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According to scientists, numbers control everything in the universe. Your comments please?

Anything you design needs some form of measurement. Measurement is designated by numerical amounts so it is theoretically possible to reduce all of what you consider to be space and time to numbers. It is not so easy to reduce emotions to numbers so there is some truth in all theories, but existence to be harmonious must be in balance and so there are qualities and there are quantities. One who sees through the perspective of quantities will try and quantify everything that it perceives and like many of those with, shall we say, rigid opinions they will avoid discussing qualities which do not lend themselves to quantifying. Can you repeat the statement so that we can address any parts we may have missed?

Question repeated.

You create your own measuring instruments and you calibrate those to suit your beliefs to some extent. If your instruments were calibrated differently then of course you would be visualising a much different universe than that which you presently depict.

Is there any relevance when people study numbers as in combinations of birth dates, number of letters in a name?

Vibration impinges upon vibration, that is, there is a certain effect. However, you are recreating your pattern, your image at every moment and so one could say that the impact of vibrational intensities at any given moment are changing your pattern, to put it in a simplified manner. Now, if you are one, who believes in astrology and feel that your personality matches that which is described, then you may indeed, because you have manufactured a belief system, exhibit those tendencies. You are reflecting what has been presented to you.

Thank you. I was reading an article where it was postulated that this is a holographic universe. Where is that emanating from?

As we have previously stated this cannot be explained in 3-dimensional terms for effectively there is no “where”. You are, where you are, unfortunately we have to use the same language, but you can imagine that wherever you are, you are in the centre of what you perceive, and if you are aware of what you are perceiving, you are therefore in the centre of it, so where does that place you?

I am probably misunderstanding because I thought that in a holographic universe I was a hologram.

Yes, but (sigh) to reiterate, it is difficult to explain a non-physical dimension in terms of a 3 dimension existence and a hologram is 3 dimensional. It is merely used as an indication in order that you can envisage that what you see is merely a trick of light, shall we say. Do you understand?


Now, if you are merely seeing light arranged in a certain fashion, as we spoke of previously, if you had the senses of, what you would term, your out-of-body self, you would not be seeing light, you would be seeing vibration.

Wouldn’t that be light vibrating?

You can interpret it as you wish. Vibrations are not visible to the physical eye, radio waves, television waves, X-rays…

They are not visible to the human eye.

No, however we seem to remember that in one of our previous discussions with you that we mentioned transformers, so see yourself having the sense which can transform X-rays into a wavelength which is then visible to you without the intervening X-ray plates. Can you grasp what we are trying to say?

I think so.

So, the X-rays come on, you have transformer vision and so you can follow the X-rays, so you can see inside the body and remember some clairvoyants can do this. In the 3D world you have to have a photographic plate on the other side of the body to register those rays that do and do not pass through the body, thereby leaving an outline of those waves that do not fully pass through the body. Can you see what we are saying regarding transformers?


So your hologram need be nothing other than invisible waves. Now, let us go to the hoary old maxim of collapsing the quantum wave. So there is this mass of tiny waves flashing in and out of existence that when you observe them they solidify, you can then see, by the act of observance. So let us take your hologram as being that mass of moving waves, that when you observe them, you see. Have you understood? Because you have collapsed the wave matrix, you might say, the wave pattern. You have transformed it into another wavelength which your senses can register. It is like having a transformer for your television, whereas by using a transformer you can transfer the wave transmission of channel one say into the wave transmission of channel seven. Do you understand that?


So again, we cannot validate the theory, it has some merit, but it cannot be explained to you by the author of the article even though he may wish to describe it in the same terms as we have. So he has to give you something which you do understand. He is merely trying to say that what you see is not solid. It is merely, in other terms that have been used before, frozen light. Light that has been temporarily stilled by collapsing, slowing the quantum wave, if you wish.

So have you had any contact with any beings from any other planets?

There are innumerable states of mind. If one wishes to see a vehicle that is used by another consciousness one must be aware of all the parameters, numbers, you might say, coming back to your first question, involved in the composition of that vehicle. Having said that you can be in thought contact with anybody, provided that the thoughts that are being picked up resonate with your own belief systems. As you are aware when we have spoken about you living many lives at once in many realities, in each reality you block out, intentionally, all thought transmissions that emanate from another reality and what is more when you focus upon another reality you quickly find yourself immersed in it because you have created, co-created that reality. It is extremely difficult to stand outside any reality for whatever you are aware of is instantaneously, your reality. Once more here, we are back to trying to explain that the world you see about you is a creation of your own consciousness. It has no validity other than in the consciousnesses that are creating it.

Everything, for simplicity’s sake again, is an objective projection of the imagination. Does that make sense to you?

It does make sense but if it’s our imagination why do we create so much conflict. I know you have answered this before and I didn’t intend to ask that question but now I have. Is it because we are bored or the total consciousness is bored?

We are back to experiencing the light and the dark. There is an inclination to explore where no-one has gone before, to quote one of your TV programs, it is rather apt when you are talking of faraway planets and because of the vantage point that you start from, when you are here, there is no problem in exploring wherever you wish to explore. You can explore being underneath the detonation of a nuclear bomb because you know that you will immediately return to another dimension. Do you understand? So you can explore whatever you wish to in terms of joy, ecstasy, despair, suffering, health, illness, extreme pain, love, hate because from your starting vantage point you know that this is merely an expedition into the unknown from which you can turn your focus and return at any time.

Certain aspects of our physical world are dependent upon our existence and focus within it.  Your thoughts please?

Without the focus of attention there would be no world and so what you term peculiar aspects are the faithful reproductions of the thoughts and emotions and intentions of which you wish to create and obviously perceive. This would as we previously stated be in conjunction with your fellow co-creators. On one level you would agree what are to be the props, what are to be the events and what would be the experiences in general that you are to set in motion. Within this, however, there is full scope for spontaneous reaction so that the generation of emotions, feelings, responses can be seen as experience. This in order to befit you to become responsible co-creators as you understand the effect of your thoughts and emotions in creating the environment around you.

So can the physical universe as you know it be felt by those whose existence is not within it?

Those whose existence is not within it will not have the necessary senses to fully experience that particular reality. However, much as in clairvoyance on the physical level, they will be able to pick up, telepathically, you may say, knowledge of what is actually going on. But as to sensory participation, no, they will not. They will be in whatever reality they are presently focusing into with the appropriate senses for that particular reality.

So do other kinds of consciousness co-exist within the same space?

All universes exist in, what you would term, the same space, which actually does not exist. But to answer the question directly, everything exists in the same space, just on different frequencies.

Can you explain the multidimensional aspect of the higher self?

With regard to the multidimensional aspects this is the multiple focus of the one entity.  As the previous question there are certain areas of intensity. Now, if you wish to engage in a mass riot for example, or a mass war, then the consciousnesses involved in this experience would necessarily be greater than those who wish to engage in, shall we say, a football game? The intensity would be more and of a different fashion. Far greater amounts of consciousness would be required for the nationalistic entity than would be required for the individual entity and then on down to, say, the grain of sand or the individual quark.

Now, we will qualify that to a certain degree, by the degree to which the consciousness grouping has evolved, developed, experienced, the amount of knowledge, the amount of experience it has garnered during its time of focus in that particular area, because, in your terms, you will think in terms of the start of focus in some space, some point in time, where the consciousness is basically uneducated. But in terms of there being no time it is merely moving from one state of focus to another state of focus and therefore even though experiences are had they are also effectively dropped from the memory even though they are still there. They are dropped from the present focus. So there is no real, and this is dependent on choice, you may be, in your terms, a highly intelligent and experienced scientist at one point in focus and yet you may wish to retire to a relatively rural location and spend another, putting it in earthly terms at the moment, period of time growing roses with no intellectual focus whatsoever. Now, when one speaks to either of the, let us call them lives, one as a scientist one as a grower in physical life, a totally different impression may be received. Are we making sense to you?

