Comments on Re-Incarnation, Past Lives, Ghosts and more

Reincarnation. A subject that perplexes many people mainly because of the concept of karma. This is a religious based fear concept constructed to persuade the masses, masses meaning all, to adhere to an acceptable code of conduct, on the basis of whatsoever you do to others will rebound upon them as the scales have to balance and often this would only balance in the next life. What is not emphasised however, for obvious reasons, is that you will not remember who you were in the next life and you will not understand why you are being visited with, what you might say, would be the sins of the parent. The sins of the parent visited upon the child. Does that mean that the sins of the predecessor will be visited upon the successor? This has been another saying capable of many interpretations.

The emphasis generally has been upon the negative aspects of karma. Of course, that is the whole purpose. To try to get the human beings to act in a kindly and considerate manner thereby kindling the hope that the next life will be a more enjoyable one with few negative aspects.

Now, this all has to be taken with the view in mind that the “self” which is separate from the smaller ”self”, you might say that the ego, the “I” is the smaller self and the inner self is the true “self”, if you wish. We are using words that can be argued over here because otherwise we would have to go into enormous detail to delineate various aspects of what people call egos, ”I”s, selves, lower selves, higher selves, inner selves, inner child etc. Suffice it to say, there are divisions of consciousness, some of which act within the physical plane, which we will refer to as the lower self, and that part of the consciousness that stays in another plane. You may choose between astral, mental whatever you wish to choose, and that is the director of operations, shall we say, the guide, the touch on the tiller, having constructed the vehicle and having programmed the vehicle then just adjusts the direction and the speed now and again by means of whispered influence, sometimes of which, we might say, is not heard. It is just that the vehicle has not got proper control of its motive powers.

Now, if you were taking one life after the other would you not think that each time you reviewed a life you would look at what you had done and then think “well, this time I will avoid this and I will avoid that”. Why the concept of “you must pay”? Because you need to inculcate fear into the human being to keep them on the straight and narrow. It does not make sense that a kindly person would have to come back, or put it this way. We have to assume in this case that everybody is guilty of negative actions and therefore the vast majority of human beings would have to return in order to expiate their sins. Then what? Where do they go? They move on until they reach enlightenment? Or they have sufficiently purified their “soul”? And then they end up in heaven or nirvana where they are in bliss. For how long? The question isn’t asked either “where did they start”?  At the same time, they will say that their life began before the physical and carries on after the physical. So why should it stop in bliss? But how did it start in the first place?

It is easy to say “it was a spark of consciousness, a spark of god”, the awareness once more. The more you look at the concept of reincarnation you see, when you think about it and you apply logic and reason, it would seem that each life you create is simply an experience you wish to undergo, to enjoy in various ways for your own particular “entertainment”. We will use that word to cover the spectrum of chosen experience, any aspect of human endeavour, action, thought, expression.

If you are choosing one to do and if you have the capacity, some will believe you can and some will believe you can’t, to have many lives at once in many different dimensions then, it is easy to envisage, when you look at the groups in which you participate in your daily life, each involving slightly different expression of personality depending on the activity you are engaged in, that even many lives at once does not seem quite so impossible.

Now it may have been the case before, that religions have arisen as an early form of civil control. It is easier to control by instilling a belief system from a young age than it is by trying to reason, or use force to control, at a more advanced age. Basically, by instilling a certain set of values the human being self- polices. Society works quite well when people cohabit in small environments, co-exist, co-operate, and a relative harmony is achieved in a small unit and then people who deviate from the norm are quickly brought to see the error of their ways. As the population has grown and people have had access to arms, even from the days of sharpened sticks and bows and arrows, then groups have formed to fight each other for possession of food, the opposite sex, the land and anything that arouses a desire in the one to take what the other has by force if that is possible.

