Thoughts, Beliefs and Dreams

The stream of human knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality. The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter. We are beginning to suspect that we ought rather to hail it as the creator and governor of this realm.
                                                     — Sir James Jeans The Mysterious Universe (1930), 137.

Where does your thought come from?

So let us start with your own observations. You are thinking of nothing in particular and suddenly a dog comes round the corner. You are immediately struck by the size and colour of the dog. Then you think a thought of, I wonder what breed that dog is? You look up at the sky and you think to yourself, that sky is a beautiful blue today. You think of going to work tomorrow and you think, I hope the traffic isn’t too bad.

Now, all these thoughts have been generated by your observations without any conscious intention to actually think, so we will call that category, thought by observation. Thoughts are transmitted, a thought once set in motion is transmitted by the brain even though you do not realise it, for simplistic purposes, to the mind and to the minds of all others. Some will pick up this thought because it actually conforms with their own perceptions or beliefs and others will ignore it because it is not a subject in which they take any particular interest.

Once the thought wave starts in motion then it can never dissipate. It simply keeps going. It has been postulated that there is such a thing as the Akashic records and your scientist Sheldrake has talked of “morphogenetic fields” where all thoughts reside and you might say, actions are recorded and as they are repeated as other consciousnesses notice the thought then the same like thought attracts other like thought. Anything pertaining to the same concept is gathered, you may say, under a certain filing system, coded if you wish. Therefore when another person thinks a thought especially in the form of a question that record is automatically contacted and without realising it you access that store and other thoughts begin to flow to your mind. The same system pertains, those thoughts that you wish to entertain then flow through your perception and those thoughts that you do not, let us say, believe in are excluded. You only think the thoughts in this regard that you are open to and as you can imagine some are more open than others. So the thought, once thought, is forever in existence.

You have in your historical philosophies the notion that every action, every thought of everything, every consciousness down to the smallest bird or insect and now of course we can extend that down to the smallest particle or consciousness is recorded and is always accessible. If you follow your own logic even and especially now that you have the internet you will see that whatever is fed into the internet finds its way to a certain number of associated pigeon holes, shall we say, from whence said information can be retrieved when activated by a request for information relevant to, even in a fairly abstruse way, to the intent of the question.

So, where do thoughts come from? Thoughts arise from consciousness. You may say conscious perception equals thought. Thoughts are recorded in like files and therefore are forever open to examination. Now in your own language you have phrases such as “bodies of thought”. Think of that particular phrase “body of thought”. You can think to yourself, does this mean that the body consists of thought and/or is it the thoughts that created the body? Or the more popular conception that this just means a conglomeration of thoughts.

So again, when considering where do thoughts go, then yes, they can go to a recording establishment or they can also be manifested in a reality. A thought becomes a reality especially if you classify the thought as an idea for something. You classify the thought as a product of imagination and then you look at the imagination which is another word, you might say, for thought or idea. All of these would mean different things, slightly, to different people but generally most would say that they are different interpretations of the same, we will have to say “feeling” here. A feeling that something is possible. So thoughts are things and become things depending on how much the consciousnesses cooperate in wishing to make a particular thought become a reality. So in answer to the question of where did it go, it can go to storage or it can flow into what you would consider to be, objective reality in this dimension and also into perceptions of realities in other dimensions.

So what effect would you say that thoughts have on yourself or others?

From what we have just said then when it comes to the effect of thoughts upon others then let us, you are talking about effects on others? Yes. When many people think of another group of people as undesirable and to be eliminated, subjugated or somehow be reduced to powerlessness what ensues? War and killing. The effect of thoughts can be extremely powerful. On the other hand when many people get together with the idea of bringing peace to an area and for example demonstrate by the ballot box or by mass demonstration in the streets then war can be avoided or stopped. Now we are merely talking here in terms of violence and to save a long- winded peroration you can use that same logical reasoning to see how everything comes about in the reality that surrounds you.

