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Conversation with our son, Steven

And other family members.

“Death is simply a shedding of the physical body like the butterfly shedding its cocoon. It is a transition to a higher state of consciousness where you continue to perceive, to understand, to laugh and be able to grow”.       Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Well Dave obviously believes and does receive communication so is there anything from any of our relatives that can be brought through tonight?

If they wish to communicate they will, so we have ”Hi mum” straightaway.

Hi SteveIMG_6679

“So interesting watching you, quite amusing really cos from this side it’s so obvious. It is like wandering from room to room looking in, switching on lights, deciding that this bit looks correct, another bit looks good and another bit, they don’t quite match, why don’t they match? Will I really be here or won’t I really be here? But I can be here anytime I wish and I will be here, what you call there and you come here. There is no coming or going. There’s only being and I’m being as you are being and we are talking, we are communicating and you are feeling. I know you are feeling and I know Dad is feeling. Dad can see me smiling.

I can sense you smiling Steve. As you are talking to us what are you doing in everyday terms?

In everyday terms we have a wide circle of friends, connections, communications. I keep in touch with everybody that I have known on your side of things and others that I now know I know. There are many things to be involved in, many forms of creativity, many forms of enjoyment. I must admit that I find forms of enjoyment more interesting than forms of creativity or discovery. Music, music, music is an area of great joy because music can be experienced just as well here as it can where you are. An animal, loving an animal is much more apparent, if you wish it to be, here, than is generally expressed from the literature about this side.

I wish I was back sometimes because I would love to, when I watch you dancing I would love to be there dancing with you. We never got to dance together but I am a good dancer, I would love to.. maybe we would be able to do this in some other place and time.

We already are, not maybe we will, we already are, on another level. How do you think things are for Hayley and Michelle in all aspects?

I am interested, they are both quite happy. Inside they still wonder themselves where they are going and what the future holds but doesn’t everybody. As of the present time and all time is the present they are quite happy within themselves. They are quite happy with their present and their anticipated future, so they are not living in fear, they are living in the joy of an… the joy of the future but neither focus too much on the future. They focus on the present and near future only.

Do you consider that a good or a bad thing?

There is no point in focusing too far ahead because coming back to what was said by dad or dad’s communicators we don’t know which way the intensities will take us. We don’t know from this side either, we only know that certain directions, that at the present time, like the stock markets you can extrapolate. Sometimes the extrapolation happens, other times things are a complete reversal or a minor change.

What did you think of dad’s golfing experience?

It was amazing to watch.

Thank you for the help you have been giving me. Appreciate it.

Proud of you mum. Who would have thought a little person like you… none of us knew you had that determination. That determination to win! You have never been a person that needed to win, so to see you out there enjoying the winning and being proud of yourself and certain of your own accomplishments is lovely to watch. It makes me very happy indeed. I know it makes dad proud as well as I am sure Hayley and Michelle feel exactly the same way. Mum’s always been doing things for others and now she’s finding the person that she can be if she wishes to be.

I still feel the need to do things for others.

Of course, it’s your nature. Giving you a big hug mum.

Thanks Steve and a big one back.

So what do you think of Emma?

Uh huh, Dad getting in the way here. (amused) She’s an adorable little person….Dad getting in way…too close.

Any advice on anything Steve?

Be happy and to be happy do things that make you happy. Don’t do things that don’t make you happy. It’s as simple as that. Because if you’re happy you will spread happiness but if you’re not happy you won’t be able to spread happiness therefore by making yourself happy you’ll make other people happy and can you think of anything better than that?

No,  not at all.

But you have to do things that make yourself happy and not feel that you have to make others happy at your expense because that means you’re not happy. Others will know that even though it may not be obvious, because everything is connected.

When we talk about everything being connected and we also talk about “all that is”, most of the religions in their own way are talking about the same thing even if they call it god aren’t they?

I’ll duck out of this and let Dad’s people take over.

All that is, is, all that was and all that will be. Because in your terms it’s all there ever was and so when you are part of something vastly larger than yourself you develop a belief in what you are. We come back to the ocean again. If you are a still lagoon in a hot climate and you know the ocean stretches out beyond the lagoon you will formulate an idea, a belief, in what the totality is. Now if you imagine if you are part of an ice field in Antarctica that is touching the ocean, can you imagine what belief you would generate there? Go from there to an area of stormy seas, like Cape Horn. If you take all these imagined conditions, then one would formulate the idea of a god that is warm, calm and benign, the god of Cape Horn might be violent, vengeful, destructive, whereas the god of Antarctica might be cold, distant and impersonal. Can you see how different gods all arise from the different viewpoints, from the different intensities of the consciousnesses that have formed their own realities in the first place? So from those realities that they have formed, due to beliefs, due to ideas, due to intensities of interest, they then, from the restricted consciousness, form an idea of what they feel the totality, of which they are a part or from which they came depending on belief, is.

All religions consider that there is a god. They develop a belief in a god of a certain nature depending on the beliefs that they have come to hold due to the nature of their environment and the life circumstances they are experiencing. Look at the origin of these beliefs and where they came from and why they arose in that fashion.

I’ll talk to Steve again. Steve, one of Dad’s relatives passed over a few weeks ago and I just wondered if you have had any contact since they passed over.

All the sisters, all Dad’s aunts, all met her and there was a, as is with everybody here, a great welcome and joy on all sides. It’s lovely always, to be reunited because you have the full awareness whereas from where we are we know that you do not have the awareness. You don’t feel us all the time. So when we, as you might say, come face to face there is full awareness once more and therefore the joy of reunion is the same as it would be when you are alive.


Later the same evening.

Into my mind came a poem, “I’ve looked at life that way.” (Sings a bit and laughs) “It’s life’s illusions, I recall. I really don’t know life at all.” (We need to get the words to that. That is somebody that knows.) “I’ve looked at life from both sides now.” That’s the words. (David coming back in.)

It sounds like somebody has had a near death experience.

“I’ve looked at life from both sides now, from dah de dah de dah de dah.

When we have finished I will look it up on the internet.

Might be Simon and Garfunkel.

Three times now, Hey mom.

Hi Steve. “How are you getting on over there?”

We discussed that the other night.

I know we did, but it does not hurt to ask again, the same as I ask Hayley and ask Michelle, how are you today? There is no difference.

There is no today for a start off.

I know there isn’t but every time I speak to them I ask, “How are you?”

As I said, “I choose to enjoy, to have fun, music, I don’t need what dad gets into.”

I am sure you don’t.

There’s plenty to enjoy oneself with here and of course I know most of what dad is finding out and so there is no need. Why look for other states of being when you are enjoying your own state of being? Stay in your own state of being until it stops being satisfactory. If that means you enjoy music, dancing, laughter, fun, repartee, humour then does that sound something that is not enjoyable? Of course not. Why do you seek purpose? When you have had what most would call a blissful state of being?

I actually, Steve, I am not really seeking purpose at all, it is just thinking up a good question.

I wasn’t asking, referring to you mum, I was referring to the general concept. In which case we’ll say, “Why would one want to think they needed purpose when you’re in a state of being of ever present happiness. Ever available areas of enjoyment that you didn’t tire of. Life is one long party if you wish it to be and why not enjoy the party, until you find you need, I wouldn’t say need, however the word arises somehow, that you wish to turn your attention elsewhere at least for a part of the time. Make no mistake, “I have a life that I am thoroughly enjoying.” If you remember back to, I feel it was Jackie and Ken’s daughter as well as Bob’s wife, who saw or felt a party going on of which I was a part in both their houses, within a short time, we say short time, months, years, of when I moved over. Many of the other lads were and are part of the same grouping. The same applies now, some have moved on, others have joined and most of those who come over in the same circumstances as my own tend to be satisfied to hang out and party until their loved ones come over to join them.

Sounds good Steve.

Can you think of a more reasonable thing to do?

No, certainly not. If you are the sort of person that likes parties then great. That’s the thing to do isn’t it?

When I say party, party is all encompassing, it is areas of enjoyment, singing together, dancing together, talking together, going for walks together, admiring beauty together.


Interacting but with enjoyable, about enjoyable things. No need for mind wrestling and conjecture. Just enjoying, enjoying the state of being, the word party is the wrong word, is not the same as a physical party. It is being part of enjoyment. A party to happiness, party meaning being a part of a state of happiness.

Do you see any of the rest of the family very much?

Just as we did on earth we pop in and out. How’s it going? We each have our own circle of friends as we did on the earth plane. We also know others when we return to consciousness and we find others of the same inclination as well. So, you would not expect me to hang out for long periods of time with nan and grandad would you? But you would also expect me to join with them whenever you and dad and Michelle and Hayley figure in our thoughts and at certain times. Because we always know here any time we wish to look, as if it’s a Facebook if you wish, where all your details are there for all to see. So you can just look in, the other party knows you are looking in for knowledge but you only exchange detailed, you would call it, conversation, thoughts, should there be a common element. Otherwise it is just a warm greeting, an expression of love. There is no need to ask, “How are you getting on?” Because you would see.

Are you able to drop by Nick’s?

What do you think? Yes, I am obviously with Nick. I can wonder what would have progressed if I hadn’t been, let us say, expelled from the body.

It is good to still be part of our whole family. We are connected souls, if you wish the word, but we will be, we are of the same frame of reference to keep continuity of the verbal description. Got to go now because we are getting a little too deep, I feel myself being drawn back into, it is probably….. I’d rather stay at another elevation. No offence but you can…..

Love you Steve.

Love you mum.

Dad loves you as well.

I know that, have always known that.


Now, when Steve spoke to David after he had died and he said, “You are over the worst, I can go now.” Where was he going?

If he had said, “I can switch to another channel, I can alter my focus now.” How would that have been received? As we have spoken before, all communication must be in the language of the times, that means, the language that is understandable to the recipient in that particular time. That can be to a solitary person, it can be to the masses but you can only speak in language which is acceptable. The same way as you talked about creating an image, then an image was created in words and an image carries meaning, so when you see Jesus it’s meaning, when you hear words it’s meaning but is it couched in such a way that the meaning is understandable. Now, if Steven came back now he would be speaking in the way that we are speaking because he is aware that David will be capable of understanding. But at the time, the opportunity may have been missed, if the right words delivered in the right tone at the right time had not been spoken. The decision was made to say it in this way, say these words and that would spark a quest and you were provided. Now, so when he said, “I can go now,” look at the interpretations there, means I can leave my focus on the physical, I have been protecting, we might say, holding you up, keeping you going, where as you were unaware that I was there, what you were aware of at the time was your head being pulled up always to look at the light, although they are only street lights. At the time it had a little meaning but not much, but now, after all these years, you can see what the intent was, you can understand straight away, look for the light, but at the time you would have dismissed that as some uh, just it would not have entered the fog of despair, it would not have been acceptable. Do you understand?

So ‘going’ just means I can now turn my attention elsewhere, I can now look at the world, the state of being, I now find myself in, because I am here, I am no longer there. Therefore, I now have to sort out what the environment here has to offer me and what new habits I need to adopt.

The answers are worthy because you need to roll all these things around in your own mind before the point becomes clear. If we answer in one trite sentence you will simply replace one shallow belief with another one. But if you wish to build a strong structure to which you can then hang much other information upon you need to have strength of conviction because structure needs strength, conviction. Strength and conviction only come when you have explored all the reasonableness, the pros and cons of the argument and come to the conclusion, this I can believe!


 Let us see if anybody wishes to speak to you.

The name Heather is coming in and of course the instrument is embellishing that with thoughts.

Hello Heather.

Who would have thought it? I had no idea. I think I have been asked to speak simply because I am not connected apart from a tenuous link with David and therefore it is easier for the words to be put through without a form of self-examination in order to persuade oneself that this is not a fabrication of the instrument itself.

We listened in when Steven spoke to you. He gave you a fairly good idea of how things are here. You will understand that without the responsibilities of keeping the physical body together then once the realisation dawns what would you expect us to do but get together, relax, chat, reminisce, have a look in, have a look round, go and see this, go and see that, do some gardening. Can you imagine what Stan is up to, what he can create in his garden? Look at all the others and think “what would they be doing? Your Mum and Dad, would they be enjoying their dancing again? Would there be a dance club formed over here, or over there, because there are here’s and there’s everywhere even though they are in the same space.

Now I haven’t given you very much evidence of myself but I can tell you that I am now completely fit and well and well pleased to be out of the physical body. It was nice to team up with George again, it was quite a good life in our own way and we don’t have any regrets. The children are still bowling along. We don’t see any particular worries there but you must remember that we don’t worry so much over here. Our only worries are the feelings that we pick up from you. We don’t have those worries because, as has been said so many times, you are here all the time. The physical instrument is there but we can get together with the consciousness that is operating the physical instrument, which is the entity operating the “I”, which are one and the same thing and say “well, how’s it going” and “what’s going on “ and “let’s have a look”.

We are in that same “semi-detached” position that everybody else is once they are here. You can focus in to the situation of your children, but if you focus in too deep then you will feel the feelings because when you focus in too closely your own vibration is starting to mirror back that which you remember from when you were in the same place. It is like sound, imagine not being able to hear the sound and just seeing the motion and then as you zoom in with your microphone suddenly the voices become loud and clear. So then you focus upon those voices and then you focus upon the meaning and then you focus upon the judgements and the opinions and before you know it you are reliving the physical plane. And so once more your anchor has to pull you back out and say “look, you’re no longer there”. You breathe a sigh of relief and say, ”phew, yes, it’s not really real is it?”

Now have I made something a little clearer for you?

Thank you.

Voice changes to a more quiet, measured and serious tone.

Now I don’t come through often but I do watch

Thank you for coming through

And do you know who is speaking? I don’t think possibly you have ever heard from me because I let your mother do the talking

Dad? Is that you Dad?Elsie and Bert 001 (4)

What do you think?

Welcome Dad nice to hear from you.

I’m proud of you too. Mind you, I’ve had good reason to be proud of you ever since you were born (tears running down David’s face)

Thank you

And your mother and I are still together, still doing the same things. Why change when you are enjoying doing what you enjoy doing? When most people come over they are well pleased to have put aside the trouble and strife that one endures while in the body. Things are so much easier, things are so much lighter. There is nothing to get angry about that you don’t wish to. There is no need to look back at what is going on because it is going to go on regardless. It is just a never ending game.

We seem to have switched to clairvoyance. I’m seeing the white moustache, I’m starting to get pictures. Something about burning the mat or the mac, maybe this is from my memory, I remember him burning the mac but I don’t know anything about a mat. There are all flashbacks coming in. I don’t know whether I am being given the flashbacks or I’m reaching back in my memory for the flashbacks. It’s very difficult to sort out when you know so much about someone. He is saying that he still has pangs of regret about driving over Scamp. He knows it is all over but it is one of the things where he wishes he had taken a bit of time and not done it. I’m seeing him in army uniform, skinny as a rake. He’s showing me wearing a hat to work and smoking. He can only give me the pictures as best he can. It’s probably hard for him to think what does Dave know and what doesn’t he know?

He is saying that although he didn’t take an awful lot of interest in the grandchildren when he was here he likes popping in and having a look to see what is happening. Elsie is popping in all the time so he tags along on the viewing and some things are of interest. He never would have dreamt that we/he would have been involved in something like this but you live and you learn. He’s very glad as well that he has found this out.

Voice changes again, Dad speaking once more?

The world changes so fast that you find it’s not easy to give advice because you have no experience, apart from general human behaviour, of the world that exists today. It’s something you only look at like a film, so it’s no use coming through constantly with messages, which takes a bit of hard work anyway. It is easier to let those who want to, do it. Much like your husband lets you keep in contact with everybody and doesn’t bother with it himself, because he can leave that all to you. So, please excuse me that I haven’t come through but I know that your mother has been through to you many, many times and this is just to let you know that I am standing there with her when she comes through and my thoughts go with hers, and so I don’t know how many times, and probably not very many, I’ve said this to you when I was with you, but I do love you very much.

Love you too, Dad         (tears rolling down Dave’s face again)

Dave back: Someone’s said, got to be your blooming uncle, “Well that’s a turn up”.  George was an extrovert, when he needed to be. He was obviously there and just had to crack a joke at the end of that, probably because it got a bit heavy. Now all these tears, I haven’t got that emotion for your Dad so this must be his emotion for you. Tears have run down both my cheeks so I have picked up the emotional feeling.

Someone else. Does this mean anything “my legs are a lot better? They’re now perfect.” Well obviously. Who had the bad legs then?


Ah, we got Eve the other night didn’t we? She is saying, vehemently, “I’m glad to be out of that place”. There is obviously a family call going on here, there must be a number of them tuning in. Molly is saying hello.

Session interrupted.




Other Statements, Observations and Topics of Interest

According to scientists, numbers control everything in the universe. Your comments please?

Anything you design needs some form of measurement. Measurement is designated by numerical amounts so it is theoretically possible to reduce all of what you consider to be space and time to numbers. It is not so easy to reduce emotions to numbers so there is some truth in all theories, but existence to be harmonious must be in balance and so there are qualities and there are quantities. One who sees through the perspective of quantities will try and quantify everything that it perceives and like many of those with, shall we say, rigid opinions they will avoid discussing qualities which do not lend themselves to quantifying. Can you repeat the statement so that we can address any parts we may have missed?

Question repeated.

You create your own measuring instruments and you calibrate those to suit your beliefs to some extent. If your instruments were calibrated differently then of course you would be visualising a much different universe than that which you presently depict.

Is there any relevance when people study numbers as in combinations of birth dates, number of letters in a name?

Vibration impinges upon vibration, that is, there is a certain effect. However, you are recreating your pattern, your image at every moment and so one could say that the impact of vibrational intensities at any given moment are changing your pattern, to put it in a simplified manner. Now, if you are one, who believes in astrology and feel that your personality matches that which is described, then you may indeed, because you have manufactured a belief system, exhibit those tendencies. You are reflecting what has been presented to you.

Thank you. I was reading an article where it was postulated that this is a holographic universe. Where is that emanating from?

As we have previously stated this cannot be explained in 3-dimensional terms for effectively there is no “where”. You are, where you are, unfortunately we have to use the same language, but you can imagine that wherever you are, you are in the centre of what you perceive, and if you are aware of what you are perceiving, you are therefore in the centre of it, so where does that place you?

I am probably misunderstanding because I thought that in a holographic universe I was a hologram.

Yes, but (sigh) to reiterate, it is difficult to explain a non-physical dimension in terms of a 3 dimension existence and a hologram is 3 dimensional. It is merely used as an indication in order that you can envisage that what you see is merely a trick of light, shall we say. Do you understand?


Now, if you are merely seeing light arranged in a certain fashion, as we spoke of previously, if you had the senses of, what you would term, your out-of-body self, you would not be seeing light, you would be seeing vibration.

Wouldn’t that be light vibrating?

You can interpret it as you wish. Vibrations are not visible to the physical eye, radio waves, television waves, X-rays…

They are not visible to the human eye.

No, however we seem to remember that in one of our previous discussions with you that we mentioned transformers, so see yourself having the sense which can transform X-rays into a wavelength which is then visible to you without the intervening X-ray plates. Can you grasp what we are trying to say?

I think so.

So, the X-rays come on, you have transformer vision and so you can follow the X-rays, so you can see inside the body and remember some clairvoyants can do this. In the 3D world you have to have a photographic plate on the other side of the body to register those rays that do and do not pass through the body, thereby leaving an outline of those waves that do not fully pass through the body. Can you see what we are saying regarding transformers?


So your hologram need be nothing other than invisible waves. Now, let us go to the hoary old maxim of collapsing the quantum wave. So there is this mass of tiny waves flashing in and out of existence that when you observe them they solidify, you can then see, by the act of observance. So let us take your hologram as being that mass of moving waves, that when you observe them, you see. Have you understood? Because you have collapsed the wave matrix, you might say, the wave pattern. You have transformed it into another wavelength which your senses can register. It is like having a transformer for your television, whereas by using a transformer you can transfer the wave transmission of channel one say into the wave transmission of channel seven. Do you understand that?


So again, we cannot validate the theory, it has some merit, but it cannot be explained to you by the author of the article even though he may wish to describe it in the same terms as we have. So he has to give you something which you do understand. He is merely trying to say that what you see is not solid. It is merely, in other terms that have been used before, frozen light. Light that has been temporarily stilled by collapsing, slowing the quantum wave, if you wish.

Thank you. I read this week that a new planet has been discovered, only seven light years from earth which would be capable of being inhabited. Have you any comment on that?

Once more we are back to theories and suppositions. You create your own reality. Sit and think that statement through and then apply it to all your planets, and all your stars, and all the different, let us use the word, bodies that you could create to move about those objects. In some you could use a physical body, in others you could use, let us say, a spiritual body, that is impervious to heat, impervious to cold, does not need to breathe, eat or drink and therefore the planetary conditions will have no effect. Do you understand?

Yes, I think I do.

You create the vehicle for the environment.

So have you had any contact with any beings from any other planets?

There are innumerable states of mind. If one wishes to see a vehicle that is used by another consciousness one must be aware of all the parameters, numbers, you might say, coming back to your first question, involved in the composition of that vehicle. Having said that you can be in thought contact with anybody, provided that the thoughts that are being picked up resonate with your own belief systems. As you are aware when we have spoken about you living many lives at once in many realities, in each reality you block out, intentionally, all thought transmissions that emanate from another reality and what is more when you focus upon another reality you quickly find yourself immersed in it because you have created, co-created that reality. It is extremely difficult to stand outside any reality for whatever you are aware of is instantaneously, your reality. Once more here, we are back to trying to explain that the world you see about you is a creation of your own consciousness. It has no validity other than in the consciousnesses that are creating it.

Everything, for simplicity’s sake again, is an objective projection of the imagination. Does that make sense to you?

It does make sense but if it’s our imagination why do we create so much conflict. I know you have answered this before and I didn’t intend to ask that question but now I have. Is it because we are bored or the total consciousness is bored?

We are back to experiencing the light and the dark. There is an inclination to explore where no-one has gone before, to quote one of your TV programs, it is rather apt when you are talking of faraway planets and because of the vantage point that you start from, when you are here, there is no problem in exploring wherever you wish to explore. You can explore being underneath the detonation of a nuclear bomb because you know that you will immediately return to another dimension. Do you understand? So you can explore whatever you wish to in terms of joy, ecstasy, despair, suffering, health, illness, extreme pain, love, hate because from your starting vantage point you know that this is merely an expedition into the unknown from which you can turn your focus and return at any time.


Certain aspects of our physical world are dependent upon our existence and focus within it.  Your thoughts please?

Without the focus of attention there would be no world and so what you term peculiar aspects are the faithful reproductions of the thoughts and emotions and intentions of which you wish to create and obviously perceive. This would as we previously stated be in conjunction with your fellow co-creators. On one level you would agree what are to be the props, what are to be the events and what would be the experiences in general that you are to set in motion. Within this, however, there is full scope for spontaneous reaction so that the generation of emotions, feelings, responses can be seen as experience. This in order to befit you to become responsible co-creators as you understand the effect of your thoughts and emotions in creating the environment around you.

So can the physical universe as you know it be felt by those whose existence is not within it?

Those whose existence is not within it will not have the necessary senses to fully experience that particular reality. However, much as in clairvoyance on the physical level, they will be able to pick up, telepathically, you may say, knowledge of what is actually going on. But as to sensory participation, no, they will not. They will be in whatever reality they are presently focusing into with the appropriate senses for that particular reality.

So do other kinds of consciousness co-exist within the same space?

All universes exist in, what you would term, the same space, which actually does not exist. But to answer the question directly, everything exists in the same space, just on different frequencies.

Can you explain the multidimensional aspect of the higher self?

With regard to the multidimensional aspects this is the multiple focus of the one entity. However, we are of the opinion, that is, the instrument, that the one entity, depending on the particular task, the particular number of focuses that are planned, and the attractions of those focuses i.e. lives whether lived all the way, or dipped into and out of as portrayed in Joe Public, as to what amount of consciousness has conjoined in the particular entity to experience the particular experiences of that life. As the previous question there are certain areas of intensity. Now, if you wish to engage in a mass riot for example, or a mass war, then the consciousnesses involved in this experience would necessarily be greater than those who wish to engage in, shall we say, a football game? The intensity would be more and of a different fashion. Far greater amounts of consciousness would be required for the nationalistic entity than would be required for the individual entity and then on down to, say, the grain of sand or the individual quark.

Now, we will qualify that to a certain degree, by the degree to which the consciousness grouping has evolved, developed, experienced, the amount of knowledge, the amount of experience it has garnered during its time of focus in that particular area, because, in your terms, you will think in terms of the start of focus in some space, some point in time, where the consciousness is basically uneducated. But in terms of there being no time it is merely moving from one state of focus to another state of focus and therefore even though experiences are had they are also effectively dropped from the memory even though they are still there. They are dropped from the present focus. So there is no real, and this is dependent on choice, you may be, in your terms, a highly intelligent and experienced scientist at one point in focus and yet you may wish to retire to a relatively rural location and spend another, putting it in earthly terms at the moment, period of time growing roses with no intellectual focus whatsoever. Now, when one speaks to either of the, let us call them lives, one as a scientist one as a grower in physical life, a totally different impression may be received. Are we making sense to you?


So, we are saying, if you have focuses requiring extreme energy, extreme attention, extreme knowledge and have other focuses which require merely conversation on a light scale, maybe growing potatoes, maybe cleaning floors, you can see how some lives would require much less attention than other lives. Would you agree?


Horses for courses. Everything is provided that is needed to whichever focus requires it and free rein. The programming is such that as each focus, call it incarnation, the requisite programming is provided for that particular instrument to navigate on a moment to moment basis through that particular experience schedule that has been agreed.

In any universe there must be a creator and co-creator depending on the type of universe you are going to inhabit. You can either rest purely in your own imagination, in your own creation such as that may be but as we previously said if you want to have a major production then you need many players therefore entities in any area are put together, again we have to have this play on words once more. If you look at the physical body you have myriad consciousnesses involved. Yes? And if we look at the smallest things that we know of then you have very few consciousnesses involved relatively speaking. The more complex the operation the more consciousnesses have to be involved.

Consciousness does not create consciousness. Consciousness can form the pattern which attracts other consciousness which process, like building a vehicle, reaches a stage where it is able to travel but it still needs say, more consciousness to drive the vehicle. Everything is interdependent.


Now can you tell me what your ideas are about why we have the earth and all that is on it?

Simply back to the play, to your video game and to a Disney. Then look at all the people, all the consciousnesses that participate in any of these things. This is simply that the consciousness in your terms is infinite and size is relative to the mind. Again, if you believe that the earth is of the size it is, that the sun’s the size that it is, remember that these are only pictures in your mind. If you reach out and you say to yourself there is this distance from here to there, it will be. Everything is a mental construct, everything it is just purely a question that the consciousness, as such, if you wish, is playing games with itself. Even though… we may say this, even though there is this statement that everything is always being, it is always still forever becoming because there is always something else to experience. I was going to use the word ‘new’ but that’s not correct, there is something else to experience. You may experience one area for in your terms thousands of years or millions of years, whereas it actually is just a focus on a particular area and a continual story being played out, constructed, I would say in the mind, but in the mind before giving it the, I would say, the illusion of reality. It is a question of the overall consciousness involved in that particular event deciding on that which it wishes to manifest and accept as a reality. This is why we talk about this constricted consciousness because the uncertainty can only arise when the ability to comprehend the totality is closed off.

Seth:- If man paid more attention to his own subjective behaviour, to those feelings of identification with nature, that persistently arise then half of the dictates of both the evolutionists and the creationists would automatically fall away for they would appear nonsensical.

You are part of the conglomeration of consciousness which is being portrayed for you in the form of a body and speech and emotions and feelings.

When we say identification with nature we mean as alluding to your reality. It means the nature of who you think you are. If you understand that you are part of the total consciousness and you are experiencing the illusion of reality, the construct of reality. As the Buddhists say it is all an illusion, but it is not an illusion from the point of view of hallucination but a construct reality for the enjoyment and excitement therein. This is why you put your finger close to the flame to see how hot it is, because it is the excitement of will I get burnt? Or will I feel it and then pull back, and this applies to all events. But you have to create that reality to find out. Again, you have to shut down the receiver and focus the receiver, in this case the brain, the brain/mind for that matter, to where you cannot see all possibilities because if you saw all possibilities then there would be no.. everything would be clear. Because there is nothing to progress towards, as there is no time, there would be no meaning, there would be simply awareness, simply awareness. So in the same way as you are creating this reality you are effectively creating a meaning, you are creating a meaning for your own being. But this has to be a constructive meaning, the same as the constructive reality. Because in actuality, because there is only the now there is only an ever present existence. There is no progress and there is no meaning. Progress and meaning have to be constructed. Do you understand? Because otherwise you would simply have pure awareness and pure awareness eliminates uncertainty and excitement. Uncertainty and excitement have to be constructed, all beliefs, all emotions have to be constructed to enjoy them. Much as in this world, your own world, then all the things around you have to be constructed to enjoy them.

Seth:- Mankind is a species that specialises in the use of the imagination and without the imagination  language would be unnecessary. 

We must remember that all channelled material including those who are speaking at this present moment is having to be filtered through the existing belief structure of the instrument at the present time. The Seth books were, like all channelled material, constructed in that manner and would have been coloured, to some extent, by the belief system of Jane Roberts.

When it comes to the human species, the human species is, again, only a focus of certain conglomerates of consciousness and the same applies to every other species including water, minerals and everything else, call them species if you wish. They are merely focuses of consciousness. It is nothing to do with one being better than the other. Some conglomerates of consciousness have chosen to be more active than others and we label this imagination, but that is simply a question of a greater deal of activity of that particular group of consciousness that focus on being human beings. The differences between species are not as great as you believe. One has to remember that every single thing, event, apparent reality is simply a manifestation of consciousness and that manifestation of consciousness is manifested in different degrees of intensity. That intensity may also be interpreted as, in physical plane terms, speed of movement, rapid change of focus.


It crosses the mind that a life on the earth plane is one giant experiment. How does that sit with you?

It is one small experience. Why would it be a giant experiment?

Alright then, a small experiment, but nevertheless an experiment.

But isn’t every experience an experiment?

I find it quite interesting that the earth is split into different continents and certain continents have very different animals to the other continents. Is that the way the experiment has been designed?

The word “experiment” is one we would prefer not to use. You are merely creating the environment in which to experience your creativity. Now if you have many, many designers you can fully understand that they have diverse ideas. Now then you may bring in the word experiment, let us see what we can create and how it will fit into what has already been created because this is a continual creation of course. We have creation where many consciousnesses wish to participate and as new ones come in they bring their ideas with them, you might call it multicultural. So nothing mysterious about finding different animals in different locations any more so than finding different methods of dressing in different countries. It is merely those consciousnesses that decide they want to project themselves. One thing you must realise is that the designer is inside his creation, his, her or its. This is not stand apart consciousness that is manipulating a ball of clay. Each thing that you are aware of is a creation with a designer, designers, inherent within it. It is an expression. If you use the word expression then you may find that things become clearer to you.

I do find it fascinating that, for example, in Australia so many of the animals have pouches which you don’t find in the rest of the world and then in other parts of the world, which you don’t find in Australia, there are lots of creatures like monkeys. How come that so many of the animals in Australia have pouches.

Expression. If you wish to go to a party say and the party has a certain theme would you dress in the theme of that party? If you wish to design a vehicle that needs to go over extremely uneven roads you would need to… because the location only had extremely uneven roads, then would you design a four wheel drive with large wheels and high off the ground or would you design a low racer? The low racer would not work, it would not be suitable and it would not be acceptable. So if you see a design that is working in a particular location and you find it interesting would you not design something that had a certain similarity to those already existing. Now once you start looking at the world looking at what exists, looking at even the humans and the way they act, the way they dress, what they eat, how they sit, their mannerisms, you will find that they tend to have resonance within a particular locality and if you were going to create something in that particular area you would probably create something that would not seem totally outlandish. Now, you can bring in Mr. Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields if you like, in which we come back to framework two, and so you look into a particular environment, a particular reality, and the frameworks, the patterns, are existing and co-existing quite well. Therefore, would you not think, as you look at this framework and you say this seems interesting, that you would create a harmonious vehicle because your chances of success, by doing so, are far greater than creating something that is totally alien to the situation?  Back to “horses for courses”.


We often hear about the halls of learning, so, what is the purpose of the halls of learning and what sort of things are taught and by who?

Terms, terms, descriptions to overawe the credulous so, searching for the right word at times, we could have said gullible, credulous is more respectful. But, again there are as many places to learn as you wish to learn in. Knowledge is available to all at all times, you merely have to think about what you want to know and you will know it. But, of course, when you first move over it takes time to have confidence in this, as you can imagine. You can get an answer but would you know it was right? Therefore, many prefer to go along to a lecture hall or wherever or a counsellor for that matter, and listen to, what appears to be, a learned person telling them how things are. Yet, in the fullness of time they will soon realise that that is unnecessary. But also, many people, even when they move over, are inherently lazy and would prefer to be told. They accept the framework and happily go along with it, rather than listen within themselves to the knowledge that streams in and have to construct the framework themselves. Much like building your own house or buying one ready built. Does that answer your question?

Yes, thank you. Well, it does not answer my question completely because I was asking, who was the teacher? As well, but it does not matter.

The teachers are whoever you wish to believe are teachers. Anybody can set themselves up as a teacher but like anything else they have to present their information in such a way that it is totally acceptable to those who seek that sort of information. It is no different to the so called teachers that you have for ordinary subjects in the physical, there are competent ones and there are incompetent ones. Many people enjoy being the centre of attention and will set themselves up as teachers. So there are just as many “not so good” teachers after you transit as there are before you transit. Like all existence, you must divest yourself of any illusion that life changes in a dramatic manner when you leave the physical, because, while you are in the physical you are already in the non-physical. It just takes you time when moving over to adjust to being back again. Now, imagine leaving your country for seventy years and going back and finding that the street you were born in has disappeared and that in its place are rows of tall buildings, offices, shops, big blocks of apartments, all the machinery of modern living, you would feel as if you were in a very strange place compared to what it was like all those years ago. Sooner or later you would adjust but it would take some time and whether you would like it or not is another thing so possibly you would go and look for another area. Are you with me with this?


Maybe you can talk about coincidence.

So give me some example that warrants the term “coincidence”.

It was being used in reference to someone being ”seen” in another part of the world by a relative at the moment of death.

