The Nature of Past, Present and Future

“Time is not at all what it seems to be. It is not flowing in one direction, and the future exists simultaneously with the past.”                         Albert Einstein


 Would you care to expand on the above quote?

This is an area where using the language of the physical plane makes it extremely difficult to give any understanding. Simply because the language of the physical plane derives from a time based system. You can only approach this by seeing yourself as something peculiarly non-deteriorating, we will not say indestructible, but non-deteriorating. So let us take the case of gold. You imagine that gold appears to last forever, does not seem to lose its substance over time, as do most other materials, and now imagine that everything would be made of similar materials. In other words whatever you consider that holds the atoms of gold together would also hold the atoms of everything that you know of together. Then there would be no atrophy, nothing would change, it would always be the same. Would you agree?

Gold does wear away doesn’t it?

Gold left sitting..

I see what you mean. Not touching anything else.

You can always abrade anything. Imagine everything… you must follow…expand your mind because we are trying to give you an analogy you can understand. If you wish to bring…..

I was just clarifying.

You are talking about what you perceive not your actions. If everything was made of a non- atrophying material, that doesn’t lose its shine, doesn’t lose its form, doesn’t lose any of its capabilities, then nothing around you would change. You must realise that you cannot suddenly introduce, ah, what about the clouds moving, and things like this. You must look at this as totally static, nothing is changing. But then you move your focus and as you move your focus you then will see what appears to you to be movement, or time but when you move your focus back you will find that nothing has changed. Are you with me? Would you say then that time has passed?

No, because you would not realise that it had.

So, when you look to the future it was there, but when you looked to the past you had previously seen, it was still there. So, you will conclude, the past, the future are co-existing. So all you do is you explore and investigate and what happens? It expands your consciousness. You expand your awareness of what there is to experience. Now, from the physical plane you will say time passed but remember when you are in the sort of dimension that we have just described you will not have invented the concept of time (or decay) because everything is still there. You simply look at this, look at that, look at the other. Now, again, let us go back to your scientists. Your scientists say energy cannot be destroyed only transformed, and we know that energy appears from nowhere and goes back into nowhere. This is electrons, so called, changing orbit or virtual waves appearing and disappearing etc., but the underlying basis of everything doesn’t change. It merely forms and un-forms, forms and un-forms, in different places, we call it different places, in different fashions but it doesn’t change. So, time does not exist for consciousness if you say that consciousness is the basis of everything. If you say that electrical waves, or quantum waves, or whatever, your various other waves, that people keep inventing names for are infinite, are always there, and you are saying the same thing about your world made of gold and other non-decaying material. So, whatever is…. This is somewhat difficult to explain in that we can say that the whole basis of form is latent, it is potential. Now, as to whether all has been formed is a moot point because one simply has to look to see whether it exists or someone else has thought of it and it is not quite as easy as it is made out to be. But one can easily agree that the potential everything has always existed and will always exist. But just as you only care to inhabit certain comfortable parts of the world and most of your other fellow inhabitants of the earth are of the same inclination, then you do not inhabit hot deserts or the freezing mountains, you choose your locations. What we are saying is you choose where you tend to focus and what you want to experience. Therefore there may be many, many forms and events that have not yet attracted sufficient consciousness to make them manifest and yet they exist. It depends on what you call existence, they may not exist on the physical plane but they exist in the plane of imagination, the plane of design, although they cannot be experienced physically until they are manifest in the physical plane. Are you with me?

Now, just for a moment imagine that consciousness, a group of consciousness, decided that why don’t we put together a plan for a dinosaur once more, let’s take the dinosaur plan and make one on earth. What would be the purpose of that and for how long would it exist? It would be in the wrong environment, it would not fit in with the overall scheme of things and it would be quickly destroyed. So, would you go to all this effort…

If it was going to be destroyed that quickly.

And also because you had already focused upon that area.

Done it before.

