How Consciousness Forms and Controls the Physical Body

“What is done by what is called myself is, I feel, done by something greater than myself in me.” ~James Clerk Maxwell, physicist, on his deathbed in 1879


Can you comment on the research that has established that the appropriate area of the brain “lights up”, is in action, between 0.5 and 2.0 seconds before the picture is shown that elicits that reaction?

See also Norretranders/Libet 

First let us set out the factors that need to be taken into account in order to consider the phenomena of which you speak. First of all the brain is a physical instrument created for the purpose of receiving and analysing information received from physical senses although it has the other attribute in that it can receive information from a non-physical source. Secondly the brain processes you might say knowledge, programming, but the brain is immersed in a world of time so that anything that is actioned, segmented, analysed, whatever, is done within the framework of reference of a time based system.

As we spoke last night, the restricted consciousness that exists, is focused, within the world of time, co-exists, melds, is merged, is part of the brain and neurological systems. The consciousness that is termed as non-physical does not exist in a time based system and therefore can go backwards and forwards in what you would call time because everything exists that can be focused upon. Now, for example, you have many examples of pre-cognitive visions and knowledge that have been published over the ages. The one that you use most is that of Air Vice Marshal Sir Victor Goddard and the airfield. (Google Sir Victor Goddard for the full account) It is clear that future environments, future events can be “seen” and most people will give the nod to this that somehow the future can be seen. By the way, so can the past, without it actually being memory, because where there is no time, past, present, future are all the same. (Google time slips)

Now, when it comes to how does the consciousness that is in the non-physical relate to the constricted consciousness that is focused in the physical, because the non-physical is not in the world of time it can see the pictures that are coming up on the computer screen regardless, but, you may say, the random number generator hasn’t chosen it yet, but of course it has, because that is the future.  It is viewing the computer screen as it exists at a future moment in time. (Google precognition research)

The “part” of your consciousness that exists in no time can see events that exist ahead in time. So, in which case, because you have the connection between the two linked “parts”, the two focuses of the particular consciousness, then the non-physical consciousness, which after all, is guiding, controlling, is influencing, from a light touch on the tiller to total control of the constricted consciousness, because it has already viewed what is coming up it can’t help but transmit that information to the physical brain as the connection exists all the time. So the physical brain lights up ahead of the constricted consciousness seeing the picture and this creates the question in the minds of the researchers. “What caused the brain to light up, when there was no conscious awareness of what is going on?” When all previous concepts had said that the decision comes before the action yet here we are faced with the action coming before the decision. Not only that, the action was coming before there was even an awareness that a decision was to be made i. e. the computer had not yet chosen the picture to be shown that would elicit the response that would be expected to light up the appropriate part of the brain. (Google Norretranders, Libet)

Can you see that for the one that resides in the world of no time it is easy to see what is coming up? As the intensity builds up, we have covered this before, it reaches a point where we know it will manifest in the physical but that will be ahead of the (physical) consciousness being aware of that manifestation.

If you look at out-of-body and near death experiences you will find a parallel and see that the senses you think are confined to the physical body, are in fact also able to function independently. You will realise that some part of your consciousness is not spatially restricted and can bring back irrefutable evidence of having been fully aware of events from a location other than that of the physical body.

So, with the two things, the precognition, the out-of-body, it is quite easy to see how the action in the brain precedes the decision by the awareness of the physical instrument.

We have not discussed that you and your higher self are one and the same. In one or more of our previous discussions we have slipped in the phrase “you are always there anyway” and another phrase “life is continuous”. So let us talk about the fact that while one portion of your total consciousness is focused into the physical we haven’t talked about the fact that the rest of your consciousness is focused where?

We have mentioned the fact that you are living many lives and so you have several focuses and we have mentioned the fact many times that this world you are focused in is a co-created world. Co-created with your fellow higher consciousnesses which upon a moment’s reflection you will agree must be the case so that you can manipulate your puppets with seamless coordination. Now, just reflect upon the foregoing words and you will come to the inevitable conclusion that your higher consciousnesses are always in communication. They are living a life in much the same way as you in your restricted consciousness, stretched consciousness, puppet form are living your life. Now when you move back over we also stated that you and your higher consciousness immediately become one again if you already haven’t woken up to that fact whilst in the physical, but that is an aside because of David.

Now as you all have been in continuous lives in what you might say are parallel dimensions because look at where all the stretched pieces (referring to a previous analogy whereby you imagine your total consciousness stretched out with one end focused in the physical and the other focused in say your home base) shall we say, all the puppets, the dimension they are in and look at the veil, the black cloth, the curtain that separates the puppets from the higher consciousness. Look at the thoughts and actions that are being performed by both, let’s say, thoughts. The actions performed by the puppet are indeed occasioned by the thoughts being thought by the higher consciousness, which of course are immediately reflected in the actions of the puppet. But you will see that these lives are parallel. The lives of the puppets and the lives of the controlling consciousnesses are in parallel which is why the concept of parallel universes holds some water although it is doubtful that this line of reasoning has been followed to conceive that concept. But truth, the word, we find to be somewhat morphic in that it can morph from one thing to another as consciousness expands, but truth will out in one form or another or many maybe.

You have, are and will, while you consort with the same groups of consciousness of course, always be together, and so as you move back over it will seem as if no time has passed because you have been with each other all the time. Can you understand this? You are just as much with your loved ones now as you ever were, simply on another level. It is just that one of your group has withdrawn his focus, withdrawn his puppet from the parallel universe that you consider that you are inhabiting. So when you move over you will not just be met again, you will also quickly remember that you never actually left in the first place. And so our talks about updates in various lives were to enable you to make the mental transition to understand how “yes, I can see that I would already know everything”. Once being able to accept that fact, you can now possibly accept the fact that the reason you haven’t missed a thing is because you’ve always been there!

So, you live many lives at once, in all dimensions, and life is continuous in all dimensions, so as someone in the Ecclesiastical side said on your plane many, many moons ago, “it is just like stepping from one room to another.” You will not even realise that anything has changed once you turn your gaze from the physical to that of the, what you consider to be, your total consciousness.

You were talking about the higher self being in parallel with the physical body. The physical body is made up of myriad consciousnesses so how does that work for the higher self which is in parallel?

Are you assuming that the higher self is responsible for the consciousnesses that have chosen to be a part of maintaining the instrument whilst also in return being able to experience the activities of the instrument?

Yes, really.

Why should the higher self, which is a group of consciousness which has conspired together, you may say, to create the form that you consider to be the physical body and the material conception that you have overlaid upon the physical body and many of you now perceive it only to be, what you might call, a trick of the light… you are thinking once more from a separatist point of view that there be a body consciousness and a higher consciousness. As we have said before, it is all part of one consciousness. So imagine your stretched consciousness, this is not a good analogy but let us start from here. Imagine your stretched consciousness putting out a tentacle into the physical and using it to form an instrument, and then by, let us say, radiating, reflecting light into the physical and then when it lets the tentacle slowly, for your purposes, return to the total of the group consciousness, the light slowly diminishes and therefore the body, if you care to speed the process up, disappears in front of your eyes. Would you agree with that analogy?


So, the consciousness makes up the physical body and also subscribes to the idea of the implant of the event that is that life. Now, consciousnesses join and leave the group idea, the idea of Joe Public, all the time. Those that wanted to experience the “job” of being a heart valve, or part of the heart valve operation, if they feel they have gained enough experience they may go off and hitch their star to another idea, if they haven’t they will find another heart valve idea to be a part of. So the idea of a life is a combination, depending on which end you start from of course. But, if you start with the general idea of a life, then you have to say “what do we need to make this a reality”? All the plans, sub-plans and materials, job descriptions, have to be scheduled and volunteers for all those jobs are sought, shall we say, but in general as soon as the job vacancy is announced there are more applicants than you need. Is this structure starting to make sense for you in the way that you would be able to see the same operation being performed in the physical?

I think so.

So, what happens to them all? They all, switch their focus. Some take more time to switch their focus than others. Would it not spoil the plot somewhat if the body just disappeared into thin air. What would it be like if people just suddenly disappeared? Would you consider they had died, because there was nothing there? There was a living person there one minute and nothing there the next. What would you speculate? Where have they gone? But if you have the body die then it is generally accepted, “Ah well, that person has stopped living, we had better dispose of this piece of material because it is beginning to smell a little”. Some think, “well, whatever activated this body, I wonder if that has died too, or has it continued on somewhere?”

