22nd November 2017 Understanding the Process of Ageing and Illness. The Path to Acceptance.

(Personal but applicable to all.)

Can you give us any insight into David’s health please?

The body ages and much as you would like it to carry on behaving as it always has, for every single person there comes a time when something doesn’t quite work the way it did before.

Apart from general atrophy, the wearing out of various areas, those focusing through the instrument, focusing into the gestalt, are desirous of certain experiences. If you look at the experiences that any particular instrument is basically familiar with and habitually engaged in then even those will tend to slow down with age. You will not find those who can run as fast in their seventies as they could in their forties for example and even less than in their twenties regardless of who they are. The laws, or the agreements, with regards to the physical are such that you are meant to exist here for a certain time. As we have said before if you had too many people living to 150 it would rather spoil the show wouldn’t it?


These things change gradually and so ALL focusing into the gestalt have the belief that the instrument they are imagining will follow the norm. (One is born, matures, ages and dies.) Now as we related with the cheetah. When you decide to look at a cheetah what do you see? The patterns of all the cheetahs. What happened to the older cheetahs? So as you run through the patterns and you focus on the next pattern, and the next pattern and the next pattern what happens to the cheetah? You just follow along with the patterns, it becomes habitual. You are used to focusing on the next pattern because it is easier to focus on the pattern for your creativity than it is to start afresh all the time. Do you understand?


You focus on the pattern and this is why cheetahs and everything else carries on in roughly the same vein. It doesn’t change, you don’t get a human with four legs because you are looking at the pattern with two legs so why would you go to the effort of creating a human with four legs? It would necessitate a whole new design to make it workable.  You wouldn’t have a normal human, it wouldn’t fit in. You couldn’t have the same events. Because you are going through the human being pattern you have your own stamp on this.

When you paint a picture you paint it on a canvas, you use the same range of paint colours. What happens there? You are limited by the brushes and paints that are available. So is everybody else. (In the case of a body presumably the available genetic material). Let us say you have a painting by numbers, what we are saying here is that you are all painting to the same pattern. You understand?


You are going to make a painting (create/imagine a human), up comes the pattern, the human pattern we will call it. You have the same paints as everybody else but what do you do? You use them differently, so the colours are slightly different, but due to the design of the picture and the fact that you need to have something that fits in to the overall scenario you don’t produce a human with a black head, a brown body and white legs , do you? You choose one particular type and that type in general will depend on the place where you desire your experience. If you produce it in Africa you will colour your pattern in black, the racial stereotype. (Obviously if you choose white or other parents residing in Africa for your experience you will follow the available genetic pattern) You don’t get western features if you are born to an African mother from an African father because it wouldn’t be accepted, it would stand out. So if you want a trouble free life for your experience you paint your pattern to suit. Now it will be a different pattern to the one next door because as we have said before if you have a million awarenesses focused into a gestalt you won’t get the same as the next million awarenesses, will you?


They will all be choosing different brushes and colours and using them in different ways but they will have to follow the overall pattern (remember the analogy is painting by numbers) and that overall pattern may restrict their use of brushes and paints so in general the colours available will be applicable to the particular location and the genetic material, heritage etc. (Remember that you are continually creating/imagining the pattern throughout your life according to your belief about the stages of life and ageing, so in general the pattern will reflect that belief.)

So we come back to the same thing with the illnesses. You are running through the life, you have ideas on what you are going to do with that life. Now some may decide to max out the sensation element of that proposed life, will eat and drink their fill and not worry about the condition of the instrument. They will be primarily interested in the sensations because that is their purpose to experience and there will be little interest in athleticism etc. as their primary interest is gustatory sensations. Others are interested in mental sensations, which they find in thrill seeking or drugs say while others are interested in sexual sensations and those ones may keep their bodies in good shape, for example, as they may not be as interested in food and drink as the first category. Others may come to acquire as much knowledge as possible and again the bodily condition may not be of great importance.

When you choose your life you choose your own experiences and you will keep your vehicle in such a way as to suit. Now when it comes to David here, look back through his life, he has basically been relatively fit right up to this present time and still in most aspects is quite fit for his age but lately due to age and other things his focus has been turning to more to the cerebral, the mind with a lesser emphasis on the body. There has been a loss of interest in food and drink other than as a necessity, a loss of interest in bodily sensations and golf but a great increase in interest in cerebral interconnection and so what do you think that the awarenesses who are involved at the present time are giving priority to and therefore not keeping other aspects up to scratch, not neglecting but not working hard to keep in tip top condition? It is obvious that the mind is still extremely sharp and active but the body is starting to show signs of reduced performance and this is one thing you will have to expect unless priorities are changed.