So, if we look at the concept of reincarnation from that aspect we see that it really does not hold water except in that fashion as a civil obedience tool. Now, we do have many investigative examples of cases, as they are said to be, suggestive of reincarnation. Most of these are children that remember a “past life” where they had, say a wife, children, business whatever it happened to be. Something that is generally able to be proven by taking the child to the place they speak of and they then recognise the area, the people, the names etc. In addition, some of these children have birthmarks suggestive of a violent end to the person they claim to have been before as most of these cases seem to be those whose lives were, what we would say, cut short. Now when we look at the consciousness, with memories of experiences, that is constantly creating new lives, if you have many lives going on across dimensions, then as one “play” ends, one game ends, then you start another one if you wish to do so. If you had planned on living a certain life time but due to the ever evolving nature of the play you are involved in, you agree that “OK I didn’t intend to leave this way but I’ll exit now just to make life interesting for the remainder”, or that somebody else wants an experience. So you have unfinished business.

So you form a new vehicle and you fashion it once more but, of course, if you do this quickly the memories have not faded and so it is quite possible that those memories carry over to the new vehicle and for a certain while those memories can be available to the new vehicle before they too fade away. You may well accept this possible scenario but reincarnation, again, implies a continuous linear, sequential concept, which, you are already aware, only exists in the physical. Outside the physical there is only the ever present, even though it is constantly in motion. So, reincarnation again is something you can believe in, if you wish to, or you can see it as just a bleed through of information from one activity to another. Like, you’re telling a joke in one life and it is so impactful that you remember it and in another similar life when you see that joke again, or even it may come to mind, in a form that you don’t realise, but you have an instinctive or an instantaneous overreaction to a happening that you see, which is extremely funny and you wonder how did I think of that so quickly. And yet, maybe you have seen this somewhere else and then you can throw in another aspect which would be sharing of experience. All is connected, therefore, wherever you focus you can focus on the experiences of another. But if you don’t, are not aware that this is possible you can most easily say, “That was a previous life.” Quite easy to do. Now I must admit that it is hard to explain how a child, which is born, sometime, not too long, after the person who the child says they were has died is not suggestive of reincarnation. But, can you also see that the new consciousness can be tuning in to the consciousness that has left the physical and picked up all the details, all the information, much as a medium can do.

A third one, can be that the person, whose life has been abruptly ended, has these, let us say, indignities, insults, physical insults as well as verbal, in the main physical insults, so deeply etched in their consciousness that they are not aware that they are completely free in their life in their new environment and still burn with the desire for whatever, you might say revenge, you might say burn with love, whatever it might be. The desire to see their children grow up, whatever, they have to find a suitable consciousness that will allow them to at least give them a chance to revisit their family once more. We talk about those consciousnesses that have addictions, that when they leave the earth plane try hard to influence and enter into the feelings of those still on the earth plane. They can be akin to a leach sucking on blood, they can blend with the feelings of the person in the physical which gives them the same sort of satisfaction that they felt. So we have a range. There are probably others that we haven’t covered and a range of possible scenarios. But let us assure you, that most certainly, for the vast majority, that the exception is more than the rule, and that is borne out by the number of cases, amongst the billions of those who are born, that are suggestive of reincarnation. So, one swallow does not make summer. Reincarnation as a mass concept for the masses is not valid. Do you have any questions?

What is your take on past life regressions?

We spoke before about the hour glass, the inverted pyramid, the small pointed focus through which the mass of consciousnesses can experience the physical and how when you are able to focus upwards, if you wish, from that small base of the pyramid, there is a vast area of knowledge and experience that you can tap into, and a vast piece of all these experiences of all consciousness as everything is connected, which is why we did not want to say, who is speaking. Because many, many, many are providing the knowledge which we are using to converse with you. Now, you should already be seeing the possibilities of, let us say, throwing a dart into the dartboard of previous lives, whatever lives are going on, whatever experiences are happening. Once you go looking for details of a life, whatever you access you can claim ownership of. Do you understand?