So, we are saying, if you have focuses requiring extreme energy, extreme attention, extreme knowledge and have other focuses which require merely conversation on a light scale, maybe growing potatoes, maybe cleaning floors, you can see how some lives would require much less attention than other lives. Would you agree?


Horses for courses. Everything is provided that is needed to whichever focus requires it and free rein. The programming is such that as each focus, call it incarnation, the requisite programming is provided for that particular instrument to navigate on a moment to moment basis through that particular experience schedule that has been agreed.

In any universe there must be a creator and co-creator depending on the type of universe you are going to inhabit. You can either rest purely in your own imagination, in your own creation such as that may be but as we previously said if you want to have a major production then you need many players. Therefore entities in any area are put together, again we have to have this play on words once more. If you look at the physical body you have myriad consciousnesses involved. Yes? And if we look at the smallest things that we know of then you have very few consciousnesses involved relatively speaking. The more complex the operation the more consciousnesses have to be involved.

Consciousness does not create consciousness. Consciousness can form the pattern which attracts other consciousness which process, like building a vehicle, reaches a stage where it is able to travel but it still needs say, more consciousness to drive the vehicle. Everything is interdependent.

Now can you tell me what your ideas are about why we have the earth and all that is on it?

Simply back to the play, to your video game and to a Disney. Then look at all the people, all the consciousnesses that participate in any of these things. This is simply that the consciousness in your terms is infinite and size is relative to the mind. Again, if you believe that the earth is of the size it is, that the sun’s the size that it is, remember that these are only pictures in your mind. If you reach out and you say to yourself there is this distance from here to there, it will be. Everything is a mental construct, everything. It is just purely a question that the consciousness, as such, if you wish, is playing games with itself. Even though… we may say this, even though there is this statement that everything is always being, it is always still forever becoming because there is always something else to experience. I was going to use the word ‘new’ but that’s not correct, there is something else to experience. You may experience one area for in your terms thousands of years or millions of years, whereas it actually is just a focus on a particular area and a continual story being played out, constructed, I would say in the mind, but in the mind before giving it the, I would say, the illusion of reality. It is a question of the overall consciousness involved in that particular event deciding on that which it wishes to manifest and accept as a reality. This is why we talk about this constricted consciousness because the uncertainty can only arise when the ability to comprehend the totality is closed off.

Seth:- If man paid more attention to his own subjective behaviour, to those feelings of identification with nature, that persistently arise then half of the dictates of both the evolutionists and the creationists would automatically fall away for they would appear nonsensical.

You are part of the conglomeration of consciousness which is being portrayed for you in the form of a body and speech and emotions and feelings.

When we say identification with nature we mean as alluding to your reality. It means the nature of who you think you are. If you understand that you are part of the total consciousness and you are experiencing the illusion of reality, the construct of reality. As the Buddhists say it is all an illusion, but it is not an illusion from the point of view of hallucination but a construct reality for the enjoyment and excitement therein. This is why you put your finger close to the flame to see how hot it is, because it is the excitement of will I get burnt? Or will I feel it and then pull back, and this applies to all events. But you have to create that reality to find out. Again, you have to shut down the receiver and focus the receiver, in this case the brain, the brain/mind for that matter, to where you cannot see all possibilities because if you saw all possibilities then there would be no.. everything would be clear. Because there is nothing to progress towards, as there is no time, there would be no meaning, there would be simply awareness, simply awareness. So in the same way as you are creating this reality you are effectively creating a meaning, you are creating a meaning for your own being. But this has to be a constructive meaning, the same as the constructive reality. Because in actuality, because there is only the now there is only an ever present existence. There is no progress and there is no meaning. Progress and meaning have to be constructed. Do you understand? Because otherwise you would simply have pure awareness and pure awareness eliminates uncertainty and excitement. Uncertainty and excitement have to be constructed, all beliefs, all emotions have to be constructed to enjoy them. Much as in this world, your own world, then all the things around you have to be constructed to enjoy them.

Seth:- Mankind is a species that specialises in the use of the imagination and without the imagination  language would be unnecessary. 

We must remember that all channelled material including those who are speaking at this present moment is having to be filtered through the existing belief structure of the instrument at the present time. The Seth books were, like all channelled material, constructed in that manner and would have been coloured, to some extent, by the belief system of Jane Roberts.

When it comes to the human species, the human species is, again, only a focus of certain conglomerates of consciousness and the same applies to every other species including water, minerals and everything else, call them species if you wish. They are merely focuses of consciousness. It is nothing to do with one being better than the other. Some conglomerates of consciousness have chosen to be more active than others and we label this imagination, but that is simply a question of a greater deal of activity of that particular group of consciousness that focus on being human beings. The differences between species are not as great as you believe. One has to remember that every single thing, event, apparent reality is simply a manifestation of consciousness and that manifestation of consciousness is manifested in different degrees of intensity. That intensity may also be interpreted as, in physical plane terms, speed of movement, rapid change of focus.

It crosses the mind that a life on the earth plane is one giant experiment. How does that sit with you?

It is one small experience. Why would it be a giant experiment?

Alright then, a small experiment, but nevertheless an experiment.

But isn’t every experience an experiment?

I find it quite interesting that the earth is split into different continents and certain continents have very different animals to the other continents. Is that the way the experiment has been designed?

The word “experiment” is one we would prefer not to use. You are merely creating the environment in which to experience your creativity. Now if you have many, many designers you can fully understand that they have diverse ideas. Now then you may bring in the word experiment, let us see what we can create and how it will fit into what has already been created because this is a continual creation of course. We have creation where many consciousnesses wish to participate and as new ones come in they bring their ideas with them, you might call it multicultural. So nothing mysterious about finding different animals in different locations any more so than finding different methods of dressing in different countries. It is merely those consciousnesses that decide they want to project themselves. One thing you must realise is that the designer is inside his creation, his, her or its. This is not stand apart consciousness that is manipulating a ball of clay. Each thing that you are aware of is a creation with a designer, designers, inherent within it. It is an expression. If you use the word expression then you may find that things become clearer to you.

I do find it fascinating that, for example, in Australia so many of the animals have pouches which you don’t find in the rest of the world and then in other parts of the world, which you don’t find in Australia, there are lots of creatures like monkeys. How come that so many of the animals in Australia have pouches.

Expression. If you wish to go to a party say and the party has a certain theme would you dress in the theme of that party? If you wish to design a vehicle that needs to go over extremely uneven roads you would need to… because the location only had extremely uneven roads, then would you design a four wheel drive with large wheels and high off the ground or would you design a low racer? The low racer would not work, it would not be suitable and it would not be acceptable. So if you see a design that is working in a particular location and you find it interesting would you not design something that had a certain similarity to those already existing. Now once you start looking at the world looking at what exists, looking at even the humans and the way they act, the way they dress, what they eat, how they sit, their mannerisms, you will find that they tend to have resonance within a particular locality and if you were going to create something in that particular area you would probably create something that would not seem totally outlandish. Now, you can bring in Mr. Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields if you like, in which we come back to framework two, and so you look into a particular environment, a particular reality, and the frameworks, the patterns, are existing and co-existing quite well. Therefore, would you not think, as you look at this framework and you say this seems interesting, that you would create a harmonious vehicle because your chances of success, by doing so, are far greater than creating something that is totally alien to the situation?  Back to “horses for courses”.

We often hear about the halls of learning, so, what is the purpose of the halls of learning and what sort of things are taught and by who?

