Talk:- Seth, Consciousness and the Co-Creation of Reality

This post is a talk I gave to the Theosophical Society in 2014

    Seth, Consciousness and the Co-Creation of Reality

How your “SELF” is formed.

The Seth Quotes which can be accessed from the link below were shown before the talk started.

Seth Quotes from Seth Material talk to Theosophical April 2014NB

The talk then continued using Power Point pictures to illustrate things as the talk proceeded, most of the power points are included in the text as you will see.

List of Seth Books (Displayed as Power Point 2)

  •  The Seth Material 1970
  • Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul 1972
  • The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book 1974
  • The “Unknown” Reality: A Seth Book in two volumes 1977-1979
  • The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression. A Seth Book 1979
  • The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events. A Seth Book 1981
  • Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment. A Seth Book in two volumes 1986
  • Seth, Dreams, and Projection of Consciousness 1986
  • The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About the Art of Creative Living 1995

The Seth books are a series of books scientifically describing aspects of the formation of physical reality and personality. Virtually all human avenues of thought are discussed and explained in a vast and wide ranging display of superior knowledge and understanding.

They were channelled by Jane Roberts, a writer and poet, who involuntarily became a trance medium after she and her husband, Robert Butts, used a Ouija board and got more than they expected. They were received from the mid sixties until the late seventies.  Jane Roberts tragically died in 1984 at the age of 54.

(Jane’s picture was Power Point 3)

Now at this point I feel it is only correct to allow Seth to introduce himself as he does in Chapter 1 of “Seth Speaks”

To add a touch of theatre Jean will play the part of Jane.

(I am afraid the voice you are going to hear will be mine but it will give you some idea of what it is like to listen to a trance medium.)

(Power Point 4)

Seth Speaks.

The Eternal Validity of the Soul

By Jane Roberts

“I am an energy personality essence,

no longer focused in physical matter.”

Seth:- Now… You have heard of ghost hunters, I can be quite literally be called a ghost writer, though I do not approve of the term  ”ghost”. It is true that I am usually not seen in physical terms. I do not like the word “Spirit”, either; and yet if your definition of that word implies the idea of a personality without a physical body, then I would have to agree that the description fits me.

I address an unseen audience. However, I know that my readers exist, and therefore I shall ask each of them, now, to grant me the same privilege. My name is Seth. Names are simply designations, symbols; and yet since you must use them I shall also.

My readers may suppose that they are physical creatures, bound within physical bodies, imprisoned within bone, flesh, and skin. If you believe that your existence is dependent upon this corporeal image, then you feel in danger of extinction, for no physical form lasts, and no body, however beautiful in youth, retains the same vigour and enchantment in old age. If you identify with your own youth, or beauty, or intellect, or accomplishments, then there is the constant gnawing knowledge that these attributes can and will vanish.

I am writing this book to assure you this is not the case. Basically you are no more of a physical being than I am, and I have donned and discarded more bodies than I care to tell. Personalities who do not exist do not write books. I am quite independent of a physical image and so are you.

Consciousness creates form. It is not the other way around. All personalities are not physical. It is only because you are so busily concerned with daily matters that you do not realise that there is a portion of you who knows that its own powers are far superior to those shown by the ordinary self.

You would be much better off in reading this book if you asked yourself who you are, rather than asked who I am, for you cannot understand what I am unless you understand the nature of personality and the characteristics of consciousness.

If you believe firmly that your consciousness in locked up somewhere inside your skull and is powerless to escape it , if you feel that your consciousness ends at the boundary of your body, then you sell yourself short, and you will think that I am a delusion. I am no more a delusion than you are, and that may be a loaded sentence.

I can say this to each of my readers honestly (smile): I am older than you are, at least in terms of age as you think of it.

If a writer can qualify as any kind of authority on the basis of age, therefore, then I should get a medal.

I am an energy personality essence, no longer focused in physical matter. As such, I am aware of some truths than many of you seem to have forgotten.

