Conversations with our son, Steven

Conversation with our son Steven and other family members.      30th Jan.2016

“Death is simply a shedding of the physical body like the butterfly shedding its cocoon. It is a transition to a higher state of consciousness where you continue to perceive, to understand, to laugh and be able to grow”.       Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Is there anything from any of our relatives that can be brought through tonight?

If they wish to communicate they will, so we have ”Hi mum” straightaway.

Hi SteveIMG_6679

“So interesting watching you, quite amusing really cos from this side it’s so obvious. It is like wandering from room to room looking in, switching on lights, deciding that this bit looks correct, another bit looks good and another bit, they don’t quite match, why don’t they match? Will I really be here or won’t I really be here? But I can be here anytime I wish and I will be here, what you call there and you come here. There is no coming or going. There’s only being and I’m being as you are being and we are talking, we are communicating and you are feeling. I know you are feeling and I know Dad is feeling. Dad can see me smiling.

I can sense you smiling Steve. As you are talking to us what are you doing in everyday terms?

In everyday terms we have a wide circle of friends, connections, communications. I keep in touch with everybody that I have known on your side of things and others that I now know I know. There are many things to be involved in, many forms of creativity, many forms of enjoyment. I must admit that I find forms of enjoyment more interesting than forms of creativity or discovery. Music, music, music is an area of great joy because music can be experienced just as well here as it can where you are. An animal, loving an animal is much more apparent, if you wish it to be, here, than is generally expressed from the literature about this side.

I wish I was back sometimes because I would love to, when I watch you dancing I would love to be there dancing with you. We never got to dance together but I am a good dancer, I would love to.. maybe we would be able to do this in some other place and time.

We already are, not maybe we will, we already are, on another level. How do you think things are for Hayley and Michelle in all aspects?

I am interested, they are both quite happy. Inside they still wonder themselves where they are going and what the future holds but doesn’t everybody. As of the present time and all time is the present they are quite happy within themselves. They are quite happy with their present and their anticipated future, so they are not living in fear, they are living in the joy of an… the joy of the future but neither focus too much on the future. They focus on the present and near future only.

Do you consider that a good or a bad thing?

There is no point in focusing too far ahead because coming back to what was said by dad or dad’s communicators we don’t know which way the intensities will take us. We don’t know from this side either, we only know that certain directions, that at the present time, like the stock markets you can extrapolate. Sometimes the extrapolation happens, other times things are a complete reversal or a minor change.

Thank you for the help you have been giving me. Appreciate it.

Proud of you mum. Who would have thought a little person like you… none of us knew you had that determination. That determination to win! You have never been a person that needed to win, so to see you out there enjoying the winning and being proud of yourself and certain of your own accomplishments is lovely to watch. It makes me very happy indeed. I know it makes dad proud as well as I am sure Hayley and Michelle feel exactly the same way. Mum’s always been doing things for others and now she’s finding the person that she can be if she wishes to be.

I still feel the need to do things for others.

Of course, it’s your nature. Giving you a big hug mum.

Thanks Steve and a big one back.

So what do you think of Emma?

Uh huh, Dad getting in the way here. (amused) She’s an adorable little person….Dad getting in way…too close.

Any advice on anything Steve?

Be happy and to be happy do things that make you happy. Don’t do things that don’t make you happy. It’s as simple as that. Because if you’re happy you will spread happiness but if you’re not happy you won’t be able to spread happiness therefore by making yourself happy you’ll make other people happy and can you think of anything better than that?

No,  not at all.

But you have to do things that make yourself happy and not feel that you have to make others happy at your expense because that means you’re not happy. Others will know that even though it may not be obvious, because everything is connected.

When we talk about everything being connected and we also talk about “all that is”, most of the religions in their own way are talking about the same thing even if they call it god aren’t they?

I’ll duck out of this and let Dad’s people take over.