Terms, terms, descriptions to overawe the credulous so, searching for the right word at times, we could have said gullible, credulous is more respectful. But, again there are as many places to learn as you wish to learn in. Knowledge is available to all at all times, you merely have to think about what you want to know and you will know it. But, of course, when you first move over it takes time to have confidence in this, as you can imagine. You can get an answer but would you know it was right? Therefore, many prefer to go along to a lecture hall or wherever or a counsellor for that matter, and listen to, what appears to be, a learned person telling them how things are. Yet, in the fullness of time they will soon realise that that is unnecessary. But also, many people, even when they move over, are inherently lazy and would prefer to be told. They accept the framework and happily go along with it, rather than listen within themselves to the knowledge that streams in and have to construct the framework themselves. Much like building your own house or buying one ready built. Does that answer your question?

Yes, thank you. Well, it does not answer my question completely because I was asking, who was the teacher? As well, but it does not matter.

The teachers are whoever you wish to believe are teachers. Anybody can set themselves up as a teacher but like anything else they have to present their information in such a way that it is totally acceptable to those who seek that sort of information. It is no different to the so called teachers that you have for ordinary subjects in the physical, there are competent ones and there are incompetent ones. Many people enjoy being the centre of attention and will set themselves up as teachers. So there are just as many “not so good” teachers after you transit as there are before you transit. Like all existence, you must divest yourself of any illusion that life changes in a dramatic manner when you leave the physical, because, while you are in the physical you are already in the non-physical. It just takes you time when moving over to adjust to being back again. Now, imagine leaving your country for seventy years and going back and finding that the street you were born in has disappeared and that in its place are rows of tall buildings, offices, shops, big blocks of apartments, all the machinery of modern living, you would feel as if you were in a very strange place compared to what it was like all those years ago. Sooner or later you would adjust but it would take some time and whether you would like it or not is another thing so possibly you would go and look for another area. Are you with me with this?

Maybe you can talk about coincidence.

So give me some example that warrants the term “coincidence”.

It was being used in reference to someone being ”seen” in another part of the world by a relative at the moment of death.

I don’t think that warrants the term coincidence in normal parlance. If you look at the word, co-incidence and take it as co-incident(s) then you are talking about more than one incident happening simultaneously. And therefore the person dying in one part of the world and appearing to someone else in another part of the world you have the same, you might call, incident, because the same person is apparent at the same time, two connected. So rather than, if you look at the word again, coincidence, it has been shortened from “connected incidents”. Do you understand?

Now, if you look at these “coincidences” they are “connected”. Yes? The two incidents are alike and they are connected. You now look at “what is the connection” and then you try and find, how?, why?, are they connected. What is the motive force? So back to your example, a connected incident. A person died, but they appeared to somebody that they wished to know (inform) because they had always been connected to that person. So in future it would behove you to look at anything that is considered coincidence, understand it as connected incidents and then look for the connections. Look for what connects the two and see how your “coincidence” arose.

Like walking along and thinking of someone and then you turn the corner and bump into them.

So let us say again that you have the “incident” when you are thinking about somebody and then the incident of you turning the corner and there they are. Now, look at the connection. How did the connection arise? Was the physical body suddenly transported to the position where you first thought of them, or did the thought arise in your mind because of the interconnectedness? So maybe the interconnectedness caused the thought. Even though that other person may not have been thinking of you, you thought of them because of their proximity. You know of incidences where e.g. a person is injured in one part of the world and yet a close relative then senses that. Why? Because your frames of reference are interconnected and emotion travels. So we will put connectedness and interconnectedness underlying your coincidence.

Thank you. Can you tell us anything about why the bee population is decreasing and what we can do about it?          

The pendulum swings. You will remember that not that long ago in China they killed all the small birds and soon were overrun with insects. They had to revise their ideas and now it is back to harmony. Once more Nature repairs itself from the depredations of man. These are not words we want to use because they correspond too much to judgemental aspects. Have no fear, the world will not cease to produce the plants that are necessary for survival. Just as you play with fruit flies, just as you play with mosquitoes….necessity is the mother of invention.

Will we all be out there with paint brushes?

Possibly, for a while, but you will move into the mass breeding of the necessary pollinators as you finally wake up to what you are doing. You had DDT, you have it no more. Other chemicals you are currently using, when the full impact of what you have been doing hits home, you will change course once more. Nature will once again repair itself.

Do not put yourself above what you call god when you discuss being subject to a higher power. If you think that everything is made, or consists, of consciousness and if you think of your place in the natural order of things then do you not think that what you call Mother Nature is fully the equivalent of what you call god. Should it wish to take a certain course it will do so regardless of any other species, which of course it produces anyway. We are in a circular argument here because all consciousness is equal and is engaged in a cooperative endeavour to produce the physical environment. The bees are with you in this, the earth is with you in this. When you find, or you believe, that you are threatening your own existence do you not think that you will change course?

Thank you

Now again, when we come back to curing yourself of various ailments, arresting the ageing of the physical body and why it seems so hard to do then why not look at your own intentions and desires. We will recap an earlier explanation, “Do you prefer to be with those with whom you feel comfortable? In your own case do you find yourself energetic and alive when you are at your golf club with your friends and yet if you were suddenly placed with a number of 20 year olds talking about fashion and socialites and facebooks would you not feel out of place? So how much intent and desire is there to not be part of that which with you are (not) familiar? The vast majority wish to be part of that with which they are familiar. You will find that very few when questioned and being able to answer honestly will wish to live beyond the ages of their peers. They may be afraid of how they will die and yet most will say “I don’t want to outlive my children”.

Imagine how it feels to be, say 110. Your parents have gone, you friends have gone, your children have gone and the world is totally different to what you were previously used to. No familiarity, you are in an alien environment and, if you were given the opportunity to look at where your parents, your peers, your children were then existing, would you not take the opportunity, if it was offered to you, to join them? There may be, as there always is, the exception to the rule. And so, if you read back, through what we have spoken about this evening, you will see why the physical plane is constructed with the beginning and an end, albeit of different terms of time, in every part of its construction.

Look upon the bright side, because it is constantly being re-created in an ever different form, there are many opportunities to come back and experience it afresh. It is like cruise ships that you go on. For those who first went on a journey from one continent to another as a passenger, this was on sailing ships, then it went to steam vessels, merchant vessels and then the first cruising ships. Now more and more variety of activity, comfort, enjoyment is being added and so you, others move from one cruise ship to another to experience the new things. No different to coming to cruise ship Earth and having another life. You are, of course, not passive in this, in each life you have the opportunity for new forms of creativity, using new instruments, vehicles and labour saving devices.

When we use your language you need to not take certain words as being tightly limited but view them from a broad perspective and how they cover more than one aspect.

People today are moving all over the world from continent to continent. Is this part of a greater plan to mix people up instead of leaving them as individual races?

Again [sigh], you are coming from a viewpoint that there is an external power. Would you agree?


Yet at the same time you consider consciousness to come from an equality of source. We will not say homogeneous because different consciousness can exhibit different attributes. Now, if you were currently….let us go back a little way to where we were talking about transmission of information and the mobility of the human body and the labour saving devices which enabled the human body and all information of human existence to move from one place to another extremely quickly. As we said, consciousness looks at the new situation and wants to come back for another life, much the same as if you had only sailed on a small vessel with few activities and suddenly you were confronted with a 200,000 ton floating hotel, floating city, with everything that you could possibly desire, then many want to experience that. Just look at your question. You as a cruise passenger on a small vessel became aware, because of your interest, that the information regarding the large vessel was available. So just apply the transmission of information and pictures of lifestyles from the affluent to the not affluent. Does not desire arise?

Once you look at the relative ease with which you can move from one part of the world to another for a better life then would you not decide, ”I think I would prefer to be there”, and I can be.

