Love and Relationships after leaving the Physical Body

“They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it.
Death cannot kill what never dies.
Nor can spirits ever be divided, that love and live in the same divine principle, the root and record of their friendship.
If absence be not death, neither is theirs.
Death is but crossing the world, as friends do the seas; they live in one another still.
For they must needs be present, that love and live in that which is omnipresent.
In this divine glass they see face to face; and their converse is free, as well as pure.
This is the comfort of friends, that though they may be said to die, yet their friendship and society are, in the best sense, ever present, because immortal.”
                                                ― William Penn, Some Fruits of Solitude / More Fruits of Solitude

In the physical you consider yourselves separate but your higher consciousnesses are always together.

Now with regard to moving over, we have so far talked about the fact that you will be met by those who put on the appearance of those who you wish to be met by. Of course it can also be that they will actually be the people you expect to meet, not just the appearance of, because have we not discussed that you and your higher self are one and the same. In one or more of our previous discussions we have slipped in the phrase “you are always there anyway” and another phrase “life is continuous”. So let us talk about the fact that while one portion of your total consciousness is focused into the physical we haven’t talked about the fact that the rest of your consciousness is focused where?

We have mentioned the fact that you are living many lives and so you have several focuses and we have mentioned the fact many times that this world you are focused in is a co-created world. Co-created with your fellow higher consciousnesses which upon a moment’s reflection you will agree must be the case so that you can manipulate your puppets with seamless coordination. Now, just reflect upon the foregoing words and you will come to the inevitable conclusion that your higher consciousnesses are always in communication. They are living a life in much the same way as you in your restricted consciousness, stretched consciousness, puppet form are living your life. Now when you move back over we also stated that you and your higher consciousness immediately become one again if you already haven’t woken up to that fact whilst in the physical, but that is an aside because of David.

Now as you all have been in continuous lives in what you might say are parallel dimensions because look at where all the stretched pieces (referring to a previous analogy whereby you imagine your total consciousness stretched out with one end focused in the physical and the other focused in say your home base) shall we say, all the puppets, the dimension they are in and look at the veil, the black cloth, the curtain that separates the puppets from the higher consciousness. Look at the thoughts and actions that are being performed by both, let’s say, thoughts. The actions performed by the puppet are indeed occasioned by the thoughts being thought by the higher consciousness, which of course are immediately reflected in the actions of the puppet. But you will see that these lives are parallel. The lives of the puppets and the lives of the controlling consciousnesses are in parallel which is why the concept of parallel universes holds some water although it is doubtful that this line of reasoning has been followed to conceive that concept. But truth, the word, we find to be somewhat morphic in that it can morph from one thing to another as consciousness expands, but truth will out in one form or another or many maybe.

You have, are and will, while you consort with the same groups of consciousness of course, always be together, and so as you move back over it will seem as if no time has passed because you have been with each other all the time. Can you understand this? You are just as much with your loved ones now as you ever were, simply on another level. It is just that one of your group has withdrawn his focus, withdrawn his puppet from the parallel universe that you consider that you are inhabiting. So when you move over you will not just be met again, you will also quickly remember that you never actually left in the first place. And so our talks about updates in various lives were to enable you to make the mental transition to understand how “yes, I can see that I would already know everything”. Once being able to accept that fact, you can now possibly accept the fact that the reason you haven’t missed a thing is because you’ve always been there!

So, in all dimensions, and life is continuous in all dimensions, so as someone in the Ecclesiastical side said on your plane many, many moons ago, “it is just like stepping from one room to another.” You will not even realise that anything has changed once you turn your gaze from the physical to that of the, what you consider to be, your total consciousness.