You can have a nice little debate and discussion about the possibilities but you can understand why the body doesn’t suddenly go “poof”? It would spoil the whole structure, let us say, of the opera.

As much as you think that this is all illusion please remember that the consciousnesses involved in the experience of the “I” are indeed learning even if you feel that you are only operating an instrument. You are operating an instrument in interaction with many, many others and so you learn from your operation. You may learn, you might say, in a second-hand fashion but do you think it is second-hand when you spur the instrument to say certain words and the response is something you had not expected. You may think we know ahead of everything but that would rather spoil the whole game wouldn’t it, as we have pointed out before. So yes, we agree to what we are going to do but ad-libbing, you might call it, is really the object of the game so that we can try out one action and see the reaction from the other parties. Now, everybody involved in the game is fully aware of what is going on and, whether you like it or not, is actually quite agreeable with regard to relations between all the, we use the word, puppeteers. It may not be the word that most would like but it really does sum it up but remember, that your puppet is your puppet, it is not inanimate. You may as well call it your puppy, your child, you have a complete bond. How do you feel when your child is, let us say, under threat from another? You feel protective, you feel loving, you feel that you must come to the rescue and you hold them to yourself as if they were your own. Well that is a (the) relationship between, what you might call, your entity, your higher self, all the usual names, and yourself.

We refer back to the stretched consciousness, it is one and the same. So although we say, puppet, it is as if you put your hand through a hole in the wall but you can see above the wall and all you do is interact with the other hands that are in a similar position. Now do you still feel that the hand is part of you? Of course you do. And so it is with what you call the “I”. The “I” is not dispensed with, it is an integral part of the whole and will remain so. All “I”’s that you create remain a part of the whole, they cannot be set adrift. It is akin to deliberately cutting off your own hand.So although the composition of the “gestalts” (the group of consciousnesses that are focused on and through an instrument/ puppet) that comprise all the groupings that we referred to does change somewhat, we refer you back again to the die-hards (the concept of group souls?)  that like who they are, like what they created and move from one focus to another. Of course they gain friends and lose friends as they go along wherever they focus and as new friends come in, then the actions are changed somewhat as you wish to accommodate the new friends and they wish to accommodate you and the consensus direction, purpose, focus is reached.

All in all you are forever in a relative harmony with whatever you engage upon. So without having to examine this down to the last entrail just take it that one looks after one’s own.

Well, something that we were speaking about over dinner. If it is the same above as below how does that work with all the horrendous things that go on in the physical?

Didn’t you also discuss that the consciousnesses that form the reality in which you dwell, themselves are formed of those with differing inclinations as to what is excitement for them? So when it comes to a matter of degree, where do you draw the line between boxing and wrestling and various other somewhat brutal games and other life threatening activities and using deadly instruments upon each other? How much does a rifle differ from a fist used in anger?

Surely you are not saying that the higher consciousness that is leading many lives at any one point in time would be leading all those types of lives, so therefore where does the as above, so below come in? Surely they are leading lots of different lives? Am I getting muddled up?

You don’t understand what you are saying. Each consciousness can lead several, or many, many, many different lives, some good (we have to use your words here) in your opinion, some bad in your opinion, but in each case it knows that, this is not for real. This is purely an act. As we said before, there are actors who do a good death. People say “that was so realistic when he gets shot”. So, if you know that your particular puppet is just going to be withdrawn, shall we say, then you as the producer of that particular puppet may take pride in manipulating that puppet to show a really good death, so would you volunteer for the job?


It is very difficult to move your understanding from a play where the image in your mind is a stage and an audience to that of say, a battlefield where people who do not want to be eliminated are, regardless.

I can fully understand that. What I find difficult to understand is that the consciousness not in the physical is leading many lives and how they can all be as above so below? Because to me the belows are all different so therefore how can the above be the same?

Why shouldn’t the above be all different? This is not the only reality. There are many realities you can experience…For example, most of this appears to work around, what you would call, the nastier aspects of human life?

No, forget the nastier aspects, just as above so below. That’s all I’m querying.

So we are saying that, take everything you see in the physical. That has to have been formed by the non-physical. So what is in the physical cannot be any different except that it has been expressed. So thought and intention exist in the non-physical, expression exists in the physical. Now would not you say that is as above so below, seeing that the physical cannot be produced except by the intent of the non-physical? What is your query here, what does not make sense to you?

I suppose I was imagining lots of different consciousnesses in the non-physical each producing X number of lives in the physical and I couldn’t see how that related back to the as above so below but if you just mean that everything on the physical is replicated in the non-physical…

It is the other way round. Now any consciousness in the non-physical can join the thought stream, you might say, or tune in to the channel of any instrument in the physical that takes its fancy. Are you aware of that?


But each instrument is produced by a group consciousness, because that is a precondition, it is a necessity. One consciousness or even a few consciousnesses cannot produce an instrument. You only have to look at the diversity of operations needed to maintain that instrument and the focus of attention needed on each aspect to know that it will require many, many minds working together. But each of those minds can multitask, so it can tune in while it is doing its own job say, if we leave this in the simplistic manner, it can simply have on the television, for want of a better analogy, and watch what is going on in the next door instrument. Do you see a problem with that?


And perhaps your T.V. just like here, has got 200 channels, so you can tune in to this instrument, tune into that instrument. What’s going on here? Nothing much. Oh, look what’s going on over here?  Yes? So nothing is static, it is constantly moving. Forever becoming applies to everything, it does not just apply to a particular instrument or a particular consciousness or a particular viewpoint. Everything is in a constant state of flux. That isn’t chaos, its organised, its intentionally directed. I’ll look at this, I’ll look at that. Run the parallel with your own focus. Just take the time and note how many times your focus changes. Even as your eyes light on various objects as you walk about, do you pick up the doorway to walk through, do you pick up the corners to turn, so you focus, focus, focus, focus. You cannot navigate without continually refocusing. So, if you had the ability just to sit quietly and focus into the image stream being received through the eyes of another instrument or many other instruments then you could say “so and so is at the football game, let’s see what they are seeing”, so and so is meeting so and so else, let me see how they are getting on and what they are saying to each other. Yes?


So you, in effect, if you wish to say it this way, can link telepathically all over the place. You might call it hacking into people’s mental activities, but with agreement. If once you just start to sit and muse and think “what does interconnectivity mean”? What are the possibilities here? You can see it from the point of view of the facebook broadcast, everybody receives a message, but what if you could do it the other way? So you broadcast a message and somebody else looks and receives it, they look at it, the information goes into their eyes and their brain decodes the words it sees. But what if you could reverse the process, you could extract the information, or you could get into the central control unit say, in the brain, mind , consciousness, whatever sits best with you, and you would receive the same information stream that the group consciousness is receiving. So you may as well say that you look over, notice the intensity of this group consciousness, there is a lot going on, people are flocking and you join in and say “mind if I take a look”? “Help yourself” comes the reply.

Comment: This is a simple explanation for telepathy, NDE’s where people report sights and sounds in other rooms, out of body experiences and remote viewing, all presumably fuelled by intention or desire. Occam’s razor applied.  You might note that we are seeing this in print for the first time as we type. When we record the sessions the words I speak go in one ear and out the other. We are learning as you are.

With regard to the other question which arises all the time, “why are there so many nasty people”? It is whatever state of mind you wish to be in. As above so below applies here also. Do you understand the state of mind of somebody who wants to brutalise another person to the point of death?


Then why should we? You are receiving the thoughts from the higher consciousness. If the higher consciousness understood, surely, unless it was purely for the benefit of putting on some kind of diabolical play, do you not think that your consciousness would give you some explanation? Mystery doesn’t stop at the earth level.

I would like to ask, how do I speak without understanding the mechanisms?

Relatively simple. You are aware that you walk without consciously moving the muscles and you put this down to the fact that your muscles and the cells within them have learned by repetition how to walk and you have assumed that somehow the brain can instruct all the muscles in turn in some bewilderingly fast series of instructions to move all the particular muscles using all the particular energy production of all the cells that form the muscle fibre to all contract together enabling the muscle to contract and thereby hinge the leg, let us say, and then relax it so that the act of walking is performed. Now indeed there has to be a series of instructions but as yet no one has found the method by which this is performed. You know that by the appropriate stimulus of certain muscles, spasms can be induced and to a certain extent you know that by stimulating various muscles in order a certain motion can be mimicked, shall we say. It looks and acts pretty much like you would be able to do, you would say, consciously, without understanding the term.