So instead of looking for that outside controlling force just realise that all consciousness is co-creating. All are conscious, consciousness means awareness. Only a few years ago the vast masses in Africa were not aware…..let us go back a few centuries say, how did someone in any part of Africa know what life was like in Europe? They did not know, they did not know how to get there, apart from walk and all they saw, if they saw anybody, was somebody coming to them, dressed strangely, who had weapons that were far beyond theirs and therefore they could not resist.

Now look at today, look at the information transmission, television, mobile phones, the motor car, planes and many consciousnesses saying “we can make it happen for you”.” Heaven is only a few thousand dollars away”. Look at who is moving, the ones, not in times of war, who are successful to whatever degree, even if it means only applying for a job and saying “I will work for very little”. They make their labour attractive and succeed in that they are able to go and live where they desire to live. In times of war, necessity breeds invention and you find some way to get to this place because there is nothing where you are, only danger, and you wish to go to somewhere where at least, at the worst, you will not be allowed to die from starvation or from the cold and you will have a chance to make a new future. If you look at what is happening now you will see no difference to what happened within the last few hundred years with the peopling of the Americas, Australia etc. There is no outside power, there is merely consciousness as a whole wishing to satisfy its desires and again desires is a loaded word and is not appropriate. Does that make this much clearer?

There is no god! There is no controlling hierarchy.

I was not thinking in terms of that at all. I was thinking in terms of choosing our lives.

It is merely, if you have chosen a life in, for example, Africa do you not feel that you have also chosen to live in Africa for so many years and then move to somewhere else? Look at your own life. When you chose your own life did you not intend to be residing in Australia?

Probably did yes.

Did you choose the life, the beginning of the life, the end of the life and the general things you wanted to experience?

Well that’s what I am thinking did happen, but obviously don’t know.

You were told by a medium many years ago that she saw Canada and Australia and what eventuated? Canada and Australia. Now, wouldn’t the simple answer be as she had you in front of her that she could read your life’s intentions? Your life plan? Was it in your pattern? Was it in your information bank? Information field shall we say? Which made it… why is it called a reading?

Because they are reading your aura.

Again, much is in the words that are creating your replies, a certain aspect of life, and merely by wondering, “why this word?” then you can think “what occasioned this word to be used?” as we have said many times before or rather David has said in-spiration, in-tuition, ask and it shall be given to you, seek and ye shall find etc. The words are created so that those who wish to think could derive meaning and knowledge and enlightenment as you would say etc.

We have covered, what you might term, a macro philosophical view of creation this evening and should you wish it would be worthwhile to consider what has been said and try to formulate a view of life in all its forms and that means before you came, while you are here and where you are going, not life in forms meaning species, but life meaning your own particular awareness and you may find a greater understanding of what you think you are.

Comment:- Many wonder about why world population is increasing so rapidly. It would seem from what has been said above that there is a strong demand from consciousness to experience the physical life, being a first or a re incarnation due to the increasing attractiveness and variety of experience available. When we look at the declining birth rates of the affluent nations there would seem to be limited opportunities to come to an agreement with prospective parents in those nations. Whereas in other nations the birth rate is much higher and so more opportunities exist. Could it be that consciousness is having to use a “back door entry” to gain admittance to the life style of their choice? This could be looked upon as an explanation for the mass movement of people occurring today.

A reader asks:- Given that the world’s population is expanding enormously and there are billions more people on earth now than there were say 1000 years ago, where do all these extra souls come from?

First of all the word souls, soul is a perception in the imagination of those who believe in their particular religion and the word soul can be equated with consciousness, higher consciousness, inner self, higher self, and various other designations of the unknown, you might say, or ignorance. The hunch or suspicion that there is a defined entity, which somehow inhabits and controls a body, that has just happened, and that these bodies get produced and the soul appears and says, “ah something I can use, I’ll pop in here”. Once you start to think about how the situations arise you will see the sheer farce of that line of reasoning and yet at the same time you believe that some form of god created all that you see, the Universe in seven days and you look at the Big Bang Theory then it all just sort of clustered together and then it all sort of evolved from some spark of life, that originated from we know not where, or by a bolt of electricity though a couple of chemicals, that seem to have formed from gases, and so on and so on.

So let us look at it another way in that, as we have said before, the whole world, the whole universe, “all that is”, as is postulated through the Indian, the Hindu and the Buddhists and others. “All that is” is “all that was”, and “all that will be” because it always has been, and that “all that is” is consciousness. Consciousness creates form, why? Who knows, but it does simply for the joy of creation probably. So, if you wish to take an entity, such as soul, then what size do you think it is? Why do you think there is a limited number? You have say a trillion cells in your body, each one is conscious but you only have seven billion people therefore, if you wish to think that the cell, being connected to all the other cells, is aware of everything the body does, then does anybody talk about a cell having a soul? Or even a cell becoming a soul? So, and if we talk fully sentient beings then when you get a soul that is so called evolving then if we accord, as we are aware certain species have virtually all the DNA that the human has, then would you say that they have a soul as well? All reason would say yes, and wouldn’t they want to move from being an ape in the jungle, though there are not many of those. But then you can take this over to many other species as well and would they not want to move up to being human. So what we are saying is the supply of what you think are souls is infinite and because consciousness creates form then should there wish to be an infinite number of beings on the earth, there already are if you count down to the bacteria etc. then the appropriate amount of necessary energy, needed to sustain the new forms, will be provided as the creationary need arises because there is nothing that cannot be sustained otherwise it is a failed creation and would not be there anyway. Does this answer or give you another way of looking at what you consider to be a soul?


Lost the beginning of this recording unfortunately.

As to interviews with what you might term the trance personality, the questions will be asked and people will try to ask questions which were designed to cast doubt on the efficacy of the information, of its basis in, what you might call, truth, but we can assure you that these will be handled with aplomb. So, there is much work to do. We haven’t got to this position without quite some intensive effort on your case, in that we have had to direct you to much study, much thinking in order that we can press the right buttons in quick succession to give fluent answers to any questions that arise. We are not having to search around with low levels of language and knowledge to try and formulate a comprehensive answer. So don’t think we have worked this hard in order for you to fall at the first hurdle. You have much to do, you are going to enjoy it and we are going to enjoy watching you spread our/your information, so fears aside settle down and get on with the job in hand.

Comment: FYI I am adding these comments as we transcribe the recordings. Well, that’s leaves me in no doubt as to which part of me is in charge. However it’s nice to know that I am looked after and it would also appear that I have got a few more years left in me yet.

Well, we will try to give you some background on the different aspects of trance mediumship. Now you have already seen another instrument holding an intelligent conversation with you and mediums generally experience some form of bodily manipulation so would you say that if this was taken to the extreme, you may say, that a consciousness can, we are talking a group consciousness here of course, ask for the assistance of certain skills that other consciousnesses possess?

Comment:- Would you believe it, the battery has run out on the recorder, we will have to ask for this information to be provided again. However I can personally affirm that this is possible.  I have always wanted a classy English accent after dealing with merchant bankers in the City of London in my twenties where my south London accent was looked down upon.  One day in 2014 I woke up speaking in the desired manner, a complete surprise, and additionally I had acquired a deep, powerful singing voice and this voice also knew how to breathe. The singing has stayed, the accent comes and goes. I’m happy to go with the flow, it’s all been to the better so far.

A lot of people talk about guides and helpers, things of that nature. Would you like to comment on that please?

Now if you are not in contact with your higher consciousness, you are not aware of your higher consciousness, you have not had the support and the confirmation that you and David have had from the intelligence that may not be any more intelligent but certainly has a wider experience and knows how to access depths of knowledge. When you did make probes into these other areas and you found a welcome voice in your head, words of comfort or words of direction, of inspiration and knowledge then what name would you give to this? If you ask for help regularly and you got the answer, what would you call that?

