Selection from unposted archives. The Silver Cord, the Etheric Body.

The Silver Cord, the Etheric Body and learning from the Game of Physical Life.

We often hear about the silver cord. Now, I am assuming that this would be an energy. Am I right in that assumption?

If you consider radiation to be energy, yes, a wave transmission. However, you can once more say, that between the physical body, we have an electromagnetic transmission, if you wish, in order for the brain to receive, and yet, in order for the non-physical brain to receive, that will receive on a different form of wave energy. In other words, there will be a form of transformer, obviously for any connection between dimensions there has to be a transformation of energy. Different energy systems exist in different realities. Therefore, just as you have to transform 240 volts into 12 volts for the purpose of using a battery. Yes? The same thing applies but in a different nature, not purely voltage, but an actual change in, you could say wave fre…. The simplest way to look at it, in the point of view of the moment, is that the brain physical works on so many cycles per second, but just as you talk about raising vibrations then that has to be speeded up substantially in order to carry the same information to the other bodies. However, the attention has not been placed where this transformation occurs, because otherwise one has to postulate that the consciousness, or the mind, that is interfacing between the observer and the observed, must be capable of raising the frequency, and lowering the frequency, commensurate with which part of the overall organism it is communicating with, and the information encompassed must stay the same of course. But as is communication between the deceased and a medium, the medium is not aware of what is going on. He has an intention and belief that this can happen, but he is not able to modulate the frequency movement sufficiently to enable a totally clear communication to be obtained.

When I was talking about the silver cord I was really talking about when somebody astral travels at night.

Again here, we are talking about a radio transmission, we actually did answer, because you are talking about a radio transmission. Now, just as you can believe that your beliefs create your reality, we go back to that one again. Therefore, if you are aware of a silver cord and you, from whatever you may have heard this, remember most descriptions are assumed to have been obtained in the physical world and yet, one attains information in the dream world, one attains information in the astral whatever, yes? And so the beliefs run through to the entity. And so, if one believes that there is a silver cord, if you wish, this ghostly plasma or light connection, this marvellously elastic connection, which if you think about it, the easiest elastic connection is the radio wave. So, if it is believed that this is connected to the back of the astral body, back of the head of the astral body, which is connected to the head of the physical body, then, you will manifest it. Accordingly, on the other hand, the person with the clairvoyant ability can, depending on their beliefs again,  see the image of a radio wave as a silver cord. The difficulty with all these descriptions is that people expect definitive descriptions and for them to match. But, just as those who have NDE’s see different vistas, no different to you travelling to different countries here, or even different organisations, different plays you might say, there are so many variations that one cannot be definitive. Plus everything is created by the minds, the belief systems of those who see.

So again, just like the recollection of an event, many people will have different recollections. In the same way they will create different images. What is a different recollection but a different image memory? Whether it be a sight image, a sound image or a word image or a feeling image? One can only give answers worthy of an economist, on one hand and on the other hand. Variety is infinite. Suffice it to say that consciousness exists.

Too much attention is paid to pseudo-physical conceptions of what is essentially wave or field interactions. You cannot see a radio wave, you cannot see an electromagnetic field and so how can one see a silver cord, except that which you create for yourself? Which is why some people feel, or see, a silver cord, and others do not.

With regard to large or small people what is the etheric body like? Does it mirror the size or is it a standard size?

If we talk in terms of the observed and we equate the observed with personality and we equate the observer with the intelligence that is forming the personality, the entity; then, as you are aware, the personality is not under full control. It is allowed its own degree of free will so that the actions which lead to experiences can be seen with an experience, observed that is, but observed to the point that the experiences flow to the other bodies. Therefore all experience what is going on. The whole point of coming to the physical is to experience things that you do not expect to experience.

So you are saying that the etheric body will mirror the physical body?

Yes, but that is due to the…      the etheric body is that pattern around which the consciousnesses swarm. Therefore there has to be a field pattern that will be the basis for the physical, the manifest. The unmanifest field pattern is necessary for the manifest but this is a feedback loop so as the personality continues to increase the size of the physical the pattern expands. It is a chicken and egg situation. As energy is added to the form the pattern adjusts and of course the intention is there first so the pattern can adjust before the form. In other words, as there is no past, present or future, the pattern can precognate the intake  of surplus energy and adjust itself to accommodate. Now you can say of course that the entity, via its various bodies being used in the physical, is aware of the need to accommodate the extra energy. You may find that this subject has not been subject to detailed hypothetical examination and so you may take your own logical interpretation of what we have said. The same would apply for small or large. As you can imagine, if someone grows to a certain adult size, and then shrinks back, you can still use the idea that the intention was not to eat. In which case the energy field shrinks to accommodate the intention. As we said, you can argue this as chicken or egg, depending on your concept of the nature of time or no time.


As a mass how do we change our beliefs to improve the world situation?

Intensity. Things do not change. This world is a co-creation like all worlds of consciousness. It is the intensity of the consciousnesses that have an interest in the physical. Those consciousnesses are experimenting. They are trying out different scenarios. Why do wars keep on happening? For the uncertainty and excitement. For the same reason that you play your sports over and over again. For the uncertainty and excitement. Because you see things as real but the consciousnesses that are involved in this know they are not real. They are just a virtual reality.

So really what you are saying is that we are just a game?


So therefore we might just as well get on with it.

Of course. You are experiencing an adventure into a world of creativity and if you realise that, you will look around you and see the wonderful creations of your fellow consciousnesses and marvel at what the imagination can conceive of, not just the natural world, although that is probably the most fantastic of all, but the productions of the human focused consciousness of which you have chosen to be a part. You are one of the artists that are painting the picture of your reality. So rejoice and take your fill until you feel the desire to explore further.

Earlier when we spoke, Steven said  ”be happy and others will feel your happiness and that will increase their happiness”.  There are many sages who have said “to change the world you must first change yourself”. You cannot wave a wand and you cannot change anyone else’s mind. You can only change yourself but by changing yourself you may find it is contagious. Why be unhappy? That doesn’t mean to say you don’t care, but realise that you have no power to change the situation except to change yourself.  If you wish you can vote. You can get involved depending on the intensity of your desire.

Can you see an alternative to antibiotics on the horizon?

Did anybody see an alternative to bloodletting, leeches? Do you see eventually that they will be able to use a vibration to change the way a cell gives its messages? There is always something new. Always something to be dis-covered. Always another focus, another experiment, always something else to get interested in. Why this compulsion to achieve eternal life on earth, eliminate all disease, achieve eternal life on earth and at the same time say, “There isn’t enough food to feed all these people.” It is paradoxical to argue for both at the same time. Whatever you look at, if it didn’t exist, some consciousnesses would, as you say, invent it.

Previously you talked about learning, would you expand on that please?

