Xenoglossy 11th March 2019

Would you please explain the phenomenon of xenoglossy given that thoughts are normally given in the normal language of the speaker? What is the process by which the higher consciousness can translate thought into the native language of the sender (and the receiver of the communication) even if the speaker has never spoken the language before?

A conundrum which has been cogitated upon by many with very few able to put forward a credible and acceptable theory but again the answer is relatively simple once you start to reason out the source of the information and the purpose for why it is being transmitted.

Now why would one wish to do this? We speak as the one, maybe, who would be capable of instigating such an exercise. It would seem to be of relatively little use unless of course you could say that the communicator may have been, let us say, Ethiopian and wishes to communicate with a fellow Ethiopian who was known to him or her but the only available medium had never spoken Ethiopian and had no knowledge of the language whatsoever.

So we say, “How can we do this, how can one get this done, what do we really need here, we need a totally clear channel? An instrument who is basically completely open, has no blockage whatsoever.”

Now this is not possible on a permanent basis of course otherwise you enter the realms of mental illness as you care to term it or various other mental conditions. But it is possible on a temporary basis and so you see these examples of xenoglossy in very deep trance mediums where basically they have completely stood aside and temporarily abrogated their, let us say, right to block any incoming transmission that they do not understand. An element of trust is involved here on behalf of, what you might call now, the instrument and also on a very large degree of cooperation between the gestalt consciousness of that particular medium and the transmitting consciousness.

So, it happens and everybody says, “Now how can this be”? Now imagine that you have a television (instrument) tuned to channel 1, channel 2 cannot get through, but if you switch channels to channel 2 then channel 2 can get through. So take your instrument that is only generally tuned to channel 1 (your personal identity frequency we could call it) but then it steps aside and says “Ok, we’ll leave the tuner dial to you, we will widen the waveband possibility for you”. The transmission then comes through on a different frequency and that then operates the vocal cords because it comes through the brain but the brain is only doing the translation into sounds.

Do not confuse sounds with language. All language is sound and the brain knows how to operate the vocal cords to produce the sound. So when the thoughts are sent, again this isn’t how it is but let us say couched in Ethiopian, then the sounds produced are Ethiopian and that would give you the sounds of the words of course, and that is language. It is simply that the medium and the gestalt consciousness of the medium have stepped aside and have allowed the whole mechanism, you might say, to operate on behalf of the transmitting consciousness and when it is finished it simply reverts to normal. The brain no longer receives on channel 2 but reverts to channel 1 once more.

Now this is a very simplistic explanation but it is basically the process that is followed. All thoughts are able to be translated into the language of the recipient no matter which language they speak. You will easily admit that thought can arise from a sight, sound or sensation. Now sit down every person speaking any language whatsoever, subject them to the same sensation, panorama and then ask them to describe that. They will each describe that in their own language but when you translate from one language to the other they will in general, apart from observer bias, colour for example, be comparable and in consensus. Would you agree with that?


So your Chinese person, your Dutch person, your American person etc. will all say “There is a man riding a bike there”. They will say it in their own language but what they saw they will describe.

What has happened? They have taken the sensation or the sight, which you may say is converted into thought and that thought is converted into language.  Of course you will say that is because they have learned that language and programmed that language. Now refer back to what we have just said and you will see that it can be done.

That is as good an explanation of xenoglossy as you are likely to get from us at least. You will get many other explanations but whether they will stand up to Occam’s razor is moot.

Now can we address the second part of your question please?


The process by which it is translated into the native language of the receiver is quite easy in that the brain is programmed to become a labour saving instrument so that one does not have to be bothered with going through the full process of everyday action. It learns how to walk, eat, speak and it will learn how to speak in such a way that it is able to be understood and it is able to understand the words that come back?

Yes. So that is the speaker?

Yes. This is the instrument and the brain.

We are talking about the instrument changing the language that he has never, ever heard before into the language of the listener?

The receiver of the communication rather than the receiver of the thought?


I think we covered that in our prior explanation. That is quite simple.

Yes, you did.

It is an interesting point isn’t it? You can understand why other languages are blocked off because you couldn’t have, what you might call, as some in the spiritualist movement would say, your Chinese guide trying to jabber away in Chinese. You wouldn’t understand a word. This is why these sorts of things are few and far between, they simply don’t make sense and upset the apple cart. It is allowed here and now in just the way that photographic memory is and hyperthymesia. It gives you a few signposts in working out how reality is created and how the whole process works.

Another little signpost on the way to, what you term, enlightenment. Although we do not really approve of that terminology.