Let us shift to the act of speaking and as the same applies to the movement of air through the vocal cords and the shaping of the lips and tongue to form the word then you can see the vast amount of information transmission, orders you might say, that have to be given for each word to be spoken. Now we move back to, let us use your popular term, the implicate order where everything exists and is considered before being explicated, becoming manifest and we refer to our earlier explanation of thought. Now all probabilities are considered by the gestalt of consciousnesses that are interested in the activities of what you term as “you”, your personality, your body. All possible actions are considered and certain ones are chosen at each nanosecond you may say, each moment and then transmitted. Now you are aware from your own scientific examinations of the brain’s enlightenment, shall we say, its perception, that there is obviously a transmission received by the brain before the eyes are aware of perceiving what would cause that particular enlightenment (see Libet and Norretranders) and some accept now that, that order, that transmission is coming from an intelligence, a consciousness that is outside of time, that already knows even before the computer is able to choose,  that will cause, upon perception, that particular area of the brain to be activated.

Now apply that to your sentence construction. Can you do that or shall we go further?

No. I think I am ok with that.

You must, when discussing any of this area of physical embodiment, realise that that part of the group consciousness that is focused in the non-physical observing the part of themselves that are manipulating the physical…. we do not like to use this analogy…. but just think of you standing behind a screen manipulating a puppet on a little stage in front of you or with your hand inside a puppet and see what is happening through your eyes. You do the speaking, the puppet does the speaking. The audience watches the puppet, they don’t watch you even though you are in full view. You don’t actually exist.

Now imagine just the puppet and you behind the black curtain. What is the belief in who is speaking, the puppet? Yet you are watching the reactions of those who are speaking to the puppet. And you understand that the puppet isn’t real. But the puppet can make the audience laugh or cry, they experience the emotion. If you then understand that the audience are also puppets then the operators of the puppets can still feel, can still laugh or cry because of the action of the puppets. But they know that the minute they put the puppets down that the emotion is then able to go away. They may think about it because if it was emotion that was traumatic or even if it was laughter that you wish to remember, it makes you laugh again just on remembering. Even years later you remember it and laugh or remember it and cry. Yet it was still all part of something which you had created.

So in order to understand what is happening in the physical you have to put yourself in the position of the controlling consciousness. And how that controlling consciousness sees what you consider to be real. To go further imagine the puppets using swords. They would slice bits off each other wouldn’t they but you, the puppeteer, would feel nothing except some sadness at the disfiguration of your creation. This sounds rather callous and impersonal but this is the realisation that will come upon you when you return to where you came from.

You had an interesting conversation this afternoon which shows that physical instruments cannot always be relied upon to function at maximum efficiency. Things do go wrong. It is not necessarily planned. People think that everything is planned. Does everything that is planned at your level work out? No it doesn’t. But who is doing the planning? Higher consciousness is doing the planning of course. It is using the instruments, it is experimenting with the instruments, experimenting for the experience. Some things work, most things work and if you look at how things have progressed things are far better organised now than they were in previous ages. Things are being perfected and this experience is becoming more attractive. So more are joining in. It is by no means perfect and we’ll carry on through what you might call the next few thousand years and maybe more as we slowly make the place a lot more enjoyable.

It wouldn’t be any good, would it, if everything was perfect because you would know it was perfect, you would know that there was nothing there that was going to be new, going to be different and it would all get rather boring. If you are sitting there with your puppet you want to keep devising new puppet shows and new activities for your puppets. You want to pit one against the other to see who is best at manipulating their puppets. So you devise games, let us see which one of our puppets can run fastest, let’s bet on these flies crawling up the window, because we don’t know who is going to win. A temporary bit of amusement.

With regard to your Alzheimer’s people you might ask “what has happened to the person that was there”? Nothing has happened to the person that was there. There is still a whole host of consciousnesses interested in being part of the physical. They are still eating, still talking, walking, seeing. They are getting a physical experience.

That’s right.

And they are not worried about anything either. Looked after, meals provided, no real sadness and so some see it as a nice little way to try out a physical experience. So, let’s keep this one going, it’s ticking along quite well, it’s mobile etc. etc. and it hasn’t got any worries so we don’t have to have these fearful thoughts and others coming through. In fact it’s quite blissful. Another reason why these instruments keep going because this is a fairly relaxed way for consciousnesses to experience.

Certainly a different way to look at it.

Are there limits to the information which can be accessed. 25th August 2017

It is apparent that you have more knowledge than you care to divulge regarding the relationship between the physical and non-physical. Are you not allowed to pass certain things on?

It is not a question of not being allowed to divulge the information it is more a question of not being thanked for volunteering further information as those that have decided to focus on the physical experience wish to be kept in ignorance of the non-reality of that focus as they have immersed themselves in their imagination and there is a mutual consensus that this is all there is.  When you focus deeply into a reality and you find yourself on the stage then to you that is your only reality. (If the majority of the gestalt consciousness is of that opinion then it is impossible for said information to be transmitted as it is automatically blocked.)

Now, as we have said before, when you are, let us call it, a puppet master, (suggest when reading this that you remember that puppet master is just a simplified way of describing the gestalt consciousness) then you know full well what is happening in the physical because you are guiding the ropes, shall we say, pushing and pulling to effect action within the physical. But you do have the opportunity to turn around and operate another instrument in another reality, or many realities if you wish, and so you are aware that you are capable of doing so. Of course you find that each reality, when you decide to operate in that reality, takes your full focus.

Let us say that you jump into a racing car and you are moving at high speed on a particular circuit then you leap out and jump into another race car on another circuit, again at high speed, and each time you are in the race with many people. Now, are you fully focusing each time on the race you are in with no thought of the other race and the other race track?


Yes, because your continued existence in that race demands your full attention. The same applies. (Some gestalts simply want to enjoy their physical experiences in blissful ignorance much as when reading an exciting book if one is informed of the outcome the continuation of the reading experience loses its aura of mystery and suspense) You are fully focusing, e.g., on the pattern of the cheetah, as we described in a previous session. You are watching for the next pattern and recreating it in your imagination because you have already scanned all the information regarding all the cheetahs that ever were and are. This just comes, you might say, instinctively in that you just put that knowledge to work. You might, as we said, tweak it around a little if you feel that there is something else that can be achieved (the present design can be improved upon)…….

If you are the puppet master of the cheetah does not your action depend on what other puppet masters of other cheetahs are going to do? You could be operating a very peaceful cheetah that is happy to lay in the sun or whatever and another puppet master with a cheetah could come along and attack your cheetah therefore your actions , should that happen, will be different than if that puppet master had not operated their cheetah in that manner.

Wherein arises uncertainty and excitement. (The constantly reiterated reason for creating and experiencing physical reality)

Yes, yes.

The reference we just made was to the actual holding of (in) the imagination your idea of a cheetah, yes?

Yes, right.

And of course you are not holding that in isolation. You are holding that within the environment created for the cheetah to exist in and the cheetah will exist with other animals and other cheetahs, yes?


So then your puppet master will take the appropriate action when faced with any event that arises, and that is part of the game, to react to the twists and turns, shall we say, of fate. In the same way the driver in the race is reacting to the twists and turns of the race track. But it still takes his full attention.

(Personal but applicable to all.)

Can you give us any insight into David’s health please?

The body ages and much as you would like it to carry on behaving as it always has, for every single person there comes a time when something doesn’t quite work the way it did before.

Apart from general atrophy, the wearing out of various areas, those focusing through the instrument, focusing into the gestalt, are desirous of certain experiences. If you look at the experiences that any particular instrument is basically familiar with and habitually engaged in then even those will tend to slow down with age. You will not find those who can run as fast in their seventies as they could in their forties for example and even less than in their twenties regardless of who they are. The laws, or the agreements, with regards to the physical are such that you are meant to exist here for a certain time. As we have said before if you had too many people living to 150 it would rather spoil the show wouldn’t it?


These things change gradually and so ALL focusing into the gestalt have the belief that the instrument they are imagining will follow the norm. (One is born, matures, ages and dies.) Now as we related with the cheetah. When you decide to look at a cheetah what do you see? The patterns of all the cheetahs. What happened to the older cheetahs? So as you run through the patterns and you focus on the next pattern, and the next pattern and the next pattern what happens to the cheetah? You just follow along with the patterns, it becomes habitual. You are used to focusing on the next pattern because it is easier to focus on the pattern for your creativity than it is to start afresh all the time. Do you understand?