Well learning, everything is in a constant state of learning but learning you would define as experiencing. This is not necessarily a cumulative experience, for example, you repeat and repeat and repeat very many actions and very many experiences in your everyday life but you don’t consider this a continual learning experience. As you wash every morning, would you say that you are learning every morning? So, your day to day activities are not considered to be learning but you experience the feeling of water each morning. So, if we substitute the word continuing experience for learning then you can take a different view point. Continual experience is much more easily to fit into the concept of timelessness than learning is, which is seen as progressive movement. Everything that you decide to get involved in is an experience and is basically a variation of experience. It is a previous idea or association moving outwards or inwards from a previous idea. An alternative possibility you wish to explore. You must realise that often you just set the ball in motion and then you follow or ride it, if you wish, in its journey down the hill or in its bouncing between the pillars and you give it volition but you bounce off one and bounce in another direction and bounce back again. If you can see this as continual motion, the bouncing between one and the other, deciding to go this way , go that way, come back, always restricted in a confined space, then effectively you are going nowhere but experiencing the whole time. As we said earlier, these are repeated experiences. At the end of the life you might say “what have I really learned”. Many will say “well, not very much really” but if they had not thought about it, they had gone through life, experiencing, and been quite happy to do so and have little to offer at the end of life as to what they know at the end of life, any different to what they knew before, other than what they have seen happen during that life.

But if they try to understand who they are and what the life has meant to them there will not be too many that will give a coherent and understandable picture of their so-called progression. Possibly this is why the idea of many, many lives has come to be a prevalent consideration by those who think of the mystery of existence.

How did the belief in Eternal Life arise?March 2019

If you only ‘are’ how can you be aware that you always will be, apart from belief, and how does that belief, if that is the case, arise?

Belief can arise from an absence of knowledge. Now if you do not see anybody leaving, whenever you make a contact they are always there, and everybody else that you contact and ask the same question “Is everybody that you have ever known always appear to be there and do they appear in their general presentation, shall we say, the way you envisage them, the way you perceive them, to be basically the same”? Then if you cannot find instances of “Where did he go, is she still there, does anybody know? Remember, we have no time, or rather, no need to put things in a time based  format, so the belief arises that “well, everything seems to carry on, everything just seems to be”.

We see no evidence of decay, in fact the word ‘decay’ wouldn’t even arise in our consciousness state because it is a non-sequitur. It is just not something which happens unless we create that happening. You must remember in all this that we are creating all these things. So, if you can create one thing, create another, create another then one assumes you can create, what you would term, eternal life.

Because as long as you keep creating and you know that everyone else, or everything else, every unit of consciousness is continually creating, then how can the belief arise in an ‘end’, and also one can’t find a beginning either. So if you cannot find a beginning or an end you must come to the inevitable conclusion that we just are, as we have stated before, so what is the point of worrying about it? We have had a look for a beginning, we have had a look for an end and we can’t find it.

On the physical level you are aware of a beginning and an end of the physical body but many of you are now aware and have been ever since we first appeared in the physical production that although the physical body appears and disappears the, let us put it, operating consciousness seems to carry on. Now you haven’t asked enough questions about where it came from in the first place except for this business of reincarnation. You basically assumed that it was doing something before and it simply wished to do something else in the same physical arena and so you have this concept of reincarnation, moving from one body to the other until you have done enough on the karmic wheel to purify yourself and then you can leave. Whereas we would say “been there, done it, had enough thank you, all those experiences, I’ll try something else”.

If you look back through, what you term as history, you will see that there are all these different experiences to be had as we keep playing around with this ongoing soap opera called physical reality.

You have, of course, to apply that to all the other realities. Just because everything is in potential doesn’t mean to say it’s static. If it was all static there wouldn’t be any creativity would there? As we have said before you can run the same old CD, the same old film and yet you can still enjoy it. You can start at the beginning, the end, halfway through it and it is still there when you come back, so you can finish it, start it again, finish it, start it again and what have you got? You’ve got circular motion haven’t you? So in the end, if you’ve gone through this many, many times, and it doesn’t actually show up as a beginning and an end, then you think “this is endless”.

Let us say that you walked into a football game that was in progress and it just carried on and on and on. You weren’t aware of a beginning and an end because they didn’t take a break. You would be hard put to say “when does the game finish?” You only break it into segments because of the energy limitations of the physical body and also the attention limitations of those who view. Now if you took all the football games of a particular team against another team and put them all together, and didn’t look at the start and the finish so that they all ran into a seamless whole, all you would have is an endless succession of half-times. Would you agree?


So where would you enter the process? You would say that this game goes on forever, there is no beginning and no end. You have to wrap your mind around this sort of thing to understand this business of how you generate this word called “Eternity” because you are involved in the same thing, you are seeing the same process of endless birth and death. You are also aware, for those who are philosophers, that consciousness carries on and therefore you get the concept of reincarnation and because most like to come to some form of conclusion then the prospect of eternal bliss was put forward, sitting on the right hand of God.

Same thing with this business of the ocean and the waves, you are a wave on the ocean and then you return to the ocean, but do you ever return to the ocean forever? If you were going to become a wave and try another wave and another wave, and remember that these are equivalent to reincarnational lives, why would you want to return to just being the ocean? Whatever spurred you to being a wave in the first place surely hasn’t died? The ocean is still there, you are still part of the ocean and you still at some stage wish to be active again. So the whole thing starts again doesn’t it?


And how would you feel as part of the ocean? You would feel “well, this goes on forever doesn’t it?


And so we will end the conversation with “what’s in a word”?

Right. Now something that you said there…Can you elaborate on how we choose this life on the physical?

We have been over this before haven’t we? Several times. Basically you are watching the ideas going by and as others watch the ideas going by then effectively, look at it this way, we haven’t used this one before, as you ‘light upon’ the thought going by you have made a connection with that thought, you are shining your light upon it, let us put it that way. Your attention on that thought gives it some energy so it brightens a little. Others latch on to it, “what’s this? that one is a little brighter”. And the more and more that latch on the brighter and brighter it gets until somebody says “hey, this is a damn good idea, I’d like to do this”. Instantaneous thought, instantaneous agreement and off we go. Yes?


And so you are choosing what you want to do aren’t you?


So don’t let us bother to expand it all the way. You’ve simply looked at whatever idea it is, whatever experience, whatever life, whatever it happens to be and when the intensity reaches a certain amount you realise that “this is a goer, do I want to join it or not”? Well you wouldn’t have looked at it in the first place if it didn’t attract your attention would you?


So, simple.


Miscarriages:- Hands across the Veil 18th March 2019


Hands across the Veil.

I had the sudden urge to hold a session this afternoon and was prompted to tell Jean to ask a question about our miscarriages. After a lengthy setting of the scene for the purposes of understanding I had the most intense, loving greeting from the two children who never made it to us. So, so wonderful. They appeared to me as grown up, as they would be, and I just know that they have been part of our family all along, whether here or there. To all those of you who have suffered the loss of an unborn listen to this and see what emotions come over you. Your loved ones may take this as an opportunity to make themselves known.