I don’t think that warrants the term coincidence in normal parlance. If you look at the word, co-incidence and take it as co-incident(s) then you are talking about more than one incident happening simultaneously. And therefore the person dying in one part of the world and appearing to someone else in another part of the world you have the same, you might call, incident, because the same person is apparent at the same time, two connected. So rather than, if you look at the word again, coincidence, it has been shortened from “connected incidents”. Do you understand?

Now, if you look at these “coincidences” they are “connected”. Yes? The two incidents are alike and they are connected. You now look at “what is the connection” and then you try and find, how?, why?, are they connected. What is the motive force? So back to your example, a connected incident. A person died, but they appeared to somebody that they wished to know (inform) because they had always been connected to that person. So in future it would behove you to look at anything that is considered coincidence, understand it as connected incidents and then look for the connections. Look for what connects the two and see how your “coincidence” arose.

Like walking along and thinking of someone and then you turn the corner and bump into them.

So let us say again that you have the “incident” when you are thinking about somebody and then the incident of you turning the corner and there they are. Now, look at the connection. How did the connection arise? Was the physical body suddenly transported to the position where you first thought of them, or did the thought arise in your mind because of the interconnectedness? So maybe the interconnectedness caused the thought. Even though that other person may not have been thinking of you, you thought of them because of their proximity. You know of incidences where e.g. a person is injured in one part of the world and yet a close relative then senses that. Why? Because your frames of reference are interconnected and emotion travels. So we will put connectedness and interconnectedness underlying your coincidence.


Thank you. Can you tell us anything about why the bee population is decreasing and what we can do about it?          

The pendulum swings. You will remember that not that long ago in China they killed all the small birds and soon were overrun with insects. They had to revise their ideas and now it is back to harmony. Once more Nature repairs itself from the depredations of man. These are not words we want to use because they correspond too much to judgemental aspects. Have no fear, the world will not cease to produce the plants that are necessary for survival. Just as you play with fruit flies, just as you play with mosquitoes….necessity is the mother of invention.

Will we all be out there with paint brushes?

Possibly, for a while, but you will move into the mass breeding of the necessary pollinators as you finally wake up to what you are doing. You had DDT, you have it no more. Other chemicals you are currently using, when the full impact of what you have been doing hits home, you will change course once more. Nature will once again repair itself.

Do not put yourself above what you call god when you discuss being subject to a higher power. If you think that everything is made, or consists, of consciousness and if you think of your place in the natural order of things then do you not think that what you call Mother Nature is fully the equivalent of what you call god. Should it wish to take a certain course it will do so regardless of any other species, which of course it produces anyway. We are in a circular argument here because all consciousness is equal and is engaged in a cooperative endeavour to produce the physical environment. The bees are with you in this, the earth is with you in this. When you find, or you believe, that you are threatening your own existence do you not think that you will change course?

Thank you


Now again, when we come back to curing yourself of various ailments, arresting the ageing of the physical body and why it seems so hard to do then why not look at your own intentions and desires. We will recap an earlier explanation, “Do you prefer to be with those with whom you feel comfortable? In your own case do you find yourself energetic and alive when you are at your golf club with your friends and yet if you were suddenly placed with a number of 20 year olds talking about fashion and socialites and facebooks would you not feel out of place? So how much intent and desire is there to not be part of that which with you are familiar? The vast majority wish to be part of that with which they are familiar. You will find that very few when questioned and being able to answer honestly will wish to live beyond the ages of their peers. They may be afraid of how they will die and yet most will say “I don’t want to outlive my children”.

Imagine how it feels to be, say 110. Your parents have gone, you friends have gone, your children have gone and the world is totally different to what you were previously used to. No familiarity, you are in an alien environment and, if you were given the opportunity to look at where your parents, your peers, your children were then existing, would you not take the opportunity, if it was offered to you, to join them? There may be, as there always is, the exception to the rule. And so, if you read back, through what we have spoken about this evening, you will see why the physical plane is constructed with the beginning and an end, albeit of different terms of time, in every part of its construction.

Look upon the bright side, because it is constantly being re-created in an ever different form, there are many opportunities to come back and experience it afresh. It is like cruise ships that you go on. For those who first went on a journey from one continent to another as a passenger, this was on sailing ships, then it went to steam vessels, merchant vessels and then the first cruising ships. Now more and more variety of activity, comfort, enjoyment is being added and so you, others move from one cruise ship to another to experience the new things. No different to coming to cruise ship Earth and having another life. You are, of course, not passive in this, in each life you have the opportunity for new forms of creativity, using new instruments, vehicles and labour saving devices.

When we use your language you need to not take certain words as being tightly limited but view them from a broad perspective and how they cover more than one aspect.

People today are moving all over the world from continent to continent. Is this part of a greater plan to mix people up instead of leaving them as individual races?

Again [sigh], you are coming from a viewpoint that there is an external power. Would you agree?


Yet at the same time you consider consciousness to come from an equality of source. We will not say homogeneous because different consciousness can exhibit different attributes. Now, if you were currently….let us go back a little way to where we were talking about transmission of information and the mobility of the human body and the labour saving devices which enabled the human body and all information of human existence to move from one place to another extremely quickly. As we said, consciousness looks at the new situation and wants to come back for another life, much the same as if you had only sailed on a small vessel with few activities and suddenly you were confronted with a 200,000 ton floating hotel, floating city, with everything that you could possibly desire, then many want to experience that. Just look at your question. You as a cruise passenger on a small vessel became aware, because of your interest, that the information regarding the large vessel was available. So just apply the transmission of information and pictures of lifestyles from the affluent to the not affluent. Does not desire arise?

Once you look at the relative ease with which you can move from one part of the world to another for a better life then would you not decide, ”I think I would prefer to be there”, and I can be.

So instead of looking for that outside controlling force just realise that all consciousness is co-creating. All are conscious, consciousness means awareness. Only a few years ago the vast masses in Africa were not aware…..let us go back a few centuries say, how did someone in any part of Africa know what life was like in Europe? They did not know, they did not know how to get there, apart from walk and all they saw, if they saw anybody, was somebody coming to them, dressed strangely, who had weapons that were far beyond theirs and therefore they could not resist.

Now look at today, look at the information transmission, television, mobile phones, the motor car, planes and many consciousnesses saying “we can make it happen for you”.” Heaven is only a few thousand dollars away”. Look at who is moving, the ones, not in times of war, who are successful to whatever degree, even if it means only applying for a job and saying “I will work for very little”. They make their labour attractive and succeed in that they are able to go and live where they desire to live. In times of war, necessity breeds invention and you find some way to get to this place because there is nothing where you are, only danger, and you wish to go to somewhere where at least, at the worst, you will not be allowed to die from starvation or from the cold and you will have a chance to make a new future. If you look at what is happening now you will see no difference to what happened within the last few hundred years with the peopling of the Americas, Australia etc. There is no outside power, there is merely consciousness as a whole wishing to satisfy its desires and again desires is a loaded word and is not appropriate. Does that make this much clearer?

There is no god! There is no controlling hierarchy.

I was not thinking in terms of that at all. I was thinking in terms of choosing our lives.

It is merely, if you have chosen a life in, for example, Africa do you not feel that you have also chosen to live in Africa for so many years and then move to somewhere else? Look at your own life. When you chose your own life did you not intend to be residing in Australia?

Probably did yes.

Did you choose the life, the beginning of the life, the end of the life and the general things you wanted to experience?

Well that’s what I am thinking did happen, but obviously don’t know.

You were told by a medium many years ago that she saw Canada and Australia and what eventuated? Canada and Australia. Now, wouldn’t the simple answer be as she had you in front of her that she could read your life’s intentions? Your life plan? Was it in your pattern? Was it in your information bank? Information field shall we say? Which made it… why is it called a reading?

Because they are reading your aura.

Again, much is in the words that are creating your replies, a certain aspect of life, and merely by wondering, “why this word?” then you can think “what occasioned this word to be used?” as we have said many times before or rather David has said in-spiration, in-tuition, ask and it shall be given to you, seek and ye shall find etc. The words are created so that those who wish to think could derive meaning and knowledge and enlightenment as you would say etc.

We have covered, what you might term, a macro philosophical view of creation this evening and should you wish it would be worthwhile to consider what has been said and try to formulate a view of life in all its forms and that means before you came, while you are here and where you are going, not life in forms meaning species, but life meaning your own particular awareness and you may find a greater understanding of what you think you are.

Comment:- Many wonder about why world population is increasing so rapidly. It would seem from what has been said above that there is a strong demand from consciousness to experience the physical life, being a first or a re incarnation due to the increasing attractiveness and variety of experience available. When we look at the declining birth rates of the affluent nations there would seem to be limited opportunities to come to an agreement with prospective parents in those nations. Whereas in other nations the birth rate is much higher and so more opportunities exist. Could it be that consciousness is having to use a “back door entry” to gain admittance to the life style of their choice? This could be looked upon as an explanation for the mass movement of people occurring today.


Heather:- Given that the world’s population is expanding enormously and there are billions more people on earth now than there were say 1000 years ago, where do all these extra souls come from?

First of all the word souls, soul is a perception in the imagination of those who believe in their particular religion and the word soul can be equated with consciousness, higher consciousness, inner self, higher self, and various other designations of the unknown, you might say, or ignorance. The hunch or suspicion that there is a defined entity, which somehow inhabits and controls a body, that has just happened, and that these bodies get produced and the soul appears and says, “ah something I can use, I’ll pop in here”. Once you start to think about how the situations arise you will see the sheer farce of that line of reasoning and yet at the same time you believe that some form of god created all that you see, the Universe in seven days and you look at the Big Bang Theory then it all just sort of clustered together and then it all sort of evolved from some spark of life, that originated from we know not where, or by a bolt of electricity though a couple of chemicals, that seem to have formed from gases, and so no and so on.

So let us look at it another way in that, as we have said before, the whole world, the whole universe, “all that is”, as is postulated through the Indian, the Hindu and the Buddhists and others. “All that is” is “all that was”, and “all that will be” because it always has been, and that “all that is” is consciousness. Consciousness creates form, why? Who knows, but it does simply for the joy of creation probably. So, if you wish to take an entity, such as soul, then what size do you think it is? Why do you think there is a limited number? You have say a trillion cells in your body, each one is conscious but you only have seven billion people therefore, if you wish to think that the cell, being connected to all the other cells, is aware of everything the body does, then does anybody talk about a cell having a soul? Or even a cell becoming a soul? So, and if we talk fully sentient beings then when you get a soul that is so called evolving then if we accord, as we are aware certain species have virtually all the DNA that the human has, then would you say that they have a soul as well? All reason would say yes, and wouldn’t they want to move from being an ape in the jungle, though there are not many of those. But then you can take this over to many other species as well and would they not want to move up to being human. So what we are saying is the supply of what you think are souls is infinite and because consciousness creates form then should there wish to be an infinite number of beings on the earth, there already are if you count down to the bacteria etc. then the appropriate amount of necessary energy, needed to sustain the new forms, will be provided as the creationary need arises because there is nothing that cannot be sustained otherwise it is a failed creation and would not be there anyway. Does this answer or give you another way of looking at what you consider to be a soul?


Lost the beginning of this recording unfortunately.

As to interviews with what you might term the trance personality, the questions will be asked and people will try to ask questions which were designed to cast doubt on the efficacy of the information, of its basis in, what you might call, truth, but we can assure you that these will be handled with aplomb. So, there is much work to do. We haven’t got to this position without quite some intensive effort on your case, in that we have had to direct you to much study, much thinking in order that we can press the right buttons in quick succession to give fluent answers to any questions that arise. We are not having to search around with low levels of language and knowledge to try and formulate a comprehensive answer. So don’t think we have worked this hard in order for you to fall at the first hurdle. You have much to do, you are going to enjoy it and we are going to enjoy watching you spread our/your information, so fears aside settle down and get on with the job in hand.

Comment: FYI I am adding these comments as we transcribe the recordings. Well, that’s leaves me in no doubt as to which part of me is in charge. However it’s nice to know that I am looked after and it would also appear that I have got a few more years left in me yet.


Well, we will try to give you some background on the different aspects of trance mediumship. Now you have already seen another instrument holding an intelligent conversation with you and mediums generally experience some form of bodily manipulation so would you say that if this was taken to the extreme, you may say, that a consciousness can, we are talking a group consciousness here of course, ask for the assistance of certain skills that other consciousnesses possess?

Comment:- Would you believe it, the battery has run out on the recorder, we will have to ask for this information to be provided again. However I can personally affirm that this is possible.  I have always wanted a classy English accent after dealing with merchant bankers in the City of London in my twenties where my south London accent was looked down upon.  One day in 2014 I woke up speaking in the desired manner, a complete surprise, and additionally I had acquired a deep, powerful singing voice and this voice also knew how to breathe. The singing has stayed, the accent comes and goes but judging from the opening paragraph maybe the instrument is being prepared for public speaking. I’m happy to go with the flow, it’s all been to the better so far.


A lot of people talk about guides and helpers, things of that nature. Would you like to comment on that please?

Now if you are not in contact with your higher consciousness, you are not aware of your higher consciousness, you have not had the support and the confirmation that you and David have had from the intelligence that may not be any more intelligent but certainly has a wider experience and knows how to access depths of knowledge. When you did make probes into these other areas and you found a welcome voice in your head, words of comfort or words of direction, of inspiration and knowledge then what name would you give to this? If you ask for help regularly and you got the answer, what would you call that?

You could say it was somebody guiding you.

Yes. Ask and it shall be given, who is giving? You would go and ask the priest and what would he say?


Or your angels, because only the priests could speak to god after all. Do you understand what we are saying?

I understand what you are saying.

They had to designate a lower entity to speak to the ordinary person. Similarly the pope is said to be the only infallible member of the Catholic Church. How come the rest aren’t? You have to elevate people to pedestals so the priests had direct communication with god, nobody accords them that now of course but originally that was the idea. Which is why special places were constructed for the priests to live, the Pyramids, temples, monasteries etc. to foster the impression of access to and communication with the creator.

The same thing applies to the Spiritualist movement. They didn’t want to refer to gods and archangels etc. they wanted something more understandable, more down to earth, so they designated communicators as guides and helpers etc. Jargon and dogmas spring up when any new form of belief begins to spread. Those who set themselves up as teachers of the new knowledge deliberately foster this to create an aura of exclusivity otherwise they couldn’t be teachers could they? There are always the people who are happy to sit at the feet of the guru not understanding that if they took the time and the trouble they could find out for themselves. Just as you see in the physical, the vast amount of consciousness is happy to sit back and take advantage of another’s endeavours. As above so below.

Look at what is happening to your world. Ever more people are happy to not work but to rely on the endeavours of others to provide their needs. Maybe you can see why we say as above so below.

Now when somebody is allowing a trance personality to speak through them how can one ascertain the genuineness of the communicator?

How many times have we spoken about reason and logic? What would you expect for the person you are talking about, given their level of intelligence, the position they currently hold and the knowledge you presume they hold, even though it may not be in depth on these subjects? What sort of higher consciousness of that instrument would you expect to speak?

You would expect it to be reasonably sensible.

But not necessarily in the vein in which we speak?

No, not necessarily but it could be.

As we have said before if the instrument does not have the wide ranging knowledge and the appropriate belief system we could not put the information past that person’s belief system. It is not just picking out words. These things have to go through, you might say, gates and if those gates are locked you cannot get the information through. Everything that is spoken has to go through the maze of gates and the doors have to be batwing doors, you must be able to just push straight through them. If they have never been opened they may be firmly shut, they have to have been unlocked. That means understanding and you understand that.

So when somebody is starting out doing this how do you help to insure that those who are speaking through them are genuine?

You ask intelligent questions and you expect intelligent replies.

So if you are not getting intelligent replies how should the trance person protect themselves from these entities?

You have already done that by telling her not to go into trance on her own. They can only follow advice if they wish to. If they find themselves floating about, shall we say, as your lady does, waving her arms about in an uncontrolled manner and singing in an unidentifiable language then they must ask themselves “What is happening here? Why is this not behaving in a rational manner? It is up to them to decide “I do not want this, I want to hear a sensible, intelligent voice speaking and holding an intelligent conversation in a credible manner”. Now the subject matter is not of importance, it could be whatever you wish to speak about, present day environments, all the questions you have asked, the higher consciousness will have knowledge of most of them. For example you could ask about the process of transition and you should get a credible reply because the consciousness will know.

You would expect the higher consciousness to be in control wouldn’t you?


Nobody can come through unless the higher consciousness allows them through. Now we don’t know the reason why this person, this instrument is being manipulated in the fashion that it is. But it is at the moment and maybe it needs to be given a directional line of inquiry to follow using reason.

It is all down to the individual. If the individual finds satisfaction in having themselves surrounded by people hanging on their every word, fawning and commenting on the utterances, then they can easily think to themselves “maybe this is OK”. They don’t apply their own critical faculties. They are actually open to the fact that somebody from the planet Zog can come and speak through them.

So, in your opinion, what percentage of those on your side are able to find a way to speak in the physical?

How many sensible trance mediums have you come across in the past twenty years? Even by looking on the internet and around.

Very few.

Yes, very few. Because most consciousnesses in the physical are not interested. They have come here, created their instruments, in order to enjoy certain things. They already know what can be done and so it is only the ones that wish to teach others that actually enter into this endeavour. The ones that have no wish to teach others and merely wish to enjoy the physical just don’t bother with this at all. Why should they? If they have come to experience the pleasures of eating, drinking, all the other things in the physical world, power, money, thrills, challenges, bodily sensations etc. then few are interested in teaching. Volunteer teachers can only come through those people who are interested in what you have to say.

So would you say that there are many on your side who would like to be able to get through and speak in the physical?

Once more, you are talking each individual higher consciousness. The ones who really want to talk to this side are ones that will form a vehicle in order to do so. Others who are scanning ideas and are attracted simply join in with the committed group. Again, far more followers than creators. Like your blogs, you simply join the conversation when it takes your interest. Here I am talking through this instrument, listening to what is being said. That is something else you must realise of course, just as you are listening and your instrument then listens to the recording, although he hears the words going past, we are in the same position. We are listening to what is coming out. You seem to think we have all this prepared but it is the confluence of many, many minds all coming together and we are all aware that the words spoken are the opinion of the majority.

Sometimes we may not quite agree with some representations but we simply have to abide by the words that are actually spoken and it is up to our own analytical consideration subsequently for us to decide whether this is something we can accept wholeheartedly. Or perhaps 90% or so, or perhaps a certain aspect wasn’t covered. There is always something you can’t cover because there are so many alternatives and so many shades that you can only have a pretty generalist transmission. There is always somebody who says that an omitted fact was really important but the majority obviously didn’t agree.

So on your side we’ve heard that you think of somebody and then you are able to communicate with them. Are there only certain people you can think of and communicate with?

Like your internet, let’s say you put the thought out there and we will run the parallel as we go along. You put the thought out there, you put the name into the search engine. You may get a vague reply to the thought but it may be the wrong person because unless you have a definitive knowledge of that person, some form of link, then you won’t connect with the right one, will you? So you must be fairly precise, even putting in Elvis Presley you will get Elvis Presley impersonator, memorial, various other associated items and events.

Now, the next step. You locate Joe Bloggs say, you send him an email, you locate Joe Bloggs, you send him a thought. Now you have only heard of this person and feel you would like to talk to him. He gets an email from a person he doesn’t know of saying I’d like to speak to you. Which of his incoming mail baskets is it likely to end up in?

Probably in spam.

And he may or may not open it, depending upon the attractiveness of your message, whether it excites his curiosity enough for him to open the email. It is the same with the thought. If the thought comes across, remember the thought can be assessed far more and you can send a conceptual thought so that they can feel the type of person that is sending. So they may be inclined to reply and then back comes a thought. Others can’t be bothered and will ignore the thought. It’s not all love and light you know.

How many of you, even here, send out contacts to people you don’t know? On a regular basis.

Not really.

No. You keep to your connections in the main don’t you? It is only when you need a specific thing, you may need a specific reply and then you send to somebody you think has the requisite knowledge. In your instruments experience how many have come back with detailed help?

Very few.

Absolutely. They are wrapped up in their own realities. The same applies. As below so above if you wish.

So do you have any advice with regard to the website book?

It will take time. As David picked up earlier, roots take time to grow. The sheer volume of material takes some time to read and will need to be read, as we have stated in the introduction, several times. But somebody will pick up that this is an interesting concept and “I would like to know more” and the only way to know more is to speak to us, try to connect with their own higher consciousness or seek out similar sources of transmitted material.

You may receive requests for information on certain areas and it is quite possible that somebody will wish to speak directly to us and will suggest to Skype but as we said before, Rome wasn’t built in a day and this sort of thing takes time to get off the ground. But feel heartened, you have had no detractors to date, you have had well over one thousand visitors who have viewed an average of five or more items, no detractors, no nasty comments. So wouldn’t you consider that quite a good start?

Yes, quite encouraging.

We are doing our bit, where we can, to influence people but it is difficult to influence people to go to a site they haven’t heard of. It is easier to get them to go to a site once they are aware of it because then you can put the thought in their head. But just as we cannot use the instrument for scientific explanations as he does not have the requisite vocabulary to reply in those terms then in the same way, if the website is not in the mind, the influence cannot be brought to bear to enable them to enter it into the machine. We have to work in roundabout ways using various interconnections to try to lead the mind to the site. We have to also search out those who have an interest in this area as it is pointless trying to influence those who do not. We endeavour to seek out those who will spread the knowledge further. Just as it is not easy for you it is not easy for us either. How long did it take to teach the instrument to become something that could be used, twenty years? Even then we did not know if it was going to be successful.

But we’ve made the first step. Many people know and now we hope that as we keep applying thought, watering the plant, it will grow and blossom.

Thank you.

This knowledge that we are transmitting will be to some people like a firework exploding. A sudden burst of illumination. They have been searching, trying out one concept after another and then, like some of your responders, “Ah, this is what I have been looking for, this makes sense and fits in. I can understand this. It fits in with what I thought it would be”.

Well, that’s the simplistic part. The parts about creating reality, the observer and the observed, the areas of deep intellectual study are only followed by the very few and so it is going to take some time to find one or two of those who are genuinely seeking and wish to find. These are the ones we wish to engage with but of course there may be certain authors who, if we can get them to follow this line of reasoning, this line of knowledge that we have communicated, then with all due respect, it would suit our goals for them to completely plagiarise what you might call your work, but our work and put it out there because we will have still achieved what we set out to do albeit in a secondhand fashion.

Imagine if a very successful author in this field decided to push this. He would reach a very wide audience and be believed. Whereas quite honestly the name David Ingman means nothing. So it depends on who is promoting this concept doesn’t it? So don’t worry about it. If you see someone else’s book come out with all this material then just be pleased that through that person…consider him your instrument the same as we consider David our instrument, but you have been the vital link in the chain. So by you putting it out there, if somebody else takes it up and takes it to a much wider audience then you can sit back and think, job well done.


And as you said, you are not interested in the fame or the money so it is nice to be in the background as the ‘eminence grise’. That should give you some comfort actually. You can sit back now and know that you have done your bit. We will pass through extra pieces now and again that you can put out there but meanwhile you don’t have to worry about whether or not it is expanding at whatever rate you feel would be of satisfaction to you. There is more going on than you know of as you can well imagine so eventually it may well come as a surprise and provided you put your ego firmly in your back pocket you can be quite happy about things.

Thank you.


A Question from Hayley. As I understand it the non-physical spirits inhabit the physical bodies but as there is no time they are able to inhabit many bodies simultaneously and lead different lives simultaneously. Is that correct? How does it work now that there are 7 billion physical bodies on the earth and more if you count animals etc. when there were only a few thousand many years ago? Do the spirits just inhabit more physical bodies at one time or do the spirits reproduce as well?

Why do you think that the number of what you call spirits is limited or has to reproduce? If you look out at the universe around you, you will see it is limitless. If you think of the number of atoms, molecules etc. smallest points or energy or consciousness that exist then that is beyond your imagination. Now just look at the possible lives a consciousness can live as regards physical reality, but first of all think of all the other realities that you cannot see. You cannot see atoms and molecules so you have no idea what organisation they have. The same goes for any other small part and even then, depending on the frequency they vibrate at, because your eyes and ears and other senses can only work within a certain frequency, then whatever forms of what you might call solidity may exist at a different frequency and you would be entirely unaware of them.

But now let us come back to physical reality and the human race and look back just a few thousand years and see that being a human being wasn’t all that exciting except for certain people in relatively privileged positions in certain parts of the world. Now it didn’t progress that fast really until the end of the Middle Ages and the coming of the industrial revolution and why did more people start to get born then? Why did it start to become a more attractive place to experience? Because the standard of living rose. You no longer had to avoid wild animals all the time, food became plentiful as farming became organised, industrial goods, clothes, shelter, everything became more available and so did various activities. Communications came in, no longer did you have to walk somewhere to tell somebody something, you sent a letter and later on in the not too recent history came the telephone. Means of transport proliferated and everything sped up. You have noticed that the rate of increase in population has kept pace with the, if you can find a way to measure it, technological, industrial, cultural, health, all the progress in these areas.

And why? Because the physical world has become a lot more attractive, a lot more appealing for consciousness to experience. As we have said in previous posts, as affluence has grown in the west there are far more things to do and less children are being born because one is no longer just sitting at home producing children needing them to work in the fields in order help provide enough to enable you to live in a reasonable manner i.e. just enough to stay fed and clothed. So as the more affluent nations have reduced their number of offspring, which means that the number of ideas, plans, that are acceptable to the consciousness groups (the puppeteers) who are operating those (the puppets) who are enjoying the affluent life, that will agree to be parents to new groups of consciousness, has reduced. Yet these new groups of consciousness wish to enjoy the new affluent life and so, as we discussed in a previous post, what is happening is that the rates of child production in the non-industrialised, non-affluent countries of the world have carried on and even expanded because those consciousnesses realise that we can have an agreement for another child in the middle of Africa or the Middle East and although we may have to sweat it out until adulthood as soon as we get the chance we’ll migrate to the areas where we can enjoy the good life.

This is what you are seeing today. It is consciousness finding a way to achieve its ends even though by the back door. There are many consciousnesses willing to come here as you can imagine but also there are many, many multiples of that number who have no wish to come here. They do not see this as Nirvana by a long shot. They will go to other realities more conducive to their values.

That should have explained to you how the population is increasing. Yes, you can live many lives at once but that doesn’t mean to say you are concentrating all your efforts in a physical reality. You may of course conjoin yourself with other consciousnesses in experiencing the life of a woman here, the life of a man there, even the life of a bird somewhere else, because you can come and go as you please. You can just join and become the “I” as in ‘Entangled Minds’. You become that particular one. As soon as you join you refer to yourself as “I experienced this, I experienced that” which indeed you did. So, “how did you experience that? I experienced that as Joe” or as Joanna or whoever. Ok? And you may just pop in to the experience of a bird just to experience the aspects of flight.  (Could this be what we do in a ‘flying’ dream?) You might feel yourself as part of the consciousness of a large tree just so as you can feel the power and the awesomeness and the view and so you can experience the goings on of the birds and animals climbing around in your branches. You can let your imagination run riot here.

You can experience anything but of course you can experience totally different realities as well. You have all these channels you can switch into. You can say I’ll look deeply into this and feel part of this and then you pull out and say well yes that was good. Now what else is there around? So you’ll watch the thoughts coming by, you’ll see where the intensities are quite hot, shall we say, and, I’ll go over and see what is going on there. This isn’t far-fetched, it’s quite natural really. You do exactly the same thing when you are sitting in front of your T.V. or you are browsing your internet. You just look to whatever is there and when something takes your interest you focus into it. As above so below.


The other night you said that there was no plan so why is it that people who have near death experiences are frequently told that they need to come back because there is work that they still have to do?

When they come back they only remember certain things yes?


When you come here you are not aware of what things you want to tackle or achieve or experience. You knew that before you came but you deliberately organised it, along with your other consciousnesses of course, so that you didn’t know, the veil of forgetfulness!

So would you not call that a plan, from the other side?

We go back to the playlet, the idea. By using this word ‘plan’ too many people expand it to the ‘Grand Plan’. They take it in a hierarchical fashion and before you know where you are you end up back with a god again. A grand plan and a whole lot of subsidiary plans. Well, there isn’t any. It is simply that which you want to fall in with. Say if a big group of consciousnesses comes along that says “We’ve got this wonderful plan, would you like to be part of it? Here is a little bit for you to get involved in”. So what have you got then? You’ve got a consciousness with a big idea, a large operation and you are going to play a small part. So you say “oh, there is a bigger plan”. Yes?


Right. So you go hierarchically up and this is how people ended up with a god. But there isn’t. You have all got your own little plans, your own little playlets, your own little ideas, your own little list of what you want to experience. You are hooked on this word ‘plan’.

‘Plan’ is one way of explaining it but it’s not…

It is taken in a different fashion. You don’t say ‘God’s bucket list of experiences do you?’ You say ’God’s plan for us’.


So you must realise the gravity of the word. How the word is seen when applied to a spiritual endeavour. So you must remove that word, use a different word.

So when the NDE’er goes back he is reminded that ’you went down to do this, that and the other’. He had deliberately forgotten. Once he finds himself on the other side he is not only reminded, he is aware and then he makes the decision “ah, I haven’t done X, Y and Z, I’ll go back”. But when he gets back he has gone through the veil of forgetfulness again because it wouldn’t be much good coming back saying “well I know I’ve got to do this, that and the other and then I’m dead”. He has got to be in the same position as he was in the first place when he came into the physical. Again we get “I was told to go back you’ve got work to do”. A sly fabrication on behalf of the ‘larger’ consciousness, shall we say, rather than the ‘higher’, in order to keep the smaller group of consciousness on the straight and narrow as regards knowledge of their provenance.

So it’s quite easy to explain that. If you think about it yourself, if you come once and you forget, then why shouldn’t you come twice and forget? It wouldn’t be much good coming back with all the knowledge would it? You would have come there in the first place with it all but that would have defeated the object of the exercise.


So, same thing second time around except that you might be left with the tantalising little bits of having met the relatives etc. Again, some of those you know, you have this deep love connection with and that is much harder to block out, but some future experience is easier to block out because you haven’t experienced it yet. It may be experienced later as say, a vague desire.

Thank you.


So you are wondering about the website at the moment, but you know, you see little movement sometimes while the roots are growing and then something occurs whereby the roots decide that they can support further growth and so it happens. Not quite the same parallel with this of course but as we said before it will eventually reach those who think that “this is good and we will spread it further afield”. You have had 8000 views, you haven’t had any detractors, so some of those will start propounding the ideas set forth in there and then it will get in discussion and then they will refer that person to the website and say “see for yourself”. This all takes time and as we don’t have to bother with time then we can come back in a few years can’t we and see how it’s going on. But you being sort of wedded to the idea, wedded to your baby, you tend to look at it every day. So I suggest that when you are on your cruise you only look at it when you are in port and then you may get a nice surprise someday, who knows?

We don’t see any particular intensities building at the moment but then again we can’t see everywhere either. We have to focus as you do. Sometimes we are just alerted to an intensity building. But it is worthwhile, it will go on and as we gauge what is of interest, which subjects have the most interest in them, then we may decide to add further information to those areas.

You will note that when new posts get viewed, people are always looking for something new so as soon as they see something that is labelled new they go to it. So perhaps we may have to add some titbits on a reasonably regular basis to attract those people who do come back and take another look. Again, if they keep coming back then they will undoubtedly mention it to others. You have to keep these things alive. It’s like books, you sell more in the first few months and then it slows down after the initial publicity has had its effect and then slowly but surely others come and take a look.

Much like a book that is bought, this is following the same pattern and so if it drops down to say fifty visitors a week, well, you’d be selling fifty books a week wouldn’t you? And that is all basically from one book stall whereas if you had this selling in many bookshops around the world you would be selling an awful lot. Perhaps when you get the urge, which we will probably provide you, then you will send it off to potential publishers. But you are still tweaking it here and there at the moment and perhaps as you carry on doing so you will knock it into somewhat more of a shape to make it instantly attractive to a publishing house. Then of course you will be off on the second leg.

So, no hurry, just relax. Know that you’ve done a good job, know that you’ve helped a lot of people that you wouldn’t be able to help just sitting indoors and golfing and gardening. You’ve got it out there and also you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are connected and that will come in quite handy sometimes as we are always here for you to ask our help and as you have found out, simply by changing focus, that help can be instantly provided and that is rather neat don’t you think?

Thank you.



Comments on Re-Incarnation, Past Lives, Ghosts and more

Reincarnation. A subject that perplexes many people mainly because of the concept of karma. This is a religious based fear concept constructed to persuade the masses, masses meaning all, to adhere to an acceptable code of conduct, on the basis of whatsoever you do to others will rebound upon them as the scales have to balance and often this would only balance in the next life. What is not emphasised however, for obvious reasons, is that you will not remember who you were in the next life and you will not understand why you are being visited with, what you might say, would be the sins of the parent. The sins of the parent visited upon the child. Does that mean that the sins of the predecessor will be visited upon the successor? This has been another saying capable of many interpretations.

The emphasis generally has been upon the negative aspects of karma. Of course, that is the whole purpose. To try to get the human beings to act in a kindly and considerate manner thereby kindling the hope that the next life will be a more enjoyable one with few negative aspects.

Now, this all has to be taken with the view in mind that the “self” which is separate from the smaller ”self”, you might say that the ego, the “I” is the smaller self and the inner self is the true “self”, if you wish. We are using words that can be argued over here because otherwise we would have to go into enormous detail to delineate various aspects of what people call egos, ”I”s, selves, lower selves, higher selves, inner selves, inner child etc. Suffice it to say, there are divisions of consciousness, some of which act within the physical plane, which we will refer to as the lower self, and that part of the consciousness that stays in another plane. You may choose between astral, mental whatever you wish to choose, and that is the director of operations, shall we say, the guide, the touch on the tiller, having constructed the vehicle and having programmed the vehicle then just adjusts the direction and the speed now and again by means of whispered influence, sometimes of which, we might say, is not heard. It is just that the vehicle has not got proper control of its motive powers.