Yes. That had been explored. That doesn’t mean to say that it still doesn’t exist. Because just as you expect to live on, so did the dinosaurs and so they do. But they have chosen their own habitats.

Yes. Just not where we are at the moment.

Just even take your present day situations and where even humans are choosing not to be in certain places.

This can all be understood if you realise that the past, present and future are all available from the present time. The present can be present in the past, the present and the future and alternatively for the other two. Now, it is easy enough to see how one can focus the consciousness on another area and, if we call it travelling clairvoyance one can see that area. You could say that it is an out of body experience and the same factors that are used in surveying and hearing the goings-on while in an out of body experience can be utilised in a remote viewing capacity.

Now, when it comes, to let us say, viewing the past, it is possible to take the view that the vibrational pattern of anything existing in the past, in that particular space, still exists and that anybody viewing remotely that has the capacity to view across a wide spectrum of frequencies, shall we say, for your understanding, is able to see the different patterns i.e. energy patterns, blueprints, ideas that were subsequently manifested into the physical world, even though they have now been, you would say, destroyed, from a physical point of view. This can be seen as a logical and rational explanation even though you may have to stretch to believe that the energetic blueprint still exists. However it is when you come to the future that the resistance comes in as the whole basis of the belief in free will is brought into question.

If you can imagine that anything, is a predetermined plan in the mind of a participant, one must also include in this definition those participants who are not of the physical, who reside, as we have discussed before, in a dimension where there is no time and therefore something which may occur, to you, many years in the future, may already be in the mind, even to a blueprint and a fleshed-out total plan of what a consciousness plans to do.

Now, as you think from a physical and time-based point of view you will see predictions that are far into the future and say “but that wasn’t even planned then”. The people weren’t even employed, there was nothing planned. But you must remember, all those instruments, you may say, were already planned by their controlling consciousnesses who, we will reiterate, reside in the world of no time. Therefore you can imagine yourself musing on different ideas, living in a world of ideas, {thinking}, we could do this, we could do that, we could do the other, what would we do if we did this? Imagine the vast array of different scenarios that could be played out in the mind, especially if you imagine minds that can work far faster than the speed of today’s computers, this will go some way to you realising that in a world of no time basically infinite scenarios can be envisaged. Let us put it this way, for a particular location, if various scenarios are worked out,  possible scenarios shall we say, then leading on to probable, as events are chosen because once the ball is started in motion more events become probable rather than possible. So these ideas for that particular location then have a connection, there is immediate association e.g.; in the case of your air marshal who saw the future operation of the airport, all those potential ideas were already existent and had an association or mental connection with that particular site even though no physical mind, you might say, had any idea, at the time he saw it, that this would happen. But in another realm, another dimension the possibility had already been fleshed out.

What we are told is that everything that ever was, is and ever will be already is, already exists. Back to the block of stone, every possible sculpture exists within it and so it is the question of when which scenarios apply to which times and which locations. Do you understand?

In that obviously the uniforms and the planes at an airport wouldn’t show up in your back yard. They will only show up in an appropriate place and as such in an appropriate time.

Unless your backyard in some future time was going to become an airport.

Again, that would already have its intention. So, ideas come, we would not say with a firm intention but with a possible intention. So, one could speculate that the future picture seen by the air marshal could have been applied at any other airport but because of the association maybe that was intended to be.

Beliefs,memory and time.

There is not a “day” that exists after death. There is, we can only say memory, within each participating consciousness of, the experience of that idea……. we will take a different tack here….you are looking, from your point of view, at a timeline which says that consciousness arises at birth but then continues after so-called death. Yet you are willing to say “how do you choose to come”. You must step back and widen your focus to see that consciousnesses are involved before birth and that consciousnesses are involved after death.