(Find in Session Audio Files)

Xenoglossy 11th March 2019

Would you please explain the phenomenon of xenoglossy given that thoughts are normally given in the normal language of the speaker? What is the process by which the higher consciousness can translate thought into the native language of the sender (and the receiver of the communication) even if the speaker has never spoken the language before?

A conundrum which has been cogitated upon by many with very few able to put forward a credible and acceptable theory but again the answer is relatively simple once you start to reason out the source of the information and the purpose for why it is being transmitted.

Now why would one wish to do this? We speak as the one, maybe, who would be capable of instigating such an exercise. It would seem to be of relatively little use unless of course you could say that the communicator may have been, let us say, Ethiopian and wishes to communicate with a fellow Ethiopian who was known to him or her but the only available medium had never spoken Ethiopian and had no knowledge of the language whatsoever.

So we say, “How can we do this, how can one get this done, what do we really need here, we need a totally clear channel? An instrument who is basically completely open, has no blockage whatsoever.”

Now this is not possible on a permanent basis of course otherwise you enter the realms of mental illness as you care to term it or various other mental conditions. But it is possible on a temporary basis and so you see these examples of xenoglossy in very deep trance mediums where basically they have completely stood aside and temporarily abrogated their, let us say, right to block any incoming transmission that they do not understand. An element of trust is involved here on behalf of, what you might call now, the instrument and also on a very large degree of cooperation between the gestalt consciousness of that particular medium and the transmitting consciousness.

So, it happens and everybody says, “Now how can this be”? Now imagine that you have a television (instrument) tuned to channel 1, channel 2 cannot get through, but if you switch channels to channel 2 then channel 2 can get through. So take your instrument that is only generally tuned to channel 1 (your personal identity frequency we could call it) but then it steps aside and says “Ok, we’ll leave the tuner dial to you, we will widen the waveband possibility for you”. The transmission then comes through on a different frequency and that then operates the vocal cords because it comes through the brain but the brain is only doing the translation into sounds.

Do not confuse sounds with language. All language is sound and the brain knows how to operate the vocal cords to produce the sound. So when the thoughts are sent, again this isn’t how it is but let us say couched in Ethiopian, then the sounds produced are Ethiopian and that would give you the sounds of the words of course, and that is language. It is simply that the medium and the gestalt consciousness of the medium have stepped aside and have allowed the whole mechanism, you might say, to operate on behalf of the transmitting consciousness and when it is finished it simply reverts to normal. The brain no longer receives on channel 2 but reverts to channel 1 once more.

Now this is a very simplistic explanation but it is basically the process that is followed. All thoughts are able to be translated into the language of the recipient no matter which language they speak. You will easily admit that thought can arise from a sight, sound or sensation. Now sit down every person speaking any language whatsoever, subject them to the same sensation, panorama and then ask them to describe that. They will each describe that in their own language but when you translate from one language to the other they will in general, apart from observer bias, colour for example, be comparable and in consensus. Would you agree with that?


So your Chinese person, your Dutch person, your American person etc. will all say “There is a man riding a bike there”. They will say it in their own language but what they saw they will describe.

What has happened? They have taken the sensation or the sight, which you may say is converted into thought and that thought is converted into language.  Of course you will say that is because they have learned that language and programmed that language. Now refer back to what we have just said and you will see that it can be done.

That is as good an explanation of xenoglossy as you are likely to get from us at least. You will get many other explanations but whether they will stand up to Occam’s razor is moot.

Now can we address the second part of your question please?


The process by which it is translated into the native language of the receiver is quite easy in that the brain is programmed to become a labour saving instrument so that one does not have to be bothered with going through the full process of everyday action. It learns how to walk, eat, speak and it will learn how to speak in such a way that it is able to be understood and it is able to understand the words that come back?

Yes. So that is the speaker?

Yes. This is the instrument and the brain.

We are talking about the instrument changing the language that he has never, ever heard before into the language of the listener?

The receiver of the communication rather than the receiver of the thought?


I think we covered that in our prior explanation. That is quite simple.

Yes, you did.

It is an interesting point isn’t it? You can understand why other languages are blocked off because you couldn’t have, what you might call, as some in the spiritualist movement would say, your Chinese guide trying to jabber away in Chinese. You wouldn’t understand a word. This is why these sorts of things are few and far between, they simply don’t make sense and upset the apple cart. It is allowed here and now in just the way that photographic memory is and hyperthymesia. It gives you a few signposts in working out how reality is created and how the whole process works.

Another little signpost on the way to, what you term, enlightenment. Although we do not really approve of that terminology.

We are enjoying being able to take you further down the rabbit hole as you are aware of and before we go, as our instrument is busily reminding us here, we gave him the term of ‘morphic library’ this morning which he found rather neat and if you compare that to ‘morphogenetic fields’ or the Akashic records or Einstein’s ‘higher plane of knowledge’ then ‘morphic library has quite a ring to it, doesn’t it? So I do believe we will have to use this more in future transmissions.

Thank you.

This can also be found in Session Audio Files.  We wanted to know how the other side would explain it as apparently no-one has an explanation here that they want to put forward. See article below.

Reincarnation buffs will probably have an opinion. Our teachers explanation seems eminently sensible. Whether you look at it from here or there it bolsters the case for the body being merely an instrument or vehicle for the expression of a conscious personality.

The Phenomenon of Xenoglossy taken from 

The phenomenon of xenoglossy (knowledge of a language one has never learned) is almost always associated with severe head injuries, recovery from comas or hypnotic “experiments.”

Two types of xenoglossy are recognized: recitative and responsive. Recitative is the most common and people exhibiting it will utter words or phrases of an alien language without understanding their meaning.

Responsive is a much rarer form of xenoglossy: an individual is abruptly endowed with the capability of fluently speaking and conversing in a language completely (or virtually) previously unknown to them.

The latest case making world headlines is the rarer form of the phenomenon. According to doctors in Croatia, a 13-year old girl from Knin—a southern town—’mysteriously’ fell into a coma. When she responded to questions put to her with fluent German! [1]

Her parents claim that while she had just started studying the German language at school, was reading German books and watching some German TV, she was far from being fluent in the language and just had a rudimentary grasp.

Dujomir Marasovic, the hospital director stated the staff were still in the process of determining what precipitated the coma and why it is the girl has forgotten her native language.

The director has called in other doctors to examine the girl—including German speaking doctors-in an attempt to unravel the oddity.

“You never know when recovering from such a trauma how the brain will react. Obviously we have some theories although at the moment we are limited in what we can say because we have to respect the privacy of the patient,” Marasovic explained. [2]

Hospital staff psychologist, Dr. Mijo Milas observed, “In earlier times this would have been referred to as a miracle, we prefer to think that there must be a logical explanation—it’s just that we haven’t found it yet.” [3]

Unfortunately, Dr. Milas may be looking for that explanation the rest of his life. What happened to the young Croation girl is nothing new. The phenomenon has been observed for hundreds of years.