Now when it comes to reality for yourself then this can be measured physiologically. If you think happy thoughts your bodily production of chemicals, your heart rate, blood pressure, your muscular tone, your stance, your mental condition, your moods can all change depending on which thoughts you concentrate upon. Because you create your own reality, your thoughts create your reality. If you think that everything is terrible, that there is nothing to hope for and you are filled with fear and dread then your body markers will respond appropriately. This may seem to be like just plain common sense and indeed it is.


What exactly is dreaming?

Dreaming, to give you a very simple description, would be like one focusing in various realities, much as in moving from one website to another and being struck by certain experiences when talking about websites. It would be news items, pictures, objects and events that make an impact upon your senses. Now imagine moving from reality to reality which your other selves, your fellow co-creators, your other “bodies”, as we were discussing some time ago, and sharing their experiences. Now the most stand out ones, shall we say, may stay in “one of your memories” and so when you awake there is a temporary remembrance of certain of those, easier to use the word “experiences” as a cover all, and because in most cases you only remember the highlights there is not sufficient continuity for you to understand. So, as an analogy sit and surf the web rapidly it will scan various sites and when you are finished try to remember any particular information in full detail, you will find that only certain items can be remembered and other sites although you took in what you saw you will not remember at all, this is as good an analogy as is possible. Now, remember that when you are looking at your websites you are just in the one, let us say, frequency, the physical dimension but when you are dreaming you are hopscotching from frequency to frequency so you can imagine the distortion that bringing information from one frequency to another entails. Does that make you any the wiser?

So carrying on from that. How do I know how to dream when I have never been taught how to do so?

Your dreams are simply your perceptions of other realities in which your thoughts are forming your realities. Now often ( when dreaming) you will perceive in the other reality that you are currently focusing upon, as during your sleep you switch your focus from waking reality to other realities, you switch away from the physical world to other worlds which really can be quite as physical, although you think that only the world you inhabit is physical there are innumerable other worlds that are equally physical or if you wish to reverse the situation, what you consider to be physical is equally as non-physical as all the supposed non-physical worlds that you think are, let us say, out there.

Now often you will find that your dreams seem to have a connection with some of the activities that you have been engaged upon or areas which you have been considering as possible avenues of action. Previously we have mentioned that you do not just have a focus in the physical, you have a focus in the astral, the emotional, the mental, etc. at the same time. When a thought is thought in one area, subject to the screening systems we previously referred to, it will be picked up in one of the other bodies as well. So if we say you have been considering how to reorganise your garden say and then you have a dream about a beautiful tree or digging a hole or something even not directly related, you find yourself in the desert or find yourself in the forest and somehow you may make the connection between the garden which you wish to create and the forest being created from the desert. The connection will only be made by the few that tend to examine their dreams in detail if they can remember enough of them.

So you can see that the thought that may not manifest in one reality may manifest in another reality. There may not be sufficient intensity, sufficient conglomeration of thought to manifest in a dense reality or your perception of a dense reality, but it may be able to find a form in, let us say, a diaphanous reality. So in the physical reality you may be able to sculpt a rabbit out of stone and in a less dense reality you may see a rabbit in the form of a cloud but you are still perceiving the thought-form of a rabbit and you can extend these in either direction.

Whichever way you look at it, in the end, thoughts will become a reality in some conscious perception


Obviously we had a very interesting discussion the other evening, have you got anything you wish to add to those aspects? For example, one of the things that you said, if I understood correctly, that it is belief that makes everything where it is, for example how far the sun is from the earth, how large the sun is and that sort of thing? But surely everybody believed that the earth was flat and that the sun went round the earth but that obviously was not the case, so belief in that instance did not create that reality.

That reality was a reality to those who believed it and then the belief changed and the reality changed. The belief creates the reality, the reality is not… there is no reality except that which you believe is a reality. There is no distance except the distance you measure with the measurement instrument that you create to measure them. Do you understand?

Yes I understand what you are saying but when you say belief, the trouble is that what comes to mind is belief of people and that’s not the case at all. It has got to be something bigger than that.

Each gestalt of consciousness has its own beliefs and each gestalt sees its own reality.

Whether there’s any humans there or not “there is!”

That is a belief. That is a belief in itself. Do you see all other planes of existence, all other dimensions? Do you believe they are there?