I hope to remind you of these. I do not speak so much to the part of you that you think of as yourself as to that part of you that you do not know, that you have to some extent denied and to some extent forgotten. That part of you reads this book, [even] as “you” read it.

And I (David) can add “That part of you is listening to this talk ‘even’ as you are listening.

Seth’s Main Themes (Power Point 5)

  • Consciousness is “All that is”
  • “Gestalts” of Consciousness form patterns which are projected into physical reality.
  • “Personality” is a product of a conglomerate of many minds, which is forever changing.
  • Each mind is capable of living many lives simultaneously in multiple dimensions/realities.
  • The nature of mass consciousness and mass events.

Now to study and even begin to understand the “Seth” material takes many years and personally I think it would be a great subject for a PhD.

As the years have passed since the publication of the “Seth” books it is hard to imagine that later scientific theories such as David Bohm’s Implicate/Explicate Order and others were not influenced by a  knowledge of Seth’s portrayal of reality.

(Power Point 6)

“To my great surprise – and slight annoyance- I found that Seth eloquently and lucidly articulated a view of reality that I had arrived at only after great effort and an extensive study of both paranormal phenomena  and quantum physics……..”

– Michael Talbot

-author of The Holographic Universe and                                                                                                            – Beyond the Quantum

So let us get right into the basic thrust of Seth’s view of how reality is formed. We cannot even begin to scratch the surface in one hour and I want to leave as much time as possible for questions.

(Power Point 7)

  • C.U.’s Units of Consciousness
  • E.E. Units Electro Magnetic Energy Units
  • Gestalt Consciousness a term encompassing the above.

All gestalt consciousnesses co-operate and conglomerate to form the individual components of the living world.

Seth states that consciousness is the basis of “All that is”. He describes( within the limits of our ability to comprehend) “CU’s” – Consciousness Units – which form EE Units – Electro Magnetic energy units- which combine into myriad patterns to produce reality as we know it. Seth’s recurring theme is that everything is a gestalt consciousness, a conglomerate of multiple units of consciousness which operate simultaneously in multiple dimensions. Think of Walt Disney coining the word “Imagineering” i.e. turning an idea into reality. Now, by virtue of 3D printing we can turn an idea into a solid object in minutes. You have an idea of an object, you design that object using a computer. Where it exists in a kind of three dimensional electro-magnetic reality.  A Hologram!

You slice that Hologram very thinly, connect the computer to your 3D printer, load the printer with the material of your choice, metal, plastic or even living cells, and the printer then constructs your object layer by layer.


(Power Point 8)

  • Consciousness is a way of perceiving the various dimensions of reality.
  • “You” form your physical body.
  • The “inner you” directs your activities
  • The “self” that you know is but one fragment of your entire identity.
  • Your “identity” is a gestalt consciousness able to experience multiple lives in multi dimensions simultaneously.

As Seth states on page 8 of the Seth Material.

Consciousness is a way of perceiving the various dimensions of reality. Consciousness, as you know it is highly specialised. The physical senses allow you to perceive the three dimensional world, and yet by their very nature they can inhibit the perception of equally valid dimensions. You would not think of identifying with one portion of your body and ignoring all other parts, and yet you are doing the same thing when you imagine that the egotistical self carries the burden of your identity.

I am telling you that you are not a cosmic bag of bones and flesh, thrown together through some mixture of chemicals and elements. I am telling you that your consciousness is not some fiery product, formed merely accidentally through the inter workings of chemical components.

You are not a forsaken offshoot of physical matter, nor is your consciousness meant to vanish like a puff of smoke. Instead you form the physical body that you know at a deeply unconscious level with great discrimination, miraculous clarity, and intimate unconscious knowledge of each minute cell that composes it. This is not meant symbolically.

Now because your conscious mind, as you think of it, is not aware of these activities, you do not identify with this inner portion of yourselves. You prefer to identify with the part of you who watches television or cooks or works- the part you think knows what it is doing but this seemingly unconscious portion of yourself is far more knowledgeable, and upon its smooth functioning your entire physical existence depends.