So, you want the rest of the story, well this has just passed through your mind, the living of parallel lives is to be extended of course to all the other focuses that you are presently engaged upon, all those other lives you are simultaneously leading, and in all those lives you have your connections, your bonds, your loved ones and yet you keep them completely separate. Now, as these lives are all going on simultaneously so they are all part of the particular group consciousness that is involved in these lives, and to make matters even more complicated you can be involved in more than one group consciousness at any time. So, the possibilities get larger, we were going to use the phrase, more and more infinite, but that may be stretching the imagination too far at present. So, you will have these loved ones in many lives, but just as you are only aware of your life and loved ones in this dimension so you are only aware of your live and loved ones in other dimensions while focusing in those dimensions. Speaking from the higher consciousness view point of course, you are aware of all the lives that you are involved in, you are aware of all the loved ones that you have bonds with, but each focus has being and is a separate focus, because life is continuous. You will move back over to the other side, as you put it, and you become one with your group consciousness and you realise you were the group consciousness all along and so were all the people you loved in this parallel universe. Then, you find that you have been living all these other lives all at once, and you indeed are living all these lives at once, but they are different plays you are acting in, each with their own set of bonds and attachments and there is no time. In each one of those plays you are a different “I” because you identify with the part you are playing in that play. So for those who feel that when I find out that I am not in quite so loving a bond in this particular focus as I am in another then you will find that, as we have said, these lives have been going on while you in your narrowed down focus, have been completely unaware that life is continuous. So, life is continuous all the time anyway. So, if you have had a love bond, that bond will be able to continue as if it had never been broken and also should you have had many love bonds they will all continue if you have not tired of them and moved on. We may need to explain this further.

You mentioned in your typing yesterday where you were understanding the scenario of the puppets and how the recognition could suddenly dawn, i.e. you would recognise the controlling consciousness through the actions of its puppet, that is the hallmark of the producer shall we say, a distinctive trait, the flash of the eyes, the movement of the hand. And so, the instant recognition. This would account for love at first sight for example because you realise “Ah, that’s the plan, this is the person I was meant to meet and fall in love with”. So yes maybe an unintentional break of the veil, one small recognition at your level of your connection with higher consciousness that slipped through in the, you might say, habitual hallmarks of that particular consciousnesses puppet operation methods. Just like the film producer analogy referred to before.

Multiple Love Relationships and unconditional love.

Now, back to the multiple love relationships. We refer you back once more to the fact that when you are in the narrowed down part of your overall consciousness then emotions and feeling are heightened because of the intimate contact you have with each other. But when you sit at the back of the audience then you see things for what they are. Yes, look at them, they’re falling in love, isn’t that nice and, you are manipulating your puppet very well, and, your puppet loves my puppet, isn’t that nice too. We are both getting warm feelings aren’t we, yes, very pleasant.

So we see that the feelings when sitting at the back of the audience are not so important. They are just, let us say, pleasant. So you will admit that you can have many, many pleasant relationships without the necessity of deep and intimate love in each one. So if you can bring yourself to accept the fact that your deep and intimate love that exists on this level in this parallel universe, from a higher point of view, this is merely a pleasant relationship albeit one that you wish to see more of maybe but as we said before it is all simultaneous so you won’t be aware if it is more or less.

You have this pleasant relationship, you may even call it unconditional love for all those that you, shall we say, work with in all your focuses, in your various experiences. You will lose none of them and you will feel no different because you will be looking at things from a higher viewpoint and no longer will you be lost in the drama. You will no longer be a drama, you will just be an experience that you enjoyed. ( in other words you will look back on your life as Tom, Dick or Harriet as simply an experience but remember that  the record and pattern exists and you can recreate the appearance and its personality whenever you, as a group consciousness, wish)


As we were explaining the other evening, you live several lives at once. You not only live several lives at once, you are fully engaged, or so you think, in several lives at once because to reiterate, the minute you focus into a particular life, for analogy’s sake we will call it channel, you instantly are aware of everything that has happened within that life whilst you consider that you have not been focused in it. To you it seems that you have been there all the time. (and in later sessions after we absorb this concept we are told that we have indeed been there all the time). It is simply that you have assimilated the updated information.  You can say to yourself either the information is in the channel or the information is within yourself because they are effectively one and the same.

When we move to the much feared, contemplated, worried about subject of continuous love relationships, then if you think through what we have said you will realise that your relationships are constant in all those lives and those lives will continue. They don’t stop, they carry on. The fact that you drop off the physical body does not mean that the personality, shall we say, does not continue. It does because it is not only living in the physical it is living on other, let us say, dimensional levels. So as you talk about your various astral, emotional, mental, causal and other bodies you are living on all these (“levels”) at once so no matter which one you are focusing in, on the same basis, you are totally up to date on each one at all times.

Therefore, you have many love links in each of those lives and you don’t lose any of them. All of them continue and just as your relationships are on the earth, some may wax and wane but that will be of the same effect to a certain degree as that which happens on the physical plane except that in the mental, emotional planes you are more aware of the “realities” of the situation and that these attachments no longer feel so intense, no longer of a “possession” nature. They are more of a friendship, cooperation, acquaintance nature as any fear of separation disappears and you realise that you can be together whenever you wish. There is no time either and you can split your consciousness, your focus into several areas simultaneously and each will seem continuous. You can be with whom you want to be whenever you want to be. You will not feel the need to have your loved one close to you because you will be secure in the knowledge that should you wish to contact them they will be there.