As you take that view you will see that before you arrive the idea arises and so in time terms it takes time for the intensity to develop for manifestation to occur. Then at what you call ”death”, it will take time for the intensity that arose for the manifestation to dissipate. The belief system that arises already is in actuality before conception because there is a belief in the idea of what you are going to do and where you are going to come and what you are going to experience. Then those beliefs get changed as you go through physical life, as consciousnesses join and leave and you get lost in the drama and at physical death you still have the same beliefs. The consciousnesses still have the same beliefs. At death the focus switches away from the physical but then it takes time, just as it took time through life to accumulate and dispense with beliefs and change beliefs and one belief becoming another, it takes what you would call “time” after death for those beliefs to change once more. And yes, there may be an element of surprise but that is just another bit of uncertainty and excitement. Slowly you begin to realise that this was all a created experience by a conglomerate consciousness in which the particular consciousness, which you feel you are, participated

Let us try explaining something else here if we can. If we feel that a unit of consciousness is a point of pure awareness, a point of pure consciousness, at that stage there are no beliefs. Beliefs are constructs. You adopt beliefs and you discard beliefs. You cannot equate what you call “you” or “I” or “me” with a unit of pure awareness. The you, I, or me arises from…. It is like an explosion of light, there is nothing there and yet suddenly electricity jumps across a gap and there is a flash of light. That flash of light you interpret as being a you, a me, an I. I am afraid it is not a very good explanation. (Surely the feeling of “I” arises quickly as an idea you focus upon suddenly becomes manifest and you consider you have created that manifestation) 

Any consciousness speaking through an instrument is, by nature of doing so, limited by language. Especially when there is absolutely no possible way that that language has been constructed to understand the reality of consciousness. It is, as the NDE people say, ineffable, inexpressible.

As the Buddhists profess, you return to the ocean of consciousness, but the pattern [which you have and still experience as you] always exists, everything is always there. It is just a question of when you care to focus upon it. Everything that you can ever imagine that has happened, will happen, is happening, is always happening it just depends on when you want to focus upon it. When we say always happening that means that the possibility of it happening is always there. (Think of the video game it is always there ready for you to play.) You merely have to switch the light of your focus on. So it is like being in a darkened room you can look and see nothing until you switch the light on then everything becomes clear. That is the question, everything you could possibly imagine, you merely switch the light of your focus upon it and what you believe is there will be there. It is simply that from the physical plane you have the belief that it won’t be there or I won’t say that it won’t be there, but it is only there because you know it is there.

Time presents you with a picture in which you have freewill but each event that you choose will have its own time version. Can you comment on this please?

So we come back to intensity, intensity of interest. One group of consciousness on one focus, one aspect. On the basis that one group of consciousness can focus in many different directions at once exactly the same as your consciousness here, the group consciousness can be involved in several different activities over the course of a day, a week, a lifetime and this can be all simultaneously occurring in many other areas, other levels, if you wish. Depending on the intensity of the particular idea you are following what is trivial in one area will be of importance in another. And so what manifests in one area may not manifest in another. What is just another meal on one day may assume importance on another day simply because of the people who are around or because you are focusing this time on really tasting the meal as someone else has prepared it. It may be the same meal yet taste quite different. It is simply because you are focusing and allowing the intensity of the flavours to be absorbed whereas before your attention was elsewhere.

As Seth said: The inner core of events is held together by just that kind of activity. You are on every hand providing an unending source of probable events from past and future from which to compose the events of your life and society. Let me remind you that all time exists simultaneously.

Absolutely. Every possibility exists simultaneously, we refer you back to the potential sculptures within a block of stone. Infinite possibility is ever present. The possibility that was present in the past is present now and will be present in the future.

In view of the fact that everything is happening simultaneously can you tell us anything that, in earth terms, would be in the future.

