How did the belief in Eternal Life arise?March 2019

If you only ‘are’ how can you be aware that you always will be, apart from belief, and how does that belief, if that is the case, arise?

Belief can arise from an absence of knowledge. Now if you do not see anybody leaving, whenever you make a contact they are always there, and everybody else that you contact and ask the same question “Is everybody that you have ever known always appear to be there and do they appear in their general presentation, shall we say, the way you envisage them, the way you perceive them, to be basically the same”? Then if you cannot find instances of “Where did he go, is she still there, does anybody know? Remember, we have no time, or rather, no need to put things in a time based  format, so the belief arises that “well, everything seems to carry on, everything just seems to be”.

We see no evidence of decay, in fact the word ‘decay’ wouldn’t even arise in our consciousness state because it is a non-sequitur. It is just not something which happens unless we create that happening. You must remember in all this that we are creating all these things. So, if you can create one thing, create another, create another then one assumes you can create, what you would term, eternal life.

Because as long as you keep creating and you know that everyone else, or everything else, every unit of consciousness is continually creating, then how can the belief arise in an ‘end’, and also one can’t find a beginning either. So if you cannot find a beginning or an end you must come to the inevitable conclusion that we just are, as we have stated before, so what is the point of worrying about it? We have had a look for a beginning, we have had a look for an end and we can’t find it.

On the physical level you are aware of a beginning and an end of the physical body but many of you are now aware and have been ever since we first appeared in the physical production that although the physical body appears and disappears the, let us put it, operating consciousness seems to carry on. Now you haven’t asked enough questions about where it came from in the first place except for this business of reincarnation. You basically assumed that it was doing something before and it simply wished to do something else in the same physical arena and so you have this concept of reincarnation, moving from one body to the other until you have done enough on the karmic wheel to purify yourself and then you can leave. Whereas we would say “been there, done it, had enough thank you, all those experiences, I’ll try something else”.

If you look back through, what you term as history, you will see that there are all these different experiences to be had as we keep playing around with this ongoing soap opera called physical reality.

You have, of course, to apply that to all the other realities. Just because everything is in potential doesn’t mean to say it’s static. If it was all static there wouldn’t be any creativity would there? As we have said before you can run the same old CD, the same old film and yet you can still enjoy it. You can start at the beginning, the end, halfway through it and it is still there when you come back, so you can finish it, start it again, finish it, start it again and what have you got? You’ve got circular motion haven’t you? So in the end, if you’ve gone through this many, many times, and it doesn’t actually show up as a beginning and an end, then you think “this is endless”.

Let us say that you walked into a football game that was in progress and it just carried on and on and on. You weren’t aware of a beginning and an end because they didn’t take a break. You would be hard put to say “when does the game finish?” You only break it into segments because of the energy limitations of the physical body and also the attention limitations of those who view. Now if you took all the football games of a particular team against another team and put them all together, and didn’t look at the start and the finish so that they all ran into a seamless whole, all you would have is an endless succession of half-times. Would you agree?


So where would you enter the process? You would say that this game goes on forever, there is no beginning and no end. You have to wrap your mind around this sort of thing to understand this business of how you generate this word called “Eternity” because you are involved in the same thing, you are seeing the same process of endless birth and death. You are also aware, for those who are philosophers, that consciousness carries on and therefore you get the concept of reincarnation and because most like to come to some form of conclusion then the prospect of eternal bliss was put forward, sitting on the right hand of God.

Same thing with this business of the ocean and the waves, you are a wave on the ocean and then you return to the ocean, but do you ever return to the ocean forever? If you were going to become a wave and try another wave and another wave, and remember that these are equivalent to reincarnational lives, why would you want to return to just being the ocean? Whatever spurred you to being a wave in the first place surely hasn’t died? The ocean is still there, you are still part of the ocean and you still at some stage wish to be active again. So the whole thing starts again doesn’t it?


And how would you feel as part of the ocean? You would feel “well, this goes on forever doesn’t it?


And so we will end the conversation with “what’s in a word”?

Right. Now something that you said there…Can you elaborate on how we choose this life on the physical?

We have been over this before haven’t we? Several times. Basically you are watching the ideas going by and as others watch the ideas going by then effectively, look at it this way, we haven’t used this one before, as you ‘light upon’ the thought going by you have made a connection with that thought, you are shining your light upon it, let us put it that way. Your attention on that thought gives it some energy so it brightens a little. Others latch on to it, “what’s this? that one is a little brighter”. And the more and more that latch on the brighter and brighter it gets until somebody says “hey, this is a damn good idea, I’d like to do this”. Instantaneous thought, instantaneous agreement and off we go. Yes?


And so you are choosing what you want to do aren’t you?


So don’t let us bother to expand it all the way. You’ve simply looked at whatever idea it is, whatever experience, whatever life, whatever it happens to be and when the intensity reaches a certain amount you realise that “this is a goer, do I want to join it or not”? Well you wouldn’t have looked at it in the first place if it didn’t attract your attention would you?


So, simple.


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