The Purpose of Life

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”
                                                                     ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
                                                                             ― Eleanor Roosevelt

“Still there are moments when one feels free from one’s own identification with human limitations and inadequacies. At such moments, one imagines that one stands on some spot of a small planet, gazing in amazement at the cold yet profoundly moving beauty of the eternal, the unfathomable: life and death flow into one, and there is neither evolution nor destiny; only being.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -Albert Einstein

So if where we come from we have all knowledge available to us and appear to be able to do whatever we want, what is the reason we need to come here?

As we have discussed before, if you found, by merely using your imagination, you could create any outcome you wish then what is the point of even entering into any form of competition if you realise that basically if everybody used the same techniques of investigation there will be stalemate in all cases. So, just like your handicap at various sports, then consciousness creates environments with certain handicaps so that you cannot just influence the outcomes of any particular events. You must work at it, you must develop logic, reason, persistence, desire, the will to achieve and from thence derive the satisfaction of having controlled and directed your own abilities. Therefore, you can have pride, shall we say, in your achievements whereas before without the handicaps you merely focus and it was! You can always return to this, of course, and for a while it is quite nice then again you decide, “Let’s see if I can?”

What is the purpose of life?

The purpose of life, man’s everlasting quest. He doesn’t use his vaunted powers of logic and reason. He doesn’t realise that the logic and reason comes from his consciousness. They are not a product of the material plane, they are a product of consciousness. Therefore use the tools that you have, to try to see why the instruments you have created, are to be used for purposes that you devise for them. You believe in reincarnation yet you do not try to understand the self that is reincarnating. You seem to think that every expression of the self is individual in its own right instead of realising that it is merely a portrayal of a personality to suit the circumstances in which it finds itself, it has to deal with.

Why do you need a purpose? Is it because you are afraid of your own freedom? Consciousness has total freedom and you will accord it that, therefore why not accord it the freedom to engage in any activity it wishes to engage in? And when we use the singular term of it we also encompass the totality of the consciousness because all consciousness has the ability to engage in any activity that it sees fit. Again, you would respect that attribute. So why not stand back, look at the panoply, at the activity, at the infinity of activity that is available to consciousness and see how consciousness within the physical plane devises all kinds of games and plays, scenarios and activities and devises rules for each one of these in order to provide, a word which you may not feel applies to many of the things that are carried on in your physical realm, but if you look at the games you devise then you will have no problem in equating the two because you realise your games are just games.

If you realise that the whole of physical activity is just a construct to provide entertainment, it is in fact a game and therefore it is all constructed for entertainment, purely that, activity, activity, fun, something to do. What else would you have it do once you consider that consciousness, all that is, has nothing to do but be aware. Aware of what? So you must make something to be aware of, that’s called creativity. So we use the imagination, which is also another word for creativity, and you construct ideas, and because everything is interconnected you pick up particles of thought, threads of thought from various consciousnesses and in some cases an idea just forms with no obvious origination, like several people throwing paint at a canvas and suddenly somebody says, “I can see a face,” or “I can see a dog,” or “I can see a table,” but it is not until several partial ideas come together, in perhaps you would say a random method, that order arises from chaos albeit in many cases accidentally. Although, in the majority of cases, with an end in mind. This, surely , when you apply logic, reason, common sense, all common or garden attributes of the mind to the totality of consciousness and the infinity of existence, what else would you have it do?

The word purpose in your language implies a finished result. There can never, ever be a finished result. At the same time as you talk of purpose you are quite happy to talk of “forever becoming”. The two things are mutually incompatible. Unless you say, the purpose is to forever become. But how many people would view the word purpose without a goal, unless you explain the purpose was to keep on surviving. But then if you know that it is impossible not to survive, then the purpose is to keep oneself as happy as possible. And so we come back to keep oneself, entertained.

So as we were saying last night, it’s experience.

Of course. Whenever you set out to entertain yourself do you finish with ”I enjoyed that experience”? If you did, you plan to do it again, but if you did not enjoy that experience, you do not do it again.


You wonder. What is the purpose? What better purpose can there be than to wake up each morning and open the oyster that is your world and look to see what is inside for you today. And know that you have the choice to make it what you will. To look into any aspect of   “reality and non-reality” knowing that whatever it is you wish to seek out or you wish to experience is not just a possibility but can become actuality. It is only your current belief systems, which, of course, you have created to give yourself something to overcome, something to derive a sense of satisfaction from, to have the excitement of achievement, that “eureka” moment as you discover the thrill of sudden understanding. Now such is the vastness of sensual creativity that there is no way that you can hold all, as one said, in the palm of your hand, and there is no need to either, it is always there.

You, me, us, everything is aware that it is always there and it is merely a matter of choice as to what you decide to amuse yourself with, we will say “each day” for continuity of narrative purpose, but from moment to moment.

Now, do you need purpose other than that which you create for yourself? Even though the purpose may be to create something for others if that gives you satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment. In the end you are your own awareness and you can only create, achieve, desire, satisfy and so on, for yourself because whatsoever you do for others you do for yourself. How does that sit with you?

