States of Consciousness

The  desire to live life to the fullest, to acquire more knowledge, to abandon the economic treadmill, are all typical reactions to these experiences in altered states of consciousness. The previous fear of death is typically quelled. If the individual generally remains thereafter in the existential state of awareness, the deep internal feeling of eternity is quite profound and unshakeable.                                Edgar D. Mitchell.  Astronaut, Founder of The Institute of Noetic Sciences. 

There are things known and there are things unknown and in between are the doors of perception.                                                                                                            Aldous Huxley.


Consciousness- from living lots of lives simultaneously to pure bliss.

Now with regard to being a unit of consciousness, consciousness, we can say at any time, can return to what the eastern religions refer to as Nirvana or a state of bliss, a state of awareness, and you can do this at any time you like. You simply switch off the television or the computer where you have been browsing innumerable websites, innumerable lives, if you wish, and you can say, I have had enough, and effectively you can decide to go to sleep. Now you will agree that when you are asleep you are still alive, you are simply not interested in what is going on with the body. You just put it on hold, or rather it waits for you, while you decide to turn your attention elsewhere into a dream state. Now one could equally say that you turn yourself into this Nirvana, this bliss, this meditative state where you decide to ignore all thoughts that come through, but of course you are units of consciousness and you cannot, extinguish your awareness. You can merely ignore the thoughts which pass in front of you, you can shut your eyes to them as best you can but consciousness cannot stay still.

Consciousness is in a state of always becoming, you may call it learning, you may call it experiencing, but it is a form of seeking for some kind of satisfaction, answers, fulfilment, there are many words which describe it. Sooner or later an idea comes in and you decide, yes that’s interesting, and before you know it you are involved and the state of meditative bliss, living in Nirvana, sitting on the right hand of God, is forgotten. You are in action again. Because you are in action, you are involved in dealing with lots of thoughts again, and of course, the one thought which attracted you brings in many associated thoughts, and at that stage another thing attracts you, and another and another. Suddenly you are living lots of lives once more. The excitement is contagious within yourself, and also, as you want to be involved in something, then this requires being involved with other consciousnesses in order to manifest this in the particular reality in which the idea is to be experienced and fulfilled. You find yourself swept up with many consciousnesses and in the excitement of the moment, you just simply forget that awareness in itself is something that you once considered to be a desired state. Very few consciousnesses retreat to a state of simple awareness for what you might say very long. The simply amazing infinitude of experiences and creativity, that is available, just vitalises your energy, you might say, to where you simply can’t wait to see what is round the next corner, what you can get involved with, how deeply you get involved with somebody. Of course, the same thing applies here. You can flit through dozens of activities in a day or you can immerse yourself in one, to the exclusion of others. Now you will be able to see a similarity here, between retreating to a state of awareness which is a one pointed focus, you might say, to completely immersing yourself in a particular activity.

So we can say that the beginning and the end are one and the same. The beginning, the one pointed focus of meditative bliss in which your focus is simply to ignore everything, is the same as being totally absorbed in a particular activity where that is the only focus you have at the time and you ignore everything else that is going on. One is in the complete mental world of, you would say, nothingness, and the other may be in a boisterous activity. Yet you are singularly focused in that, along with maybe millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of other consciousnesses, all fixated on the same program, or you may simply be alone in your room totally absorbed in a good novel. But in all cases, you are for the moment, totally unaware of all the other events which are going on in the reality and realities around you.