Although anecdotal tales exist going back hundreds of years, one of the first well-documented occurrences of this phenomenon took place in 1862. During a demonstration of “mesmerizing” (hypnosis), a Prince Galtizin had a German woman who had no ability to speak any language other than her native tongue suddenly conversing in fluent French. Galtizin explained it as regression, claiming the woman had mentally reverted to a past life in France.

In the year 1977 an amazing xenoglossy case was documented. A Mr. Billy Mulligan, an Ohio State penitentiary inmate, was discovered by prison psychiatrists to have two distinct personalities. The first identity called himself “Abdul” and spoke flawless Arabic; the second, “Rugen” conversed in perfect Serbo-Croation. Yet according to the prison officials, Mulligan—who was a natural born citizen of the United States and had never left the country—was unaware of these other two personalities and had never studied either language!

Researcher and biologist, Lyall Watson recalls the case of a 10-year old Filipino boy who, when under a trance, spoke the Zulu language. He spoke it perfectly although he’d never even heard of it!

And back in 2007, a famous case involving Czech race car driver, Matej Kus, occurred after a near fatal accident on the racecourse. After regaining consciousness from his injuries, Kus-who previously had struggled to speak broken English-suddenly found himself speaking perfect English … with a British accent!

His new found talent didn’t last long, however, and he had to continue struggling with his English courses after a few days of glory. [4]

Some scientists have proposed that such cases might stem from a genetic legacy, while fringe science links it with the paranormal. [5]

Whatever the phenomenon proves to be, as Milas so succinctly sums it up: “There are references to cases where people who have been seriously ill and perhaps in a coma have woken up being able to speak other languages—sometimes even the Biblical languages such as that spoken in old Babylon or Egypt—at the moment though any speculation would remain just that—speculation—so it’s better to continue tests until we actually know something.”


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Soul-Mates We love and are loved by so many more than we are presently aware of. 9th March 2019


        We love and are loved by so many more than we are presently aware of.

When we pass over are we also met by those we know in simultaneous lives?

So when you take a cruise do you bump into people that you have met on another cruise?

Yes, sometimes.

And, of course you have no interaction with those people in any other situation other than the cruise?


But you know them and they are leading an entirely separate life of which you have no knowledge and vice versa. Yes?


Now let us assume that they have passed over and are now back in the totally interconnected state and then you pass over and because you have had a resonance and you have knowledge, you have had an interaction before, then you are, as is said, entangled. So the connection forever exists. Therefore if firm friends you had met once or twice or more on a cruise and then had no connection other than that but whose company you thoroughly enjoyed and even grown to like very much and upon returning to the situation where you know full well that they are aware that you are coming to that, let us say, particular location then you would be quite pleased if they were there to meet you. Yes?


And what would you do? Always put yourself in the same position. If you knew that your friend, H, was coming over would you not go along to give her a welcoming smile? Now run yourself through other people that you haven’t seen for years and would you go and welcome them?


Now look at all the neighbours that have passed over, you would be more than happy to welcome them, wouldn’t you?

Yes, personally I would but I can imagine that some people with horrendous neighbours would certainly not want to welcome them.

So let us transfer this to another activity. You have your friends here, you have the friends you left in England, you have the friends you meet on the cruise ships and you can extend that to school friends and all others you have been connected with. Now look upon that as separate lives which, in terms of partial aspects, you could easily see as such. Would you agree?

To a certain extent, obviously they are still physical lives….

Yes, but are they segments of a physical life?

Segments, yes.

Now do you think that you experience all your lives and are part of all of those lives?


When you experience another life, you experience that life. Yes?


So you experience life No.1, life No.2, life No.3?


Are those lives all part of your experience?

Yes, they are all part….

Of your experience?


So all the people that you meet and get to know and love in those lives, then just the same, they are part of your life?


So you could look at your overall life and break it into its individual lives, its individual segments, even though lived simultaneously?


There is no difference between living these lives simultaneously, if you look upon them as spread out before you, and all the segments of your physical life spread out before you. They all exist, all the connections exist. So as you look at them you say “I know them, I really enjoyed their company, I hope to get to enjoy their company again now in a different situation”. And would you not say, “Let’s meet up and go over old times”. You might even say “Let’s do something together again shall we”? Now spread this across all and you will see you have many, many connections. Everybody has many, many connections but, as we have said before, there are preferences, not so much preferences as against one person or another but activities, ideas that float by and then “I think I’ll join in with this one” and that depends on who you are connected with elsewhere. They may see the same idea, see that “ah, you are in it” and that spurs them to join also. Likewise for you if you see that a good friend is focusing on a particular idea a thought may flash between you “Well I’ll do it if you’ll do it, we could have fun in this one, we touched base in that other one, let’s do this one”.

Now where do you think the idea of soul-mate came from?

Well, I think it comes from, the other side, from those you resonate with, those who you do want to do different lives with.

So if we had mentioned ‘soul-mate’ at the beginning of this little discourse, would you have then sat there, thought your way through it and been able to come up with exactly the same words that we have?

I may have been able to reach some similar conclusions that like attracts like and one may search out others who you know have similar interests.

So yes, there will be lots of people that you will meet. It will be the usual surprise party, if you wish, there is so and so and there’s so and so else and “I didn’t expect to see you here”. At the moment you are expecting the relatives from this life and when you go over they will be the first in the queue but then as you wander through the throng you will come across the others by which time you are quite used to the fact that you are back so the next things that come flooding back are your other lives and your other participations.

That is not to say that you are immersed in all those other lives. Remember, when you get back you may as well say for the purposes of this little talk that you are at the back of the theatre or outside the theatre mingling with all the fellow actors. Yes?


But if you went back inside the theatre, as we gave you before, you were sitting in the round, you had your six theatres around you and you could focus onto six stages, if you were able to put two and two together you would be able to see the actor on the stage, recognise who it is, go outside the theatre and immediately recognise the player. Can you see the idea?

The question was “Will we meet up with everyone we ever knew” basically, and yes, if you have the strong enough connection they will be there to say hello. I think we once said before that maybe the ones who are a little bit more on the fringe wish to tip their hat but may wish to stay on the outer edges until you have finished meeting up with all those ones with which you were truly connected.


Continuation of above session theme, question not recorded.


You return to the other side, I return to the other side. We both become aware, if we wish to, of all lives that we have ever been involved in or are involved in. Now in those lives we are aware of all the connections we have in each one of those lives. Are they all separate?

Yes, each life is separate.

So each ‘photo album’ is separate? (The record of the life)


So when something comes up on ‘life 43’e.g. you suddenly receive the thought re life 43, Fred has come over, then you are immediately aware of what Fred looked like (as the record/ photo album is instantly connected ) and as soon as you are aware of what Fred looked like, you are linked with Fred , aren’t you?