You will be able to exchange your various information in the light of friendship and, shall we say, love, but love will have a different connotation than that which is prevalent in the physical world. All this should help you to be more at ease with your life in the physical. To know that you never lose anybody. Whilst you are in the physical and you are focused in the physical, yes, you think you have lost somebody but on another level you have never lost them. You are together as much as you ever were here, but you understand the relationship far better than you do when you are focused entirely in the physical. This peace of mind ensues, once it becomes a firm belief. You fully understand you do not, you cannot, lose contact with anybody. Once you are entangled there is no way that contact can be broken. Anytime you focus upon that contact, you will be in contact. In general, the other party will respond and if you have the same interests and the same ideas then you will join together with others to be involved in said activity. If you do not wish to be involved in a particular activity and your other side does then you will go your different ways, but you can imagine that if you have participated in a certain idea at one stage then you have a certain meeting of minds, which is actually a good phrase for this particular analogy in that circumstance, and therefore your trains of thoughts, activities tend to travel along similar lines and you will undoubtedly participate together in other things as well. This again will wax and wane as you take different directions and you will, of course, enjoy interaction with other consciousnesses just as much as you previously enjoyed interaction with another one. But, the whole scheme of existence, shall we say, the word scheme is wrong as well, but the whole nature of existence is such that once you are able to see the wood for the trees then fear and worry are no longer a part of your make up. Now, before we embark on another area, how does that fit in with what we explained in the previous session?

It all sounds very sensible.

So we would like to expand a little more on what we referred to some time ago that in many of your lives you have relationships. Of course in all your lives you have relationships but in some there are those that are more intense than others and you form bonds and attachments that to you are extensions of yourself. Feelings that you exult in and despair from, attachments that cause pain and attachments that engender tremendous joy. Now it is very hard when you are so lost in the drama to conceive that these attachments are natural shall we say? They are not the be all and end all. Life will not end because you feel that you are no longer attached or that you are losing the attachment. You realise that although the focus has switched the bond is still there except that, to put it in your terms, you are both looking in different directions but you have not lost the attachment, you have not lost the bond, you are temporarily focused in different directions. “Bit like being in different country with limited communication” Yes and also that you have far more bonds and attachments than you are aware of. As a unit of consciousness, shall we say, you are involved in all these different focuses, all these different lives, all these different realities and of course, because of the exclusivity of focus in these realities you form attachments simply because you are involved in co-creations, agreements and therefore an agreement is a form of bond. You both, you all, work together as one to manifest a certain end, be it object, event, or whatever, and so you are connected to literally infinite other consciousnesses. Which is where the thought that all is one comes from. That we are all connected, you are me and I am you etc. This is merely trying to use language to grasp something that is intellectually impossible to comprehend. But you can see when you just take the simple attitude that you merely are focusing somewhere else, you may not understand why the focus changed, and it is best not to try to understand, because unless you can communicate, which  you do of course when you are asleep, but at that time the person that you wish to communicate with has changed focus from the physical and now operates in a different frequency, now you may meet on another frequency in between or you may simply switch to their frequency, whichever way you wish to slice the pie.

Then of course you are together, bonded, loving as always, which your philosophers have expounded for millennia. You never lose but you both watch your different channels. Now, when you decide to switch focus from this channel then you will be aware, in fact you do not even realise you have switched focus from this channel, except for the bonds that hold you to this channel. You will focus backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards to keep the connection until there is no longer a bond to hold you here. Then you will discontinue that focus unless, of course, another idea comes along which looks interesting and then you may decide to focus back into this channel again. One thing that is hard, simply because of your lack of knowledge, is to understand that when you switch, the word switching channels is not satisfactory, but when you find yourself no longer focused in this channel, you are still aware of all the information because it is like flicking a light on and off, you focus back, focus out, focus back, focus out like breathing in and out,  for example, only at a far faster rate and therefore the emotion, the feeling that you had for the personalities in this reality will still be a strong influence on you and likewise for those who have gone before, because that is no different from you looking at the ones that you have left behind. So, you will seek them out and they will seek you out and at the same time this will be the immediate bit and then you will realise of course that you are involved in other channels as well and even though as you stand back and understand that you are involved in all these other channels you are soon aware, that as we have explained, that you will focus in one channel and then another and then another but they will all be continuous, simply because of the instantaneous updates that you obtain in each one.