This portion is conscious, aware, alert. It is you “the physical”, so focussed in physical reality, who do not listen to it’s voice, who do not understand that it is the great psychological strength from which your physically orientated self springs. This inner portion of you sifts all information from all dimensions and unbelievable inner activities take place before you can so much as lift a finger, flicker an eyelid,  read this sentence upon the page or before a word is spoken.

You must understand that there are no real divisions to the self , however, so we speak of various portions only to make the basic idea clear.

You cannot understand yourselves, and you cannot accept my independent existence, until you rid yourself of the notion that personality is a “here and now” attribute of consciousness.

The self that you know is but one fragment of your entire identity. Like the various skins of an onion or segments of an orange, all connected through the one vitality and growing out into various realities while springing from the same source.

For convenience’s sake, you close out the multitudinous inner communications that leap between the tiniest parts of your flesh, yet even as physical creatures you are to some extent a portion of other consciousnesses’.  There are no limitations to the self. There are no limitations to its potentials. You can adopt artificial limitations through your own ignorance however. You can deny, but you cannot change, the facts. The personality is multi-dimensional, even though many people hide their heads, figuratively speaking, in the sand of three dimensional existence and pretend there is nothing more. In this book I hope to pull some heads out of the sand.

Now listening to me recite paragraphs from the Seth books although thought provoking is a little bit dry.  Now following the death of our son in 1994 I became intensely interested in the nature of consciousness after I had several paranormal experiences which convinced me that my son in some form continued to exist. Reading of other experiences is all very well but having the experience yourself validates your conviction. For three years we helped an English medium to develop into a first class materialisation medium, with adults and children materialising in the room and voices of deceased personages coming out of the air. We have been involved with many trance circles in the UK most of which were of poor quality. However , for a period of approximately 3 years, 2010,11 and 12 here in Sydney we sat to develop a local mental medium and she subsequently developed into a first class trance medium. The group of minds that spoke through her ( I must tell you minds of this nature invariably refer to the medium as the vehicle or the instrument) were able to converse with a knowledge and insight, in my opinion, approaching that of Seth. They did not wish to dictate a book but we plied them with questions on all manner of subjects and particularly I asked questions covered by Seth in order both to test the knowledge of the communicators and validate Seth’s opinions.

I have been a medium myself for some 15 years and probably due to the number of hours I have spent in séances conversing with non physical intelligences my clairaudience in certain states of mind has become quite strong. I sometimes come awake in the early hours and “listen” to such as the following, which often appears to be a simplified version of more intricate realities.

(Power Point 9)                  Entangled Minds.

Once upon a time, a thought arose, where it came from no-one knows. Minds saw this thought and liked the idea behind the thought. The thought was about having a certain life in the physical. Many more minds liked the idea of this life in the physical and joined the thought, until there were many, many minds and their thoughts linked together, united in their decision to experience that projected life.

They sorted out a mother and a father and it began. The child was born and was named Joe Public. As Joe’s life progressed other minds were attracted as they saw the events that were planned for this life, and they wanted to be part of it, wanted to experience this life, and as it went along many minds came, and many minds left, having experienced the event that they wished to experience. So, the conglomeration of minds known as  Joe, went along, forever adding and losing minds, but always known as Joe and all those minds that had ever been Joe, ever been a part of Joe, always had the memory of the experience of being Joe. So Joe was a part of many minds and many minds were a part of Joe and so it went on and Joe went on forever, forever changing, forever adding new minds, losing old minds, but was forever Joe, and Joe was forever connected to every other mind that had ever been a part of him. And every other mind who remembered their experience with Joe was always connected to Joe. And so Joe never had a real identity because Joe was a part of the whole of all these minds. And so was every other Joe and every other Joanna. Everything that exists is all a part of everything, a part of the thought world, endless conglomeration of thought, endless gestalts of consciousness.