8 Feb 16
It’s been a hectic time for you. We do appreciate it. But it’s all in a good cause of which you are more than aware and let’s face it, it is quite exciting. We already know of course that it exciting for you but you probably don’t quite appreciate that it is exciting for us too. It is an experiment after all and we are one of the few on this side that can test out their experiments using your multimedia, so it’s all good fun. We see it going steadily along and every now and again there’ll be somebody, who can make an impact through their position, that will come along and give things a little extra push. But whatever it will still be helping far more than you realise. A lot of the people that come on will just take what they need and they won’t feel the need to tell you or to thank you, but we will know of it and we can already tell you that you have helped far more than you are aware of. We are just relaying the reassurance that what they have experienced themselves is indeed believable and that, together with some of your chapter headings has enabled them to reinforce their belief system so that they can feel comfortable in knowing that they are not forever parted. So I believe you have a question.
From your side, I presume there is a group of you, how much do each of you know what is going to be said?
We are all aware of the intensity we can see, it is almost, as we said before, like watching the results come in, in an election. You can see the votes being counted, it is not exactly that of course, but you can see the drift towards the consensus opinion and although we can dissent, we are part of that consensus opinion and we can’t put ourselves above that any more than you can when you are in the midst of a crowd baying for a goal. We are in advance of you of course, we know when the intensity is about to, say, erupt in the form of words but there isn’t much that we can do about it and generally as it is making pretty good sense then we are much in accordance with it. You must realise that those interested in answering the question are all of a certain knowledge, those who are not of that certain knowledge are generally not either interested or even privy to the operation that is being carried out. As we explained in our thought net analogy, like minds are sort of allowed into the decision chamber and the unlike minds are politely told that, maybe this isn’t the place for you.
That’s not to mean to say that it is biased, it means to say that you have to have a certain level of expertise before your opinion is given consideration. It is considered of course but may be quickly rejected. So there you are, that’s the answer. We know just a little bit ahead of you and, as we have said before, we are learning as you are learning.
We are not always aware that far ahead of you of what questions are going to come up next. If they are in your mind exactly, that would be ok but if they were in a company of people that come together then we would obviously be able to tune into them and find out what they are thinking and we would again be ahead of the game but until they turn up we won’t know who we are going to link with and so we won’t as you may feel be ahead of the game by days. Because it is all the present and, as we say, you can see intensities build but you can’t exactly say just who is going to be in the room in three years’ time for example. Has that given you some idea?
Yes Thank You. What would happen if you have two opposing opinions and the intensity is about 50/50 each way?
We would do what all good economists do, we would equivocate. We would say “on the one hand and on the other hand” and satisfy both sections.
Do you find that you have certain elements that have a tendency to take over the proceedings?
Not really, because you can have vehemence but then if the others turn their back then the whole thing falls flat. You know, you can’t just shout others down and cause the action to happen. In this kind of operation, imagine, there are an awful lot of consciousnesses involved, so one little minority will not be given precedence no matter how voluble they try to be and should they become a problem they will simply be excluded.
So it’s not quite like here where somebody can take hold of proceedings and hog them say.
Even where you are they can only do that if they are allowed to. If the majority turn around and say “shut up, get out, take the microphone away from that person” then it happens. Yes? They will not put up with, let us say, a heckler that refuses to be quiet. They will ask for him to be ejected. Once again, as above so below or the reverse. You are still the same here as you are there and will be here.
Now as we said the other night, this is going to be an enjoyable ride. You are going to feel good, both from the point of view of satisfaction of getting, as was said, plaudits, and also from the satisfaction of seeing the gladness in another’s heart as they realise that their loved ones, they will always be with them and one day they will be able to see again face-to-face and hug each other. And, you will actually have fun doing this. You may not think so but you will feel better. You have our energy coming in and that energy is enthusiastic and this will be transmitted to you. So you will feel more alive, more buoyant and it has many benefits. So once more, don’t be in doubt, we didn’t want to use the word fearful, there is no need to use that word, simply don’t be in doubt.
You know, if you look at what we have said, what you have transcribed in the last week or two, and the direct words from us to you, you must realise that we do know what we are doing, we do know what we are saying and if we tell you that this is going to go quite nicely as far as we are concerned then that will be the same for you because, as we repeat interminably, you and I are one. Does that make you feel a little more at ease?
Thank you.
Now David wonders at times whether anybody joins him when he is dancing. Once again, those who have exited the plane, some of them who are addicted to certain activities or have bonds here, like to merge and get the feeling once more. So anything is possible isn’t it?
So, you must wonder at times who is singing as David does. It doesn’t really matter does it because what the name was may not be the same conglomeration of consciousness today. Even so the pattern stays, the ability stays and new consciousnesses may decide to resurrect this pattern, shall we say, and use the physical instrument to make the voice sound again you see. You could say reincarnation, couldn’t you?
Again, we wouldn’t want to put names on these things because then the inevitable comparisons would start. Out would come the old records, the old tapes and nobody would recognise the fact that the voice of the singer when he was twenty may be entirely different from his voice when he was fifty and also he may have changed his style and he may have switched from say, being a tenor to a baritone if he had had some alterations to his vocal cords due to heavy smoking say or something else or simply age. So it’s best that you don’t know, just enjoy it.
So are we likely to see any other changes in the Dave that we know?
Again who knows? If the desire is there, then or if, the probe goes out once more in exploration, “What else is there I can experiment with, I can see what happens”? At the moment there is no desire, there appears to be quiet satisfaction with the voice and the singing and it would appear that one is trying to hang on to the voice, but again the desire’s got to be there and if it is pleasure to listen to then gradually it may become a habit, but of course you have had the original for an awful long time and some old dogs are hard to teach new tricks to.