All that is, is, all that was and all that will be. Because in your terms it’s all there ever was and so when you are part of something vastly larger than yourself you develop a belief in what you are. We come back to the ocean again. If you are a still lagoon in a hot climate and you know the ocean stretches out beyond the lagoon you will formulate an idea, a belief, in what the totality is. Now if you imagine that you are part of an ice field in Antarctica that is touching the ocean, can you imagine what belief you would generate there? Go from there to an area of stormy seas, like Cape Horn. If you take all these imagined conditions, then one would formulate the idea of a god that is warm, calm and benign, the god of Cape Horn might be violent, vengeful, destructive, whereas the god of Antarctica might be cold, distant and impersonal. Can you see how different gods all arise from the different viewpoints, from the different intensities of the consciousnesses that have formed their own realities in the first place? So from those realities that they have formed, due to beliefs, due to ideas, due to intensities of interest, they then, from the restricted consciousness, form an idea of what they feel the totality, of which they are a part or from which they came depending on belief, is.

All religions consider that there is a god. They develop a belief in a god of a certain nature depending on the beliefs that they have come to hold due to the nature of their environment and the life circumstances they are experiencing. Look at the origin of these beliefs and where they came from and why they arose in that fashion.

I’ll talk to Steve again. Steve, one of Dad’s relatives passed over a few weeks ago and I just wondered if you have had any contact since they passed over.

All the sisters, all Dad’s aunts, all met her and there was a, as is with everybody here, a great welcome and joy on all sides. It’s lovely always, to be reunited because you have the full awareness whereas from where we are we know that you do not have the awareness. You don’t feel us all the time. So when we, as you might say, come face to face there is full awareness once more and therefore the joy of reunion is the same as it would be when you are alive.

Dave speaking: Into my mind came a poem, “I’ve looked at life that way.” (Sings a bit and laughs) “It’s life’s illusions, I recall. I really don’t know life at all.” We need to get the words to that. That is somebody that knows. “I’ve looked at life from both sides now.” That’s the words.

Steve back: There’s plenty to enjoy oneself with here and of course I know most of what dad is finding out and so there is no need. Why look for other states of being when you are enjoying your own state of being? Stay in your own state of being until it stops being satisfactory. If that means you enjoy music, dancing, laughter, fun, repartee, humour then does that sound something that is not enjoyable? Of course not. Why do you seek purpose? When you have had what most would call a blissful state of being?

I actually, Steve, I am not really seeking purpose at all, it is just thinking up a good question.

I wasn’t asking, referring to you mum, I was referring to the general concept. In which case we’ll say, “Why would one want to think they needed purpose when you’re in a state of being of ever present happiness. Ever available areas of enjoyment that you didn’t tire of. Life is one long party if you wish it to be and why not enjoy the party, until you find you need, I wouldn’t say need, however the word arises somehow, that you wish to turn your attention elsewhere at least for a part of the time. Make no mistake, “I have a life that I am thoroughly enjoying.” If you remember back to, I feel it was Jackie and Ken’s daughter as well as Bob’s wife, who saw or felt a party going on of which I was a part in both their houses, within a short time, we say short time, months, years, of when I moved over. Many of the other lads were and are part of the same grouping. The same applies now, some have moved on, others have joined and most of those who come over in the same circumstances as my own tend to be satisfied to hang out and party until their loved ones come over to join them.

Sounds good Steve.

Can you think of a more reasonable thing to do?

No, certainly not. If you are the sort of person that likes parties then great. That’s the thing to do isn’t it?

When I say party, party is all encompassing, it is areas of enjoyment, singing together, dancing together, talking together, going for walks together, admiring beauty together.


Interacting but with enjoyable, about enjoyable things. No need for mind wrestling and conjecture. Just enjoying, enjoying the state of being, the word party is the wrong word, is not the same as a physical party. It is being part of enjoyment. A party to happiness, party meaning being a part of a state of happiness.