So, can you see that you are a part of everything, always connected and always yourself, yet forever in the process of becoming – always able to say “I AM”.

David Ingman – received clairaudiently upon waking.

(Power Point 10)

  • When you think about the constant exchange of atoms (consciousnesses and minds) between your body and the rest of the material world it is the same thing going on.
  • When you think how it is considered that planets, stars and galaxies are formed from gaseous clouds, black holes and white holes etc. is the conglomeration of thought the same process, i.e. it produces our world, the world that we “see”?

It is a simplified explanation of how we as seeming individuals are an individual pattern composed of an ever changing group of conscious minds. This simple story neatly encompasses many of Seth’s statements regarding identity.

Think of a piece of music always recognisable but subject to different arrangements, different instruments, different musicians, different conductors. The composition remains the same but is ever-changing and is always recognisable depending on which minds are interpreting the piece. (remember Joe Public)

(Power Point 11)

  • Seth:- So psychological structures form to which names are given. The names are meaningless, but the structures behind them are not. Such psychological structures also retain their identity, their pattern of uniqueness, even while they change constantly, die and are reborn. (See Joe Public)
  • The eye rises out of the physical structure. The ego rises out of the structure of the psyche. It cannot see itself. As the eye cannot. Both look outward – in one case away from the physical body, and in the other case away from the inner psyche to the environment.
  • The creative body consciousness creates the eye. The creative inner psyche creates the ego. The body forms the eye in the splendid wisdom of its great unconscious knowing. The psyche brings forth the ego that perceives physically. Both the eye and the ego are formations focused toward perception of exterior reality.
  • Seth:- The Nature of Personal Reality:- Chapter 1

Now if you refer to the last two paragraphs of the “Living Picture of the World” Seth states – The ego cannot see itself as the eye cannot.

Now this may be hard to accept. You will never find an individual “you” …. you will only ever “see”, “feel”, “imagine” who you are, as you project and observe, the combined interpretation by the multiple consciousnesses that comprise “you” in a particular direction of focus, i.e. at any “moment in time.” The interpretation of how a “particular” pattern is being portrayed results in the personality that you believe you are.

So, if you are content with “who you are” continue to observe and reflect. But, if you wish to change a little or a lot, think of the attributes/ traits etc you would like to exhibit and know that you will attract like minds/thoughts (like attracts like). If you concentrate on portraying these attributes/traits, gradually “who you are” will become “who you desire to be”. You will be able to look back and say “that is who I was” and “this is who I AM”

(Power Point 12)

  • There is no such thing as dead matter
  • Nothing exists – neither rock, mineral, plant, animal or air – that is not filled with consciousness of its own kind.
  • There is no object that was not formed by consciousness.
  • You cannot understand what you are unless you understand such matters.
  • Seth Speaks:- Page 10

(Power Point 13)

  • You are like an actor in a play.
  • What you do not realise is that you are acting in many plays at the same time.
  • In different centuries, in different dimensions.
  • You co-create the script, the props, the setting, the themes.
  • You, and every other individual consciousness that takes part.
  • You are so focused in your roles however, so entranced that you have forgotten that they are of your own creation.
  • Seth Speaks:- Chapter4

You co-create your lives, you co-create your events, you co-create your body and once you realise that the consciousness that is you cannot be destroyed, only continually transformed, you will realise that the only purpose in life is the purpose that you create for yourself.

So we have briefly covered how Seth sees the formation of physical reality and our part in it so now let us look at his statement that we live simultaneous multiple lives in multiple realities or dimensions. Some will interpret this concept as reincarnational lives. Seth states that time is a particular belief we apply to our physical reality. Many physicists agree – there is no such thing as “time” and the majority subscribe to the multiverse and parallel universe theories.  Multiple dimensions by other names.

Chris Johnson, an author of books on Seth, said to me “What we think of as “past lives” or “other lives” ( as there is no time where they exist in the psyche) can influence your “current life’s thinking and beliefs. Importantly, this also applies in “reverse” – what you “resolve” in the way of challenges in this lifetime reverberates across all the lifetimes that contribute to your overall identity.