So are you then in a position to send a thought to Fred “Hi Fred, glad you have come over”?


Now, you must eliminate the time aspect. All those involved in that life, in that gestalt of ‘Fred’ are alerted but are focused through the image of ‘Fred’, because the image of ‘Fred’ then becomes reactivated, we might say, in all those awarenesses. (The memory of living a life as ‘Fred’). Are you aware of what we are saying?

Not 100% but carry on.

Each awareness remembers being ‘Joe’( You will need to go to the index and read ‘Entangled Minds’ to understand the following), each awareness remembers being ‘Joanna’. Therefore if a message comes to Joe or a message comes to Joanna, each awareness that ever was Joe or Joanna is aware of the message, but it only thinks of Joe, or Joanna, it does not think of itself. Because it did not have an identity, its identity was experienced through Joe or Joanna. Do you understand that? (To simplify, when a ‘Joe awareness thinks, or sends a thought to Joanna, an image of Joe or thought of Joe arises in the ‘mind’ of each awareness that was ever a part of the Joanna gestalt i.e. experienced being Joanna. Once connected always connected, quantum entanglement or interconnectedness if you like)


So you still have the same, confluence of minds, and you still have a majority coming through because you have reactivated (re-commenced) the data stream of the gestalt. Yes?


So you going over are in the same position.

Yes. So the people that have passed before you, that are coming to meet you, who have experienced many other lives are also entangled with those that they have experienced in those other lives therefore…….

You are entangled with all your daily activities, are you able to focus on G.. and the golf club?

Yes, but I thought you just said that many others from many other lives, when somebody passes over, I don’t want to use the word ‘comes’……

Use the word ‘actor’. Let us take for example a name you know. Let us take ‘Richard Burton’, he has played in many films, many plays, many productions.


In each one of those productions he made connections, each one of those went off and did their many productions. Now, let us say that Richard Burton is coming to town. Everybody knows that Richard Burton is coming to town.

I enjoyed working with Richard Burton, Richard Burton is going to be at the Kings Head (pub) at 7pm on Saturday. I think I’ll go along and meet him. Now does that explain it to you?

Yes. That is a better explanation.

‘Entangled’ just means you know them, OK, and if we go one further of course we get into the fact that the total interconnection is there, you know each other’s thoughts etc. etc., but only if you wish to focus upon them. All knowledge is always available but you do not focus on all knowledge all of the time. You only focus on that which you wish to focus upon. That which is of interest to you. All else you will ignore although you know it is available.

And when you do focus upon another you are aware of each other’s feelings once more, in the same way as you make a phone call, you recognise the voice and you instantly recognise the feeling that is in that voice. You listen to the tone of the voice and what arises in you, a nice feeling, laughter, it’s not strange is it? So what do you call that but entanglement? The word ‘entanglement’ is not a good word to use, ‘emotionally connected’ we might say, and of course most will say ‘love’. But that word has its own connotations and you can take that from acquaintance to like to love and reverse. Feelings will be aroused by your previous connections, emotional connections, with that person, good or bad.

In general however, all that were ever Joe, all that were ever Joanna etc. etc. always remember if the message comes through, and what happens, you get a good feeling, there’s your emotional entanglement.  “I get a good feeling, I’d love to meet up with them again”. Remember you are aware of the feelings of the other person the minute you focus so you know full well if they will welcome seeing you unless they deliberately shield which most do not bother. So have we answered you?

Yes thank you.

Now the thought will carry the intensity of the expression of their warmth of welcome which you will feel with the accompanying picture. Let us say you are known to be on television on channel 1, the screen is split into however many images you care to countenance, all your connections can send their image and depending on the intensity of the image, we will talk in terms of pictures, their particular picture on the screen will grab your attention, others will not grab your attention. Now can you understand that?


So mental pictures go backwards and forwards, you receive all the mental pictures and you can focus on an awful lot at once of course, but some will be more intense than others. Now when that mental picture comes through, of Joe say, that will be all those awarenesses that were involved with (part of) Joe that knew and loved you, but they will come through the Joe picture because they will think of Joe (the Joe whose physical life they experienced). Joe will be the image and that image will be on the screen and likewise they will be receiving your image on their screen.

Now it is possibly best to think of all this in terms of your present messaging and just extrapolate that as receiving all this in the mind.

Thank you.

You Create Your “Home” Reality. 26th February 2019

All consciousness creates the desired senses with which to experience its particular species instrument in any specific reality.

In the previous session you referred to senses which are inherent in your location being dropped off when entering physical reality, also where they were not sufficiently blocked off they cause some individuals to display abilities far beyond the average. Would you care to describe the wider possibilities of the senses that we are aware of and any others that may be available to us when not restricted by the “rules’ pertaining in the physical?

With regard to the terminology that we used of ‘drop off’ in the previous post we could also refer to it as ‘bleed through’ as we have used in previous analogies. In other words a sense that was utilised in one reality was not quite ‘blocked off’, or there is a reluctance, maybe, on the part of the consciousness, the gestalt, to fully relinquish that particular sense and, in addition, it could be a deliberate allowance of that ability to be displayed in physical reality in order that a sense of wonder and inquiry was aroused, a sense of seeking, in order to find out the reason why.

Now, David was inspired to preface the last post with the words “this will make the penny drop for some” and so your question has obviously been stimulated by that post and maybe the penny is on its way down.

Let me give you a new thought. David, some years ago, was giving a demonstration of clairvoyance at a local church and between messages he looked down and saw his right hand in an unusual position with four fingers spread as if on a gear stick, which was the first thing that came to mind. But the fingers wouldn’t be spread out like that, this was something else. He then realised this was a plane cockpit and that he had his hand on the throttle. So he then spoke to the audience “I have a pilot here”. The next second he sensed himself rocketing skywards with the attendant enhanced G forces and exclaimed “This is a military plane”. He went on to describe the person who transmitted his image and the communication was duly taken as being from the deceased brother who had met his end as a test pilot.

Now, let us analyse what has happened here. The deceased personage has transmitted a thought. That thought being a memory of piloting his plane at very high speed at a very steep angle resulting in some G forces. That was his memory. That memory, whichever way you wish to look at it, was transferred to the instrument’s consciousness, and let us use your terminology here, which went through to the mind and onward to the brain. But the brain had never experienced being in a military plane, had never experienced rocketing skywards and never experienced enhanced G forces yet somehow the instrument was able to physically experience them. What conclusion would you draw from that? That the brain had created the necessary sense perceptions. Yes?


Now extend that to all your senses you will see that it is quite possible that all that you sense is being created by the brain. This is an ongoing discussion, argument, theoretical projection amongst the neurological fraternity as to how the brain mediates the sensory inputs to give you the sensations that you enjoy.

You say that the brain is creating this. Would you not say that everything is there, as you say, in potential and the brain is selecting it rather than creating it?