You focus on the pattern and this is why cheetahs and everything else carries on in roughly the same vein. It doesn’t change, you don’t get a human with four legs because you are looking at the pattern with two legs so why would you go to the effort of creating a human with four legs? It would necessitate a whole new design to make it workable. A centaur? You wouldn’t have a normal human, it wouldn’t fit in. You couldn’t have the same events. Because you are going through the human being pattern you have your own stamp on this.

When you paint a picture you paint it on a canvas, you use the same range of paint colours. What happens there? You are limited by the brushes and paints that are available. So is everybody else. (In the case of a body presumably the available genetic material). Let us say you have a painting by numbers, what we are saying here is that you are all painting to the same pattern. You understand?


You are going to make a painting (create/imagine a human), up comes the pattern, the human pattern we will call it. You have the same paints as everybody else but what do you do? You use them differently, so the colours are slightly different, but due to the design of the picture and the fact that you need to have something that fits in to the overall scenario you don’t produce a human with a black head, a brown body and white legs , do you? You choose one particular type and that type in general will depend on the place where you desire your experience. If you produce it in Africa you will colour your pattern in black, the racial stereotype. (Obviously if you choose white or other parents residing in Africa for your experience you will follow the available genetic pattern) You don’t get western features if you are born to an African mother from an African father because it wouldn’t be accepted, it would stand out. So if you want a trouble free life for your experience you paint your pattern to suit. Now it will be a different pattern to the one next door because as we have said before if you have a million awarenesses focused into a gestalt you won’t get the same as the next million awarenesses, will you?


They will all be choosing different brushes and colours and using them in different ways but they will have to follow the overall pattern (remember the analogy is painting by numbers) and that overall pattern may restrict their use of brushes and paints so in general the colours available will be applicable to the particular location and the genetic material, heritage etc. (Remember that you are continually creating/imagining the pattern throughout your life according to your belief about the stages of life and aging, so in general the pattern will reflect that belief.)

So we come back to the same thing with the illnesses. You are running through the life, you have ideas on what you are going to do with that life. Now some may decide to max out the sensation element of that proposed life, will eat and drink their fill and not worry about the condition of the instrument. They will be primarily interested in the sensations because that is their purpose to experience and there will be little interest in athleticism etc. as their primary interest is gustatory sensations. Others are interested in mental sensations, which they find in thrill seeking or drugs say while others are interested in sexual sensations and those ones may keep their bodies in good shape, for example, as they may not be as interested in food and drink as the first category. Others may come to acquire as much knowledge as possible and again the bodily condition may not be of great importance.

When you choose your life you choose your own experiences and you will keep your vehicle in such a way as to suit. Now when it comes to David here, look back through his life, he has basically been relatively fit right up to this present time and still in most aspects is quite fit for his age but lately due to age and other things his focus has been turning to more to the cerebral, the mind with a lesser emphasis on the body. There has been a loss of interest in food and drink other than as a necessity, a loss of interest in bodily sensations and golf but a great increase in interest in cerebral interconnection and so what do you think that the awarenesses who are involved at the present time are giving priority to and therefore not keeping other aspects up to scratch, not neglecting but not working hard to keep in tip top condition? It is obvious that the mind is still extremely sharp and active but the body is starting to show signs of reduced performance and this is one thing you will have to expect unless priorities are changed.


But if priorities are changed then what will you do. If you really wish priorities to change you will be exercising day in and day out. You will be determined to reform your muscles, expand your lungs, do lots of cardio exercise, but is there the wish to do that?

Probably not.

You see. One has to ask why there is not the wish to do that especially as with all the knowledge you have you realise that “this is not important” and also the fact that you have been there, done that, “do I need to do this anymore”? But what comes with that of course is, as the saying goes, “use it or lose it”. You cannot expect to keep your muscles strong if you don’t exercise them and that applies through the body. If you don’t have the drive to stay young and you are quite comfortable in your skin as it is then you take the attitude of “que sera sera”, “I’ll go with the flow”. Most people of a certain age do just that but there are these transition periods where you are starting to lose one aspect and you have a certain amount of anxiety but you will find that will pass and you will reach another plateau or you may say a lower level in the physical and a higher in the spiritual in terms of knowledge.

Nearly everybody goes through these transition periods. They have periods of illness which then pass. You have been through them yourself. We can focus into gestalts all over the place look at the instruments and see them all with a deficit in one area or another whether or not it is apparent. The older you get and the nearer you get to returning, the less importance is attached to keeping the vehicle running because you are already preparing whether you realise that or not. You are fully aware on another level that you plan to exit at some time. It is just the interest that keeps you going here. Provided you find yourself interested, because how you speak, how you feel, that is the majority. (of the awarenesses comprising the gestalt) You must take note of what it is that you are actually thinking, what it is that you are saying because that is the majority that you are actually experiencing. You are not controlling the majority (opinion) you are experiencing the majority.

When you argue with yourself in your mind, say. When the majority speaks the majority may find, much like Angela Merkel currently (21/11/2017) that it can no longer hold the coalition together quite so easily. It does not have that majority say 70% in harmony as to what has to happen therefore does happen.  If that majority starts to shrink as interest is lost in certain aspects by some but others keep a strong interest have you got that intensity anymore? If you don’t have the intensity you won’t have the manifestation and so you have to listen to your own feelings. Listen to your feelings, listen to your desires and realise that “this is what I am experiencing”.

Now you can say “I will go with the flow on this because I understand that I am just experiencing this” or you can voice, when I say you, you can listen to the voice of the majority and the majority will be, as we just remarked, what you would think of as talking to yourself. But what are they doing? When they express these words, these thoughts, it is the majority, however thin it has become, trying to convince the other participants, “this is what we want to do”. This is where you get the feeling of doubt. Do you understand?


Because it is no longer certain. You did not have so many doubts when you were younger because the majority was certain it wanted to do this, it wanted to do that, but now it’s not so sure. There is a difference in the makeup of the gestalt. As you can well imagine those interested in mainline gustatory pleasures mostly removed their focus when you became vegan. Those who desire barbecued meat for example will not be involved in your gestalt, you will have lost those some time ago. Now when it comes to being vegan, if you were an awareness wanting to join a vegan, which vegan you joined would depend on the other aspects of their life. If you wished to take a full life as a vegan you would join a child who is a vegan, presumably within a vegan family or a partially vegan family. If you merely wished to temporarily sample the lifestyle any vegan may suffice.

However there are others who have had different lives but want to see…now you have a particularly, in terms of numbers, unusual mental set, shall we say, with regard to your understanding of reality. For those who have inculcated belief systems through being involved in the physical and have not bothered to investigate these other aspects of understanding, the relationship between the physical and other dimensions for example, when the channelling is going on it is an unusual occurrence and so the consciousness is vastly expanded due to the attraction of the activity and the subject matter. They can see an instrument where the majority is quiescent while there are a few who are able to hold the stage, shall we say, and not only control the instrument but address the majority due to the majority being willing to listen. We will take your thought and we will put our intensity behind it because we want to hear what comes out. We want to see the thought form and we want to see the form that the thought forms. (Imagination crystallising and the resultant manifestation) You have this constant coming and going so all we can advise is the fact that the gestalt in this particular instant is waxing and waning because it is in the process of change. It is a process of ditching old habits and finding new.

Now David, as you can see, he doesn’t understand why himself, has lost his enthusiasm for golf. Happy to do it for the exercise but no longer enthused by the prospect. It is the same with you no longer interested in learning new dances. You will learn as best you can while you are there but you most certainly would not go to lessons to perfect a new dance routine because it no longer holds your interest. So what does hold your interest? What you are doing now holds your interest. Now how long is it since either of you have looked to see who has won the weekly PGA golf competition or even who is currently No 1?  Neither of you have.

We haven’t talked about it lately.

At one stage you were following the competitions, looking at the leaderboards and interested in who was winning but gradually and imperceptibly it disappeared from the radar and you are no longer doing it. Now apply that to what we have been talking about and it’s not just David it is yourself as well. For some reason it is no longer important who is winning the golf. If you happen to see a headline, yes you will go to it because it was an old habit and that may spark “I wonder who is No.1?” But this is becoming a rarer and rarer occurrence.

