How Consciousness Forms and Controls the Physical Body

“What is done by what is called myself is, I feel, done by something greater than myself in me.” ~James Clerk Maxwell, physicist, on his deathbed in 1879


Can you comment on the research that has established that the appropriate area of the brain “lights up”, is in action, between 0.5 and 2.0 seconds before the picture is shown that elicits that reaction?

See also Norretranders/Libet 

First let us set out the factors that need to be taken into account in order to consider the phenomena of which you speak. First of all the brain is a physical instrument created for the purpose of receiving and analysing information received from physical senses although it has the other attribute in that it can receive information from a non-physical source. Secondly the brain processes you might say knowledge, programming, but the brain is immersed in a world of time so that anything that is actioned, segmented, analysed, whatever, is done within the framework of reference of a time based system.

As we spoke last night, the restricted consciousness that exists, is focused, within the world of time, co-exists, melds, is merged, is part of the brain and neurological systems. The consciousness that is termed as non-physical does not exist in a time based system and therefore can go backwards and forwards in what you would call time because everything exists that can be focused upon. Now, for example, you have many examples of pre-cognitive visions and knowledge that have been published over the ages. The one that you use most is that of Air Vice Marshal Sir Victor Goddard and the airfield. (Google Sir Victor Goddard for the full account) It is clear that future environments, future events can be “seen” and most people will give the nod to this that somehow the future can be seen. By the way, so can the past, without it actually being memory, because where there is no time, past, present, future are all the same. (Google time slips)

Now, when it comes to how does the consciousness that is in the non-physical relate to the constricted consciousness that is focused in the physical, because the non-physical is not in the world of time it can see the pictures that are coming up on the computer screen regardless, but, you may say, the random number generator hasn’t chosen it yet, but of course it has, because that is the future.  It is viewing the computer screen as it exists at a future moment in time. (Google precognition research)

The “part” of your consciousness that exists in no time can see events that exist ahead in time. So, in which case, because you have the connection between the two linked “parts”, the two focuses of the particular consciousness, then the non-physical consciousness, which after all, is guiding, controlling, is influencing, from a light touch on the tiller to total control of the constricted consciousness, because it has already viewed what is coming up it can’t help but transmit that information to the physical brain as the connection exists all the time. So the physical brain lights up ahead of the constricted consciousness seeing the picture and this creates the question in the minds of the researchers. “What caused the brain to light up, when there was no conscious awareness of what is going on?” When all previous concepts had said that the decision comes before the action yet here we are faced with the action coming before the decision. Not only that, the action was coming before there was even an awareness that a decision was to be made i. e. the computer had not yet chosen the picture to be shown that would elicit the response that would be expected to light up the appropriate part of the brain. (Google Norretranders, Libet)

Can you see that for the one that resides in the world of no time it is easy to see what is coming up? As the intensity builds up, we have covered this before, it reaches a point where we know it will manifest in the physical but that will be ahead of the (physical) consciousness being aware of that manifestation.

If you look at out-of-body and near death experiences you will find a parallel and see that the senses you think are confined to the physical body, are in fact also able to function independently. You will realise that some part of your consciousness is not spatially restricted and can bring back irrefutable evidence of having been fully aware of events from a location other than that of the physical body.

So, with the two things, the precognition, the out-of-body, it is quite easy to see how the action in the brain precedes the decision by the awareness of the physical instrument.


We have not discussed that you and your higher self are one and the same. In one or more of our previous discussions we have slipped in the phrase “you are always there anyway” and another phrase “life is continuous”. So let us talk about the fact that while one portion of your total consciousness is focused into the physical we haven’t talked about the fact that the rest of your consciousness is focused where?

We have mentioned the fact that you are living many lives and so you have several focuses and we have mentioned the fact many times that this world you are focused in is a co-created world. Co-created with your fellow higher consciousnesses which upon a moment’s reflection you will agree must be the case so that you can manipulate your puppets with seamless coordination. Now, just reflect upon the foregoing words and you will come to the inevitable conclusion that your higher consciousnesses are always in communication. They are living a life in much the same way as you in your restricted consciousness, stretched consciousness, puppet form are living your life. Now when you move back over we also stated that you and your higher consciousness immediately become one again if you already haven’t woken up to that fact whilst in the physical, but that is an aside because of David.

