Love and Relationships after leaving the Physical Body

“They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it.
Death cannot kill what never dies.
Nor can spirits ever be divided, that love and live in the same divine principle, the root and record of their friendship.
If absence be not death, neither is theirs.
Death is but crossing the world, as friends do the seas; they live in one another still.
For they must needs be present, that love and live in that which is omnipresent.
In this divine glass they see face to face; and their converse is free, as well as pure.
This is the comfort of friends, that though they may be said to die, yet their friendship and society are, in the best sense, ever present, because immortal.”
                                                ― William Penn, Some Fruits of Solitude / More Fruits of Solitude

In the physical you consider yourselves separate but your higher consciousnesses are always together.

Now with regard to moving over, we have so far talked about the fact that you will be met by those who put on the appearance of those who you wish to be met by. Of course it can also be that they will actually be the people you expect to meet, not just the appearance of, because have we not discussed that you and your higher self are one and the same. In one or more of our previous discussions we have slipped in the phrase “you are always there anyway” and another phrase “life is continuous”. So let us talk about the fact that while one portion of your total consciousness is focused into the physical we haven’t talked about the fact that the rest of your consciousness is focused where?

We have mentioned the fact that you are living many lives and so you have several focuses and we have mentioned the fact many times that this world you are focused in is a co-created world. Co-created with your fellow higher consciousnesses which upon a moment’s reflection you will agree must be the case so that you can manipulate your puppets with seamless coordination. Now, just reflect upon the foregoing words and you will come to the inevitable conclusion that your higher consciousnesses are always in communication. They are living a life in much the same way as you in your restricted consciousness, stretched consciousness, puppet form are living your life. Now when you move back over we also stated that you and your higher consciousness immediately become one again if you already haven’t woken up to that fact whilst in the physical, but that is an aside because of David.

You live several lives at once in “parallel dimensions”. 

Now as you all have been in continuous lives in what you might say are parallel dimensions because look at where all the stretched pieces (referring to a previous analogy whereby you imagine your total consciousness stretched out with one end focused in the physical and the other focused in say your home base) shall we say, all the puppets, the dimension they are in and look at the veil, the black cloth, the curtain that separates the puppets from the higher consciousness. Look at the thoughts and actions that are being performed by both, let’s say, thoughts. The actions performed by the puppet are indeed occasioned by the thoughts being thought by the higher consciousness, which of course are immediately reflected in the actions of the puppet. But you will see that these lives are parallel. The lives of the puppets and the lives of the controlling consciousnesses are in parallel which is why the concept of parallel universes holds some water although it is doubtful that this line of reasoning has been followed to conceive that concept. But truth, the word, we find to be somewhat morphic in that it can morph from one thing to another as consciousness expands, but truth will out in one form or another or many maybe.

You have, are and will, while you consort with the same groups of consciousness of course, always be together, and so as you move back over it will seem as if no time has passed because you have been with each other all the time. Can you understand this? You are just as much with your loved ones now as you ever were, simply on another level. It is just that one of your group has withdrawn his focus, withdrawn his puppet from the parallel universe that you consider that you are inhabiting. So when you move over you will not just be met again, you will also quickly remember that you never actually left in the first place. And so our talks about updates in various lives were to enable you to make the mental transition to understand how “yes, I can see that I would already know everything”. Once being able to accept that fact, you can now possibly accept the fact that the reason you haven’t missed a thing is because you’ve always been there!

Multiple love relationships and unconditional love.

So, in all dimensions, and life is continuous in all dimensions, so as someone in the Ecclesiastical side said on your plane many, many moons ago, “it is just like stepping from one room to another.” You will not even realise that anything has changed once you turn your gaze from the physical to that of the, what you consider to be, your total consciousness.

So, you want the rest of the story, well this has just passed through your mind, the living of parallel lives is to be extended of course to all the other focuses that you are presently engaged upon, all those other lives you are simultaneously leading, and in all those lives you have your connections, your bonds, your loved ones and yet you keep them completely separate. Now, as these lives are all going on simultaneously so they are all part of the particular group consciousness that is involved in these lives, and to make matters even more complicated you can be involved in more than one group consciousness at any time. So, the possibilities get larger, we were going to use the phrase, more and more infinite, but that may be stretching the imagination too far at present. So, you will have these loved ones in many lives, but just as you are only aware of your life and loved ones in this dimension so you are only aware of your life and loved ones in other dimensions while focusing in those dimensions. Speaking from the higher consciousness view point of course, you are aware of all the lives that you are involved in, you are aware of all the loved ones that you have bonds with, but each focus has being and is a separate focus, because life is continuous. You will move back over to the other side, as you put it, and you become one with your group consciousness and you realise you were the group consciousness all along and so were all the people you loved in this parallel universe. Then, you find that you have been living all these other lives all at once, and you indeed are living all these lives at once, but they are different plays you are acting in, each with their own set of bonds and attachments and there is no time. In each one of those plays you are a different “I” because you identify with the part you are playing in that play. So for those who feel that when I find out that I am not in quite so loving a bond in this particular focus as I am in another then you will find that, as we have said, these lives have been going on while you in your narrowed down focus, have been completely unaware that life is continuous. So, life is continuous all the time anyway. So, if you have had a love bond, that bond will be able to continue as if it had never been broken and also should you have had many love bonds they will all continue if you have not tired of them and moved on. We may need to explain this further.

You mentioned in your typing yesterday where you were understanding the scenario of the puppets and how the recognition could suddenly dawn, i.e. you would recognise the controlling consciousness through the actions of its puppet, that is the hallmark of the producer shall we say, a distinctive trait, the flash of the eyes, the movement of the hand. And so, the instant recognition. This would account for love at first sight for example because you realise “Ah, that’s the plan, this is the person I was meant to meet and fall in love with”. So yes maybe an unintentional break of the veil, one small recognition at your level of your connection with higher consciousness that slipped through in the, you might say, habitual hallmarks of that particular consciousnesses puppet operation methods. Just like the film producer analogy referred to before.

Now, back to the multiple love relationships. We refer you back once more to the fact that when you are in the narrowed down part of your overall consciousness then emotions and feeling are heightened because of the intimate contact you have with each other. But when you sit at the back of the audience then you see things for what they are. Yes, look at them, they’re falling in love, isn’t that nice and, you are manipulating your puppet very well, and, your puppet loves my puppet, isn’t that nice too. We are both getting warm feelings aren’t we, yes, very pleasant.