Now apply that to the operation of the body. “We need to keep this in really good order” but then you don’t quite…”we’ll leave that for the moment, we’ll come back to that” and later “it’s not going quite so well but never mind, it’s doing OK and it’s going to take some effort, an effort of focus to concentrate on that aspect when there are other more interesting areas to focus upon. So you can see how the gradual change goes relatively unnoticed.

With regard to the onset of sudden debilitating infections you may wonder for example why viruses attack. You realise that bacteria form a large part of the body so it follows that there has to be law and order amongst the bacteria and all the functions that go on within the body in order to keep everything operating harmoniously but if less attention is paid to that law and order then here and there chaos ensues. If you look at, shall we say, the foot soldiers of the immune system, the police, the white blood cells, the macrophages and killer cells, what is their function? Their function is to keep order. When they see something acting out of line they eliminate it. They do that because the overall gestalt is providing the intensity of intention and encouragement, “that must be kept in order”. That aspect of the body’s operation is closely monitored and if something is amiss action is taken for that to be stimulated. The production of the necessary cells may be increased, whatever. Yes?


When it is no longer quite so important it is let slip and then of course some things go beyond the point of no return. What you have to realise here is that each aspect of the body is its own particular set of awarenesses. Its own particular gestalts each with their own experience requirements. Just the same as you look around in your world and some people are behaving abominably as humans then others may be behaving abominably as bacteria. You still have the same attitudes, predilections for various forms of experience, we would say, rather than enjoyment. This is, with regard to the body you might say, as without so within. You understand?


You will have to get used to the idea that you cannot keep things perfect forever. You take it for granted that your face and skin will begin to age as you grow older and even those who are very fit still show the signs of aging. Their hair loses its colour for example. That is because it isn’t important to them, they don’t believe that they can retain their hair colour but they do believe that they can keep their muscles in good shape so they focus on keeping their muscles in good shape but how does one keep their liver in good shape? Where is the advice, apart from the food and drink intake, on keeping the liver in tip top condition? Much less the pancreas, the spleen etc. The argument for the heart is exercise but you can’t exercise the pancreas can you?


Or you don’t think so. So run yourself through all the various internals, look at what information is available on them and then switch to your gestalt and the awarenesses in the gestalt and where are they? On the stage. What information is available to them? The information available in the physical. They are not party to information available without the physical. They do not understand how they are creating the body. It is there and that is what they are there for, the experience.

The only thing you can really do is decide on what it is that is of importance. Decide what it is you want to do and then take the necessary action. You are taking the necessary action at the moment in order to relieve discomfort. Now take this one or two steps forward, imagine you have relieved the chest discomfort, imagine you can still walk around perfectly happily and then would you accept, albeit reluctantly, the fact that you will be able to dance at the same rate as the others at the dances you go to but you will no longer be able to, quite so easily apart from short bursts, dance in the fashion that you were able to dance a year ago because you have moved to another platform. For reasons you are not aware of but you will put down to inflammation, attack, illness or simply wearing out.

So simply, we would advise that you sit down, you think it through and you say “I’ll take all the action necessary to lead a comfortable and fulfilling life and then carry on and do so and forget about it.

Yes. Good advice. Thank you.

P.S. 15th February 2018

Soon after posting the above I ended up in emergency. It was found necessary to fit me with a pacemaker, which restored my activity to near normal . Not an action I initiated or foresaw,  but some part of me knew; see penultimate paragraph. See Part II 24th February 2018 for sequel.

Understanding the Process of Ageing and Illness. The Path to Acceptance. Part II 24th February 2018

We would like to ask the majority exactly what is happening with David please.

The trouble is that I have got to think on the basis that there is no “me” and that whatever I say is the majority speaking regardless of what I consider to be “me” saying it. Just to open my mouth and let the words come out and not thinking “am I saying this?” because the words that are spoken are the product of the opinion of the majority of the participants. So when it comes to listening to what I have been saying lately then you have got to think that the majority at the moment is ambivalent as regards interest in the day-to-day activities that are currently being engaged in.         

There are, you might say, transition periods in every life where certain elements lose interest in those activities and the idea of certain things are found not to attract as many followers, shall we say, as previously, but the instrument is still fully functioning as you might say a character in a soap is fully functioning although you might be running out of playlines  for the character in the soap and you need some more playlines to be written. The alternative is to write the character out of the soap. So what happens in the main is that new plots are devised and so in the case of the instrument new activities are found. You have recently engaged in two new activities so that you can see that there is somewhat of a reformulation, a repositioning going on. But in between this loss of interest in certain aspects and gaining of interest in other aspects there is a concurrent waning and gaining of intensity, you might say, and so it may not happen in a nicely smooth manner as there is somewhat of a disturbance as you can well imagine. Sometimes the intensity lessens before the new interests gain enough adherence to get some intensity back in again.

Add to this the necessary rehabilitation, you might say, as regards the new way the instrument has to function, the convalescence necessary to get used to the new pattern of feelings, the psychological aspect which tends to be overlooked. The fact that you are now in a position where you need a machine to keep the instrument functioning which makes you realise, albeit you don’t discuss or address the situation, that without that machine you would be in a much reduced state of existence as to previously and you would therefore be rather …


As well as being aware of the fact that you are most definitely on a downhill slope. The thing about the pacemaker is that it has enabled you to do things that you were not previously able to do due to making sure that enough oxygen gets to the appropriate part of the mechanics, shall we say, to enable you to move at a pace that you were not able to move at previously.

But that doesn’t repair the underlying psychological damage. You still realise that you are merely extending the inevitable. Your intimations of mortality have been given quite a boost, shall we say, and you are now aware of the fact that although you will now carry on quite well that you may need to change your behaviour somewhat. Not expect to be an all energy, all singing, all dancing instrument. As we intimated before you will be able to lead a comfortable life and maybe you need to address this fact as to what exactly you will conceive to be a comfortable life. That may not be the Jack-in-the-box that you have previously been used to. You have to be able to follow what we called the path to acceptance.

You can be around, you can enjoy certain things but you mustn’t constantly bemoan the fact that you no longer feel to be a ball of energy. You can do this, you can do that, you can do the other pursuant to the knowledge that you can no longer be that young person in an old body. The old body doesn’t want to act, the energy needed to propel it about its business is not so readily available. It is not just the heart, there are many other aspects as well. You have many more organs, many more glands, many more other suppliers of the necessary energy precursors that are no longer working to the capacity they used to. You simply have to get used to the idea that life has got to be lived at a slower pace and actually enjoy it.

As you look at the fact that you now get up and read the news on the internet think what your parents used to do. They used to get up fetch the morning paper and sit down and read it leisurely over breakfast, yes?


So now instead of getting up and immediately dashing to make breakfast, there is no need to do that except on the days that you are going out. There is no need to have breakfast at seven if you get up at 6.30 and you haven’t got to go anywhere, in fact you are doing yourself a disservice. You are starting the engine up far too early, you are not giving it any rest and then you expect to keep going the rest of the day whereas you maybe ease into the day then get the breakfast, enjoy it slowly and then contemplate what to do for the rest of the day.

You have got other people around you who do not even get up until 9.30 or 10.00 and they are not all going to bed until 2am either. They are taking life at a different pace, everybody takes life at a different pace. You have chosen to take life at a far greater pace than most and now the time isn’t appropriate. You are within the last, let us say, 15% of your lifetime. Now if you applied that to any other mechanism that you know of would you expect it to be going at the same rate as it would do in the first 15% of its lifetime?


No, you would say it has had wear and tear and what would you say as regards ideas and interests? Have people got the same interests at your age as they had at 20? Few and far between. Mostly they have moved on. If they have been doing it for a long time they have had so much experience of it that there is no longer anything that is new and exciting. There is a certain satisfaction, a certain amount of enjoyment. Where is your enjoyment in the singing and dancing coming from? You are going to singing and dancing that are products of your youth, most of your songs that you sing and dance to come from what era? They don’t come from this era. Do you get excited about them? No! They are comfortable. They are like old..


Gloves, cardigans, things that you put on, much loved items of comfort, well worn, that you’re used to. They’re not new things. You might find some interest in learning a new dance, but it is danced to the old music and the old steps, it is a variation on a theme. If you wish to enjoy that variation and find excitement from it then so be it, if you don’t and you recognise it for what it is and it doesn’t enthuse you then don’t worry that it doesn’t enthuse you. You simply see it in a different fashion.