As consciousness is the ground of all being, so creativity is the purpose of all being. To exist is to imagine, thought is created by the imagination, thought is perceived and analysed and the impact of said thought gives an imagined outcome because one thought means one thing to one person and another thing to another person and so what is meaning but a perception, an imagined effect. Now, if we speak of creativity being the purpose of being, it means that creativity was determined to be the purpose of being. To explore the potential of your environment and the potential of your own versatility of imagination is to discover who you really are in terms of how you are observed by others because how you create, that is, manifest by imagination your reality, gives an indication of your personality traits, the word personality is being used in this instance because you are familiar with the word, but you can ascribe attitudes and beliefs to the consciousness because as it moves through various aspects of its own imagined realities, and for imagined, of course, substitute created or manifested realities, it is affected by those realities and likewise the realities are obviously affected by the extant beliefs, perceptions of the consciousness, which as has been repeated many times before is forever becoming, forever changing. Now why should creativity be seen as a purpose but then again why not? If we look at the Eastern religions striving towards a state of unalloyed bliss what do we consider this to be? To be sitting in the stillness of pure awareness with nothing to focus upon and therefore this is meant to be joy, in fact bliss is a very calm form of joy, peace more like it. But think to yourselves, how long can you as a consciousness of course, which you are, endure continuous peace, sooner or later you will desire action because consciousness, consciousness and energy are synonymous let us say, has an innate desire for action, an innate drive to discover its own potential and to explore the infinite potential that exists within the totality of consciousness of which it is a part. That exploration involves the challenge and the joy of manifesting ones ideas but of course the idea is something that always exists, as everything always exists. You merely light upon, focus upon an idea and decide how you are going to manifest that idea. But, your idea of that idea is different from someone else’s idea of that idea and so we achieve diversity. In fact a form of similarity or unity within diversity even though there may be minor differences in said unity.

Interconnected Consciousness co-creates all realities in every moment.

How much of creativity are we actually involved in, for example how much would I be involved in the formation of the earth, the big earthquake which recently struck in Nepal, how does this work if we are all responsible for creation?

You create your own reality in every moment, now each element of the conscious universe as we know it is in the process of creating its own reality at every moment and you must be careful about being too human centric in all this. Because you see an earthquake does not mean you have created that earthquake, however, you have agreed to that earthquake. You have accepted it.

That’s what I mean because then you are involved.

Everything is involved all the time because it is a co-created reality and therefore various ideas are floated and of course they are agreed upon by the mass of consciousness that is involved in the particular reality. Now, there are as many realities as there are ideas and so the agreement of those focused in one reality is, you might say, ring fenced to a certain degree because unless there is some form of interdimensional activity, which for our purposes is not worth explaining at this time, then the effects are contained within the perception of the physical reality which you enjoy. Now, you have to allow other aspects of consciousness to be involved in their own games.

But if we come back to the earthquake and we’ve all agreed on this earthquake what would be the purpose behind choosing to have the earthquake? Would it be to reduce the population or just purely for some form of excitement?

You are asking a human centric question, because do you create a solar flare?

From what you are saying we agree to a solar flare.

I think the word agreement here maybe capable of being presented in a different context. Let’s take an awareness that certain things occur but you decide in the first place that these are not of any tangible import to the events that you wish to experience. In other words the mass consciousness that is the sun, the mass consciousness that is the earth, they do their own thing. You are aware of these things and you say to yourself, this does not have any particular relevance to my planned sequence of events.

You choose your reality, but you choose your reality on the earth.  You do not create the earth. The consciousnesses that are involved create the earth itself much as the clouds are created by the consciousnesses within. Everything you see as reality is created by participating consciousnesses. If you assume that the clouds are aware of the earth and the earth is aware of the clouds where does the human fit in to this scenario? Simply, it is aware of the fact that there is a possibility here for an enjoyable existence because a vehicle can be created and this is as good as any a place to try out different aspects of creativity. Creativity leads to experience (which is the object of the exercise).

Comment: It can be compared to a film producer lighting upon the perfect geographical location in which to stage his drama.

If I were a Nepalese living in the earthquake zone would I have planned that experience for myself?

When the consciousness decided to take a life in the physical and chose its parents would it have been aware that this was a particularly earthquake prone locality?

One would imagine the answer to that would be yes.

Therefore one would be open to the possibility that it could happen and that your particular instrument might get destroyed. That is a chance that you are willing to take and of course if we go along with others prognostications then a certain amount of people decided that would be their time and method of exiting the physical environment. We all choose our pathways.

So when we choose our pathways do we choose only the major events as opposed to every minute detail?

When you decide upon a holiday you decide from the possibilities that lay before you to go to a certain country. You check out, in general, what there is to do in that country, that is how you make your choice in the first place, you check out those things that you would like to experience. You may decide on a skiing holiday in which case the experience is obvious. You may decide on a beach holiday. You may decide on a touring holiday and then you plan your route. You plan your route to take in this sight, that sight, maybe some experience such as a football match. Now what happens as you go along the route?

You can get distracted by things.

Exactly. Then does it come to mind that “I still want to do that”? How often do you say “Oh, I’ll forget this one, I’ll forget that one, I’ll forget the other one? Unless something comes along that is far more attractive than your original plan and then you may decide to simply change your plan.