The subject of love.

Now let us turn to the subject of love. The one emotion, and before we commence let us remind you that love is the opposite of hate,  even though people will dispute this, but what you are talking about is a strong, attractive ,repulsing force . Love, obviously is the attraction, and hatred is the repulsion.

Now, does a magnet have two poles?

One attracts and one repulses. Within you, you have the two ”poles” for a particular emotion. In the case of magnetism like poles repel while opposite poles attract, however where emotions, thoughts, love are concerned like attracts like and the same generally applies to hatred. This is not just on a physical to physical basis. This applies to minds which are real things. This applies to thoughts which are real things. This applies to ideas which are real things. Everything that is, all information that is are real things. Now you think of information as just coming and going, but what is information? Information is, in terms of your computers, strings of electromagnetic impulses designated as zeroes and ones. But they are real, they are pulses and if they were not there you would have no information. They have a “being”. Maybe a being in their own particular sphere of existence but still a being. Therefore you have to view the fact that love and hatred are just merely perceptions, but perceptions that arouse what you refer to as emotions and most emotions, once you think about them, are some form of attraction or repulsion. Even if you go to tears, they can be tears of happiness, they can be tears of sadness, but both ends of that particular spectrum can move you to tears. Emotions really are one of the hardest things to categorise simply because once more we are back to the belief systems of the particular “entity grouping” we will call it, to save having to keep going on about observer and observed.

The particular things that would reduce or immediately evoke feelings of overwhelming compassion and then lead to tears in one person, can be seen with complete detachment by another person. So, you can say, that, all elements of the word, ‘love’ and the approximate emotions it engenders, are really, you are in love with the idea or the pattern, be it the pattern of the body, be it the pattern of words, be it any other pattern of any other sense that you care to contemplate. Are you with this?

Obviously the opposite applies. But once you are aware of that, then, you could, of course, stand back and say, “This is merely, in order to be entirely rational, you could consider this another hallucination. Why do I suddenly have this feeling of this person? Why did this idea take my imagination? Why do I discard the other? Or find with this other person there is no chemistry”. People talk about pheromones and yet you can fall in love with somebody over the phone, a thousand miles away. You can fall in love at first sight, at a glance across the room, or even at a photograph of somebody. So, what do you think is happening here? You have an instant non-local connection, whether you hear a voice, if you don’t see the face, whether you see a photograph everything is instant connection. If your frequencies are harmonic, if you wish, to call it one explanation which some may find satisfactory. Or you could say that you have instant full information transfer. So you have instant full information about the other person which of course, you do have the minute the link is made. And if your intentions for a life, then we are talking about, we can broaden that, we were going to say getting together on a physical basis but it can also be that idea fits your idea for your future, in other words, life. Yes? So, whatever it is that seems to fit harmoniously, or achieve for you in your vision of how your life you wish to proceed you then move towards that or bring that into your orbit, shall we say. So, nowadays this is called, “the law of attraction.” But, of course, again we are back to chicken and egg, although, I suppose, we could say that you are, have the desire,  to be in love with somebody and then you go through, on another level, many connections, where you sift the range of probabilities and  then make a selection. Of course, it all becomes very difficult to explain when we have to refer you back to the fact that everything happens simultaneously. It is reasonably easy to explain in your own terms. That you have a feeling of loneliness, you want somebody to love. You send a message out into the ether via all thought patterns and so once upon a time a thought arises to mix time systems. Yes? Therefore, that thought is noticed, in your case it is noticed by what you consider to be individual, although that may be many consciousnesses, many minds as we discussed before. But that individual, a good analogy would be, in some ways, current use of mobile phones, where each is constantly talking to the other one and saying, “I am here, and moving towards there” and the other one says, “OK, I am here, I am coming this way, now tell me when you are near so and so. Yes?

So, imagine this on another level and suddenly there is a meeting and then you say, “This must be meant to be.” “Why is this?” It’s all been arranged. It’s all been arranged by the two that have had all this information transfer totally unbeknownst to the physical instruments. So, I am afraid we have, I hope, I won’t say hope because that rather takes the magic away. But maybe we have demystified love a little.

Can you talk about interconnectedness?