I know there is something, I don’t know what.

In general though we now have the belief in the multiverse. You believe that the moon is round and yet until somebody saw the other side of the moon you did not know it was round.

Yes, but the fact that we did not know it was round did not mean that it wasn’t, it was still round whether I believed it was round or not.

People believed the earth was flat and did not want to go to the ends of the earth then somebody decided to go…

The fact that they believed that it was flat did not make it flat, it wasn’t flat. They just didn’t want to do it. It wasn’t flat as borne out by the horizon.

But you are talking in time and reality is created in each moment according to beliefs. You are only taking your present beliefs and extrapolating backwards in time. Nothing matters. It matters nothing. There is no matter except the matter you believe you perceive. Everything is simply consciousness in motion forming various patterns arising from intensity of thought, of emotion, of belief.

So how much do our thoughts, beliefs etc. affect our day to day existence?

Beliefs generate a certain level of intensity. It takes, in this particular level of perspective, time for that intensity to rise and intensity can last for a long time and it will gradually change and as the intensity changes, obviously the belief changes and the reality changes. The reality of perception changes. There is not just one belief, there are many, many interlocking beliefs. New ones arise, old ones fall by the wayside.

So for the everyday person, how much should they study this?

If it interests them they should study it, if it does not interest them they need not study it. It is simply a focus, an experience. It is simply what you wish to do. You find excitement and uncertainty in crosswords and in games, others find excitement in the uncertainty and joy of discovery in other areas and these areas overlap with all.


Philosophy is eternal, human beings have been around for a long time. Blavatsky talks about the perennial philosophy, but the human is the perennial behaviour as clothed in different circumstances in the environment, the human being changes very, very slowly because beliefs can only change depending on the mass belief, because the mass belief creates the intensity for change and when the mass finally want the change to happen it does. If you stand and watch what is happening around the world, which is now the protest system, a part of the mass rises up and says, “We do not want this.” The rest of the mass could not care less. It does not rise up against that mass otherwise you would end up with civil war. In some cases you have got this, where there is two conflicting intensities. All events arise from emotion. We are back to where we started.  The present level of intensity moves up and down and changes direction and most will go with the flow. You have control of how you wish to perceive things and once you realise that you really do have control of your perception you have control of the off switch. Only look in those directions that make you feel good, that give you pleasure. Do not look in the other direction unless you feel you are going to do something about it.


Now, one could say that the universe as you see it, is, as Sir James Jeans said “ The universe begins to look more and more like a great thought rather than a great machine”. Let us call this a great idea. Let us also come back to Rupert Sheldrake and his morphogenetic fields. Now, every consciousness is tapped into these so called ”fields”. The universe you could see as merely a field, a field of vision, an idea. But if you focus on that field of vision, that particular idea, it would be like you switching to another channel on your television. You will see what is there. If the belief has reached a certain intensity and then resides in, using the language of the day, the morphogenetic field, and you are linked to the morphogenetic field whether you like it or not, you will see what the morphogenetic field, from the data contained therein, presents to you. The same way as when you look through your eyes you are only seeing the light reflected. Do you understand?


It is the idea you are seeing, the image that is projected back to you, the thought that you receive, and therefore the universe is but one image because your belief comes before the image. The image is already there and, because of the number of people who have added to the image, it becomes a belief. Beliefs and images are interchangeable, in effect. Once you have a belief it becomes an image to you in your mind and vice versa. Coming back to all being created all at once, we are told time and time again, that there is no beginning, it has always been there. So we, once more, come back to the analogy of the [potential] sculptures in the block of stone. All events have always existed. The same way as all sculptures have always existed [in potential]. It is what beliefs you place upon these things.

Comment:- [You have subscribed to the mass belief in the physical universe and that belief, thought, is contained in the morphogenetic field which is composed of, contains within, every thought and action of every human being. The mass of humanity, of all manifestation if you wish, is creating its own reality, the reality of its belief in a physical universe.][The hundredth monkey proposition is that when a thought form, an idea, an action, a belief, reaches a certain critical mass it automatically resonates  by association with any thought being experienced by a consciousness and that consciousness becomes aware of it and so the behaviour or belief spreads].