Now, if you were taking one life after the other would you not think that each time you reviewed a life you would look at what you had done and then think “well, this time I will avoid this and I will avoid that”. Why the concept of “you must pay”? Because you need to inculcate fear into the human being to keep them on the straight and narrow. It does not make sense that a kindly person would have to come back, or put it this way. We have to assume in this case that everybody is guilty of negative actions and therefore the vast majority of human beings would have to return in order to expiate their sins. Then what? Where do they go? They move on until they reach enlightenment? Or they have sufficiently purified their “soul”? And then they end up in heaven or nirvana where they are in bliss. For how long? The question isn’t asked either “where did they start”?  At the same time, they will say that their life began before the physical and carries on after the physical. So why should it stop in bliss? But how did it start in the first place?

It is easy to say “it was a spark of consciousness, a spark of god”, the awareness once more. The more you look at the concept of reincarnation you see, when you think about it and you apply logic and reason, it would seem that each life you create is simply an experience you wish to undergo, to enjoy in various ways for your own particular “entertainment”. We will use that word to cover the spectrum of chosen experience, any aspect of human endeavour, action, thought, expression.

If you are choosing one to do and if you have the capacity, some will believe you can and some will believe you can’t, to have many lives at once in many different dimensions then, it is easy to envisage, when you look at the groups in which you participate in your daily life, each involving slightly different expression of personality depending on the activity you are engaged in, that even many lives at once does not seem quite so impossible.

Now it may have been the case before, that religions have arisen as an early form of civil control. It is easier to control by instilling a belief system from a young age than it is by trying to reason, or use force to control, at a more advanced age. Basically, by instilling a certain set of values the human being self- polices. Society works quite well when people cohabit in small environments, co-exist, co-operate, and a relative harmony is achieved in a small unit and then people who deviate from the norm are quickly brought to see the error of their ways. As the population has grown and people have had access to arms, even from the days of sharpened sticks and bows and arrows, then groups have formed to fight each other for possession of food, the opposite sex, the land and anything that arouses a desire in the one to take what the other has by force if that is possible.

So, if we look at the concept of reincarnation from that aspect we see that it really does not hold water except in that fashion as a civil obedience tool. Now, we do have many investigative examples of cases, as they are said to be, suggestive of reincarnation. Most of these are children that remember a “past life” where they had, say a wife, children, business whatever it happened to be. Something that is generally able to be proven by taking the child to the place they speak of and they then recognise the area, the people, the names etc. In addition, some of these children have birthmarks suggestive of a violent end to the person they claim to have been before as most of these cases seem to be those whose lives were, what we would say, cut short. Now when we look at the consciousness, with memories of experiences, that is constantly creating new lives, if you have many lives going on across dimensions, then as one “play” ends, one game ends, then you start another one if you wish to do so. If you had planned on living a certain life time but due to the ever evolving nature of the play you are involved in, you agree that “OK I didn’t intend to leave this way but I’ll exit now just to make life interesting for the remainder”, or that somebody else wants an experience. So you have unfinished business.

So you form a new vehicle and you fashion it once more but, of course, if you do this quickly the memories have not faded and so it is quite possible that those memories carry over to the new vehicle and for a certain while those memories can be available to the new vehicle before they too fade away. You may well accept this possible scenario but reincarnation, again, implies a continuous linear, sequential concept, which, you are already aware, only exists in the physical. Outside the physical there is only the ever present, even though it is constantly in motion. So, reincarnation again is something you can believe in, if you wish to, or you can see it as just a bleed through of information from one activity to another. Like, you’re telling a joke in one life and it is so impactful that you remember it and in another similar life when you see that joke again, or even it may come to mind, in a form that you don’t realise, but you have an instinctive or an instantaneous overreaction to a happening that you see, which is extremely funny and you wonder how did I think of that so quickly. And yet, maybe you have seen this somewhere else and then you can throw in another aspect which would be sharing of experience. All is connected, therefore, wherever you focus you can focus on the experiences of another. But if you don’t, are not aware that this is possible you can most easily say, “That was a previous life.” Quite easy to do. Now I must admit that it is hard to explain how a child, which is born, sometime, not too long, after the person who the child says they were has died is not suggestive of reincarnation. But, can you also see that the new consciousness can be tuning in to the consciousness that has left the physical and picked up all the details, all the information, much as a medium can do.

A third one, can be that the person, whose life has been abruptly ended, has these, let us say, indignities, insults, physical insults as well as verbal, in the main physical insults, so deeply etched in their consciousness that they are not aware that they are completely free in their life in their new environment and still burn with the desire for whatever, you might say revenge, you might say burn with love, whatever it might be. The desire to see their children grow up, whatever, they have to find a suitable consciousness that will allow them to at least give them a chance to revisit their family once more. We talk about those consciousnesses that have addictions, that when they leave the earth plane try hard to influence and enter into the feelings of those still on the earth plane. They can be akin to a leach sucking on blood, they can blend with the feelings of the person in the physical which gives them the same sort of satisfaction that they felt. So we have a range. There are probably others that we haven’t covered and a range of possible scenarios. But let us assure you, that most certainly, for the vast majority, that the exception is more than the rule, and that is borne out by the number of cases, amongst the billions of those who are born, that are suggestive of reincarnation. So, one swallow does not make summer. Reincarnation as a mass concept for the masses is not valid. Do you have any questions?

What is your take on past life regressions?

We spoke before about the hour glass, the inverted pyramid, the small pointed focus through which the mass of consciousnesses can experience the physical and how when you are able to focus upwards, if you wish, from that small base of the pyramid, there is a vast area of knowledge and experience that you can tap into, and a vast piece of all these experiences of all consciousness as everything is connected, which is why we did not want to say, who is speaking. Because many, many, many are providing the knowledge which we are using to converse with you. Now, you should already be seeing the possibilities of, let us say, throwing a dart into the dartboard of previous lives, whatever lives are going on, whatever experiences are happening. Once you go looking for details of a life, whatever you access you can claim ownership of. Do you understand?

 Yes. I think I do.

So regression is like having your consciousness walk into a library full of biographies or should we say auto biographies. Does that make it clearer?


Thank you. Now people report that they have been helped by angels. Can you comment on angels?

Now, as we have stated, everything is a co-creation. The laws of the environment we presently live in have been agreed and everything has been constructed according to those laws. But different laws exist in other dimensions and different creations are made in other dimensions and so do not think that your particular three dimensional reality does not have many gradations because why would you simply fix the gravitational pull at one level? Would you not think of having a reality where the gravitational pull was much less and therefore, you could move instead of one yard at a time you could be like a super kangaroo and move at one mile at a time or simply leap to the top of a mountain? Again, let your mind soar into all kinds of wild speculation and think wouldn’t it be nice if I could do this, if I could do that and of course, you can for you create your own reality. Whatever you wish to experience you can.


Would you like to comment upon ectoplasm?

Ectoplasm is a manifestation. The consciousness that has chosen the route of exploring the experiences of a physical medium has to some degree wanted to be the subject of interest to others. Just as we talk about gods giving signs involving awe and wonder then the consciousness that controls the medium may wish to create, what you might call, the manifestation of energy which can be manipulated or impressed like modelling clay. A medium of expression, you might say, and used in a kinetic fashion. It can be used to form objects, it can be used to show a likeness of a person who is no longer in the physical, it can be used in séances for materialisation. It is all a creation from the expanded consciousness of the medium because in the same way that we are speaking now where the consciousness is far expanded from the consciousness that operates this instrument in day to day affairs, in the same way with physical mediumship which produces ectoplasm, the amount of consciousness(es) that are involved, and we will refer to another phrase, a word that we use “intensity”, the power generated by the intensity of thought can manifest in holographic or material fashion a solid object, but what it is creating, as you well know, is a force field. The intensity of thought can create a force field. In fact if you enter into a room in which you are not wanted, and you are recognised as somebody that isn’t wanted by everybody in that room, you will say that you can feel the animosity, but conversely you can feel the love, but you are feeling attraction or repulsion, a force field. So let us just take vast numbers of consciousnesses that are interested in assisting the endeavour to manifest and you can see how the use of ectoplasm, energy, force fields can accomplish the purpose.

Thank you. Would you comment on ghosts please?

We spoke earlier of lives cut short, you might term it unfinished business, desires and memory, but a vibrant memory that says “I must do this, I must get this finished” and we just spoke of intensity of consciousness that enables materialisation. Now, we spoke of holographic, what is a ghost in your terms and explainability but a form of hologram. But a hologram motivated by desire. You have also heard of thought projection. A ghost with unfinished business from a consciousness that has passed on is very much the same as what you term a doppelganger, a consciousness that is currently operating the physical body and yet wishes to be somewhere else at the same time, but in some form there is such an intensity of emotion involved or, it can be a wish not to be somewhere, and therefore the mind wanders and creates what you would say is a ghost, an apparition, a thought projection in another locality. Do you understand? The two things again can be interchangeable, another can be sheer force of habit. When you pass over, where you have been a very habitual person and it is very difficult to shake yourself of the habit, much as the drunks and the addicts wish to still keep that feeling going because their consciousness has memories, has feelings, has emotions. For example, we say we meet our loved ones, which means that love still exists. If love still exists then the opposite still exists. Do you understand? All of these are simply beliefs that you have taken on at some stage and are taking time to release. Until you understand what is, we may say, “the truth” albeit temporarily over the present view point. Does that confuse you?

How do dead people turn up in photographs?

We have covered the intensity of emotion, intensity of desire, necessary to materialise in the séance room, the same principle applies. If you can affect the fabric of the physical plane, you will hear me refer to fabric as being the pattern. You understand what we mean by the pattern in the field, rather than solid object. If you can flatten the field, in some way, now a photograph is produced by light, reflecting from the object, which then affects the chemical composition of the film. If you can create your own source of light, at the same time as a film is exposed, then there is sufficient intensity of desire, consciousness, whatever, then you can transmit the desired representation onto that film, and of course, we can now come on to the digital age then, in theory, it is even easier to transmit an energetic construct, the same principle with light, but probably less energy is involved, although to-date, but possibly more through reluctance of the media to spread the examples, there are not so many examples of deceased persons appearing in digital photographs. In all cases of photographs reflected light causes the image to be created, so you could look upon the image created by ectoplasm, reflected light shows up in the photograph, or you could say “that an energetic image in the form of an idea, made into a hologram still causes light to be reflected”, or the hologram is composed of light but is not viewed objectively but the camera picks it up. Or you can say “is beamed into the camera receptors”. We can only give you things you can understand, there is more to be said but this, you might say “technologies have not yet been discovered or even conceived of at the present time, we know that will elicit even more questions so we will say “have not yet been focused upon.”

What do you have to say about Ouija boards?

We spoke of entertainment. Most attempts at Ouija boards are done in the spirit of entertainment and some in the spirit of enquiry. If approached in the spirit of entertainment then you will get whatever is out there because you are inviting the full range of consciousness to join you in creating a story. So those who wish to play games will create the story with you. Now, just look at what you do to each other in the name of fun and then you can see that others, whether in or out of the body consciousnesses may wish to do the same to you. But approached in a spirit if sensible enquiry the Ouija board can be a helpful introduction to the realisation that consciousness survives death, and again we say “the desire to let your loved ones know that you are still with them and they have not lost you”, then those desirous of that end find a Ouija board easy, because the persons, using the Ouija board, are putting themselves into an open mind situation and that allows other consciousnesses to tune in and operate the physical bodies of the participators and therefore the glass or planchette is directed to the appropriate letter to provide the desired communication. No different to us operating the verbal production of this instrument.

Do you feel there is any harm in using the Ouija board?

We say, over and over again, you create your own beliefs, from your beliefs stem your emotions, from your emotions stem your actions. Also your actions in using the Ouija board may cause unexpected emotions which then produce beliefs. So, you have already been conditioned, let us say, “provided with the knowledge,” that you can be possessed and if you find that an interesting area as a consciousness, especially if you are of a predilection to being centre of attention or even if your vehicle, that you are observing, has found that position to be somewhat satisfying, then the requisite belief is adopted and manifested. Whatever attention is desired. But generally if you take that person and give him a focus which they are more interested in possession does not make itself apparent. Why? Because focus.


Can you comment on doppelgangers and bi-location please?

You produce your own body, so you have group consciousnesses all focused on creating a body, now you are creating a physical body, there is no reason you cannot create, let us call it, a holographic body, a pastiche, a copy, but a copy in light, shall we say, but good enough in light to fool everybody, and if there is enough energy there, of course, you can create a solid copy. This is how physical mediumship works in effect. You have heard it said that desire produces the second body and if the person in the physical is connected strongly enough to their higher consciousness even that desire can produce certain happenings and in a serious case of the mind wanting to be somewhere or not wanting to be somewhere you can find yourself in an alternative place, together with, let us say, the holographic body, enough that people can see you, in some cases the higher consciousness sees you and gives a thought to the instrument that it can see and then other people cannot see what you are seeing. This is put down to clairvoyance. Some people can see a person standing there and others can’t.

Once more, clairvoyance is a question of being connected more closely to your higher consciousness and therefore what the higher consciousness can see can be transmitted to the clairvoyant and for ones that aren’t so well connected the picture cannot be transmitted.

So yes, bi-location is possible but it is extremely unusual for the consciousness to be aware that it is in two places or it has bi-located. Normally the more solid of the two, you might say, is not aware of the appearance of the more diaphanous one, or the hologram, and even when told that they were seen in another place cannot remember being there.


Tao of Physics, Einstein, Grof, Bertrand Russell, William Blake.

In the Tao of Physics mystics understand the roots but not the branches scientists understand the branches but not the roots. Would you care to expand on that comment?

Mystics are able to access areas that science cannot. Mystics have experience of the ineffable. They find themselves in altered states of consciousness where the environments are totally alien to the objective surrounds of the physical plane. From this they understand they everything is interconnected, that all is one, that all knowledge is available. There is no beginning, there is no end. Everything is equal.

Science on the other hand purely studies the objective world. It recognises that everything that we see and touch is made up of atoms and molecules that upon further investigation turn out to be virtual particles which appear and disappear from who knows where. Everything turns out to be waves, radiation, energy in motion, all these words in an effort to describe something which we cannot fully understand.

Yet science never asks “How does the pattern come together”. It talks about evolution, of things arising by chance and yet at the same time insists that the human being is conscious, has reason, logic, imagination, can design and create. Surely where did the design and creation ability arise from in the first place to create the earth, which is supposed to have come from a big bang and everything else appeared randomly as hot energy cooled and coalesced into various portions and objective reality and somehow from that arose the reasoning mind of the human being and instinctive minds of all lesser creatures. This is hubris in the extreme and really is not worth discussing.

So if where we come from and have all knowledge available to us and appear to be able to do whatever we want, what is the reason, why do we need to come here?

As we have discussed before, if you found, by merely using your imagination, you could create any outcome you wish then what is the point of even entering into any form of competition if you realise that basically if everybody used the same techniques of investigation there will be stalemate in all cases. So, just like you handicap at various sports, then consciousness creates environments with certain handicaps so that you cannot just influence the outcomes of any particular events. You must work at it, you must develop logic, reason, persistence, desire, the will to achieve and from thence derive the satisfaction of having controlled and directed your own abilities. Therefore, you can have pride, shall we say, in your achievements whereas before without the handicaps you merely focus and it was! You can always return to this, of course, and for a while it is quite nice then again you decide, “Let’s see if I can?”

Now, we know that ancient philosophies have long held that consciousness is the basis of all realities. Do you agree with that?

Again, we wish you to think this through for yourself. Scientists today, many of whom have had to resort to the admission that the ancient sages, the mystics were probably right thousands of years ago when they stated that everything arose from the one, and the one was the consciousness, the awareness, the “I AM”. It was given some form of personalised anthropological name by some, but others just gave it the description of the void, everything arising from the void. Science followed that with the Big Bang theory which asserts that everything arose from nothing. Wouldn’t it be much easier to say that the Universe was thought into existence?

Therefore, do you have to be conscious to think? We cannot say whether consciousness ever comes together and acts as one. We feel, from our point of view, that conscious groups [together] in many areas to create its own particular reality. To be enjoyed by those who wish to participate in that particular reality. Now whether this all forms part, to coin a phrase, of “God’s tapestry”, we are not in a position to comment upon.

What would you say is the difference between a medium and a mystic?  

Again, language. A medium has generally discovered that they have the ability to tune in to another reality or certainly be able to still their mind to allow another reality to communicate. Another dimension, another frequency of being.  A mystic, almost certainly, if they are having their experiences which others deem credible, if they turn their focus towards providing the service that mediums do, will probably be able to do the same, because they, again, experience information from other realities. Now, just as in a lucid dream, they find themselves in those realities but who is to say that mediums do not also have lucid dreams. You can call the mystic’s experience a waking dream say but, again, how do you differentiate between sleep and a waking dream?

Einstein said “Time is not all what it seems, it does not flow in only one direction and the future exists simultaneously with the past”. Would you care to expand on that?

This is an area where using the language of the physical plane makes it extremely difficult to give any understanding. Simply because the language of the physical plane derives from a time based system. You can only approach this by seeing yourself as something peculiarly non-deteriorating, we will not say indestructible, but non-deteriorating. So let us take the case of gold. You imagine that gold appears to last forever, does not seem to lose its substance over time, as do most other materials, and now imagine that everything would be made of similar materials. In other words whatever you consider that holds the atoms of gold together would also hold the atoms of everything that you know of together. Then there would be no atrophy, nothing would change, it would always be the same. Would you agree?

Gold does wear away doesn’t it?

Gold left sitting..

I see what you mean. Not touching anything else.

You can always abrade anything. Imagine everything… you must follow…expand your mind because we are trying to give you an analogy you can understand. If you wish to bring…..

I was just clarifying.

You are talking about what you perceive not your actions. If everything was made of a non- atrophying material, that doesn’t lose its shine, doesn’t lose its form, doesn’t lose any of its capabilities, then nothing around you would change. You must realise that you cannot suddenly introduce, ah, what about the clouds moving, and things like this. You must look at this as totally static, nothing is changing. But then you move your focus and as you move your focus you then will see what appears to you to be movement, or time but when you move your focus back you will find that nothing has changed. Are you with me? Would you say then that time has passed?

No, because you would not realise that it had.

So, when you look to the future it was there, but when you looked to the past you had previously seen, it was still there. So, you will conclude, the past, the future are co-existing. So all you do is you explore and investigate and what happens? It expands your consciousness. You expand your awareness of what there is to experience. Now, from the physical plane you will say time passed but remember when you are in the sort of dimension that we have just described you will not have invented the concept of time (or decay) because everything is still there. You simply look at this, look at that, look at the other. Now, again, let us go back to your scientists. Your scientists say energy cannot be destroyed only transformed, and we know that energy appears from nowhere and goes back into nowhere. This is electrons, so called, changing orbit or virtual waves appearing and disappearing etc. Now, so work on the same basis, but the underlying basis of everything doesn’t change. It merely forms and un-forms, forms and un-forms, in different places, we call it different places, in different fashions but it doesn’t change. So, time does not exist for consciousness if you say that consciousness is the basis of everything. If you say that electrical waves, or quantum waves, or whatever, your various other waves, that people keep inventing names for are infinite, are always there, and you are saying the same thing about your world made of gold and other non-decaying material. So, whatever is…. This is somewhat difficult to explain in that we can say that the whole basis of form is latent, it is potential. Now, as to whether all has been formed is a moot point because one simply has to look to see whether it exists or someone else has thought of it and it is not quite as easy as it is made out to be. But one can easily agree that the potential everything has always existed and will always exist. But just as you only care to inhabit certain comfortable parts of the world and most of your other fellow inhabitants of the earth are of the same inclination, then you do not inhabit hot deserts or the freezing mountains, you choose your locations. What we are saying is you choose where you tend to focus and what you want to experience. Therefore there may be many, many forms and events that have not yet attracted sufficient consciousness to make them manifest and yet they exist. It depends on what you call existence, they may not exist on the physical plane but they exist in the plane of imagination, the plane of design, although they cannot be experienced physically until they are manifest in the physical plane. Are you with me?

Now, just for a moment imagine that consciousness, a group of consciousness, decided that why don’t we put together a plan for a dinosaur once more, let’s take the dinosaur plan and make one on earth. What would be the purpose of that and for how long would it exist? It would be in the wrong environment, it would not fit in with the overall scheme of things and it would be quickly destroyed. So, would you go to all this effort…

If it was going to be destroyed that quickly.

And also because you had already focused upon that area.

Done it before.

Yes. That had been explored. That doesn’t mean to say that it still doesn’t exist. Because just as you expect to live on, so did the dinosaurs and so they do. But they have chosen their own habitats.

Yes. Just not where we are at the moment.

Just even take your present day situations and where even humans are choosing not to be in certain places.

At the moments humans are tending to migrate. Lots of humans are trying to migrate to the same places. Can you tell us anything about how this situation is going to unfold? This has digressed a bit, it just came to mind!

It ever was, from the beginning all creatures, upon the land, had to move with the seasons and many still do. They had to move with the seasons because the food available changes with the seasons. So, if you are in a cold area you move to a warmer area where food is available because the other area is now, for example, several meters deep in snow and there is nothing available. Now, man is just another creature who wishes to live in a comfortable fashion. Now, if an elephant is eating grass and it sees over this fence that there are, let us call them “goodies”, to avoid having to get into descriptions, a wonderful cornucopia of nutritious food. Do you think it will not pull the fence down, wander in there, and take its fill. Ask yourself, why do you put man into a different category? They have the same hunger and desire to fulfil their longings as the animals. So as they migrate towards better areas, conflicts will, I am afraid, undoubtedly arise as they fight over the share of the available. Things move around, they ebb and they flow and as one wave moves in others move out for better and more secure environments.

So, if you wish to have some kind of prediction then you will see polarisations. You will see happening in the Western world what has previously happened in such as South Africa and other areas of the world where privilege has to co-exist with non-privilege, privilege has to fortify itself to avoid being eradicated by the non-privileged.

Yes. Thank you. Bertrand Russell said “there is a better way of gaining information than through the physical senses”. What would you say is the best way to gain information?

You have come to the physical plane in order that you can explore your own creative capabilities. That does not mean just the creation of form but creation of ideals, creation of your personality, your control of desire, your persistence etc. etc. There are a few who decide or remember that somehow I can access a different reality. They have flashes of inspiration. They have meditative and altered consciousness experiences whereby they suddenly understand or suddenly know. Some experience telepathy, some experience seeing at a distance, some just experience a sudden awareness simply through focusing. These are better ways of obtaining knowledge but they are relatively haphazard. The knowledge accessed is not always correct, cannot be, in general, focused in such a way that you get the exact information you desire and so, in general, you rely upon your tried and tested methods which everybody will agree upon. Plus which, if you say ”this is my source” and others can access the same source, they will agree with you and your project will advance. But if you say “I have meditated on this and I feel that this is what should be done” and it is not something that can be logically deduced or reasoned out then you won’t get much of a hearing, because if you can’t prove your thesis few will go with you. One or two may see the vision or resonate with it but in general they will say “well, that’s not quite good enough you know, you cannot give us a rational basis for your pronouncement” and yet it may be perfectly valid. Remember, as we said, did you focus in the right place? Did you even know where to focus? Which is why so many predictions do not come to pass. Some do, some don’t. So, yes of course, there are better ways of obtaining information but can they be validated? But others, to whom you wish to give this information and them to believe it, will they question your source and will they discredit your source.

Certainly some will try. What about the fundamental unity of things?

We are once again in a circular framework whereby if all is one and all its parts are connected to each other, in which case, it is one of course. All the parts make up the whole. We are talking about consciousness here. Everything is connected, everything is unified. Does that answer you?

Yes.   Bertrand Russell also said “all evil is mere appearance”.

Of course, everything is potential. Evil is merely a judgement. It is merely deception and that is made depending on the environment that you have chosen to inhabit and the build-up over the, we will have to use time to explain this, build-up over the millennia of human codes of survival and co-operation. So if you go back once more to where most humans were cannibals or could be, let us assume that most were at one stage. They didn’t differentiate between killing another human and killing a deer. Now, did they think it was evil to kill?

Obviously not.

Would they have thought it evil to take whatever was available? But one would try to stop the other one taking it.   Much as you can watch dogs fight over a piece of meat but neither of them thinks the other is evil. Evil is merely in the mind. It is something you do not wish to be a part of.

Yes. So, in the world at the moment it does seem that a vast number of women are badly treated, compared with men. So why do these things happen? I know that it is all an illusion but it is very hard to understand why these things happen.

In your own lifetime you have seen the status of women change dramatically from there being virtually no women in government in many, many countries, even up until recently where they are not allowed to vote even. But it is changing, has been changing, will change. You now have many women in positions of power, leading countries etc. Again this is not something, an area that we wish to pronounce upon. You are existing in the physical plane. You have chosen the time, shall we say, or the environment that you wish to experience and

That’s what you are doing. Yes.

So if you had come into this life several hundred years ago your lot as a woman, wherever you were, would be infinitely worse than it is today. So again, you chose the experience that you desire. If we take the old portrayal of life as a play, it is much easier to stand above the play and see all the actors playing their parts, knowing they will all return from whence they came and compare their notes, their experiences and decide what next to focus upon.

Now, Stanislav Grof said: “Modern consciousness research reveals that our psyches have no real and absolute boundaries on the contrary they are part of an infinite field of consciousness that encompasses all that there is.”

Once more everything, we repeat what we have already stated, everything, every consciousness is connected to every other consciousness by various pathways and all these consciousnesses form the whole. Now, again the word whole implies a boundary and, of course, there is no boundary but once more this is something that neither you nor we have yet been able to comprehend. But, everything can be connected to everything else simply by focusing through, as you have had your intimations of this from your remote viewers and such as Edgar Cayce and other seers that physicality is no barrier to consciousness. So, you have merely limited your experience to the physical plane in the main. You have had your viewers move their consciousness billions of miles into outer space but you simply do not know of other dimensions in which to focus. So, it is virtually… you can only look at your physical plane because that’s what you are in. Once you come outside the physical plane then you are aware of more, but you are still not aware of everything but it exists. It is present. This is the meaning of the word infinity, there is always more to focus upon. If you bring yourself back to the fact that you have conscious awareness which may be an awareness based within a group so although you feel you are singularity you are experiencing a multiplicity but thinking you are a singularity, in other words you are one point of awareness, but in order to manifest you may need to be any number you can think of, points of awareness working together. Do you understand?

William Blake said, “if the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite”, as you have just mentioned infinity, “man has closed himself up so he sees all things through narrow chinks of his cavern.” Perhaps you would like to expand on that.

For a reason.

I was going to say, “Would we be able to cope if our doors of perception were clean?”

Again, if you have restricted your senses to those to be used appropriately in a physical environment, then you have chosen the necessary senses and the efficiency for those senses to enable you to operate satisfactorily in that environment. Now, we are back to horses for courses. Again, if you wanted to cleanse your gates of perception then the physical environment would disappear from view. It would not be a case of not being able to cope because you would drop those senses off. You have narrowed them, slits in the cave, whatever you want to call it, for a purpose. So, removing the restriction would then remove the environment and you would be seeing a totally different environment.

Would you not still see that environment as well? The original environment, the one that you have closed down. Would you not see that as well?

Now, you can see yourself on the earth, so again we have to discuss this in terms of physical limitations. Let us assume, we’ll do several here, so you are watching one program, you switch to the other, you have one instrument can you see both programs? No. You are on the earth and you switch your consciousness to being on a star ten million light years away, can you see what is going on in the earth? No. So in space, in frequency, and you can do your own exercise in time and you will see that you can only focus in one reality, in any one moment, but you caveat that with the fact that, as we have described before, you can then sequentially focus on as many as you can handle and to you, thinking in physical terms, they will be existing at once. Which indeed they are of course. But your present capabilities are only able to focus on one. But, of course, once you understand that you can focus on several things at once then you will be able to do so. But in effect you are basically keeping up with several environments at once. Do you understand? As we have explained before, because the intervals between your focuses are so small that just like the frames of film going in front of you, there may only be sixty frames a second but it seems continuous to you. So, we have been through this analogy before. So, as we keep repeating, it is very difficult to explain using physical plane analogies to describe non-physical environments.

Now, Grof and Halifax say, “The universe is seen as an ever unfolding drama of endless adventures in consciousness, very much as in the sense of the Hindu Leela or divine faith.” You would obviously agree with that.

Two words. Infinite potential says it all.

Would you like to expand on theory of morphic fields, implicate and explicate orders and the holomovement?

Morphic fields again is a term to try to explain how one consciousness accesses the information arising from the experience of another consciousness. It basically posits that all mental experience is recorded, held, agglomerates in a field of information holding energy. Like a big computer in the sky you might say. So when anybody thinking about something, we come to the internet again, presses in the subject then all information pertaining to that subject is then downloaded. So, an information repository available to all.  Of course, we are back again to seek and ye shall find, or ask and it shall be given to you. It is focus, focus on what you are doing. Start to wonder what can happen and suddenly a thought, an idea will come into your mind. Or did your mind go to where the thought was, where the idea was? So with the postulation of a morphic field you can decide for yourself the process of information transmission or acquisition.

Implicate and explicate orders. We start with infinite potential. Consciousness imagines what might be, certain imaginings are reviewed, examined and let go, others are held for consideration and then through interconnectedness we ascertain how many others are interested in this particular imagined form, event etc. So when a crowd gets together and the enthusiasm mounts eventually one consciousness or more says ”can we do it?” and the crowd roars YES! And they set to and they organise. This is having to use your rationale as to how things happen on the physical plane but if you think that you are the same person and consciousness in whatever plane you are currently focused in would you not think you would use the same……we hesitate to say,the same methods of thinking, because the different environments entail different methods of thinking, but in general you can only be aware of who you are and you can only experience your desired experience by carrying out all your activities with other consciousnesses. Otherwise you will simply be “meditating’.

And what about holomovement?

Another word. You are talking the attempted description of everything being everywhere, everything happening everywhere. Again, it is very difficult to explain a conception which may actually have only a partial basis in reality. All information is available to anybody, to any consciousness. Everything is interconnected. If everything is indeed, interconnected then it is a hologram because every idea is available to everybody else. Now, hologram denotes space, take the space away and you have no hologram. You only have information, ideas, morphic fields again if you wish. An infinite field of information encompassing all the ideas, all the blueprints, all the patterns, all the scripts, all the music, everything you care to name plus much that you have no awareness of. It is all accessible to any consciousness that knows where to look or desires where to look is led from one to the other but just as we said you cannot see everything at once even though it all exists at once.



Thoughts, Beliefs and Dreams

The stream of human knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality. The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter. We are beginning to suspect that we ought rather to hail it as the creator and governor of this realm.
                                                     — Sir James Jeans The Mysterious Universe (1930), 137.

Where does your thought come from?

So let us start with your own observations. You are thinking of nothing in particular and suddenly a dog comes round the corner. You are immediately struck by the size and colour of the dog. Then you think a thought of, I wonder what breed that dog is? You look up at the sky and you think to yourself, that sky is a beautiful blue today. You think of going to work tomorrow and you think, I hope the traffic isn’t too bad.

Now, all these thoughts have been generated by your observations without any conscious intention to actually think, so we will call that category, thought by observation. Thoughts are transmitted, a thought once set in motion is transmitted by the brain even though you do not realise it, for simplistic purposes, to the mind and to the minds of all others. Some will pick up this thought because it actually conforms with their own perceptions or beliefs and others will ignore it because it is not a subject in which they take any particular interest.

Once the thought wave starts in motion then it can never dissipate. It simply keeps going. It has been postulated that there is such a thing as the Akashic records and your scientist Sheldrake has talked of “morphogenetic fields” where all thoughts reside and you might say, actions are recorded and as they are repeated as other consciousnesses notice the thought then the same like thought attracts other like thought. Anything pertaining to the same concept is gathered, you may say, under a certain filing system, coded if you wish. Therefore when another person thinks a thought especially in the form of a question that record is automatically contacted and without realising it you access that store and other thoughts begin to flow to your mind. The same system pertains, those thoughts that you wish to entertain then flow through your perception and those thoughts that you do not, let us say, believe in are excluded. You only think the thoughts in this regard that you are open to and as you can imagine some are more open than others. So the thought, once thought, is forever in existence.

You have in your historical philosophies the notion that every action, every thought of everything, every consciousness down to the smallest bird or insect and now of course we can extend that down to the smallest particle or consciousness is recorded and is always accessible. If you follow your own logic even and especially now that you have the internet you will see that whatever is fed into the internet finds its way to a certain number of associated pigeon holes, shall we say, from whence said information can be retrieved when activated by a request for information relevant to, even in a fairly abstruse way, to the intent of the question.

So, where do thoughts come from? Thoughts arise from consciousness. You may say conscious perception equals thought. Thoughts are recorded in like files and therefore are forever open to examination. Now in your own language you have phrases such as “bodies of thought”. Think of that particular phrase “body of thought”. You can think to yourself, does this mean that the body consists of thought and/or is it the thoughts that created the body? Or the more popular conception that this just means a conglomeration of thoughts.

So again, when considering where do thoughts go, then yes, they can go to a recording establishment or they can also be manifested in a reality. A thought becomes a reality especially if you classify the thought as an idea for something. You classify the thought as a product of imagination and then you look at the imagination which is another word, you might say, for thought or idea. All of these would mean different things, slightly, to different people but generally most would say that they are different interpretations of the same, we will have to say “feeling” here. A feeling that something is possible. So thoughts are things and become things depending on how much the consciousnesses cooperate in wishing to make a particular thought become a reality. So in answer to the question of where did it go, it can go to storage or it can flow into what you would consider to be, objective reality in this dimension and also into perceptions of realities in other dimensions.

So what effect would you say that thoughts have on yourself or others?

From what we have just said then when it comes to the effect of thoughts upon others then let us, you are talking about effects on others? Yes. When many people think of another group of people as undesirable and to be eliminated, subjugated or somehow be reduced to powerlessness what ensues? War and killing. The effect of thoughts can be extremely powerful. On the other hand when many people get together with the idea of bringing peace to an area and for example demonstrate by the ballot box or by mass demonstration in the streets then war can be avoided or stopped. Now we are merely talking here in terms of violence and to save a long- winded peroration you can use that same logical reasoning to see how everything comes about in the reality that surrounds you.

Now when it comes to reality for yourself then this can be measured physiologically. If you think happy thoughts your bodily production of chemicals, your heart rate, blood pressure, your muscular tone, your stance, your mental condition, your moods can all change depending on which thoughts you concentrate upon. Because you create your own reality, your thoughts create your reality. If you think that everything is terrible, that there is nothing to hope for and you are filled with fear and dread then your body markers will respond appropriately. This may seem to be like just plain common sense and indeed it is.


