Afterlife realities are erroneously idealised. June 2019

Afterlife realities are erroneously idealised.

We would like to expand upon our previous statement that you have the naïve impression that all other realities are somehow perfect.

Yet when you look at your own reality you are fully aware that it is far from perfect. So how would you come to the conclusion that other realities would be perfect? Surely everything you do in your own reality doesn’t end up perfect? Whatever you do you start these things off, you continue and then you change. Nothing that you ever do, do you say “there it is, done, finished never to change again”. It simply doesn’t work like that. Everything, you might say, the ideas decay, the event decays, the object decays and requires refurbishment, refreshing, given a new image, given a new impetus, “so let’s go and see that again, let’s go and do this again, let’s change the whole ethos of this experience”.

You are in a constant change. Everything, even around physical reality, is in a state of forever becoming. As we have stated, this applies through the whole of conscious awareness, conscious experience. All realities are in this same fashion. Now it may be, and it is of course, that realities are created in much the same way that you create your own. In certain areas only certain experiences can be enjoyed. So you have, let us say, your cities, your country towns, your safari parks and lodges, your Disneylands, your cruise ships and so you go on and on and on, your hospitals whatever it happens to be. Different experiences can be had in all of these. Some are trying experiences whereas others are, to a very high percentage, purely enjoyable experiences. Which do you choose? That depends on your circumstances that you have created prior to that.

Other realities are exactly the same. It will be quite easy really if you stand back and take a look. Now let us take one of your realities, one of your creations, we are talking about one of your consensus creations, take one of those creations and make it the total reality. We will refer back to the business of only picking that which is enjoyable rather than that which is not enjoyable. Let us take, for example, a Disneyworld. Imagine the whole of the earth as a Disneyworld, in that everything is neat and clean, there is no violence going on, you go from one ride, one show, one enjoyable experience, one restaurant, whatever it is, to the other and all you have to do is pay your entry fee when you come in.

Now, would you say, what would be the entry fee for entering physical reality? So let us say your entry fee for entering physical reality is simply that you must agree to block out all your prior knowledge while you are in physical reality, much as which when you come in through the doors of Disney world you forget all about the outside world.

Now if you found yourself in Disney and instead of having to go to bed, let us assume you still needed some kind of recharge, you suddenly just sat down, shut your eyes, woke up again, didn’t realise you had been asleep and then just continued to enjoy yourself. How long could this go on for? Especially if the range of attractions was seen to be never ending and you moved from one segment to the other. You went from the beach Disney to the mountain Disney to the forest Disney to the animal Disney to all sorts of different Disney’s that you could possibly imagine and then go one step further. Not only could you go in there and observe and experience but you could also be a part of it. So you could go in and say “we are in Seaworld, look at that, well now I wish to experience actually being the dolphin, actually being the killer whale, and you can.

Even in the confines of the earth alone and physical experience and the parameters within which you experience physicality, for example, gravity, seasonal changes, hot and cold, the senses you have created in order to enjoy things, your sight, your sound, your taste, your hearing, your touch, look at all the possible variations you could have on those alone. So let us look at changing the degree of gravity. Try to imagine what different gravitational levels would feel like and then imagine again how you would change your body to experience things differently. You can look back at the old films where you could reduce yourself to the size of Tom Thumb or some even smaller being and travel through the physical body seeing things from the inside and why not? This can be done. You can do this to a certain degree now by putting a camera inside a body to see what it looks like from the inside. Not too difficult to imagine then putting on your virtual reality visor, press the appropriate buttons and you will see exactly as you would as if you were inside.