We are coming back to the same morphogenetic field idea that if you believed that dinosaurs existed three million years ago, then you will make that belief a reality. So it is a reality to you. You make your beliefs a reality. If there is a belief… any group of consciousnesses all believing the same thing that will be the reality to them. Therefore there are innumerable, infinite number of universes, infinite number of events, infinite number of objects available for the consciousnesses that wish to focus upon them.


When a person visits another reality in dreams or other altered states how can they revisit that reality?

For most this is extremely difficult because even if you have the intention to revisit that reality and if you refer to the little discussion we have just finished it will need to have, we will use the term location, but let us call it instead an identifying signature, an address, and therefore if you have not carefully noticed the address, where are you going to look? So you can have the intention but you must also have a memory of the route you took. This is not a very satisfactory explanation. Now, if you start off with the intention to visit a certain location of which you have some idea and you find yourself there then you will be able to revisit that location if you are of sufficient intensity of intention. You understand that? Now, if you were merely browsing with no particular intention then, as we said, if you can’t remember where you have been then how are you going to find your way back? The simplest way we can answer the question.

Thank you. Can you hide your thoughts in the spirit world and therefore in effect mislead others?

If you are sufficiently expert in the same way as consciousnesses you see around you, you can indeed deceive those who don’t wish to put themselves to the effort of probing your aura, shall we say, (the thought net analogy in a previous post is easily understandable), because that is an easy way for you to understand that if the person takes you on at face value and doesn’t change their focus to read you, especially because each one will know that they are being read and it will be seen as disrespectful, you can understand that. You would not like to be speaking to one, who you considered to be a close friend, then find yourself being closely interrogated as to the meaning of your every word.


We now have a question from Tosca. What is God? Could we consider it pure consciousness, immutable, perfect or is that consciousness, God’s mind perhaps, in some way responsive to its creation? Is God affected by our experiences, maybe experiencing aspects of itself through us?

All this is intellectual conjecture. The word ’God’ is meaningless. It is merely a word coined for others to understand what the other is trying to say. Now as there is no understanding of how this all came about and as you can only think in terms of humans because you think humans are the top of the physical tree and the only ones that think, you construct this being and think of it as some kind of superhuman that sits somewhere all alone in its separateness, because you see things separately.

And yet you have no idea of where the universe ends and you say  ”where are the boundaries of the universe”? without asking the question “why should there be boundaries to the universe’? It is because you see boundaries to yourself, you see boundaries to the earth, you see boundaries to the planets and stars revolving around and to the galaxies, but, if you were inside your body and you were trying to look round at all the cells, the atoms within the cells and so on down to the usual retinue of particles and charges, where would it end? What would your viewpoint be from that perspective? It would seem never ending and yet when you came outside you would see, there is another one over there and another one over there. You look further and ‘my goodness, there’s another planet’ and so on.

So, how do you know that this universe is not like all the stars and galaxies that you can see? That it isn’t just one of myriad universes? You can carry on from there can’t you? You simply can’t understand what is around at the moment so you try and find some reason why it should be created. Why do you find that it needs to be created? Because you think of ‘time’. You do not realise that you have created time.

Now, start to think about the animals, birds, bacteria, viruses. Do they have clocks? Do they do things other than by light and dark? Do they measure the number of days, years? Do they measure how old they are? Do they think of when they will die? You don’t know do you? Maybe you should find some of that out. If you can. You must get used to the idea that you construct time. You construct the beginnings and the ends. You have to dispense with thinking from those assumptions and see whether you can think of everything as always being.

With everything always being then where is your need for God?