What exactly is dreaming?

Dreaming, to give you a very simple description, would be like one focusing in various realities, much as in moving from one website to another and being struck by certain experiences when talking about websites. It would be news items, pictures, objects and events that make an impact upon your senses. Now imagine moving from reality to reality which your other selves, your fellow co-creators, your other “bodies”, as we were discussing some time ago, and sharing their experiences. Now the most stand out ones, shall we say, may stay in “one of your memories” and so when you awake there is a temporary remembrance of certain of those, easier to use the word “experiences” as a cover all, and because in most cases you only remember the highlights there is not sufficient continuity for you to understand. So, as an analogy sit and surf the web rapidly it will scan various sites and when you are finished try to remember any particular information in full detail, you will find that only certain items can be remembered and other sites although you took in what you saw you will not remember at all, this is as good an analogy as is possible. Now, remember that when you are looking at your websites you are just in the one, let us say, frequency, the physical dimension but when you are dreaming you are hopscotching from frequency to frequency so you can imagine the distortion that bringing information from one frequency to another entails. Does that make you any the wiser?

So carrying on from that. How do I know how to dream when I have never been taught how to do so?

Your dreams are simply your perceptions of other realities in which your thoughts are forming your realities. Now often ( when dreaming) you will perceive in the other reality that you are currently focusing upon, as during your sleep you switch your focus from waking reality to other realities, you switch away from the physical world to other worlds which really can be quite as physical, although you think that only the world you inhabit is physical there are innumerable other worlds that are equally physical or if you wish to reverse the situation, what you consider to be physical is equally as non-physical as all the supposed non-physical worlds that you think are, let us say, out there.

Now often you will find that your dreams seem to have a connection with some of the activities that you have been engaged upon or areas which you have been considering as possible avenues of action. Previously we have mentioned that you do not just have a focus in the physical, you have a focus in the astral, the emotional, the mental, etc. at the same time. When a thought is thought in one area, subject to the screening systems we previously referred to, it will be picked up in one of the other bodies as well. So if we say you have been considering how to reorganise your garden say and then you have a dream about a beautiful tree or digging a hole or something even not directly related, you find yourself in the desert or find yourself in the forest and somehow you may make the connection between the garden which you wish to create and the forest being created from the desert. The connection will only be made by the few that tend to examine their dreams in detail if they can remember enough of them.

So you can see that the thought that may not manifest in one reality may manifest in another reality. There may not be sufficient intensity, sufficient conglomeration of thought to manifest in a dense reality or your perception of a dense reality, but it may be able to find a form in, let us say, a diaphanous reality. So in the physical reality you may be able to sculpt a rabbit out of stone and in a less dense reality you may see a rabbit in the form of a cloud but you are still perceiving the thought-form of a rabbit and you can extend these in either direction.

Whichever way you look at it, in the end, thoughts will become a reality in some conscious perception


Obviously we had a very interesting discussion the other evening, have you got anything you wish to add to those aspects? For example, one of the things that you said, if I understood correctly, that it is belief that makes everything where it is, for example how far the sun is from the earth, how large the sun is and that sort of thing? But surely everybody believed that the earth was flat and that the sun went round the earth but that obviously was not the case, so belief in that instance did not create that reality.

That reality was a reality to those who believed it and then the belief changed and the reality changed. The belief creates the reality, the reality is not… there is no reality except that which you believe is a reality. There is no distance except the distance you measure with the measurement instrument that you create to measure them. Do you understand?

Yes I understand what you are saying but when you say belief, the trouble is that what comes to mind is belief of people and that’s not the case at all. It has got to be something bigger than that.

Each gestalt of consciousness has its own beliefs and each gestalt sees its own reality.

Whether there’s any humans there or not “there is!”

That is a belief. That is a belief in itself. Do you see all other planes of existence, all other dimensions? Do you believe they are there?

I know there is something, I don’t know what.

In general though we now have the belief in the multiverse. You believe that the moon is round and yet until somebody saw the other side of the moon you did not know it was round.

Yes, but the fact that we did not know it was round did not mean that it wasn’t, it was still round whether I believed it was round or not.

People believed the earth was flat and did not want to go to the ends of the earth then somebody decided to go…

The fact that they believed that it was flat did not make it flat, it wasn’t flat. They just didn’t want to do it. It wasn’t flat as borne out by the horizon.

But you are talking in time and reality is created in each moment according to beliefs. You are only taking your present beliefs and extrapolating backwards in time. Nothing matters. It matters nothing. There is no matter except the matter you believe you perceive. Everything is simply consciousness in motion forming various patterns arising from intensity of thought, of emotion, of belief.

So how much do our thoughts, beliefs etc. affect our day to day existence?

Beliefs generate a certain level of intensity. It takes, in this particular level of perspective, time for that intensity to rise and intensity can last for a long time and it will gradually change and as the intensity changes, obviously the belief changes and the reality changes. The reality of perception changes. There is not just one belief, there are many, many interlocking beliefs. New ones arise, old ones fall by the wayside.

So for the everyday person, how much should they study this?

If it interests them they should study it, if it does not interest them they need not study it. It is simply a focus, an experience. It is simply what you wish to do. You find excitement and uncertainty in crosswords and in games, others find excitement in the uncertainty and joy of discovery in other areas and these areas overlap with all.


Philosophy is eternal, human beings have been around for a long time. Blavatsky talks about the perennial philosophy, but the human is the perennial behaviour as clothed in different circumstances in the environment, the human being changes very, very slowly because beliefs can only change depending on the mass belief, because the mass belief creates the intensity for change and when the mass finally want the change to happen it does. If you stand and watch what is happening around the world, which is now the protest system, a part of the mass rises up and says, “We do not want this.” The rest of the mass could not care less. It does not rise up against that mass otherwise you would end up with civil war. In some cases you have got this, where there is two conflicting intensities. All events arise from emotion. We are back to where we started.  The present level of intensity moves up and down and changes direction and most will go with the flow. You have control of how you wish to perceive things and once you realise that you really do have control of your perception you have control of the off switch. Only look in those directions that make you feel good, that give you pleasure. Do not look in the other direction unless you feel you are going to do something about it.


Now, one could say that the universe as you see it, is, as Sir James Jeans said “ The universe begins to look more and more like a great thought rather than a great machine”. Let us call this a great idea. Let us also come back to Rupert Sheldrake and his morphogenetic fields. Now, every consciousness is tapped into these so called ”fields”. The universe you could see as merely a field, a field of vision, an idea. But if you focus on that field of vision, that particular idea, it would be like you switching to another channel on your television. You will see what is there. If the belief has reached a certain intensity and then resides in, using the language of the day, the morphogenetic field, and you are linked to the morphogenetic field whether you like it or not, you will see what the morphogenetic field, from the data contained therein, presents to you. The same way as when you look through your eyes you are only seeing the light reflected. Do you understand?


It is the idea you are seeing, the image that is projected back to you, the thought that you receive, and therefore the universe is but one image because your belief comes before the image. The image is already there and, because of the number of people who have added to the image, it becomes a belief. Beliefs and images are interchangeable, in effect. Once you have a belief it becomes an image to you in your mind and vice versa. Coming back to all being created all at once, we are told time and time again, that there is no beginning, it has always been there. So we, once more, come back to the analogy of the [potential] sculptures in the block of stone. All events have always existed. The same way as all sculptures have always existed [in potential]. It is what beliefs you place upon these things.

Comment:- [You have subscribed to the mass belief in the physical universe and that belief, thought, is contained in the morphogenetic field which is composed of, contains within, every thought and action of every human being. The mass of humanity, of all manifestation if you wish, is creating its own reality, the reality of its belief in a physical universe.][The hundredth monkey proposition is that when a thought form, an idea, an action, a belief, reaches a certain critical mass it automatically resonates  by association with any thought being experienced by a consciousness and that consciousness becomes aware of it and so the behaviour or belief spreads].

We are coming back to the same morphogenetic field idea that if you believed that dinosaurs existed three million years ago, then you will make that belief a reality. So it is a reality to you. You make your beliefs a reality. If there is a belief… any group of consciousnesses all believing the same thing that will be the reality to them. Therefore there are innumerable, infinite number of universes, infinite number of events, infinite number of objects available for the consciousnesses that wish to focus upon them.


When a person visits another reality in dreams or other altered states how can they revisit that reality?

For most this is extremely difficult because even if you have the intention to revisit that reality and if you refer to the little discussion we have just finished it will need to have, we will use the term location, but let us call it instead an identifying signature, an address, and therefore if you have not carefully noticed the address, where are you going to look? So you can have the intention but you must also have a memory of the route you took. This is not a very satisfactory explanation. Now, if you start off with the intention to visit a certain location of which you have some idea and you find yourself there then you will be able to revisit that location if you are of sufficient intensity of intention. You understand that? Now, if you were merely browsing with no particular intention then, as we said, if you can’t remember where you have been then how are you going to find your way back? The simplest way we can answer the question.

Thank you. Can you hide your thoughts in the spirit world and therefore in effect mislead others?

If you are sufficiently expert in the same way as consciousnesses you see around you, you can indeed deceive those who don’t wish to put themselves to the effort of probing your aura, shall we say, (the thought net analogy in a previous post is easily understandable), because that is an easy way for you to understand that if the person takes you on at face value and doesn’t change their focus to read you, especially because each one will know that they are being read and it will be seen as disrespectful, you can understand that. You would not like to be speaking to one, who you considered to be a close friend, then find yourself being closely interrogated as to the meaning of your every word.


We now have a question from Tosca. What is God? Could we consider it pure consciousness, immutable, perfect or is that consciousness, God’s mind perhaps, in some way responsive to its creation? Is God affected by our experiences, maybe experiencing aspects of itself through us?

All this is intellectual conjecture. The word ’God’ is meaningless. It is merely a word coined for others to understand what the other is trying to say. Now as there is no understanding of how this all came about and as you can only think in terms of humans because you think humans are the top of the physical tree and the only ones that think, you construct this being and think of it as some kind of superhuman that sits somewhere all alone in its separateness, because you see things separately.

And yet you have no idea of where the universe ends and you say  ”where are the boundaries of the universe”? without asking the question “why should there be boundaries to the universe’? It is because you see boundaries to yourself, you see boundaries to the earth, you see boundaries to the planets and stars revolving around and to the galaxies, but, if you were inside your body and you were trying to look round at all the cells, the atoms within the cells and so on down to the usual retinue of particles and charges, where would it end? What would your viewpoint be from that perspective? It would seem never ending and yet when you came outside you would see, there is another one over there and another one over there. You look further and ‘my goodness, there’s another planet’ and so on.

So, how do you know that this universe is not like all the stars and galaxies that you can see? That it isn’t just one of myriad universes? You can carry on from there can’t you? You simply can’t understand what is around at the moment so you try and find some reason why it should be created. Why do you find that it needs to be created? Because you think of ‘time’. You do not realise that you have created time.

Now, start to think about the animals, birds, bacteria, viruses. Do they have clocks? Do they do things other than by light and dark? Do they measure the number of days, years? Do they measure how old they are? Do they think of when they will die? You don’t know do you? Maybe you should find some of that out. If you can. You must get used to the idea that you construct time. You construct the beginnings and the ends. You have to dispense with thinking from those assumptions and see whether you can think of everything as always being.

With everything always being then where is your need for God?

If you start with the God business again next minute you’ll be back into purposes, which is what has happened before. We come here to learn, and what do we come here for, so we can find our way back. Well, that’s rather stupid isn’t it? What on earth would you come for just to forget all about it and find your way back? Wouldn’t it be more sensible and logical that you come here to experience it and you go back when you’re ready. You don’t even come or go, you look in, to see, and you make your imagination real in the same way that you construct your plays and films etc. You take your imagination, you make it real and you enjoy the experience. Others can step in and view. They can view the play, they can view the films, the virtual reality and the experiences become more and more vivid and real. What is happening is that you are slowly moving towards what you already do. So if you wanted to come and go back you are gradually reproducing what you already do. So there’s your coming and you are on your way back. In the end once you have all your virtual realities then you will look at this and think ‘well, this is rather like taking coal to Newcastle isn’t it, what’s the point in constructing this physical body only to strap a visor on its face and then it is into a different reality? Well then, it is not experiencing the one it is in, is it?

So I suggest that you think, why is there any need for a god in the first place? And think of a whole different way of thinking about the ever present consciousness and what it is going to do with itself. You just sit there, you think, ‘this is boring, I need to do something’. So you construct something to do, which is exactly what you do in the earth plane. As above so below and vice versa.

Thank you.


You constantly talk about as above so below but there are certainly some things that take place “below’ which are really not desirable. Are you also saying that those are above as well as below?

When you look at what we previously said, that everything is an experiment and the answer comes ‘it went wrong, didn’t it’, so things go wrong with minds as well. You acquire beliefs and you change beliefs. You changed from thinking eating meat was perfectly OK to finding it abhorrent. You view that as being a move to the good. You must realise that there are those out there that are being told ’this is what God or whoever wants you to do, these people are wrong, look at the way they live, look at the things they do’. You will find that an awful lot of the violence and other things that happen, certainly from the point of view of the largely organised violence, comes from dogmatic beliefs as to what is right and what is wrong. These are fuelled by a few people generally. Do you agree?


Then you have other elements e. g. the mindless violence upon a stranger but overall these are few and far between and how often do we try to get inside the mind of the person perpetrating this violence and see what led him to this? Now you have seen the way that drugs can completely alter the moral responsibility of certain people?


But the instrument wasn’t built for that was it? For some reason this is experimented with and the instrument goes out of control.

So is it also being experimented with ‘above’?

Depends on what you call ‘above’. There are myriad realities. We have to say ‘as above so below’ because you still think in terms of the control as invisible, coming from a sort of heaven. If we said’ as around so within’ how would you understand that? Because we are talking in terms of your sensory perceptions. Or if we said ‘as within so without’, where would you place the intelligence?


What if we told you ’as without so within’.

It doesn’t really matter what words you use, what I am trying to ascertain is…..

There are all kinds of realities. You are talking, yet again, about what you consider to be good and bad.

Yes of course.

But everything is imagination, nothing can be hurt. As we have said, when you are watching your puppet being chopped to pieces then ‘what a shame that is’, ‘I shouldn’t get into sword fights should I’. ‘I’ll have to start another puppet, that’s no big deal, I’ll just switch my gaze and join this lot, I’ve been running this puppet, I know what I’m doing, can I join you? Yes’. Now, if you are saying ‘I want to join you so I can go and destroy another person’s puppet’ that may be more difficult, but there are those who like wars. So you join and others join and before you know where you are you have one that can’t go to war but still wants that feeling of destroying another puppet.

Not easy to explain because you are coming from the point of view that you do not wish to have any pain anywhere but if you didn’t have any pain it would all become boring again. In the same vein why do you produce all these programs and films that are horrible? It is because you understand that it isn’t real. Whenever looking at these events you must try and move yourself to the ‘above’ position or the ‘without’ position. Looking down and realising that this is all a light show. None of it is actually real. You can’t allow the puppet to know that it is going to be killed otherwise you won’t get the experience. The consciousnesses operating the puppet know full well that this is going to happen.

You were told today of the woman who was sitting in the car waiting for her husband and suddenly decided to join him in the shop. When they came out of the shop they found a large tree had crushed their car. The higher consciousness became aware of the intensity signifying that the tree was going to fall on the car and not wanting the puppet to be hurt sent her the thought to leave the car and join her husband. Now we didn’t cause the tree to fall, the tree is its own consciousness.  It decided it had had enough and it didn’t care where it fell but we could see the intensity building. We could see that it was going to happen and a decision was made. There are myriad answers to this but suffice it to say that it is all in the imagination.

You must really stop viewing through the lenses of good and bad.

I was only asking if the same things happened……..

Are the people who make these films bad people?


They’re providing employment, they’re providing enjoyment and basically it’s harmless and they are making a lot of people happy. So are they good or bad people? You don’t say they are bad people because they make violent films, you may say they have some odd imagination but have they been out there killing people themselves? They may feel that they have some instincts for that kind of activity but they express them through make-believe. In much the same way hunting was a major activity for hundreds of years, killing things for sport. Look around now and how many people do you see shooting defenceless animals purely for sport, for the sake of killing them?

Certainly not as many.

And how many people are using cameras?

Yes lots.

Now equate violence and films with rifles and cameras.


Equate them not so much as regards technology but in the motivation of the consciousnesses behind those objects. All you had were methods of destruction but now you have methods of capture where you can watch the creatures for a long time. Before it was ‘am I smart enough to shoot this rifle and hit the target’ but now you say ‘am I smart enough to lock onto this flying bird and follow it all the way’. You are still exercising your skill aren’t you?

You can find those realities where everything is perfect which is why you talk about heaven, then as the memories come flooding back you realise that ‘it’s all imagination anyway, so I can go and do that’. ‘Now who else wants to join me’? Because you can’t produce any reality without consensus.

As Seth says, ‘nobody dies unless they agree to it’.

As we have agreed before, for a murder mystery to be able to be enacted somebody has to be murdered in the first act and exit never to be seen again. Until the next performance. (But when the play is over all the actors appear again to take the applause, meanwhile the ‘victim’ has been watching from the wings). This is why we are relatively relaxed, immune to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, because we understand, it is all just make- believe. Once more you must think about those two words, ‘MAKE BELIEVE’ ……… and then think about ‘focus’.

Are you connecting?


So tell me how you’re connecting.

Once you focus on something you then start to believe in it so by focusing you are making a belief.

Correct. So you make the reality believable in order that when you focus into it you believe it. You believe it is real. You are not in a position to know that reality has been created with the specific intention to lure you into the belief that it is credible. Imagine walking into a building and you go to a door.  As you open the door there is a tremendous sound of gunfire and coming towards you at a rate of knots is a wild man with a machine gun firing directly at you. What is your immediate reaction?


You slam the door but then suddenly think ‘that can’t be real’. There are no bullet holes in the door. So you open the door and peep through again, don’t you? And it starts again but you watch it this time and you realise there are no bullets and he‘s not getting any closer, it’s a film! But when you are unsuspecting and you open it and ‘Bang’ it was there, you had an experience. Then you realise it was just an experience, so when you walk over to the next door what do you do? You open it wondering what film is showing in here. Fear gone. Unless they have organised a 3D cobra coming straight for your face in which case you’ll recoil somewhat, won’t you? And then you realise ‘oh god, another one’. But once you’ve done a few of those you’ll be able to stand there in perfect equanimity, they can throw anything at you and you will know it’s all make believe. After a while you wouldn’t even be bothered to open another door, would you?


Take that as forever existence and before long you would be just sitting on your stone wouldn’t you?


So you don’t do that, you make it believable because if every reality had no downside once more they would become blasé wouldn’t they?


You would become blasé. Oh, it’s another round of parties and everybody is happy and this, that and the other. ‘Doesn’t anybody ever get angry around here?’ ‘What about a good fight, where’s the competition, where’s the risk? I want to climb that mountain but I want to know I can fall off, no point in me climbing the mountain if I know I can’t fall off because anybody can do that, so how do I differentiate myself from the others’.

Thank you.


Are dreams astral travelling and if so what about wild dreams that are more like a movie or video game and not like actual life?

What’s in a name? We will call it astral travelling but as we have said before it is merely a change of focus. You close your eyes, you shut out the physical world and go to sleep and then you find that you are sometimes focusing in another reality that has caught your interest. All the time you think you don’t dream it is simply that you don’t remember. You would not wish, or maybe you would of course, wish to remember that you are living several other lives, which when you go to sleep you can be, let us say, with your higher consciousness and be aware of other activities. Now it wouldn’t be good if you were sure of what was going on in those other activities so in general you just bring back remnants, scattered memories of excursions into other co-creations. So dreaming is an odd subject to try to describe to you in any coherent manner simply because of its seemingly disjointed, it’s scatter gunned memory, none of which is true in trying to make sense of attributes of other realities which have no counterpart in physical reality and so you struggle to find counterparts and then you fabricate in order to just bring back some idea of what you are perceiving. Now in lucid dreams you are actually aware of what’s going on, you are aware of your surroundings and you know that you are somewhere else, so that is a different kettle of fish, you are able to understand to quite some extent because mostly lucid dreams are in the physical reality or something quite akin to it.

Can you repeat the question please?

The question was:-Are dreams astral travelling and if so what about wild dreams that are more like a movie or video game and not like actual life?

Who knows that you can actually tune in to somebody playing a video game, tune into their thought stream, their vision stream, and of course those video games had to be devised.  Some consciousness had to think of them and where do you think those thoughts are? In the same place as our thoughts and so occasionally you can bump into anything you care to imagine. Anything you have on the physical plane is first thought of on the non-physical so all these various bits and pieces are all imaginary in that they are creations of the imagination of consciousness. Some come to fruition in reality but obviously most do not as many trial balloons are sent up which then are found not to be able to reach the proper level of acceptance by enough consciousness to consider them a good idea, most of them are shot down. We could ramble on for hours on this subject, the subject is amorphous so let us not continue with it.

Think, and the answer will come to you because actually you already know the answer.

You have our warmest thanks for being a part of this endeavour in trying to bring both comfort and enlightenment to those who are looking for same. And, of course, as one finds comfort then another notices and so the enlightenment can spread as to the knowledge that brings comfort and we are deliberately phrasing all that we say in a fashion that the ordinary person can understand with regard to the comfort angle. When it comes to the enlightenment angle it is obviously, not only extremely difficult, almost impossible to lay this out in simple terms. It requires the seeker to think his way through it, to fashion it into a structure that he can fit in to his present belief system with as little change of form as possible and then he can let go of one piece maybe, but it doesn’t detonate the whole structure. In which case, as he sees the impending detonation, he will run for his life.

So, if it seems logical and reasonable and he finds it hard to dismiss his own reason and logic, then he finds himself to a certain extent, forced to accept “Well this actually sounds quite right. Now how does this fit with what I thought before? And really, when I look at what I thought before, it doesn’t seem quite as solid as I thought it was. So I can now let go of that piece and I think I’ll adopt this one, because this now makes more sense to me than the old one”. And this is an ongoing process of course, it moves from one to the other.

You can see how, even in watching the progress of your scientific knowledge however reluctantly it is moving, it is moving slowly towards two areas of science, one of the Newtonian science and one of the Quantum and now moving toward Consciousness.  Of course it will have to be that for physical life measurement systems will have to be involved and the hard sciences, you might say, and chemistry and biology etc. But when it comes to the world of ideas and creation, and, let us say, art and music, then you are in the realms of consciousness. There is no reason why these two things cannot exist, and so what if we end up with the fact that consciousness creates everything, well it’s also created Newtonian science hasn’t it? There is room for everything, there is room for all creations. There are just merely turf wars going on between humans. Now would you agree with that?

So, it’s a question of sit back and watch the show and decide which camp you want to be in. Once again we bring back one of our favourite phrases, horses for courses. If you are deciding to build any large physical endeavour, build ships whatever, you need to be in the measurement system, the weights, the gravities, the rest of it all which come with the usual physical laws. But if you want to be in the field of composing music or creating a holographic scenario, shall we say, then you will need the imagination and where does the imagination stem from?  Consciousness! So once again, back to focus.

Once you sit down, and think, and maybe this is what Edison was referring to; if you sit down and think you will get most of the answers. You see, our language is saying “you’ll get most of the answers” but actually you already know most of the answers. It is a question that you haven’t applied your focus. Once you apply your focus to a question and you keep looking and keep looking, and you keep thinking, then you access, and things start to flow. Why do you think you have Rodin’s sculpture, the Thinker? Quietly resting his head on his hand, and thinking.

Why do people meditate? They meditate but when their mind starts to wander, would you then say it turns into musing, and once you’re into musing you are back to your Einstein quote that you have at the front of your blog, that “the mind moves to a higher level of knowledge”. Now if you read back what we have just said you will find it moves quite sequentially from one focus to another.

We must admit that we do find, sometimes, that answering these questions, this is no offence to you, we mean all the questions that are posed, not just because you pose them, you understand? There is no applying just to you. But it is amusing, sometimes, that the questions that are posed are posed without prior thought as to exactly what is being asked. Again, if one thought, why am I posing this question, let me think about this, they would be, in most cases, more than capable of answering it themselves. Which is exactly the process which is going on at this very moment of course.

Still there are moments when one feels free from one’s own identification with human limitations and inadequacies. At such moments, one imagines that one stands on some spot of a small planet, gazing in amazement at the cold yet profoundly moving beauty of the eternal, the unfathomable: life and death flow into one, and there is neither evolution or destiny; only being.

Albert Einstein


Thank you once again for sharing the transcript of this session. Somehow, I get a different feeling from this discourse, as though someone else was coming through, but of course, I could be mistaken. What especially intrigued me was this passage: “You would not wish, or maybe you would of course, wish to remember that you are living several other lives, which when you go to sleep you can be, let us say, with your higher consciousness and be aware of other activities. Now it wouldn’t be good if you were sure of what was going on in those other activities ..” Does that mean, I wonder, if we are not meant to be aware of living other lives, or sure of those other lives, or does it mean that awareness could unduly alarm or frighten us, or distract us from living this life? Seth said that we were intended to be aware of our own multidimensionality, and I had always thought that part of our task was to become more aware of it. Perhaps to a limited degree, though. I have always found my occasional experiences of multidimensionality exciting, somehow very reassuring. They give me a sense of groundedness, of being connected to a much greater reality, sort of like having a big, loving, extended family most of whom one does not know, but feels loved and strengthened by nevertheless.

Thank you Tosca for your insightful observations. It is nice to know that there is someone who is thinking this material through.

With regard to other communicators we often think that the lead communicator varies as the voice, delivery and personality changes from time to time, but I guess that if there is a group that those most qualified to answer on a particular subject come to the fore. Now as a long term medium I am accustomed to other ‘ personalities’ using my senses. I see the pictures they send me, hear the words, feel the feelings and emotions and sometimes just know things that must be a part of their knowledge. The person I am reading for often recognises the speech and mannerisms of the communicator. I used to think in the traditional way that the communicator was separate and either took over the body senses or merely sent the thoughts but now I could equally imagine that my group consciousness takes more of an observer position allowing the communicating group consciousness to join my group consciousness and temporarily take the lead. A merger of convenience you might say.

With regards to keeping lives separate, even though you may be aware that you may be involved with more than one life simultaneously it would be most disconcerting if you were receiving an additional stream of sights and sound arising from another life experience at the same time as you were taking in sights and sounds of this life. So it makes eminent sense that we would keep the two separate, much as television, radio channels must be kept separate.

As we say somewhere in the material I am aware of a well-spoken personality who occasionally manifests through my speech for hours at a time and I can sense ‘him’ gazing around and taking in the sights as I seem to follow his gaze. I wonder how ‘he’ remembers this experience, would it just seem like a lucid dream or is ‘he’ also aware that he is living more than one life at a time? As I enjoy the experience of being extremely well-spoken I am obviously amenable to allowing it in much the same way as I allow the ‘deceased’ to communicate their messages to their loved ones.

I fully agree with your final paragraph. It is great to know that you are part of a large number of co-creators, co-experiencers. Warmth and safety in numbers. Also when you get to making decisions you are aware that the decision has been arrived at by a majority of many ‘minds’. As I have experienced, I can request guidance and find myself being pointed in the right direction. Maybe formalising the process of intuition, hunch or gut feeling.

We would most welcome the views and opinions of other readers on the above. Please join the conversation.



Entangled Minds

Entangled Minds

Once upon a time, a thought arose, where it came from no-one knows. Minds saw this thought and liked the idea behind the thought. The thought was about having a certain life in the physical. Many more minds liked the idea of this life in the physical and joined the thought, until there were many, many minds and their thoughts linked together, united in their decision to experience that projected life.

They sorted out a mother and a father and it began. The child was born and was named Joe Public. As Joe’s life progressed other minds were attracted as they saw the events that were planned for this life, and they wanted to be part of it, wanted to experience this life, and as it went along many minds came, and many minds left, having experienced the event that they wished to experience. So, the conglomeration of minds known as  Joe, went along, forever adding and losing minds, but always known as Joe and all those minds that had ever been Joe, ever been a part of Joe, always had the memory of the experience of being Joe. So Joe was a part of many minds and many minds were a part of Joe and so it went on and Joe went on forever, forever changing, forever adding new minds, losing old minds, but was forever Joe, and Joe was forever connected to every other mind that had ever been a part of him. And every other mind who remembered their experience with Joe was always connected to Joe. And so Joe never had a real identity because Joe was a part of the whole of all these minds. And so was every other Joe and every other Joanna. Everything that exists is all a part of everything, a part of the thought world, endless conglomeration of thought, endless gestalts of consciousness.

Received clairaudiently 2012


Rosenblum and Kuttner: “In principle…any two objects that have ever interacted are forever entangled.  The behaviour of one instantaneously influences the other.  An entanglement exists even if the interactions is through each of the objects having interacted with a third object.  In principle, our world has a universal connectedness.”



Entangled Minds (an expanded version) Excerpt from Lecture on Co-Creation of Reality.

Once upon a time a thought arose, where it came from no-one knows. Minds saw this thought and liked the idea behind the thought. The thought was about forming a world composed of light, with many things to see, do and experience.

Seven major gestalts of consciousness decided that they would make the idea reality. They were known as Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. They agreed that the group would be known as Roy G. Biv or ROY for short.

ROY began mixing colours (of consciousness) from his infinite palette. When he thought that he had done enough he said, “LET THERE BE LIGHT,” and there WAS.

Now some of these innumerable compositions of light, gestalt consciousness’s were called people. The people, as they stood in awe and wonder at the world around them, soon realised that ROY was everywhere, and they said, “ROY is omnipresent,” and someone exclaimed, “but that means he must know of all that is and therefore is omniscient.  Such total knowledge must give ROY total power, so he must be omnipotent.”

Roy G. Biv was, is, and will always be, composed of multiple consciousness’s with infinite aspects which when displayed in their infinite variety of composition we label “physical reality.”

Now ROY can present all shades of himself depending on what mix of gestalts of consciousness (minds) he chooses to project. All these shades we now refer to as personalities, aspects of minds of different intensities displayed as one.

ROY is, amongst others, also known as Joe and Joanna Public.

Inline image


…Our normal waking consciousness, rational consciousness as we call it, is but one special type of consciousness, whilst all about it, parted from it by the filmiest of screens, there lie potential forms of consciousness entirely different. We may go through life without suspecting their existence; but apply the requisite stimulus, and at a touch they are there in all their completeness, definite types of mentality which probably somewhere have their field of application and adaptation. No account of the universe in its totality can be final which leaves these other forms of consciousness quite disregarded. How to regard them is the question,- for they are so discontinuous with ordinary consciousness.                                                   William James

When reading this material you must think to yourself “does this insult my reason or does it fit in, make sense, is it understandable, is it acceptable even though it may be in opposition to something I previously believed. Can I now look at this and say “I can accept that, that makes sense, equally or more than that which I previously held to be true”.

“What is all this for”, the purpose is to teach, to learn and to understand. Simply because there is a wish there to understand. You have asked and you are being given. What is not realised is that all information is there for the asking. You merely have to find your own particular way of accessing that information. In this case a lot of knowledge has been accumulated but it now needs refining, clarifying and simplifying. We prefer to work with simple analogies that can be understood by many rather than by a few who have studied this subject in depth.

Now, life as you see it is relatively simple but so is life when you are not in the physical. There is no mystery, there is merely the same consciousness, the same self, if you wish, innumerable selves, innumerable consciousness groupings that wish to gain experience, and as referred to before, some entertainment along the way. It is basically gaining knowledge and why not do it in an enjoyable fashion and seek out which experiences you wish to repeat because they are enjoyable and which experiences you do not wish to repeat.

Let us move on to your other question of who we are. We are you, connected. As simple as that. You are accessing information and you are relaying it, the part of you that is understanding itself to be the instrument. Instruments generally find this information more acceptable when it comes from a third party whom they invest with a higher level of knowledge. They cannot believe that this knowledge is already within them or available. So we come back to one of the instruments favourite descriptions, to dis..cover. It is always there. You merely have to believe that you can access it. You can access this directly through your mind but do you believe it? There are many that have accessed knowledge unavailable to them in their normal waking state by merely entering into a form of meditative contemplation or what you would call musing upon a subject. Look at your great scientists, your great artists and your great thinkers, philosophers. They come up with theories and logical and mathematical depictions that seem to have a certainty about them. These are not all worked through rationally. They simply, came. They became aware of them because it was there to be accessed but while letting the mind rove in a particular focus they came across this information and were able to “remember” it because they had moved their focus away from the physical.

So again, this is more acceptable to the instrument and to many others because they simply cannot believe that this knowledge is available during the normal course of business. What do you do with this knowledge? You become aware that you are more than just the physical. That you are indeed what is called, the spirit. You are a larger consciousness merely focussing into a smaller arena and focussing so hard that you simply forget that there are many other areas in which you are able to focus and are indeed focussing upon anyway.


What has been passed through has been given in order that your selves and others can think in a new fashion. Can look at tired dogmas and see them not so much in a new light, but see an alternative that expands and enlarges upon the original point. Now the original point was taken as being factual, or what you like to call truth, until people began to question it and then a new truth arises. Now what you must remember is that however words are presented, they are presented to be receivable by those who are exposed to the information. Yet within months or years the message may have to be updated and may not even seem different, but once the possibility of something is elucidated then that opens the mind to whole new vistas and endeavours. So then an entirely new concept can be presented, which then is able to be considered and possibly assimilated, whereas if that concept had been introduced in the first place there would have been no framework in which to place it, and therefore it would have been rejected.

So, look upon all the information that is coming through at the moment. Is it logical? Is it reasonable? Discuss it with others. Hear their points of view because many of those have a closer relationship with their identity than they imagine they have. And so they will have their own opinions and you will listen to those and sometimes amend your own outpourings. So, just look upon the information as good for the moment. As it always has been of course.


It is, seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given to you. Why do teachers want to teach? They just want to spread knowledge. They want to, as you have through your life, wanted to see the light dawn in another’s eyes, to see them find themselves, to see them understand what they are capable of. Teachers, volunteer teachers, shall we say, wish to enlighten. They don’t wish to throw, this may seem egotistical, pearls before swine. The information that is imparted we would wish to be absorbed, understood and fitted into one’s structure of knowledge and for that to happen you must be open and willing and wanting that knowledge. Therefore it is much easier for us to fill the gaps that you feel are in your knowledge than to give you information that you have no structure in which to fit it. It is a waste of our time and yours. So this is a two way communication. You have to think and feel the desire to know “how does that work?” You just asked a question about the different animals and we answered it at a level that you could understand. Now think of other things.