As you create your reality in every moment would there be the element of creativity if you had predetermined every moment of existence? That does not mean to say that you lose sight of your original plan. In general, people will stick, to a major degree, to their original plan because after all that is why they made the creative effort to produce their sensory vehicle in the first place and lived through the mundane aspects yet again.

As we choose our parents do we also choose the person that we are going to marry?

Some do, some don’t. Some would rather just wait and see what happens because again, this is the uncertainty and also the challenge whereas other methods are that, let us say, good friends or ones that had previously enjoyed existences together, then agree to take on certain roles. They would meet and there would exist an unaware affinity which means that the consciousnesses in question would be ensured a stable relationship which then would not disrupt the eventual fulfilment of the planned existence.

You are your higher self. You can think as your higher self. Put yourself in place, in the viewpoint of the higher self and see what logic you would pursue in planning your next existence. Why not do that exercise? Plan a new existence to the extent even of writing it down and go through it on an age by age basis. As a small child, as a primary school child, as a high school child, as a late teenager, as a young person. Whether you married or not, whether you had children or not. Which sexual preference you decided to be. You will find that you have such a wide range of possibilities at every juncture that you would be inclined to put down several options because you always need a default in case option 1 does not eventuate. You will find as you write all this down that because you are coming already from a certain viewpoint you will look at the life that you have laid out and find many, many similarities with the life you are presently leading. In the process of doing this you will feel forced to make some major changes. For example, you may decide to be of the opposite sex, you may decide to be a great composer but I think you will find that if you do the exercise without comparison until you have finished the exercise and then compare it with your present life you will probably find that there are an awful lot of similarities. You would need to be an extrovert and resilient individual to choose a life of hardship and you can imagine most people would choose a life of perfect health and various levels of achievement and enjoyment. And so if this exercise was carried out by a number of people then, as you can imagine, there would be similarities, so let us go back to choosing your partner and which sort of partner would you choose having regard to the life plan you have just drawn up.

You would have to take it all into consideration, wouldn’t you?

But, again you would not choose a partner would you who had an event plan which was diametrically opposed to your own. On the other hand you may want to decide that even though you have had for example a relatively puritan existence you may decide that next time you want a life of gay abandon. And so if you wanted a life of gay abandon you would have to search for a like free spirit. You would want to find a common denominator there where you could both enjoy to a great degree the exuberance and ecstasy of certain activities. Because how could you explore them to the fullest unless you both were capable of soaring on the wings. So once more we have to say that you are not choosing one life at a time, you are choosing many aspects of that life plan if you wish to do so.  As we said you are choosing default options and if for example you wanted to be a top athlete and yet due to a lack of detail in your choice of parents it turned out to be that your instrument was not capable of reaching the top echelons, then you would have to have the default option. So, perhaps because you are entering the world of uncertainty, because it is a world of uncertainty and you are exploring the limits of your creativity then you cannot be certain at any time as to whether your preconceived plans would eventually come to fruition and this is why lives are lead where things haven’t gone quite as according to plan as they were envisaged when the life was first being conceived of.  Therefore one decides to do another similar life hoping for better luck next time. Because it is not only your own life plan that has these default options but of course there is every other consciousness who is enjoying reality with you. So can we come back to the earthquake and see that maybe somebody was in the wrong place at the wrong time. However on another level they would have decided to exit at that time, but that does not mean to say that was the original life plan.

So, if we come back to the earthquake is it possible that whatever planned, conceived that earthquake did in fact wish to reduce the population a bit?

We come back to the solar flare. The size of the sun, if you believe that the ground of all being is consciousness, is many times the size of the earth. Do you think that the gestalt consciousness, that is the sun, is following its own plan? And when we look at the gestalt consciousness of the earth, Gaia, in comparison with the consciousness of the human being, do you think that the Gaia consciousness has any particular regards to the life plans of the creatures that crawl upon its skin?

Probably not.

Now, it is too easy to find yourself able to collapse the quantum wave, shall we say, and effect or create matter and then to make, I was going to say a quantum leap but that’s not quite right, but to jump to conclusions and that you are somehow the master of everything.  So far in the discoveries that have been made a reasonable sense of logical association pertains with regard to most perception. So far most of the human logic relates around cause and effect and would you then, if cause and effect is another “law” within physical reality, think from this perspective that that law must exist everywhere, in all realities.

Not necessarily.

Not necessarily so but being focused for your lifetime in this reality it is very difficult to envisage anything else. Much as it is very difficult to imagine yourself as one with everything around you, because you have got used to separateness or perceived separateness. You find, of course, slowly that you are connected, your thoughts are connected but you cannot see that the objects are connected until you realise, or you imagine, that everything is appearing in denser manifestations from a homogenous background. Do you understand? The objects stand out as separate but as you described before when you look into these pictures that appear to be just white noise on a screen, you look into the picture and suddenly three dimensional objects appear. Now, take the air around you, decide it is all energy, imagine yourself high above the earth, not looking at the earth, not being able to see the stars or the planets surrounded by air and then imagine that if you focus your gaze at a certain distance objects start to appear and you put this down to various densities or flow of air. Can you imagine this? Effectively this is what you are doing, so the words “create your own realities” really mean “create your own perceptions” and your perceptions to you are your realities.