Do you see any of the rest of the family very much?

Just as we did on earth we pop in and out. How’s it going? We each have our own circle of friends as we did on the earth plane. We also know others when we return to consciousness and we find others of the same inclination as well. So, you would not expect me to hang out for long periods of time with nan and grandad would you? But you would also expect me to join with them whenever you and dad and Michelle and Hayley figure in our thoughts and at certain times. Because we always know here any time we wish to look, as if it’s a Facebook if you wish, where all your details are there for all to see. So you can just look in, the other party knows you are looking in for knowledge but you only exchange detailed, you would call it, conversation, thoughts, should there be a common element. Otherwise it is just a warm greeting, an expression of love. There is no need to ask, “How are you getting on?” Because you would see.

Are you able to drop by Nick’s?

What do you think? Yes, I am obviously with Nick. I can wonder what would have progressed if I hadn’t been, let us say, expelled from the body.

It is good to still be part of our whole family. We are connected souls, if you wish the word, but we will be, we are of the same frame of reference to keep continuity of the verbal description. Got to go now because we are getting a little too deep, I feel myself being drawn back into, it is probably….. I’d rather stay at another elevation. No offence but you can…..

Love you Steve.

Love you mum.

Dad loves you as well.

I know that, have always known that.


Now, when Steve spoke to David after he had died and he said, “You are over the worst, I can go now.” Where was he going?

If he had said, “I can switch to another channel, I can alter my focus now.” How would that have been received? As we have spoken before, all communication must be in the language of the times, that means, the language that is understandable to the recipient in that particular time. That can be to a solitary person, it can be to the masses but you can only speak in language which is acceptable. The same way as you talked about creating an image, then an image was created in words and an image carries meaning, so when you see Jesus it’s meaning, when you hear words, it’s meaning but is it couched in such a way that the meaning is understandable. Now, if Steven came back now he would be speaking in the way that we are speaking because he is aware that David will be capable of understanding. But at the time, the opportunity may have been missed, if the right words delivered in the right tone at the right time had not been spoken. The decision was made to say it in this way, say these words and that would spark a quest and you were provided. Now, so when he said, “I can go now,” look at the interpretations there, means I can leave my focus on the physical, I have been protecting, we might say, holding you up, keeping you going, where as you were unaware that I was there, what you were aware of at the time was your head being pulled up always to look at the light, although they are only street lights. At the time it had a little meaning but not much, but now, after all these years, you can see what the intent was, you can understand straight away, look for the light, but at the time you would have dismissed that as some uh, just it would not have entered the fog of despair, it would not have been acceptable. Do you understand?

So ‘going’ just means I can now turn my attention elsewhere, I can now look at the world, the state of being, I now find myself in, because I am here, I am no longer there. Therefore, I now have to sort out what the environment here has to offer me and what new habits I need to adopt.

The answers are worthy because you need to roll all these things around in your own mind before the point becomes clear. If we answer in one trite sentence you will simply replace one shallow belief with another one. But if you wish to build a strong structure to which you can then hang much other information upon you need to have strength of conviction because structure needs strength, conviction. Strength and conviction only come when you have explored all the reasonableness, the pros and cons of the argument and come to the conclusion, this I can believe!


 Let us see if anybody wishes to speak to you.

The name Heather is coming in and of course the instrument is embellishing that with thoughts.

Hello Heather.

Who would have thought it? I had no idea. I think I have been asked to speak simply because I am not connected apart from a tenuous link with David and therefore it is easier for the words to be put through without a form of self-examination in order to persuade oneself that this is not a fabrication of the instrument itself.

We listened in when Steven spoke to you. He gave you a fairly good idea of how things are here. You will understand that without the responsibilities of keeping the physical body together then once the realisation dawns what would you expect us to do but get together, relax, chat, reminisce, have a look in, have a look round, go and see this, go and see that, do some gardening. Can you imagine what Stan is up to, what he can create in his garden? Look at all the others and think “what would they be doing? Your Mum and Dad, would they be enjoying their dancing again? Would there be a dance club formed over here, or over there, because there are here’s and there’s everywhere even though they are in the same space.