Now as you all have been in continuous lives in what you might say are parallel dimensions because look at where all the stretched pieces (referring to a previous analogy whereby you imagine your total consciousness stretched out with one end focused in the physical and the other focused in say your home base) shall we say, all the puppets, the dimension they are in and look at the veil, the black cloth, the curtain that separates the puppets from the higher consciousness. Look at the thoughts and actions that are being performed by both, let’s say, thoughts. The actions performed by the puppet are indeed occasioned by the thoughts being thought by the higher consciousness, which of course are immediately reflected in the actions of the puppet. But you will see that these lives are parallel. The lives of the puppets and the lives of the controlling consciousnesses are in parallel which is why the concept of parallel universes holds some water although it is doubtful that this line of reasoning has been followed to conceive that concept. But truth, the word, we find to be somewhat morphic in that it can morph from one thing to another as consciousness expands, but truth will out in one form or another or many maybe.

You have, are and will, while you consort with the same groups of consciousness of course, always be together, and so as you move back over it will seem as if no time has passed because you have been with each other all the time. Can you understand this? You are just as much with your loved ones now as you ever were, simply on another level. It is just that one of your group has withdrawn his focus, withdrawn his puppet from the parallel universe that you consider that you are inhabiting. So when you move over you will not just be met again, you will also quickly remember that you never actually left in the first place. And so our talks about updates in various lives were to enable you to make the mental transition to understand how “yes, I can see that I would already know everything”. Once being able to accept that fact, you can now possibly accept the fact that the reason you haven’t missed a thing is because you’ve always been there!

So, you live many lives at once, in all dimensions, and life is continuous in all dimensions, so as someone in the Ecclesiastical side said on your plane many, many moons ago, “it is just like stepping from one room to another.” You will not even realise that anything has changed once you turn your gaze from the physical to that of the, what you consider to be, your total consciousness.


You were talking about the higher self being in parallel with the physical body. The physical body is made up of myriad consciousnesses so how does that work for the higher self which is in parallel?

Are you assuming that the higher self is responsible for the consciousnesses that have chosen to be a part of maintaining the instrument whilst also in return being able to experience the activities of the instrument?

Yes, really.

Why should the higher self, which is a group of consciousness which has conspired together, you may say, to create the form that you consider to be the physical body and the material conception that you have overlaid upon the physical body and many of you now perceive it only to be, what you might call, a trick of the light… you are thinking once more from a separatist point of view that there be a body consciousness and a higher consciousness. As we have said before, it is all part of one consciousness. So imagine your stretched consciousness, this is not a good analogy but let us start from here. Imagine your stretched consciousness putting out a tentacle into the physical and using it to form an instrument, and then by, let us say, radiating, reflecting light into the physical and then when it lets the tentacle slowly, for your purposes, return to the total of the group consciousness, the light slowly diminishes and therefore the body, if you care to speed the process up, disappears in front of your eyes. Would you agree with that analogy?


So, the consciousness makes up the physical body and also subscribes to the idea of the implant of the event that is that life. Now, consciousnesses join and leave the group idea, the idea of Joe Public, all the time. Those that wanted to experience the “job” of being a heart valve, or part of the heart valve operation, if they feel they have gained enough experience they may go off and hitch their star to another idea, if they haven’t they will find another heart valve idea to be a part of. So the idea of a life is a combination, depending on which end you start from of course. But, if you start with the general idea of a life, then you have to say “what do we need to make this a reality”? All the plans, sub-plans and materials, job descriptions, have to be scheduled and volunteers for all those jobs are sought, shall we say, but in general as soon as the job vacancy is announced there are more applicants than you need. Is this structure starting to make sense for you in the way that you would be able to see the same operation being performed in the physical?

I think so.

So, what happens to them all? They all, switch their focus. Some take more time to switch their focus than others. Would it not spoil the plot somewhat if the body just disappeared into thin air. What would it be like if people just suddenly disappeared? Would you consider they had died, because there was nothing there? There was a living person there one minute and nothing there the next. What would you speculate? Where have they gone? But if you have the body die then it is generally accepted, “Ah well, that person has stopped living, we had better dispose of this piece of material because it is beginning to smell a little”. Some think, “well, whatever activated this body, I wonder if that has died too, or has it continued on somewhere?”