So we see that the feelings when sitting at the back of the audience are not so important. They are just, let us say, pleasant. So you will admit that you can have many, many pleasant relationships without the necessity of deep and intimate love in each one. So if you can bring yourself to accept the fact that your deep and intimate love that exists on this level in this parallel universe, from a higher point of view, this is merely a pleasant relationship albeit one that you wish to see more of maybe but as we said before it is all simultaneous so you won’t be aware if it is more or less.

You have this pleasant relationship, you may even call it unconditional love for all those that you, shall we say, work with in all your focuses, in your various experiences. You will lose none of them and you will feel no different because you will be looking at things from a higher viewpoint and no longer will you be lost in the drama. You will no longer be a drama, you will just be an experience that you enjoyed. ( in other words you will look back on your life as Tom, Dick or Harriet as simply an experience but remember that  the record and pattern exists and you can recreate the appearance and its personality whenever you, as a group consciousness, wish)

As we were explaining the other evening, you live several lives at once. You not only live several lives at once, you are fully engaged, or so you think, in several lives at once because to reiterate, the minute you focus into a particular life, for analogy’s sake we will call it channel, you instantly are aware of everything that has happened within that life whilst you consider that you have not been focused in it. To you it seems that you have been there all the time. (and in later sessions after we absorb this concept we are told that we have indeed been there all the time). It is simply that you have assimilated the updated information.  You can say to yourself either the information is in the channel or the information is within yourself because they are effectively one and the same.

The continuation of love relationships.

When we move to the much feared, contemplated, worried about subject of continuous love relationships, then if you think through what we have said you will realise that your relationships are constant in all those lives and those lives will continue. They don’t stop, they carry on. The fact that you drop off the physical body does not mean that the personality, shall we say, does not continue. It does because it is not only living in the physical it is living on other, let us say, dimensional levels. So as you talk about your various astral, emotional, mental, causal and other bodies you are living on all these (“levels”) at once so no matter which one you are focusing in, on the same basis, you are totally up to date on each one at all times.

Therefore, you have many love links in each of those lives and you don’t lose any of them. All of them continue and just as your relationships are on the earth, some may wax and wane but that will be of the same effect to a certain degree as that which happens on the physical plane except that in the mental, emotional planes you are more aware of the “realities” of the situation and that these attachments no longer feel so intense, no longer of a “possession” nature. They are more of a friendship, cooperation, acquaintance nature as any fear of separation disappears and you realise that you can be together whenever you wish. There is no time either and you can split your consciousness, your focus into several areas simultaneously and each will seem continuous. You can be with whom you want to be whenever you want to be. You will not feel the need to have your loved one close to you because you will be secure in the knowledge that should you wish to contact them they will be there.

You will be able to exchange your various information in the light of friendship and, shall we say, love, but love will have a different connotation than that which is prevalent in the physical world. All this should help you to be more at ease with your life in the physical. To know that you never lose anybody. Whilst you are in the physical and you are focused in the physical, yes, you think you have lost somebody but on another level you have never lost them. You are together as much as you ever were here, but you understand the relationship far better than you do when you are focused entirely in the physical. This peace of mind ensues, once it becomes a firm belief. You fully understand you do not, you cannot, lose contact with anybody. Once you are entangled there is no way that contact can be broken. Anytime you focus upon that contact, you will be in contact. In general, the other party will respond and if you have the same interests and the same ideas then you will join together with others to be involved in said activity. If you do not wish to be involved in a particular activity and your other side does then you will go your different ways, but you can imagine that if you have participated in a certain idea at one stage then you have a certain meeting of minds, which is actually a good phrase for this particular analogy in that circumstance, and therefore your trains of thoughts, activities tend to travel along similar lines and you will undoubtedly participate together in other things as well. This again will wax and wane as you take different directions and you will, of course, enjoy interaction with other consciousnesses just as much as you previously enjoyed interaction with another one. But, the whole scheme of existence, shall we say, the word scheme is wrong as well, but the whole nature of existence is such that once you are able to see the wood for the trees then fear and worry are no longer a part of your make up. Now, before we embark on another area, how does that fit in with what we explained in the previous session?

It all sounds very sensible.

So we would like to expand a little more on what we referred to some time ago that in many of your lives you have relationships. Of course in all your lives you have relationships but in some there are those that are more intense than others and you form bonds and attachments that to you are extensions of yourself. Feelings that you exult in and despair from, attachments that cause pain and attachments that engender tremendous joy. Now it is very hard when you are so lost in the drama to conceive that these attachments are natural shall we say? They are not the be all and end all. Life will not end because you feel that you are no longer attached or that you are losing the attachment. You realise that although the focus has switched the bond is still there except that, to put it in your terms, you are both looking in different directions but you have not lost the attachment, you have not lost the bond, you are temporarily focused in different directions. “Bit like being in different country with limited communication” Yes and also that you have far more bonds and attachments than you are aware of. As a unit of consciousness, shall we say, you are involved in all these different focuses, all these different lives, all these different realities and of course, because of the exclusivity of focus in these realities you form attachments simply because you are involved in co-creations, agreements and therefore an agreement is a form of bond. You both, you all, work together as one to manifest a certain end, be it object, event, or whatever, and so you are connected to literally infinite other consciousnesses. Which is where the thought that all is one comes from. That we are all connected, you are me and I am you etc. This is merely trying to use language to grasp something that is intellectually impossible to comprehend. But you can see when you just take the simple attitude that you merely are focusing somewhere else, you may not understand why the focus changed, and it is best not to try to understand, because unless you can communicate, which  you do of course when you are asleep, but at that time the person that you wish to communicate with has changed focus from the physical and now operates in a different frequency, now you may meet on another frequency in between or you may simply switch to their frequency, whichever way you wish to slice the pie.

Then of course you are together, bonded, loving as always, which your philosophers have expounded for millennia. You never lose but you both watch your different channels. Now, when you decide to switch focus from this channel then you will be aware, in fact you do not even realise you have switched focus from this channel, except for the bonds that hold you to this channel. You will focus backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards to keep the connection until there is no longer a bond to hold you here. Then you will discontinue that focus unless, of course, another idea comes along which looks interesting and then you may decide to focus back into this channel again. One thing that is hard, simply because of your lack of knowledge, is to understand that when you switch, the word switching channels is not satisfactory, but when you find yourself no longer focused in this channel, you are still aware of all the information because it is like flicking a light on and off, you focus back, focus out, focus back, focus out like breathing in and out,  for example, only at a far faster rate and therefore the emotion, the feeling that you had for the personalities in this reality will still be a strong influence on you and likewise for those who have gone before, because that is no different from you looking at the ones that you have left behind. So, you will seek them out and they will seek you out and at the same time this will be the immediate bit and then you will realise of course that you are involved in other channels as well and even though as you stand back and understand that you are involved in all these other channels you are soon aware, that as we have explained, that you will focus in one channel and then another and then another but they will all be continuous, simply because of the instantaneous updates that you obtain in each one.