If you start with the God business again next minute you’ll be back into purposes, which is what has happened before. We come here to learn, and what do we come here for, so we can find our way back. Well, that’s rather stupid isn’t it? What on earth would you come for just to forget all about it and find your way back? Wouldn’t it be more sensible and logical that you come here to experience it and you go back when you’re ready. You don’t even come or go, you look in, to see, and you make your imagination real in the same way that you construct your plays and films etc. You take your imagination, you make it real and you enjoy the experience. Others can step in and view. They can view the play, they can view the films, the virtual reality and the experiences become more and more vivid and real. What is happening is that you are slowly moving towards what you already do. So if you wanted to come and go back you are gradually reproducing what you already do. So there’s your coming and you are on your way back. In the end once you have all your virtual realities then you will look at this and think ‘well, this is rather like taking coal to Newcastle isn’t it, what’s the point in constructing this physical body only to strap a visor on its face and then it is into a different reality? Well then, it is not experiencing the one it is in, is it?

So I suggest that you think, why is there any need for a god in the first place? And think of a whole different way of thinking about the ever present consciousness and what it is going to do with itself. You just sit there, you think, ‘this is boring, I need to do something’. So you construct something to do, which is exactly what you do in the earth plane. As above so below and vice versa.

Thank you.


You constantly talk about as above so below but there are certainly some things that take place “below’ which are really not desirable. Are you also saying that those are above as well as below?

When you look at what we previously said, that everything is an experiment and the answer comes ‘it went wrong, didn’t it’, so things go wrong with minds as well. You acquire beliefs and you change beliefs. You changed from thinking eating meat was perfectly OK to finding it abhorrent. You view that as being a move to the good. You must realise that there are those out there that are being told ’this is what God or whoever wants you to do, these people are wrong, look at the way they live, look at the things they do’. You will find that an awful lot of the violence and other things that happen, certainly from the point of view of the largely organised violence, comes from dogmatic beliefs as to what is right and what is wrong. These are fuelled by a few people generally. Do you agree?


Then you have other elements e. g. the mindless violence upon a stranger but overall these are few and far between and how often do we try to get inside the mind of the person perpetrating this violence and see what led him to this? Now you have seen the way that drugs can completely alter the moral responsibility of certain people?


But the instrument wasn’t built for that was it? For some reason this is experimented with and the instrument goes out of control.

So is it also being experimented with ‘above’?

Depends on what you call ‘above’. There are myriad realities. We have to say ‘as above so below’ because you still think in terms of the control as invisible, coming from a sort of heaven. If we said’ as around so within’ how would you understand that? Because we are talking in terms of your sensory perceptions. Or if we said ‘as within so without’, where would you place the intelligence?


What if we told you ’as without so within’.

It doesn’t really matter what words you use, what I am trying to ascertain is…..

There are all kinds of realities. You are talking, yet again, about what you consider to be good and bad.

Yes of course.

But everything is imagination, nothing can be hurt. As we have said, when you are watching your puppet being chopped to pieces then ‘what a shame that is’, ‘I shouldn’t get into sword fights should I’. ‘I’ll have to start another puppet, that’s no big deal, I’ll just switch my gaze and join this lot, I’ve been running this puppet, I know what I’m doing, can I join you? Yes’. Now, if you are saying ‘I want to join you so I can go and destroy another person’s puppet’ that may be more difficult, but there are those who like wars. So you join and others join and before you know where you are you have one that can’t go to war but still wants that feeling of destroying another puppet.

Not easy to explain because you are coming from the point of view that you do not wish to have any pain anywhere but if you didn’t have any pain it would all become boring again. In the same vein why do you produce all these programs and films that are horrible? It is because you understand that it isn’t real. Whenever looking at these events you must try and move yourself to the ‘above’ position or the ‘without’ position. Looking down and realising that this is all a light show. None of it is actually real. You can’t allow the puppet to know that it is going to be killed otherwise you won’t get the experience. The consciousnesses operating the puppet know full well that this is going to happen.

You were told today of the woman who was sitting in the car waiting for her husband and suddenly decided to join him in the shop. When they came out of the shop they found a large tree had crushed their car. The higher consciousness became aware of the intensity signifying that the tree was going to fall on the car and not wanting the puppet to be hurt sent her the thought to leave the car and join her husband. Now we didn’t cause the tree to fall, the tree is its own consciousness.  It decided it had had enough and it didn’t care where it fell but we could see the intensity building. We could see that it was going to happen and a decision was made. There are myriad answers to this but suffice it to say that it is all in the imagination.