Now I haven’t given you very much evidence of myself but I can tell you that I am now completely fit and well and well pleased to be out of the physical body. It was nice to team up with George again, it was quite a good life in our own way and we don’t have any regrets. The children are still bowling along. We don’t see any particular worries there but you must remember that we don’t worry so much over here. Our only worries are the feelings that we pick up from you. We don’t have those worries because, as has been said so many times, you are here all the time. The physical instrument is there but we can get together with the consciousness that is operating the physical instrument, which is the entity operating the “I”, which are one and the same thing and say “well, how’s it going” and “what’s going on “ and “let’s have a look”.

We are in that same “semi-detached” position that everybody else is once they are here. You can focus in to the situation of your children, but if you focus in too deep then you will feel the feelings because when you focus in too closely your own vibration is starting to mirror back that which you remember from when you were in the same place. It is like sound, imagine not being able to hear the sound and just seeing the motion and then as you zoom in with your microphone suddenly the voices become loud and clear. So then you focus upon those voices and then you focus upon the meaning and then you focus upon the judgements and the opinions and before you know it you are reliving the physical plane. And so once more your anchor has to pull you back out and say “look, you’re no longer there”. You breathe a sigh of relief and say, ”phew, yes, it’s not really real is it?”

Now have I made something a little clearer for you?

Thank you.

Voice changes to a more quiet, measured and serious tone.

Now I don’t come through often but I do watch

Thank you for coming through

And do you know who is speaking? I don’t think possibly you have ever heard from me because I let your mother do the talking

Dad? Is that you Dad?Elsie and Bert 001 (4)

What do you think?

Welcome Dad nice to hear from you.

I’m proud of you too. Mind you, I’ve had good reason to be proud of you ever since you were born (tears running down David’s face)

Thank you

And your mother and I are still together, still doing the same things. Why change when you are enjoying doing what you enjoy doing? When most people come over they are well pleased to have put aside the trouble and strife that one endures while in the body. Things are so much easier, things are so much lighter. There is nothing to get angry about that you don’t wish to. There is no need to look back at what is going on because it is going to go on regardless. It is just a never ending game.

We seem to have switched to clairvoyance. I’m seeing the white moustache, I’m starting to get pictures. Something about burning the mat or the mac, maybe this is from my memory, I remember him burning the mac but I don’t know anything about a mat. There are all flashbacks coming in. I don’t know whether I am being given the flashbacks or I’m reaching back in my memory for the flashbacks. It’s very difficult to sort out when you know so much about someone. He is saying that he still has pangs of regret about driving over Scamp. He knows it is all over but it is one of the things where he wishes he had taken a bit of time and not done it. I’m seeing him in army uniform, skinny as a rake. He’s showing me wearing a hat to work and smoking. He can only give me the pictures as best he can. It’s probably hard for him to think what does Dave know and what doesn’t he know?

He is saying that although he didn’t take an awful lot of interest in the grandchildren when he was here he likes popping in and having a look to see what is happening. Elsie is popping in all the time so he tags along on the viewing and some things are of interest. He never would have dreamt that we/he would have been involved in something like this but you live and you learn. He’s very glad as well that he has found this out.

Voice changes again, Dad speaking once more?

The world changes so fast that you find it’s not easy to give advice because you have no experience, apart from general human behaviour, of the world that exists today. It’s something you only look at like a film, so it’s no use coming through constantly with messages, which takes a bit of hard work anyway. It is easier to let those who want to, do it. Much like your husband lets you keep in contact with everybody and doesn’t bother with it himself, because he can leave that all to you. So, please excuse me that I haven’t come through but I know that your mother has been through to you many, many times and this is just to let you know that I am standing there with her when she comes through and my thoughts go with hers, and so I don’t know how many times, and probably not very many, I’ve said this to you when I was with you, but I do love you very much.