You can have a nice little debate and discussion about the possibilities but you can understand why the body doesn’t suddenly go “poof”? It would spoil the whole structure, let us say, of the opera.


As much as you think that this is all illusion please remember that the consciousnesses involved in the experience of the “I” are indeed learning even if you feel that you are only operating an instrument. You are operating an instrument in interaction with many, many others and so you learn from your operation. You may learn, you might say, in a second-hand fashion but do you think it is second-hand when you spur the instrument to say certain words and the response is something you had not expected. You may think we know ahead of everything but that would rather spoil the whole game wouldn’t it, as we have pointed out before. So yes, we agree to what we are going to do but ad-libbing, you might call it, is really the object of the game so that we can try out one action and see the reaction from the other parties. Now, everybody involved in the game is fully aware of what is going on and, whether you like it or not, is actually quite agreeable with regard to relations between all the, we use the word, puppeteers. It may not be the word that most would like but it really does sum it up but remember, that your puppet is your puppet, it is not inanimate. You may as well call it your puppy, your child, you have a complete bond. How do you feel when your child is, let us say, under threat from another? You feel protective, you feel loving, you feel that you must come to the rescue and you hold them to yourself as if they were your own. Well that is a (the) relationship between, what you might call, your entity, your higher self, all the usual names, and yourself.

We refer back to the stretched consciousness, it is one and the same. So although we say, puppet, it is as if you put your hand through a hole in the wall but you can see above the wall and all you do is interact with the other hands that are in a similar position. Now do you still feel that the hand is part of you? Of course you do. And so it is with what you call the “I”. The “I” is not dispensed with, it is an integral part of the whole and will remain so. All “I”’s that you create remain a part of the whole, they cannot be set adrift. It is akin to deliberately cutting off your own hand.So although the composition of the “gestalts” (the group of consciousnesses that are focused on and through an instrument/ puppet) that comprise all the groupings that we referred to does change somewhat, we refer you back again to the die-hards (the concept of group souls?)  that like who they are, like what they created and move from one focus to another. Of course they gain friends and lose friends as they go along wherever they focus and as new friends come in, then the actions are changed somewhat as you wish to accommodate the new friends and they wish to accommodate you and the consensus direction, purpose, focus is reached.

All in all you are forever in a relative harmony with whatever you engage upon. So without having to examine this down to the last entrail just take it that one looks after one’s own.


Well, something that we were speaking about over dinner. If it is the same above as below how does that work with all the horrendous things that go on in the physical?

Didn’t you also discuss that the consciousnesses that form the reality in which you dwell, themselves are formed of those with differing inclinations as to what is excitement for them? So when it comes to a matter of degree, where do you draw the line between boxing and wrestling and various other somewhat brutal games and other life threatening activities and using deadly instruments upon each other? How much does a rifle differ from a fist used in anger?

Surely you are not saying that the higher consciousness that is leading many lives at any one point in time would be leading all those types of lives, so therefore where does the as above, so below come in? Surely they are leading lots of different lives? Am I getting muddled up?

You don’t understand what you are saying. Each consciousness can lead several, or many, many, many different lives, some good (we have to use your words here) in your opinion, some bad in your opinion, but in each case it knows that, this is not for real. This is purely an act. As we said before, there are actors who do a good death. People say “that was so realistic when he gets shot”. So, if you know that your particular puppet is just going to be withdrawn, shall we say, then you as the producer of that particular puppet may take pride in manipulating that puppet to show a really good death, so would you volunteer for the job?


It is very difficult to move your understanding from a play where the image in your mind is a stage and an audience to that of say, a battlefield where people who do not want to be eliminated are, regardless.

I can fully understand that. What I find difficult to understand is that the consciousness not in the physical is leading many lives and how they can all be as above so below? Because to me the belows are all different so therefore how can the above be the same?

Why shouldn’t the above be all different? This is not the only reality. There are many realities you can experience…For example, most of this appears to work around, what you would call, the nastier aspects of human life?

No, forget the nastier aspects, just as above so below. That’s all I’m querying.

So we are saying that, take everything you see in the physical. That has to have been formed by the non-physical. So what is in the physical cannot be any different except that it has been expressed. So thought and intention exist in the non-physical, expression exists in the physical. Now would not you say that is as above so below, seeing that the physical cannot be produced except by the intent of the non-physical? What is your query here, what does not make sense to you?