We knew, for example, that you would be interested in love relationships because everybody is. So it was easy to describe that. We have elucidated how consciousness has thoughts, has ideas, others are attracted, decisions are made and the implicate, the latent, the Framework 2, is translated into the Framework 1. An experiment. If you wish to term it that way. One knows, however, that this “experiment” has a 99.99% chance of working because you design it to fit the existing parameters.

So, you might ask about the purpose of this life and as we have said before, the purpose of any life is what the consciousness desires to be the purpose. As soon as you sit and think about what you are doing, what you are thinking, you will soon realise that you are making your own purpose. Nobody is making the purpose for you. The only purpose in your life is what you wish it to be.

You might feel that your possibilities are constrained by the situation and the attachments that you have and so you will set your goals, shall we say, to suit what you consider to be a peaceful, acceptable……the word “purpose” again is another concept that is only applicable to the physical. It is applicable elsewhere of course because the same question is asked in other realities as you try to understand just exactly who you are. It takes long, long experience, the words “long” are wrong of course, as some consciousness’s simply do not want to accept that they are not, the larger element, shall we say. They do not wish to believe that the vehicles they control, they are controlling in a multi-consciousness capacity. They wish to feel that they are the top of the pyramid. Much as your leaders in every walk of life wish to feel that it is their thoughts, their utterings that prevail.

You must realise that consciousness is expressing itself, here, and that consciousness is just the same, there.

When we choose what we want to do here do we have to take others into consideration as well? Does that influence what we do?

And as you read back through what we have said, the only reason you are here is because you are working with others who all chose to work with you.


We would appreciate it if you post any comments on the Comments page accessible via the Index. Thank you.































States of Consciousness

The  desire to live life to the fullest, to acquire more knowledge, to abandon the economic treadmill, are all typical reactions to these experiences in altered states of consciousness. The previous fear of death is typically quelled. If the individual generally remains thereafter in the existential state of awareness, the deep internal feeling of eternity is quite profound and unshakeable.                                Edgar D. Mitchell.  Astronaut, Founder of The Institute of Noetic Sciences. 


There are things known and there are things unknown and in between are the doors of perception.                                                                                                                        Aldous Huxley.


Now with regard to being a unit of consciousness, consciousness, we can say at any time, can return to what the eastern religions refer to as Nirvana or a state of bliss, a state of awareness, and you can do this at any time you like. You simply switch off the television or the computer where you have been browsing innumerable websites, innumerable lives, if you wish, and you can say, I have had enough, and effectively you can decide to go to sleep. Now you will agree that when you are asleep you are still alive, you are simply not interested in what is going on with the body. You just put it on hold, or rather it waits for you, while you decide to turn your attention elsewhere into a dream state. Now one could equally say that you turn yourself into this Nirvana, this bliss, this meditative state where you decide to ignore all thoughts that come through, but of course you are units of consciousness and you cannot, extinguish your awareness. You can merely ignore the thoughts which pass in front of you, you can shut your eyes to them as best you can but consciousness cannot stay still.

Consciousness is in a state of always becoming, you may call it learning, you may call it experiencing, but it is a form of seeking for some kind of satisfaction, answers, fulfilment, there are many words which describe it. Sooner or later an idea comes in and you decide, yes that’s interesting, and before you know it you are involved and the state of meditative bliss, living in Nirvana, sitting on the right hand of God, is forgotten. You are in action again. Because you are in action, you are involved in dealing with lots of thoughts again, and of course, the one thought which attracted you brings in many associated thoughts, and at that stage another thing attracts you, and another and another. Suddenly you are living lots of lives once more. The excitement is contagious within yourself, and also, as you want to be involved in something, then this requires being involved with other consciousnesses in order to manifest this in the particular reality in which the idea is to be experienced and fulfilled. You find yourself swept up with many consciousnesses and in the excitement of the moment, you just simply forget that awareness in itself is something that you once considered to be a desired state. Very few consciousnesses retreat to a state of simple awareness for what you might say very long. The simply amazing infinitude of experiences and creativity, that is available, just vitalises your energy, you might say, to where you simply can’t wait to see what is round the next corner, what you can get involved with, how deeply you get involved with somebody. Of course, the same thing applies here. You can flit through dozens of activities in a day or you can immerse yourself in one, to the exclusion of others. Now you will be able to see a similarity here, between retreating to a state of awareness which is a one pointed focus, you might say, to completely immersing yourself in a particular activity.

So we can say that the beginning and the end are one and the same. The beginning, the one pointed focus of meditative bliss in which your focus is simply to ignore everything, is the same as being totally absorbed in a particular activity where that is the only focus you have at the time and you ignore everything else that is going on. One is in the complete mental world of, you would say, nothingness, and the other may be in a boisterous activity. Yet you are singularly focused in that, along with maybe millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of other consciousnesses, all fixated on the same program, or you may simply be alone in your room totally enwrapped in a good novel. But in all cases, you are for the moment, totally unaware of all the other events which are going on in the reality and realities around you.


8 Feb 16
It’s been a hectic time for you. We do appreciate it. But it’s all in a good cause of which you are more than aware and let’s face it, it is quite exciting. We already know of course that it exciting for you but you probably don’t quite appreciate that it is exciting for us too. It is an experiment after all and we are one of the few on this side that can test out their experiments using your multimedia, so it’s all good fun. We see it going steadily along and every now and again there’ll be somebody, who can make an impact through their position, that will come along and give things a little extra push. But whatever it will still be helping far more than you realise. A lot of the people that come on will just take what they need and they won’t feel the need to tell you or to thank you, but we will know of it and we can already tell you that you have helped far more than you are aware of. We are just relaying the reassurance that what they have experienced themselves is indeed believable and that, together with some of your chapter headings has enabled them to reinforce their belief system so that they can feel comfortable in knowing that they are not forever parted. So I believe you have a question.
From your side, I presume there is a group of you, how much do each of you know what is going to be said?
We are all aware of the intensity we can see, it is almost, as we said before, like watching the results come in, in an election. You can see the votes being counted, it is not exactly that of course, but you can see the drift towards the consensus opinion and although we can dissent, we are part of that consensus opinion and we can’t put ourselves above that any more than you can when you are in the midst of a crowd baying for a goal. We are in advance of you of course, we know when the intensity is about to, say, erupt in the form of words but there isn’t much that we can do about it and generally as it is making pretty good sense then we are much in accordance with it. You must realise that those interested in answering the question are all of a certain knowledge, those who are not of that certain knowledge are generally not either interested or even privy to the operation that is being carried out. As we explained in our thought net analogy, like minds are sort of allowed into the decision chamber and the unlike minds are politely told that, maybe this isn’t the place for you.
That’s not to mean to say that it is biased, it means to say that you have to have a certain level of expertise before your opinion is given consideration. It is considered of course but may be quickly rejected. So there you are, that’s the answer. We know just a little bit ahead of you and, as we have said before, we are learning as you are learning.
We are not always aware that far ahead of you of what questions are going to come up next. If they are in your mind exactly, that would be Ok but if they were in a company of people that come together then we would obviously be able to tune into them and find out what they are thinking and we would again be ahead of the game but until they turn up we won’t know who we are going to link with and so we won’t as you may feel be ahead of the game by days. Because it is all the present and, as we say, you can see intensities build but you can’t exactly say just who is going to be in the room in three years’ time for example. Has that given you some idea?
Yes Thank You. What would happen if you have two opposing opinions and the intensity is about 50/50 each way?
We would do what all good economists do, we would equivocate. We would say “on the one hand and on the other hand” and satisfy both sections.
Do you find that you have certain elements that have a tendency to take over the proceedings?
Not really, because you can have vehemence but then if the others turn their back then the whole thing falls flat. You know, you can’t just shout others down and cause the action to happen. In this kind of operation, imagine, there are an awful lot of consciousnesses involved, so one little minority will not be given precedence no matter how voluble they try to be and should they become a problem they will simply be excluded.
So it’s not quite like here where somebody can take hold of proceedings and hog them say.
Even where you are they can only do that if they are allowed to. If the majority turn around and say “shut up, get out, take the microphone away from that person” then it happens. Yes? They will not put up with, let us say, a heckler that refuses to be quiet. They will ask for him to be ejected. Once again, as above so below or the reverse. You are still the same here as you are there and will be here.
Now as we said the other night, this is going to be an enjoyable ride. You are going to feel good, both from the point of view of satisfaction of getting, as was said, plaudits, and also from the satisfaction of seeing the gladness in another’s heart as they realise that their loved ones, they will always be with them and one day they will be able to see again face-to-face and hug each other. And, you will actually have fun doing this. You may not think so but you will feel better. You have our energy coming in and that energy is enthusiastic and this will be transmitted to you. So you will feel more alive, more buoyant and it has many benefits. So once more, don’t be in doubt, we didn’t want to use the word fearful, there is no need to use that word, simply don’t be in doubt.
You know, if you look at what we have said, what you have transcribed in the last week or two, and the direct words from us to you, you must realise that we do know what we are doing, we do know what we are saying and if we tell you that this is going to go quite nicely as far as we are concerned then that will be the same for you because, as we repeat interminably, you and I are one. Does that make you feel a little more at ease?
Thank you.
Now David wonders at times whether anybody joins him when he is dancing. Once again, those who have exited the plane, some of them who are addicted to certain activities or have bonds here, like to merge and get the feeling once more. So anything is possible isn’t it?
So, you must wonder at times who is singing as David does. It doesn’t really matter does it because what the name was may not be the same conglomeration of consciousness today. Even so the pattern stays, the ability stays and new consciousnesses may decide to resurrect this pattern, shall we say, and use the physical instrument to make the voice sound again you see. You could say reincarnation, couldn’t you?
Again, we wouldn’t want to put names on these things because then the inevitable comparisons would start. Out would come the old records, the old tapes and nobody would recognise the fact that the voice of the singer when he was twenty may be entirely different from his voice when he was fifty and also he may have changed his style and he may have switched from say, being a tenor to a baritone if he had had some alterations to his vocal cords due to heavy smoking say or something else or simply age. So it’s best that you don’t know, just enjoy it.
So are we likely to see any other changes in the Dave that we know?
Again who knows? If the desire is there, then or if, the probe goes out once more in exploration, “What else is there I can experiment with, I can see what happens”? At the moment there is no desire, there appears to be quiet satisfaction with the voice and the singing and it would appear that one is trying to hang on to the voice, but again the desire’s got to be there and if it is pleasure to listen to then gradually it may become a habit, but of course you have had the original for an awful long time and some old dogs are hard to teach new tricks to.
Now David is aware that his nose is itching and he remembers a previous session when he broke it off because of an itchy nose. So I’ll allow him his… and we’ve had the word, he’s disappeared because the end of his nose has taken his attention. So we will bid you farewell.
Farewell (laughing) Thank you for coming.


You cannot be aware of yourself, you can only be aware of what you are aware of. “not sure what you mean by that” We will come back to what Seth says, “as the eye cannot see itself so the ego cannot see itself”. The consciousness that is the ego cannot see itself, so you cannot see yourself, except as a reflection.If there is nothing to reflect you could not see your face, you would have to rely on other consciousnesses to tell you who you are. “To tell you what you look like” Tell you what you look like, but also to a certain degree tell you who you are, because if you had nobody to else to look at, to talk to, how would you know what sort of person you are. “That’s true.” So in the same way the personality cannot see itself, it can only see what is reflected to it and then judge what it is by its reflection.


You have constantly desired to have a deep rich voice, a dark brown voice as you termed it.  Now, you have explained, this afternoon, how you can instruct your body consciousness to follow new programs, adapt, and respond to orders automatically if it senses those orders come from the source that normally instructs it. Now you have requested, and you and the observer are one, so you have basically given yourself that which you desire, and as your body is being recreated in every second, it is no difficult feat to reorder the structure of your vocal chords minutely, but also, to access the information whereby when you sing your breath work is different. You have merely been doing what the people you have read about have been doing. They have learnt how to paint, they have learnt how to play musical instruments, like those who are long dead. You have learnt to sing. Painting, playing, singing are all aspects of physical activity. So, you are learning to create your own reality, you are on the threshold, but you have one foot over the threshold. In the same way you have learnt to speak, again, to put it in modern day parlance, you have merely downloaded the program of which, of course, there are many examples. Now, the interesting part is, what else is there that you could conceive of, that you may be able to focus upon, that access the Akashic records, shall we say, in order to obtain the ability, the aptitudes, the attributes that you feel will make you into a better version of what you already are.


If one puts oneself in the state of the higher consciousness or move to that viewpoint then it must be something like a self-imposed set of gateways whereby the higher consciousness does not want to divulge its, what you might call, its secret thoughts. Perhaps because we are talking a composite consciousness here, is there some element of the composite or gestalt that is basically given the task of keeping all the rest of the gestalt in the dark, shall we say, so that the instrument and the majority of the observers are taken by surprise and experience the highs and lows, the joys and agony across the spectrum, the relief and the temporary despair until the end of the play.

Some part must know what is happening in the script, surely. Because some elements, although there may be probabilities, are predicted with quite some precision in which case there must have been, as in all co-creations, some form of planned sequence of events and goals albeit we all create them for the enjoyment of all participants. But like with anything else there are some who know what is planned and others to whom the announcements come as a surprise even though the plans were drawn up far earlier in the case of time and in many cases the actions carried out to achieve certain ends. While all around those watching the various actions did not put two and two together and see where it was going to end up.

So, although I’m talking from the point of view of my higher consciousness can I break into the operations room, the planning department or the board meeting and see which destination this ship is heading to?  But then, do I want to? Once more, I am here to enjoy these highs and lows from my part of the focus and should the instrument part of the conglomerate find out what lies in store, would then the wishes of the majority be thwarted?

It would appear that the operations room, the planning dept. and the boardroom are on higher floors of the building and you need a key to operate the lift and there are no stairs.

That’s what I was getting. I sensed “them” looking down saying (in an amused tone) “Yes, you know what it is about but you are not going to be able to get here”. 

You have to make a decision yourself in a way. Take the conglomerate. You have got all the pieces playing their part, obviously the focused element is playing its part as well. It is like having scouts out there, go and find out what is happening on the ground, get up close and personal and wire it back. We are back in headquarters here but we need to know. So if “I”, whatever it is, physical body and its perceptions, have taken on the job of being right in the middle of the play then the only way you are going to get to be in headquarters is to leave the play. Straightaway I get “It is your choice”.

Well, that puts the ball in your court doesn’t it?


Can you give us any advice about going into trance and allowing somebody else to speak through you?  Could you find yourself in another reality and not get back?

Just be aware. All the time that you feel that the communication is sensible and sticks to the subject then you can be reasonably sure that the source is yourself. You are just accessing the knowledge that is available to all. Now it is perfectly possible for another intelligence to not only send you words and images but to temporarily manipulate your instrument. Now this is usually when you are in the clairvoyant mode, fully awake and aware that you are transmitting evidential information from the communicator to the recipient. You always know that you are in full control.

When you go into trance, relax, still your mind and let the words flow through. Now, one of the reasons you have somebody looking after you in a physical circle, and really you should have in a trance circle, is to make sure that if any unwanted manipulator, shall we say, decides to muscle his way in and use the instrument for his own purposes, and there are some powerful consciousnesses out there, or else in a moment of inattention somebody can jump in the driving seat, shall we say, then there is someone there to call you back.

Do not let yourself drift too much. It won’t improve the situation any more, in fact it will actually worsen the transmission. When you are awake your brain is fully active and we can, from this side,  access the words, pictures, concepts etc. whatever we need to, because the machinery is running. Now if you let your focus slip away to somewhere else, what are we going to focus through? You have switched away to say, a dream mode, for want of a better word, another focus anyway and therefore you have, for all intents and purposes, left your physical brain on tickover. So it is not operating to full capacity and you must also be aware that you are a participant in this transmission. Although we have complained that you get in the way we couldn’t actually do this without your compliance because as you are fully aware that if you did not allow it, it would simply not happen. So just remember it is a co-creation, keep aware, keep an eye open and make sure what is coming through is sensible and there will be no problem.


How much of this is David considering all that he has read?

In order to be able to put a lot of these concepts across it is necessary to have an instrument with the requisite vocabulary and it makes it a lot easier if they have the requisite structures. Because it is quite easy to pick the segments of knowledge out and string them together into a coherent and understandable presentation. It will always with any channelling be the fact that the instrument will have a certain amount of knowledge and also you must remember that it has to be filtered through the belief, and that is knowledge, system. This information could not be transmitted through a person who had no knowledge, whatsoever, of this field of metaphysics and consciousness simply because the language wouldn’t be there and the belief system would prevent the information being transmitted. You must have a sympathetic instrument with sufficient vocabulary and openness to the concepts being presented, for them to be able to be passed through.


When people go into trance who is coming through their voice box?

Let us say that the consciousness who is operating the instrument, and again if we take the analogy of the bus or the cruise ship or the plane or the tour company or the lure of streets paved with gold in another land, how many instruments if we talk from the physical level, or how many consciousnesses if we talk from the non-physical level, that wish to experience that particular idea, can be part of, linked to, co-operate with, vote their leaders, but still be tapped into every feeling, emotion, that comes through. How many consciousnesses can be involved in any one life, any one instrument? We do not know. The number can vary as we have conjectured before. It can be a few at one time and hundreds of thousands or millions, or whatever you wish to say, we have no idea at any time. This can be allied to one of your radio or television programmes. Are we ever certain at any time how many people are tuning in? When you broadcast information on a certain wavelength, unless there is reciprocity, you have no idea of how many people are actually receiving i.e. tuned into the broadcast. So when it comes to ”who” is speaking, then this activity that is happening at the moment is relatively rare and therefore attracts the interest of many consciousnesses and those consciousnesses are not interested in general in the day to day life of the instrument. Are you aware of what we are saying? So at this stage the consciousness that normally comprises the instrument’s influencing entity or gestalt, and though it waxes and wanes, is greatly expanded because of the interest in this and even more so when information is required to be delivered. As we said earlier, the information deriving from the experience of a multitude of other consciousnesses is also drawn upon. So how can we give an identity to this sort of constantly fluctuating mass of interconnection that has never had an identity such as you would recognise. We can use a name but that is just meaningless.


It appears that we have two beings, two aspects working through David at the same time. Can you tell us what it is that is being experienced? How do the two beings relate to each other?

The two questions are part of the same question. It is not two beings it is one consciousness which again, if you wish, is part of the total consciousness. This aspect of the total consciousness is the, if you refer to it as a gestalt, consciousness that is focused in the physical as well as elsewhere, then as we are aware it is possible to be involved in many physical minds at once.

Now most entities, (people) self-described entities, only define themselves in terms of physical description. What their senses tell them, what their thoughts tell them, what their beliefs tell them. But for those few who challenge the accepted “normal” and realise that there is every possibility that their consciousness has the ability to focus in several places simultaneously, then it quickly becomes apparent that different attitudes, beliefs, attributes, traits, whatever you wish to call all these different aspects of manifestation, could be, let us say, accessed via the centre by each constricted consciousness, shall we say. On the basis that the overall gestalt consciousness, in this case we mean the gestalt and not the one, then that consciousness has, as we said before, a finger in many pies. A focus in different lives but it keeps these separated in order to avoid confusion and chaos in each individual “play” in which it is an actor. Which you can easily see the rationale for. However should there be one of the actors who is aware that there are other plays going on, then he has the possibility to route his awareness to the gestalt and access the “plot”, shall we say, of another play (life), and from that can take advantage of those aspects which are being manifested elsewhere that appeal to, let us say, desired by the entity. Much as one would wish to play wonderful piano, if you hold that desire long enough and work hard and long at it, you will probably achieve that. But if you have not got that degree of desire or motivation you will not.

However with minor aspects of presentation you will find no difficulty in “substituting” your normal “stream of influence”, shall we say, from the gestalt for another line of influence which is generally expressed in that other play.

Are you saying that somebody from another play can interlope the current play?

No. What we are saying is, assume you are a consciousness in play A but you realise that play A is not all there is, you realise there is a possibility of play B but you don’t know where play B is being enacted. However you are aware that the producer of both play A and play B is therefore connected and gives directions to the actor in both play A and play B. So if you attune your consciousness clearly and closely to that of the producer you can effectively pick up telepathically the thoughts of the producer. And because the producer is obviously, in order to influence, telepathically connected with both the actor in A and B you can access that bank of knowledge. Now from that point if by accessing that bank of knowledge you can “see” a stream of influence going to the actor in play B, and that is an attribute that you would like to express as well, then you could say you could divert or blend with that other stream of influential thought. Without necessarily, possibly, the producer having to agree, although it is likely that the producer would have to agree. But it may not be. You may simply, as in a dream, enter into another dimension. But in this case you are merely tuning in to the other transmission.

So I assume Dave is tuning into another play, play B and he is choosing an aspect of that play that he likes and bringing it back with him to play A.

Adopting it.

Adopting it, but he is obviously not adopting the words from play B. He is only adopting the mannerisms from play B. Am I correct in that?

Is the personality defined by its beliefs, its mannerisms, its actions? Would you ever say that the personality is defined simply in terms of the spoken word?

Oh no.

Then you have your answer.

Therefore it brings back just the personality from play B and nothing else.

Yes. Absolutely. Obviously it would not be in the interests of the actor in play A to have the words being spoken in play B which would be utterly meaningless in the act going on in play A.

Therefore, are you saying that, the fact that what we are terming as David coming into play A is not making any difference to play A at all?

No, not at all. Think of it as a piano player. OK, you are a piano player, you hear another piano player that plays with an entirely different touch and you feel, “how can I learn that touch?” You both play the same notes but that player’s touch, he produces a sound that is far more melodious, acceptable, soft, musical, the sound is entirely different. His touch is so delicate and ethereal. The sound that he brings out of a piano is totally different and so the same goes for any musical instrument. This is what you are talking about. You are talking in how the instrument is operated, not in what is spoken in this case. In the same way is how the musical instrument is operated, nothing to do with which tune is being played.

You are looking more at the accent and mannerisms and not at the actual words that are spoken.

Yes, you are looking at the manipulation of the instrument.

Now there are some aspects that are more involved with what is being said in the slightly more dictatorial manner of the voice known as David.

When you play the piano would you expect each note that is played to be better than yours, or would you think well yes, overall he produces a far more melodious sound than I do but I think, I actually play the top notes better than he does or he doesn’t play the top notes as well as I do, they slightly jar. So, the same thing applies, one person has an overall technique, let us say 85% is perfect but the other 15% isn’t quite perfect. You could take the same with golf, everything is good except for the sand play.

So, is it possible to get the perfect parts from each player?

Practice. With practice you can reach the desired level of perfection that you desire.

So, in this particular case has Dave got to practice to get the best parts of David without the not quite so good parts or has David got to practice to get the better parts of Dave to join his better parts?

Look at who, in this case, started off with the desire, Dave, and what he has desired he has received, but in order to receive that, one has had to access another instrument that is being played and like most things, either we can take the musical instrument or we can take the game of golf, we say that 90% of the manipulation, be it of the keys or be it of the golf club, is, “I really do like it.” But you can say, “I don’t think much of the other 10% and I wouldn’t do that that way, I would do this my way.” So yes you can pick and choose, but as in the initial tuning in you get the whole stream and from that then you must develop a skill in order to only receive. This is a matter of fine tuning, by fine tuning, that’s the best description we can give, because the term fine tuning means just greater clarity, but in our case we are saying, “you are fine tuning in that you tune out the discordant aspects.” It is like turning up the base and turning down the treble or whatever, putting in or taking out reverberation.

How does that affect play B?

Does not affect play B in the least, simply because you have tuned in to the thought influence from the centre to the actor in play B. Play B is not affected, but, it is possible that the actor in play B, because of…. It is possible for the reverse to apply, that the actor in play B may be of the same seeking as the actor in play A and therefore, there may be some ingredient of exchange.

You are almost saying, possibly they could be swapping roles.

Exchanging techniques.

For what purpose would you say this is happening? Why have these two aspects been brought together in this life?

Now, are you talking about David and Jean here?

No, I am talking about Dave and David.

Simply expansion of consciousness, expansion of awareness, expansion of knowing “who you are”. Dave has been seeking the knowledge of “who we are”, we all are, who you are, who is, in case there is any mix up, along with many, many people in the physical plane and the desire is there, like those who have sufficient desire to practice consciously leaving the body, a certain few manage to achieve that goal. In this case you may say, “Unconsciously, Dave has in a fashion achieved the same thing. He has allowed his consciousness to roam, to probe until it finally was able to tune in to something else. The reverse of mediumship where you simply still your vibration and let others tune in to you. So, the brain is a receiver/transmitter, whereas the medium generally puts themselves in a receiving mode, you can also attain the ability to transmit your desire and that may be received by another consciousness, identity, whatever, who may then transmit back or you can look at it a different way in that you need the ability to scan the other broadcasts and then lock on. In much the same way as those not in the body can scan the medium’s frequency and lock on and then transmit. So you can lock on and receive even without that other person being aware. In other words, mind reading, if you wish to bring it down to a physical level. Tuning in to someone else’s thoughts, but it is basically your own higher consciousness. If that higher consciousness is connected to wherever it is connected you can find a route through, assuming you know where to look. But, invariably one does not know where to look, one merely stumbles. But, if the desire was a certain attribute then, just like the internet, you plug in your stated quest and you will be lead to the appropriate source. Is that clear? If one remembers that everything is connected, then it is just like going through a maze, but instead of there being dead ends all over the place, desire is like a key that unlocks the doors that are blocked off in the maze, leading you directly to your goal. Can you see?

So this melding of Dave and David, of what benefit is that to this life?

Why do you engage in all the activities you engage in? Of what benefit to you in this life is dancing or playing golf.

Just pleasurable.

Exactly. Where did the desire arise? Desire arises to have more pleasure in listening to how you speak. So if that makes you feel better, does it actually make you act better as well? Maybe yes, maybe no. But if it makes you feel better it is no different to any other skill that you wish to excel in. So you go searching and you practice, and the more you practice the better you get.

So how do you feel this is affecting David and Jean’s relationship?

In any relationship each party has to voice their opinion, their feeling, nervousness, serenity regarding the manifestation they are confronted with. If it is acceptable you say so or if you have some concern as to whether this different manifestation may interfere with the hitherto stable relationship, the harmonious relationship, like any other behaviour change you discuss it. In this case there is simply something to which one is not used to. Therefore, is it pleasing, is it not pleasing? Is it pleasing to the person who is manifesting it and if so, if it is not displeasing to you, then surely you are happy that the manifester is happy. So when you practice your golf, when someone shows you how to perform a certain shot and it doesn’t immediately happen as you expect it to happen consistently, do you give up or do you say, with practice this will work as I wish it to work.

We go back to what we said earlier, practice with awareness.

Would you say it is possible to go to a play one year and go to the play the second year with the same actors and see subtle differences in the way that they are now interacting with each other.


That is your answer. Each experience, each interaction slightly modifies the ensuing action. Of course, you can go backwards and forwards. You can try the new way and then you can say, I think I prefer the old way. The producer however will use his influence to produce the effects he wishes to see. Both plays are kept separate it goes without saying. As you would expect the producer may borrow a technique from one play to use in the other.

So how should we proceed from here?

How does life proceed?

One step at a time.

Absolutely. Take it as it comes, accept what you wish to accept, reject what you do not wish to accept. If the cap fits, then enjoy it. If it doesn’t, then destroy it.

Remember, it is all a game. Nothing is forever, nothing is to be taken to be irreversible, any decision can be turned into the opposite decision at any time.


Do spirits blend with mediums when mediums are giving a message and find parts of their body moving without their conscious intent?

With permission one consciousness can control the instrument of another consciousness. We gave you the example of the dual controlled car. You can come along, in a figure of speech, put your head through the window, say would you mind if I sat in and experienced driving this car, because actually I have a friend down the road and I want him to see me driving this car. So translate that back to wanting to move a body in a particular manner that will promote instant recognition in the recipient of that visual depiction and associate it with one who has passed on. You say blend, you merely ask can I use your car? Can I control your puppet in other words? Give me the controls because I wish to make a few signs which will be recognised by my wife and she will think, ah, my husband is still alive. Very simple, if you think of the instrument as a puppet then just hand the controls over, just for a moment and thank you very much mission accomplished. So, blending, same thing, it is just that I have given you a three dimensional image but just as you know that there is no solidity, then you can just say that the energy blends and a different hologram is projected. We are covering this from as many angles as we can.

Thank you. Now, we hear of planes of existence. Would you comment on planes of existence please?

We spoke about levels the other day, these are just like your music of the spheres and other theories that arise from limited projections into other states of mind. There are as many levels, if you wish to call it levels, as there are states of mind. Now, of course, like you see all around you there are those of like mind and those of nearly like mind and those who, while they may not be fully in agreement would say, but this is quite a nice place so I would happily keep my views to myself and just nod and therefore, conglomeration of semi like states, and like states occur. We are trying not to use words denoting space or time. There are certain intensities and so you can equate a number of intensities with a number of levels with a number of planes. Can you see? You could look upon this in terms of the magnets and iron filings, imagine similarities of thought attracting iron filings, then stack your different similarities of thought into levels or planes you will see different amounts of iron filings being attracted by the different magnetic levels of thought. So, as usual, and coming back to previous questions, all elements of the spectrum from one extreme to the other have their adherents but the majority will group around a centrally agreed position with lesser and lesser amounts going to either extreme. You understand that.

Yes. We have noticed that trance controls have difficulty in transmitting communication from deceased relatives, they do not seem to be able to communicate directly with these personalities, can you say why?

You call it trance control, but it isn’t control as such. We refer to another session, an agreement by the core consciousness, the diehard supporters and all those close to that, to allow the less physically focused, those with a wider viewpoint, to communicate through the instrument. Yes? Now, should the instrument wish to give messages from the deceased, the instrument must open the channel which puts themselves into a state of mind of intention to receive messages from the deceased. When you enter into a trance state in order to transmit knowledge you are opening a different channel. Do you understand this? Again, this is a difficult one. It is quite possible for the instrument to stay in trance, but they must be aware or sufficiently aware and agreeable to switching to the spirit communication channel and moving away from the trance channel. So, you are actually talking about channel one and channel two. All things are possible but there is a time and place for everything.

Do souls develop without coming to the physical plane?

Of course, there are infinite states of mind. If the idea of the physical plane is not one that takes your fancy then you don’t bother to come and the word develop that you have used is immaterial, irrelevant because you are always in a state of mind occasioned by what you are focusing on, so as your focus changes your state of mind changes, so as you look for one experience you put the previous experience aside. You are always in a state of forever becoming, you do not develop as such. You can, if you wish, use the term expand your consciousness by focusing into far more realities than the average consciousness. There are those, as we referred to the other day, that are better at multitasking than others.

Yes. If everything has always existed, i.e. all that is, energy, consciousness, whatever, we are saying that souls have always existed, if so, who or what activates them to seek experience and do some souls simply move from one experience to another forgetting the previous one.

You have just asked the question which we have just answered.

It is, it is just a different way.

But with regard to the infinite question, shall we say, what makes you think that simply because we are currently existing in a reality which we have created ourselves, not dissimilar, we do not mean in physical terms we mean the reality of one’s own creation therefore not dissimilar, what makes you think that anyone in any reality is aware of his origin? You soon come to accept that you simply are and that you have always been, therefore, you do not search. If you had not discovered what your scientists call red shift, the big bang theory would not have originated and the steady state theory would have prevailed.

How do we know when we are connected to our higher mind? How can we connect more to our higher mind?

You have the example speaking to you at the moment. The instrument is, we will not say baffled, or in awe of, but is quite puzzled, shall we say, and somewhat at a loss to explain how, when he is in what you would call, an altered state and with closed eyes, he is able to produce material of, let us say, quality and knowledge that he deems far more proficient than his waking self. As we stated, there is a fine division between, in inverted commas, “ourselves” and David, who is of course, one of us also.

Do you have anything else that you wish to say to us tonight?

You ask how you can get in touch and recognise that you have contacted a source of knowledge which you can then attribute to being that of your higher self, then follow the pathway of those who trust that it can be done. Have an open mind and to tiresomely repeat the phrase “seek and ye shall find”, “ask and it shall be given to you” and we will add “try, try, try again and someday you will succeed”.

Thank you.


The Mechanics of Trance Communication.

What is the difference when David has got his eyes closed as opposed to having his eyes open as to who is involved in the transmission of the information. If David gave a talk with his eyes open would he be able to communicate in the way that he does with his eyes closed?

It is a matter of belief and trust. When someone stands up to do clairvoyance they simply trust that the communicators will appear and that trust opens the gates and allows it to happen. You stand there without judgement, without analysis, you just pass on what you receive, you transmit it in other words.

To a certain degree this is what is happening when you decide that you are going to go into the trance communication mode you might say. If you can believe that you can say this just as well when you are awake as you can when you have your eyes closed, even though you are still awake, then it will happen. You remember when we said ”we talked to you in the car”, that was because David was in a semi-detached mode driving on automatic you might say, effectively relaxed and we were able to come through and talk. David didn’t even realise what was happening because he wasn’t aware and therefore he wasn’t on guard.

So once you get around to believing that you really are one and the same then you will be able to talk in just the same manner in your normal conversational style with eyes open as you do with your eyes closed.

On the other hand varying amounts of consciousness are involved in various activities. Certain functions do not attract as much interest as others. Some consciousnesses identify so completely with the body that they forget that they are able to go to the back of the theatre. But for those who are at the back of the theatre and for those who are waiting for the signal then they can come and join in and that will in general elevate the standard of conversation and of knowledge. Those who want to teach are not going to identify closely with the body, they will just wait for the opportunity to step in and teach. You must remember that the consciousnesses that are tightly allied to the body are in the position, you might say, of thinking that they are learning as well.  Though if they were able to pull themselves away from that intense focus in the physical they would find that they already knew what was being said anyway.

Once more it all comes down to your degree of focus. The closer you focus in, the closer you identify, the more you forget who you are and where you came from and how it all works. It’s not rocket science, once you think about it it’s pretty mundane stuff really. You don’t have teachers round you all the time, do you? You have to go along and listen to them. Well reverse that, they come to you. When the time is right, they appear. The old saying ‘When the pupil is ready the teacher will appear’. Well the teachers appear and as we just said but didn’t make it quite clear, when they start to speak the ones who are closely allied to the physical realise that this is something which is at the moment beyond their ken, and listen.