Yes. It is just a question of terminology of course but the brain is only able to receive the information from the consciousness and that selection has to be made by the consciousness. We are trying to make it simple from your point of view. At present you can only examine the brain, you can’t examine the consciousness. You can make assertions but you cannot utilise your measuring instruments or your observations, let us say, to fully evaluate the abilities of consciousness and yet to some extent you can see by experiment what parts of the brain are activated and what other attributes are capable of stimulation. So, yes, you could say that you select these senses, but where did those senses come from in the first place. They were not just there you know. We say, you say, you create your own reality, you co-create your own reality. Well, when you create your reality, your senses are part of your reality. You create your senses. Hence our use of the phrase “The brain created the sense”. Yes?


It depends on where you want to start with this. You can place your element of creation in the area of consciousness, in the area of mind, whichever suits you at your present level of understanding. Do you understand?


When it comes to finally having the penny drop to where you not only create your senses, create your reality, but you create the senses with which to experience that reality, then you enter into a whole new field of understanding.

Let us look at your dreams for example, you say “It’s only a dream” and yet others will say “but you are creating that dream, the brain is creating that dream or mind is creating the dream”. Yet in some of these dreams you have unusual abilities. You have flying dreams, you have dreams where you take vast strides or run at super speeds. You have various abilities that you do not possess in waking reality. You are creating senses commensurate with the abilities.

So when it comes to your various experiences, your NDE’s, your OBE’s and your seers etc. then once more the argument can start, “ but is all this simply imagination, can we believe that these people  have actually seen these places, experienced these realities”?

Well, everything is possible in the imagination and provided that you admit to the possibility that the reality that you presently enjoy is simply a co-created reality produced by consensus imagination of cooperating consciousness then surely every reality is the same.

One thing here that we feel you might enjoy as a little party game, say is to sit with friends and maybe even some children, as their sense of imagination often knows no bounds compared to your own, and imagine what the human form could do if it had the abilities inherent in other species e. g. the ability to jump like a flea, many times your own height, to be able to see with the sight of an eagle, to be able to fly as a housefly does, to instantly take off in any direction and to change flight at right angles or instantly go from forwards to backwards etc. You cannot replicate this with your flying machines of course as the sheer mass of the flying instruments that you create cannot withstand the G forces occasioned by such manoeuvres whereas the composition of the fly’s body enables it to do so. We are simply giving you examples here so that you can then play with these and then apply them to the sort of realities that you could create.

You have constantly asked about what other lives can be led in the non-physical. Well, we have laid the groundwork for you here. You can easily see that should you all wish to be Superman or Spiderman or whatever other ‘man’ you create in your media, or woman we should say, then you are perfectly able to do so should you be able to get enough other consciousnesses to agree to create that reality with you and you make the rules to suit. It would be of interest for you, rather than us do your thinking for you, to sit down with others and say “let us look at the abilities of these other species, let us look at what instruments we could create be they of human form or some hybrid form maybe, let us just let our imagination run riot, let us brainstorm and see what kind of beings we could design and the sort of things they could do”. Then you could decide upon what would be the rules of the game and what senses the beings would enjoy.

So say that you want to create a large bird with the eyesight of an eagle but with the flight capabilities of a housefly. So you would ask yourselves “how would this be possible”? You may say “why don’t we just reduce the gravitational forces in our proposed reality”? “Look what the men on the moon could do in a reduced gravity environment and the astronauts in a spacecraft. We could set gravity at whatever level suits and now it is possible”.

This is expanding your mind, expanding your consciousness, which we stated at the beginning of our transmissions was our intention.

Now, if you are going to expand your consciousness, expand your mind, then part of this is up to you to do so and you can do this by flights of the imagination, because, you create with your imagination if you believe that this is possible. So by going through the process outlined above you are on your way to setting the rules for a reality. Yes?


So you could say that water is going to be part of that reality but it would no longer be wet and as you have read many times before in your researches, you can bathe in another reality, the water is sparkling etc., but it doesn’t make you wet.

Soooh, you have seen what is possible. You can also see that you could be impervious to heat and cold, so you could be Icarus. Only, as now you are impervious to heat, the wax holding your feathers isn’t going to melt and you are not going to fall out of the sky. So you can fly off towards the sun and as you are impervious to heat you can reach an appropriate position, watch the fireworks and marvel at the creations of other consciousness.

You can go on from there. You can have wonderful exercises in imaginative creativity. We now come back to the fact that you create ‘everything’, everything. You create your senses and you choose the senses for the particular environment.

When you ask us what senses are available in our location or other realities, other locations if you wish the word, then it can be any sense that you wish. You can have the sense of being instantly wherever you wish to be, in terms of bi-location, or non-locality as you might call it now in which case where you want to be comes to where you are. So if you think that you imagine in your mind then everything is coming to you in your mind, you don’t have to go anywhere.

Then arises the concept of no need for space and then of course time travel.  You can be back with the Roman centurions or forward into the year 4000, if you can create an imaginative scenario for that as your filmmakers do, then you can do that. So no time and we are back to the unimaginable, shall we say, from your point of view. But you can certainly see that you can put together all kinds of  lives. So don’t hang your hat on a particular form of life. It is quite obvious, as we have described before, that when you first move over it will be momentarily quite strange to you and to make you feel at home everything will be portrayed to you to be familiar so you can feel safe and secure and then you can open up from there. That particular sort of reality for some will be their ideal and they will focus into that reality for as long as it is of satisfaction to them but they will also find that they are dipping their toes into other realities simultaneously. Gradually you settle into, let us say, what you might call a favourite home reality that you might retreat to. You could also ally this to your feelings of bliss. Once I focus on my home reality I feel wonderfully at peace. Now I know that I can focus in this other one, this other one and this other one, for excitement, for fear, for challenge, for whatever.

But I can always return to my blissful home reality.

So, we have entered a new area of, let us say, imagination.

Thank you.


16th Feb 2019 Hear the “Teachers” as we first hear them.

We recently discovered that we could put audio files on the website and have created a new heading “Session Audio Files”. We have added audio files of two sessions, one from May 2015 and the audio file of our latest post.

The initial monologue of the 2015 session you will find at the beginning of “The Nature of Individuality and Personality” in Volume 2 in the Index.

Having not listened to this recording since  it was transcribed in 2015 it is interesting to compare my observations on the website with my comments in the recording.

More information about the subjects covered in the recording is in the preamble to the file in ‘Session Audio Files’ on the website.


Reality and You now available in Book Form.

We are pleased to announce that we have now published the material on the website in the form of two books. They are available through Amazon.

Book 1        Which is basically volume 1 of the site is titled:-

Conversations with Higher Consciousness

Available as a kindle version or a 272 page paper back.

Book 2       Which is basically volume 2 is titled:-

Reality and You. The Philosophy and Science of Consciousness.

Also available as a kindle version or a 374 page paper back.

