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Approaching the End of Life

Session 22nd October 2020

In view of the fact that David’s Health is deteriorating we would be grateful if you could give us some indication of how he is going to go and also the future of the website. We would also if possible like to hear from Steve or Roy.

Perhaps you have not quite realised that the desires, words being voiced are the expressions of the majority, so it should be reasonably plain to you once you consider such utterances that the majority is now on board to follow the path to the exit. Now it is not in the scheme of things for there to be sudden desire to leave followed by immediate action,  as even with the majority thinking one way it is possible for it to move in another should preferences change, so one generally has to look at the directional bias. Now you have noticed more comments are being made, and it seems to be getting worse, so you can see the direction things are headed in. As you have been told more than once, it is unlikely to be a long drawn out affair and it would seem that with the general unpleasantness of day to day living this is probably the best way. You may even take your own action as you are planning to do and of course once more this is the advice of the majority planning how to find the easiest way for all concerned.

And so once more you need to just sit back and say this is what it seems we want, as the majority, and this is how it is going. Imagine if it’s voicing this one day and the next day you felt as fit as a fiddle and were suddenly wanting to do xyz and then the following day you drop back into a bad situation, you really wouldn’t know your own minds would you, so take comfort in one way that at least things are not swinging backwards and forwards, the die is cast, you might say and the progression is on and as has been voiced, this is probably better for all concerned.  There has been plenty of notice. Both sides will be aware that they will be more able to live lives better once the situation is resolved, so, that’s the situation with regard to the near future you might say, and again the near future depends on your vantage point.

When it comes to the website. The website has already got far more penetration than is shown by the mere accessing of people coming to the site on a day to day basis, there are many, many, many out there to whom it has become their basis of understanding and they are preaching from the same hymnbook, singing from the same hymnbook you might say but they don’t have to keep referring back, they can download whatever they want to, print off whatever they want to. There is no need to buy the books whatever and so we are not too worried about the ongoing. Obviously the site should kept going in order that the information is available, information is always available of course, but far better for it to be available from the internet than from its source, it is far more accessible to the mass of searchers. Once more once David passes you can post the information on the website then at that time you can request that should there be other material out there that somebody would like a forum for exposure, they can send you the material and should you consider it to be of interest to the viewership of the site then you can post that information and its source. So instead of it just being a post from us, shall we say, then there will be a more wider, more eclectic group of contributors that can still add a wider connection, shall we say, to the material, although we imagine most of that will be, should it come in, then on a more scientific basis rather than a philosophical basis. But who knows, it is up to you to judge if you care to invite such contributions. We are relatively relaxed about the way it has gone so far as due to the interconnection on our side persons with a sincere wish to understand are mostly given the direction to finding the site. So I don’t think you need to be too fussed about how it carries on.

Steve speaking.

It’s a shame Dad can’t see better from a clairvoyant point of view, because otherwise he would see others grouping around, keeping an eye. He is expecting to see somebody, myself? or others, sitting on a chair, saying, time to go. But, you know, we may well be able to get to that stage, but only when it really is, time to go. We don’t want to raise expectations and then disappoint. I’m sure you would agree with that so when it comes to the right time then we’ll see what we can do.

Now, the gate is unlocked, so it is ready to be opened to allow passthrough and, once more, the time, intensity, has to get to that position. But it is no longer locked, you have that assurance now.

Sudden flood of tears and sobs followed by:

Hallo son, (my Dad, who died 50 years ago after a long battle with lung cancer, speaks) , I’ll be there too , so will your Mum. You are going to experience so much sheer joy, the mutual love that you are going to find when you come over. You’ve been a great help to so many people most of which you are not aware of but it’s all seen from this side and you can imagine that we’re very proud to know that we are part of what you and Jean have achieved. The thing now is to just relax and go along day to day. As you know, you have said, I experienced the same sort of symptoms, frustrations, and feelings of helplessness which you are now experiencing and how it all fell away same as will happen to you, so try to put those minute to minute feelings out of the way and concentrate more on now, nothing lasts forever and so we’ll just say that you may not feel too good but it’s another brick in the wall, another further step along the path to liberation so … that will do for now. Love you son.

Steve again.

Chin up dad, as grandad said it doesn’t last forever and you are impatient as always and if you look at it it’s not too bad is it. Could be a lot worse so let us say thank god for small mercies and you can get through the odd bit of tiredness, not feeling so good, as you could be, you know, in a far more painful state. Bit more stiff upper lip, bit more looking out at the flowers and nice weather, that’s nice, there’s still things to enjoy along the way. You don’t have to be miserable all the time, look at some of the things your eye lights upon and says isn’t that nice, maybe it’s just this flower, that flower, the sound of the waves as you sit by the sea shore. There’s still lots of bits and pieces out there and then let the excitement build from knowing what a wonderful panorama of possibilities, reunions await you when you finally come over. Au revoir dad.

Growing up in “Spirit”

You can only be separated from your loved ones in the physical, it is impossible to experience such separation from the non-physical viewpoint. In the non-physical you can connect with whomever you wish to provided they are happy to respond respond.

Our son who died at 26 in 1994 appeared to our nephew in a dream in early 2020 showing himself to be a man in his 50’s. The following audio session explains the synchronicity between the implicate and the explicate.