You could say it was somebody guiding you.

Yes. Ask and it shall be given, who is giving? You would go and ask the priest and what would he say?


Or your angels, because only the priests could speak to god after all. Do you understand what we are saying?

I understand what you are saying.

They had to designate a lower entity to speak to the ordinary person. Similarly the pope is said to be the only infallible member of the Catholic Church. How come the rest aren’t? You have to elevate people to pedestals so the priests had direct communication with god, nobody accords them that now of course but originally that was the idea. Which is why special places were constructed for the priests to live, the Pyramids, temples, monasteries etc. to foster the impression of access to and communication with the creator.

The same thing applies to the Spiritualist movement. They didn’t want to refer to gods and archangels etc. they wanted something more understandable, more down to earth, so they designated communicators as guides and helpers etc. Jargon and dogmas spring up when any new form of belief begins to spread. Those who set themselves up as teachers of the new knowledge deliberately foster this to create an aura of exclusivity otherwise they couldn’t be teachers could they? There are always the people who are happy to sit at the feet of the guru not understanding that if they took the time and the trouble they could find out for themselves. Just as you see in the physical, the vast amount of consciousness is happy to sit back and take advantage of another’s endeavours. As above so below.

Look at what is happening to your world. Ever more people are happy to not work but to rely on the endeavours of others to provide their needs. Maybe you can see why we say as above so below.

Now when somebody is allowing a trance personality to speak through them how can one ascertain the genuineness of the communicator?

How many times have we spoken about reason and logic? What would you expect for the person you are talking about, given their level of intelligence, the position they currently hold and the knowledge you presume they hold, even though it may not be in depth on these subjects? What sort of higher consciousness of that instrument would you expect to speak?

You would expect it to be reasonably sensible.

But not necessarily in the vein in which we speak?

No, not necessarily but it could be.

As we have said before if the instrument does not have the wide ranging knowledge and the appropriate belief system we could not put the information past that person’s belief system. It is not just picking out words. These things have to go through, you might say, gates and if those gates are locked you cannot get the information through. Everything that is spoken has to go through the maze of gates and the doors have to be batwing doors, you must be able to just push straight through them. If they have never been opened they may be firmly shut, they have to have been unlocked. That means understanding and you understand that.

So, in your opinion, what percentage of those on your side are able to find a way to speak in the physical?

How many sensible trance mediums have you come across in the past twenty years? Even by looking on the internet and around.

Very few.

Yes, very few. Because most consciousnesses in the physical are not interested. They have come here, created their instruments, in order to enjoy certain things. They already know what can be done and so it is only the ones that wish to teach others that actually enter into this endeavour. The ones that have no wish to teach others and merely wish to enjoy the physical just don’t bother with this at all. Why should they? If they have come to experience the pleasures of eating, drinking, all the other things in the physical world, power, money, thrills, challenges, bodily sensations etc. then few are interested in teaching. Volunteer teachers can only come through those people who are interested in what you have to say.

So would you say that there are many on your side who would like to be able to get through and speak in the physical?

Once more, you are talking each individual higher consciousness. The ones who really want to talk to this side are ones that will form a vehicle in order to do so. Others who are scanning ideas and are attracted simply join in with the committed group. Again, far more followers than creators. Like your blogs, you simply join the conversation when it takes your interest. Here I am talking through this instrument, listening to what is being said. That is something else you must realise of course, just as you are listening and your instrument then listens to the recording, although he hears the words going past, we are in the same position. We are listening to what is coming out. You seem to think we have all this prepared but it is the confluence of many, many minds all coming together and we are all aware that the words spoken are the opinion of the majority.

Sometimes we may not quite agree with some representations but we simply have to abide by the words that are actually spoken and it is up to our own analytical consideration subsequently for us to decide whether this is something we can accept wholeheartedly. Or perhaps 90% or so, or perhaps a certain aspect wasn’t covered. There is always something you can’t cover because there are so many alternatives and so many shades that you can only have a pretty generalist transmission. There is always somebody who says that an omitted fact was really important but the majority obviously didn’t agree.

So on your side we’ve heard that you think of somebody and then you are able to communicate with them. Are there only certain people you can think of and communicate with?

Like your internet, let’s say you put the thought out there and we will run the parallel as we go along. You put the thought out there, you put the name into the search engine. You may get a vague reply to the thought but it may be the wrong person because unless you have a definitive knowledge of that person, some form of link, then you won’t connect with the right one, will you? So you must be fairly precise, even putting in Elvis Presley you will get Elvis Presley impersonator, memorial, various other associated items and events.

Now, the next step. You locate Joe Bloggs say, you send him an email, you locate Joe Bloggs, you send him a thought. Now you have only heard of this person and feel you would like to talk to him. He gets an email from a person he doesn’t know of saying I’d like to speak to you. Which of his incoming mail baskets is it likely to end up in?

Probably in spam.

And he may or may not open it, depending upon the attractiveness of your message, whether it excites his curiosity enough for him to open the email. It is the same with the thought. If the thought comes across, remember the thought can be assessed far more and you can send a conceptual thought so that they can feel the type of person that is sending. So they may be inclined to reply and then back comes a thought. Others can’t be bothered and will ignore the thought. It’s not all love and light you know.

How many of you, even here, send out contacts to people you don’t know? On a regular basis.

Not really.

No. You keep to your connections in the main don’t you? It is only when you need a specific thing, you may need a specific reply and then you send to somebody you think has the requisite knowledge. In your instruments experience how many have come back with detailed help?

Very few.

Absolutely. They are wrapped up in their own realities. The same applies. As below so above if you wish.

A Question from Hayley. As I understand it the non-physical spirits inhabit the physical bodies but as there is no time they are able to inhabit many bodies simultaneously and lead different lives simultaneously. Is that correct? How does it work now that there are 7 billion physical bodies on the earth and more if you count animals etc. when there were only a few thousand many years ago? Do the spirits just inhabit more physical bodies at one time or do the spirits reproduce as well?

Why do you think that the number of what you call spirits is limited or has to reproduce? If you look out at the universe around you, you will see it is limitless. If you think of the number of atoms, molecules etc. smallest points or energy or consciousness that exist then that is beyond your imagination. Now just look at the possible lives a consciousness can live as regards physical reality, but first of all think of all the other realities that you cannot see. You cannot see atoms and molecules so you have no idea what organisation they have. The same goes for any other small part and even then, depending on the frequency they vibrate at, because your eyes and ears and other senses can only work within a certain frequency, then whatever forms of what you might call solidity may exist at a different frequency and you would be entirely unaware of them.

But now let us come back to physical reality and the human race and look back just a few thousand years and see that being a human being wasn’t all that exciting except for certain people in relatively privileged positions in certain parts of the world. Now it didn’t progress that fast really until the end of the Middle Ages and the coming of the industrial revolution and why did more people start to get born then? Why did it start to become a more attractive place to experience? Because the standard of living rose. You no longer had to avoid wild animals all the time, food became plentiful as farming became organised, industrial goods, clothes, shelter, everything became more available and so did various activities. Communications came in, no longer did you have to walk somewhere to tell somebody something, you sent a letter and later on in the not too recent history came the telephone. Means of transport proliferated and everything sped up. You have noticed that the rate of increase in population has kept pace with the, if you can find a way to measure it, technological, industrial, cultural, health, all the progress in these areas.