You cannot be aware of your “self“.

You cannot be aware of your “self”, you can only be aware of what you are aware of. “not sure what you mean by that”. We will come back to what Seth says, “as the eye cannot see itself so the ego cannot see itself”. The consciousness that is the ego cannot see itself, so you cannot see yourself, except as a reflection.If there is nothing to reflect you could not see your face, you would have to rely on other consciousnesses to tell you who you are. “To tell you what you look like” Tell you what you look like, but also to a certain degree tell you who you are, because if you had nobody to else to look at, to talk to, how would you know what sort of person you are. “That’s true.” So in the same way the personality cannot see itself, it can only see what is reflected to it and then judge what it is by its reflection.

Unsolicited information.

You have constantly desired to have a deep rich voice, a dark brown voice as you termed it.  Now, you have explained, this afternoon, how you can instruct your body consciousness to follow new programs, adapt, and respond to orders automatically if it senses those orders come from the source that normally instructs it. Now you have requested, and you and the observer are one, so you have basically given yourself that which you desire, and as your body is being recreated in every second, it is no difficult feat to reorder the structure of your vocal chords minutely, but also, to access the information whereby when you sing your breath work is different. You have merely been doing what the people you have read about have been doing. They have learnt how to paint, they have learnt how to play musical instruments, like those who are long dead. You have learnt to sing. Painting, playing, singing are all aspects of physical activity. So, you are learning to create your own reality, you are on the threshold, but you have one foot over the threshold. In the same way you have learnt to speak, again, to put it in modern day parlance, you have merely downloaded the program of which, of course, there are many examples. Now, the interesting part is, what else is there that you could conceive of, that you may be able to focus upon, that access the Akashic records, shall we say, in order to obtain the ability, the aptitudes, the attributes that you feel will make you into a better version of what you already are.


If one puts oneself in the state of the higher consciousness or move to that viewpoint then it must be something like a self-imposed set of gateways whereby the higher consciousness does not want to divulge its, what you might call, its secret thoughts. Perhaps because we are talking a composite consciousness here, is there some element of the composite or gestalt that is basically given the task of keeping all the rest of the gestalt in the dark, shall we say, so that the instrument and the majority of the observers are taken by surprise and experience the highs and lows, the joys and agony across the spectrum, the relief and the temporary despair until the end of the play.

Some part must know what is happening in the script, surely. Because some elements, although there may be probabilities, are predicted with quite some precision in which case there must have been, as in all co-creations, some form of planned sequence of events and goals albeit we all create them for the enjoyment of all participants. But like with anything else there are some who know what is planned and others to whom the announcements come as a surprise even though the plans were drawn up far earlier in the case of time and in many cases the actions carried out to achieve certain ends. While all around those watching the various actions did not put two and two together and see where it was going to end up.

So, although I’m talking from the point of view of my higher consciousness can I break into the operations room, the planning department or the board meeting and see which destination this ship is heading to?  But then, do I want to? Once more, I am here to enjoy these highs and lows from my part of the focus and should the instrument part of the conglomerate find out what lies in store, would then the wishes of the majority be thwarted?

It would appear that the operations room, the planning dept. and the boardroom are on higher floors of the building and you need a key to operate the lift and there are no stairs.

That’s what I was getting. I sensed “them” looking down saying (in an amused tone) “Yes, you know what it is about but you are not going to be able to get here”. 

You have to make a decision yourself in a way. Take the conglomerate. You have got all the pieces playing their part, obviously the focused element is playing its part as well. It is like having scouts out there, go and find out what is happening on the ground, get up close and personal and wire it back. We are back in headquarters here but we need to know. So if “I”, whatever it is, physical body and its perceptions, have taken on the job of being right in the middle of the play then the only way you are going to get to be in headquarters is to leave the play. Straightaway I get “It is your choice”.

Well, that puts the ball in our court doesn’t it?


Can you give us any advice about going into trance and allowing somebody else to speak through you?  Could you find yourself in another reality and not get back?

Just be aware. All the time that you feel that the communication is sensible and sticks to the subject then you can be reasonably sure that the source is yourself. You are just accessing the knowledge that is available to all. Now it is perfectly possible for another intelligence to not only send you words and images but to temporarily manipulate your instrument. Now this is usually when you are in the clairvoyant mode, fully awake and aware that you are transmitting evidential information from the communicator to the recipient. You always know that you are in full control.

