Genetically Modified Crops. Genetic Diseases.

Taken from previously unpublished archives.

What is your opinion regarding genetically modified crops?

Another experiment. Who is doing the modification? The instruments. Who controls the instruments? The consciousness. Therefore, would you consider this genetic modification to be an exercise in creativity? Yes. And does the organism, any organism, and consider the fact that one of the fastest mutating, and mutating means the ability to handle a new situation, organisms are viruses and bacteria and what is a main component of the physical instrument? Viruses and bacteria, I wouldn’t say viruses, whatever, bacteria.  Infinitesimal manifestations of consciousness.

So do you think that the human race and many other species, have over the period of their existence, changed their ability to deal with different environments and different foods. And yet have managed to live, what you would say to be, ever longer lives. Would you think that that adaptation has been relatively successful in the face of changed circumstance? And would also, you not say that that ability has every reason to continue to be successful in that adaptation? In its adaptation to all new circumstance that it is presented with? So GMO foods are part of creativity and you can either believe they are good or they are bad. Either of which are purely in your perception. Whichever perception you apply to them that belief will influence, will have a result in the way that you deal with that new organism. If you believe that it is perfectly safe, nutritious, worthwhile, then why would it not be? If you believe negatively then the converse will be true for you.

So what about all the chemicals that are being used on the crops and the ensuing destruction of the insects particularly the bees and the butterflies?

The pendulum has to swing to the extreme before it can return to the centre.

But by swinging to the extreme is that likely to cause dire food shortages?

The pendulum swung to the extreme many, many times over the course of, what you would say, the existence of the earth. Whole species have been wiped out by climatic changes. Whole species have been wiped out by other species and yet the world goes on albeit in a changed fashion. You never know, although you may try to predict, what the next situation is going to be and how you will deal with it. You always try to extrapolate the past while at the same time welcoming the advances that come from the future. So instead of thinking that you are heading toward disaster then do you not feel that there are many out there who are aware, because after all, come back to the main precept, which is that consciousness is creating all that is in the first place. So, if you wish to use the word purpose, surely there is some form of purpose in what consciousness is presently co-creating? It is always co-creating.

Quite possibly it is a means to reduce the world population.

We shall see.

Bearing in mind that everybody and everything is having an experience then really we should not criticise anything that anyone else does. Is that right?

You can observe. You co-exist in an environment where you not only co-exist but you are co-dependent, you are interdependent and each consciousness is involved in manipulating it’s instrument. It is like driving your car on the road. When someone else makes a move that you don’t expect you have to take the appropriate action of slowing down, moving out of the way, speeding up whatever it is. Basically, once you have decided to enter the game, then the whole point of the game is that you do not know the result and therefore you will take actions within the game. You would not bother to have two teams of people play a game of football if you knew all the moves and the result. Because what would be the point. It would be like you had seen the whole thing before and you could remember every single minute move and therefore you would know effectively ahead of time exactly what was going to happen. So where would be the satisfaction or the thrill or the excitement or the entertainment in doing it? You must have…. the whole point of organising your entertainment is to find out “who dun it”.

Didn’t quite answer the question but never mind.

Ask the question again.

Should we criticise others?

The question was answered.

I will have to listen again.

Because you have a perception. When you are in the game you create perceptions. If you knew everything that was going on then you wouldn’t criticise anybody would you? Because you would know what was going to happen. But when you don’t know what is going to happen and you want something to happen and it isn’t going your way then you will criticise others, if they do not behave the way you expect them to behave. But if you knew every single movement and knew the result and you knew how they were going to behave and you also knew that didn’t mean anything anyway, because it is all basically a play act, then you wouldn’t be criticising them would you? So, what is criticism but a construction of your own perception? Does that answer you?

Yes, thank you.

All enquirers are looking for something deep and profound and yet when you look into, as the scientists do, the basis of everything, what do you find but a total homogeneity and simplicity of, so far as you have got at the moment, vibrations, vibrating strings or small particles, whichever level you decided to adapt? Tiny little things where when they come together form different patterns and therefore form the universe as you know it. Isn’t that simple? You take complexity and reduce it to simplicity, and yet, when it comes to trying to understand what is going on, and why, you refuse to accept the simple. And the simple is, that you do it. Everything is created simply because you wish to create it, that includes all your attitudes and beliefs, as well as those things that you consider to be objects.

Yes, everything.

But, once more the whole reason for being in the physical is to not know. Therefore, this is why it is so difficult to accept that you do know. Only a few can accept, “Yes, I do know but let me play the game, let me enjoy the game, and I will forget every now and then, that I do know, and just say, let me enjoy what I created, because I have created it to enjoy it.” What is the point of saying, “Look I know that this is all my creation and is not worth thinking about.” Because you would simply need to create something else. So why not enjoy what you have created and look at what else you can create. Give your consciousness full rein.

What about genetic diseases?

Design, exploration, experiment and even an oversight.

So why the need for a family to have a genetic thing which goes from generation to generation?

We are again back to your idea of an idealised world, which we covered previously. We also discussed the nature of time and past, present and future. Do you question the need for various insects or do you accept?


That even though those insects may be repulsive to you, they may be essential food for another creature. Do you also accept that various species become non-essential and disappear although it may take ten thousand generations? You wish for things, simply because they do not suit your beliefs or emotions, to change in the instant. You consider that you might have thousands of lives over millions of years and you continually think in terms of time but if you care to look back only a hundred years or fifty years let alone a thousand life times, have you seen different diseases being eliminated?

Yes, one or two.

Even then you have to qualify. Simply because of your limited knowledge but does it answer your question? If you went back to a hundred lives ago, what would you find to be the difference between the illnesses, species, all the other so-called ills of that existence to your present existence?

There would be vast differences.

And would you call those improvements?

I’m sure that the majority are improvements but there are probably some that aren’t.

With regard to your question re genetic diseases has the average health and life span of the human being improved immeasurably even in the short term let alone over hundreds of thousands of years then why do you demand that design must be perfected to your will?

I was just interested that’s all, no demand at all.

Why do diseases, why do genetic modifications continue? Why not make everything perfect right away and therefore source would have everything perfect right away and nothing could ever change or have any interest? And there would be no worlds for you to experience.

If you wish to understand, to expand your consciousness, as we said previously, move your mind, move your focus to that of the source. Look at all your questions first. Examine them from that viewpoint and you will have your own answers to asked questions.


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