Having typed and printed all the material on the site over the last few years we can tell you that it is far easier to absorb and understand when reading it from the printed page.  It is far easier to reference backwards and forwards for those of you who like to do so and you can dog-ear the pages and underline, annotate and comment to your hearts content. As you are all no doubt aware this material is intellectually challenging  and so makes a statement about you when friends pick it up from the coffee table and glance at the content. Seriously though it needs to be read several times before the conviction takes hold that consciousness is the ground of all being and that the life we are experiencing is simply one amongst many.

We chose to have this physical life experience so let us choose to concentrate on the wonderful expressions of consciousness  that surround us in all their diversity and remembering always  that any traumatic events and periods of sadness and grief will be recognised for what they truly are when we pass over. As was said in the concluding remarks in our last post:- “because you know that when the show is over everything is restored to as it was before and the experience is simply put aside. Nobody is left with the trauma of that experience. It is just transitory, you might say, in the moment. It is purely a transitory feeling.”



How We Experience Lives Without a Physical Body. What Life is Like in No Space, No Time. January 25th 2019

How we experience lives without a physical body. What life is like in no space, no time. January 25th 2019

It has been three years since you launched the website. Who would have thought it would have taken three years before you decided to convert the material on the website into a book, let alone go to print. As we have said before, you weren’t given the thought. So now you have and you have. You have your electronic books published and within a week or so you will have your print versions published. (Amazon Kindle Books, 1. Conversations with Higher Consciousness. 2. Reality and You.)

Now, needless to say, considering the size and scope of these books, that is quite an achievement. It is not so much an achievement for us as it is for you. You have had to put the hard work into this book whereas it is quite easy for us to see the whole as, we have laid out so elaborately, everything happens at once. So we see the whole picture and therefore it is easy for us to make sure that everything we pass through the instrument is compatible with the overall thrust of the actuality being portrayed.

So yes, of course, we are quite pleased with it. It’s been quite an enjoyable ride really and as you can see from the spread of the website (has been accessed in 119 countries at the last count) the work will spread even more as the books become read and recommended to others. So yes we can all now sit back and watch the progress.

Reality may not only be stranger than we conceive, it may be stranger than we can conceive.                                                                                                  J.B.S. Haldane

Some time ago, you mentioned that you may be able to further expand on the realities that exist and the possibility of accessing those realities without getting lost in those particular domains, dramas. Have we reached that position?

As we have said before, using the language of the physical, it will be quite difficult to describe realities that are far divorced from the physical. It would be quite easy to describe semi- physical realities with different conditions as experienced in those realities. We have alluded to some possible examples before.

When we get further away from those realities you must be in a position to be able to, let us say, observe or understand from the point of view of a bodiless or instrumentless perspective and a far more interconnected perspective. It is difficult to provide analogies because there are no exact physical analogies to which we can allude that you can actually experience from the point of view of a body. We have to get into mind and into imagination. Probably the nearest sort of reality we can compare with would be these virtual realities that you can experience through your electronic media because effectively you will be able to, at that stage, stand off, shall we say, look into the reality, experience the exhilaration, the fear and, should you be engrossed in it sufficiently, even the emergence of love and desire as you identify with the image and feeling that comes across to you.

In some of those realities it will be a matter of you projecting an image of yourself that may not be of a physical image as you have at the present time because that reality will not have physical bodies within it. So let us say e.g. that you have an image such as that on a computer screensaver. Now there are some beautiful images on there with wonderful motion and quite attention holding capabilities. If you project some such image and another enjoys that image and feels drawn to it and remember you will not just be projecting images you will be projecting feelings. As we have said before, when you send a thought to someone else that thought comes complete with the qualities, attributes, of the information pertaining to the sender of that thought. Once you make the connection then you are, unless you wish to hide away, allowing the one you connect with to view your thought net, we might say. To understand who you are. Do you understand?


Therefore the connections you make, you are immediately aware whether the other, we can term it consciousness, is of like mind and whether you feel comfortable with that like mind. When you feel comfortable with that like mind the thoughts will, let us say, move backwards and forwards between you with rapidity and so you can then join together in discussing, imaging or, as we have said before, having your coffee overlooking Capri. You will feel a sense of comfort, companionship and warmth. We won’t say love because we don’t wish you to give the connotation of the physical love that you experience at the moment, it will be that sense of soul mate, shall we say, which may give you a better idea of the feeling.

You will have these connections all over the place. You will have so many people where you will say “Ah, that feels good, this feels good, this feels good” and you will be embarking on all these different little experiences with them, not necessarily just with one but in groups. Now this is exactly what you are doing at the present moment only you are focused in physical reality but can you imagine being able to do this without having to see a body? As in a telephone conversation you cannot see a body but you can be completely comfortable with the person on the other end even if you haven’t met them before. Something in their voice, something in the way they talk, you feel “that person I think I could get on with”. Yes?

Now expand that to where you know you can get on with that person, you haven’t just heard the voice, you know all about how they think, what interests them because you are entangled. You have made the connection and you are both entangled. If you are happy with that then you can go enjoy things but of course we are coming into this area where basically your two information banks, shall we say, are now effectively merged in that you know your own feelings and you know the other’s feelings. This is the same as those who have an NDE experience, they are aware of the feelings of the other person.

Once you move away from the physical bodies you will know the other’s feelings and you will know whether you wish to have further consort with those gestalts or not. We are trying to point out to you that the bodily image necessity will be dispensed with because you will simply know. It will not matter, you can change if you wish to say ‘let’s both have a new image and let’s both see’ but in general it is unnecessary because you don’t need any images. But you may wish to create a joint image of a wonderful view. Now we had to put this over before because you wouldn’t be able to understand if we said right now, join me in a joint imagination, this wonderful screen image, computer screen image of a rainbow, swooping up and down rainbows, to refer to a previous analogy. So, we both imagine these wonderful rollercoasters of colour and then we both get on, let us say, we both place ourselves in the position of being able to experience the drops and the rise and the turns and the accompanying music with that. So in much the same way as you dance to music then you can do that which we have just described and the same feeling will come and of course you can add in singing, if you want the sound of your own voices, if you wish to have voices.  You will hear the sound but you won’t need ears to hear with. You convert the thoughts to your language at the moment, but then again you will not need to convert the thought to language. You may do so for a while after leaving the physical body but you soon realise that is unnecessary because no matter what language is spoken it will be the thought that you receive and that thought will be as a, we can only say, feeling rather than expressed in language, but the import of that thought will be exactly the same. Yes?

Now, have we given you some idea?

Yes thank you.

Right, now so…….. as you are aware you can create any form of experience that you desire, so, you may decide, as we have said before, let us have a sword fight, I’ll be a centurion, or whatever and you be a gladiator, you have a sword and a shield and I will have a pike and a club let us say, and we will see what we can do and see who comes out the victor but of course you and I will both be fully aware that this is only make believe and yet we haven’t given ourselves any particular strength or advantage in the particular instrument that we are using to conduct the battle, so we can still have our uncertainty and excitement. So, that is one area, but there again we are looking at a pastiche of the physical.