When you go into trance, relax, still your mind and let the words flow through. Now, one of the reasons you have somebody looking after you in a physical circle, and really you should have in a trance circle, is to make sure that if any unwanted manipulator, shall we say, decides to muscle his way in and use the instrument for his own purposes, and there are some powerful consciousnesses out there, or else in a moment of inattention somebody can jump in the driving seat, shall we say, then there is someone there to call you back.

Do not let yourself drift too much. It won’t improve the situation any more, in fact it will actually worsen the transmission. When you are awake your brain is fully active and we can, from this side,  access the words, pictures, concepts etc. whatever we need to, because the machinery is running. Now if you let your focus slip away to somewhere else, what are we going to focus through? You have switched away to say, a dream mode, for want of a better word, another focus anyway and therefore you have, for all intents and purposes, left your physical brain on tickover. So it is not operating to full capacity and you must also be aware that you are a participant in this transmission. Although we have complained that you get in the way we couldn’t actually do this without your compliance because as you are fully aware that if you did not allow it, it would simply not happen. So just remember it is a co-creation, keep aware, keep an eye open and make sure what is coming through is sensible and there will be no problem.


How much of this is David considering all that he has read?

In order to be able to put a lot of these concepts across it is necessary to have an instrument with the requisite vocabulary and it makes it a lot easier if they have the requisite structures. Because it is quite easy to pick the segments of knowledge out and string them together into a coherent and understandable presentation. It will always with any channelling be the fact that the instrument will have a certain amount of knowledge and also you must remember that it has to be filtered through the belief, and that is knowledge, system. This information could not be transmitted through a person who had no knowledge, whatsoever, of this field of metaphysics and consciousness simply because the language wouldn’t be there and the belief system would prevent the information being transmitted. You must have a sympathetic instrument with sufficient vocabulary and openness to the concepts being presented, for them to be able to be passed through.


When people go into trance who is coming through their voice box?

Let us say that the consciousness who is operating the instrument, and again if we take the analogy of the bus or the cruise ship or the plane or the tour company or the lure of streets paved with gold in another land, how many instruments if we talk from the physical level, or how many consciousnesses if we talk from the non-physical level, that wish to experience that particular idea, can be part of, linked to, co-operate with, vote their leaders, but still be tapped into every feeling, emotion, that comes through. How many consciousnesses can be involved in any one life, any one instrument? We do not know. The number can vary as we have conjectured before. It can be a few at one time and hundreds of thousands or millions, or whatever you wish to say, we have no idea at any time. This can be allied to one of your radio or television programmes. Are we ever certain at any time how many people are tuning in? When you broadcast information on a certain wavelength, unless there is reciprocity, you have no idea of how many people are actually receiving i.e. tuned into the broadcast. So when it comes to ”who” is speaking, then this activity that is happening at the moment is relatively rare and therefore attracts the interest of many consciousnesses and those consciousnesses are not interested in general in the day to day life of the instrument. Are you aware of what we are saying? So at this stage the consciousness that normally comprises the instrument’s influencing entity or gestalt, and though it waxes and wanes, is greatly expanded because of the interest in this and even more so when information is required to be delivered. As we said earlier, the information deriving from the experience of a multitude of other consciousnesses is also drawn upon. So how can we give an identity to this sort of constantly fluctuating mass of interconnection that has never had an identity such as you would recognise. We can use a name but that is just meaningless.


It appears that we have two beings, two aspects working through David at the same time. Can you tell us what it is that is being experienced? How do the two beings relate to each other?

The two questions are part of the same question. It is not two beings it is one consciousness which again, if you wish, is part of the total consciousness. This aspect of the total consciousness is the, if you refer to it as a gestalt, consciousness that is focused in the physical as well as elsewhere, then as we are aware it is possible to be involved in many physical minds at once.

Now most entities, (people) self-described entities, only define themselves in terms of physical description. What their senses tell them, what their thoughts tell them, what their beliefs tell them. But for those few who challenge the accepted “normal” and realise that there is every possibility that their consciousness has the ability to focus in several places simultaneously, then it quickly becomes apparent that different attitudes, beliefs, attributes, traits, whatever you wish to call all these different aspects of manifestation, could be, let us say, accessed via the centre by each constricted consciousness, shall we say. On the basis that the overall gestalt consciousness, in this case we mean the gestalt and not the one, then that consciousness has, as we said before, a finger in many pies. A focus in different lives but it keeps these separated in order to avoid confusion and chaos in each individual “play” in which it is an actor. Which you can easily see the rationale for. However should there be one of the actors who is aware that there are other plays going on, then he has the possibility to route his awareness to the gestalt and access the “plot”, shall we say, of another play (life), and from that can take advantage of those aspects which are being manifested elsewhere that appeal to, let us say, desired by the entity. Much as one would wish to play wonderful piano, if you hold that desire long enough and work hard and long at it, you will probably achieve that. But if you have not got that degree of desire or motivation you will not.