You can just let the mind run riot on this but then you have to come back to the fact that this is actually what you do, what all consciousness does, everything is possible. You will realise you can have your perfect realities as we have just described as if the whole world is a Disney, but would you at some stage say “Yes, I have done that before, how many variations on this theme?” So let’s face it, the holiday Disney representation may be one thing, now what if we had the ‘Challenge Disney’ or the ‘Survival Disney’ to draw a comparison with your survival programs? So you say you will participate with a certain amount of others and “could I hack it in amongst this lot with all these various challenges that keep coming up?” You would agree that there are many people who would wish to put themselves to the test. So you could have a whole earth, for example, a whole reality, which is just challenges and you move from one challenge to another until you tire of it and decide that you need a break and so you switch back to a Disney reality.

Now what do you actually do in the physical? You work and you go on holiday, don’t you? You are doing the same thing. It is so difficult for you to stand back and say, “as above, so below”. “If I am the consciousness that is doing this and all my fellow consciousnesses are the same and we are all interconnected then we are capable of doing all these different things. It just depends on what we want to focus on”.

And so to answer the question on that one, yes, all things are possible. You can be naive and say “I hope it is all perfection” but you will find that perfection ends up being rather boring and so sooner or later you will choose to do something else. It may take you, in your terms, time terms, whatever length of time you are capable of comprehending, but in no-time terms you simply carry on doing things until something else catches your eye and because you are not all fully focused on just what you are doing. At the moment you have your thinkers, you have your visionaries, you have those whose seek alternatives, “why not do something this way”? There are those who rather than go on yet another super cruise choose to go to a poverty stricken village and build some toilet blocks and dig a well etc., and see what satisfaction that gives them. So you go and do this and find that “that was really enjoyable, we all worked together, there was a wonderful sense of companionship, we watched the smiles and the laughter on people’s faces and the hugs they gave us and we agreed that it was a far better experience, even though we had to live in tents and rough it, than being on a cruise with all the entertainment. If we had to rate them for satisfaction and feeling of self worth I think that helping other people and experiencing that joy of connectedness far surpasses a cruise.” Yes?


And so you can see why people choose what seems to be hardship instead of a life of comparative or even luxurious comfort because, once more, the feeling will come up as you see the idea and if you have done something like that before, it will attract. Everything requires diversity and anything taken to the extreme eventually becomes, what you would term as, same old and you just fancy a change and you do it. And the more you stand away and look at what happens in your life in physical reality, the way you are leading your life at the moment, you will easily be able to transfer that to all realities if you stand back and say “what do people create”, because what you call people are simply consciousnesses.


Simply awarenesses which are at any moment in a state of having forever become and are continuing to forever become but constantly being changed by that which they experience. What they experience creates feeling, we would rather not use the word ‘belief’ although while you are in the focus, lost in the drama, you can call them beliefs but they result in feelings and so when you have, as we have discussed before, memories which are pretty much meaningless and simply discarded, then all you have is a feeling about something, whether you want to do it or not. You will retain those feelings of ‘warmth’ towards the idea, or, we won’t say repulsion or revulsion, rather “maybe not”. “Don’t know why but it’s not really attractive”. But another says “now I quite like that” but doesn’t know why they quite like that. It is because you have done it before and enjoyed it, as simple as that and in many cases isn’t it better that you don’t know why you are attracted or why you are repulsed. It is better just to accept it and then go with your feelings, go with how you feel. Because just as you feel you are doing this in the physical it is your conscious awarenesses (the gestalt) that is giving you the feeling and decides to go one way or the other. The only difference is that you have constructed your constricted reality around you which then puts you in the position of “well I can’t do this because that will upset so and so and that would upset so and so.” Whereas when you are not lost in the drama then everybody knows that everything that is happening is simply imagination anyway so you never have this business of “I can’t do this because of etc.”

Because you can all do whatever you want at the same time. There is total freedom in what you wish to do.

You create your own reality, you create your own restrictions, you create your own beliefs in what you can and can’t do and yet once you step away from that you realise that all can do whatever they want to do and nobody will get upset about anything because they all realise what is going on. The total interconnection is such that you are all there anyway at any time the thought wants to go out and be responded to.

Have we hopefully clarified the situation somewhat with regard to the realities that you can create and experience?

Yes, thank you.

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