But if priorities are changed then what will you do. If you really wish priorities to change you will be exercising day in and day out. You will be determined to reform your muscles, expand your lungs, do lots of cardio exercise, but is there the wish to do that?

Probably not.

You see. One has to ask why there is not the wish to do that especially as with all the knowledge you have you realise that “this is not important” and also the fact that you have been there, done that, “do I need to do this anymore”? But what comes with that of course is, as the saying goes, “use it or lose it”. You cannot expect to keep your muscles strong if you don’t exercise them and that applies through the body. If you don’t have the drive to stay young and you are quite comfortable in your skin as it is then you take the attitude of “que sera sera”, “I’ll go with the flow”. Most people of a certain age do just that but there are these transition periods where you are starting to lose one aspect and you have a certain amount of anxiety but you will find that will pass and you will reach another plateau or you may say a lower level in the physical and a higher in the spiritual in terms of knowledge.

Nearly everybody goes through these transition periods. They have periods of illness which then pass. You have been through them yourself. We can focus into gestalts all over the place look at the instruments and see them all with a deficit in one area or another whether or not it is apparent. The older you get and the nearer you get to returning, the less importance is attached to keeping the vehicle running because you are already preparing whether you realise that or not. You are fully aware on another level that you plan to exit at some time. It is just the interest that keeps you going here. Provided you find yourself interested, because how you speak, how you feel, that is the majority. (of the awarenesses comprising the gestalt) You must take note of what it is that you are actually thinking, what it is that you are saying because that is the majority that you are actually experiencing. You are not controlling the majority (opinion) you are experiencing the majority.

When you argue with yourself in your mind, say. When the majority speaks the majority may find, much like Angela Merkel currently (21/11/2017) that it can no longer hold the coalition together quite so easily. It does not have that majority say 70% in harmony as to what has to happen therefore does happen.  If that majority starts to shrink as interest is lost in certain aspects by some but others keep a strong interest have you got that intensity anymore? If you don’t have the intensity you won’t have the manifestation and so you have to listen to your own feelings. Listen to your feelings, listen to your desires and realise that “this is what I am experiencing”.

Now you can say “I will go with the flow on this because I understand that I am just experiencing this” or you can voice, when I say you, you can listen to the voice of the majority and the majority will be, as we just remarked, what you would think of as talking to yourself. But what are they doing? When they express these words, these thoughts, it is the majority, however thin it has become, trying to convince the other participants, “this is what we want to do”. This is where you get the feeling of doubt. Do you understand?


Because it is no longer certain. You did not have so many doubts when you were younger because the majority was certain it wanted to do this, it wanted to do that, but now it’s not so sure. There is a difference in the makeup of the gestalt. As you can well imagine those interested in mainline gustatory pleasures mostly removed their focus when you became vegan. Those who desire barbecued meat for example will not be involved in your gestalt, you will have lost those some time ago. Now when it comes to being vegan, if you were an awareness wanting to join a vegan, which vegan you joined would depend on the other aspects of their life. If you wished to take a full life as a vegan you would join a child who is a vegan, presumably within a vegan family or a partially vegan family. If you merely wished to temporarily sample the lifestyle any vegan may suffice.

However there are others who have had different lives but want to see…now you have a particularly, in terms of numbers, unusual mental set, shall we say, with regard to your understanding of reality. For those who have inculcated belief systems through being involved in the physical and have not bothered to investigate these other aspects of understanding, the relationship between the physical and other dimensions for example, when the channelling is going on it is an unusual occurrence and so the consciousness is vastly expanded due to the attraction of the activity and the subject matter. They can see an instrument where the majority is quiescent while there are a few who are able to hold the stage, shall we say, and not only control the instrument but address the majority due to the majority being willing to listen. We will take your thought and we will put our intensity behind it because we want to hear what comes out. We want to see the thought form and we want to see the form that the thought forms. (Imagination crystallising and the resultant manifestation) You have this constant coming and going so all we can advise is the fact that the gestalt in this particular instant is waxing and waning because it is in the process of change. It is a process of ditching old habits and finding new.

Now David, as you can see, he doesn’t understand why himself, has lost his enthusiasm for golf. Happy to do it for the exercise but no longer enthused by the prospect. It is the same with you no longer interested in learning new dances. You will learn as best you can while you are there but you most certainly would not go to lessons to perfect a new dance routine because it no longer holds your interest. So what does hold your interest? What you are doing now holds your interest. Now how long is it since either of you have looked to see who has won the weekly PGA golf competition or even who is currently No 1?  Neither of you have.