Let us go back to these pictures, at first sight it is just fuzziness but you decide to sharpen your focus and look beyond what you see, you look through the veil, the veil of illusion and then you find a reality, behind it. The difference is, you are constructing this reality, but you are not aware that you are your larger identity. Your larger identity is constructing your reality, your perception. It is passing the perception to the instrument which is the smaller self and because the smaller self is programmed to believe what it sees, the larger self can experience the reaction of the smaller self and manipulate to suit.

Once more, you may think that if you wish to experience something that may cause you emotional pain in one fashion or another then would it be preferable to experience that at arm’s length, while all the time knowing that actually, although it was a terrific shock, you would know that you were OK. This is the sort of parallel you can draw with being involved in a very realistic viewing of a horror film. Where you get drawn into the action and the filmmaker suddenly blasts something at you from the screen and you recoil in horror.

So why is it so difficult for people to realise that this is a production? The co-creation is a production. It is a production to be enjoyed and we might say, it is a method of passing the time. There may be no time but there is certainly a continual focus. So it is “what shall we focus on today” and why not explore creativity here, there and everywhere? You have to make it what you term “realistic” and limit your knowledge for the instrument purposes otherwise you are always aware that no reality actually exists in terms of what you understand as reality. Your real reality is the possibility of creating anything you want. That is your reality. Therefore, any reality is your reality, your reality is wherever you focus, whatever you want to be. But as we talked about the billionaires, whenever you realise that you can have anything you desire, what happens to your desire? It is extinguished basically until you can think up something else that you desire to do.

So back to “Entangled Minds”. A thought arose, that seems like a good idea, let’s do that. Meanwhile of course there can be several thoughts arising and we can do this and this and this until at some stage you say” that’s enough for now, I can do all those others another time or another focus. If we take the logic that appears to be our, let us say, god given ability then surely that logic must exist wherever we focus. It just depends on the rules pertaining in the reality that we decide to focus in. It is very difficult for the instrument within physical reality to envisage even what rules there may be in another reality. It takes an expansive consciousness to be able to conceive of a reality totally different to this reality.

In a way like us going to a different country of which we have no knowledge whatsoever.

You have to acclimatise and you may decide once you get into that other country that you do not like it and so you may decide to leave much earlier than you thought. You understand what we are saying? There are wheels within wheels within wheels and you must always be open to the fact that each consciousness has its own idea of what it wishes to experience in any particular focus but it also may not have researched the reality in depth. As above so below, fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Once more, look within your own language for distilled experience.

So fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Now, let us say an impulsive consciousness and the word “angel” says, someone who knows a lot more, so would you say that angels would look at the situation and make a thorough assessment before deciding to move into a situation?

One would hope so.

And would you say that the impulsive look at the situation and say “I don’t worry about that, I’ll take my chances”.

I think that could be very much the case.

And I will live in Nepal.

Because that opportunity has come up. I want to explore the eastern mentality. I don’t want to be in a monastery but why not live in the mountains, be absorbed in this atmosphere and meanwhile I’ll take another life as a money trader in London and I’ll compare the emotions and thoughts and see the contrast and the similarities. If you look at certain consciousnesses in their human form you will see exactly what we have just said. That somebody involved in the most hectic daily life may at some stage decide to go trekking the wilderness. Why? To experience opposites. Experiences are relatively infinite, you just choose and choose and choose and if you think that choice wasn’t too good then you choose something else. And so it goes on and on, because to be, is to be, is to be. When you realise you cannot not be then you decide that action is preferable to inaction. Action is infinitely preferable to the word we talked about earlier “ennui”, unutterable boredom.

Now, let us return to why “purpose” we manufacture for ourselves is creativity. Creativity can equally be hitching a ride with somebody else’s creativity because you will still have a different perception, a different opinion, a different future plan maybe or a knowing that your experience and perception alters your future plan. That is still an example of you creating your own reality. One must not be too pedantic in thinking you are hands on all the time. Even if you just go along for the ride with one after another you are still creating your own reality because you are merely liking the idea and joining in. But simply the fact of liking the idea and joining in, that becomes your reality when you focus. Language is a problem. The word “creating” has a certain connotation whereas “going with the flow” probably describes the process more aptly. You go with the flow and accept the reality that confronts you but you are still instrumental in what you experience because you have decided to go with a certain flow. You always made a choice because you cannot do otherwise.

You are conscious therefore you think and a non- decision is equally as valid as a decision because a non-decision is a decision. So unfortunately for some you cannot escape being alive. So have we shed a little light on why creativity is the embodiment of the word purpose and, of course, the word purpose implies the spacious present. It is virtually impossible to describe the feeling of no time in the words of a time based system and so there will always be shades of grey and a certain amount of difficulty in understanding our efforts tonight in trying to put over to you the essentiality of exploring your creativity as a reason for your being. Have we given you some glimmer of understanding?


There is no purpose.

There is a journey. What have you just looked at on the computer?

A cruise.

That you will take, together?


Why, do you feel like taking it together?

Because we want to be together.

Because you find each other agreeable companions?