We have said that manifestation can only occur when the intensity of desire to manifest reaches a certain amplitude.  What you call the future, that is not a future, as you only have the present, and you only have the present intensities going on. Intensities take time to arise and time to dissipate as we have stated previously. If a certain intensity has arisen in a certain activity it will take time to dissipate. Although there is no time the intensity is there……let us compare it to hot spots in the ocean. To all intents and purposes the ocean is timeless but you have intensities within so you have a certain intensity of something going on. Looking from the earth which is time based and you must remember that we are speaking using a time based consciousness…

I just thought that as everything is happening simultaneously that you might…

We refer you back to the block of stone, as you gaze upon the pattern which contains all possibilities, to use your language, as you focus from one to the other, to the other, to the other, then you could say the “others” are coming toward you. How do you expect us to explain “no time” in the terms of time? The block of stone is as good an analogy as exists in this particular circumstance. All designs, all possibilities exist within the one and therefore you can go forwards, backwards, sideways, in and out but always remaining in the same place simply by focus. The same place equates to the same time. There will be a “time” (laughs) when you will understand. It may not be until you leave the physical. Look at it this way, call it a state of mind, when you have all the time you ever need and everything that you focus upon seems to be present and fully cognisable, shall we say, as to all ramifications of what you would call past, present and future then you quickly come to the conclusion that there simply is no need to put things in a sequential order. Therefore time, as you know it, as a linear concept, is meaningless, so you simply dispose of the notion of time. Can you understand what we are saying?

Hopefully. I think it will be easier to understand once it is transcribed.

It is not a question of everything happening simultaneously. Everything has the potential to happen  at any time. It depends on the intensity of focus, the intensity of will, the emotion that waxes and wanes. The future does not exist until it happens and then of course it is the present, until that point it is merely conjecture.

So you are not able to focus on something that would be in the future for us.

It is not a question of not being able to focus as we are a part of a total amount of focus. We can feel the intensity arising but do not know whether it will rise sufficiently to manifest as it is a blending of many, many consciousnesses. A parallel can be seen in your financial markets which directions are influenced by the thoughts and actions of many buyers and sellers (consciousnesses).  Their combined intensities of emotions determines whether there are more buyers or sellers and the trend is up or down accordingly. One can only extrapolate the trend or try to feel the emotion, shall we say, and act accordingly. If beliefs, emotions suddenly change then the direction changes. So in regard to what you term the future one can postulate several probabilities as all are present in the present moment. This is why predictions do not always come to pass as the event that has been “seen”  did  not reach sufficient intensity to manifest, much as in markets. All probabilities are always present and possess varying intensity due to the level of focus upon them but only certain attain  the requisite intensity, power of group will, if you like, to come into being.  You must remember that we are part of the “ocean of consciousness” as you also are, so much as you are only  able to guess  the trend of a market from your feelings, say, we are only able to guess at the probability of manifestation from gauging the rate of the increase in intensity apparent in the various probabilities,  which as we stated can wax and wane, rather like betting on flies crawling up a window, any one of them could reach the top first.

The outcome of an election depends on how many  individuals, within the total of those eligible to vote, vote for a particular outcome. That outcome is not determined until the vote count is completed, although exit polls advise you of the probability. Likewise, as particular consciousnesses “vote” for a particular course of action, manifestation does not occur until the intensity reaches a tipping point.

You have chosen the illusion of separateness as you wish to experience the uncertainty etc. and you are no longer therefore fully connected to the totality of consciousness from the point of view of the instrument. From the point of view of your entity however you are still connected but you deliberately restrict your focus as regards your various instruments for the aforesaid experience, uncertainty etc. The senses you construct for your instrument limit its focus. In the same way as you attach a speed limiter to a car which otherwise is capable of far greater performance. Now a few instruments discern the speed limiter and endeavour to bypass it and access other realities.


Focus of the moment indeed. That is the most significant statement because there is only focus in the moment. Think about it. How do you focus, out of the moment? You can only be, in the moment. No matter what your thought is of, you are still in the moment, focusing, in the moment. Your focus can change from moment to moment and once more, you can focus on what you would call the near present or you can focus upon the distant past, you only believe that you cannot focus upon the future because you do not think it exists as yet, but indeed it does. For those who do believe that they can cast their minds into the future, they do come up with predictions, some of which then eventuate in people’s lives, but of course not all as they see the probabilities that may come about but they are not privy to the focus of the entity of which the prediction is made.