As we have said before, all is interconnected. But, like your roads and railways are interconnected, there is a certain closeness in locality even though there may be no space as far as you are concerned, there is still a difference in, you might say, resonance, vibration. So although you are connected through the network intertwined with various connections you still must realise that you have to go via “roundabouts”, the synapses if you wish, find other analogies that you can understand, it is not always direct even though it may be relatively instantaneous. But the further you get away from your own resonant beliefs and emotions the less easy it is to understand those who are furthest away in that context. Much as like your present religions cannot seem to find any common ground with other religions. They don’t understand each other and it will take time for them to understand each other should they wish to set about the task of trying to understand each other.

Many look and say “I’m quite happy with what I’ve got, with who I am, Why should I bother?” The same applies in consciousness. Consciousness creates their own image of who they are and most are happy with who they are. Referring to our previous conversation we said that most people given the opportunity to lead a wonderful life but having to lose their own identity in the process would say “but I won’t know I’m enjoying this wonderful new life as me because I will have disappeared and how will I be I as that new person”?  So invariably they decline.

The same thing applies with consciousness. They know that they will have to spend a certain amount of time, if you wish “time”, they will have to experience being immersed, we say “partly immersed” in, but the experiences of immersion do colour those consciounesses who cannot stay at arms length. Because even the consciousness that is not in the physical, although they focus in the physical, many find it difficult to identify with their instrument. There is a fine line here of being able to maintain clarity of mind especially when your desire to do something is being frustrated. How many of you can sit back and let things unfold when they are not unfolding the way you wish them to unfold. And yet you are instruments influenced by consciousness so do you not think that the consciousness feels what you feel because you are both one and the same.

Interconnectedness. Although you can connect theoretically to those who, in certain terms, are far away from you on a scale of beliefs, emotions and thereby behaviour, you cannot in most cases envisage how that person ”is”, how that person feels. In much the same way that you cannot enter into someone else’s mind on the physical plane and feel what their beliefs, emotions, drives, ambitions are. You can only try to deduce. Do you understand?

Hopefully I understand.

All is interconnected but you stay, in general, within your own self-created frame of reference. To go outside that, you can, and do, go to frames of reference that are not too different from your own. Once you get too far away you feel uncomfortable. You have been told before, people have expressed this through the ages as planes of existence, as levels of vibration. That when you try to move to a higher vibration you find you cannot maintain the vibration. That really means you have not developed the behaviour, the ability, call it what you will, to fit in to that particular frame of reference, settled behaviour, whatever you want to call it. So if you look at the idea of vibration and call it your light that you are shining, which is the light of who you are, where all your thoughts and attitudes are lit up, are available for all to see, then you can imagine that as you shine that light you will be acceptable or no to other frames of reference who have similar lights.

It is your acceptability and your wish to be accepted. If you wish to be accepted then you must make yourself acceptable but you must think that way as well as act that way because your light shines for all to see.

That’s right. On another level your thoughts are exposed for all to see, in effect.


Group souls.

We will move on to the subject being looked at today. That of group souls. We will refer you back to “Entangled Minds” whereby many minds get together for an experience. So you may as well say, this is a group soul experience and yet to play or be interlinked with other group souls for the experience and are both intertwined and as we say about life generally, interdependent, so love bonds are created and like actors you find that actors get comfortable with each other and can then enter into various plays, take opposing parts and yet put on a very convincing portrayal because they can spark off each other. A flash of the eyes can be met by a raising of the hand or other bodily motions, which the audience can see, but with in-depth knowledge of each other become quite natural, and therefore, the portrayal becomes extremely realistic. So, this is how a bond is formed, you may call it a love bond. It is simply that you really enjoy being together and prefer to be with that other consciousness rather than work with any new ones. So bonds are formed, strong ones and not so strong ones and some bonds gradually fade away. So, as in ”Entangled Minds”, minds join for the experience, and minds leave and go on other experiences, but they keep a connection and so everything is recognised, when thoughts move around but they are simply not acted upon if there is not the motivation or need to act upon that thought. It is simply noted and of course the connection can be re-established at any time should the need arise. You can take a parallel with this with having a vast address book in your phone, it may ring, you can’t remember who that was, you may decide to answer it, you may not. So when that rings you know that somebody is sending you a message and imagine if that is a broadcast message then you simply take a note of it but do not reply. I believe your Facebook has the same sort of interconnection where you simply broadcast your thoughts then some may reply, most don’t. So, again, there is nothing different in the bonds of love between, what you would call, souls or spirits and the bonds of love between the physicals, because the physicals after all are simply that portion or that representation of the spirits that are enjoying that particular experience. What else do you want?




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