We haven’t talked about it lately.

At one stage you were following the competitions, looking at the leaderboards and interested in who was winning but gradually and imperceptibly it disappeared from the radar and you are no longer doing it. Now apply that to what we have been talking about and it’s not just David it is yourself as well. For some reason it is no longer important who is winning the golf. If you happen to see a headline, yes you will go to it because it was an old habit and that may spark “I wonder who is No.1?” But this is becoming a rarer and rarer occurrence.

Now apply that to the operation of the body. “We need to keep this in really good order” but then you don’t quite…”we’ll leave that for the moment, we’ll come back to that” and later “it’s not going quite so well but never mind, it’s doing OK and it’s going to take some effort, an effort of focus to concentrate on that aspect when there are other more interesting areas to focus upon. So you can see how the gradual change goes relatively unnoticed.

With regard to the onset of sudden debilitating infections you may wonder for example why viruses attack. You realise that bacteria form a large part of the body so it follows that there has to be law and order amongst the bacteria and all the functions that go on within the body in order to keep everything operating harmoniously but if less attention is paid to that law and order then here and there chaos ensues. If you look at, shall we say, the foot soldiers of the immune system, the police, the white blood cells, the macrophages and killer cells, what is their function? Their function is to keep order. When they see something acting out of line they eliminate it. They do that because the overall gestalt is providing the intensity of intention and encouragement, “that must be kept in order”. That aspect of the body’s operation is closely monitored and if something is amiss action is taken for that to be stimulated. The production of the necessary cells may be increased, whatever. Yes?


When it is no longer quite so important it is let slip and then of course some things go beyond the point of no return. What you have to realise here is that each aspect of the body is its own particular set of awarenesses. Its own particular gestalts each with their own experience requirements. Just the same as you look around in your world and some people are behaving abominably as humans then others may be behaving abominably as bacteria. You still have the same attitudes, predilections for various forms of experience, we would say, rather than enjoyment. This is, with regard to the body you might say, as without so within. You understand?  (Update: Today, 4/12/2018, we are watching a series on the Microbiome and how bacterial Dna makes up 99% of our total body Dna while the Dna from our parents only amounts to 1%. Additionally the messaging between the gut and the brain is 90% originating from the bacteria in the gut and only 10% from the brain. It would appear that our food desires and much of our thought is that of our bacteria who are intelligent beings in their own right. Who are we, indeed?)


You will have to get used to the idea that you cannot keep things perfect forever. You take it for granted that your face and skin will begin to age as you grow older and even those who are very fit still show the signs of aging. Their hair loses its colour for example. That is because it isn’t important to them, they don’t believe that they can retain their hair colour but they do believe that they can keep their muscles in good shape so they focus on keeping their muscles in good shape but how does one keep their liver in good shape? Where is the advice, apart from the food and drink intake, on keeping the liver in tip top condition? Much less the pancreas, the spleen etc. The argument for the heart is exercise but you can’t exercise the pancreas can you?


Or you don’t think so. So run yourself through all the various internals, look at what information is available on them and then switch to your gestalt and the awarenesses in the gestalt and where are they? On the stage. What information is available to them? The information available in the physical. They are not party to information available without the physical. They do not understand how they are creating the body. It is there and that is what they are there for, the experience.

The only thing you can really do is decide on what it is that is of importance. Decide what it is you want to do and then take the necessary action. You are taking the necessary action at the moment in order to relieve discomfort. Now take this one or two steps forward, imagine you have relieved the chest discomfort, imagine you can still walk around perfectly happily and then would you accept, albeit reluctantly, the fact that you will be able to dance at the same rate as the others at the dances you go to but you will no longer be able to, quite so easily apart from short bursts, dance in the fashion that you were able to dance a year ago because you have moved to another platform. For reasons you are not aware of but you will put down to inflammation, attack, illness or simply wearing out.

So simply, we would advise that you sit down, you think it through and you say “I’ll take all the action necessary to lead a comfortable and fulfilling life and then carry on and do so and forget about it.

Yes. Good advice. Thank you.

P.S. 15th February 2018

Soon after posting the above I ended up in emergency. It was found necessary to fit me with a pacemaker, which restored my activity to near normal . Not an action I initiated or foresaw,  but some part of me knew; see penultimate paragraph. See Part II 24th February 2018 for sequel.

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