However with minor aspects of presentation you will find no difficulty in “substituting” your normal “stream of influence”, shall we say, from the gestalt for another line of influence which is generally expressed in that other play.

Are you saying that somebody from another play can interlope the current play?

No. What we are saying is, assume you are a consciousness in play A but you realise that play A is not all there is, you realise there is a possibility of play B but you don’t know where play B is being enacted. However you are aware that the producer of both play A and play B is therefore connected and gives directions to the actor in both play A and play B. So if you attune your consciousness clearly and closely to that of the producer you can effectively pick up telepathically the thoughts of the producer. And because the producer is obviously, in order to influence, telepathically connected with both the actor in A and B you can access that bank of knowledge. Now from that point if by accessing that bank of knowledge you can “see” a stream of influence going to the actor in play B, and that is an attribute that you would like to express as well, then you could say you could divert or blend with that other stream of influential thought. Without necessarily, possibly, the producer having to agree, although it is likely that the producer would have to agree. But it may not be. You may simply, as in a dream, enter into another dimension. But in this case you are merely tuning in to the other transmission.

So I assume Dave is tuning into another play, play B and he is choosing an aspect of that play that he likes and bringing it back with him to play A.

Adopting it.

Adopting it, but he is obviously not adopting the words from play B. He is only adopting the mannerisms from play B. Am I correct in that?

Is the personality defined by its beliefs, its mannerisms, its actions? Would you ever say that the personality is defined simply in terms of the spoken word?

Oh no.

Then you have your answer.

Therefore it brings back just the personality from play B and nothing else.

Yes. Absolutely. Obviously it would not be in the interests of the actor in play A to have the words being spoken in play B which would be utterly meaningless in the act going on in play A.

Therefore, are you saying that, the fact that what we are terming as David coming into play A is not making any difference to play A at all?

No, not at all. Think of it as a piano player. OK, you are a piano player, you hear another piano player that plays with an entirely different touch and you feel, “how can I learn that touch?” You both play the same notes but that player’s touch, he produces a sound that is far more melodious, acceptable, soft, musical, the sound is entirely different. His touch is so delicate and ethereal. The sound that he brings out of a piano is totally different and so the same goes for any musical instrument. This is what you are talking about. You are talking in how the instrument is operated, not in what is spoken in this case. In the same way is how the musical instrument is operated, nothing to do with which tune is being played.

You are looking more at the accent and mannerisms and not at the actual words that are spoken.

Yes, you are looking at the manipulation of the instrument.

Now there are some aspects that are more involved with what is being said in the slightly more dictatorial manner of the voice known as David.

When you play the piano would you expect each note that is played to be better than yours, or would you think well yes, overall he produces a far more melodious sound than I do but I think, I actually play the top notes better than he does or he doesn’t play the top notes as well as I do, they slightly jar. So, the same thing applies, one person has an overall technique, let us say 85% is perfect but the other 15% isn’t quite perfect. You could take the same with golf, everything is good except for the sand play.

So, is it possible to get the perfect parts from each player?

Practice. With practice you can reach the desired level of perfection that you desire.

So, in this particular case has Dave got to practice to get the best parts of David without the not quite so good parts or has David got to practice to get the better parts of Dave to join his better parts?

Look at who, in this case, started off with the desire, Dave, and what he has desired he has received, but in order to receive that, one has had to access another instrument that is being played and like most things, either we can take the musical instrument or we can take the game of golf, we say that 90% of the manipulation, be it of the keys or be it of the golf club, is, “I really do like it.” But you can say, “I don’t think much of the other 10% and I wouldn’t do that that way, I would do this my way.” So yes you can pick and choose, but as in the initial tuning in you get the whole stream and from that then you must develop a skill in order to only receive. This is a matter of fine tuning, by fine tuning, that’s the best description we can give, because the term fine tuning means just greater clarity, but in our case we are saying, “you are fine tuning in that you tune out the discordant aspects.” It is like turning up the base and turning down the treble or whatever, putting in or taking out reverberation.

How does that affect play B?

Does not affect play B in the least, simply because you have tuned in to the thought influence from the centre to the actor in play B. Play B is not affected, but, it is possible that the actor in play B, because of…. It is possible for the reverse to apply, that the actor in play B may be of the same seeking as the actor in play A and therefore, there may be some ingredient of exchange.

You are almost saying, possibly they could be swapping roles.

Exchanging techniques.