The subject of love.

Now let us turn to the subject of love. The one emotion, and before we commence let us remind you that love is the opposite of hate,  even though people will dispute this, but what you are talking about is a strong, attractive ,repulsing force . Love, obviously is the attraction, and hatred is the repulsion.

Now, does a magnet have two poles?

One attracts and one repulses. Within you, you have the two ”poles” for a particular emotion. In the case of magnetism like poles repel while opposite poles attract, however where emotions, thoughts, love are concerned like attracts like and the same generally applies to hatred. This is not just on a physical to physical basis. This applies to minds which are real things. This applies to thoughts which are real things. This applies to ideas which are real things. Everything that is, all information that is are real things. Now you think of information as just coming and going, but what is information? Information is, in terms of your computers, strings of electromagnetic impulses designated as zeroes and ones. But they are real, they are pulses and if they were not there you would have no information. They have a “being”. Maybe a being in their own particular sphere of existence but still a being. Therefore you have to view the fact that love and hatred are just merely perceptions, but perceptions that arouse what you refer to as emotions and most emotions, once you think about them, are some form of attraction or repulsion. Even if you go to tears, they can be tears of happiness, they can be tears of sadness, but both ends of that particular spectrum can move you to tears. Emotions really are one of the hardest things to categorise simply because once more we are back to the belief systems of the particular “entity grouping” we will call it, to save having to keep going on about observer and observed.

The particular things that would reduce or immediately evoke feelings of overwhelming compassion and then lead to tears in one person, can be seen with complete detachment by another person. So, you can say, that, all elements of the word, ‘love’ and the approximate emotions it engenders, are really, you are in love with the idea or the pattern, be it the pattern of the body, be it the pattern of words, be it any other pattern of any other sense that you care to contemplate. Are you with this?

Obviously the opposite applies. But once you are aware of that, then, you could, of course, stand back and say, “This is merely, in order to be entirely rational, you could consider this another hallucination. Why do I suddenly have this feeling of this person? Why did this idea take my imagination? Why do I discard the other? Or find with this other person there is no chemistry”. People talk about pheromones and yet you can fall in love with somebody over the phone, a thousand miles away. You can fall in love at first sight, at a glance across the room, or even at a photograph of somebody. So, what do you think is happening here? You have an instant non-local connection, whether you hear a voice, if you don’t see the face, whether you see a photograph everything is instant connection. If your frequencies are harmonic, if you wish, to call it one explanation which some may find satisfactory. Or you could say that you have instant full information transfer. So you have instant full information about the other person which of course, you do have the minute the link is made. And if your intentions for a life, then we are talking about, we can broaden that, we were going to say getting together on a physical basis but it can also be that idea fits your idea for your future, in other words, life. Yes? So, whatever it is that seems to fit harmoniously, or achieve for you in your vision of how your life you wish to proceed you then move towards that or bring that into your orbit, shall we say. So, nowadays this is called, “the law of attraction.” But, of course, again we are back to chicken and egg, although, I suppose, we could say that you are, have the desire,  to be in love with somebody and then you go through, on another level, many connections, where you sift the range of probabilities and  then make a selection. Of course, it all becomes very difficult to explain when we have to refer you back to the fact that everything happens simultaneously. It is reasonably easy to explain in your own terms. That you have a feeling of loneliness, you want somebody to love. You send a message out into the ether via all thought patterns and so once upon a time a thought arises to mix time systems. Yes? Therefore, that thought is noticed, in your case it is noticed by what you consider to be individual, although that may be many consciousnesses, many minds as we discussed before. But that individual, a good analogy would be, in some ways, current use of mobile phones, where each is constantly talking to the other one and saying, “I am here, and moving towards there” and the other one says, “OK, I am here, I am coming this way, now tell me when you are near so and so. Yes?

So, imagine this on another level and suddenly there is a meeting and then you say, “This must be meant to be.” “Why is this?” It’s all been arranged. It’s all been arranged by the two that have had all this information transfer totally unbeknownst to the physical instruments. So, I am afraid we have, I hope, I won’t say hope because that rather takes the magic away. But maybe we have demystified love a little.

Can you talk about interconnectedness?

As we have said before, all is interconnected. But, like your roads and railways are interconnected, there is a certain closeness in locality even though there may be no space as far as you are concerned, there is still a difference in, you might say, resonance, vibration. So although you are connected through the network intertwined with various connections you still must realise that you have to go via “roundabouts”, the synapses if you wish, find other analogies that you can understand, it is not always direct even though it may be relatively instantaneous. But the further you get away from your own resonant beliefs and emotions the less easy it is to understand those who are furthest away in that context. Much as like your present religions cannot seem to find any common ground with other religions. They don’t understand each other and it will take time for them to understand each other should they wish to set about the task of trying to understand each other.

Many look and say “I’m quite happy with what I’ve got, with who I am, Why should I bother?” The same applies in consciousness. Consciousness creates their own image of who they are and most are happy with who they are. Referring to our previous conversation we said that most people given the opportunity to lead a wonderful life but having to lose their own identity in the process would say “but I won’t know I’m enjoying this wonderful new life as me because I will have disappeared and how will I be I as that new person”?  So invariably they decline.

The same thing applies with consciousness. They know that they will have to spend a certain amount of time, if you wish “time”, they will have to experience being immersed, we say “partly immersed” in, but the experiences of immersion do colour those consciounesses who cannot stay at arms length. Because even the consciousness that is not in the physical, although they focus in the physical, many find it difficult to identify with their instrument. There is a fine line here of being able to maintain clarity of mind especially when your desire to do something is being frustrated. How many of you can sit back and let things unfold when they are not unfolding the way you wish them to unfold. And yet you are instruments influenced by consciousness so do you not think that the consciousness feels what you feel because you are both one and the same.

Interconnectedness. Although you can connect theoretically to those who, in certain terms, are far away from you on a scale of beliefs, emotions and thereby behaviour, you cannot in most cases envisage how that person ”is”, how that person feels. In much the same way that you cannot enter into someone else’s mind on the physical plane and feel what their beliefs, emotions, drives, ambitions are. You can only try to deduce. Do you understand?

Hopefully I understand.