Love you too, Dad         (tears rolling down Dave’s face again)

Dave back: Someone’s said, “Well that’s a turn up”. Got to be your blooming uncle, George was an extrovert, when he needed to be. He was obviously there and just had to crack a joke at the end of that, probably because it got a bit heavy. Now all these tears, I haven’t got that emotion for your Dad so this must be his emotion for you. Tears have run down both my cheeks so I have picked up the emotional feeling.

Someone else. Does this mean anything “my legs are a lot better? They’re now perfect.” Well obviously. Who had the bad legs then?


Ah, we got Eve the other night didn’t we? She is saying, vehemently, “I’m glad to be out of that place”. There is obviously a family call going on here, there must be a number of them tuning in. Molly is saying hello.

Session interrupted.


Conversation  with our son Steven who passed in 1994…….. 7th Jan 2019

Thanks for that personal advice. Is there anything else?

Life is good both for you and for me and for all of us. No matter where you are there are things that take your interest and so all the time an idea catches your eye, takes your fancy, even if it is a small thing or a day to day occurrence just like making the chocolates. They didn’t have to be made but there was the enthusiasm “Yes, let’s make those because they are enjoyable”. Same thing with the raspberry cake. There are things all the time that are enjoyable. Now you must parallel that with what’s happening here, we do the same sort of thing. We look and see what so and so is doing and “I’ll go over and see what’s happening there and join in with that”. So you go over, obviously that just means looking, focusing in.

Activities, as you can imagine are not greatly different to those in the physical when you first leave the physical. You tend to mix with those on a certain level who, because they enjoyed it in the physical, then go back to enjoying it in the non-physical. Because they now have the feeling, the memory, the experience, of what it is like to be on the stage in that particular activity and although you can now enjoy the activity again you know that you are creating the props and everything else whereas in the physical you were not aware of that. That doesn’t mean to say that you can’t enjoy it just as well.

Now when you put your CD on you are creating the music. The act of putting the CD on, you create the music that you enjoy. You are not actively producing the music, what is the difference? The only difference is that here you can actually produce the notes you wish to hear, but why do that when somebody else can produce the notes even better than you can? They understand the ins and outs of music and therefore they can produce sounds that you wouldn’t even think of producing because most of the sounds that you produce come from memory and are the product of other minds that composed that particular piece of music. So you will still listen to others, but there again you may challenge your own capability to think up the variations on a piece of music.

Just as you allow yourself to move to the music on the dance floor then you, if you try to understand how notes fit together, can vary the tunes that you whistle or sing and the notes that go there. This is an area that requires just as much practise where we are as it does where you are. You have to understand music and how it fits together.

Life is continuous and when you move from one to the other you hardly notice the difference and when it comes to understanding that then of course there will be this “Well, why stay here, why not go”? On the other hand, you think to yourself “I’d rather stick around for this, I’d rather stick around for that”. But of course it is no good saying “Let’s start speaking and let’s get the majority to say what is going to happen”, because you are the majority, you are part of the whole. The majority thought is your thought. Don’t think that you are separate from the majority because most of the time you are agreeing wholeheartedly with the majority. You are not a single person outside. When you think, the thoughts are being produced by the majority. You cannot set yourself apart and still be part of it, you are either with it or you are not with it at all. As we have said before you may feel that when something is not going to work out that well it is of course easy to say, from the point of view of trying to explain, that you are taking a decision that you are not really comfortable with but once more that is still the majority. The majority is taking the decision that it is not very comfortable with otherwise you wouldn’t be experiencing the feelings of the majority.

It is very difficult for us to put over to you that you are only experiencing the majority because whichever way we look at it, while you are in the physical you still think of yourself as a singular and it is extremely difficult to see yourself as a [product of a] multiple.