 Yes. I think I do.

So regression is like having your consciousness walk into a library full of biographies or should we say auto biographies. Does that make it clearer?


Thank you. Now people report that they have been helped by angels. Can you comment on angels?

Now, as we have stated, everything is a co-creation. The laws of the environment we presently live in have been agreed and everything has been constructed according to those laws. But different laws exist in other dimensions and different creations are made in other dimensions and so do not think that your particular three dimensional reality does not have many gradations because why would you simply fix the gravitational pull at one level? Would you not think of having a reality where the gravitational pull was much less and therefore, you could move instead of one yard at a time you could be like a super kangaroo and move at one mile at a time or simply leap to the top of a mountain? Again, let your mind soar into all kinds of wild speculation and think wouldn’t it be nice if I could do this, if I could do that and of course, you can for you create your own reality. Whatever you wish to experience you can.


Would you like to comment upon ectoplasm?

Ectoplasm is a manifestation. The consciousness that has chosen the route of exploring the experiences of a physical medium has to some degree wanted to be the subject of interest to others. Just as we talk about gods giving signs involving awe and wonder then the consciousness that controls the medium may wish to create, what you might call, the manifestation of energy which can be manipulated or impressed like modelling clay. A medium of expression, you might say, and used in a kinetic fashion. It can be used to form objects, it can be used to show a likeness of a person who is no longer in the physical, it can be used in séances for materialisation. It is all a creation from the expanded consciousness of the medium because in the same way that we are speaking now where the consciousness is far expanded from the consciousness that operates this instrument in day to day affairs, in the same way with physical mediumship which produces ectoplasm, the amount of consciousness(es) that are involved, and we will refer to another phrase, a word that we use “intensity”, the power generated by the intensity of thought can manifest in holographic or material fashion a solid object, but what it is creating, as you well know, is a force field. The intensity of thought can create a force field. In fact if you enter into a room in which you are not wanted, and you are recognised as somebody that isn’t wanted by everybody in that room, you will say that you can feel the animosity, but conversely you can feel the love, but you are feeling attraction or repulsion, a force field. So let us just take vast numbers of consciousnesses that are interested in assisting the endeavour to manifest and you can see how the use of ectoplasm, energy, force fields can accomplish the purpose.

Thank you. Would you comment on ghosts please?

We spoke earlier of lives cut short, you might term it unfinished business, desires and memory, but a vibrant memory that says “I must do this, I must get this finished” and we just spoke of intensity of consciousness that enables materialisation. Now, we spoke of holographic, what is a ghost in your terms and explainability but a form of hologram. But a hologram motivated by desire. You have also heard of thought projection. A ghost with unfinished business from a consciousness that has passed on is very much the same as what you term a doppelganger, a consciousness that is currently operating the physical body and yet wishes to be somewhere else at the same time, but in some form there is such an intensity of emotion involved or, it can be a wish not to be somewhere, and therefore the mind wanders and creates what you would say is a ghost, an apparition, a thought projection in another locality. Do you understand? The two things again can be interchangeable, another can be sheer force of habit. When you pass over, where you have been a very habitual person and it is very difficult to shake yourself of the habit, much as the drunks and the addicts wish to still keep that feeling going because their consciousness has memories, has feelings, has emotions. For example, we say we meet our loved ones, which means that love still exists. If love still exists then the opposite still exists. Do you understand? All of these are simply beliefs that you have taken on at some stage and are taking time to release. Until you understand what is, we may say, “the truth” albeit temporarily over the present view point. Does that confuse you?

How do dead people turn up in photographs?