You must really stop viewing through the lenses of good and bad.

I was only asking if the same things happened……..

Are the people who make these films bad people?


They’re providing employment, they’re providing enjoyment and basically it’s harmless and they are making a lot of people happy. So are they good or bad people? You don’t say they are bad people because they make violent films, you may say they have some odd imagination but have they been out there killing people themselves? They may feel that they have some instincts for that kind of activity but they express them through make-believe. In much the same way hunting was a major activity for hundreds of years, killing things for sport. Look around now and how many people do you see shooting defenceless animals purely for sport, for the sake of killing them?

Certainly not as many.

And how many people are using cameras?

Yes lots.

Now equate violence and films with rifles and cameras.


Equate them not so much as regards technology but in the motivation of the consciousnesses behind those objects. All you had were methods of destruction but now you have methods of capture where you can watch the creatures for a long time. Before it was ‘am I smart enough to shoot this rifle and hit the target’ but now you say ‘am I smart enough to lock onto this flying bird and follow it all the way’. You are still exercising your skill aren’t you?

You can find those realities where everything is perfect which is why you talk about heaven, then as the memories come flooding back you realise that ‘it’s all imagination anyway, so I can go and do that’. ‘Now who else wants to join me’? Because you can’t produce any reality without consensus.

As Seth says, ‘nobody dies unless they agree to it’.

As we have agreed before, for a murder mystery to be able to be enacted somebody has to be murdered in the first act and exit never to be seen again. Until the next performance. (But when the play is over all the actors appear again to take the applause, meanwhile the ‘victim’ has been watching from the wings). This is why we are relatively relaxed, immune to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, because we understand, it is all just make- believe. Once more you must think about those two words, ‘MAKE BELIEVE’ ……… and then think about ‘focus’.

Are you connecting?


So tell me how you’re connecting.

Once you focus on something you then start to believe in it so by focusing you are making a belief.

Correct. So you make the reality believable in order that when you focus into it you believe it. You believe it is real. You are not in a position to know that reality has been created with the specific intention to lure you into the belief that it is credible. Imagine walking into a building and you go to a door.  As you open the door there is a tremendous sound of gunfire and coming towards you at a rate of knots is a wild man with a machine gun firing directly at you. What is your immediate reaction?


You slam the door but then suddenly think ‘that can’t be real’. There are no bullet holes in the door. So you open the door and peep through again, don’t you? And it starts again but you watch it this time and you realise there are no bullets and he‘s not getting any closer, it’s a film! But when you are unsuspecting and you open it and ‘Bang’ it was there, you had an experience. Then you realise it was just an experience, so when you walk over to the next door what do you do? You open it wondering what film is showing in here. Fear gone. Unless they have organised a 3D cobra coming straight for your face in which case you’ll recoil somewhat, won’t you? And then you realise ‘oh god, another one’. But once you’ve done a few of those you’ll be able to stand there in perfect equanimity, they can throw anything at you and you will know it’s all make believe. After a while you wouldn’t even be bothered to open another door, would you?


Take that as forever existence and before long you would be just sitting on your stone wouldn’t you?


So you don’t do that, you make it believable because if every reality had no downside once more they would become blasé wouldn’t they?


You would become blasé. Oh, it’s another round of parties and everybody is happy and this, that and the other. ‘Doesn’t anybody ever get angry around here?’ ‘What about a good fight, where’s the competition, where’s the risk? I want to climb that mountain but I want to know I can fall off, no point in me climbing the mountain if I know I can’t fall off because anybody can do that, so how do I differentiate myself from the others’.

Thank you.


Are dreams astral travelling and if so what about wild dreams that are more like a movie or video game and not like actual life?