For what purpose would you say this is happening? Why have these two aspects been brought together in this life?

Now, are you talking about David and Jean here?

No, I am talking about Dave and David.

Simply expansion of consciousness, expansion of awareness, expansion of knowing “who you are”. Dave has been seeking the knowledge of “who we are”, we all are, who you are, who is, in case there is any mix up, along with many, many people in the physical plane and the desire is there, like those who have sufficient desire to practice consciously leaving the body, a certain few manage to achieve that goal. In this case you may say, “Unconsciously, Dave has in a fashion achieved the same thing. He has allowed his consciousness to roam, to probe until it finally was able to tune in to something else. The reverse of mediumship where you simply still your vibration and let others tune in to you. So, the brain is a receiver/transmitter, whereas the medium generally puts themselves in a receiving mode, you can also attain the ability to transmit your desire and that may be received by another consciousness, identity, whatever, who may then transmit back or you can look at it a different way in that you need the ability to scan the other broadcasts and then lock on. In much the same way as those not in the body can scan the medium’s frequency and lock on and then transmit. So you can lock on and receive even without that other person being aware. In other words, mind reading, if you wish to bring it down to a physical level. Tuning in to someone else’s thoughts, but it is basically your own higher consciousness. If that higher consciousness is connected to wherever it is connected you can find a route through, assuming you know where to look. But, invariably one does not know where to look, one merely stumbles. But, if the desire was a certain attribute then, just like the internet, you plug in your stated quest and you will be lead to the appropriate source. Is that clear? If one remembers that everything is connected, then it is just like going through a maze, but instead of there being dead ends all over the place, desire is like a key that unlocks the doors that are blocked off in the maze, leading you directly to your goal. Can you see?

So this melding of Dave and David, of what benefit is that to this life?

Why do you engage in all the activities you engage in? Of what benefit to you in this life is dancing or playing golf.

Just pleasurable.

Exactly. Where did the desire arise? Desire arises to have more pleasure in listening to how you speak. So if that makes you feel better, does it actually make you act better as well? Maybe yes, maybe no. But if it makes you feel better it is no different to any other skill that you wish to excel in. So you go searching and you practice, and the more you practice the better you get.

So how do you feel this is affecting David and Jean’s relationship?

In any relationship each party has to voice their opinion, their feeling, nervousness, serenity regarding the manifestation they are confronted with. If it is acceptable you say so or if you have some concern as to whether this different manifestation may interfere with the hitherto stable relationship, the harmonious relationship, like any other behaviour change you discuss it. In this case there is simply something to which one is not used to. Therefore, is it pleasing, is it not pleasing? Is it pleasing to the person who is manifesting it and if so, if it is not displeasing to you, then surely you are happy that the manifester is happy. So when you practice your golf, when someone shows you how to perform a certain shot and it doesn’t immediately happen as you expect it to happen consistently, do you give up or do you say, with practice this will work as I wish it to work.

We go back to what we said earlier, practice with awareness.

Would you say it is possible to go to a play one year and go to the play the second year with the same actors and see subtle differences in the way that they are now interacting with each other.


That is your answer. Each experience, each interaction slightly modifies the ensuing action. Of course, you can go backwards and forwards. You can try the new way and then you can say, I think I prefer the old way. The producer however will use his influence to produce the effects he wishes to see. Both plays are kept separate it goes without saying. As you would expect the producer may borrow a technique from one play to use in the other.

So how should we proceed from here?

How does life proceed?

One step at a time.

Absolutely. Take it as it comes, accept what you wish to accept, reject what you do not wish to accept. If the cap fits, then enjoy it. If it doesn’t, then destroy it.

Remember, it is all a game. Nothing is forever, nothing is to be taken to be irreversible, any decision can be turned into the opposite decision at any time.


Do those transmitting blend with mediums when mediums are giving a message and find parts of their body moving without their conscious intent?

With permission one consciousness can control the instrument of another consciousness. We gave you the example of the dual controlled car. You can come along, in a figure of speech, put your head through the window, say would you mind if I sat in and experienced driving this car, because actually I have a friend down the road and I want him to see me driving this car. So translate that back to wanting to move a body in a particular manner that will promote instant recognition in the recipient of that visual depiction and associate it with one who has passed on. You say blend, you merely ask can I use your car? Can I control your puppet in other words? Give me the controls because I wish to make a few signs which will be recognised by my wife and she will think, ah, my husband is still alive. Very simple, if you think of the instrument as a puppet then just hand the controls over, just for a moment and thank you very much mission accomplished. So, blending, same thing, it is just that I have given you a three dimensional image but just as you know that there is no solidity, then you can just say that the energy blends and a different hologram is projected. We are covering this from as many angles as we can.