So why do seekers try to make such a big deal out of taking a trip in the physical together?

Yes. It just happens.

It doesn’t just happen, it is agreed upon. You say, ”I’m going to do this, do you like this idea?” ”Oh yes that’s appealing”. But it is not just the two, it is the whole gang, you might say. Let’s all do this together. How big do you want the play to be? Let’s all get together for this and we’ll do this and you’ll do that and we’ll do the other. As above so below. If you look round at your whole society you are all doing your own thing and yet all comes together to provide the whole in which you find your mutual enjoyment, your mutual sustenance. You have to have the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker.

Yes. You have to have all aspects of the play.

You all agreed to come and be in the play at the same time but in order for the play to be a success and to be enjoyable by all, you all had to play different roles. It would be impossible for you to have a play with all playing the same role. So, very simple and very logical. In order to put any major event together you must have many participants prepared to play their particular part, from the small to the large. We refer back to a previous discussion of the painter. Of the background and the foreground, each plays their part, but all wanted to appear in the picture.

So, in answer to the question, why when you met did you decide that you wished to be together?

Because we liked each other.


I have chosen an item from the “Seth” books and I would like your comments please. Life as we know it is excitement, highly organised, excitement at all levels, microscopic, macroscopic, psychic and is the result of the relationship between balance and imbalance, between organisation and chaos. It is excitement ever in a state of flux forming psychic and material knots. It is explosive yet filled with order. It becomes so filled with itself that it explodes in the same way that a flower bursts. The same principle is acting in a hurricane, or a flood, or a murder or the creation of a poem or the formation of a dream, in the birth and death of individuals and nations.

An extremely simple answer. Everything is connected to everything else. When an idea or a thought, if you wish, or a focus is activated, one never knows how many people, when we say people, we say how many consciousnesses, are going to be involved in that particular outcome. Therefore there is always a question of uncertainty. You may as well substitute the word uncertainty for excitement in that one doesn’t know what is going to happen until the intensity builds and this is where the excitement is. The intensity of thought builds from all those who are connected to it so you never know the amount of people who are involved. Let me give you an example. Take a game of football, the excitement swells as the ball is being passed nearer to the goal and should the ball actually go in then a huge amount of intensity goes up but if it doesn’t the anticipatory roar then fades away again. You can see how uncertainty creates excitement because you are never sure of just how many people are going to be involved or what the attitude is going to be.


Can you explain the purpose of the life review.

When you are coming back from a holiday, do you say to yourself, ”Well, that was a pleasant holiday? Do you tell your friends we went to here, we went to there, we went to somewhere else. Oh! And this happened. Somebody jumped off the boat, we were hijacked, we had the flu. Were you reviewing your holiday?

So, if you go through a chain of experiences you will basically remember the highs and the lows. You won’t say “I had 20,000 lunches and 20,000 dinners”. Yes?

And you can quickly, to save me the effort, give the potted version of your own life and, I dare say, you will be reasonably satisfied. And so, unless you intend to go back again or you feel you need to go back again or somebody tells you ought to go back again and you happen to listen to them, then there is no need for a life review. You merely can say “well, that’s that then” and move on. Apart from, of course, your love connections to those still in the physical. Most people will still like to tune in now and again to see how everything has gone along because they will still have some form of interest in “I wonder what ever happened to so and so be it a person, a country, the world in general.


Why does everybody and everything age if everything is being recreated in every moment?

You ask why you age, why everything ages, and if everything is being re-created in every moment, why the pattern cannot be kept constant so that age becomes a non sequitur. Now, for the purposes of narrative, let us go back to when the physical system was just an idea and then the idea had to be fleshed-out, an appropriate description. And so the parameters of the operation had to be specified. Can you see that if everything always stayed the same then surely your events would have the same flavour because all the participants would be non-variable. There would be no generations, no interaction, no growing up, no changes and therefore if you wanted to make something, you use the term learning, so that one could learn through an experience, let us turn that around, experience through learning, then one would have to have a change. So it would seem reasonably logical that there would be a beginning and an end and so time was born.

To save going into a lengthy and boring description, “there is a time to live and there is a time to die”, there is a time to come and there is a time to leave.  The system was designed for repeated visits in different designations of life so that many experiences could be derived from the one reality. Now it is possible for those who wish to work hard enough, shall we say, to discover how to control their bio mechanisms and you can see this today where you are taught through bio-feedback how to control your heart rate, your blood pressure and various other aspects. But, in general, there is not actually the desire to stay at one age or the intention. You may want to look the same but you don’t want to actually be the same   .You want to be who you are at the moment. You don’t want to ever remain a 15 year old, you can’t wait to grow-up and be an adult and because of the system you can’t wait to earn more money to acquire more material goods and experiences. To mix with the more successful, in the main.

How would it feel if you stayed 21 while everybody else aged around you and you found that all those to whom you were attached, who you enjoyed being with, were now 61? Would you rather be part of those who you knew or part of a new generation where you are the equal of your peer’s grandchildren? Upon reflection most people would say, “I prefer the safety of the herd” and you will see this in species after species. You prefer to be with those with whom you have something in common. Would you like to ask for further enlightenment?

So why does the body age?