If other things are of interest then take them up. Temporarily you’re finding yourself not inclined to travel, but when you do maybe go to somewhere new or that you haven’t visited for a long time because even if you may not be quite as comfortable as going back to the places you have previously been going to, there will be that element of surprise as to how things may have changed or remembering a scene you had forgotten. There may be new restaurants, new buildings, a golf course you haven’t played for 10 years, an element of rediscovery. It will be more of an interest to go to somewhere different.

There is more than one reason to do that and then maybe you will find you ease more because you will be doing something you have done many times before. It will be familiar, it will be something you will have to get ready for so you have to use energy and that alone will stimulate various aspects. Meanwhile just realise that you are going through a transition.  Transition periods are never easy. When you move to a new area how many times is it new and exciting and how many times is it  ”I miss the old”? So you have the elements of transition there. The element of “I wish I was back where we came from but on the other hand I know this was the right thing to do”.

Now apply that to your transition. Except for the fact that instead of choosing the transition, which of course you have done from another angle, you are now going to experience the transition you have chosen to experience. So perhaps take more of the observer status out of this, step back and see what it is that is happening to you. Remember that every word that is being spoken at the moment is the product of all those who are undergoing this experience at the moment. So simply by doing this everybody is receiving a counselling session to clear their mind and to understand what it is they are currently undergoing. Do you see?


Now you can apply this to saying this is the teachers coming in or you can say that there are some of those who are part of the majority who have spoken up and others are listening because the discussion is going on. Meanwhile we are saying well let’s listen to the discussion because when we all have to focus on the production of the spoken word then we all have to listen as well. Whereas if we just let thoughts flash between us then we don’t get the confluence. Can you understand that?


Because you cannot see clearly. In other words the voting hasn’t occurred, it is still the babel of the houses of parliament and until you vote you don’t know what it is the policy is going to be. You don’t fully understand the situation either. Until the debate has occurred, the debate is a precursor to the vote, then minds cannot be cleared. All the time the talk is going on in the parliamentary bars and lounges nobody is quite aware of the whole picture but when you get into the chamber and get to hear both sides of the argument gradually this clears the mind of the non-essential and the bones of the matter begin to become apparent. It is only then that you can decide whether you are going to vote for or against this motion, because now you understand.

By doing what we are doing right at this moment the majority is starting to understand and we can only hope now that when they go back into the lounges and the bars, shall we say for the purposes of allegory, then they will conclude that “Yes, we have just got to sit back and wait for the dust to settle”, shall we say, or the emulsion to separate. Yes?


And all will become clear over the passage of time.

The Locus of Decision Making. December 31st 2017

Could you give some insight into the relationships which exist between the brain and what we term  the mind and the controlling consciousnesses? The flow of sensory information and the analysis of same and the subsequent process and location of decision resulting in intention and action?

So let us take any form of large organisation within the physical. A large corporation, an Army, a government department or even an organised large social event. You have layers of responsibility which generally take the form of a pyramid. You have those at the bottom who usually have a simple routine task to perform, they are chosen for and are content to execute their responsibility and know at each time that their action is correct. They do not have any uncertainty as to their duty as their decisions and actions largely follow a prescribed procedure which they can follow in the knowledge that what they are doing is correct. So you may as well say they are “programmed” to carry out their function.

Then you get the next level up where there are those who are instructing the ones below. At that level they too have their own set of rules and their own set of reactions to anything slightly untoward that comes up from the first layer. Now if it is something that is totally out of the ordinary what do they do? They refer it to the next layer, and so on and so on.

So take your physical instrument, take all the activities that go on within the body and see the coordinating sensors (centres?). You see, and you are well aware of this one, that the heart is absolutely necessary and it receives instructions to beat fast, slow or whatever is required. It receives those instructions from a certain area and you have yet to find out where those instructions come from in terms of the brain, but would you say that most of these are basically programmed reactions? Yes. So when a demand comes in there is, what you would term, an automatic reaction to satisfy that demand. Now this would be the same whether it is a demand for oxygen or adrenalin to provide instant energy, fight or flight whatever. You can work your way up to the conclusion that most of the physical body is indeed, as many in the medical profession look upon it, a form of machine as the process by which things are carried out can be established.

When it comes to looking at it in that fashion then you have to think to yourself that “this machine was built” and its operating system was built as well. Now most operating systems work because of the programs that have been inserted and the fact that the decision making pathways are established. You can see this in all large organisations where things are passed up the line until a decision is handed down. As an example, you could look down and think “I could jump off this one foot chair” and not even think about it, just do it. But put that up to three feet and what happens then? Then you stop. Now is that decision being referred up? Because why have you stopped? Because there is uncertainty.

Uncertainty and fear.

Correct. But the uncertainty and fear arises because you are waiting for a decision as to whether or not to do it. Where is that decision being made? You think that you are thinking about it, “shall I, shan’t I”? So, as regards the majorities, is there a consensus? At that point?

No. The decision is before everybody.

Yes. So there is a part of the gestalt saying “yes, we can do this” and another part saying “No, I don’t think we can”. The debate is going on at that stage. Yes?


So where do you think that is going on?…………………We’ll answer this. First of all you say that the brain can look at the past history of jumping off a three foot tall and it can think that, “yes, I have been able to do this in the past” but lately, especially as you get older, it is not quite so easy and you don’t land as lightly as before. So let us go back over, because everything is stored, and you think of all the things that may be relevant. You look at what you are going to land on, “am I going to land on concrete”? Now you wouldn’t think at all about jumping off three foot into water, would you?


And you wouldn’t worry too much about jumping into a pile of hay. But faced with jumping onto concrete you would stop and think. You would be going through the options. Same thing applies. Where it comes up that, “that would be safe” it is because we can basically calculate the impact force and decide “yes, we can handle that”. But when it comes to the concrete then one has to say “well someone has to make a decision here, do we do it or don’t we do it”. Now of course other possible routes of descent are explored, “can we climb down”? But what if that is not possible, then we have got to do it haven’t we?

So the majority says, “well, we can’t stand here all day, let’s do it” and the rest say “well on your head be it” and so you do it. Generally you will survive quite adequately, another time you might hurt your foot. Another experience undergone.

This is all very well for the physical but what happens when you are looking at a complete change of lifestyle, shall we say, a major decision which may need to be made on the basis of values, emotional values, satisfaction values etc. Would you think that is a province of the brain as the brain is a physical instrument?

No. It would be a consideration for the mind.

Correct. It would not be as the brain is part of the physical instrument. Now the mind is a language construct, really, for your understanding. These are not discrete and separate entities. The whole thing is seamless and interconnected but from the point of view of your understanding it is easier for you to think that the mind is separate as such. You can view them as totally interconnected but decision making is done at different levels. You must remember that the same energetic makeup prevails whether it is physical, mental or, what you would term, the consciousness. For the purposes of this discussion let us say that they are compartmentalised.

So the mind is more concerned with the analysis and presentation of possible courses of action, shall we say. The implications of taking one path or another. The mind is mostly focused on the interaction with the brain. Interaction with the physical instrument, the physical focus. It is looking at not only what has happened to the physical but it has picked up over the years what has happened with everything it has come into contact with. So the mind is a repository of knowledge, it is where to go to dig out your facts. Let us come back to your computers once more. You could say that your computer resembles a mind. You go there to find out things. You don’t go there to have a decision made. It is used as a consultant to get information and advice to expand your knowledge and therefore it may help you in your decision making. The mind is a repository of knowledge and experience and the experience of others that you have taken on board. From that repository you can compare the likely outcome of decisions as evidenced by your own prior experience and the experience of others facing the same challenges.

Now when you reach that area of thought you will find that the constituents of the gestalt are very much involved with the mind. Most of those focused into the gestalt, due to being lost in the drama, are not aware that they are experiencing the decisions of the majority. They see themselves as the “I” so they feel that the decision is theirs to make and so these opportunities are presented and generally a course of action is decided upon. Some decisions you make are right and some are not but when you are in the moment of doing this you may make a decision where you think “well, I’m not too happy with this one but I’ll do it, I just feel I’ve got to do this”. Now what is happening here is that you are not part of the majority at that stage. The majority are deciding to do this but you are unsure, but because the thought of the majority is so strong you think it is your thought but you still feel some doubt, you are not certain but you go along with it anyway and then you may find out that it was the right thing to do after all, in which case there is a sigh of relief that you made the right decision, “I am glad that I made that decision”, but you actually didn’t. If it goes wrong, “I wish I hadn’t made that decision”. You will still take it as being your own personal aspect because that is the whole point of the physical.

