Entangled Minds

Entangled Minds

Once upon a time, a thought arose, where it came from no-one knows. Minds saw this thought and liked the idea behind the thought. The thought was about having a certain life in the physical. Many more minds liked the idea of this life in the physical and joined the thought, until there were many, many minds and their thoughts linked together, united in their decision to experience that projected life.

They sorted out a mother and a father and it began. The child was born and was named Joe Public. As Joe’s life progressed other minds were attracted as they saw the events that were planned for this life, and they wanted to be part of it, wanted to experience this life, and as it went along many minds came, and many minds left, having experienced the event that they wished to experience. So, the conglomeration of minds known as  Joe, went along, forever adding and losing minds, but always known as Joe and all those minds that had ever been Joe, ever been a part of Joe, always had the memory of the experience of being Joe. So Joe was a part of many minds and many minds were a part of Joe and so it went on and Joe went on forever, forever changing, forever adding new minds, losing old minds, but was forever Joe, and Joe was forever connected to every other mind that had ever been a part of him. And every other mind who remembered their experience with Joe was always connected to Joe. And so Joe never had a real identity because Joe was a part of the whole of all these minds. And so was every other Joe and every other Joanna. Everything that exists is all a part of everything, a part of the thought world, endless conglomeration of thought, endless gestalts of consciousness.

Received clairaudiently 2012


Rosenblum and Kuttner: “In principle…any two objects that have ever interacted are forever entangled.  The behaviour of one instantaneously influences the other.  An entanglement exists even if the interactions is through each of the objects having interacted with a third object.  In principle, our world has a universal connectedness.”



Entangled Minds (an expanded version) Excerpt from Lecture on Co-Creation of Reality.

Once upon a time a thought arose, where it came from no-one knows. Minds saw this thought and liked the idea behind the thought. The thought was about forming a world composed of light, with many things to see, do and experience.

Seven major gestalts of consciousness decided that they would make the idea reality. They were known as Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. They agreed that the group would be known as Roy G. Biv or ROY for short.

ROY began mixing colours (of consciousness) from his infinite palette. When he thought that he had done enough he said, “LET THERE BE LIGHT,” and there WAS.

Now some of these innumerable compositions of light, gestalt consciousness’s were called people. The people, as they stood in awe and wonder at the world around them, soon realised that ROY was everywhere, and they said, “ROY is omnipresent,” and someone exclaimed, “but that means he must know of all that is and therefore is omniscient.  Such total knowledge must give ROY total power, so he must be omnipotent.”

Roy G. Biv was, is, and will always be, composed of multiple consciousness’s with infinite aspects which when displayed in their infinite variety of composition we label “physical reality.”

Now ROY can present all shades of himself depending on what mix of gestalts of consciousness (minds) he chooses to project. All these shades we now refer to as personalities, aspects of minds of different intensities displayed as one.

ROY is, amongst others, also known as Joe and Joanna Public.

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