All is interconnected but you stay, in general, within your own self-created frame of reference. To go outside that, you can, and do, go to frames of reference that are not too different from your own. Once you get too far away you feel uncomfortable. You have been told before, people have expressed this through the ages as planes of existence, as levels of vibration. That when you try to move to a higher vibration you find you cannot maintain the vibration. That really means you have not developed the behaviour, the ability, call it what you will, to fit in to that particular frame of reference, settled behaviour, whatever you want to call it. So if you look at the idea of vibration and call it your light that you are shining, which is the light of who you are, where all your thoughts and attitudes are lit up, are available for all to see, then you can imagine that as you shine that light you will be acceptable or no to other frames of reference who have similar lights.

It is your acceptability and your wish to be accepted. If you wish to be accepted then you must make yourself acceptable but you must think that way as well as act that way because your light shines for all to see.

That’s right. On another level your thoughts are exposed for all to see, in effect.

Group souls.

We will move on to the subject being looked at today. That of group souls. We will refer you back to “Entangled Minds” whereby many minds get together for an experience. So you may as well say, this is a group soul experience and yet to play or be interlinked with other group souls for the experience and are both intertwined and as we say about life generally, interdependent, so love bonds are created and like actors you find that actors get comfortable with each other and can then enter into various plays, take opposing parts and yet put on a very convincing portrayal because they can spark off each other. A flash of the eyes can be met by a raising of the hand or other bodily motions, which the audience can see, but with in-depth knowledge of each other become quite natural, and therefore, the portrayal becomes extremely realistic. So, this is how a bond is formed, you may call it a love bond. It is simply that you really enjoy being together and prefer to be with that other consciousness rather than work with any new ones. So bonds are formed, strong ones and not so strong ones and some bonds gradually fade away. So, as in ”Entangled Minds”, minds join for the experience, and minds leave and go on other experiences, but they keep a connection and so everything is recognised, when thoughts move around but they are simply not acted upon if there is not the motivation or need to act upon that thought. It is simply noted and of course the connection can be re-established at any time should the need arise. You can take a parallel with this with having a vast address book in your phone, it may ring, you can’t remember who that was, you may decide to answer it, you may not. So when that rings you know that somebody is sending you a message and imagine if that is a broadcast message then you simply take a note of it but do not reply. I believe your Facebook has the same sort of interconnection where you simply broadcast your thoughts then some may reply, most don’t. So, again, there is nothing different in the bonds of love between, what you would call, souls or spirits and the bonds of love between the physicals, because the physicals after all are simply that portion or that representation of the spirits that are enjoying that particular experience. What else do you want?

What about entering a new life on earth? How is it determined? How are the parents determined for example?

The parents are not picked out from a smorgasbord of those who are intending to have a child. You are confusing fact not the fact. You cannot take the physical and the non-physical as being separate. It is all interconnected. The group consciousnesses that are utilising the instruments which you call the parents are in contact regardless. They are indissolubly linked, interconnected, with the groups of consciousness that wish to start a new physical life and so agreement happens and then the instruments are manipulated to produce a new physical instrument. But the parents on another level are aware of the reason why they feel they wish to create the new physical instrument and the group consciousness that is of each, the main driving ones let us put it this way because everything is interlinked on another level, then it is possible for a group consciousness to have a connection with each parent and with each child simultaneously. For example, you will know that many parents wish for their children to be able to accomplish that which they had not been able to accomplish. It is called living through the child. Can you see what that means? Living through the child? You are merely living your own life and you have an interest in another one at the same time. You are manipulating your own instrument but you are also part of the group consciousness that is manipulating the child instrument. So your thought stream, this is from the group consciousness level, is going towards both the parent and the child, is involved in the group thought stream and thereby the manifestation of both the parent instrument and the child instrument. But obviously your main focus, because that was your main purpose in the first place, when we say “your” we are talking about the particular group consciousness that manifested the parent instrument, had a certain agenda. That may have changed, other things may have come up and so it is not a question of having complete separation between each generation when you are looking at it from the point of view of the group consciousness.  Can you understand? That you can have a primary focus on the parent and yet a secondary focus on the child instrument and as you move back to the other side (pass over) then you still keep a secondary focus on the child instrument. You can say that that is love but you still feel the connection and the feeling of pride when the child achieves something.

So the group consciousness in that effect is continually involved as you move from one generation to another when the bond has been developed due to resonant vibration shall we say. As pendulums resonate with one another then close contact gives a certain amount of resonance but many resonances can be encompassed in one.

Comment: The above explains the messages that come through from those that have passed. That they are always with us, we are never apart and they are aware of everything that is going on in our lives.

You need never be apart from those you love.

We have sometimes alluded to the fact that you are never alone, you are never apart, you are always in contact, you cannot be separated and perhaps it is only right that we try to give you some analogies as to how this is possible.

Now you must start from the fact that you are first and foremost what you would term “spiritual beings”. You are, in the hackneyed phrase, spiritual beings enjoying a physical experience, which is 100% right of course. Now, coming back to our normal definition of consciousness, you are “conscious beings”; you are conscious entities who have decided to embark upon a range of experiences in a co-created environment that you term physical reality.

As we have explained so many times before and you probably understand by now, you are currently focusing (into) many realities simultaneously, what you would term living several lives at once. Now try to think what that means, that you and all consciousnesses, and let us just stick to the human species at the moment, are all focusing different places and living out a series of experiences in what is to you a separate reality in each focus. So, then you think to yourself, where is the centre piece of this consciousness that is sitting there looking around and focusing here, there and everywhere. Of course it is very difficult for us to put over the point to you that your unit of consciousness, or what you seem to be, only becomes reality to you when it is enjoined with many other units of consciousness through what you would term, to make it easier to understand, a form of neural network. So, if you can imagine, the energy of many coming together enables you to experience the joint perceptions of that particular gestalt of consciousness focused in that particular reality along with many other gestalts.

Now of course all these gestalts are interlinked. As you are. Your unit of consciousness is linked with many others which is linked with others, others, others, others, which is why all knowledge is available to all, because everything is totally interlinked. Now if you take this a little bit further and, as we have said, you have to start from the fact that you are conscious beings, spiritual beings if you wish, then the physical being is merely a construct of, what we termed before, imagination. It is a construct, it is a construct for your perception to perceive and for your perception also in sensory terms as in touch, taste, hearing etc. While this is going on, you’re focusing here, there and elsewhere, you are talking to each other all the time.