What’s in a name? We will call it astral travelling but as we have said before it is merely a change of focus. You close your eyes, you shut out the physical world and go to sleep and then you find that you are sometimes focusing in another reality that has caught your interest. All the time you think you don’t dream it is simply that you don’t remember. You would not wish, or maybe you would of course, wish to remember that you are living several other lives, which when you go to sleep you can be, let us say, with your higher consciousness and be aware of other activities. Now it wouldn’t be good if you were sure of what was going on in those other activities so in general you just bring back remnants, scattered memories of excursions into other co-creations. So dreaming is an odd subject to try to describe to you in any coherent manner simply because of its seemingly disjointed, it’s scatter gunned memory, none of which is true in trying to make sense of attributes of other realities which have no counterpart in physical reality and so you struggle to find counterparts and then you fabricate in order to just bring back some idea of what you are perceiving. Now in lucid dreams you are actually aware of what’s going on, you are aware of your surroundings and you know that you are somewhere else, so that is a different kettle of fish, you are able to understand to quite some extent because mostly lucid dreams are in the physical reality or something quite akin to it.

Can you repeat the question please?

The question was:-Are dreams astral travelling and if so what about wild dreams that are more like a movie or video game and not like actual life?

Who knows that you can actually tune in to somebody playing a video game, tune into their thought stream, their vision stream, and of course those video games had to be devised.  Some consciousness had to think of them and where do you think those thoughts are? In the same place as our thoughts and so occasionally you can bump into anything you care to imagine. Anything you have on the physical plane is first thought of on the non-physical so all these various bits and pieces are all imaginary in that they are creations of the imagination of consciousness. Some come to fruition in reality but obviously most do not as many trial balloons are sent up which then are found not to be able to reach the proper level of acceptance by enough consciousness to consider them a good idea, most of them are shot down. We could ramble on for hours on this subject, the subject is amorphous so let us not continue with it.

Think, and the answer will come to you because actually you already know the answer.

You have our warmest thanks for being a part of this endeavour in trying to bring both comfort and enlightenment to those who are looking for same. And, of course, as one finds comfort then another notices and so the enlightenment can spread as to the knowledge that brings comfort and we are deliberately phrasing all that we say in a fashion that the ordinary person can understand with regard to the comfort angle. When it comes to the enlightenment angle it is obviously, not only extremely difficult, almost impossible to lay this out in simple terms. It requires the seeker to think his way through it, to fashion it into a structure that he can fit in to his present belief system with as little change of form as possible and then he can let go of one piece maybe, but it doesn’t detonate the whole structure. In which case, as he sees the impending detonation, he will run for his life.

So, if it seems logical and reasonable and he finds it hard to dismiss his own reason and logic, then he finds himself to a certain extent, forced to accept “Well this actually sounds quite right. Now how does this fit with what I thought before? And really, when I look at what I thought before, it doesn’t seem quite as solid as I thought it was. So I can now let go of that piece and I think I’ll adopt this one, because this now makes more sense to me than the old one”. And this is an ongoing process of course, it moves from one to the other.

You can see how, even in watching the progress of your scientific knowledge however reluctantly it is moving, it is moving slowly towards two areas of science, one of the Newtonian science and one of the Quantum and now moving toward Consciousness.  Of course it will have to be that for physical life measurement systems will have to be involved and the hard sciences, you might say, and chemistry and biology etc. But when it comes to the world of ideas and creation, and, let us say, art and music, then you are in the realms of consciousness. There is no reason why these two things cannot exist, and so what if we end up with the fact that consciousness creates everything, well it’s also created Newtonian science hasn’t it? There is room for everything, there is room for all creations. There are just merely turf wars going on between humans. Now would you agree with that?

So, it’s a question of sit back and watch the show and decide which camp you want to be in. Once again we bring back one of our favourite phrases, horses for courses. If you are deciding to build any large physical endeavour, build ships whatever, you need to be in the measurement system, the weights, the gravities, the rest of it all which come with the usual physical laws. But if you want to be in the field of composing music or creating a holographic scenario, shall we say, then you will need the imagination and where does the imagination stem from?  Consciousness! So once again, back to focus.

Once you sit down, and think, and maybe this is what Edison was referring to; if you sit down and think you will get most of the answers. You see, our language is saying “you’ll get most of the answers” but actually you already know most of the answers. It is a question that you haven’t applied your focus. Once you apply your focus to a question and you keep looking and keep looking, and you keep thinking, then you access, and things start to flow. Why do you think you have Rodin’s sculpture, the Thinker? Quietly resting his head on his hand, and thinking.