And why? Because the physical world has become a lot more attractive, a lot more appealing for consciousness to experience. As we have said in previous posts, as affluence has grown in the west there are far more things to do and less children are being born because one is no longer just sitting at home producing children needing them to work in the fields in order help provide enough to enable you to live in a reasonable manner i.e. just enough to stay fed and clothed. So as the more affluent nations have reduced their number of offspring, which means that the number of ideas, plans, that are acceptable to the consciousness groups (the puppeteers) who are operating those (the puppets) who are enjoying the affluent life, that will agree to be parents to new groups of consciousness, has reduced. Yet these new groups of consciousness wish to enjoy the new affluent life and so, as we discussed in a previous post, what is happening is that the rates of child production in the non-industrialised, non-affluent countries of the world have carried on and even expanded because those consciousnesses realise that we can have an agreement for another child in the middle of Africa or the Middle East and although we may have to sweat it out until adulthood as soon as we get the chance we’ll migrate to the areas where we can enjoy the good life.

This is what you are seeing today. It is consciousness finding a way to achieve its ends even though by the back door. There are many consciousnesses willing to come here as you can imagine but also there are many, many multiples of that number who have no wish to come here. They do not see this as Nirvana by a long shot. They will go to other realities more conducive to their values.

That should have explained to you how the population is increasing. Yes, you can live many lives at once but that doesn’t mean to say you are concentrating all your efforts in a physical reality. You may of course conjoin yourself with other consciousnesses in experiencing the life of a woman here, the life of a man there, even the life of a bird somewhere else, because you can come and go as you please. You can just join and become the “I” as in ‘Entangled Minds’. You become that particular one. As soon as you join you refer to yourself as “I experienced this, I experienced that” which indeed you did. So, “how did you experience that? I experienced that as Joe” or as Joanna or whoever. Ok? And you may just pop in to the experience of a bird just to experience the aspects of flight.  (Could this be what we do in a ‘flying’ dream?) You might feel yourself as part of the consciousness of a large tree just so as you can feel the power and the awesomeness and the view and so you can experience the goings on of the birds and animals climbing around in your branches. You can let your imagination run riot here.

You can experience anything but of course you can experience totally different realities as well. You have all these channels you can switch into. You can say I’ll look deeply into this and feel part of this and then you pull out and say well yes that was good. Now what else is there around? So you’ll watch the thoughts coming by, you’ll see where the intensities are quite hot, shall we say, and, I’ll go over and see what is going on there. This isn’t far-fetched, it’s quite natural really. You do exactly the same thing when you are sitting in front of your T.V. or you are browsing your internet. You just look to whatever is there and when something takes your interest you focus into it. As above so below.

The other night you said that there was no plan so why is it that people who have near death experiences are frequently told that they need to come back because there is work that they still have to do?

When they come back they only remember certain things yes?


When you come here you are not aware of what things you want to tackle or achieve or experience. You knew that before you came but you deliberately organised it, along with your other consciousnesses of course, so that you didn’t know, the veil of forgetfulness!

So would you not call that a plan, from the other side?

We go back to the playlet, the idea. By using this word ‘plan’ too many people expand it to the ‘Grand Plan’. They take it in a hierarchical fashion and before you know where you are you end up back with a god again. A grand plan and a whole lot of subsidiary plans. Well, there isn’t any. It is simply that which you want to fall in with. Say if a big group of consciousnesses comes along that says “We’ve got this wonderful plan, would you like to be part of it? Here is a little bit for you to get involved in”. So what have you got then? You’ve got a consciousness with a big idea, a large operation and you are going to play a small part. So you say “oh, there is a bigger plan”. Yes?


Right. So you go hierarchically up and this is how people ended up with a god. But there isn’t. You have all got your own little plans, your own little playlets, your own little ideas, your own little list of what you want to experience. You are hooked on this word ‘plan’.

‘Plan’ is one way of explaining it but it’s not…

It is taken in a different fashion. You don’t say ‘God’s bucket list of experiences do you?’ You say ’God’s plan for us’.


So you must realise the gravity of the word. How the word is seen when applied to a spiritual endeavour. So you must remove that word, use a different word.

So when the NDE’er goes back he is reminded that ’you went down to do this, that and the other’. He had deliberately forgotten. Once he finds himself on the other side he is not only reminded, he is aware and then he makes the decision “ah, I haven’t done X, Y and Z, I’ll go back”. But when he gets back he has gone through the veil of forgetfulness again because it wouldn’t be much good coming back saying “well I know I’ve got to do this, that and the other and then I’m dead”. He has got to be in the same position as he was in the first place when he came into the physical. Again we get “I was told to go back you’ve got work to do”. A sly fabrication on behalf of the ‘larger’ consciousness, shall we say, rather than the ‘higher’, in order to keep the smaller group of consciousness on the straight and narrow as regards knowledge of their provenance.

So it’s quite easy to explain that. If you think about it yourself, if you come once and you forget, then why shouldn’t you come twice and forget? It wouldn’t be much good coming back with all the knowledge would it? You would have come there in the first place with it all but that would have defeated the object of the exercise.


So, same thing second time around except that you might be left with the tantalising little bits of having met the relatives etc. Again, some of those you know, you have this deep love connection with and that is much harder to block out, but some future experience is easier to block out because you haven’t experienced it yet. It may be experienced later as say, a vague desire.

Thank you.

Why are all snowflakes different?

Why are all snowflakes different?

Snowflakes, you might say, are their own personality as projected into the physical but, as an artist decides on a picture that is to be projected, then, because of the nature of the physical pattern, the molecule of water and its crystalline existence, wherever you care to focus i.e. either in the liquid or the solid form as regards the ice, the liquid form is a fluid crystalline structure and the solid form is still showing itself in a crystalline fashion, there are certain lines, rules to be followed in the process of moving from liquid to solid. Just as all manifestation is predicated on a cumulative growth, shall we say, in that certain things will grow in a hexagonal form, others will grow in an octagonal form etc. because (of) an initial design, then what is expected to be the final outcome will then have to be taken back to its origination to determine the most suitable process by which to achieve the end result.

Now, from the molecule of water in its free state, i.e. as part of vapour, then the receptors on the molecules have to be designed in such a way that they interlock, which is why they are called receptors, with other molecules to merge together to form the fluid which then can, you might say, move around. As the temperature cools down, the density of the molecules, in terms of coming together in a slower moving union, to you appears to be a rigid and solid structure. It just means that the fluidity as such is no longer apparent. Much as when you see a pane of glass, that appears to be absolutely solid, when it is leant against a wall, within a certain period of time, long or short depending on its construction, it will start to bend. You will then understand its inherent fluidity as opposed to its seeming rigidity.

We have covered many aspects here in a long-winded fashion but if you wish, look upon it as being a pattern formation which then attracts the molecules of water. Your scientists may look upon this as being a mechanical operation but you must remember that each molecule of water has its own consciousness and its own limited amount of free will and desire to join in the construction of the snowflake and so you can either say that the idea of the snowflake was there and the consciousnesses joined in because it seemed like a good idea at the time or you can take the crystalline growth structure.  Even so you would have to postulate that the existing pattern existed or that, much as in the branching of a tree, only certain possible avenues of movement were possible. Yet when you consider that each snowflake is different from the other it would be interesting to hear what your scientists have attributed to that particular aspect of a snowflake.

So would you say that there is a catalyst for each snowflake?

If you work on the basis that there is a cooling element present, then translate that into, let us say, the potential for an idea, for an experience, to become a reality. In other words that those water molecules, the consciousness of those molecules, upon feeling, let us say, or becoming aware of the drop in temperature, the opportunity arises to experience being a snowflake. So you could call this the catalyst, the temperature drop. It is the sudden realisation that this is a possibility, “let’s try this”. Like all experiences, it can be a fleeting experience in that as the snowflake falls towards the warmer air then the molecules once more move back into the droplet or vapour stage in which case you can compare this to having a ski run. You experience a run down the ski slope, a molecule experiences a transition into a pattern of ice and then finds itself once more back at the bottom of the slope, shall we say, in the water.

Now, would you like to give the description of the catalyst that has been propounded?