We are enjoying being able to take you further down the rabbit hole as you are aware of and before we go, as our instrument is busily reminding us here, we gave him the term of ‘morphic library’ this morning which he found rather neat and if you compare that to ‘morphogenetic fields’ or the Akashic records or Einstein’s ‘higher plane of knowledge’ then ‘morphic library has quite a ring to it, doesn’t it? So I do believe we will have to use this more in future transmissions.

Thank you.

This can also be found in Session Audio Files.  We wanted to know how the other side would explain it as apparently no-one has an explanation here that they want to put forward. See article below.

Reincarnation buffs will probably have an opinion. Our teachers explanation seems eminently sensible. Whether you look at it from here or there it bolsters the case for the body being merely an instrument or vehicle for the expression of a conscious personality.

The Phenomenon of Xenoglossy taken from actforlibraries.org 

The phenomenon of xenoglossy (knowledge of a language one has never learned) is almost always associated with severe head injuries, recovery from comas or hypnotic “experiments.”

Two types of xenoglossy are recognized: recitative and responsive. Recitative is the most common and people exhibiting it will utter words or phrases of an alien language without understanding their meaning.

Responsive is a much rarer form of xenoglossy: an individual is abruptly endowed with the capability of fluently speaking and conversing in a language completely (or virtually) previously unknown to them.

The latest case making world headlines is the rarer form of the phenomenon. According to doctors in Croatia, a 13-year old girl from Knin—a southern town—’mysteriously’ fell into a coma. When she responded to questions put to her with fluent German! [1]

Her parents claim that while she had just started studying the German language at school, was reading German books and watching some German TV, she was far from being fluent in the language and just had a rudimentary grasp.

Dujomir Marasovic, the hospital director stated the staff were still in the process of determining what precipitated the coma and why it is the girl has forgotten her native language.

The director has called in other doctors to examine the girl—including German speaking doctors-in an attempt to unravel the oddity.

“You never know when recovering from such a trauma how the brain will react. Obviously we have some theories although at the moment we are limited in what we can say because we have to respect the privacy of the patient,” Marasovic explained. [2]

Hospital staff psychologist, Dr. Mijo Milas observed, “In earlier times this would have been referred to as a miracle, we prefer to think that there must be a logical explanation—it’s just that we haven’t found it yet.” [3]

Unfortunately, Dr. Milas may be looking for that explanation the rest of his life. What happened to the young Croation girl is nothing new. The phenomenon has been observed for hundreds of years.

Although anecdotal tales exist going back hundreds of years, one of the first well-documented occurrences of this phenomenon took place in 1862. During a demonstration of “mesmerizing” (hypnosis), a Prince Galtizin had a German woman who had no ability to speak any language other than her native tongue suddenly conversing in fluent French. Galtizin explained it as regression, claiming the woman had mentally reverted to a past life in France.

In the year 1977 an amazing xenoglossy case was documented. A Mr. Billy Mulligan, an Ohio State penitentiary inmate, was discovered by prison psychiatrists to have two distinct personalities. The first identity called himself “Abdul” and spoke flawless Arabic; the second, “Rugen” conversed in perfect Serbo-Croation. Yet according to the prison officials, Mulligan—who was a natural born citizen of the United States and had never left the country—was unaware of these other two personalities and had never studied either language!

Researcher and biologist, Lyall Watson recalls the case of a 10-year old Filipino boy who, when under a trance, spoke the Zulu language. He spoke it perfectly although he’d never even heard of it!

And back in 2007, a famous case involving Czech race car driver, Matej Kus, occurred after a near fatal accident on the racecourse. After regaining consciousness from his injuries, Kus-who previously had struggled to speak broken English-suddenly found himself speaking perfect English … with a British accent!

His new found talent didn’t last long, however, and he had to continue struggling with his English courses after a few days of glory. [4]

Some scientists have proposed that such cases might stem from a genetic legacy, while fringe science links it with the paranormal. [5]

Whatever the phenomenon proves to be, as Milas so succinctly sums it up: “There are references to cases where people who have been seriously ill and perhaps in a coma have woken up being able to speak other languages—sometimes even the Biblical languages such as that spoken in old Babylon or Egypt—at the moment though any speculation would remain just that—speculation—so it’s better to continue tests until we actually know something.”


[1] “Croatian teenager wakes from coma speaking fluent German,” UK Telegraph, April 12, 2010

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[4] Czech speedway rider knocked out in crash wakes up speaking perfect English,” Daily Mail

[5] “Xenoglossy: Evidence of Past Lives?” Leonardo Vintini, Epoch Times staff writer

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