We have covered the intensity of emotion, intensity of desire, necessary to materialise in the séance room, the same principle applies. If you can affect the fabric of the physical plane, you will hear me refer to fabric as being the pattern. You understand what we mean by the pattern in the field, rather than solid object. If you can flatten the field, in some way, now a photograph is produced by light, reflecting from the object, which then affects the chemical composition of the film. If you can create your own source of light, at the same time as a film is exposed, then there is sufficient intensity of desire, consciousness, whatever, then you can transmit the desired representation onto that film, and of course, we can now come on to the digital age then, in theory, it is even easier to transmit an energetic construct, the same principle with light, but probably less energy is involved, although to-date, but possibly more through reluctance of the media to spread the examples, there are not so many examples of deceased persons appearing in digital photographs. In all cases of photographs reflected light causes the image to be created, so you could look upon the image created by ectoplasm, reflected light shows up in the photograph, or you could say “that an energetic image in the form of an idea, made into a hologram still causes light to be reflected”, or the hologram is composed of light but is not viewed objectively but the camera picks it up. Or you can say “is beamed into the camera receptors”. We can only give you things you can understand, there is more to be said but this, you might say “technologies have not yet been discovered or even conceived of at the present time, we know that will elicit even more questions so we will say “have not yet been focused upon.”

What do you have to say about Ouija boards?

We spoke of entertainment. Most attempts at Ouija boards are done in the spirit of entertainment and some in the spirit of enquiry. If approached in the spirit of entertainment then you will get whatever is out there because you are inviting the full range of consciousness to join you in creating a story. So those who wish to play games will create the story with you. Now, just look at what you do to each other in the name of fun and then you can see that others, whether in or out of the body consciousnesses may wish to do the same to you. But approached in a spirit if sensible enquiry the Ouija board can be a helpful introduction to the realisation that consciousness survives death, and again we say “the desire to let your loved ones know that you are still with them and they have not lost you”, then those desirous of that end find a Ouija board easy, because the persons, using the Ouija board, are putting themselves into an open mind situation and that allows other consciousnesses to tune in and operate the physical bodies of the participators and therefore the glass or planchette is directed to the appropriate letter to provide the desired communication. No different to us operating the verbal production of this instrument.

Do you feel there is any harm in using the Ouija board?

We say, over and over again, you create your own beliefs, from your beliefs stem your emotions, from your emotions stem your actions. Also your actions in using the Ouija board may cause unexpected emotions which then produce beliefs. So, you have already been conditioned, let us say, “provided with the knowledge,” that you can be possessed and if you find that an interesting area as a consciousness, especially if you are of a predilection to being centre of attention or even if your vehicle, that you are observing, has found that position to be somewhat satisfying, then the requisite belief is adopted and manifested. Whatever attention is desired. But generally if you take that person and give him a focus which they are more interested in possession does not make itself apparent. Why? Because focus.


Can you comment on doppelgangers and bi-location please?

You produce your own body, so you have group consciousnesses all focused on creating a body, now you are creating a physical body, there is no reason you cannot create, let us call it, a holographic body, a pastiche, a copy, but a copy in light, shall we say, but good enough in light to fool everybody, and if there is enough energy there, of course, you can create a solid copy. This is how physical mediumship works in effect. You have heard it said that desire produces the second body and if the person in the physical is connected strongly enough to their higher consciousness even that desire can produce certain happenings and in a serious case of the mind wanting to be somewhere or not wanting to be somewhere you can find yourself in an alternative place, together with, let us say, the holographic body, enough that people can see you, in some cases the higher consciousness sees you and gives a thought to the instrument that it can see and then other people cannot see what you are seeing. This is put down to clairvoyance. Some people can see a person standing there and others can’t.

Once more, clairvoyance is a question of being connected more closely to your higher consciousness and therefore what the higher consciousness can see can be transmitted to the clairvoyant and for ones that aren’t so well connected the picture cannot be transmitted.

So yes, bi-location is possible but it is extremely unusual for the consciousness to be aware that it is in two places or it has bi-located. Normally the more solid of the two, you might say, is not aware of the appearance of the more diaphanous one, or the hologram, and even when told that they were seen in another place cannot remember being there.


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