The intensity is such that the teachers can get through what they want to say.

Thank you. So should David now try to speak with his eyes open?

He certainly can but the best way for him to realise that he is one and the same is for the question to be in flow and for him to open his eyes and see whether the same degree of intelligence continues or whether his fears and doubts step in and he narrows down, let us say, the available flow by putting his own belief restrictions around the conduit.

Look at it this way. When you are awake and fully connected with your eyes open to the physical then the ones who are constantly with you, involved in every aspect of your life, have their belief systems. These are the ones who have basically forgotten who they are and where they come from. So they have the rigid belief systems and they basically, even though they are still acting as a conglomerate, are not aware that what is being spoken is being spoken by the conglomerate. They all think that they are the “I” and that they are the originators of the spoken words and the actions. But when all the readings and experiments go on and all the experience is gathered then the intensity of thought of the mass is such that they now know that other things are possible. That is how the mediumship started, by trial and error, by experience and then it was easy to switch to trance.

Now when it comes to the trance it is still difficult for David; when we say David we’ll say the group consciousness of David, because then the whole thing will be easier to explain. So that group consciousness, which has got the belief systems, once they start reading the material which has been transcribed says ”well I didn’t know all this” and it’s true, they don’t know all this. They do but they have forgotten or they have shut it out and so it comes as a surprise or quite new although it is absorbed quite easily. You can imagine the reason it is absorbed quite easily and accepted, because it is fitting into a system of beliefs that already exists even though they are hidden from the view of the consciousnesses that are in the day-to-day life. Gradually the realisation is dawning that it is all one and slowly confidence will build and at some stage you will just be able to talk directly. Put it this way, the expanded consciousness that appears and is able to get through when the eyes are shut will be able to get through when the eyes are open. The barriers won’t be up. Just as the barriers came down for the mediumship then the barriers will come down for this advanced knowledge to be transmitted.

After all, if lectures have to be given or even a Skype conversation or something, it doesn’t look too good to have someone just sitting there with their eyes closed does it? It would be better if the words were able to come through and be accepted as somebody with very good knowledge and a very good connection with his higher self, shall we say. As long as the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as long as the material is of a high standard, it won’t really matter whether the eyes are open or shut. Some would prefer to see the eyes shut so that they feel that the words are coming from a higher source because with the eyes open they may feel that “this is just an ordinary person’. But you can’t win them all, can you?

So did that all sound ok to you?


Certainly does to….I was going to say me….. but I should say me shouldn’t I? Because me and I and them, we’re all the same thing. It is quite difficult to understand, not quite understand, probably it’s a sense of not wanting to feel that you are more than you really are or that you are privy to the higher knowledge.

But of course you are, because when the teachers come, or the other consciousnesses arrive, they become David as well. They become “I am experiencing David” and they wait to see what words come out. “Here we are, we are experiencing David and this is what he is saying” because it is what we are all thinking. Each one will say “ that was me talking” even though they know that ”yes, it was me and a whole lot of others, a whole lot of other me’s, but yes, I was able to sit there and sound really intelligent”. And so were we all, but that is the joy of all pulling together and pooling our resources, pooling our knowledge and we all learn together.

Another way of explaining the interconnectedness of thought and the interconnectedness of knowledge because if you (consciousnesses involved) listen to what is being said you know that the vast majority of you think that way. If there isn’t prevarication and equivocation then you can happily take on board the concepts, opinions, beliefs whatever, that are expressed because you think that there is safety in numbers. ‘We may be wrong but at least we will all be wrong together’, but until something better comes along we can rest happily in what we know at the moment.


We would appreciate it if you post any comments on the Comments page accessible via the Index. Thank you.


The Nature of Past, Present and Future

“Time is not at all what it seems to be. It is not flowing in one direction, and the future exists simultaneously with the past.”                         Albert Einstein


This can all be understood if you realise that the past, present and future are all available from the present time. The present can be present in the past, the present and the future and alternatively for the other two. Now, it is easy enough to see how one can focus the consciousness on another area and, if we call it travelling clairvoyance one can see that area. You could say that it is an out of body experience and the same factors that are used in surveying and hearing the goings-on while in an out of body experience can be utilised in a remote viewing capacity.

Now, when it comes, to let us say, viewing the past, it is possible to take the view that the vibrational pattern of anything existing in the past, in that particular space, still exists and that anybody viewing remotely that has the capacity to view across a wide spectrum of frequencies, shall we say, for your understanding, is able to see the different patterns i.e. energy patterns, blueprints, ideas that were subsequently manifested into the physical world, even though they have now been, you would say, destroyed, from a physical point of view. This can be seen as a logical and rational explanation even though you may have to stretch to believe that the energetic blueprint still exists. However it is when you come to the future that the resistance comes in as the whole basis of the belief in free will is brought into question.

If you can imagine that anything, is a predetermined plan in the mind of a participant, one must also include in this definition those participants who are not of the physical, who reside, as we have discussed before, in a dimension where there is no time and therefore something which may occur, to you, many years in the future, may already be in the mind, even to a blueprint and a fleshed-out total plan of what a consciousness plans to do.

Now, as you think from a physical and time-based point of view you will see predictions that are far into the future and say “but that wasn’t even planned then”. The people weren’t even employed, there was nothing planned. But you must remember, all those instruments, you may say, were already planned by their controlling consciousnesses who, we will reiterate reside in the world of no time. Therefore you can imagine yourself musing on different ideas, living in a world of ideas, {thinking}, we could do this, we could do that, we could do the other, what would we do if we did this? Imagine the vast array of different scenarios that could be played out in the mind, especially if you imagine minds that can work far faster than the speed of today’s computers, this will go some way to you realising that in a world of no time basically infinite scenarios can be envisaged. Let us put it this way, for a particular location, if various scenarios are worked out,  possible scenarios shall we say, then leading on to probable, as events are chosen because once the ball is started in motion more events become probable rather than possible. So these ideas for that particular location then have a connection, there is immediate association e.g.; in the case of your air marshal who saw the future operation of the airport, all those potential ideas were already existent and had an association or mental connection with that particular site even though no physical mind, you might say, had any idea, at the time he saw it, that this would happen. But in another realm, another dimension the possibility had already been fleshed out.

What we are told is that everything that ever was, is and ever will be already is, already exists. Back to the block of stone, every possible sculpture exists within it and so it is the question of when which scenarios apply to which times and which locations. Do you understand?

In that obviously the uniforms and the planes at an airport wouldn’t show up in your back yard. They will only show up in an appropriate place and as such in an appropriate time.

Unless your backyard in some future time was going to become an airport.

Again, that would already have its intention. So, ideas come, we would not say with a firm intention but with a possible intention. So, one could speculate that the future picture seen by the air marshal could have been applied at any other airport but because of the association maybe that was intended to be.


There is not a “day” that exists after death. There is, we can only say memory, within each participating consciousness of, the experience of that idea……. I will take a different tack here….you are looking, from your point of view, at a timeline which says that consciousness arises at birth but then continues after so-called death. Yet you are willing to say “how do you choose to come”. You must step back and widen your focus to see that consciousnesses are involved before birth and that consciousnesses are involved after death.

As you take that view you will see that before you arrive the idea arises and so in time terms it takes time for the intensity to develop for manifestation to occur. Then at what you call ”death”, it will take time for the intensity that arose for the manifestation to dissipate. The belief system that arises already is in actuality before conception because there is a belief in the idea of what you are going to do and where you are going to come and what you are going to experience. Then those beliefs get changed as you go through physical life, as consciousnesses join and leave and you get lost in the drama and at physical death you still have the same beliefs. The consciousnesses still have the same beliefs. At death the focus switches away from the physical but then it takes time, just as it took time through life to accumulate and dispense with beliefs and change beliefs and one belief becoming another, it takes what you would call “time” after death for those beliefs to change once more. And yes, there may be an element of surprise but that is just another bit of uncertainty and excitement. Slowly you begin to realise that this was all a created experience by a conglomerate consciousness in which the particular consciousness, which you feel you are, participated

Let me try explaining something else here if we can. If we feel that a unit of consciousness is a point of pure awareness, a point of pure consciousness, at that stage there are no beliefs. Beliefs are constructs. You adopt beliefs and you discard beliefs. You cannot equate what you call “you” or “I” or “me” with a unit of pure awareness. The you, I, or me arises from…. It is like an explosion of light, there is nothing there and yet suddenly electricity jumps across a gap and there is a flash of light. That flash of light you interpret as being a you, a me, an I. I am afraid it is not a very good explanation.

Any consciousness speaking through an instrument is, by nature of doing so, limited by language. Especially when there is absolutely no possible way that that language has been constructed to understand the reality of consciousness. It is, as the NDE people say, ineffable, inexpressible.

As the Buddhists profess, you return to the ocean of consciousness, but the pattern [which you have and still experience as you] always exists, everything is always there. It is just a question of when you care to focus upon it. Everything that you can ever imagine that has happened, will happen, is happening, is always happening it just depends on when you want to focus upon it. When we say always happening that means that the possibility of it happening is always there. (Think of the video game it is always there ready for you to play.) You merely have to switch the light of your focus on. So it is like being in a darkened room you can look and see nothing until you switch the light on then everything becomes clear. That is the question, everything you could possibly imagine, you merely switch the light of your focus upon it and what you believe is there will be there. It is simply that from the physical plane you have the belief that it won’t be there or I won’t say that it won’t be there, but it is only there because you know it is there.


Time presents you with a picture in which you have freewill but each event that you choose will have its own time version. Can you comment on this please?

So we come back to intensity, intensity of interest. One group of consciousness on one focus, one aspect. On the basis that one group of consciousness can focus in many different directions at once exactly the same as your consciousness here, the group consciousness can be involved in several different activities over the course of a day, a week, a lifetime and this can be all simultaneously occurring in many other areas, other levels, if you wish. Depending on the intensity of the particular idea you are following what is trivial in one area will be of importance in another. And so what manifests in one area may not manifest in another. What is just another meal on one day may assume importance on another day simply because of the people who are around or because you are focusing this time on really tasting the meal as someone else has prepared it. It may be the same meal yet taste quite different. It is simply because you are focusing and allowing the intensity of the flavours to be absorbed whereas before your attention was elsewhere.

As Seth said: The inner core of events is held together by just that kind of activity. You are on every hand providing an unending source of probable events from past and future from which to compose the events of your life and society. Let me remind you that all time exists simultaneously.

Absolutely. Every possibility exists simultaneously, we refer you back to the potential sculptures within a block of stone. Infinite possibility is ever present. The possibility that was present in the past is present now and will be present in the future.

In view of the fact that everything is happening simultaneously can you tell us anything that, in earth terms, would be in the future.

We have said that manifestation can only occur when the intensity of desire to manifest reaches a certain amplitude.  What you call the future, that is not a future, as you only have the present, and you only have the present intensities going on. Intensities take time to arise and time to dissipate as we have stated previously. If a certain intensity has arisen in a certain activity it will take time to dissipate. Although there is no time the intensity is there……let us compare it to hot spots in the ocean. To all intents and purposes the ocean is timeless but you have intensities within so you have a certain intensity of something going on. Looking from the earth which is time based and you must remember that we are speaking using a time based consciousness…

I just thought that as everything is happening simultaneously that you might…

We refer you back to the block of stone, as you gaze upon the pattern which contains all possibilities, to use your language, as you focus from one to the other, to the other, to the other, then you could say the “others” are coming toward you. How do you expect us to explain “no time” in the terms of time? The block of stone is as good an analogy as exists in this particular circumstance. All designs, all possibilities exist within the one and therefore you can go forwards, backwards, sideways, in and out but always remaining in the same place simply by focus. The same place equates to the same time. There will be a “time” (laughs) when you will understand. It may not be until you leave the physical. Look at it this way, call it a state of mind, when you have all the time you ever need and everything that you focus upon seems to be present and fully cognisable, shall we say, as to all ramifications of what you would call past, present and future then you quickly come to the conclusion that there simply is no need to put things in a sequential order. Therefore time, as you know it, as a linear concept, is meaningless, so you simply dispose of the notion of time. Can you understand what we are saying?

Hopefully. I think it will be easier to understand once it is transcribed.

It is not a question of everything happening simultaneously. Everything has the potential to happen  at any time. It depends on the intensity of focus, the intensity of will, the emotion that waxes and wanes. The future does not exist until it happens and then of course it is the present, until that point it is merely conjecture.

So you are not able to focus on something that would be in the future for us.

It is not a question of not being able to focus as we are a part of a total amount of focus. We can feel the intensity arising but do not know whether it will rise sufficiently to manifest as it is a blending of many, many consciousnesses. A parallel can be seen in your financial markets which directions are influenced by the thoughts and actions of many buyers and sellers (consciousnesses).  Their combined intensities of emotions determines whether there are more buyers or sellers and the trend is up or down accordingly. One can only extrapolate the trend or try to feel the emotion, shall we say, and act accordingly. If beliefs, emotions suddenly change then the direction changes. So in regard to what you term the future one can postulate several probabilities as all are present in the present moment. This is why predictions do not always come to pass as the event that has been “seen”  did  not reach sufficient intensity to manifest, much as in markets. All probabilities are always present and possess varying intensity due to the level of focus upon them but only certain attain  the requisite intensity, power of group will, if you like, to come into being.  You must remember that we are part of the “ocean of consciousness” as you also are, so much as you are only  able to guess  the trend of a market from your feelings, say, we are only able to guess at the probability of manifestation from gauging the rate of the increase in intensity apparent in the various probabilities,  which as we stated can wax and wane, rather like betting on flies crawling up a window, any one of them could reach the top first.

The outcome of an election depends on how many  individuals, within the total of those eligible to vote, vote for a particular outcome. That outcome is not determined until the vote count is completed, although exit polls advise you of the probability. Likewise, as particular consciousnesses “vote” for a particular course of action, manifestation does not occur until the intensity reaches a tipping point.

You have chosen the illusion of separateness as you wish to experience the uncertainty etc. and you are no longer therefore fully connected to the totality of consciousness from the point of view of the instrument. From the point of view of your entity however you are still connected but you deliberately restrict your focus as regards your various instruments for the aforesaid experience, uncertainty etc. The senses you construct for your instrument limit its focus. In the same way as you attach a speed limiter to a car which otherwise is capable of far greater performance. Now a few instruments discern the speed limiter and endeavour to bypass it and access other realities.


Focus of the moment indeed. That is the most significant statement because there is only focus in the moment. Think about it. How do you focus, out of the moment? You can only be, in the moment. No matter what your thought is of, you are still in the moment, focusing, in the moment. Your focus can change from moment to moment and once more, you can focus on what you would call the near present or you can focus upon the distant past, you only believe that you cannot focus upon the future because you do not think it exists as yet, but indeed it does. For those who do believe that they can cast their minds into the future, they do come up with predictions, some of which then eventuate in people’s lives, but of course not all as they see the probabilities that may come about but they are not privy to the focus of the entity of which the prediction is made.


Now when it comes to seeing the future then if one is in the habit of idly speculating what the future may hold then one can put forward all kinds of alternative scenarios. You merely have to read the opinions expressed in the blogs on the internet to see how wild the thoughts are of those who are seemingly intelligent. Now, all those thoughts are real, they have even committed them to print. Those thoughts are flying around in the atmosphere. Those who are open will receive certain of those thoughts and may interpret those thoughts, maybe, in a picture form, certainly in a concept form. So we throw it open for you. Trance yourself, think of what may happen, then find reasons for it and see how it fits into a framework, then go over it and try to see how today’s facts point that way and by the time you’ve revisited your theory a few times you may even convince yourself that this possibility is now, at least a probability and possibly a vision from the future.


In your opinion, what is going to be the next big discovery?

If we refer back to the principle of intensity, as you look around the ocean of consciousness you see myriad pools or areas of, we use the same word again, intensity, let us call them radiant points of light which are fluctuating in brightness and dimness, just like looking up on a clear night at a bright sky, a starry sky, some appear brighter than others. Now, we will take that image and look upon that as the universe of ideas. Then, let us see… overlay that with the fact, as is at the moment, the moon is looking much bigger at this point in time, than it does say at other times, so why does it look bigger? So take this with the intensity of ideas, take this with the billions of stars you see and imagine them rising and falling as the sun’s activity changes at one moment and then see how difficult it is to say, “ this is the next major discovery. You can look out there and this is why your seers, who forecast future events, see many events, some come to pass but many more do not. Your seers can feel intensities probably better than others. Others have thought on for some time about what is likely to occur and have developed beliefs about that and then looked at the reasonableness of that belief and then given it a probability percentage of happening. Most of that comes from a form of extrapolation, so we can say to you, “Yes you can have flying cars very soon. You already have the possibility of driverless cars on the road, then why shouldn’t there be driverless cars in the air? Which would get rid of the need for roads, because just like the aeroplane you can travel at different heights, different planes if you wish”. When we say planes, planes of existence, but we don’t mean it in that fashion, planes of altitude. The cars on the road pass within one foot of each other, so it would be no problem surely for cars to be at levels of a hundred feet from each other and then above the ground you could have ten lanes of traffic couldn’t you, where as previously upon the ground you could only have two. So, that is one that is not beyond the bounds of conjecture. So, anything you think of in this fashion is being thought of by consciousness. So which one comes to pass? Some eminently reasonable ones are out there that can come to pass but will they? Because will your systems of economics allow it? So you can see that a new intensity is arising and a new idea is becoming perfectly feasible and valid but will it be adopted? What I am saying is, “you can see various intensities but they may not come to pass even though they are perfectly feasible, perfectly valid, perfectly able to be put into operation but you may not adopt them.” Others, which are even more totally unlikely may come to pass. A case in point at the moment is your own government, who would have thought that today’s scenario would have existed before this election. When, you could have said that person would be elected, but that person wasn’t elected, a totally insignificant person in terms of intensity at the time of the election has ended up being elected. How difficult is it for any consciousness to say with certainty, this will happen. Every butterfly that flaps its wings affects everything else everywhere. So faced with the idea that the whole reason for creating the physical is to enjoy the uncertainty and the excitement of the uncertainty and the coping with the unexpected and the challenge of same, why would you expect even “all that is” to outlay a predictable scenario which would totally negate the object of having said uncertainty?

But again you must realise that we who speak do not have all the answers any more than you do, but we do have a little more understanding than you do because we see things from a broader perspective. But that is all. We have our own theories. If we knew it all then there would be no point in being involved in the physical at all. So you take this all the way back to “all that is” and all it wants is to continue the process of seeming discovery, if you can understand the phrase.

As an overall comment, why do you read fictional material when you know it is fiction?

The same as you do anything really, purely for enjoyment.

But there is no reason or purpose in reading fictional material because you gain nothing from it other than a sense of time being passed in an agreeable manner. Would you call that a purpose in terms of the serious purpose you look for in the existence of reality?

No, as in the same way as doing a lot of things for example being in a choir, dancing, they are all just ways to enjoy yourself.

So we come full circle once more as we will do on many occasions. We are back to consciousness keeping itself occupied in an entertaining manner.


There was another question about time.

We have covered time in ‘The nature of past, present and future’ to a certain degree and it has been alluded to in various other areas but that will entail the instrument going through the whole thing trying to find these odd paragraphs. The easiest way at the moment is to just imagine that the earth doesn’t turn, it only faces one way like the moon. It has a very cold side where nothing grows and it has a very hot side where nothing grows. It has shadowy sides which are neither one nor the other which are quite small areas and do we know whether they will be able to maintain life as we know it.

As light conditions do not change you have no measure by which to measure time passing. Yes you can see growth and decay but that is it. So how would you even devise a need for time? When you have a spinning earth and regularly you see the light come and go, by means of a sundial say, it is fairly simple to devise a time measurement system. But if conditions didn’t change, how would you have organised a system of time? Would there have been any necessity for it? Would progress have been different? These things are mental gymnastics, but you can imagine that without something changing then you would not be aware of a need to measure the passing of time.

Remember, you construct your belief in time. Who knows that if from birth everybody was told that they would live to 200 years and they wouldn’t see any ageing until past their 100th year whether that belief would take hold? That belief would have to be held by the higher consciousness and that consciousness programs the instrument and therefore the instrument would be programmed differently wouldn’t it? So remember that time is programmed from above, not below, it’s programmed from above for the reason that so far the instruments as currently constructed cannot be indefinitely maintained. It is easier to start a new one than it is to try to maintain the old one and that may seem fairly mundane but these physical things have to be constructed. They have to be designed, they have to be organised, they have to be maintained and they have to have the consciousnesses interested in maintaining them.

When you look at anything which you call a life there is an awful lot going on. It doesn’t happen by itself and so the fast moving, exciting instruments are, what you might term, technological marvels, way beyond any of your present technologies. Remember that we are only so far ahead of your own, what you would consider, thoughts and beliefs and achievements down here. They are coming from above but they have to be tested out and like anything else what is going on at the moment is quite attractive so there is no need to change it too quickly. The scheme works quite well and what would happen if suddenly you started to have people living to 200 years, the whole system would have to be changed once more wouldn’t it?

Time is an invention, a construct, for the purposes of operating in the physical reality. Outside of that there is no need for time. Consciousness is infinite and there is simply no need for time. There is simply “What shall we do next?” Yes, there may be sequentiality but there is no need for time, no need for purpose, as everything always exists in potential. The patterns exist for everything, everybody knows it. There is no need to hang on to memories as nothing is lost, just re-focus and it is alive again. As soon as you look at a pattern, providing you have enough consciousnesses to focus in upon it, the little model starts ticking away and spinning around again. All it needs is the energy which consciousness provides because nothing can atrophy as it is consciousness, not physical. It is just imagination, an idea, it can be kept alive, it doesn’t rot. So as soon as you imbue that imagined idea, that pattern, with sufficient energy, light, whatever, it lights up and is on the move again.

So you don’t have to worry about “I’ll never do this again” or ‘time passes by’, because whenever you want to do it, you do it. So there is no need for time, in fact there’s not even a need for the word ‘time’. It has no meaning apart from the realities in which it is constructed. This is not the only reality which uses time, others do as well in order that the system can be operated to the benefit of all those who wish to experience.


We would appreciate it if you post any comments on the Comments page accessible via the Index. Thank you.


How Consciousness forms the Reality we perceive


The Two Kinds of Order.

Einstein once spoke of the physicist David Bohm as his successor. Bohm introduced concepts of Implicate Order and Explicate Order. Bohm defined explicate order as the order of the physical world. He defined implicate order as the source of explicate order, and as an underlying whole that physical form constantly unfolds out from and enfolds back into.


“There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.
We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. ”                                                                                                                                                       ― Max Planck 1944


“Consciousness is the fundamental thing in existence. It is the energy, the motion, the movement of consciousness and all that is in it. The microcosm and the macrocosm are nothing but consciousness arranging itself.”                    Sri Aurobindo

When it comes to creating you own reality you do so on every level of existence whether you are focused into the physical, the astral, the mental or any other reality you care to envisage. You work within the parameters of that reality with the tools available to you in that reality. The connecting thread here is the desires of the consciousness that focuses in each of these different realities. There may be a reason to play with different presentations, different scenarios in an easily manipulated or malleable reality where ideas can be “imagineered” with ease and many potential scenarios examined, their results assessed and those not fitting the desired end are then discarded.

You can imagine just how fast these can be examined and then, what we will term as, the probable ones, to suit the situation in let us say, the adjoining plane which in this case happens to be the physical, are passed to the brain for evaluation. Now it behoves us to state here that the consciousnesses involved in the creation and maintenance of the physical body have, as you can imagine, a certain say in the matter. This is why different possible scenarios are presented. Like an experimenter one can test out different scenarios to see what outcomes arise should each different one be chosen? What might be influenced by one’s own biases in the mental plane might be differently influenced by the co-creating consciousnesses in the physical plane. After all you do have a certain degree of free will and therefore it is interesting to see when a course of action different from that of your own preference, we are talking now of the entity’s preference, when the physical organism brain/mind chooses one different to your preference then it is also educational as to whether that route is successful.

If you imagine both different aspects of the consciousness focus in each of the so-called planes creating and testing out their own hypothetical methods, routes, concepts, courses of action and then by cooperation and examination refining down to two or three so that the physical brain or the mind interfacing with the physical brain can present just a limited choice so as not to overwhelm the body consciousness. When speaking here we need to have you remember that words such as body consciousness encompass the brain and the connections with the, what you would call, astral self or mental self or mind. It is difficult to be definitive on this subject as all interpenetrate each other and one cannot put a locus on any particular aspect of contemplation or communication as the level of intensity as regards courses of action, ideas etc. can vary from one plane to another. One may step outside the usual transmission route by considering a thought of such intensity that it merely swamps the voices of other thoughts.


Let us discuss what has just previously been spoken about from the Seth book and this is the nature of the totality of consciousness that is presently engaged in physical reality. Now, again we have the argument that the physical reality that you think you inhabit is actually an illusion, but even illusions are fabrications of light, you might say, or fabrications of the imagination, whatever it is you actually do see. You do see, you do hear and you do feel, now whether or not they are nebulous in terms of being mostly space it is immaterial, to you they are still a mental creation. Do you understand this?

This mental creation, albeit physical creation to you is mental, they are interchangeable and so, the same applies to all consciousness because your physical reality shows stars and planets and everything else and so it is. Now would you think that the consciousnesses that make up the earth and the consciousnesses that make up the sun do not exist and they are only purely in man’s imagination and everything else is in man’s imagination, of course it isn’t.

No. I was going to say that does not sound right.

They are all consisting of… as soon as you try to understand that everything is part of the same source, whatever you wish to call it, you can call it waves, you can call it particles, you can call it whatever you wish, consciousness, it does not matter. Whenever you look into what you think your reality is you come down to some kind of homogenous overall totality from which images and tapestries are fabricated using the imagination. So, if you find yourself in the midst of a major event consisting of many thousands of people then how much do you think that you influence what goes on? You would say, “most unlikely”. You would be able to play a part but unless we can get the attention of the whole crowd and have them listen to us and have the appropriate equipment so that they can all listen to us then we cannot influence events very much. Should there not be the continual methods of communication to the mass from the individual then the mass will tend to go its own way. You look at your own society and in general the major portion of time is spent in doing your own thing and a certain amount of time is spent working, via your taxes you may say, in a co-operative manner, in general you act as an individual. Now, apply this to the sheer mass of consciousness, you accord each wave, particle its own consciousness in a co-operative endeavour, to the sheer bulk of consciousness involved in the stars and the planets etc. and indeed they are living in a reality totally divorced from your own reality, and as was previously said this is pretty much the same as the bacteria living upon your skin in their own communities, living their own lives and with regard to the mites etc. they are procreating and that analogy is easily drawn with that of the earth and yourselves except, of course, through human nature, its ego and its predilection to self-importance way above its station, it feels that it is different… you cannot possibly equate a human being on the earth with a mite on a human being, and yet obviously the parallel is very hard to ignore. So, one must look round and say, yes there are certain elements you have to look at and say, “we have agreed to inhabit this area, to create our own reality within this area” and they are operative words, to create our own reality within this other reality and we have to roll with the punches. We have to see what is going on, sense what is going on, feel what is going on between the big players and find our own way of surviving within that area.

If, for example, the sun decided to go into a frenzy of activity and send out far more radiation then we would have to vacate the earth, switch your focus away from the earth, because the structures that we have fabricated to live within the earth’s atmosphere would then not have the atmosphere to live in.  So we would have to change and look for something else. If you go back through the “history” of the earth you will see on many occasions you have had to evacuate whole areas of the earth due to various climactic events, ice ages, formation of deserts etc. You can look at your ice ages, you can look at the Sahara desert, shifting sands etc. and you will see that you had to change your ideas. An idea that would work at one point in time does not work at another point in time, because when the Sahara did not exist and it was green and fertile land then you could organise a community there and now you cannot. The same would apply if another ice age starts then certain countries would no longer be inhabitable and you would have to move.

When it comes to the human species, the human species is, again, only a focus of certain conglomerates of consciousness and the same applies to every other species including water, minerals and everything else, call them species if you wish. They are merely focusses of consciousness. It is nothing to do with one being better than the other. Some conglomerates of consciousness have chosen to be more active than others and we label this imagination, but that is simply a question of a greater deal of activity of that particular group of consciousness that focus on being human beings. The differences between species are not as great as you believe. One has to remember that every single thing, event, apparent reality is simply a manifestation of consciousness and that manifestation of consciousness is manifested in different degrees of intensity. That intensity may also be interpreted as, in physical plane terms, speed of movement, rapid change of focus.

So, see yourself as a player creating your own reality but do not give yourself dominion over much larger and powerful concentrations of consciousness.

Obviously we are living many lives all at once and one of those lives is an earth life. Can you give us any idea of what any of the other lives might be like?

Anything you wish to imagine can be created. You are already aware of that but you are trying to understand other lives in terms of your own life. Now we can just sit here and say to you “Yes, you can see yourself as a very handsome man, very rich, one of the world’s rulers”……..

I wasn’t thinking in those terms, that’s still thinking in human terms.

Exactly. Now switch outside that. So switch yourself, do this by degrees otherwise your imagination will not be able to cope, you will have to switch by degrees, in which you then say, “Now what if I was a creature of the air?” Now, you will immediately think of a bird, but what if you were a creature of the air in that you were a bubble say, a bubble that doesn’t burst and then try to move your consciousness and feel what it would be like to be swept along, swept up, swept down and then move to the next stage where this is no longer in an earth, in a physical situation. So we still feel ourselves as a bubble but that is as an analogy only. So, now you see yourself as a bubble of awareness and so you are looking out through an imaginary bubble and now you see, and you want to create something so you create in your imagination, the same as if you close your eyes and try to imagine a scene and of course you can only imagine scenes that you have experienced in the physical at the moment. But because you can see other people’s imaginings as well, you are looking through your bubble and you are seeing all these happenings going on, all these imaginary pictures appearing and disappearing, appearing and disappearing, and you look into this one and you look into that one. Now, your imagination can run as far as ours, we can say to you that we can find ourselves in realms of wonderful roller coasters of colour, we ride the rainbow, you might say, we are up there, we slide down the rainbow to the accompaniment of glorious music and then we launch from there and we imagine ourselves with wings. We have to put this in terms you can understand, otherwise we have no analogies to draw. So we have to take you by degrees to where you can understand that anything is possible….. this is why these things are so difficult to explain.

Let’s change the question then. Can you describe another life that you have lead? A non-physical life that you have lead?

We will get to the same problem here in that there are many minds contributing to this monologue that you are listening to, so we would then have to decide that, yes we give you this particular life, you might say,…

Yes, you would have to choose one of the minds…..

But then that mind has been engaged with many, many other minds as well and we can give you anything we like in exactly the same way as a reincarnational story. For example we could say we were a dressmaker back in the time of King Henry VIII and describe a life and embellish it somewhat.

Yes but I was looking for a non-physical life.

We were describing one before when we saying about riding the rainbow. Now if you wanted sheer joy and enjoyment imagine riding a rainbow. Well, you can do that. Take your rainbow away from the earth. Imagine the picture savers on the computer, bursts of colour, you watch all the different things happening as the colours move and swirl. Now imagine yourself being able to move with that colour, being part of the colour, swirling, the emotion. You enjoy dancing, can you imagine being swirled in the colour and just going with the flow and as you are told about heavenly choirs of angels, well this is just music but imagine the pleasure that everybody would be getting from producing music. Think of the number of musicians who suddenly find they are better than they could possibly imagine. Previously they had to use a physical body but now that they can imagine, the music they produce flows straight from their consciousness and imagination. The same with singers. Singers dream of hitting and holding certain notes and purity of tone. They imagine it. Well imagine that just because you think, it is. Put that together and imagine, no time, how long you could enjoy being swept around, but bodiless, weightless with just the wonderful sensations of sound and feelings of rhythmic movement and the sights of the colours, just what pleasure that would be.

Now, forget the business of life because you think of life in terms of time. Before you can imagine other dimensions of reality you have to drop off the ideas of beginnings and endings and growth. You must be able to accept the concept of just  “beingness”, “isness”, being in the moment. Every moment is a life. Would you say a life is any different if it lasts three days or three hundred years? You still call it a life. So what we have just described would be one of the things that you would use for, you might say, bliss. No decisions just pure enjoyment. What we have described, how blissful would that seem to be? You would be lost in the moment. The colours are wonderful, you don’t know what‘s coming next, all joyful. There are no shocks because the movements are very rhythmic because you have the feeling of movement. As the music moves you and you feel the music when you dance in the physical then there’s no difference to your feeling the music in your, you might say, mind, your consciousness in the non-physical. The same pleasure is experienced and so we are taking you from a concrete physical experience to a bodiless experience yet we have to give you some of the same feelings and emotions otherwise you simply would not be able to understand. How can we describe a feeling to you that you have never experienced?

No, you can’t.

You see! You only have your own senses here but there are other senses. It is impossible to talk about them because there is just no parallel. So it is best for you to think that anything that you could possibly imagine can be experienced. Now we have just used our imagination to describe to you a potential existence and from there you can go to any single thing you wish because anything you think of you can be part of. Now, that will depend if the idea that you think of requires more than just your awareness. When it requires more than just your own awareness then you must cooperate with others to get sufficient intensity to alter the fabric. But that is part of the joy as well because at some time all ideas will be manifested in one fashion or another. We use the word “time” but of course we are talking all the time, so difficult! of infinite potential. Everything is possible. All consciousness has the ability to be completely fulfilled but again you will ask ”why do all these things happen on the earth”? We say back to you once more, why do you produce all these violent things? We don’t mean actually physical, we mean your dramas, your films, your games etc. You do them for enjoyment. However horrible they may seem, how many people get involved in them and watch them again and again? Simply because you know it is illusion. Just take one step removed, it’s done because it can be done, because you know that in the end it is effectively meaningless.

You always are searching for meaning, purpose, truth, whereas if you just forgot about meaning, purpose, and truth and concentrated on being, enjoying the creation that surrounds you knowing that there are many other areas and that the imagination is limitless, the potential is limitless, but for the moment you have joined in with the idea of your own particular personality living what you consider to be a life in a physical arena.

Yes, I try to do that.