Let us give you some simple analogies to illustrate this fact. One that you may want to take a tour through the thought process with is the rather recent innovation of performing surgical operations at a distance using video technology and robotic instruments. We will not try to be too technical with this as because you only need to grasp the idea. So, the surgeon is sitting in a hospital in town A whereas the patient is in a hospital in town B, say 1000 kilometres distant. The appropriate equipment is set up and the surgeon can put on his visor, let’s put it this way, insert his hands into the equipment and then he is able to see and become part of, shall we say, the reality in that other hospital. All connections are made and the full operating support staff are participating as they would be should the surgeon be physically present. The surgeon proceeds using a robotic instrument which he can control and manipulate in such a way that it faithfully mimics his own actions.  At the same time he can focus around and communicate within that operating room almost as if he were physically present.

What have we got here? We have a disembodied being, i.e. the surgeon is 1000 kilometres away, operating a robot, an instrument, a vehicle, to keep our terminology constant in relation to the previous teachings we have put through and so you may look upon him as the spirit being. This is pretty much the same process that is going on with your own physical body and the spirit being. Now what is the surgeon doing? He is focusing in the other location, isn’t he? Which is exactly what is happening to you of course.  Now the surgeon, although looking through his visor and being focused upon the reality of the remote operating room, is not alone. He will have, depending on the difficulty of the operation, a backup team around him as well. Additionally there may be many other observers, medical students, teachers and other interested parties.  What does this mean? So this “spiritual being” has other spiritual beings around him, doesn’t he?  Yes?


And yet he is in contact with all those in the remote operating room. So take the one where the patient is as the physical operation and the one where the surgeon is as the spiritual operation. He is in contact with both. He is in full contact with the personnel in the room where the operation is being performed and he is also in contact with all the, what you might term “spiritual beings”, around him. He is in both places at once, he is on the stage and he is in the back of the theatre. Now he can get lost in the detail as well. He can get so immersed in the operation that he may block out, ignore, be unable to hear, the whispers of his back up team as he is concentrating on the observations of his staff surrounding the patient. You can probably understand that. Yet if he allows himself to take a minute off to contemplate his next move and enters the silence, shall we say, then he will hear the whispers of his team back at base. What you might also term as intuition in another context. The team may take the opportunity to get his attention and proffer their advice. Run the scenario for yourself and you will get the idea.

Let us now try a simpler analogy. One that may give you a more basic understanding.

You go to a party. There are many hundreds of people at this large party. It is spread over a large area in a vast house. You wander from room to room observing what is going on and suddenly you happen upon, say, a poker game and you decide to join in. Another person finds that the Cup Final is being shown in another room and he decides to join that particular group. There is a fashion show going on somewhere else….. just run the thing yourself.

Various locations, various realities. (All arising from various focuses)

All these consciousnesses are involved in all these various things and depending on how much they are interested in what is going on then will they be aware of the other activities, the other realities? In most cases, not. The poker game may go on for hours, the Cup Final also. Other activities might do the same. Now take this in terms of your time and extend it to lifetime lengths and you will find that some people will spend their whole time focusing upon one particular activity, others will move from one activity to another. And yet they are all in the same place, aren’t they? And they all have the opportunity to step back from their focus and walk in to where others are watching the Cup Final and say “How is it going?” “Great, thank you” and they walk over to where their wife is watching the fashion show “are you OK honey?” “yes” “well I’m playing poker so we’ll catch up later” .

You are all in the same place, together, but you are all focusing upon the particular scene, activity that is holding your interest but you are aware that you can contact those you wish to contact at any time. Now let us say that there is a break, a rest time, for tea maybe. So what happens? You all wander back into the refreshment hall don’t you? And what happens to your focus? Your focus is temporarily laid aside e.g. the instrument is put to sleep, if you can understand the analogy here. And then you all talk to each other about what you are doing and agree to meet up when you are finished with your current focus.

Can you see this in terms of your daily sleep ritual and in terms of your life. There is no time, just a question of focus and of multiple simultaneous focuses.

Run this scenario in your own mind and you will see that you can both be together, or not, at any time you wish to.

You will find it difficult because you are focused, or so you think, purely in this reality, but, in effect, the part of your consciousness that is at the back of the theatre is able to pop in and out of the various realities and keep in touch with all the other gestalts. So in fact what you consider to be people who have been here and are now dead, which you now realise are not dead, you have never been apart from in the first place. You have always been able to talk to each other but you will not realise this until you get back and relinquish the belief that this is the only reality that you can inhabit at any one time. That is no different from trying to play poker while you are totally engrossed in the football game. You cannot give the attention required to both so you decide to focus on one and shut out the other. On another level you simply separate your focuses.

So you can understand, that although you find it hard to believe, you can never lose anybody, it is impossible to be disconnected. You can only choose to focus somewhere else and each time you wish to focus back you are together again. Which is why you can be, what you might call, “all things to all people” and you can have many, many love relationships. They all work and nobody gets possessive because it is the same for everybody, you cannot lose.

You need never be apart from those you love. You can always be together whenever you wish to be together. All consciousness is forever connected.

At the same time you are not tied to anybody. In the same way as you cannot lose anybody you have full freedom of choice as to whether you wish to answer the call, respond to the thought.  There is no way anyone can enter your awareness unless you open the door. In this reality you block out information from other realities so the same process applies. In general when these things happen, if you look upon what happens here, in many cases when people divorce some say they never want to see the other party again. Others stay good friends.

Realities arise from focusing on the web of thought

Let us try to explain to you how you are eternally interconnected and yet you can be experiencing many different realities simultaneously. So, let us picture a large web, any web you like, as you can see there are  pathways through the web and everything is interconnected so you can imagine neural networks, a spider’s web, whichever you like, but whatever happens in one area is felt or can be connected through to any other part. So, you have got a knowledge web, whatever you wish.

Now, for purposes of analogy let us locate you in point A of the web. If you look to the North, shall we say, you can see radiating around you, away from you, within that field of perception, all the connections and therefore all the realities arising from those particular connections. You might say arising from the thought of that gestalt if you wish, and if you focus in intently then that is the reality, the instrument etc. ( the body, the environment that you consider yourself to be a part of, your sense of “I” and your sense of the reality in which that “I” dwells).

Now of course if you then look West you have a different set of connections and accordingly a different reality, a different experience, and so on to South and to East and then you can graduate if you wish to SE, SSE, NE ,NW, however many realities you wish to be connected to.