Now, you have to work with us when envisaging these things so that you can endeavor to think of yourself as having left the body and now you have unlimited potential and then try to access the ideas that are floating by and open up to where you allow in ideas of a non-physical nature and see whether you can comprehend those ideas. You have a problem in that you have to remove yourself from the analytical judgement of the physical but it can be done. You can say that this is somewhat like a crazy dream and yet you can look at this and say “but I know that it isn’t a crazy dream, it is simply the creation of my own imagination”. Yes?


It is possible. It may be crazy from the point of view of the physical but it is certainly not crazy once you leave the physical. Whether that gives you any particular satisfaction in indulging in these flights of fancy is moot but you have to do this in order to maybe come across those areas that surprise you because until you open your mind nothing can get in. Do you understand?

Now switching over to the business of trying to analyze the non-physical in terms of the physical is something that is virtually impossible. You can go down to your Planck lengths, you can go down to your superstrings, and of course once you get there, as you posted the other day, you have to imbue those strings with intelligence and consciousness and then you start all over again from the, we won’t say the Big Bang, but from the background, the coalescing consciousness and its desires (formed?) into an objective reality which you can understand in a physical reality. Now try to imagine that the intelligent strings are quite happy communicating with each other in, let us say, informational imagination. Can you understand what we are saying? In other words you would have what you would call pictures going backwards and forwards but occupying no space and yet, to those intelligences, they are enjoying a reality that those pictures portray.

You would call that a virtual reality because you have yet to realise that your own reality, is, a virtual reality. Although many now have realized this, and that existence is merely experiencing infinite realities.

The next question is, through reductionism but still looking at it from a Newtonian perspective we are down to this tiny amount, because that is what, let us say, the marriage of Newtonian and quantum theory is, that, although everything is entangled and connected, you still have to envisage it in terms of a string, whatever that may be, a tiny little wave. You keep imagining it in terms of something that you can actually behold in one form or another even though it is still, for you, something that you cannot see, you cannot measure, you can only imagine, but your mathematics will say, this is possible.

Now 100 or 200 years ago, wherever you want to start, you didn’t have this theory and you didn’t have these tiny little strings, the theories weren’t out there. So what is the next theory that is going to come along? We are having to talk at the present moment in terms of your theories because we can’t take you to an area of which you have absolutely no comprehension of whatsoever. So we take you down to the limit of your present theoretical projection and say this little superstring, for your purposes at the moment, is a unit of awareness. You can apply that to the material that we have transmitted so far, but as we have just said, imagine these pictures going backwards and forwards and the reality being experienced by these tiny little strings.

You asked if we could go further, well we have gone further. Previously we have been saying that you need a gestalt consciousness, you need many (awarenesses). We also said that the awareness can access the memory bank, it can tune in to anyone who is still in the body, or out for that matter, and experience what is going on because it actually isn’t having to manifest anything. It is just tuning in to an information stream.  We have said before that your gestalt consciousness and all the ones in it are broadcasting all the time, because they can’t but do so. As they see and hear etc. it (that information) is entering their thought net and therefore it is there for all to see. You could call that a broadcast. Yes?


In effect you are saying that my site is open for everyone to visit and of course your site is connected to all others but the connection is such that it has to be activated. Once we get down into this area then it leads you to the logical conclusion that none of these realities exist in any objective form whatsoever. Would you agree?

It certainly is possible that all realities are virtual realities and we simply get lost in the drama and believe that what we are experiencing is a material reality.

The actuality of all realities is simply just an exchange of images. Purely an exchange of images between, let us come back again to your strings, and so, how many strings do you want? Do these strings require space, or don’t they require space? Now, we are using the word ‘strings’, but of course once you get to consciousness, we cannot describe consciousness any more than you can. We simply know that we are. We know that we can imagine, we know, what you might call ‘see and hear’. We know that we can receive communication from another, join in that communication and converse, communicate, experience everything that your own sensory perceptions are aware of and other sensory perceptions that you are not at present capable of experiencing. But just the same we do not have this impression of space because we know that the space that we do appear to inhabit is simply imagination. So we are not aware of space in the same way as we are not aware of time, as you see it. Because you look out and think that it is ‘out there’, and you cannot really come to terms with the fact that it may be ‘in here’. There is not only nothing out there but there is no ‘there’ to be out.

That leads us all back to the same thing, “well, there appears to be a lot of us but are we all, we can only use your language again, in the same space”? But if there is no space what does this mean? Therein lies the rub. We are not meant, at the moment, to understand and so, as we have said before, we simply know that we are, we understand what we can do, we know that we continue to exist, and therefore, we watch the ideas that come by and then we decide “we’ll have a look at this, we’ll have a look at that”.

In the same way we will come back to your light and dark. Sometimes it is “well, let’s try this” because by now when you are away from the physical you realise wholeheartedly that this is all simply, imagination. It is simply a play act. One can just say “you do this, I will scream and yell, my puppet will try to fight back but die and then we’ll try something else”. Once more we will refer you back (to the analogy of) to the puppets and the puppet masters. You would have no problem, as you have seen before with your beach side Punch and Judy, in playing out some relatively horrific scenarios because you know that when the show is over everything is restored to as it was before and the experience is simply put aside. Nobody is left with the trauma of that experience. It is just transitory, you might say, in the moment. It is purely a transitory feeling.

Now we may go further down this route but it is really going to be a repetitive area and so further information will come forward as we go along now and questions and connections start to come in from those outside. You may have the odd query that arises from reading into other people’s speculations but in the main it will be further expansion or explanation, shall we say, of the material already transmitted.

Holographic Universe

This article was in the Daily Express today 14th January 2019.

So now we are realising that time is not fundamental it is a construct. The interior surface of a balloon is 2 dimensional. Other scientists, including those at Fermi-lab, I believe, hypothesise and are trying to prove that the 3D Universe we perceive arises from a 2D background. You may remember stereo gram pictures which look like white noise until you focus at a certain distance and then you perceive a 3D image therein.

So, is the hologram being projected onto the 2D interior of the balloon and if so what is creating the projection? We must assume some form of intelligence. The same applies to  simply focusing  with intention or using the appropriate senses to explicate the 3D image from the infinite potential of the implicate as contained in the 2D background.

The next step is to question the notion of space once more.

No time, hologram ok. No space, new theory needed!

A last thought, could each tiny string be conscious and intelligent? If so then the unit of awareness as described by realityandyou  could explain the creation of the 3D if we hold to the notion of space but if it is all imagination then we would probably all agree that imagination does not require space.

Now apply a Big Bang Theory analogue and imagine all the superstrings compressed into an infinitesimally small point, which appeared from where, The Void? So, no space, no time just intelligence using imagination and how has that been classified through the ages.

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