Exactly. Some do, some don’t. And so you might say I have agreed because it requires agreement. If the idea envisaged, the life envisaged was to be for a life of say 80 years involving XYZ events then at some stage or another the consciousnesses minds involved have to say “yes we agree to do this. Why then, if you agreed to that in the first place, would you suddenly decide, well I have had enough of this, I’m going? Now if you were in say a team of 11 people and you decided you wanted out and you had all signed contracts to stay in, then how would you leave? Maybe your terms of contract would have been that should you leave you cannot leave unless you get somebody to replace you because otherwise you spoil the whole thing. So most minds, most consciousnesses stay with the game. They stick with what they have agreed to. There are exceptions but there are always many other minds that are quite happy to join in. You must remember there are minds that are actually active intense drivers of a particular experience and there are many, many others who are quite happy just to go along for the ride. They gain the experience without having to get involved in the process of direction. If you keep in mind that as above so below then it is quite easy to see how these things perpetuate.


Would you describe” Framework 2” in an easy way for people who might be reading this?

For those who need reassurance from the scientific community they will find this set out in David Bohm’s implicate and explicate orders. Now, let us take an idea that is in the imagination, is not material, and yet one can design it in one’s mind, see it, think about how to construct it, what materials, what colour etc. Would you say that is” implicate”? When it is made it is “explicate” but until it is made it is ephemeral. It is merely a fleeting picture in the mind. Yes?

So now take lots of consciousnesses all sending their thoughts and concepts, pictures, details to each other and discussing them. They are working in a different framework from the physical. When they take those ideas and turn them into objects and events in the physical world, and for the purposes of what we are saying at the moment, use their instruments that they have created, physical bodies, they are then operating in what we can term “framework one” (physical reality) where you are operating at a distance, shall we say, even though you get lost in the drama (i.e. you do not realise that you have created the reality in which you are immersed). Framework one is where you are operating your instruments. Framework 2 is where you design your instruments. It is in a world of ideas much as if you were not storing your designs on a computer, you were merely playing with the lines and the colours on the screen, but you didn’t actually keep them, then they would be “implicate”, hidden. Whereas if you stored them you have a bridge between the idea and its execution. You have stored the blueprint, the details and the pattern. Even though it has to have much work and energy added to it before you can have the object of the design. Is that satisfactory?

In terms of what this life is what will our next life be like?

How many different types of lives are being led in the physical? Myriad. Those lives were all chosen by the participating consciousnesses, were all formed by the participating consciousnesses. As you have heard many times before, as there are many preferred environments in the physical so there are many preferred environments in the non-physical(s). You create, or are drawn to, environments already created by those of like minds, the plural is correct, to yourself. The answer is, whatever you feel comfortable in being involved in. You can review vast numbers of potential experience locations, shall we say. When you first move over, if you read back once more, you will visit and be shown the environments in which your previous loved ones now inhabit. Of course you will be eager to see that, you will be eager to find out how they live, what they have done, what they know. Because they came from roughly the same environment, perhaps not with so much of the technology which you are used to today, they will have found a suitable environment in which to explore the abilities and limits of their new found status. You will look around and you will decide whether it suits you or whether you will move on to another one.

Now just as you go to a ballroom dance, the next generation will go to a discotheque. Just as you would have listened to the radio, three generations forward they will be watching their hand held phone. You are always becoming, and moving from one experience to another. When you would go with your parents to a dance you would have gone to a dance of your era. One which pressed your buttons at the time and then became the type of music that you felt made you feel good. As you know, now you are constantly exposed to types of music that make you feel anything but good. Yet others do feel good and would find your choice somewhat pedestrian and boring. So the field is wide open.

You need to understand that you have chosen what you are experiencing. If you look forward you can see that you can choose what you wish to experience next, You can decide to stay where you are, doing exactly the same as you are doing, or you can change completely if you wish or you can just have a little dabble and have a week or two doing something entirely different. Many do. Many decide to go off and do a week or a month’s retreat, which they have never done in their lives or take up some activity which they never thought they would ever do. The same applies.

Life is continuous. (Heavy emphasis) It does not stop and start.


We have also read an article about the human body being a projection of consciousness. Would you like to speak about that?

If you would look back at what we have already transmitted to you in the hours that we have spoken you will observe that we say that you are constantly creating your body. You are creating your body from energetic vibrations. Depending on how you wish to perceive something, you can either perceive it as a solid body without understanding that solid body is merely a tight knit connection of electromagnetic wavelengths which, for you and your senses, is reflecting light which gives it the impression of solidity. Yet, should you have x-rays for eyes, just as you have for your machines, the body disappears to x-rays. Certainly the flesh of the body, the extra density of the bones reflect the X-rays and enable you to see. If you went further up the spectrum you wouldn’t see anything at all, or you may see just the vibrations. If you were used to being able to decode those vibrations, as we said, you would be able to hear sounds, make out colours and make out features because you would be able to take the vibratory presentation and, for your understanding, slow it down until the denser hologram, you might say, takes shape. Is that a satisfactory answer?

We confirm, everything is, yes, holographic.


When we talk about the creation of the holographic reality imagine, if you will, looking up into the sky and as you look and you imagine or you visualise, see, wonderful light plays across the sky. As you see the imagined object or event or happening in your mind’s eye so it appears in light moving across the sky. Think what is involved in order that this be produced. It is merely a projection of your thought which has an attractiveness to other consciousnesses that are of course, the night sky and everything that is around. So if your particular imagined object, happening etc. is of interest to consciousness then consciousness can move and travel and inspect and be a part of, travel within, the thought that has been projected.

Now, this to you on the ground looking up presents itself as a radiant image. An image of light in the sky and as you changed your moment focus and then one image replaced another within your mind so would the same image sequence play out across the sky. Now the words ”play out” are correct in that you would generally, to start with, actually use this ability to play with, to see what you could do, what you could build, what scenarios you could put together. Play out a battle between two people in that your images are in the sky and then another person beside you decides that he will have an image as well and both of these images that you have are of warriors with swords and they are fighting each other and so the battle goes on until at last one gains advantage and spears the other one. The one falls to the ground and is out and the other one stands victorious.

For a third party, unaware of the activities of the first two, thinking that the warriors were real, this would be a tragedy, “I have witnessed the most awful thing”. But to the two people who had manufactured the scenario and were perfectly aware of what they are doing in their scenario, there would be no tragedy, it would merely have been an enjoyable exercise.

How do you feel about that when you decide to think about how consciousness creates holographic reality and the physical instruments that are immersed in the holographic reality see the holographic reality that is being created but imagine it to be real? So take it as your higher selves are creating this reality and they know it isn’t real. From the process that we have just described can you understand how nobody, shall we say, dies, without consent, simply because when you imagine the two warriors it is in the imagination, so whatever happens the opposing parties can always recover, even as the sword comes towards them and goes through them they recover immediately just like the cartoon characters that hit the ground, go deeply into the ground, should be dead but merely climb out and start all over again.

The one in the physical can only see the light show i.e. the hologram and you must assume that everything that you are looking at, at the moment is reflecting light because if you turn the light out it isn’t there. It is there as far as you are concerned, you can reach out and touch because that pattern is there, the force is there, but you need light to be bounced off it in order for it to be observable. So take this as all these objects are created by your higher self but you can only apprehend them through the senses that your instrument has been endowed with. You are unaware that the whole scenario is effectively a mirage.


So how much do you think we choose before we come to the earth plane?

Once upon a time a thought arose. Consciousnesses were interested in that thought and they decided “I’ll focus upon this thought” and others joined in and gradually the intensity built up and the thought, starting from a skeleton of a thought, gradually, you might say, fleshed out, both in terms of the physical instrument and the story line of that instrument, from what you would call birth, to what you would call death, even though that is being created in every instant.

You are being born and dying in every instant, in the same way that electricity in AC is going backwards and forwards, you are being re-created in every moment. In the same way electrons are going in and out of existence.

When it comes to what you are choosing, you are merely, we are coming back to the “you” again you see… there is no “you”…there is merely what is seen. If we come back to a unit of consciousness, a unit of consciousness can experience a “you” in a certain fashion. But the “you” only arises when a certain intensity of, say, emotion, a certain intensity of feeling is attained with multitudinous units of consciousness. That intensity of feeling results in a manifestation and that manifestation means an action. An action, an opinion, a belief, it is all one and the same thing really. It is just a question of that in “time” you will see things in a linear framework but all actually happens at the same time.

So it is not a question so much of choice, it is a question of interest. A question of interest, a question of focus, a question of intensity. So the choice, if you wish, made by a unit of consciousness is merely “well, this looks interesting”, but do enough units join that consciousness in order for it to manifest? You might ask the question, “Why do some children not get born? Simply because not enough intensity can be generated to carry the process through. This may be because the construction is not going as well as planned or the intensity regarding the story line has changed, many reasons. It is all to do with how the conglomerate of consciousness, the gestalt of consciousness reaches the intensity for manifestation. If it does not reach the intensity for manifestation then it will not manifest.


Some of those who have had near death experiences tell us that we choose our life before we come. We choose our parents and we choose our life. So how do we do that?

How do you form any endeavour? You have had this transmitted to you and spoken about ad nauseum by David. When you have the idea of a life you then set about to see how you can create that life and all the necessary things you need in order for that life to eventuate. And so in order for the pattern to be constructed you have to choose the materials from which that pattern can be constructed and insert the event of conception into the time framework that you can see is likely to ……difficult once more because all is there…….so to make it easier to explain….. you take your reel of film of what is going on and, this isn’t correct of course, you insert yourself into a certain reel of film so that the film will then have you in it and will then change the outcome as it goes along. But you must remember that there is more than one film all the time, so you can pick up a film at any time, insert yourself into the frame and effectively then produce new frames as the film goes along . This is extremely difficult to explain in terms of what you are seeing as a linear, physical manifestation. Turn this around and see this as your own consciousness imagining a life and deciding, this is me in my mother’s womb and being able to tune into the pattern sequence that conception to birth takes. Building that pattern around yourself so you can experience it. Of course you are doing this with many other consciousnesses simultaneously. You are entering in to the play that you and your fellows are constantly creating as you go along. Then you get what you would call your illusion of reality. Illusion just means like trance, various amounts of depth, various amounts of solidity depending on the level at which you wish to participate in. If you focus intently with your fellows on creating a straw house you will inhabit a straw house. On the other hand if you focus intently on creating a 100 storey block of condominiums in which you have the penthouse then that is what you will have. You create all your experiences. It is impossible to draw an analogy using the methodology you use in the physical plane to describe what happens in the mental plane. It is like you wave a wand and it is there. That is much nearer the truth than you think.

Life is magic, as you know it.


Do you believe that each individual conscious awareness is capable of creating its own reality?

I think that reality is created by lots of consciousnesses getting together so it is a joint creation.

That is ok, but you have to agree to get together because you can always retreat into your shell, shall we say, and just be aware of the shell around you.

So perhaps you can explain what happens to those who do retreat into their shell and do not agree to what would be their reality.

As we said a few moments ago you open your shell, figuratively speaking, each morning and decide, from the infinite array of possibilities, what you wish to focus upon. Now, from, we must say, your limited point of view, it is quite easy when creating your own system of beliefs to actually believe in your own creation. To actually believe that you have no power to change your reality. But once you sit down and think very carefully about this then you do have some power to create your own reality. It may not end in the outcome that you envisage especially if that outcome is too far divorced from the position you have already created within that reality. You cannot have a sudden transformation from being a refugee to living in a million dollar apartment in another part of the world but as your refugees have shown those who sincerely wish to change their reality can take steps to change their reality. You have chosen to come into a physical system, you cannot change your reality just as you can change your imagination for you have already stepped into a system that, shall we say, takes time and much energy to create the objects, the events, that exist within that system. Should you retreat into your mind, then in your imaginations you can create whatever you wish to experience. However, you will not experience them in the same way as you do in the physical and you can imagine yourself on your golf course, as now you can see yourself swinging the club, hitting the ball, it bouncing on the green and in your mind you can see the pin and the ball bouncing towards the pin and settling a few inches away. You can actually experience the emotion of watching that shot fly through the air and you will feel yourself happy and satisfied. That will have the corresponding effect on your chemical processes within your body and this form of daydreaming can be very pleasurable, but then you realise that you are in the physical reality operating a physical body and then you wish to do the same thing. And it, in most circumstances, does not come out to the same conclusion as in your visualisation. That is all about the process of learning to create your own reality and so as you repeat this endeavour many thousands of times you actually, together with your physical body which are one and the same of course, get better and better in the process of creation until you get so good that you feel, I think, this is as far as I need to go with this, and you look for something else which you can take on the challenge for.

Now, you must, whenever you look at any reality realise that all participating in that reality have chosen their position within that reality because they cannot be annihilated. That is impossible. Therefore should they wish to turn their focus to another reality they simply withdraw their consciousness from the instrument. Of course the instrument like everything else has been co-created and therefore as consciousnesses accumulate and disperse around a particular pattern then it takes a majority of different intensities to decide on whether the event continues to be experienced or is simply terminated. Does that make anything clearer for you?

Thank you. So would you say that our world is a reflection of one expressed on a third dimensional plane.

You have discussed this amongst yourselves many, many times. Everything that you produce using your minds and your hands and machinery starts with a thought, an idea or intention and let me ask you where do think that thought, that idea or that intention has its home?

Probably in another dimension.

Could you possibly capture that thought and put it in a box or put it on your computer screen without typing it in say? How could you transfer that from your mind to something outside yourself except through a process of manipulating energy until you have a dense object?

Well, we don’t know how to yet. Not in this..

Not in this reality but in another reality you have some indication of this when you are able to influence certain physical objects such as staring at another person and them turning round. Something has moved between you and the other person. Yes? The same with telepathy, the idea has gone from one to another. Now what has been received?


But you both think of the same idea, so was the idea tangible?

Did the thoughts come from somewhere else or did we just pick them up?

Where do you think thoughts arise?

Well, if we are all in agreement as to how everything is going to go then thoughts must arise in another dimension.

Of course. But each consciousness has the ability to think thought and once that thought is released it is able to be picked up. Any other consciousness can become aware of that thought simply because of resonance. Each thought has a certain resonance, has a certain natural state of being and anybody searching, as you would on a radio tuner, will pick that thought up if it is closely allied to something that he has been considering himself. Whether or not he retains that thought and stores it away or merely observes it and lets it pass by, shall we say, is dependent on whether he finds it useful.

We are told that there are different levels and temples of knowledge in the afterlife can you expand on either of those please?

Merely man’s attempt at trying to explain the infinity of knowledge that exists. The language of the time in which those words were formulated was when the word temple to you would evoke scenes of ancient Egypt and other such eras. Now, who were the people that the populace turned to for wisdom? The priests, the religious emissaries, the agents of the god that everybody thought held dominion over their lives and everything connected with their lives. Now knowledge, beliefs and technology have moved on to where you now, whenever you wish to know something immediately turn to your computer or other instrument that is connected to the inter…net. Again, the word, even though recently coined, inter…net has its own magic shall we say. We go back to something from way back when in the Vedas called Indra’s net, how similar. Now, Indra’s net was imagined to be this enormous net studded with diamonds which were all individual units of consciousness and of course, in that net which was sparkling with connectivity, everything was connected and therefore all thoughts were known, all knowledge was known. Now you have “internet” which; when you look at it carefully, says that everything is interconnected. Yes? You can think your own way through this.


All enquirers are looking for something deep and profound and yet when you look into, as the scientists do, the basis of everything, what do you find but a total homogeneity and simplicity of, so far as you have got at the moment, vibrations, vibrating strings or small particles, whichever level you decided to adapt? Tiny little things where when they come together form different patterns and therefore form the universe as you know it. Isn’t that simple? Now taking complexity, and reducing it to simplicity, and yet, when it comes to trying to understand what is going on, and why, we refuse to accept the simple. And the simple is, that you do it. Everything is created simply because you wish to create it, and that includes all your attitudes and beliefs, as well as those things that you consider to be objects.


I was going to ask you, we talk about co-creation and we also talk about, for want of a better word, blueprints, so where does the idea for the blueprint come from, bearing in mind that billions of tiny consciousnesses get together.

We are confusing the chicken with the egg, so, let us say that the tiny, tiny consciousness, as you put it, can think, it is aware, therefore I must be thinking and so therefore I am. Now, we are all in this together, so I am thinking and I am aware, what am I aware of, so I am aware that I have imagination I can actually think things up and somewhere I remember, there is a memory of something what is it? Ah yes xyz memories, upon memories, upon memories the tiny consciousnesses are in the same position in regard to their thoughts and of course, because of the interconnection they are not sure, ah, is it my thought? Or is it another thought from somewhere else, but one thought, one memory you might say, although my experience just triggers little bit more thought and suddenly the thought starts to blossom, shall we say, and you start to see, envisage, imagine the blossom and it grows as more are attracted because the same thing is happening to them, as they look their attention is taken and energy is added the more the energy is added the more it grows, the more the imagination. Now can you see how the event grows from this, can you see how from the first hut that was built exactly where you are now then others came and joined it, another hut was built and more then somebody said, “we really ought to have a road to service this hut”, another said, “don’t you think we ought to have a shop so that we don’t have to go too far”. As you carry on with that imaginary exercise for yourself you will soon see how consciousness from the one little unit doing something, having an idea or an action, from little acorns oak trees grow.


We talk about blueprints, would you like to expand?

Blueprints, patterns, we have covered this ground before. It all stems from the desire to create. The desire to create results in thought, results in an idea, if this idea gains approval from many others then the motivation arises to create a reality from the idea. This can happen in many forms of which physical reality is one. So, because you are only aware of physical reality, the term blueprint or pattern is used because you are aware of how objects and events are manufactured from a pre-created plan. What you are not aware of is your imagination instantly appearing in front of you. You have some who have some understanding of this from your quantum science in which it was… began to be understood, the observer, let us say, solidified what he observed. He could not see the electron and its movement at the same time, but if he could decide where it was… I think we are exceeding the knowledge of the instrument here and the correct scientific terminology is not available. Suffice it to say that collapsing the quantum wave, as you, your scientists have stated, results in the formation of a pseudo reality you could say. Now, if you took the attitude that the observer effect when you, we have been through, spoken of this before… that you are able to look at a blank screen which is active and then your imagination lights up various pixels on that screen and whatever picture you think of then appears on the screen. Now this is very much the same as what actually happens, the waves come through, they impinge upon the screen and the screen lights up to varying degrees which gives you the picture. Now that has been taken from a picture existing elsewhere broken down into television waves, just electro-magnetic waves, and then the picture recreated somewhere else using… Now just put…give your…oh dear…your consciousness, or mind and let us move forward say, you know your rate of technological process/progress, so let us move forward say another 500 years, do you think it would be possible just to look at something then it happens? Now you already have voice recognition, where you can make a statement, and the lights switch on, or the curtains draw. Because it recognises the wave, the sound wave. You have now or are on the verge of using thought waves to fire missiles. So it is not without the bounds of conjecture to envisage that you will be able to look at a screen and the picture that you wish to see will appear. Computer aided design comes to mind. How long before the cameras around a screen can track your eye movements and then as you look at the screen you can draw lines around simply by the movement of your eyes. You can see that this could easily be a possibility.


Now you think in general terms of speed of motion in a linear fashion. Now start to think of speed of motion in a circular fashion or a spiralling fashion as in an hourglass with the speed of motion rushing in a figure of eight say or spiralling up to the nexus of an hourglass narrowing down, getting dense then spiralling out and getting less dense again and then repeating the pattern. You would say that there is an enormous amount of energy getting to unimaginable speeds but actually getting nowhere. If you imagine all this fantastic amount of energy movement, information transfer, image creation, reality creation, all happening because of moving light. Moving light creating pictures, sensations, meaning sensory perceptions not just tactile or taste , but sensory perceptions meaning the formation of beliefs, the resulting motions etc. All this tremendous speed happening in the same space. Can you understand this?

Simply because energy is moving around, we have to give you some idea of space for you to be able to envisage it, so we have said, an hourglass. Imagine this hourglass, we will persist with the same analogy, being reasonably large in front of you, the size of your television screen say, and you see all this enormous activity of energy and colour resulting in pictures in front of you, much as your television. Now imagine yourself surrounded with all this frenetic, unimaginable hive of activity. So as you look around, what was on the television screen is now all around you, and in such a format that all your senses decode this light movement into your realities. Again, easily explained in that sight is light waves, sound is sound waves moving, touch is a tactile sense, an electromagnetic sense, this is for simplicity’s sake, and so on.

Now we have got to the point where you have imagined yourself surrounded by a complete ocean of wave activity moving at however many times the speed of light you wish to imagine and this is what you and everybody else, exist in. Now you just have to apply your ideas of scale to this and what you feel that your consciousness is. You already know that photons communicate with each other and yet what do you need to see a photon? What do you need to imagine the size of a quark? At what stage do you say “we need a certain measurement’? You also have to realise that once you leave the physical there is no need for measurement.

And so the mystery still remains a mystery because you are not able to use your logical, rational brain which thinks in terms of the parameters of the reality in which you exist to understand the reality of something you have absolutely no conception of. But you can get the general idea .It is not too big a leap of the imagination to have some understanding that the world that surrounds you is indeed, a constantly changing illusion. It is best to find another word for “illusion’. It is indeed, a constantly changing reality. It is just, that for someone who is not endowed with your sense perception organs, there is nothing there!  Except said sea of frenetic wave activity.

Full of sound and fury signifying nothing, but signifying everything for you.

Likewise for them, if they adopt a different set of sensory perceptions and a different set of rules with their co- creators, their co-participants then they will see a totally different reality from the same sea of moving energy, because they will decode the waves in a different format. These will not … when you use a set of sensory perceptions you pick out from the sea of moving waves those waves, which of those frequencies, that you wish to form your particular pattern. Yes? Others pick out different waves. You could see this as when we, you have had referred to you God’s tapestry, now imagine this tapestry to be comprised of the most unimaginably small threads and therefore the number of threads would be basically to your concept, infinite, you can’t even count the number of threads. But, you could decide to focus on just one colour of thread. Yes? Remember the threads, in the way they are composed are running through each weft and weave. You focus using a red filter, you will see a picture that the red filter produces and so on. Now, that presupposes of course, a pre-existing picture but now say to yourself I can decide which filaments in which part of the tapestry are which colours and therefore, that particular picture will arise and yet beside you, unbeknownst to you and unbeknownst to them, is another intelligence deciding that the threads in any particular part of the tapestry are going to be seen in a different colour. He will see a totally different reality to you. Neither of you will be aware of the other. This is capable of conception. But is very, very difficult to say the least, to put this into scientific terminology, and thereby underlay the concept, the physical rationality, because simply we are talking about something that has to be experienced to be known of.


Imagination exercises.

Now we referred before to imagine yourself surrounded by a television screen which effectively formed the reality in which you are immersed. And we also referred to the computer with the sensors surrounding the screen which tracked your eye movement and then you were able to, simply by moving your eyes, see the design, the lines, as your eyes moved, the lines, the shape appeared  on the screen. Now imagine your screen surrounded by thought sensors, they actually pick up your thoughts. So as you think of a tree the tree appears and when you look into the tree you see the shapes of the leaves and you look along a branch and you see a white cockatoo sitting on the branch and you notice his yellow comb. Now can you see that your focus is narrowing down from the general to the particular and as you focus on the particular you lose sight of the general? But then you switch your focus back to the general, that is, the tree and you see the tree once more. You look down, you see a rabbit on the grass below the tree. You notice it is a black rabbit, unusual. Then you look back in the tree and once more you see the cockatoo, because you know it is there. You look back again you see the rabbit, it appears. Now we said, appears, but you knew it was there and the thought sensors picked up the fact that you intended to see the black rabbit and so it appeared. Once more you think of the white cockatoo, you move your gaze, to the other part of the tree and low and behold it is there.

Where ever you focus what you believe you are going to see will be there. You are creating your own reality. Sit still and think this process through it will give you a much greater intimation of the process by which you not only create your reality but you gain your sense of self.

Comment:- Your entity (you) impresses you to look, it provides your thoughts. It already knows if the cockatoo or rabbit is still there otherwise the thought would be “I wonder if the cockatoo/rabbit is still there?”, in which case you are not surprised if it is not there any longer.)

You can also relate this to the imagination exercise where you had to imagine the body or see the body as simply a mass of moving energy waves and the mind being just also moving energy waves and the two merging. We explained how to visualise yourself being immersed in energy waves all around you so that wherever you looked you saw the energy waves. Take what we have just explained as your point of focus so that everywhere you focus on this sea of energy then the object [you wish to see] appears. Just as you know you will see a rabbit as you look at the ground the rabbit will be there. You will automatically create it. You look back up in the tree and you automatically create the cockatoo that you expect to find. For a humorous exercise we will refer to a famous and mystifying quote by Donald Rumsfeld in which he described what he termed to be “the known knowns”. The “known knowns” you can take as your point of focus that you are actually looking at, you know it is there and you know that you know that it is there. Then there are the “unknown knowns”. This would be comparable to looking at the cockatoo and yet” know” that the rabbit is on the floor, OK, basically you are focusing on the cockatoo which is a “known known” but you also know but the word “unknown”……you must use your faculties here… cannot see it at the moment but you know it is there.

Then you have the “known unknowns”. Whereby you could look at the scientists, cosmologists looking into the universe and realising that there must be something there. They know there is something there but they cannot pin it down and you can call this a “known unknown”. They do not understand what it is, they can’t see it, but they know it is there. [Potential] Lastly you have the “unknown unknowns” where we will refer you back to another quote “you can only be aware of what you are aware of”, so you cannot be aware of what you are not aware of.

Now apply this to your various lives and your points of focus and you will see that wherever you focus you create your reality, you create that self, you know who you are, but when you switch your focus somewhere else you create another reality in which reality you then know who you are.

Questions please. [Said in a tone that implied, you will need to think hard to figure this out]

Comment: When you are focused in one reality you think that that is the only reality and that you are the only you. When you switch your focus the same applies. In both cases you have “unknown unknowns”. This is a clever way of showing us that we are totally unaware that we are leading multiple lives in multiple realities.


Question re halls of learning and different types of music.

You create your own reality, together. If you are able to join with those of like mind and because there is recognition of, let us say, equality amongst souls or amongst consciousnesses so you are not excluded in terms of class, accent, wealth etc. you are included because you are a fellow traveller. Your thoughts are seen and if you have a genuine desire to join with others in constructing wonderful buildings or beautiful music or scenic gardens then people join together with that goal in mind. They work together and take joy in the finished result.

Now when you say, halls of learning, that is any area of study. While you have been in the physical, how many areas could you look at now and say “If I had the time I would like to get involved in the study of this or that”. In the study of flowers, in the study of animals, in the study of rocks, in the study of the cosmos, we can go on and on and on. So what has been said to be a hall of learning……..In order to have the feeling or even to give the concept to those who venture from the physical into the non-physical, in the dream or even the near death state say, what would be a physical analogue that would denote the activity. If you just saw a host of sparkling lights then how would you decipher a particular activity going on? But once you see a building with desks or stages or music halls then you instantly comprehend the activity that is being engaged in.

So likewise, those who have not been long from the physical and even some of those who have, they would feel that great music requires a great amphitheatre because that is where the enjoyment comes from. Much as any great event is enjoyed so much more when you are present rather than when you are watching it on television. The whole feeling you are swept up within because it is the joy of experiencing en masse rather than individually. So, just as you create buildings here buildings can be created in other dimensions. They are unnecessary but so they are unnecessary here. You do not have to have vast amphitheatres that are full of columns and fancy architecture. You could have a plain and simple barn and provided the acoustics were organised correctly there would be the same enjoyment of the music but would it feel the same without the grandeur of the colour and the light and the tiered seating etc. A sense of occasion adds to the experience so if you feel you wish to create music why not create the space to put the music in.


Something different now. We have heard that the sun is rotating on its axis, perhaps you would like to talk about that.

The physical system is an idea, an idea which is fleshed out by the process of perspective which gives rise to illusion of creation. When a painter or painters have an idea it is generally a, what you would call, concept to start with, and then in order to make the concept a reality the detail must be thought through. As you think the detail through, then you find certain aspects have to be, or rather certain attributes have to be given to different aspects of the concept. So, if you decide that you are going to create a universe then you say, “How do we do this?” Let’s come back to the Big Bang, then you take this, this is an example, as being a truism and there is a vast explosion and creation of hot gases, which then as they cool condense, as water condenses to ice, then the gases condense to minerals. As you have created space and as your experiments have shown that say something dropped in space tends to form a circular ball, then that would give you the answer as to why planets, stars have the appearance of a ball. But that could be expectation, based on a belief that is the only way it can happen. Now, then you look at our own physics and motion and attraction and repulsion and you find that in order for this sort of equilibrium to be established then the various bodies work like a gyroscope, can hold that position if they spin. Once they stop spinning they fall over. Now, you must realise that just as you construct in the physical, then ideas are constructed, and therefore all the attributes are constructed and you are also constructing an environment in which the inhabitants, the constricted consciousnesses, have reason, and therefore, you must be careful to make sure the environment, as perceived, is based in such a way that the reason can find satisfactory theories to fit what it perceives. Are you following me?

Back to the play. You cannot construct the set of a play that is meant to be in a setting of an oasis in the desert and yet have a sailing ship in the background. Because one of the participants in the play will say, “there is something wrong with this! This is supposed to be desert, what is that doing there?” Can you see? It would be an anachronism, therefore you must ensure that all parts of the jigsaw fit harmoniously together and what is expected to fit does. So, once you have it all spinning, it may not be understandable, but there again if you want to have the uncertainty and the excitement of discovery and knowledge and illusion and progression, then, because in order to utilise the set, consciousness would have to agree, illusions have to be maintained. Therefore, you do not construct an illusion that crumbles at the slightest element of doubt. Do you see? You must construct a believable reality and as the perceived progression of knowledge progresses, you have to continually change your fine tuning of the perceived reality. So, at one stage, when the earth was flat, the sun was perceived to go round the earth but now, the earth is round and the earth is perceived to go round the sun. Do you see? And yet, we now say, “ah, it wasn’t like that, this is what it is really like. But was it? Or was it changed to suit the change in perception, you will never know. We merely extrapolate our beliefs backwards in time to suit our beliefs in the present, hence, the Big Bang, or the belief in the Big Bang.


Can you say something about greater powers and life’s blueprint?

As in the physical world there are always those that dream of greater things, of the organisation of affairs that work smoothly and connectedly and harmoniously. In much the same way there are those who disagree because they are not being heard and they rebel and in many cases actively endeavour to disrupt the organisation that the majority accept. So greater powers, or rather more properly, those of greater influence, those of greater persuasion, those of greater leadership because as above so below and in reverse most are happier to be followers rather than leaders. So there are those who think and plan, design and create both for those who do not have sufficient desire to go through the intricate process of creation and would rather wish to be given the opportunity to manipulate a pre-prepared vehicle/ instrument. The vehicle may not be exactly to the complete satisfaction of those who decide to take up, you might say, the base model although they would have preferred to have a model with many more features although those features were not being offered by the creators of that model.

So, the acceptors try to manipulate the instrument to achieve the desired intentions, even though in many cases the instrument simply does not have the capability, resulting from its design. It does not have those features that are capable of achieving those objectives without a degree of modification. It is like a car, cars are designed with certain shapes and certain engines, interiors and colours. The car can generally be altered to some degree by the addition of certain components, alteration of the colour, you might say expression of personality, various modifications to bring the instrument more into line with the object as desired.

So the greater powers as such are the same, as you create your world so worlds are created. As you design cars so worlds are designed. As different cars have different attributes so worlds, realities have different attributes. Cars are now relatively simple mechanisms, they have evolved by the process of perfection of design because there were those who were interested in perfecting that design and yet many drivers not offered a different design will still be happy with any vehicle that simply got them from A to B because that was all the purpose they needed it for. Similarly in your technology you have those who are happy with the simple phone but others who must have a virtual companion in their phone. The ability to be in instant communication at all times with all people with access to all information. Of course there have to be minds that design such instruments and so it is with other realities. There are simple realities, there are complex realities. There are peaceful realities, there are frenetic realities. Fast moving, exciting, fast changing, suited to those groupings that enjoy the challenge, the excitement, the thrill of rapid manipulation and creativity. Those groups, those minds would not be happy in a reality that is peaceful, harmonious and what you might say is some people’s idea of heaven. To others it would be hell. So one entity’s heaven is another’s hell. You choose your heaven, some might say, you choose your hell, depending on your point of view.

Now let us repeat from our last conversation and go back to your impression of the source. Its exploration of its creativity, does it make sense? That it would create all its creations equal? You are quite happy with the diversity of species around you and their obvious inequalities but you seem to wish that those you call humans are all created equal. Does not this fly in the face of your logic? So there will be great minds and lesser minds, great intelligences and lesser intelligences. Now that doesn’t mean to say you shouldn’t treat them all equally while still recognising that in terms of creative ability they are not equal. Of course you do recognise that.

You do not give the job of extremely high responsibility e.g. of teaching or controlling, let us say, a surgeon who has a life poised underneath his scalpel and the attendant anaesthetist. You do not entrust those positions to those of no training and no knowledge. The training and the knowledge is simply there to weed out those who are not capable. Would you agree?


So you have to select those that wish to be and change their instrument and follow a line of development and improvement, to be accepted to perform those responsibilities, which are available only to those who show the determination and the ability and the resourcefulness and the dedication and the responsibility to carry out such as a heart operation or other forms …..So greater powers are relatively easily explained, just as you have great designers of highly technical and highly intricate and extremely delicate machines and may we say, education and other sensitive areas then the same goes at all levels once more. As you see round you, so you will see as you survey other worlds that you may wish to focus into. Does that answer or give you, again, a logical and rational answer?

Yes, thank you.

Everything that you will ever know you will find that eventually your own intelligence is capable of understanding. The intelligence that you are is the intelligence that you always will be. You are merely in your present focus being hypnotised by the beliefs and the conditioning that you have accumulated while you have been one pointedly focused into the physical. When you relieve yourself of that focus, you will understand more, we were going to say, of who you are, but what you represent would be better.

If you are talking about intelligence you are presumably talking about the intelligence behind the physical body, not the intelligence of the physical body, because the physical could be dyslexic or Down ’s syndrome or whatever. So when you are talking about intelligence you must be talking about the intelligence behind this particular physical body.

Intelligence, if we use the word to describe the confluence of thought of all the consciousnesses that wish to experience the physical through the instrument remains the same. The instrument was designed for the purpose of certain experiences, whether, if you wish, by design or by faulty design.