Now, if there is a large scale emotion felt in one particular focus, one particular direction, one particular reality, let us call it a movement in the web, then a slight indication, a slight tremor, might be felt in another area of the web. You could put this down to a sudden feeling coming over you of happiness, sadness, whatever you wish. That could be what you might term a bleed-through from an alternate reality, another simultaneous life, another simultaneous “I”, one of the many “I”s that you are experiencing at any time. It is not too difficult to actually picture this in your own mind and watch what happens. Look at the web, look at your focus, see yourself as that one unit of consciousness in there connected with everything else (to all the other units of consciousness) and then see, as you look in one direction, all the interconnections light up, see them turn into colour, into a scene, you being part of that scene, see your body there and then see yourself believing that you are the body in that scene. Let’s call that North, now switch to East and see a different set of lights light up, it may look the same but you are actually focusing using (adhering to) different rules of the game, different parameters and a different scene appears and a different ”I”. (the particular gestalt you are now focusing into (East) will be creating a reality of its own which may differ somewhat from what we know as the conditions pertaining in North).

Are you following me?


And does it sound relatively simple?

Yes, thank you.

But of course you are there all the time, this connects to our previous expose that at any time you can switch focus and be in whichever reality you like with whoever you like ( one assumes the feeling must be mutual) . None of them ever disappear but you have the choice of focusing wherever you wish to focus and so do they. You must remember that your speed of cognition is basically instantaneous and so you are living all these lives, experiences, realities simultaneously.

If You Wish to Continue Experiencing the Familiar Life of Your Family and Friends After You Leave the Body You Can!

We can live many lives at any one time so if an individual awareness, who is living many lives, returns to its “source” from more than one existence at approximately the same time how much do the experiences and attitudes gained from each experience, each life, influence each other? Particularly if they are diametrically opposite.

Imagine if you go to, let us say, the road construction public meeting and there are many angry people, you may be one of them? Imagine your feelings as you leave the meeting. You then go to one of your dances, say, you are greeted with warmth and smiles and you find your focus and feelings entirely changed. You have just experienced two opposite sets of feelings, yes?


Now don’t you compartmentalise those? You don’t put one set of feelings against the other, do you? You wouldn’t find it easy to recap the events of the road meeting using your dance feelings and vice versa. So you are able to absorb both sets of feelings but you keep them separate. Now what have they been? Within let’s say a day has the intensity of feeling worn off? From both meetings?


Which set of feelings would you possibly retain more?

Hopefully the pleasant one more.

Quite likely. Unless the other one is revivified by a further focus. But let us say you have left that subject. So once you have left it you basically put it behind you don’t you? You don’t want to revisit it. So you forget it.  Whereas the dance experience may be recalled with pleasure. Now apply that to your question.

So what about beliefs in these lives? For example, in one you are a deeply committed Christian and in another an atheist. This is the same individual awareness experiencing these lives. What happens when you return to where you came from with those two totally different beliefs?

You soon realise that each one is an experience, a focus, a play. Now if you had been watching a play and got lost in the drama and even identified with one of the characters to a certain extent e.g. the atheist, now (you have switched focus) you will look at that with a different eye because remember you have been having lots of focuses and so as you are forever becoming those lots of focuses will have given you a certain amount, actually unlimited, of experience and an ability to put things in perspective. Basically you have done it all before, even though with no time you can say you were doing it all simultaneously but as we have explained before that no time is more the fact that there is no such thing as past or future because all is always available but that doesn’t mean to say that you are focusing on the same things all the time does it?


So you will be able to put it all in perspective. Now if you have found that you have become a committed Christian while you’ve been here, the minute you leave you are looking from a distance, you are at the back of the stage say, but even more so because you are not even in the theatre any more. Yes?


So you look and “well that was interesting, so that is what it feels like to be a committed Christian”.


But what does this actually mean? “Well, there is no religion, there is no need for religion. There is no need to believe in this person or that person because we all just simply are”.

This is indicative of what happens in the physical environment. Once you detach yourself from the observer status then you can get lost in a belief system that feels real to you but the minute you step back outside that belief system the unreality of it all becomes perfectly apparent and so, like anything else, you are able to merely put it aside. “That was an interesting experience”.

And you can discuss this experience with various others of course. “What did you think of that?  “Yes, it is amazing”. But it becomes quite academic. Can you imagine the conversations going on, “How did you feel?” “How did you feel?” And then you’re going to get the one who says “Well I suspected it couldn’t quite be right, you know”.  And another might say “I was absolutely convinced I was going to be met by Jesus and I was really quite surprised when Mum and Dad turned up but I couldn’t actually say that I wasn’t most pleased to see Mum and Dad and I realised very quickly that we all survive”.

As soon as you find out that everything that you are creating is due to your own intentions to create X, Y and Z, and it happens, then you quickly realise that your life (existence?) is not bound up by the intentions of some God figure.

So how much in the way of attitudes, experiences etc. actually return with the individual awareness? Or can they only be recreated with the multitude of awarenesses that have conglomerated in the life experience?

You take from each what you wish to take from each. When you were having the physical experience you were sometimes in doubt as to which decision to make. That was an attitude towards something, wasn’t it?


Toward one side or the other. Now how much do those attitudes apply to your new environment? Take for example the committed Christian situation. Let us say that Mum and Dad were committed Christians as well. They might say “We’ve learned it isn’t quite as we thought, this is how it works, let us show you”. And they demonstrate. Are you going to believe it as it happens in front of your eyes? And so committed Christianity just dissipates away. (Non-relevant attitudes and beliefs are discarded)

So you don’t need all the other consciousnesses that have been with you in that particular life experience to have any belief, attitude, experience etc.?

We will all decide to go and watch a football match. Now let us say 20,000 people all think that going to watch X versus Y is a jolly good idea. It is all video screened and you all have touch buttons. At this particular football match there is no referee, the crowd is the referee. They are all seeing things from different angles, this sentence has a double meaning, do you understand?

Yes, yes.

They are all seeing things from different angles and so when a challenge is signalled the videos are replayed, you all look at the screen and you all press your button. Now depending from which angle you are watching you could say yes or no couldn’t you? From one angle it looks like a foul from another it doesn’t, bias is in there as well. You may agree or not agree with what has happened. But when the game is over you have experienced the democratic result of 20,000 different points of view and it is up to you whether you say “that was pretty good, I’m happy with the result, it seemed quite fair” or “we wuz robbed”. Now if you saw it as fair you would say “well that’s that, no big deal”.

So you participated, you made decisions faced with actions that have occurred. Now then take that as your individual faced with various actions in various circumstances for which decisions are required but you are one of a number (of participants) 20,000 say or 20, 000,000, who knows, depending on how attractive your particular gestalt is. You go with the decisions that are made.


