Are there limits to the information which can be accessed. 25th August 2017

It is apparent that you have more knowledge than you care to divulge regarding the relationship between the physical and non-physical. Are you not allowed to pass certain things on?

It is not a question of not being allowed to divulge the information it is more a question of not being thanked for volunteering further information as those that have decided to focus on the physical experience wish to be kept in ignorance of the non-reality of that focus as they have immersed themselves in their imagination and there is a mutual consensus that this is all there is.  When you focus deeply into a reality and you find yourself on the stage then to you that is your only reality. (If the majority of the gestalt consciousness is of that opinion then it is impossible for said information to be transmitted as it is automatically blocked.)

Now, as we have said before, when you are, let us call it, a puppet master, (suggest when reading this that you remember that puppet master is just a simplified way of describing the gestalt consciousness) then you know full well what is happening in the physical because you are guiding the ropes, shall we say, pushing and pulling to effect action within the physical. But you do have the opportunity to turn around and operate another instrument in another reality, or many realities if you wish, and so you are aware that you are capable of doing so. Of course you find that each reality, when you decide to operate in that reality, takes your full focus.

Let us say that you jump into a racing car and you are moving at high speed on a particular circuit then you leap out and jump into another race car on another circuit, again at high speed, and each time you are in the race with many people. Now, are you fully focusing each time on the race you are in with no thought of the other race and the other race track?


Yes, because your continued existence in that race demands your full attention. The same applies. (Some gestalts simply want to enjoy their physical experiences in blissful ignorance much as when reading an exciting book if one is informed of the outcome the continuation of the reading experience loses its aura of mystery and suspense) You are fully focusing, e.g., on the pattern of the cheetah, as we described in a previous session. You are watching for the next pattern and recreating it in your imagination because you have already scanned all the information regarding all the cheetahs that ever were and are. This just comes, you might say, instinctively in that you just put that knowledge to work. You might, as we said, tweak it around a little if you feel that there is something else that can be achieved (the present design can be improved upon)…….

If you are the puppet master of the cheetah does not your action depend on what other puppet masters of other cheetahs are going to do? You could be operating a very peaceful cheetah that is happy to lay in the sun or whatever and another puppet master with a cheetah could come along and attack your cheetah therefore your actions , should that happen, will be different than if that puppet master had not operated their cheetah in that manner.

Wherein arises uncertainty and excitement. (The constantly reiterated reason for creating and experiencing physical reality)

Yes, yes.

The reference we just made was to the actual holding of (in) the imagination your idea of a cheetah, yes?

Yes, right.

And of course you are not holding that in isolation. You are holding that within the environment created for the cheetah to exist in and the cheetah will exist with other animals and other cheetahs, yes?


So then your puppet master will take the appropriate action when faced with any event that arises, and that is part of the game, to react to the twists and turns, shall we say, of fate. In the same way the driver in the race is reacting to the twists and turns of the race track. But it still takes his full attention.

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