So when we are explaining things, if we keep coming back and say to you “this is all you are at the moment” then we have taken away your sense of “I” completely and yet that is not true because you are living all these “I”s and you are still yourself but as we have stressed before, you cannot stand outside yourself. So you just say, in the end, “This is how I feel, this is what I want to do, this is a life or activity that I wish to join at the present time” and you just let it carry on.

“Mum”?…   Hi.

How are you Steve?

Always, always, always happy. Always good, no problems, no challenges, avoid the challenges, as I said before, just have a good time. No need to ask how I am because there is no doubt. Are you enjoying yourself, are you happy and the answer will come back “Well of course I am”, because what is there to be unhappy about? No problems, do whatever you like. Contact, be with, look in, see what is going on and yes maybe “I wonder what is going to happen there”? You can see to a certain degree what is happening in the immediate future but you are also, again it is sooo difficult for anyone to explain to you that you are all together all the time. How difficult it is for me to say that you are here anyway, mm? Yes. Because you feel the sense of separation, but I don’t feel the sense of separation so what have I got to be unhappy about? Yes.

People I have loved in this particular life are with me anyway and we are doing one or two other things but once more I am not aware that I am doing those until I focus in them even though I do know that I am doing several things because I know other people and I know that if I know them and that I have feelings towards them that we are both focussed into some other activity. Therefore that is where we retain the feelings of connection from. As you can imagine, “I know you from somewhere, where I don’t know I’ve forgotten”. Mm? Yes. I know that face, I remember that voice. It is a long time ago maybe but there’s no time, but it’s a long distance ago if you take frequency and the lives of different frequency.

So, once more, nothing to be unhappy about. Perfectly happy.

You have just had all your advice for living and as far as I can tell you from here your particular little soap opera is going to go on for quite a while yet. There will be the usual ups and downs along the road but there is no ending in sight at the moment and so we haven’t got any party preparations going on. And it’s a question we are all highly interested in what’s still happening. It may seem mundane to you but even watching the changes in the weather is different if we care to look in.

It’s a… it’s a show! Mm? Yes. We don’t have to deal with things we don’t want to deal with here and so to pop in and see how you are contending with things you have no, or you think you have no control over, then it’s nice to just view these things now and again. No different to you viewing on the television, we view in much the same manner.

So you have been viewing what’s been going on in the family?

Of course and elsewhere and other things. Whatever took our interest when we were in the physical, you still retain an interest if it floats by. Especially if you had thoughts as to how it should be or you found certain aspects of the physical quite exhilarating, amazing, awesome then it is quite interesting to see. Volcanoes going off for example are still something that are still “well look at this”. Mm? Yes. You get an email or a message on your phone, whatever, a small video and you look at it in passing and then you discard it. Yes? For the memory. Well we are the same here. The ideas, it’s not just ideas; the ideas, the events, the happenings are all over and when one resonates you take a look, but that’s all.

So how would you decide whether to have a physical life if you didn’t know what is was about at all? You wouldn’t just say “Ah, I’ll just jump in over there” because the idea wouldn’t have grabbed you. You had to have a feeling about the idea in the first place? Yes. And the feeling had to come from either prior experience or from something where you absorbed all the multitudinous aspects of the proposed life and say “that was overall a pretty good feeling, yes, I’ll do that”. Another one would be “ooh, that wasn’t a very good feeling, I’ll think I’ll give that one a miss”. But it comes not as a detailed review and a weighing up but just an overall feeling because you can see everything that is going to happen in a blur, let us say, all coming to you at once, not sequential, it all comes to you at once like taking in a large jigsaw. Instead of being able to look at each little bit and piece you get the general impression. Yes? Uh huh. So, “that’s a nice picture, or, there is something about that picture that jars”. That is more what it is like so this is why you will take a life that overall has a pretty good feeling because the overall intensity, the overall resonance fit with you. Whereas there are one or two bits in there that were pretty nasty but they simply didn’t have the volume, shall we say, to detract from the sound as a whole. There is a discordant note here and there, but in terms of the overall production it was let go.