Why do people meditate? They meditate but when their mind starts to wander, would you then say it turns into musing, and once you’re into musing you are back to your Einstein quote that you have at the front of your blog, that “the mind moves to a higher level of knowledge”. Now if you read back what we have just said you will find it moves quite sequentially from one focus to another.

We must admit that we do find, sometimes, that answering these questions, this is no offence to you, we mean all the questions that are posed, not just because you pose them, you understand? There is no applying just to you. But it is amusing, sometimes, that the questions that are posed are posed without prior thought as to exactly what is being asked. Again, if one thought, why am I posing this question, let me think about this, they would be, in most cases, more than capable of answering it themselves. Which is exactly the process which is going on at this very moment of course.

Still there are moments when one feels free from one’s own identification with human limitations and inadequacies. At such moments, one imagines that one stands on some spot of a small planet, gazing in amazement at the cold yet profoundly moving beauty of the eternal, the unfathomable: life and death flow into one, and there is neither evolution or destiny; only being.

Albert Einstein


Thank you once again for sharing the transcript of this session. Somehow, I get a different feeling from this discourse, as though someone else was coming through, but of course, I could be mistaken. What especially intrigued me was this passage: “You would not wish, or maybe you would of course, wish to remember that you are living several other lives, which when you go to sleep you can be, let us say, with your higher consciousness and be aware of other activities. Now it wouldn’t be good if you were sure of what was going on in those other activities ..” Does that mean, I wonder, if we are not meant to be aware of living other lives, or sure of those other lives, or does it mean that awareness could unduly alarm or frighten us, or distract us from living this life? Seth said that we were intended to be aware of our own multidimensionality, and I had always thought that part of our task was to become more aware of it. Perhaps to a limited degree, though. I have always found my occasional experiences of multidimensionality exciting, somehow very reassuring. They give me a sense of groundedness, of being connected to a much greater reality, sort of like having a big, loving, extended family most of whom one does not know, but feels loved and strengthened by nevertheless.

Thank you Tosca for your insightful observations. It is nice to know that there is someone who is thinking this material through.

With regard to other communicators we often think that the lead communicator varies as the voice, delivery and personality changes from time to time, but I guess that if there is a group that those most qualified to answer on a particular subject come to the fore. Now as a long term medium I am accustomed to other ‘ personalities’ using my senses. I see the pictures they send me, hear the words, feel the feelings and emotions and sometimes just know things that must be a part of their knowledge. The person I am reading for often recognises the speech and mannerisms of the communicator. I used to think in the traditional way that the communicator was separate and either took over the body senses or merely sent the thoughts but now I could equally imagine that my group consciousness takes more of an observer position allowing the communicating group consciousness to join my group consciousness and temporarily take the lead. A merger of convenience you might say.

With regards to keeping lives separate, even though you may be aware that you may be involved with more than one life simultaneously it would be most disconcerting if you were receiving an additional stream of sights and sound arising from another life experience at the same time as you were taking in sights and sounds of this life. So it makes eminent sense that we would keep the two separate, much as television, radio channels must be kept separate.

As we say somewhere in the material I am aware of a well-spoken personality who occasionally manifests through my speech for hours at a time and I can sense ‘him’ gazing around and taking in the sights as I seem to follow his gaze. I wonder how ‘he’ remembers this experience, would it just seem like a lucid dream or is ‘he’ also aware that he is living more than one life at a time? As I enjoy the experience of being extremely well-spoken I am obviously amenable to allowing it in much the same way as I allow the ‘deceased’ to communicate their messages to their loved ones.

I fully agree with your final paragraph. It is great to know that you are part of a large number of co-creators, co-experiencers. Warmth and safety in numbers. Also when you get to making decisions you are aware that the decision has been arrived at by a majority of many ‘minds’. As I have experienced, I can request guidance and find myself being pointed in the right direction. Maybe formalising the process of intuition, hunch or gut feeling.

We would most welcome the views and opinions of other readers on the above. Please join the conversation.




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