If you look at all this process it is a hierarchical process except that in the end you do not have a singularity or a small board at the top. You have the whole organisation voting, all those who are interested in the overall direction of the instrument.  Those who are part of it all but who are only interested in the experience they are gaining from focusing within a particular area of the instrument may not be bothered. For example, you have your doctors and scientists here studying the body all the time, now what has been happening with these physical bodies over the millennia, they’ve changed. They have changed in shape, size and performance, so would you not credit it that those minds of your scientists and doctors are simply the minds of the consciousnesses that are interested in perfecting the instrument. It follows that the way to find out how a heart really works is to put part of your focus into the heart muscle or any other aspect of the heart operation. A greater appreciation is obtained when you become part of the action. Your doctors would, if they could, tap into a particular part of the body so that they could receive all those sensations and so understand what was going on. In general you cannot, but you can (as a consciousness) if you decide that that is your area of interest, at that stage you are not interested in what the instrument is doing or its life. You are only interested in the workings of that particular organ or whatever happens to be your focus. It is of no interest to you what is going on outside of your area of focus. You may have a focus in one or many other lives but if you find enjoyment in designing and perfecting the operation of physical instruments then as above so below.

The same applies to everything in the physical area and any other reality for that matter.

Genes R Us (Richard Dawkins revisited) 7th March 2018

Would you discuss how we relate to our genes? Are we our genes?

So let us start with the latter half of your question, “Are we our genes”?

Would you say that the physical body is a product of your genes in that the instruction manual for growing the body is contained within the genes?


So, on that basis then, this construction manual has come from an amalgam of the product of two previous sets of genes? You are OK with that?


So now you have a hybrid?


Now go back and start looking at what you might call, the family tree and keep taking that back and back and back. Some have estimated, have they not, that if you traced it back as far as you could it all arises from a small handful of human beings. That is feasible of course. Now we go even further back and we say that once we were sea creatures that emerged from the sea onto the land. The rest is history. We don’t go back much before that in speculation do we apart from the fact that we could say “How did these sea creatures come to be”? If we have progressed as human beings through our various stages and then we go back to the sea, what was our progress there?

If you keep going back and back you are just following the same procedure as those mathematicians who have concluded that the whole thing is the result of a Big Bang?

Uh huh.

So where did the first protozoa come from, where did the first quark come from, where did the first lepton come from etc. etc.? On that basis we have to say that this was all the product of the Big Bang and the Big Bang came out of nothing as far as we know or it was a singularity, a point, an infinitely dense point to account for all the matter that has proceeded from it. We don’t say “perhaps we could create this as we go along” because that raises the question “where did it come from”?

Yet we now say that things appear and disappear into and out of the void. Well, if that is so then how come a little bit didn’t come out of the void in the first place and now a lot comes out of the void. So we go round in these circles of conjecture.

But coming back to the genes, we have a parallel here with thinkers throughout the millennia who have decided that this was God deciding to create something to experience, to see what he could do, and so we come back to the Garden of Eden. First there was only Adam, so, where do you want your starting point? Was there only one gene or more genes or other genes? Or did somebody say “it’s no good just having one colour, if I am going to paint something I need several colours” and so we have the colours of the light spectrum. Take that analogy and add it to everything else, the sound spectrum etc. etc. etc. All the waves in other words, and all the combinations of waves because if you want diversity you need to have different combinations.

Now we have discussed this matter of personality before and although we haven’t touched upon genetic traits you would say that genetic heritage could possibly be an influence on the resultant personality and if you then take the logical extension that the genes are conscious, because everything comes from consciousness, is a product of consciousness, then those consciousnesses are carrying memories. The genes obviously carry memories and patterns. We have spoken of patterns before and how when you think of something you imagine the pattern or the patterns instantly arise, of all the cheetahs as we have described in a previous example. When we referred to a manual what is a manual but a pattern, so you can think of all these things as one.

You have consciousnesses that wish to build a physical environment in order to experience the separateness and the uncertainty etc. Would you not think then that these genes are conscious?

Now you have your Richard Dawkins who wrote a book about “The Selfish Gene” which is all about survival, that the genes use us for survival. Wouldn’t it be easier to say that consciousness expresses itself through genes and uses genes to create new instruments to experience the physical? You will then be able to say “Survival, but that is only because you see it from the point of view of the life and death of the instrument”. In reality it is merely focusing through successive “build-outs” of different genetic combinations through which you can then experience the physical for as long as you like and why not?

Why would you just build one instrument to experience the physical? Wouldn’t it be easier to have some basically ready-made patterns? What about when we put together two sets of genes from man and woman, say? Now you talk about choosing your parents, have you considered that you are actually choosing the type of personality you wish to experience? The type of body, the type of personality, subject to environment, but you also choose the environment remember by choosing your parents. Put that aside and we will just look from the point of view of the genes.

You wish to experience a certain hybrid of something, so you look at this person and that person and what they have. Perhaps they are already married, perhaps they are not. You just survey what is out there, what the patterns are. You can see the patterns remember. You can’t see them here, but now of course you can take the genetic profile of each one and we daresay that your geneticists can, by looking at the sets of genes, make a prediction as to the result of certain combinations although they may not know which ones may predominate in the end run but they can outline the probabilities. Which is why you are now seeing the results of genetic modifications of various living instruments, plants and animals and increasingly the human, if you step in at an early stage.

Let us continue on the theme that, yes, you could say easily “I am my genes” because the consciousness that is in the genes starts the build, it has the original idea and then it attracts more and more other consciousnesses into the gestalt as the body grows and the experiences become greater, more diverse and more intense. Consciousnesses join for the experience at these particular points and so you could easily say that a baby in the womb attracts X consciousnesses but if we consider a teenager who is experiencing the full exuberance of that time of life then you might expect a greater amount of consciousnesses to be attracted. The same goes when you have a family and there is the intense love for the children, the love for the partner and the different experiences that come with adulthood. The gestalt will wax and wane throughout the lifetime.

Now as we have given the nod to the concept of reincarnation, yes reincarnation, well it isn’t really reincarnation as such is it and yet on the other hand it is. It is merely focusing from one instrument into another. That is all it is. If you take a look for example, we have covered this ground before as well, that if you are intensely allied to the physical and you rather resent the fact that the majority has decided to end the life of the instrument, a decision you heartily disagree with, you want to stay here, but suddenly you find yourself not here, not focused, because you can’t focus into this instrument anymore. Now you need to find another instrument to focus through. If you are still focused on the stage, say, you are so intensely focused and angry etc. that you refuse to countenance what is happening and can’t be convinced that you are no longer in the physical then you may focus into another instrument in the vain hope that, we won’t say to carry on with your life, but to experience what you still want to experience. For some that will be trying, in today’s terms, to bring closure to their experience in one fashion or another.

What we are talking about here is actually what you would term survival. Survival of interest, survival of interest in the physical environment. As the last couple of posts have intimated you can focus through other family eyes, if you want to stay within the family, family soap, shall we say, know what is going on there and keep involved in it. You can focus into another area of the same location or environment or belief system where you can join with another who has equivalent beliefs to those you had if you wish to carry on with that experience. There is every reason to be involved in the physical if you find it interesting enough and you will find a way to be involved simply by choosing another focus, another focus, another focus.

You can understand why the belief in the doctrine of reincarnation and the Karmic wheel arose. Some simply wanted to experience the physical over and over and over again and if they had the belief that is all they could experience then that is what happens. They merely focus straight back into another instrument. In most cases they do this willingly but there are few who feel themselves compelled to and there are those that find themselves momentarily displaced and another focus comes along and so they focus straight into it. As we have described before in other posts once you focus into one then the other one is completely obliterated simply because in order to operate within the physical you cannot have two streams of data coming in. You can only have the one stream of data to react to.

So, back again to your original question, yes, you can easily say that “I am the consciousness behind my genes”.

One can then move into an area that is rather contentious in this day and age and then job backwards but of course if you keep jobbing backwards you will arrive at the single point of the Big Bang and the single consciousness won’t you? Unless you think it is an infinitely dense consciousness just as the Big Bang theory supposes a one dimensional point of infinitely dense matter. So do we have a very dense consciousness and is it singular? Once you get into this area of speculation you have to say that space existed but matter didn’t because how did the universe expand if there was nothing there to expand into? One has to presume that there was something there to expand into.

