A Reader Asks.

 A reader asks:- I would like to ask for an overview of how the teachings may differ (or align) with other teachings such as a Course in Miracles, the Law of One and (more recent) Paul Selig’s channeled material coming from “the guides” (as he refers to them).
I have read some of the ‘Law of One’, some of the ‘Course in Miracles’ and most all of the Paul Selig books (i.e. Book of Mastery, Book of Knowing and Worth, Book of Love and Creation and I am the Word).  To me, these three different sources seem to be teaching a somewhat different version of the same story.
What can be said about the relationship between the teachings?
Also, (as indicated through these teachings) is it fair to say that the ultimate source of consciousness (and its initial genesis) isn’t really 100% known (by any known source) – which could account for different interpretations on ‘meaning’ and ‘purpose’ of life / consciousness?
My reply:- Great to converse with a thinker who has researched his subject.

With regard to the sources you mention I have not personally read any of them, but I would venture that any of those who have ‘connected’ to a knowledgeable source would receive basically the same insights, but these will undoubtedly vary according to the reality which the communicators have chosen to focus upon, reside therein. Additionally, this information will be filtered and expressed according to the knowledge and  belief structures of the instruments.
I will have to leave it up to you to note the similarities and divergences within the teachings and the possible reasons for same as I prefer to keep my own mind as uncluttered as possible.
I would absolutely agree that consciousness can never know its origin as consciousness can only be aware of what it is aware of, what it is cognisant of. If anything could stand outside of itself and view itself then surely the next question is ‘who is viewing?’  ad infinitum. As stated in the material, the subject of consciousness and its origin is still the subject of debate in other realities, as is its nature, ‘why does consciousness possess imagination?’ and its concomitant ability to experience the products of said imagination.
I would suggest such questions form part of the eternal mystery and spur the eternal quest of consciousness to understand itself.
I have taken the liberty of using our conversation as a new post, in an endeavour to spark further discussion.
Great to hear from you, would love to keep the conversation going.
Best wishes,
P.S. If you have not heard of them you may be interested in the Scientific and Medical Network.
The Scientific and Medical Network (SMN) is a worldwide professional community and membership organisation for open-minded, rigorous and evidence-based enquiry into themes bridging science, spirituality and consciousness. It promotes a cultural shift in our understanding of reality and human experience beyond the limits imposed by exclusively materialist and reductionist approaches. The Network brings together open-minded and discerning people who are inclined to a non-materialist interpretation of the universe.

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