I suppose I was imagining lots of different consciousnesses in the non-physical each producing X number of lives in the physical and I couldn’t see how that related back to the as above so below but if you just mean that everything on the physical is replicated in the non-physical…

It is the other way round. Now any consciousness in the non-physical can join the thought stream, you might say, or tune in to the channel of any instrument in the physical that takes its fancy. Are you aware of that?


But each instrument is produced by a group consciousness, because that is a precondition, it is a necessity. One consciousness or even a few consciousnesses cannot produce an instrument. You only have to look at the diversity of operations needed to maintain that instrument and the focus of attention needed on each aspect to know that it will require many, many minds working together. But each of those minds can multitask, so it can tune in while it is doing its own job say, if we leave this in the simplistic manner, it can simply have on the television, for want of a better analogy, and watch what is going on in the next door instrument. Do you see a problem with that?



And perhaps your T.V. just like here, has got 200 channels, so you can tune in to this instrument, tune into that instrument. What’s going on here? Nothing much. Oh, look what’s going on over here?  Yes? So nothing is static, it is constantly moving. Forever becoming applies to everything, it does not just apply to a particular instrument or a particular consciousness or a particular viewpoint. Everything is in a constant state of flux. That isn’t chaos, its organised, its intentionally directed. I’ll look at this, I’ll look at that. Run the parallel with your own focus. Just take the time and note how many times your focus changes. Even as your eyes light on various objects as you walk about, do you pick up the doorway to walk through, do you pick up the corners to turn, so you focus, focus, focus, focus. You cannot navigate without continually refocusing. So, if you had the ability just to sit quietly and focus into the image stream being received through the eyes of another instrument or many other instruments then you could say “so and so is at the football game, let’s see what they are seeing”, so and so is meeting so and so else, let me see how they are getting on and what they are saying to each other. Yes?


So you, in effect, if you wish to say it this way, can link telepathically all over the place. You might call it hacking into people’s mental activities, but with agreement. If once you just start to sit and muse and think “what does interconnectivity mean”? What are the possibilities here? You can see it from the point of view of the facebook broadcast, everybody receives a message, but what if you could do it the other way? So you broadcast a message and somebody else looks and receives it, they look at it, the information goes into their eyes and their brain decodes the words it sees. But what if you could reverse the process, you could extract the information, or you could get into the central control unit say, in the brain, mind , consciousness, whatever sits best with you, and you would receive the same information stream that the group consciousness is receiving. So you may as well say that you look over, notice the intensity of this group consciousness, there is a lot going on, people are flocking and you join in and say “mind if I take a look”? “Help yourself” comes the reply.

Comment: This is a simple explanation for telepathy, NDE’s where people report sights and sounds in other rooms, out of body experiences and remote viewing, all presumably fuelled by intention or desire. Occam’s razor applied.  You might note that we are seeing this in print for the first time as we type. When we record the sessions the words I speak go in one ear and out the other. We are learning as you are.

With regard to the other question which arises all the time, “why are there so many nasty people”? It is whatever state of mind you wish to be in. As above so below applies here also. Do you understand the state of mind of somebody who wants to brutalise another person to the point of death?


Then why should we? You are receiving the thoughts from the higher consciousness. If the higher consciousness understood, surely, unless it was purely for the benefit of putting on some kind of diabolical play, do you not think that your consciousness would give you some explanation? Mystery doesn’t stop at the earth level.


I would like to ask, how do I speak without understanding the mechanisms?

Relatively simple. You are aware that you walk without consciously moving the muscles and you put this down to the fact that your muscles and the cells within them have learned by repetition how to walk and you have assumed that somehow the brain can instruct all the muscles in turn in some bewilderingly fast series of instructions to move all the particular muscles using all the particular energy production of all the cells that form the muscle fibre to all contract together enabling the muscle to contract and thereby hinge the leg, let us say, and then relax it so that the act of walking is performed. Now indeed there has to be a series of instructions but as yet no one has found the method by which this is performed. You know that by the appropriate stimulus of certain muscles, spasms can be induced and to a certain extent you know that by stimulating various muscles in order a certain motion can be mimicked, shall we say. It looks and acts pretty much like you would be able to do, you would say, consciously, without understanding the term.