Now when it comes to seeing the future then if one is in the habit of idly speculating what the future may hold then one can put forward all kinds of alternative scenarios. You merely have to read the opinions expressed in the blogs on the internet to see how wild the thoughts are of those who are seemingly intelligent. Now, all those thoughts are real, they have even committed them to print. Those thoughts are flying around in the atmosphere. Those who are open will receive certain of those thoughts and may interpret those thoughts, maybe, in a picture form, certainly in a concept form. So we throw it open for you. Trance yourself, think of what may happen, then find reasons for it and see how it fits into a framework, then go over it and try to see how today’s facts point that way and by the time you’ve revisited your theory a few times you may even convince yourself that this possibility is now, at least a probability and possibly a vision from the future.

In your opinion, what is going to be the next big discovery?

If we refer back to the principle of intensity, as you look around the ocean of consciousness you see myriad pools or areas of, we use the same word again, intensity, let us call them radiant points of light which are fluctuating in brightness and dimness, just like looking up on a clear night at a bright sky, a starry sky, some appear brighter than others. Now, we will take that image and look upon that as the universe of ideas. Then, let us see… overlay that with the fact, as is at the moment, the moon is looking much bigger at this point in time, than it does say at other times, so why does it look bigger? So take this with the intensity of ideas, take this with the billions of stars you see and imagine them rising and falling as the sun’s activity changes at one moment and then see how difficult it is to say, “ this is the next major discovery. You can look out there and this is why your seers, who forecast future events, see many events, some come to pass but many more do not. Your seers can feel intensities probably better than others. Others have thought on for some time about what is likely to occur and have developed beliefs about that and then looked at the reasonableness of that belief and then given it a probability percentage of happening. Most of that comes from a form of extrapolation, so we can say to you, “Yes you can have flying cars very soon. You already have the possibility of driverless cars on the road, then why shouldn’t there be driverless cars in the air? Which would get rid of the need for roads, because just like the aeroplane you can travel at different heights, different planes if you wish”. When we say planes, planes of existence, but we don’t mean it in that fashion, planes of altitude. The cars on the road pass within one foot of each other, so it would be no problem surely for cars to be at levels of a hundred feet from each other and then above the ground you could have ten lanes of traffic couldn’t you, where as previously upon the ground you could only have two. So, that is one that is not beyond the bounds of conjecture. So, anything you think of in this fashion is being thought of by consciousness. So which one comes to pass? Some eminently reasonable ones are out there that can come to pass but will they? Because will your systems of economics allow it? So you can see that a new intensity is arising and a new idea is becoming perfectly feasible and valid but will it be adopted? What I am saying is, “you can see various intensities but they may not come to pass even though they are perfectly feasible, perfectly valid, perfectly able to be put into operation but you may not adopt them.” Others, which are even more totally unlikely may come to pass. A case in point at the moment is your own government, who would have thought that today’s scenario would have existed before this election. When, you could have said that person would be elected, but that person wasn’t elected, a totally insignificant person in terms of intensity at the time of the election has ended up being elected. How difficult is it for any consciousness to say with certainty, this will happen. Every butterfly that flaps its wings affects everything else everywhere. So faced with the idea that the whole reason for creating the physical is to enjoy the uncertainty and the excitement of the uncertainty and the coping with the unexpected and the challenge of same, why would you expect even “all that is” to outlay a predictable scenario which would totally negate the object of having said uncertainty?

But again you must realise that we who speak do not have all the answers any more than you do, but we do have a little more understanding than you do because we see things from a broader perspective. But that is all. We have our own theories. If we knew it all then there would be no point in being involved in the physical at all. So you take this all the way back to “all that is” and all it wants is to continue the process of seeming discovery, if you can understand the phrase.

As an overall comment, why do you read fictional material when you know it is fiction?

