Were mediums part of the plan for physical reality? 10th August 2017

Were mediums part of the plan for physical reality?

Would you say that mediums arose due to a gestalt feeling the pain of a fellow gestalt which was fully immersed in the focus of physical reality and deciding to allay the grief of the instrument in the physical via another instrument thereby lessening the feeling in the fellow gestalt by letting the instruments into the secret that you will actually meet again? And so the door was opened a little and a chink of enlightenment was allowed to pour through.

Yes that sounds reasonable.

When it comes to the sort of knowledge that we are passing through do you feel that those who produce such films as Avatar, Star Trek, Ghost, Sixth Sense and many others of this nature are also trying in their own way to put across some form of hope to those who have lost.


To spark a thought that perhaps, “I have seen the film but I also know a lady down the road who claims to talk to her husband all the time. I thought that perhaps she was off her rocker, you might say, but now, who knows. In all respects she is perfectly normal and reasonable and logical and quite matter-of –fact when she says, I can communicate. So with the evidence that comes in from various sources continually I can shrug off the cloak of despair as I realise they are waiting for me. They have gone, I am still here but I will meet them again”. What is this but the religion of belief?


It is knowing that you are, shall we say, a spirit having a physical experience.

We have gone full circle once more in that if you can get this information out there the majority of people will be able to live their lives through a different prism.  Most people will eventually realise the sanctity of the individual gestalt that is operating through their neighbour. Do you understand?

I think so.

We are saying tolerance. Once you understand that your neighbour ……

Is another spirit operating a physical body.

Yes. And you are both, you might say, puppet masters and it is all make believe. You are all playing the part and that it is a game to experience and enjoy. It can be experienced in a friendly spirit, it doesn’t have to be carried out with animosity and in most cases, if you look around the world, people co-exist quite happily, help each other and are pleased when all are living a comfortable life. Very few set out with the intention of ensuring that others lead a miserable life, they set out with the intention of trying to lead a comfortable life for themselves. If that means by cooperating and making the environment conducive to enjoyment, the environment being their surroundings and their situation, being conducive to peaceful and enjoyable living then they will do so.

After all, all consciousnesses, when it comes down to the selection of ideas, are selecting the ideas that attract them and in most cases these are experiences that are going to be a source of pleasure. In other cases it will be a source of challenge or playing a part in the play where someone has to be the villain. Now if you understand that it is all imagination anyway then just like an actor you can be a jolly good villain. If you take a pantomime the children will all boo the baddie and love the goodie and yet you know full well as a parent that the actor playing the baddie is quite a nice old gentleman and when the pantomime is over and everybody gets together, then you have all had a jolly good time , haven’t you?

You can scale that pantomime up to a national feud, shall we say, but then stand back, look at the parties involved, see what is happening and see whether, when the feud is settled, it leads eventually to a more amicable environment for the next set of consciousnesses that wish to experience that particular area of activity.

This is, as far as you are concerned, a continuous soap opera and if you can step away from your lifetime-based conscious understanding and see it merely as, let us say, a holiday resort where you visit at regular intervals in order to enjoy what it has to offer, then expand that to many years and many lives in the same or different physical environments and you will find you are back to your Eastern understanding of the wheel of life, shall we say.







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