So what do you say about consciousness? That consciousness was just a dense singularity sitting there which decided to create? And what have you got? You have got the old story of God haven’t you? Sitting there minding his own business, getting bored and deciding “I’ll split myself into God zillion pieces and let them all do their own thing and see what they come up with. Maybe I’ll get so involved in it that I’ll forget that I even exist”. You can take your pick, can’t you? You could say that there could be a truism in all of it. You could start from the position that there is this mass of consciousness which is totally beyond our understanding if we decide as we currently think that there is no time and no space. Do not think that we are an awful lot wiser than you are. We do know that it is all in the imagination and in our imagination we create space and as we have said before we cannot get outside ourselves any more than you can. We only see what is reflected back to us, what we see, in what you would call, our imagination, the thoughts that float by. We simply cannot get to a point where we can observe ourselves observing.

Have we given you some idea of the part genes play in the production of the physical environment?

I think so, thank you.

As you are aware, genes are present in everything that you see. You may not feel that genes are present in grains of sand, but then you didn’t discover genes until the last century or so, so what will you discover within the grain of sand? You will certainly discover the same miniature forces going into and out of existence as there is with anything else and you may then say, ”Well that’s probably the consciousness bit, each one of these” and of course that is where we get quantum entanglement and the universal interconnection. From there we just go around in a circular argument because even though we understand it all you come back to the fact that you are having this experience and it is a product of all this and does it really matter where it comes from?

Does it matter where the thoughts come from? No. At the end of the day all that matters is “I feel good, this is interesting”, it’s nice to know some of this stuff. And do I feel secure in that my conscious experience will carry on? Yes. Will I still fear dying? Probably, because that is part of the physical experience. Will I be able to approach my end with equanimity?”

Well, you will find out when the time comes, won’t you? But if you can keep all this information in mind and you have that firm belief that everybody is going to be there to meet you and there is going to be a great reunion then at the last moment you might say “I’m ready” as is evinced by many of those at the point of dying.

So, enjoy.

Thank you.

12th June 2018 Growth and Evolution by Design in a Time based Reality.

Perhaps you would like to comment on this: All growth arises from focusing on sequential blueprints. All motion equally so.

When the idea comes for a life in the physical reality, then as we have said before you have to search for a suitable instrument compatible with the overall environment you intend to inject yourself into. As we have discussed before you cannot suddenly be a kangaroo in Iceland, it would upset the established consensus understanding of reality. Questions would be asked.

Therefore you take a look around and of course once you see something that fits in then almost certainly it has been done before or but maybe you wish to change it. You will start however with something that has already existed. So will it have a pattern history? (Perhaps a.k.a. the morphogenetic field?)


So you will (be able to) see all the patterns, won’t you? The pattern will arise in your awareness, you will see where to start and you will move in and enter the process along with the mass of the gestalt and the easiest way to grow is to focus upon the next pattern.  As we have discussed before if you wish to run a little faster, jump a little higher, then you will make changes to the pattern as you go along. It takes more effort, more intensity of focus but as you know from both the point of view of the physical and from the point of view of the back of the theatre, shall we say, support comes in. You could call this inspiration, encouragement from the crowd to go higher. The ones focusing on the purely physical, on the stage, hear that exhortation and put in that bit more effort and sometimes it happens (and creates a new pattern segment, which we may term as evolution). It all depends on the motivation, intention etc.

Now if we say that all growth comes from that, then yes, growth comes from focus on the existing patterns and then endeavouring to improve. You have two definitions of growth there, you have growth as regards the passage from birth to death and the growth as regards to what you would term as evolution in the perfection of design, or an improvement upon the previous product.

Does that answer the question or is there another part?

There isn’t another part but I would like you to comment on “time” as regards to all of this.

Once more, time is a construct of the physical reality. Now if you look at the pattern we could start hallway through couldn’t we?


And you would suddenly appear in reality?


So what have we said so many times before about this?……. Your child is born at the age of five….

Well it would be a little odd wouldn’t it?

Or you are sitting there, the wife isn’t pregnant and a five year old suddenly appears in the living room. What questions would be asked?


Many. Exactly. So you don’t disturb the established order. In fact if you wish to try then you won’t be allowed to, be able to, because you will not be able to garner sufficient support and therefore intensity to achieve manifestation. “We have a good thing going here in this physical reality, many experiences, many opportunities for entertainment and enjoyment so don’t let’s spoil it all. Please stay away, go to another reality if you wish to be switching ages all the time”.  There are realities that have the capacity to do that and all those participating will recognize the ability to come and go at will just as you have the capacity to come and go at your various activities in the physical. Yes?


They will come into your life and go out of your life and you will know that is not a problem at all and at the same time of course in those realities you are still connected. You come back for selected activities or events, so reunion after reunion after reunion, if you wish.


No different from the focuses. You choose the focuses. In some you will spend more time on the stage, sometimes a bit more at the back of the theatre.

You will wax and wane in the various focuses just as you spend more time on the golf course than you do, say, in the garden. It all depends on where your desires take you. All these realities are made in different fashions. This reality is constructed to provide uncertainty and excitement, the experience of the highs and the lows. It is to live in the moment, to travel through and to also understand that you can’t go backwards in the physical reality. You cannot undo what you have done.

When you are out of physical reality you can create whatever you wish. You merely focus with intention and you create it. If you don’t like it you create something else. You can go forwards, backwards, inwards, outwards, up and down, sideways because everything is available to be created. In non-physical reality you have to be mindful of what you are doing, you have to remember to control your focuses because your focuses result in creation. You do not want your focus to continuously create disparate realities by focusing upon thoughts in a haphazard manner because you will find yourself in various experiences some of which you sincerely do not want to be in. Others may sometimes have to rescue you from them and that can be tiresome and they can threaten to leave you in them. If you are responsible you will carefully weigh up the ideas as they come by and not dive in too quickly.


You will learn. This may be where this idea of coming to the physical to learn stems from, learn to be a creator. It is learn, if you wish, to be in control of that which you wish to participate in. Now before we bring in the question of time on this one you can always slip away from one thing to another, you can go one step forward and two steps back and then get a grip and decide that you had better control your focus. “I got myself into this before and I don’t want to do it again”. Because whichever way you want to look at it you are forever becoming. You have got your memory store, you can go backwards and forwards to that instantaneously and so certain ideas will resonate with you or not. That is because in the process of forever becoming you will develop certain attitudes, beliefs and emotions so some ideas will appeal, some won’t and sometimes you won’t know why. You will know “I don’t think I want to do that”. Remember that when you look at an idea that others lock onto the idea at the same time. It maybe not manifest until sufficient interest is generated but there are others looking at this and you will be linked with those others so you get an idea of what the majority at the time are thinking and that will, to you, be your thought. So if lots do not like the idea you will think the same way because you are part of the “I”.

We mentioned before about the dual control car. You sit in the driver’s seat and the instructor sits in the passenger seat with access to the dual controls. If he sees that you are going to come too close to the car you are intending to pass, he may just move the wheel slightly to the right whereupon you will feel the movement and as you look forward recognize the danger and change direction. Where did the initial thought come from?

From the instructor.


The same thing happens with the majority. You will feel the movement and respond accordingly or decline. Depending on what you looked at in the first place you will have ideas that you will simply not contemplate at all, they will horrify you. You will only look at ideas that resonate with who you are. Any gestalt that forms is comprised of those who are of like bent, you might say, like minds. It is all resonance. You have, effectively, fellow travelers when you are considering an idea. You will not get ones to whom that idea is anathema wasting time looking at it. So you are always in the company of somewhat like thinkers and that will colour your attitude.

Which is why we said before, you will never know who you really are because you can only be aware of what you are aware of and you will be aware of intensities. Those intensities are created by thoughts and you will think that is your thought. What you think you are is always the product of the many.

Yes. So are you saying that applies in the non-physical as well as in the physical? That you don’t know who you are?

We have been speaking as regards the non- physical. You are a unit of awareness. You are only aware of what you are aware of. You are aware of the thoughts, the ideas, passing by. Once you try to block everything out then it is possible to keep shutting yourself down, but eventually you will not be able to do it, and when you are fully shut down there are no thoughts so effectively you are not aware. But of course you cannot extinguish yourself, you cannot just shut your eyes and not see the thoughts that are coming by. You can only ignore, ignore, ignore. Sooner or later however you will forget to ignore.





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