Simply because, why does an idea age? Why does fashion age? Why does anything age? Why do some bodies live longer than others? What powers the body? What is the creation of the body? Does consciousness create form? Why do you tire of certain activities?

Because you get bored with them.

If you get bored with something do you input or give the same focus of attention as you did when you were passionate about that activity? If we call that taking care of, then what happens when you don’t take care of something as much? So focus, intensity of focus, care, whatever you wish, but when less and less interest is taken then gradually the machine falls into a state of disrepair.

Now you must add in, first of all, that the multiples that are producing the personality cannot help but take on the prevailing belief systems of the physical environment (of the instrument and certain mass beliefs). It is a co-created world. You all believe that you all see the same. You see the planets, you see the seas, you see the mountains, and that is the agreement, and you see each other. You all believe that you will die sometime and you all believe that you must age but some people age much slower than others. Why would that be? Because they don’t believe that they need to grow old. They do of course know that they will grow old, that is the belief. They act and see themselves and feel young and that is their reflection. Those that age much faster, the focuses that are engaged there, there just isn’t the intensity anymore. So those who are active and involved in lots of things in general tend to maintain their youthfulness further into old age. But you must realise, that without exception, all believe that they have a level of immortality. You must again put yourself back into the observer status and realise again that the attachments around and of the consciousnesses that join in the focus, many as we said are the die-hards, as the environment changes from that which they are accustomed to, a certain lack of interest in the new environment can build up if one is comfortable in the old. Therefore because the instruments, due to mass belief, no longer work to the same degree of efficiency, new recruits, shall we say, are harder to come by.

If you travel to another country and you have the choice, do you stay in a brand new hotel or do you go to a rundown motel? If money was no object or money didn’t matter you would just say you can stay here or there, then most of you will stay in the new. There may be the odd one who says, “Oh I like old things and I’ll stay there” and the same goes for those who prefer to use the mental aspects rather than the physical aspects of the body. Of course the diehards stay there to the last second of the game. There is no reason why the instruments cannot be kept alive, you might say, indefinitely, but for that to happen then beliefs must change and that is a slow process but you already are aware that life expectancy is continually growing.

Now, everything comes from consciousness, would you not think that the advances in all aspects, nutrition, medicine, environment, activity, etc. are not projects of consciousness and is not everything in a constant stage of improvement? We will not say perfection but a drive towards perfection. So, if you put yourself in a position of the observer, being that multiplicity, the idea comes up if we tweak this it could last longer but then wouldn’t you say, “Well let’s move to one of those new ones and we’ll start from there and see how long that one will last and we’ll do it all over again.”


It just struck me that a lot of us humans, I am talking humans, actually  depart to the other side during the night while they are asleep, is that something to do with decisions made in framework two while people are asleep?

You are making your decisions in framework two at every instant, awake or asleep. You do not have to leave your focus in the physical reality to focus in framework two, but you will agree, if you had the infinite amount of probabilities, possibilities, decisions coming into your conscious awareness here, regarding what you are going to do in the next instant, you would be totally overwhelmed. In much the same way as if coming up into your mind at every moment were all your selves saying, “What shall we do now?” “Should we do this?” “Should we do that?” Imagine just your breathing constantly being interrupted every few seconds with, press the breathe in button, press the breathe out button, press the breathe in button, press the breathe out button. What else would you be capable of focusing upon? “Not a lot”. Now add to that all the other bodily functions and before you know where you are you would not be able to move a muscle. “No” So it’s arranged otherwise. Every consciousness has its place, yet on a mental level every consciousness knows what is going on. The fact that you see in your brain, you think you see in your brain, what you see, why do you find it so hard, when you don’t even know how you see, and you think that, somewhere in the brain, the cells see. You know how fast this information, any information, is transferred from what you would call your brain to the cells in your body, then why do you think that they are not experiencing the same as you are. They can see what is going on as well as you can. It is whether they are interested in what is going on. They have a focus in having to do what they need to do but of course they can multitask much in the same way as you can. You can drink a cup of tea and watch television or hold a conversation, and so can your cells. They can extract the salt from your blood stream, at the same time watch the pictures which are being formed from, we have to use your own language here, from the light being reflected from the other patterns that you consider to be outside yourself, i.e. the world around you.

We are explaining this from this side. But you can see that you’re merely watching another channel but at the same time when you are asleep you simply move more fully into that channel, you just temporarily switch off, the screen goes black, would you agree? “Yes.” The screen goes black in this reality and you are in another reality, but they are on different frequencies. You cannot switch off from channel 1, go to channel 2, and then switch back to channel 1 and expect to get channel 2’s program on it. You will only get channel 1. It is impossible to get channel 2 because channel 2 is broadcast on a different frequency. Yes? So as you switch frequencies you have all the information on that frequency and as we explained earlier you have instant updates. Assume them all to be, from a point of view of analogy, different computers. So as you switch one on and switch one off the updates are there, waiting to be actioned, and the mere act of switching the computer on (the updates are just much faster than the updates on your present day computers,) they just instantly update. And you are “a computer”, so everything that you feel you have missed, you find you haven’t missed, because the minute you focus there, you know everything. This comes back to the omniscient. You’ll know everything wherever you focus into and therefore, you will say, “I am living all these lives at once” because you cannot see a break in continuity. You understand?