The same as you do anything really, purely for enjoyment.

But there is no reason or purpose in reading fictional material because you gain nothing from it other than a sense of time being passed in an agreeable manner. Would you call that a purpose in terms of the serious purpose you look for in the existence of reality?

No, as in the same way as doing a lot of things for example being in a choir, dancing, they are all just ways to enjoy yourself.

So we come full circle once more as we will do on many occasions. We are back to consciousness keeping itself occupied in an entertaining manner.

There was another question about time.

We have covered time in ‘The nature of past, present and future’ to a certain degree and it has been alluded to in various other areas but that will entail the instrument going through the whole thing trying to find these odd paragraphs. The easiest way at the moment is to just imagine that the earth doesn’t turn, it only faces one way like the moon. It has a very cold side where nothing grows and it has a very hot side where nothing grows. It has shadowy sides which are neither one nor the other which are quite small areas and do we know whether they will be able to maintain life as we know it.

As light conditions do not change you have no measure by which to measure time passing. Yes you can see growth and decay but that is it. So how would you even devise a need for time? When you have a spinning earth and regularly you see the light come and go, by means of a sundial say, it is fairly simple to devise a time measurement system. But if conditions didn’t change, how would you have organised a system of time? Would there have been any necessity for it? Would progress have been different? These things are mental gymnastics, but you can imagine that without something changing then you would not be aware of a need to measure the passing of time.

Remember, you construct your belief in time. Who knows that if from birth everybody was told that they would live to 200 years and they wouldn’t see any ageing until past their 100th year whether that belief would take hold? That belief would have to be held by the higher consciousness and that consciousness programs the instrument and therefore the instrument would be programmed differently wouldn’t it? So remember that time is programmed from above, not below, it’s programmed from above for the reason that so far the instruments as currently constructed cannot be indefinitely maintained. It is easier to start a new one than it is to try to maintain the old one and that may seem fairly mundane but these physical things have to be constructed. They have to be designed, they have to be organised, they have to be maintained and they have to have the consciousnesses interested in maintaining them.

When you look at anything which you call a life there is an awful lot going on. It doesn’t happen by itself and so the fast moving, exciting instruments are, what you might term, technological marvels, way beyond any of your present technologies. Remember that we are only so far ahead of your own, what you would consider, thoughts and beliefs and achievements down here. They are coming from above but they have to be tested out and like anything else what is going on at the moment is quite attractive so there is no need to change it too quickly. The scheme works quite well and what would happen if suddenly you started to have people living to 200 years, the whole system would have to be changed once more wouldn’t it?

Time is an invention, a construct, for the purposes of operating in the physical reality. Outside of that there is no need for time. Consciousness is infinite and there is simply no need for time. There is simply “What shall we do next?” Yes, there may be sequentiality but there is no need for time, no need for purpose, as everything always exists in potential. The patterns exist for everything, everybody knows it. There is no need to hang on to memories as nothing is lost, just re-focus and it is alive again. As soon as you look at a pattern, providing you have enough consciousnesses to focus in upon it, the little model starts ticking away and spinning around again. All it needs is the energy which consciousness provides because nothing can atrophy as it is consciousness, not physical. It is just imagination, an idea, it can be kept alive, it doesn’t rot. So as soon as you imbue that imagined idea, that pattern, with sufficient energy, light, whatever, it lights up and is on the move again.

So you don’t have to worry about “I’ll never do this again” or ‘time passes by’, because whenever you want to do it, you do it. So there is no need for time, in fact there’s not even a need for the word ‘time’. It has no meaning apart from the realities in which it is constructed. This is not the only reality which uses time, others do as well in order that the system can be operated to the benefit of all those who wish to experience.


We would appreciate it if you post any comments on the Comments page accessible via the Index. Thank you.


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  1. True!!! All is similtaneous now. Each momento is fresh, verdant and new. BeTondo time we live in eternity and vastly free!! Life and death are simultáneos too


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