And so,  ”it’s been an interesting exercise”.


Now let us say that your particular gestalt has been married to another particular gestalt and you have developed a really good feeling of love. Now when you go over and the other gestalt hasn’t come over then you will probably still have the desire to see that particular person.


Now you do not need to get together with another number of awarenesses in the (your previous) gestalt in order to see that person because you are not creating anything. You do not need a gestalt any more, the gestalt was necessary for the creation of the instrument. You can simply tune into the thoughts, you can tune into the senses. If you think of telepathic transfer of sight pictures, which you have seen credible evidence of on your television programmes, what is being transmitted? The picture being seen by one gestalt is being transmitted to another but wouldn’t you say that each awareness comprising the gestalt is seeing the same picture? Gestalt “A” is going to telepath a picture, seeing a mountain and it has the intention to transfer that picture to gestalt ”B”. Would you say that all the participants in each gestalt see the picture, for the purposes of this explanation let us assume that the picture is transmitted perfectly?


So each one is able to see the sensory perceptions of another?


So what we are saying is that you as an individual awareness upon leaving the physical are still able to tune in to the sensory perceptions of the object gestalt. Do you understand? The transmission is still there, you didn’t need a physical instrument to pick up the transmission?


The transmission was being made from the instrument seeing the picture but you do not need all the individual awarenesses within the gestalt to do that, any individual awareness can broadcast what it sees i.e. transmit the picture. The picture being seen is like an idea, it is floating out there and so it is whether you wish to focus in upon it.

Thank you.

(We can assume that the brain and mind are continuously transmitting to the individual consciousnesses/awarenesses and majority instructions are being transmitted back.  Broadcasts that can be tuned into by third parties)

So in, what we call, the next life all the awarenesses that are returning, changing focus, what percentage of that would be from the physical and what percentage would be from other types of existences?

How many people, in terms of physical instruments here, lead fairly narrow lives and how many lead very interesting and diverse lives? Understand?


So when it comes to bringing stuff back, we work on the same basis, how many lives are you focused into? It is up to each individual awareness. Let us take the football fan once more, we will stay with this analogy. There is one person who is only interested in Manchester United and that is the only game he looks up, he bothers to watch, he is not interested in any other teams. Does he switch on when Hull are playing Southampton?


He is not interested, he doesn’t bother. Now someone who is passionate about football regardless, just loves watching football, is likely to switch on any football game rather than some other programme. So imagine the tennis, which you have just watched; how many people have only watched one person play?

Very few.

Most are interested in the competition. They will have their favourite but they will also be interested in who their favourite is likely to play and if, like our football fan, they just love watching good tennis then they will view many games, many players. When their favourite is playing the excitement and tension will be high but although that may be missing when watching other matches the skill and effort displayed will still be appreciated.


At the end of it all, after waking up and finding out who had won the men’s, did it really enter your mind, other than passing, who had won the women’s?


Experience over. You are now back in your home environment. When the next tournament comes up, if it is on your television, will you want to watch parts of that?


Another experience.

What I am trying to determine, I was asking about other forms of life other than the physical.

We have been through this before. You cannot imagine yourself as bodiless. We will return to an example we have given you before, sliding up and down rainbows of coloured light, feeling the motion, hearing the music, absolutely blissed out, totally unaware of time. Now, you will think of, what we might term the G-force, the feeling of ascending and descending and the sound rising and falling.  To give you some idea of this; if, wearing your virtual reality visor you find yourself on a rollercoaster and you are suddenly faced with a steep drop what will be your initial reaction?


Fear! And will you feel the drop as you go down?


But is it real?


It’s imagined.


And it’s imagined because of your memory of that. So you look downwards upon a steep drop and then as you look upwards you will expect to slow down and of course you do. So your expectation is creating your feeling?


This applies across the board.

 (And as any medium knows those same physical sensations can be experienced as a result of receiving them from a “departed” sender. Conversely the “departed” can experience our physical and mental feelings should they wish to focus in. A consequence of “quantum entanglement” or more simply “interconnected consciousness” operating in a constant state of potential telepathic communication. As explained in a previous post, you can never be separated from those you love. Now you can understand why we are encouraged not to let grief consume us in sadness as when they tune in to see how we are faring they are subjected to our feelings. How much better to try to keep upbeat and enjoying life so that those tuning in pick up those feelings and can be at peace regarding our mental condition whilst they await us joining them. P.S. This knowledge can be of inestimable comfort to the newly bereaved and if able to be put into practice the newly departed also so we would ask that if you know of anyone who could be helped by this understanding to please forward this post to them.)

Please reiterate that part of your question and we will try to expand some more.

I was just asking about other realities that’s all.

This is the point we were trying to make. We were describing sliding up and down the coloured rainbow and then we switched to the rollercoaster; now match the two up. You will imagine the feeling of sliding up and down. You will be happy in that feeling, there won’t be the fear, you will just enjoy the feeling.


You not only create your physical reality, you create your feelings, you create everything. You create your attitudes. Attitudes aren’t thrust upon you, you create your attitudes. Fear isn’t thrust upon you….

I would imagine that your attitudes develop throughout what I would call a lifetime and your attitudes change throughout a lifetime.

You don’t imagine that, you are fully aware of that as you experience different things in different places.


We once took you through the business of walking into somewhere and opening a door to find somebody firing bullets at you; you quickly slammed the door and then realised there were no bullet holes. The next door was an attacking cobra which you recoiled from but after several more of these you opened the doors with perfect equanimity. You knew that you were going to be confronted by something but it wasn’t real. Apply this to your imaginations. So you are going to imagine a wonderful feeling for example. You are going to imagine beautiful music. In the physical your imagination does not result in perfect pictures or beautiful sounds, you can only base them on memories of the same which are relatively indistinct, but imagine, as we have said in a previous example, that when the telepathic picture comes to you of the café overlooking the Mediterranean it comes to you as a reality as you are not self- entrammelled with the filters of the physical. So it comes to you actually crystal clear and then it is real. What you would term real. It comes in crystal clear.

 ( So just as our thoughts create our realities they are picked up as realities i.e. as we scan the thoughts we are actually scanning the realities which we then decide whether we wish to find out more so we focus on the thought/reality and find ourselves experiencing it. This is why those newly passed over find they have to stay focused on their desired  object/environment as if they let their mind wander they find themselves experiencing successive realities.)   It may be worthwhile  reading a previous post “All Worlds are Thought Worlds”

Well so does the music. If you take sound the only reason you have sound in the physical is because you have pressure waves that impinge upon the ear. Would you not think that sound exists apart from that?


