody is contacting me”. We have used the word contact but they are aware that “there is an interest in me”. You understand that?


Therefore they look around, just like any curious person, to find out who it is that is interested in me. On another level of course they know immediately. But, once more on another level, from stranger to stranger, would you answer?

Probably not.

No. Or the answer could be “yes, can I help you”. “oh no, not really , I am just sort of looking”. Now take that as being the conversation that goes on at the back of the theatre level, shall we say. Does that explain what happens?

Yes, thank you.

Imagine the perceived neural network, and the flashes of light going across it. You look at the person, the flash of light goes through the entanglement and the person notes the light. It is quite simple really. The same applies to the business of the dogs knowing when their owners are coming home. They keep the line open, you might say, waiting for the desired thought. It is all about interconnection. You have your social media. As above so below.

Once you let your mind run through the process of interconnection and the interaction that activates the recognition then it is quite simple really for you to think these things through for yourself. So you might say if you didn’t have any knowledge of the situation that David was able to think this thing through for himself, but of course there is always the little eureka moments coming in “Ah, I understand, this is what happens”.

Now, did you discover it for yourself or did somebody just give you a little helping hand?


So the lesson is, if you wish to derive a lesson from this;  let your mind move in the silence, shall we say, and silence meaning the one- pointed focus upon the particular question that you are trying to find an answer to, excluding the other myriad thoughts that may intervene, and you will find your way through the labyrinth. If you do attempt this then just stay with it and gradually the resonance will pick up and you will tune in. All knowledge is available. Which is why, to repeat again, “Ask and it shall be given to you; Seek and ye shall find. You may work hard in your efforts to obtain it but sometimes it is better to just sit back and allow.



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