Thank you. Now, we hear of planes of existence. Would you comment on planes of existence please?

We spoke about levels the other day, these are just like your music of the spheres and other theories that arise from limited projections into other states of mind. There are as many levels, if you wish to call it levels, as there are states of mind. Now, of course, like you see all around you there are those of like mind and those of nearly like mind and those who, while they may not be fully in agreement would say, but this is quite a nice place so I would happily keep my views to myself and just nod and therefore, conglomeration of semi like states, and like states occur. We are trying not to use words denoting space or time. There are certain intensities and so you can equate a number of intensities with a number of levels with a number of planes. Can you see? You could look upon this in terms of the magnets and iron filings, imagine similarities of thought attracting iron filings, then stack your different similarities of thought into levels or planes you will see different amounts of iron filings being attracted by the different magnetic levels of thought. So, as usual, and coming back to previous questions, all elements of the spectrum from one extreme to the other have their adherents but the majority will group around a centrally agreed position with lesser and lesser amounts going to either extreme. You understand that.


Do souls develop without coming to the physical plane?

Of course, there are infinite states of mind. If the idea of the physical plane is not one that takes your fancy then you don’t bother to come and the word develop that you have used is immaterial, irrelevant because you are always in a state of mind occasioned by what you are focusing on, so as your focus changes your state of mind changes, so as you look for one experience you put the previous experience aside. You are always in a state of forever becoming, you do not develop as such. You can, if you wish, use the term expand your consciousness by focusing into far more realities than the average consciousness. There are those, as we referred to the other day, that are better at multitasking than others.

Yes. If everything has always existed, i.e. all that is, energy, consciousness, whatever, we are saying that souls have always existed, if so, who or what activates them to seek experience and do some souls simply move from one experience to another forgetting the previous one.

You have just asked the question which we have just answered.

It is, it is just a different way.

But with regard to the infinite question, shall we say, what makes you think that simply because we are currently existing in a reality which we have created ourselves, not dissimilar, we do not mean in physical terms we mean the reality of one’s own creation therefore not dissimilar, what makes you think that anyone in any reality is aware of his origin? You soon come to accept that you simply are and that you have always been, therefore, you do not search. If you had not discovered what your scientists call red shift, the big bang theory would not have originated and the steady state theory would have prevailed.

How do we know when we are connected to our higher mind? How can we connect more to our higher mind?

You have the example speaking to you at the moment. The instrument is, we will not say baffled, or in awe of, but is quite puzzled, shall we say, and somewhat at a loss to explain how, when he is in what you would call, an altered state and with closed eyes, he is able to produce material of, let us say, quality and knowledge that he deems far more proficient than his waking self. As we stated, there is a fine division between, in inverted commas, “ourselves” and David, who is of course, one of us also.

Do you have anything else that you wish to say to us tonight?

You ask how you can get in touch and recognise that you have contacted a source of knowledge which you can then attribute to being that of your higher self. Then follow the pathway of those who trust that it can be done. Have an open mind and to tiresomely repeat the phrase “seek and ye shall find”, “ask and it shall be given to you” and we will add “try, try, try again and someday you will succeed”.

Thank you.


The Mechanics of Trance Communication.

What is the difference when David has got his eyes closed as opposed to having his eyes open as to who is involved in the transmission of the information. If David gave a talk with his eyes open would he be able to communicate in the way that he does with his eyes closed?

It is a matter of belief and trust. When someone stands up to do clairvoyance they simply trust that the communicators will appear and that trust opens the gates and allows it to happen. You stand there without judgement, without analysis, you just pass on what you receive, you transmit it in other words.

To a certain degree this is what is happening when you decide that you are going to go into the trance communication mode you might say. If you can believe that you can say this just as well when you are awake as you can when you have your eyes closed, even though you are still awake, then it will happen. You remember when we said ”we talked to you in the car”, that was because David was in a semi-detached mode driving on automatic you might say, effectively relaxed and we were able to come through and talk. David didn’t even realise what was happening because he wasn’t aware and therefore he wasn’t on guard.

So once you get around to believing that you really are one and the same then you will be able to talk in just the same manner in your normal conversational style with eyes open as you do with your eyes closed.