I have read that a snowflake forms around a minute speck of dust.

And what encouraged……..

That’s what I don’t know.

We have just described to you something that you can understand in that particular personalities, (remember) consciousness is inherent in each gestalt that is forming in the molecule of water, and then the greater idea which requires, let us say, millions of molecules of water to form a particular pattern and as you know if we conglomerate all these minds together then it is very difficult for any particular conglomeration to be like another because it would require that all be of the same mind.

Do you understand?

Two distinct conglomerates, two distinct gestalts. Each one comprising the same number of, let us say, million minds, when all are interacting all over the place. The mathematical probabilities are enormous, it will never happen.

Do you understand this?


Which is why each manifestation is different. Whatever you look at you will see that nothing is the same (nothing is identical). So when you say that it forms around a minute speck of dust would you not think that as all atmospheric air contains minute specks of dust and the fact that a snowflake can only form under certain temperature conditions that in the formation it is inevitable that it will encapsulate certain specks of dust. One could say that “what was the cause and what was the effect”? Is the cart before the horse? But, did they address why is the pattern different (in every case)?


Would you not think that that is a very important part?

The subject was not discussed in any depth.

Have you ever read of anyone postulating a reason why each snowflake is different?


No, because if you go down that pathway you will have to acknowledge in the end that there is a designer behind the design of the snowflake. Yes?


And as you are aware, that is a subject that is generally not addressed.


Descartes, Darwin and the Big Bang Theory. All peering through a glass darkly.

“There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.  We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Max Planck 1944

“Consciousness is the fundamental thing in existence. It is the energy, the motion, the movement of consciousness and all that is in it. The microcosm and the macrocosm are nothing but consciousness arranging itself.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sri Aurobindo

That is another thing that I wanted to talk about. The blueprint. We talk about blueprints but when you think about, not only humans, but animals, they are born and they are born small. As they grow certain things have to happen to the body, not just get larger, changes have to happen. I find that says to me, there is some form of design. For example, teeth fall out and larger teeth replace them. It is so complicated that there has to be some form of design in some fashion, not a single designer but something that plans and decides.

We have covered this many times before. Of course there is a blueprint, of course there is a pattern, of course there is a plan. Now, if you just start from being a single point of awareness and then the thought comes through about a cheetah. What is this? A cheetah? And as you latch onto the thought other thoughts and all the associations rush to it, you might say, or you become aware of them (like a Google search). You are aware of a cheetah and then because you are interested you find that you are aware of, to a certain degree, that many others are also aware of a cheetah and are interested in what it is. We then move on to where the association and the thought comes through “I wonder what a cheetah is like?” You can take it from there, as the thoughts continue on, trying to imagine what it is like. As the intensity grows all the associated imagery comes in. All the pattern of the cheetah, from the moment of, what you might say, cheetah egg meets cheetah sperm, every alteration, every cellular division can be apparent.  Of course because we have spoken many times before about instantaneous, and your only way of looking at it is to relate it to supercomputer speeds, then you can scan through the plans, you might say, the patterns, of all prior cheetahs and see at each stage, each moment, each cellular change what the patterns are. (An accessible repository of prior knowledge akin to morphic resonance – see Rupert Sheldrake.)

Now, this is on such a vast scale, far beyond the capability of the human mind, the human brain to comprehend but if you take, let us say, you break the cheetah plan, blueprint, memory, whichever way you want to look at it, the film, the video recording, break this down into all its various aspects and, let us say, you have got a trillion cells organised into say X number of organs, muscles, veins, blood, cells etc. which brings it all down to a much more comprehensible arrangement. Then you need to have volunteers to organise and maintain, and hold their imagination, because you must remember that in the end this is imagination. Hold their imagination in the particular area in which they have agreed to operate in order that you can experience the actual physical cheetah between all of you. Now, if you follow the logic on that, it is just a vastly infinite exercise but to those who are at the, let us say, atomic level, the particle level and they are working together, it is no different, except in terms of scale, between you organising a vast factory of 20,000 people. It all works seamlessly, raw material goes in one end and the finished object comes out the other. There’s not much difference is there?  Like putting food in the mouth and producing blood cells in the body, it is a process, a manufacturing process. You simply have to scale this up to realise that it can be done, it is just a question of organisation.

If you take the fact of instantaneous communication then it is no big deal, is it, to scale those numbers up by a factor of 10, 100, whatever?  It is simply that you are only used to operating within a certain time scale. Where time is no problem and it can all just “happen’ if you wish it to happen, then it is not magic it is just simply that everybody knows what to do instantaneously.

Take a shoal of sardines and instead of imagining 10,000 sardines imagine 10 trillion sardines, they all still move at once, because they are all aware at the same time.

The patterns for everything, as we have stated so many times, are in the block of stone. Even before the first cheetah the possibility was there. Someone had to think of it and even design it but the potential for it already existed although that doesn’t mean to say that it has been actuated. This can carry on forever because the potential is always there. So once somebody wanted to think of, imagine, a cheetah, then it was possible because all things are possible, all objects, all events.

Who is the thinker?

Each awareness is the thinker. We come back to this area in which there is still contentious opinion in that this is chicken and egg, isn’t it? Where did the first thought come from? Then you will say “where did consciousness appear from”? You cannot possibly answer that because you are then back in the same position and this will always be. You are only aware of what you are aware of so you cannot be aware of where you came from. (All exists in a timeless present. You are who you are, when you are, wherever you are – wherever you focus.)

Thank you.

We cannot expect to get the answers to everything simply because in order to preserve these elements of excitement and uncertainty certain knowledge has to be withheld otherwise the reason for being, as far as physical is concerned, would disappear. Wouldn’t you think that this is applicable to all realities that are going to be experienced otherwise there would be no point in experiencing that reality? Yes?


Wherever you focus you will be aware of the parameters that exist for experiencing that particular reality and so you can get together with others and put together parameters for another reality and another reality. But how do you stand back and say to yourself “what reality am I in “?  Because you can only be aware of the reality you are focusing into. No matter how hard you try, at no point can you be yourself and another self, a greater self, because this becomes a series of Russian dolls. As soon as you try to step outside yourself then as soon as you realise you have stepped outside yourself you say “then what is outside me (this self?) So you want to go into that one. So how far can you go? Infinity once more. Whenever you try to see yourself from a different position it carries on ad infinitum.

But that is merely a theory, a logical theory.

We all have to rest within a certain understanding that, as was said, “I think, therefore I am”. Then you may say  ”well, I am aware, therefore I am and if I am aware that I am then I must be thinking”. You then have to become aware of “are there any others like me”? And what have you just produced? You have just produced a string of thoughts. Each awareness is producing a string of thoughts and so they quickly come together. Do you understand?

Because the thoughts attract the awarenesses or rather the focus of each awareness on that thought becomes what you may call, a talking shop, and if you take the gestalt back, in terms of a big bang say, you can take the idea with its trillion focuses and move it backwards to the original awareness that said “this looks interesting”. Simply the thought that “this looks interesting” attracted others. Like ants to the Ant-Rid. Like bees to the honey and suddenly there is a swarm around and the swarm feels the intensity and realises the potential that intensity gives it to create. The excitement builds and the manifestation happens. Suddenly,  ”we are doing it, we are doing it” and the desire arises to explore, explore the reality that has been created, has manifested. “how do we do it?”

Well, it’s all available, isn’t it? All the videos, all the patterns, all the blueprints. This is next, that’s next, that’s next. It is simple then, you just follow the numbers. You focus on the next pattern, produce it, the next pattern, produce it and so on. And so you get growth but as you do it your ideas change and because you have all the different consciousnesses involved in it from previous cheetah then slight alterations are made so cheetah number 2, 3, 350, 3050 are all slightly different from the last ones. Because they are composed of different viewpoints and all the while you are following the same pattern, because after all you did intend to experience being a cheetah, you might be a slightly different cheetah. “Can this cheetah run faster, can this cheetah jump higher”?