Now for a mental exercise, imagine that you are watching your television and as you switch from the football to the cricket, to the cops and robbers program, to the food program etc., at your present level of reality you are focused within, you will notice gaps as you switch between channels. You will find that you have missed bits. It is quite obvious that something has gone on in between. But just imagine, if somehow, you find you did not miss any bits. You were not aware of missing any bits and yet you know that you haven’t been there for say 30 minutes, yet you know everything that is there. How would you rationalise this in your mind? “With difficulty” Because you are used to time. But if there was no time and no time passes therefore “you would not expect to lose any”. Exactly! You would not lose any of the continuity and to try to make it easier to understand is why we have used the computer update. The minute you focus somewhere you have instant comprehension of the whole of what is going on in that area. So, to answer your question, you are there, all the time, anyway.

Going to sleep is just a belief system which is built up for the physical plane. Most energies, shall we say, manifesting in the physical plane, seem to take a break from focus, which you would term sleep. But you will find certain individuals in all species who hardly sleep at all. Others can sleep on the wing for example, still flying, and yet supposedly asleep. So, you would say, they are, in a figure of speech, sleeping with one eye open. So where do you differentiate between sleeping and resting? You could, if you wish, say that the sleep you take enables you to concentrate your full attention on deciding which of your focuses you prefer. This is getting into territory which is becoming impossible to explain in terms of the physical plane.

But, from what we have explained so far, we can easily see from the comparisons we have drawn that it is quite easy for you to be fully aware of the total activity in multiple focuses, multiple lives, and just as your television can portray dramas from all centuries simultaneously then so you can experience dramas from all centuries simultaneously, but while you are here focused in this one this one seems exclusive. Meanwhile, if you wish to focus in another one, or many others, then that will seem exclusive as well. It is only when you finally understand that you can be focused in many that you will find freedom from your restricting beliefs.

It is necessary that in order to have this one pointed focus in this physical life or any other life, in any reality, that the other information areas are screened out of each one, otherwise it would be impossible to experience that reality in its separateness because you would be constantly bemused by having to process information which had absolutely nothing to do with the activity upon which you are engaged. So you simply don’t allow them in and then you can enjoy doing what you are doing in that reality without any distractions. As you look upon your own life that is exactly what you do in your day to day activities. You focus on whatever you are doing, and do not, if you are sufficiently interested in that particular activity, at the same time think about all the other activities that you have been, are, or could possibly be, doing.


This is one of the troubles we face when we are trying to put over an entirely different way of looking at things. You will never really understand until you come over. The main point in putting this information through is for you to understand that you have taken this experience in order to enjoy it. Maybe sometimes you think that this isn’t very enjoyable but it’s still experience and when you look back on your life most of it has been quite passable. The bad bits have been quite short really and even though you may suffer a great loss and sadness endures for some while if you look back at things you have done during that period you will find you also have had a lot of enjoyable periods.

That’s true.

In fact they outweigh the sadness. So overall once you do your life review you will say ‘there were quite a lot of interesting things in that, now that I know once more that I haven’t lost anybody well yes I’d do it again’. While you are there you think ‘this hurts too much’. You forget the good bits and you decide ‘do I want to do this again’. You won’t know until the next idea comes up but then you will be looking at it from a totally different viewpoint once more and you know that you can focus on the stage and you can pull away. Once more the lack of fear will enable you to take the plunge and when you are involved again you will forget that you thought ‘I’ll never do this again’. Which is the reason why you don’t keep the memories of the other side because once you realise there is a wonderful escape hatch then too many people will use it and that would just spoil the whole play. You couldn’t have people popping out all the time could you? Very disjointed. So that’s why we all agree that we will stick with it as long as we can. Occasionally one is allowed to go but the agreement is such that thoughts are scanned and only those who are compatible are welcomed into the particular consciousness group. Reliable partners you might say who can be relied upon to stay the course.

Thank you.


“Illusion is an element which enters into all finite things, for everything that exists has only a relative, not an absolute reality…. Whatever plane our consciousness may be acting in, both we and the things belonging to that plane are, for the time being, our only realities.”                                                                                   H.P. Blavatsky

(On the stage, lost in the drama.)

If you were making a choice to come to the earth at this point in time where would your intensity be focused, where would you choose to live and in what form?

The answer is in the first word you used. Choice. Choice of what experience. What experience do you want? Do you want the experience of hardship? Do you want the experience of affluence? Do you want the experience of joy and happiness? Do you want the experience of sadness? So once more you open your oyster and you choose. Just as you have to be careful what you ask for you have to be careful in how you phrase your questions.

To further answer your question, you have the choice of focusing anywhere you wish. What do you want to experience? First of all, before you make a choice of where to focus, where are you coming from? What is your motivation to focus? You have to have some idea of where you want to focus. What is attracting you? You ask what sort of life we would choose. But who is the ‘we’. The ‘we’ is a whole group of different consciousnesses. The fact that they are focused through you asking the question, what other focuses do they have? You are not aware of them.