On the other hand varying amounts of consciousness are involved in various activities. Certain functions do not attract as much interest as others. Some consciousnesses identify so completely with the body that they forget that they are able to go to the back of the theatre. But for those who are at the back of the theatre and for those who are waiting for the signal, then they can come and join in and that will in general elevate the standard of conversation and of knowledge. Those who want to teach are not going to identify closely with the body, they will just wait for the opportunity to step in and teach. You must remember that the consciousnesses that are tightly allied to the body are in the position, you might say, of thinking that they are learning as well.  Though if they were able to pull themselves away from that intense focus in the physical they would find that they already knew what was being said anyway.

Once more it all comes down to your degree of focus. The closer you focus in, the closer you identify, the more you forget who you are and where you came from and how it all works. It’s not rocket science, once you think about it it’s pretty mundane stuff really. You don’t have teachers round you all the time, do you? You have to go along and listen to them. Well reverse that, they come to you. When the time is right, they appear. The old saying ‘When the pupil is ready the teacher will appear’. Well the teachers appear and as we just said but didn’t make it quite clear, when they start to speak the ones who are closely allied to the physical realise that this is something which is at the moment beyond their ken, and listen.

The intensity is such that the teachers can get through what they want to say.

Thank you. So should David now try to speak with his eyes open?

He certainly can but the best way for him to realise that he is one and the same is for the question to be in flow and for him to open his eyes and see whether the same degree of intelligence continues or whether his fears and doubts step in and he narrows down, let us say, the available flow by putting his own belief restrictions around the conduit.

Look at it this way. When you are awake and fully connected with your eyes open to the physical then the ones who are constantly with you, involved in every aspect of your life, have their belief systems. These are the ones who have basically forgotten who they are and where they come from. So they have the rigid belief systems and they basically, even though they are still acting as a conglomerate, are not aware that what is being spoken is being spoken by the conglomerate. They all think that they are the “I” and that they are the originators of the spoken words and the actions. But when all the readings and experiments go on and all the experience is gathered then the intensity of thought of the mass is such that they now know that other things are possible. That is how the mediumship started, by trial and error, by experience and then it was easy to switch to trance.

Now when it comes to the trance it is still difficult for David; when we say David we’ll say the group consciousness of David, because then the whole thing will be easier to explain. So that group consciousness, which has got the belief systems, once they start reading the material which has been transcribed says ”well I didn’t know all this” and it’s true, they don’t know all this. They do but they have forgotten or they have shut it out and so it comes as a surprise or quite new although it is absorbed quite easily. You can imagine the reason it is absorbed quite easily and accepted, because it is fitting into a system of beliefs that already exists even though they are hidden from the view of the consciousnesses that are in the day-to-day life. Gradually the realisation is dawning that it is all one and slowly confidence will build and at some stage you will just be able to talk directly. Put it this way, the expanded consciousness that appears and is able to get through when the eyes are shut will be able to get through when the eyes are open. The barriers won’t be up. Just as the barriers came down for the mediumship then the barriers will come down for this advanced knowledge to be transmitted.

After all, if lectures have to be given or even a Skype conversation or something, it doesn’t look too good to have someone just sitting there with their eyes closed does it? It would be better if the words were able to come through and be accepted as somebody with very good knowledge and a very good connection with his higher self, shall we say. As long as the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as long as the material is of a high standard, it won’t really matter whether the eyes are open or shut. Some would prefer to see the eyes shut so that they feel that the words are coming from a higher source because with the eyes open they may feel that “this is just an ordinary person’. But you can’t win them all, can you?

So did that all sound ok to you?


Certainly does to….I was going to say me….. but I should say me shouldn’t I? Because me and I and them, we’re all the same thing. It is quite difficult to understand, not quite understand, probably it’s a sense of not wanting to feel that you are more than you really are or that you are privy to the higher knowledge.

But of course you are, because when the teachers come, or the other consciousnesses arrive, they become David as well. They become “I am experiencing David” and they wait to see what words come out. “Here we are, we are experiencing David and this is what he is saying” because it is what we are all thinking. Each one will say “ that was me talking” even though they know that ”yes, it was me and a whole lot of others, a whole lot of other me’s, but yes, I was able to sit there and sound really intelligent”. And so were we all, but that is the joy of all pulling together and pooling our resources, pooling our knowledge and we all learn together.

Another way of explaining the interconnectedness of thought and the interconnectedness of knowledge, because if you (consciousnesses involved) listen to what is being said you know that the vast majority of you think that way. If there isn’t prevarication and equivocation then you can happily take on board the concepts, opinions, beliefs whatever, that are expressed because you think that there is safety in numbers. ‘We may be wrong but at least we will all be wrong together’, but until something better comes along we can rest happily in what we know at the moment.


We would appreciate it if you post any comments on the Comments page accessible via the Index. Thank you.


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