If you think about this in human terms and the consciousnesses involved then which abilities do different humans tend to focus on more than others? You can soon see that one set of minds focuses on being able to jump higher “yes that’s a good idea, I would love to experience that” and so you have a high jumper, a high jump athlete. Another one says ”I want to live in the lap of luxury and be looked up to by everybody around me” and so you get a very successful businessman. Another one wants to sing and have vast audiences. Now, all these ideas attract various minds. Others want to be part of a wonderful picture that everyone comes up and admires. And so are we coming back to your snowflake and the wonderful picture of each snowflake which is an expression of artistry?

It is all consciousness in motion and until this is recognised you will get these trite explanations of how such wondrous creations are brought about.

You must learn to ask the questions immediately something is put up as a simple explanation, “What about? How? You will see how very few are willing to go beyond their simple explanation, because those that do inevitably come back to the fact that there must be intelligent design behind this. Yes?


So this is all pretty ho-hum in the end because you realise that everything is an expression of a conglomeration of individuality. It is majority opinion, majority design and you just go along for the ride basically whenever you lend your arm to the wheel. You add your little bit of energy to the manifestation and you experience what is produced and you say to yourself “well that was enjoyable or now I understand what it means “ and then you move on and on and on because you have no option but to do that. As much as you try to still yourself to not focus on any idea how can you still your awareness and not find something of interest? It is difficult for you to say nothing is of interest as you always have certain beliefs. You cannot rid yourself of beliefs, it is impossible to rid yourself of beliefs once acquired and therefore beliefs will elicit reactions to ideas, emotional reactions or interest, same sort of thing. You cannot not be aware, so although you can try as hard as you possibly can to ignore, at some stage you will react. Some idea will come by; when we say ”idea” of course, we mean events, thoughts. It’s all the same thing, happenings, OK. Something will attract your attention because this whole sea of action is surrounding you all the time. You can only shut yourself down to a certain degree and then you have to keep a very strong focus on ignoring everything that is happening but just like any time you try to keep your attention focused for an inordinate amount of, we can only say, “time” then at some stage it will slip and you will react. From that moment the spell is broken once more and you find yourself in the maelstrom whether you like it or not and unless you are extremely obsessed with being non-involved then sometimes you can extract yourself from the focus but as soon as you are focusing of course there are many others with you and even though you may extract yourself then you simply find yourself with those of like mind. Once you have the knowledge even though you focus somewhere else the knowledge is within you because of the interconnection and you cannot break the interconnection, it is part of who you are and every awareness is. Every awareness. Can you imagine a neuron in the brain being able to break all its connections with the other neurons?


It would cease to exist, but as a point of awareness you cannot cease to exist and so you cannot not be connected. You can simply endeavour to be very unsociable.

Therefore the message is back to what we said in the first page of your website “Life is a bowl of cherries”. You are here to experience, you are focusing here to have a look and see what is worth doing, what attracts you and then picking that experience that you wish to go through, do it and then pick another one and another one and another one until some entirely new bowl of cherries attracts your attention.

Identical twins. One Soul or Two?

It is interesting how identical twins often lead very similar lives right down to choosing a wife with the same name, having the same number of children, having a dog with the same name, that type of thing. Can you comment on this, is their blueprint very similar?

If you care to think through this conundrum with the knowledge that you already possess you will probably agree that the original plan, the original desire came from a single gestalt (soul) but, as we have said before, not everything is perfect as you can see from what happens in the physical world.

In the case of identical twins do you think that this was already in the plan, shall we say, the point is here that you are also talking the physical process in the division of the egg, shall we say?


Depending on how you see this. If you think it was originally planned that there would be identical twins, that is one scenario. If you think that it happened due to a, say, misapplication of  patterning, perhaps, in that only one child was planned, yet it was apparent that there were going to be two from an early point and therefore it was decided to go along with that situation, that would constitute another scenario.

You have mentioned identical twins but you are also aware that most twins are not identical, yes?


In which case would you say that the non-identical had separate plans whereas the identical had one plan?

It certainly could be that way.

In which case you probably had separate gestalts for the non-identical plan and a single gestalt for the identical twins, yes?


Now do you know of any puppet masters that can operate two puppets at once?

Undoubtedly there will be some.

Do you agree that most gestalts are capable of leading several lives at once?


So if you have a gestalt faced with two where they thought there was going to be one and if they have reasonably fixed ideas on what it is they want to achieve, then is it likely that the two twins, being identical after all, will also be accessing the identical plan?

I think that, to a certain extent, is borne out where the twins do not remain in the same family, are separated but when they meet up later in life they find that a great many things in their preferences, and life even, are identical.

As we have just said, you already have the knowledge and are now thinking it through for yourself, yes?


There are various ways of approaching this. In some cases the identical twins will live basically lives diverse from one another. In other cases these similarities of choice tend to come to the fore. It would be apposite, would you not think, for the connection between the, let us say, unforeseen identical twins to be closer than that planned for ordinary twins seeing as it all started with the one plan in regard to the identical twins.

Could it not have been that the plan was to have identical twins?

Can you give a reason for why you would want to have two of the same, identical twins?

Just for the experience.

Could be, but then would you have two separate gestalts?

Maybe it would be one gestalt operating both.

Which we just referred to…..

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it was unplanned.

In which case, because both identical twins are connected to the same gestalt, the same thoughts would go to each of the identical twins. Would you call that a greater connection than that of the non-identical twins who are almost certainly operated by separate gestalts?

Yes. The ones operated by a single gestalt would obviously have more similarities.

They share the same thought net, you might say, so they will receive the same thoughts.

In previous posts we referred to the shoal of sardines, they all became aware at the same time which enabled them to all turn at the same time. Now if you were connected to the same thought net would you say that the identical twins would be aware of the thoughts emanating from that net simultaneously?


Given that they are in different environments some of those thoughts would be ignored and others would be taken up to suit the situation in which they find themselves.

Yes, because surely the gestalt would recognise that the two situations are different so therefore they would know that some of the thoughts would be relevant to one of the twins but not to the other given the different circumstances.

But they (the gestalt) would still be thinking the same thought and yet even though they know that this one would not be applicable to one, the thought would still be in the thought net.

The thought would still be in the thought net and possibly operated upon by one (twin) and ignored by the other.

Exactly. Even though you (the gestalt) are looking at one (twin) and thinking one thing the other one will pick it up but because it is not applicable to its situation it will be discarded. Then, as we have said before, plans change and what was going to be a single life is now two and it can be very interesting to say “Let’s see what goes on here, let’s compare this. We will let this run its course”. In one case they stay close together, bonded, throughout life. In another case they are allowed to split up but of course they are always connected to the same thought net. So when the idea comes up for a child’s name or a type of dog to buy or whatever then the majority opinion in the gestalt, if there is a belief and all gestalts have beliefs, may have a marked preference for a certain type of dog and therefore both twins are aware of that thought and feeling and take it as their own. The same goes for names, choice of clothing etc.

This all depends on the gestalt recognition, you might say, laziness. It is easier to think one set of thoughts, have one set of beliefs than to try and split yourself into two and operate the two in two different fashions in which case they wouldn’t be identical anymore in their choices would they? Maybe in looks but not in their choices and as you will find there are plenty of identical twins in looks and physical attributes and yet they lead totally different types of lives. Yet when you come across what seems to be a mystery, of twins separated, in different parts of the world, yet seem to be living to the same script, we hope that what we have just outlined can give you some understanding that if you approach it from the point of view of the controlling gestalt it is quite simple to understand.

Thank you very much.



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