So anyway, my turn to be able to put over some, you might say, knowledge and I’m in a good position to do that now of course and so quite happy at times to sort of sit in on Dad’s chats because I can add bits in here and there. Like we did things together in the physical we can still do things from this end together as well.

You’ve got no need to worry about “Tine” either. “Tine” is in decent condition and she will look back on her life at the end of it all and say, “well it may not have been everybody’s cup of tea but I basically pleased myself, I had very little to worry about and although there were times when I would have liked a bit more companionship on the other hand there were no downsides. There was only some, let us put it, elevated moments and some flat moments. There were no moments of plumbing the depths except for when I went over. But overall she will look back and say “that was quite a pleasant life, it didn’t cause me terrific amounts of angst and anxiety”. Of course that was what was chosen in the first place any way.

As for me, well, as has been told to you, someone has to go sometimes to shape the whole thing up so that routes are followed which wouldn’t have been followed if these things hadn’t happened. The play has to be organised in such a way that others, you might say, craftily engineered the events so that the outcome is to their satisfaction. You can say that we acquiesced to all these things and your books will mark the passage of time.

“Chucky” is having a happy life. She has got her child and that is something she has treasured above all else and she is living her life to the maximum love experience, you might say, rather than the material experience and in many ways if you look at it then all of us didn’t have much in the way of material ambition and yet you, Dad, were driven from an early age to remove yourself from the living with restricted means and be able to do what you wanted to do. To do that you had to get yourself into certain positions and the money was necessary. But we didn’t have to drive ourselves for money and we were able to turn ourselves to looking at other aspects. Once more we come back to the fact that this is what is chosen. Now just as “Tine” is able to do roughly what she wants to do, eschew certain relationships so that she doesn’t have the downside then you must say the same thing with “Chucky”. Chucky” is not bothering to match her peers in terms of houses and cars and I am sure you would agree that she is leading the life that she enjoys and she is doing what she wants to do, she is not doing what doesn’t give her pleasure. Would you agree?

Yes I would agree.

And so what is wrong with that? Then, hard for dad to understand but there you go, and it’s one of those things that are part of what you might say the learning experience and when you have been of a certain motivation then it is hard to see the lack of motivation in others because you think that motivation should be there and you can’t understand that there is no need to be motivated in that fashion. If you are motivated to sit under a palm tree all day and just nod off and just eat when you need to eat and then socialise when you need to socialise, then how would you feel [about] that, as a life wasted or a life chosen? You talk about retreating into bliss, bliss is whatever you care to think of as suiting you.

That’s right.

Bliss can be just feeling the warmth of the sun and letting yourself relax, forgetting the bodily feelings, not worrying about this needs doing, or that needs doing and letting go. That is difficult to do if you surround yourself with an environment that requires constant maintenance for you to keep it in the manner in which it gives you pleasure. Mm?


So once more the bliss must…. still difficult to explain because you have joined… you are part of a consciousness grouping that is highly motivated. Mm?


And so it is hard to…  in fact all the time you wish to stay with it you are part of that highly motivated group. The only way to leave it will be to leave it. Mm?


Change focus and so you just have to say to yourself, well yep, I am in this bus and this bus is driven at quite a pace. Mm? I see that other bus over there and it is stopping here and stopping there and admiring the view and having a convivial time whereas this bus is still rushing from place to place. Unfortunately, you can’t change buses. Mm?


You can’t be in both buses at once. So to leave your present bus you have got to get off and ask to join the other bus and then of course you will lose all contact with the bus you have just got off. Yes?


And so all those that are in the original bus will then miss you and so that is a pretty good parallel for what this is all about.

Love you.

Love you Steve, lovely talking to you.



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