So what is the sound of the pressure wave?

It is a vibration, isn’t it?

And you have to convert that vibration to a particular sound. Now when you convert that vibration to a particular sound what is actually hearing? The awarenesses, the consciousnesses focused upon the instrument. The consciousness is actually hearing but with what?

In the physical it is through the ear and the brain.. um..

But the awareness is non-physical, what is it hearing with? You have no idea.

Obviously, because if the human body is made up of X consciousnesses the individual consciousness would just be a minute part of that anyway.

It is not a question of size because when it comes to the imagination the smallest thing can imagine as much as the biggest thing in terms of any particular aspect.

Yes, I would agree with that.

When it comes to multitudinous activities, as in a tapestry for example, then it becomes more difficult and therefore more are involved. One may have detailed out in their imagination their café while another has detailed out their football field and the players upon it. (We must assume that many and various awarenesses then focus in on the player/ instrument of their choice and commence the game according to the agreed rules). So you have all these different ideas/scenarios/ realities floating about and you just focus in on whichever one (or more) that attracts you. Not really any different from the physical, as above so below. You have all these activities going on in the physical and you decide which ones you are going to focus into.


Same as your television. If you have 400 channels to choose from which one are you going to look at?  Remember, each one is simply moving waves that move through the atmosphere with no sound or light until they are turned into sound and light by the instrument, i.e. the television, and then your own instrument then turns that sound and light via your eyes and hearing into what you hear and see and then when it comes to the awarenesses I am afraid we will have to leave it there as even if we knew it would be impossible to describe to you because it is totally non-physical.

Yes. Thank you.

All is imagination. Now the word has its connotations. Whenever you think of imagining you think of some sort of hazy picture in the mind which you can think of and get some vague idea of what it is that you are trying to do but that is generally always in the context of something already existing and so therefore you have to go to pencil and paper or computer and try to sketch out what it is that you are thinking of.


Then you have to refine the idea, put in measurements etc. If you are technically capable you can then run your design through a computer and see if it works and if it does the next step is to make a model or simply construct from your design. Now depending on how speculative or futuristic your design is in respect to those already in existence it may be that the stresses and strains produced by your designs require materials that do not exist. For example, you could imagine this enormous plane and then find that in order to get that payload off the ground you would need wings of a certain size but the materials available to build those wings would not be able to withstand the stresses placed upon them by the turbulence to be met in normal flying. Everything in the physical has its natural limits. You could not have an aeroplane with a kilometre wide wingspan with your present materials.

So in order to try to give you some ideas we can only put across analogies that you can understand and these analogies are limited by the parameters of the physical environment. When you talk about sight you are talking about looking through eyes at a light reflecting or light emitting object. Now if that isn’t there, how do you see? Because you can only see when light is reflected from something and that is because you are in the physical and that is how the system works. But it is quite obvious that when a telepathic picture is transmitted the receiver is not seeing light being reflected from the object and you ask what is actually happening here?  You would have to say that this would be a thought wave or an intention wave but nobody recognises these things and yet it is happening. (Trying to understand the process/mechanism that makes remote viewing possible is similarly open to speculation although quantum entanglement and non-locality give a credible answer if it is deemed that part of our awareness dwells in that domain but if we also subscribe to the interconnectedness of consciousness these processes are far more simply explained)

When you both think of the same thing at the same time, when you think of someone and the phone rings and it is that person, what has happened? The thought has gone between by what you would call “brains”, but you know that isn’t possible or think it isn’t possible. Has it gone between awarenesses which are focused upon the same thing? Now when it comes to the constituents of the gestalt your awareness of the thought coming from somebody else has come to the surface which means that the majority opinion of the gestalt has said “X is going to phone” or is thinking of phoning. Now there has to be some kind of reasonable connection there between the parties because the majority would have to be interested; how often have you heard of someone saying “That is going to be so-and-so”, a complete stranger?


Of course not because the majority of the gestalt, even though the thought is out there, would have no idea and couldn’t be bothered with it; but if there is a relationship connection of whatever affinity then yes. Most of the time the only time you will know when someone is going to phone or you know that someone is in trouble is when there is, what you would term, an attachment of care. That is because that corridor of connection is always open, the doors are always open, because you always wish to be aware.


Let us say then for that particular person your Skype is always on and so is theirs, so when they think, i.e. press the button, you are immediately aware. Now this continues on as we have said before, once these links are forged then they continue on until they are no longer of interest or something else comes in that is of greater interest. All is forever becoming. You cannot say to yourself that you will only be associated with this person for infinity because the minute that you come back to realising that you have lots of focuses going you will ask yourself “How many people am I madly in love with?”


It could be many and so it’s only because you are in the physical that you say “Well which one” because you think in the singular. You don’t think “Well all of them”, and there will be more and more.

You will then realise that you are in love with the image, the gestalt instrument image. You then become aware that everything is connected to everything else and that the image was merely a focus for the time. Yes?


You then understand what unconditional love is. It is not conditional upon a physical instrument. That was just in the play, the constructed experience, and outside of that everybody cooperates and so there is no marriage or other restrictive arrangement. There is just love and peace to all, you might say. You are content just to be and to experience and to move from one experience to another and you are all doing it.

Thank you.

You are correct in your earlier conversation that when you turn your focus away from the physical body there will be a short or maybe a little longer transition period to where you understand in the terms that we have just outlined.

Yes, I can well imagine.

You will be quite happy in your new knowledge and, as we have said, as to those remaining you will look back in because you have had a lot of interest, but of course you have got all your other focuses as well and, as there is no time, you will be able to tune into the experience memory and everything else bank of the particular person and so, as we have said before, you will be there all the time, you won’t miss a thing. It won’t be a case of “I looked in last week, what’s happening this week?” because when you look in this week you will be aware of everything that the person experienced in that past week. So to you, no time has passed, or what has, you have been aware of it all.

That’s right.

Because you will pick up what those feelings and attitudes are the instrument is currently sensing and feeling. You will pick up where they are at the present time but that will be the culmination of what they have become and as they maybe switch to a memory from a week before that memory will seem as natural to you as if you have experienced the actual event because you are experiencing the same memory. Do you understand?

Yes, no problem.

So effectively when you enjoin, conjoin, focus into the mind of the instrument then you are part of that mind in the same way that you are part of the instrument that you are currently experiencing the physical through. Yes?


It is just a question of tuning in.

And when you have read this over several times you may feel a certain sense of security and peace. 

Please feel free to forward this post to anyone you think may benefit especially those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.





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