So there is no ’you’, there is no ‘I’, there is no ‘me’, there is no self. There is only what you identify with.  (Which is probably why we refer to our ‘identity’).  So your ’I’, your ’me’, your ’self’ is whatever you are in the ‘now’, at the present moment. And even though it is all simultaneous it is whichever one you care to say you are. You cannot stand back and say I am this and this and this unless you attain a much more advanced stage, shall we say, where although you will know that you are involved in all these things the minute you want to fully experience being it you will be on the stage lost in the drama.

We are trying to get you to understand although you have no experience whatsoever of the total interconnectedness of all of that which you call consciousness and awareness. Some have intuited this which is why you have these concepts of ‘I am you and you are me’ and so on.


Everything is available to everyone at every moment, you might say, it depends simply on where you wish to focus. The only thing is, you cannot stand above and you can’t be on the stage as two characters at once. That is a much easier way for you to understand and yet you can go off-stage and swap roles but the minute you come back on the stage each of you will have to play the role which you have chosen, act that role out and be that person. You will no longer be aware that you are acting it. When you move off the stage you will be aware that you only acted the part. When you focus on the ‘Joe’ pattern you are Joe, when you focus on the ‘Joanna’ pattern you are Joanna.

Thank you.

Now, David, some time ago, was musing on experience and memory. So you open your oyster and do you think, ”I did this before”? How long before if there’s no time? “I’ve experienced this, do I wish to experience it again? Is there something new? Now, we also said that thoughts are constantly coming by. We have to speak to you in words that you understand and we have tried to present concepts that you understand. We have to use different terminology and word structures for the particular point that we are trying to put across. Now if we could put aside opening the oyster and say that you wake up and open your gaze to the flow of thoughts, and of course we have to drop off the fact of waking up because that applies to the physical world. You are always open to the flow of thoughts. The flow of thoughts is your oyster from which to choose. So we have now made the transition, I hope successfully.

The flow of thoughts. As you look at one thought and another thought do you think of what has gone before?

To a certain extent.

Yes. So would you then let that thought go by?

Yes. You could let that thought go by and you could continue on in the same vein or change the subject completely.

Depending on its attractiveness?


You are in the ever present now, the ever present flow of thoughts and you are able to concentrate on many things simultaneously as we keep saying. At the same time you are seeing all the other thoughts so you are constantly engaged in many, many activities, in many, many focuses. Do you agree?

I’m not sure about the many focuses.

Have you taken on board yet living many lives simultaneously?

Oh yes.

Then what have we just said? Many, many focuses. Many focuses is many lives lived simultaneously. It is simply your speed of cognition segmented and sequentialised. It is what you care to do.

Yes, yes.

Now with all these thoughts coming by and your interest being piqued by certain of them, your interest will only be aroused by something which you consider you have not had sufficient experience of. You don’t have to think “Have I experienced this” because if you have experienced it enough it will be instantly recognisable and you will just let the thought pass by.


It will be of no interest to you. Your interest is only piqued by something which you would like to have further knowledge of, further experience of. So when it comes to experience and memory you might say that the memory has become embedded, does not need to be resuscitated, to think “Did I do that?” You always have instant access to everything you ever knew but that doesn’t mean to say you have to bring it out and review it again, it is part of you. Immediately you look at something you will know whether it interests you or not and you can assume, looking at it from the outside, that if it doesn’t interest you then it is something you have already experienced.

Yes, I can see that.

The question of experience and memory. You could say that they are both one and the same, memory can’t exist without experience but you do not have to try to remember whether you have done something or not. You just know, it is part of you in the same way that you don’t have to remember how to walk, it just happens.


The same thing happens with regard to the attractiveness or not of the ideas which flow past. Memory just becomes part of your nature so you don’t re-live your experiences unless an idea comes up where it hits you so hard that “I know what that’s all about, that was enjoyable, I could do that again”. And you may re-experience a similar thing that you did before, but you have been so pre-occupied with all the other ideas in between that that particular experience went out of your mind. Now that the idea comes up again, “Ah, yes”, it piques your interest. Why? Because the memory is good, in your system. From this level, (physical) we will say that it triggered the memory, but the idea triggered the feeling, because the experience created a feeling. You may remember the experience but you don’t often put it together with the feeling whereas the experience and the memory evoke whatever feeling it may be, good, bad or indifferent. But it is the feeling that surfaces first when an idea comes by. It will either appeal or not appeal or not matter one way or the other.


Now do we have anything else tonight?

Not unless you wish to expand on the subject that was discussed last night at the Socrates Cafe, “why do we exist”?

There is no why when you just do. If you just ‘are’ then what is the ‘why’ of the ‘are’? Because the ‘why’ means you are created for a purpose. If you put it that “why does the physical body exist”?  that is quite easily answered and you can answer that yourself of course. You have enough material to answer that in spades but that wasn’t the sort of thing that you could have discussed last night. When you get ‘why does the higher consciousness exist’? You can say “to experience the idea”. Then we get back down to “well, why does the idea exist”? Because somebody thought of it and we can continue the usual infantile why’s. Why did somebody think of it? Because he was sat there wondering what the hell to do with himself and he had something called imagination and once we get to “why does consciousness have imagination” then we come to the same dead end as you do.

Thank you.



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