Let us shift to the act of speaking and as the same applies to the movement of air through the vocal cords and the shaping of the lips and tongue to form the word then you can see the vast amount of information transmission, orders you might say, that have to be given for each word to be spoken. Now we move back to, let us use your popular term, the implicate order where everything exists and is considered before being explicated, becoming manifest and we refer to our earlier explanation of thought. Now all probabilities are considered by the gestalt of consciousnesses that are interested in the activities of what you term as “you”, your personality, your body. All possible actions are considered and certain ones are chosen at each nanosecond you may say, each moment and then transmitted. Now you are aware from your own scientific examinations of the brain’s enlightenment, shall we say, its perception, that there is obviously a transmission received by the brain before the eyes are aware of perceiving what would cause that particular enlightenment (see Libet and Norretranders) and some accept now that, that order, that transmission is coming from an intelligence, a consciousness that is outside of time, that already knows even before the computer is able to choose,  that will cause, upon perception, that particular area of the brain to be activated.

Now apply that to your sentence construction. Can you do that or shall we go further?

No. I think I am ok with that.


You must, when discussing any of this area of physical embodiment, realise that that part of the group consciousness that is focused in the non-physical observing the part of themselves that are manipulating the physical…. we do not like to use this analogy…. but just think of you standing behind a screen manipulating a puppet on a little stage in front of you or with your hand inside a puppet and see what is happening through your eyes. You do the speaking, the puppet does the speaking. The audience watches the puppet, they don’t watch you even though you are in full view. You don’t actually exist.

Now imagine just the puppet and you behind the black curtain. What is the belief in who is speaking, the puppet? Yet you are watching the reactions of those who are speaking to the puppet. And you understand that the puppet isn’t real. But the puppet can make the audience laugh or cry, they experience the emotion. If you then understand that the audience are also puppets then the operators of the puppets can still feel, can still laugh or cry because of the action of the puppets. But they know that the minute they put the puppets down that the emotion is then able to go away. They may think about it because if it was emotion that was traumatic or even if it was laughter that you wish to remember, it makes you laugh again just on remembering. Even years later you remember it and laugh or remember it and cry. Yet it was still all part of something which you had created.

So in order to understand what is happening in the physical you have to put yourself in the position of the controlling consciousness. And how that controlling consciousness sees what you consider to be real. To go further imagine the puppets using swords. They would slice bits off each other wouldn’t they but you, the puppeteer, would feel nothing except some sadness at the disfiguration of your creation. This sounds rather callous and impersonal but this is the realisation that will come upon you when you return to where you came from.


You had an interesting conversation this afternoon which shows that physical instruments cannot always be relied upon to function at maximum efficiency. Things do go wrong. It is not necessarily planned. People think that everything is planned. Does everything that is planned at your level work out? No it doesn’t. But who is doing the planning? Higher consciousness is doing the planning of course. It is using the instruments, it is experimenting with the instruments, experimenting for the experience. Some things work, most things work and if you look at how things have progressed things are far better organised now than they were in previous ages. Things are being perfected and this experience is becoming more attractive. So more are joining in. It is by no means perfect and we’ll carry on through what you might call the next few thousand years and maybe more as we slowly make the place a lot more enjoyable.

It wouldn’t be any good, would it, if everything was perfect because you would know it was perfect, you would know that there was nothing there that was going to be new, going to be different and it would all get rather boring. If you are sitting there with your puppet you want to keep devising new puppet shows and new activities for your puppets. You want to pit one against the other to see who is best at manipulating their puppets. So you devise games, let us see which one of our puppets can run fastest, let’s bet on these flies crawling up the window, because we don’t know who is going to win. A temporary bit of amusement.

With regard to your Alzheimer’s people you might ask “what has happened to the person that was there”? Nothing has happened to the person that was there. There is still a whole host of consciousnesses interested in being part of the physical. They are still eating, still talking, walking, seeing. They are getting a physical experience.

That’s right.

And they are not worried about anything either. Looked after, meals provided, no real sadness and so some see it as a nice little way to try out a physical experience. So, let’s keep this one going, it’s ticking along quite well, it’s mobile etc. etc. and it hasn’t got any worries so we don’t have to have these fearful thoughts and others coming through. In fact it’s quite blissful. Another reason why these instruments keep going because this is a fairly relaxed way for consciousnesses to experience.

Certainly a different way to look at it.



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