I don’t think you have faulty design. I think you can have design for a purpose, which to some would appear to be a fault but it is not a fault, it is meant to be the design. Unless you are saying that something goes wrong during the design phase.

You adopt any belief that you wish. All beliefs are possible as all else is possible, we are merely giving you an option of many. But, the intelligence behind, above, within is still the same.

Sorry, that is what I wanted to make clear. I was trying to get you to say that it was that intelligence and not the intelligence in the physical.

You are differentiating between the physical intelligence and the non-physical intelligence?

I am, yes.

There is no difference. There is only the one intelligence, it is how it is expressed. Expressed through the instrument. The instrument is an instrument, it has…. It is difficult to …. Because all is conscious but as we have been endeavouring to describe there are different collections, different gestalts, organisations, aggregations, conglomerations of consciouses with their own purposes to experience. The physical instrument is such a grouping, it does not have a guiding intelligence of its own. You will see this in a new born baby, who teaches the new born baby?

The parents.

Who teaches? Who teaches the baby to cry? Who teaches the baby to close its fingers, to move its head, to sit up? Which intelligence persuades the baby to accept some instructions and some knowledge and reject others. Which intelligence makes choices, the environment provides the options and the intelligence makes choices between the options.

The intelligence is with the baby.

The baby is the instrument, the consciousnesses are non-physical. The thoughts that come together then activate the instrument to make the choice.

So if the instrument is incapable of making the choice then it’s just a design fault with the instrument.

If the design fault is with the instrument it could be that the consciousnesses that have focused upon this instrument wanted that experience, could also be that sufficient level of intensity of agreement does not arise for that instrument to behave in the generally accepted form of normality. There are many possible reasons, you simply decide for yourself if you wish to have one or many reasons or beliefs as to why a certain instrument behaves as it does. There is never one answer in any particular event there are always multiple possibilities.


Tell me what you think about angels.

We were sitting under a tree today and I asked you to look up and tell me what it meant to you. If you looked at each one of those waving arms at the end of the branch it was composed of small seeds attached to each frond. Each seed saw itself as an individual, each frond saw itself as an individual, the branch with all the fronds upon it saw itself as an individual. It was attached to a bigger branch, individual, attached to the trunk and when you looked around and stood further away you just saw the tree and the tree saw itself as an individual because it saw other trees as individual and each composed of more individuals, of many individuals. Now, everything is relative. Now, the seed on the frond, depending on your viewpoint, because the seed contains the tree and would the seed consider the tree to be more powerful than itself? Do you understand what I am saying?

Yes. I don’t know if the seed would consider the tree to be more powerful than itself because how much would the seed know about the tree?

Would you consider a small snowflake to see a large iceberg as a more powerful, as an entity capable of more powerful action than itself? Would it realise that?

One imagines it would. It is a question of whether it realises the iceberg is made up of lots of snowflakes.

Let’s assume it does.

That’s the assumption that you need to make.

Of course, but that is awareness, that is awareness. Do you think that the snowflake is not aware of other snowflakes?

No, I think they are aware of other snowflakes.

Yes, and so if you as a snowflake and you are surrounded by lots of other snowflakes, how does the human being or any animal in a pack feel, does it feel more powerful than it does when it is alone? So angels, I have given you now a tree, the seed, the snowflake, and the iceberg, the human and the crowd, the animal and the pack, so now take consciousness and angels. Do you understand?

So what are you saying? An angel is a multiple of consciousness?

It’s a massive consciousness and therefore has much more power at its disposal, much more intensity than the smaller gestalt. It is the mountain to a grain of sand. It is the tidal wave in the river, it is the adult of the child.

So should we ask for help?

Does the child ask the adult for help?


You have your own answer. Is consciousness connected?


You have the answer. But you have fashioned your belief. Instead of the word angel, if you said I am going to ask that big consciousness, but that is exactly what religion is, praise to god. It prays to the higher, larger consciousness, it calls it power, it calls it higher power, it calls it various names and it prays to something bigger than itself and because of the nature of hierarchy that you are used to here, you set up a hierarchy of beliefs in various, various larger consciousnesses and you give them names, because you give each other names here. But just as stripped of names, and stripped of jobs, and stripped of locations and stripped of reflection, stripped of light, then how would you differentiate one human to another?

Say that again?

I was trying to bring the analogy to the earth. Put all humans in the dark and just have the voice how would you differentiate between one and another apart from the voice?

By their thoughts.

By their thoughts, yes, so.. I think we may have spoilt the analogy here somehow… Basically there is no need to give a hierarchical aspect to all these angels, archangels, gods, etc. excepting where you focus your attention. If you wish to focus your attention on a very large consciousness then you pray to “all that is”, then you think,” shall I be heard?” If you want to pray to a very local consciousness, a small consciousness, but then you don’t believe that the small consciousness can do what the large consciousness can do, do you? Yet, what you don’t pray to is your own consciousness. If you listen to your own consciousness you will know what to do. In-tuition.

Tuition from within.

There is no difference when we say creating reality to a child playing with a pile of bricks, it is all relative. A child playing with a pile of bricks is creating his reality where he is focused upon at the time. You are creating your reality that you are focused upon in this moment. You are both creators in your own way and so is everything else. Everything is fulfilling its desire. On another level everything is known to be a creation, your own creation.

When you say, your own creation, we can only be an absolutely miniscule part of this creation. Our thoughts can still only create a miniscule part of this creation.

Every part of consciousness focuses upon an area of interest and when that area of interest reaches a certain intensity due to the amount of focus upon it then it manifests. If you no longer wish to be part of that focus, that intensity, you turn your focus away from that.


Explore your creative abilities. If I design this can I design it such that it can survive, it does not necessarily have to have a purpose, as we have described purpose before. There is no overarching plan, there is simply design that can survive in the environment in which it is proposed to exist. You will have noticed that as species have become extinct through the ages that life goes on regardless and so the theory that everything has its place and is interdependent is somewhat flawed. As one species ups sticks, shall we say, then the remaining find ways to fill the gaps and as we discussed previously nature returns to equilibrium. It is not only the humans that are forever becoming, all that is, not in the conception held of an omniscient power, but all that is expressed all that consciousness manifests in the universe. All is forever becoming in the co-created fashion, if you care to think deeply about co-creation and new focuses, new design, new manifestation you will see that all around you all that you can be aware of is forever becoming. There is no plan, there is no purpose except that which each consciousness chooses to be part of.


I am now going to ask you a question that has previously been asked, when we are in the sleep state do we form tomorrows or the futures consensus reality by the higher consciousnesses talking to each other and deciding which events we are going to experience in the future?

As you have already transcribed, you are in the guise, shall we say, of your higher self, talking to each other at every moment asleep or awake and you are recreating, let us say, fractition? (unable to decipher, maybe somebody can suggest what it should be!) numbers, fractally altering your physical instrument at every moment also and as you do that you are also, in co-creating terms, altering your environment fractally at every moment. You must be careful not to think that you are creating everything around you because you bring separation back into your beliefs. It is hard to understand but everything is linked together, all information is linked together, all consciousnesses are agreeing. We can only explain this to you in terms of information transmission that is of such speed, it is, of course, instantaneous, you cannot understand that, but you can understand to some degree superluminal speeds and if we can say superluminal speeds to the power of 50 say then that goes beyond your imagination and becomes akin to instantaneous. So, if you can say that multiple decisions and by multiple we mean infinite, are being taken upon agreement between infinite consciousnesses as far as you are concerned, to constantly create the agreed environment in which all find themselves. Is that too convoluted for you?

I am sure that once it is transcribed onto paper it will be easier to understand.

All is happening at once with the agreement of all concerned.

Yes, thank you and is there any difference between to form and to create?

Back to language once again, as far as your language is concerned, what does form mean? Now you can form something according to an agreed plan. Now you can create something but it had to have an idea behind it didn’t it, it did, therefore what is that but a plan. So, what is the difference between create and form apart from your own semantics?

Very little. Why does everything have a unique fingerprint or mark?

Why do your phones have a unique number?

So that they have an individuality and can be identified,

Keep speaking,

so that it doesn’t get muddled up with somebody else or something else,

keep going. What does your phone do?

Receives messages from other people, receives calls from other people

And converse,

And makes calls to other phones.

Could it do that if it did not have a unique signature?


So, you have thought your way through, with a little assistance,

Why everything has to have one.

You have, there you are, not difficult.


Re comment from David Jackson UK

“I can understand the concept of ‘group souls’ creating a reality and living it, but what about the stars and galaxies which we see in this reality? Are they the stage and props of this reality or do they exist as independent entities or objects? Our planet is so small in comparison to the universe (which is infinite) so are there other beings elsewhere creating their own scenarios in the same universe? Can we still access this universe when we are back in the spirit world?”

Now, we recently discussed no space and no time and perspective. We also discussed creation by one person of a reality and the invitation to another group consciousness, shall we say, to join in that reality and have a coffee overlooking the Mediterranean. In other words you accept the reality that has been constructed, accept as your own, and join in and both enjoy that reality. Because one group has co-created it your group just adds its weight and joins in the co-creation and maybe puts in a few flourishes.

Now, if we start from the assumption that all is consciousness then unless we come back to the one god, one mind etc. breaking itself into myriad pieces and forming all different realities all over the place, much like the Big Bang of course, how many scientists see the parallel between the one god supposedly investigating all its potential and the one little speck exploding into this vast infinity that surrounds you?

So where do we start here? Do we start at the specks? Or do we start at the tapestry that has been created? And you can take your choice. You must remember that we are still arguing the toss about this over here. So let us apply our usual reason and logic to this discussion and look at the tiny little local worlds that you are familiar with and by this we mean your daily habits apart from your occasional holidays. Your daily habits are in a tightly knit circle of operations which when considered in terms of your locality, your country and the world you exist in is really very small. So would you think it would be sensible to create all this other stuff just from the point of view of having to wonder what was around the corner, what was on the other side of the world, what was in that jungle, what was this, what was that? Of course if you were the higher consciousness creating it all,  you would know, so why would you create it all if you were never going to investigate it? So does it make sense that the rest of this tapestry is composed of higher consciousness groups, some vastly bigger than others. It is not easy for consciousness with a certain experience and focus, even though we are talking no time here you have got to remember that some venture, some don’t and that there are areas of activity, areas of quiet.

Now you would not personally think about becoming a rock in the centre of the earth and yet there are some who would think “I would like to travel to the centre of the earth to see what it is like. I would like to be there to see how it works”. And if you can move your mind to this it is as good an investigation as any, isn’t it? Y. ou can move your mind to the bottom of the sea, you can move you mind to the planets. These consciousnesses have their own being and their own methods of communication but you have to join in with these things and if they don’t catch your imagination, like any other idea, then you let them pass by. You could for example take a look at the sun, just a mass of burning material and explosions and think, what would there be really interesting in that? So would an infinite number of other consciousnesses. But some who have been involved in that sort of thing and it is the only reality they know find it quite enjoyable because what you consider as extreme heat and disaster they just experience as another reality as nothing affects consciousness. They simply don’t take on the attributes that would feel the heat that you would, because it is a different reality. So it is so difficult to explain to you that your senses are only suited to your reality. They may be completely unsuitable for another reality and yet there are senses that are suitable for that reality but they have no counterpart or comparison with the senses being used in this reality.

To answer your question, do you think that there are more than just group consciousnesses that are involved in the human life?


If you accord all particles, waves, consciousness with imagination and ideas then you can see that around you, if you think trees are conscious then trees far outnumber humans don’t they? Stars far outnumber humans, galaxies even do. So the human aspect is a tiny, tiny part of the whole. You might say, for purposes of giving you more of an idea, that you can fit your imagination within a larger imagination. Somebody suddenly spreads out before you an amazing picture, which you both know of course is a product of imagination, let us say a hologrammatic image to make it easier to understand or just a 3D image, and then you see a little corner of that image that looks very inviting and you think “Ah, look what has been imagined over there, that looks absolutely idyllic. I wouldn’t mind spending some time there”. And as you focus further you see that there are some interesting things there and you think “I could do this and I could do that” and your fellow consciousnesses come up with their ideas and before you know it you are constructing your reality in the corner of another reality. Why do it all yourself when there is so much other consciousness all creating wonderful things to explore?

Now you are quite happy to say “let’s visit this other reality that other consciousnesses have constructed and we just have to fall in with the laws and parameters, the thought patterns etc. in order to experience that reality” but wouldn’t you say that you are experiencing another reality? You are experiencing the reality of a little corner of the earth. You are able to explore it nowadays whereas you could not have done, in terms of time, before. But as your imaginations have expanded so you have been able to expand your dis-covery of another vast imagination and out there are all the rest of what you consider to be stars, galaxies and various other objects in the universe and so it gives you a vast area to explore for many, many visits and many, many ideas of what shall I do next without having to sit there and scroll through lots of ideas and join one only to find that it’s still born.

So, as we have said before, most consciousnesses are followers. They take advantage of what the visionaries have constructed and simply piggy-back, shall we say, in order to take advantage of what has been laid out and of course these are often welcomed because the person who plans on a vast scale is often not the consciousness, the group consciousness of course, that is one for the detail. It is like somebody that is great at painting landscapes but not much good at painting objects or figures, people, animals etc. Not much good at putting together working models, shall we say. They are great at seeing the wider picture, painting the whole vast scenario. So then myriad others are needed to make it really interesting, really become alive. Do you understand all this?

I think so.

Have you any questions?

The questioner also asks “Can we still access this universe when we are back in the spirit world?

The higher consciousness can focus anywhere it wishes to but again it has to focus otherwise it is simply randomly searching without even perspective and to see you must know what instruments, what senses you need to see. Otherwise you may be using senses that will not pick anything up. It is like using infrared to try to see the bones within the physical body, you need X-rays. You need to use the correct senses, the correct frequencies to probe. This is another area where to draw analogies is again so difficult. Yes, you can see wherever you wish to see provided you understand what you need to do to see it and of course that is chicken and egg because unless you know what it is that you are trying to see you won’t know what instrument to use in order to see it. Measurements again, perspectives. The same with focus. Where do you focus? You focus at a distance don’t you? When you go searching you narrow your focus into a searchlight to pick up something of particular interest.

So yes, you can go look for whatever you wish to look for, you just need to have some idea of what you need in order to find what you don’t even know you’re looking for. But you can say yes I’ll go off to that particular star and you may or may not see what is on that particular star depending on the laws pertaining to any form of activity that is going on there, if any.

The questioner asked “Are there other beings elsewhere creating their own scenarios in the same universe?”

Again, it is back to the imagination. We come back to the fact that the vast visionary background is laid out and various consciousnesses chose various corners to set up their own imaginative activities, so you would have to say yes, wouldn’t you?

Now we have tried to straddle two horses here, in that we are trying to show, in order to head off the obvious question that it is all in the imagination and there is nothing out there, that there can be a big “out there”, as we have just described, in the imagination and there can be small “out there’s” within the big “out there” from other groups doing their own imagining. Have we got that much across to you?


And at the same time if you wish to think that this is all nicely laid out just for human exploration then so be it. Wouldn’t you think that where you cannot see there is probably plenty of activity in much the same way that you couldn’t see the activity below the solid object, body at one stage and yet now you have got all the way down to waves that go into and out of existence. So if you build up invisible beings that can still think and be visible to each other using the right senses then many of those worlds can be populated in just the same way as this one. Then if you called them, let us say, spirit beings, you wouldn’t need the air, the water, the food and yet they could still create their own reality within that, living an entirely different life. Now you would accord that to the astral world, shall we say, where you don’t need to eat etc. etc. and you are happy with that so let’s say that there can be innumerable astral worlds out there. So even if you go to what seems like a barren planet to you here then the imagination once more can create a valid reality within the “reality of that barren planet”.

Thank you.


A Matter of Imagination

So you want us to talk to you about the nature of matter. Now as you have concluded, there is no matter. There is only what you want to conceive of as matter. That which you wish to make a belief in. A belief in matter, something that you can organise as props and scenery in which you wish to carry out your imaginative series of events. It is true that you have to devise a system of numbers and measurements, angles and the rest of it in order to communicate with one another as to what it is that you wish to perceive and jointly agree on. This makes it easier to do so. If you have a system of measurements you can all agree on and further agree to use then one metre, 10 metres and so on can all be understood and visualised. The meaning is common to all. The same goes for all other measurements. It is easier for intercommunication to have standardised systems of measurement in order to construct the illusion.

As you can imagine, if you can imagine, and you must imagine, the scene whereby the plain is flat and the mountains are high must be seen proportionately the same by all, all must use the same scale of measurement. So measurements have even got to be used in transferring the imaginative concept to another imagination so that both can construct their imaginations in like form. Are we making sense to you?

I think so.

As above so below. You are aware that you are measuring your rather diaphanous, hard to see, hard to grasp, what you call reality in terms of measurements but as you can only bring this down in your conceptualisation to forces and so-called magnetic fields, waves of light, you have no real idea of how to manipulate these in order to construct reality although you are getting somewhere when you are starting to organise your virtual realities in holographic form. Even so you cannot understand how this could be projected from one mind to the other, one consciousness to another and yet if you even say to one another “look at a mountain range of so high and see in your mind a mountain range and now look the other way and perceive a mountain range much higher” and you will be able to do so. So then ask the other to picture at the foot of that mountain a vast forest fading away into a snowline with snow above and slowly in your minds you will be able to see that, and so on and so on.

Now imagine that you have a mind capable of holding all this information and keeping it stable. Many of you all holding that imagination in your mind. Then move forward along your imaginative road, passing your imaginative buildings and lakes and gorges and forests until you all start to agree “yes we see that, yes we see the other, look how deep that is, look how high that is”. You are all agreeing with one another. Slowly it goes along and your systems of measurement are becoming beliefs and as one says “that’s a high mountain” you all see a high mountain. It becomes a consensus of belief, a habit of belief. As you see with the flocks of birds and the shoals of fish, as one begins to turn all begin to turn.

So you can imagine consciousness all seeing the same reality because the decision to turn equates with the decision to acknowledge the perception of one instantly appreciated by all and therefore accepted as a reality i.e. believed in! (so we have a ‘group soul’ the same as the much looked down upon animals, birds and fish. Humble pie for the hubristic human ego).

We are back to our previous discussion on make-believe but rather than the word ‘make’ we use the word ‘choice’ to believe. Yes?


So consensus choice to believe is what imaginative reality consists of. We are trying to make this as simple as possible you understand. Something that you can actually form in your own mind and then understand that others see the same. If you lead a guided meditation with everybody having their eyes closed then you can gradually get them to agree that they are seeing the same thing. They will have their own context and biases of course but if you took the average of say, several thousand or several million of those who are listening and are agreeing to the measurements as propounded by the leader of the meditation, a roughly consensus average would come out of that. You will have the spread from one extreme to the other but like any statistical presentation you will see a bell curve, so we ignore the extremes as they just have to go along with the vast majority who carry the day with their conception of reality.

Much the same as in your human consciousness where you all agree ”this is real”. Whereas on the outer edges you have the mystics, clairvoyants and others who say that it is not quite as you see it. At the same time the scientists, as regards the belief of the mass, are saying this is all illusion, this is not real, it is just electrical charges coming into and out of existence, there is nothing there except forces. The mass however says, I don’t care, you may be right, you may be wrong, but to me it’s solid and it’s usable and that’s all I care about.


Let’s face it this is all your experience is meant to be, all that you care about. You don’t care how it’s made. You are happy to believe in it because you came here wishing to believe in it so why on earth would you wish not to believe in it? Because then your experience wouldn’t be experience.


Switching focus – Switching realities.

When one is in a higher state of consciousness how easy is it to switch from one focus to another without being lost in the drama?

It is all a question of duration. As we explained with the actor, the longer you are in it the longer you feel that you are the part you are playing. However if you just dip in, bring yourself up to date, shall we say, or make your contribution and then dip out again; I think you had occasion in the past with Ludwig and your own speculations arising from the Seth books of sitting in a theatre in the round where there were half a dozen plays going on at once, much like sitting in a multiplex cinema where for example you would have six screens around you but shielded by intervening walls in triangular tunnel shaped divisions so that you in the middle as you turned your gaze was filled with another film. Let us call that another play and then amalgamate that with our analogy of sitting in the back of the theatre but focussing on the stage. Now if you were sitting in the middle and you compare that with sitting at the back of each theatre, back of each of the six theatres, but there was an automatic focus switch where simply by focussing you could be on the stage and indeed being one of the parts. Because you are a quick change artist after all.

So, as you look from one to the other you could either take an observers view of what was going on or you could focus straight in and be on the stage. If you knew you were just going to focus in on the stage and perform some action or speak some lines then you would know that you would retract straightaway. Whereas if you focussed in knowing that you had a lot to do and you didn’t know how long you were going to take and it took far longer than you expected then just like the actor who spent some years in the play you would find yourself lost in the drama to quite some extent. However, you have always got your higher consciousness which although it has one aspect of itself lost in a particular drama is still dipping in and out of others. It is not lost in each drama. There is always a central control.

Now this does lend itself to a complete comparison, shall we say, to your consciousness being aware in a dream, a lucid dream. You are aware that you are in a dream but in most dreams you aren’t aware, only some you are and then you know you are actually laying in bed somewhere else. But, when you become conscious in a dream, is it your higher consciousness, shall we say, reminding you that “don’t go too far with this, we need you back here”?

This is all degrees. As you know, the total consciousness is however many want to join in at one time and so you can have more than say the normal amount focussed into the physical. Something interesting happens and others want to experience it, they can temporarily join the physical expansion as well, but there’s always the ones who want to stay back at base. This may be by desire or by design in order that you don’t all get lost in the drama. But you never will because there are always others watching that aren’t even particularly connected and if they see a certain intensity diminish too fast then there is always someone who can jump in. This doesn’t actually happen but of course you can see that it can. Look, that person’s drowning, go and pull him out. That person’s immersed so let’s pull him back above water and remind him “don’t go in there again too far”. It’s all quite simple really but of course if it is something very enjoyable then you may want to stick around for a while. Other times when you look in and something particularly gruesome is going on you may want to look away again quickly. Once you run a few scenarios yourself you can soon see what is likely to hold you there and what isn’t. Has that given you enough to play with, to understand that there’s always someone around to pull you back?

Yes. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “RE:- Question from David Jackson UK”

  1. Thank you for a very comprehensive answer. So it is all down to ‘thought power’. That is just a my friend Brigitte Rix stated in her books. Yes, it all ties in. Many thanks, and bless you.


  2. Thank you, David Jackson, for your great questions, and thank you, David, Jean and your spirit sources for the wonderful answers. It is so liberating to know that through the application of our imaginations and focused intentions, we can connect with other realities and experience aspects of our own world that seem to be beyond our reach. Imagination is indeed a powerful vehicle for the expression and exploration of consciousness, but the main lesson in this reading for me is that in order to see beyond what is already known, even higher consciousness “has to focus otherwise it is simply randomly searching without even perspective and to see you must know what instruments, what senses you need to see.” To me, this statement is as relevant to what we might call ordinary consciousness as well as to higher. That is, I suspect, what all the spiritual traditions originally sought to develop in us – the perspective, instruments and senses needed to experience and comprehend deeper dimensions of our reality. Perhaps that is also what science at its best could help to develop, a richer, deeper awareness of the perceptual and mental tools available to us, far more than ordinary perception, physical experimentation and mathematics. So much food for thought here, and so much inspiration to keep those ‘gates of perception’ as wide open as possible at all times.


 When we go over to the other side all the consciousnesses that are part of our makeup, shall I say, could want to go off and do something entirely different so where does that leave us? Do other consciousnesses come and join…..

You are fluctuating all the time. You have within your own group a group of like minds, you might say, that tend to, like a flock of birds or a shoal of fish, follow the same thought patterns simply because they are of like mind. Not because they are following a leader or anything like that, they just hang together because there is a certain amount of enjoyment in feeling the enjoyment of those you, you might say, love. The sharing of enjoyment.

Now as the ideas float through and you are looking at this idea and that idea then, it’s just like magnetism, consciousnesses are attracted. So as you look at one idea a number of consciousnesses are attracted, you look at another idea a larger number are attracted. Can you imagine? Sooner or later one takes your fancy and you think, we’d like to do this and then others realise that this could actually be a probability whereas previously you were scanning possibilities. So consciousnesses may stand off a little when they realise you are just scanning possibilities but once you start to zero in on something and people feel it is going to become  good-to-go, you might say, then they decide to join the party. It pushes them over the edge. “I wanted something else to do. This looks interesting”. So they join in their little bands as well.

They are not all swimming around out there in singularities you know, because the whole point of coherence, coming together to experience something, doesn’t just start when the physical body is about to be formed. The idea starts to attract and once you are scanning ideas you scan ideas in the company of your like minds. You can again look upon political parties that come together. If you’ve got half a dozen parties of the left then whoever takes the lead and gets the most votes the other parties still vote left, they don’t go and vote right do they? So you have got like inclinations of small groups so when the idea comes up then if they like it they’ll join it.

Now there could be another idea from the other party, you might say, but you are never going to like that idea. So take this as your light and dark, there is one group that are war hawks, they enjoy the game of war so whenever they see a war game about to be played they rush to join because they find it exciting. Now another group may like the idea of loving animals and so a life spent caring for animals in some form may attract in much the same way that you are attracted toward a particular career when you are here, but actually you were attracted toward that kind of life in the first place. Do you understand?

You have got these groups of consciousnesses looking for a reality to join into and like anything else at some stage you say “We’ll do that one”. Of course at the same time you can be doing several others as well. Additionally there are times when, even though you are a group, you may belong to more than one group because although you may want to do the animal loving life you may want to also be involved in a life where verbal debate is featured so you may take a life as a politician say. You can experience more than one thing at a time which is why you take several lives simultaneously. Do not think that you restrict your areas of desire to one any more than you do here.

I think you may have misunderstood my question, what I was asking was, how much of this remains with us once we move over to the other side to keep us recognisable as who we are?

What have we just said? We will go back to what we said before, we never know how many consciousnesses are tuned into the instrument at any particular time and yet the instrument is recognisable.

So is the instrument recognisable through what I would call the blueprint rather than through the consciousnesses?

Well, how would you activate a hologram, once the physical body has stopped how would you activate say a hologram or an astral body or any other body for that matter without a pattern?

With difficulty.

So there is always a pattern, then it will only take a certain group of consciousnesses to activate the pattern. Of course, as we have been saying generally consciousnesses are in groups, which is where the idea of group souls comes from. Group souls reincarnate together, only this has been said as group souls as a band of actors, therefore giving the impression that the group was a group of singular consciousnesses, whereas it is much deeper than that. Singular consciousnesses group together of course in order to enter into the realities, in order to create the realities. They can only co-create, you don’t have the amount of imaginative power to create on your own but it feels as if you are on your own, because when you cohere together, then you are all strapped to the same stage coach or the same sledge or you are all pulling on the same rope. You all feel the same sensations and you all consider yourselves as singular because it is easier to consider yourself that way.

Comment:- All participating consciousnesses consider themselves the “I”. So as set out in “Entangled Minds” thousands consider themselves as Joe or Joanna Bloggs or any person you care to think of. We are not as unique as we think we are!

Now in other realities you are aware that you are part of a group. In this particular reality you only see yourself as a singular, even though it is plain to see with any moments thought that your body is composed of many but that is how it is and as I think we have said before but who do you argue with in your mind? Shall I do this? Shall I do that? How come there is a for and against, protagonist and antagonist? There are two opinions, so there are two intelligences. Just work that one back for yourself and then when you go to two you might as well go to two parties again with numbers making up the two parties. Once you get this into your mind and think this way that the single unit of consciousness feels once it has cohered with another number of consciousnesses which at any one time can vary from enough to participate in the game to a thousand times that depending on the match.

Now, if you are playing a home match against the local derby side, Liverpool and Everton for example, it will attract 100,000 consciousnesses to watch that match, but if you are playing an away match at the other end of the country against a team that is at the bottom of the table how many supporters are going to travel that far? See the idea? What is happening at the time depends on how many people get involved, but, of course, they are all “I”. Entangled minds once more, they all have the sense of “I”, while they are focused right in there. “I” experienced that, in fact if you look at it that way and say to yourself, “I” experienced that. When you recount the experience to somebody else you would say, ”I did this, I did that”. You would not say, “I was part of a whole bundle of people doing this thing together, well did I experience what everyone else experienced? Of course you come back to the fact of yes I did. You use the easy phraseology term, “I experienced it” your sense of “I”. If you can approach these questions from that view point you will find them far more easy to understand although of course, you like everyone else are reluctant to give up the sense of “I” until you understand that you haven’t given up anything, you have experienced it just as much as everyone else has and been part of the co-decision. Sometimes you will feel, I know I am doing this but I don’t know whether it is right or not and so I hope it turns out okay. That is because you are having to go along with the group decision even though your particular group consciousness is a bit ambivalent about the whole thing. If others have joined and you are temporarily overpowered, shall we say, outvoted then you go along with it anyway, because you have no choice.


Yes it gets quite addictive. There is much excitement at still being able to speak in the physical. Imagine if you had a machine which you could switch on and talk to those in the non-physical. How rare it would be, how exciting it would be and even though you may not be able to get through to exactly who you want to get through to just speaking to people on the other side as you are now able to do is extremely interesting. This is the same for us of course. Even though we know what is going on it is still quite something to do something that others aren’t doing because we are to a certain extent exploring another possibility of the higher consciousness, as you call it, being in closer contact with the instrument.

There may be another possibility explored whereby the consciousnesses are in far closer contact with their instruments so that there is a greater degree of control and the idealistic scenarios might be more able to be brought into being and the nastier aspects as we have agreed with you to call them are minimized. So that there is to some degree, heaven on earth but being able to utilise the solid physical bodies and environments in such a fashion that there is less heartache and fear.

All realities are possible and while this one will be kept going in its present form, the one we have just described might be organised in another reality. You can look at the different ones and decide whether you want the uncertainty of the nastier sides breaking into your reality or the more certain knowledge that these things can’t happen in this other reality. Therefore you are shielded from those sort of experiences. For those who have been through those experiences and simply don’t want to experience it again then wouldn’t you think it would be the thing to do to say ”let’s get together those who don’t want to experience violence, pain, loss again yet still want to enjoy a physical life”. And why not? You might decide to take time out of it as well, so you create a physical reality with no time, no degradation and you can come in at whatever level you like and if you wish to change levels, i.e. projection of ages, then everybody understands when you suddenly say “I’ve had enough of being a five year old, I am now going to become an adult, OK with you?”. “Sure, off you go”.

So there wouldn’t be all the associated traumas with how are they going to turn out, how they are going to earn a living etc. To do this of course we are going to need to have a different method of energy production, food production etc. or organise a body that can live on the sun’s energy or water or something relatively easy. Also have mind to mind communication and projection so that you won’t have to have vehicles to shift the body around in. You may as well have your holographic Skype which obviates the need to actually go somewhere and the ones you want to interact with then live in those particular areas and only occasionally will you want to go somewhere else. Who knows, we then may just recreate the body in another location.

All in the future, you might say, all in the planning, all in the works. All the potential exists for this of course. As yet we haven’t found it. Maybe it’s there though and we haven’t discovered it but we can all imagine, as we all do, and we all exist in the product of our imaginings. So, you have questions?

I would just like to comment on that you were talking about the future.

Everything is potential. If it hasn’t been dis-covered yet, hasn’t been tried out yet, does that mean to say that is the future if it all actually exists in potential? It hasn’t been experienced yet but maybe it has. It is a vast area and just as you can’t explore all parts of the universe that has been created we can’t explore all parts of consciousness. Although everything is interconnected we have to know where to look, we have to know what to ask for, so if we imagine this reality and then we start asking, putting the thought out, does anybody know of this? Then it may well come back to us, we have tried this before, or whatever. It is all there in potential, when we say no time everything exists, it is a question of whether you focus upon it or not. So from your point of view in the physical you can say, “well that is a future focus of mine”, using the word future where it is basically an alternative focus. It is these words again, language once more, this past, present and future. If you took those words away and just said alternative focuses, then how do you get time into that? Apart from the fact of sequentiality.

Yes that’s where it comes in.

So, once more you see, you basically can be whatever you want because as your basic unit of awareness doesn’t change then there is no time for you. Everything is in potential, open the oyster, where do I look next? Because time doesn’t matter, put it that way. You create time in this world for a reason, in other worlds you will not bother to create time.


I was going to ask whether any of your group have lived in other realities but then I realised that was not a sensible question.

When you think of what you are saying then think about the words coming out and you have to listen to them. You are not forming them. They are being formed by a whole bunch of consciousness. Each of those consciousnesses has experiences of all kinds and so when you ask “have any of you”?, how do we get agreement quickly in order to get one particular life in one particular reality where perhaps only a small percentage of the consciousnesses have experienced that reality and they will be different experiences so how can a single experience be put across? We can only put across a group experience. Every group experience is different and is constantly fluctuating.

Yes. I realised that which is why I said it wasn’t a sensible question.

As we said last night due to different senses unbeknown to you that may be used in other realities it is extremely difficult to describe environments which none of your senses could comprehend. You are only able to conceive of worlds similar to your own but simply vibrating at a different rate and therefore invisible to you whereas there are innumerable ways to experience states of being.

You will be able to explore and understand more when you return to the back of the theatre. You can’t do it while you are still on the stage.

The first thing you will do when you move over will be to construct your new realities in conjunction with others in the fashion that you have been used to and you feel comfortable with. So the realities that you wish to put together with this particular band of loved ones, friends, acquaintances and others you will find have already been constructed by the ones that have gone before but as generations go over these will evolve as well. In terms of the gradations, as each wave, shall we say, goes over it constructs the reality to suit its comfort zone, much as music tastes change with the different ages. Choice is infinite and you will have many different realities that you care to focus into. Just like having a number of homes in a number of countries with different cultural amenities. Your house on the beach, your house in the country, your apartment in town each with their different range of activities and social connections.

Take your own favourites and imagine that if you could construct everything that you wanted to what would you do? Would there be people who would like to do the same and when you say “people’ there will be other group consciousnesses won’t there and they will have created many realities. Which ones will you choose to focus into, become part of? As your Heather said “Over here there are heres and theres everywhere” and if you think about that it describes what we have just talked about. You construct all your realities to suit.

There are those who go in search of other realities just for the sake of exploration and discovery of something new. Once more as above so below and vice versa. There are those who sit on the stones and those that turn over the stones.