All exists at all times and each event happens when you focus upon it and what is more you find yourself a part of that reality in what, to you, is the present moment. As you switch focus from one dimension to the other this gives the impression that everything happens simultaneously as you seem to be participating in all of these events at once with no break in sequentiality.

But of course if our minds could work at the speed of today’s computers, and remember that communication between the smallest particles/waves is instantaneous, then experience, comprehension and analysis of multiple areas of interest can be performed in the blink of an eye giving the impression of simultaneity.

There was a recounting of an NDE on Victor Zammit’s website where the person who had the experience states that wherever he looked he seemed to be in a different life and what’s more they were all happening at the same time. As explained by Seth in what he calls “the spacious present”

Now, when I had reached this point I thought the presentation was finished but in the early hours of the next morning I awoke to receive the following:- (some of you may pick up the thread as we go along and arrive at the end before I do.)

(Power Point 14)

Entangled Minds (an expanded version)

Once upon a time a thought arose, where it came from no-one knows. Minds saw this thought and liked the idea behind the thought. The thought was about forming a world composed of light, with many things to see, do and experience.

Seven major gestalts of consciousness decided that they would make the idea reality. They were known as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. They agreed that the group would be known as Roy G. Biv or ROY for short.

ROY began mixing colours (of consciousness) from his infinite palette. When he thought that he had done enough he said, “let there be light,” and there was. (The Big Bang? i.e. when consciousness decided to explicate the Gravityverse. )

Now some of these innumerable compositions of light, gestalt consciousnesses were called people. The people, as they stood in awe and wonder at the world around them, soon realised that ROY was everywhere, and they said, “ROY is omnipresent,” and someone exclaimed, “but that means he must know of all that is and therefore is omniscient.  Such total knowledge must give ROY total power, so he must be omnipotent.”

Roy G. Biv was, is, and will always be, composed of multiple consciousnesses with infinite aspects which when displayed in their infinite variety of composition we label “physical reality”.

Now you will all be familiar with the light spectrum and its range of frequencies.

Now ROY can present all shades of himself depending on what mix of gestalts of consciousness (minds) he chooses to project. All these shades we now refer to as personalities, aspects of minds of different intensities displayed as one.

ROY is, amongst others, also known as Joe and Joanna Public.

Power Point 15  “Light Diagram”

At this point a picture was shown which unfortunately I have not been able to attach. it showed Consciousness, Minds and Diversity of Thought, Identity and Unity of Thought(s), The “Observers”, The Observed, Personalities and how everything is linked.

Now, again I considered the presentation was basically complete, but “someone” was following a different agenda.

The following morning, January 19th, I woke up as a different personality I spoke with a beautiful cut glass accent, I sang to a compendium of 30’s to 60’s songs for three hours with a vastly improved range, and clarity of tone. I was able to sustain notes for much longer than previously and my breathing pattern was effortless. Of particular surprise was the way my phrasing often times differed from the way I had sung those songs for the past 50 years.

My wife, daughter and son-in-law, thought this personality was wonderful, commented that it seemed to be in love with the world and everything in it, and they sensed a powerful presence. For my part I was serene and relaxed yet felt totally self-assured and had boundless energy. My mind, hard to describe, also felt expanded and somehow I was “larger”. All in all I was ecstatic about the new me.

I recognised that I had been given this experience to underline the basic truth of my lecture. This personality is the ideal that I have always wished to be and probably my long suffering wife’s dream also.

However, being the person I am, that evening I started to analyse what was happening and whilst realising the pros started searching for the cons, and also, what parts of my personality would I lose. I went to sleep thinking of these things.

The next morning I woke up and the old me was back, but the comparison left me in no doubt, I was being given a choice. I could be who I wished to be if I chose to.

The new personality made its appearance at odd occasions during the following weeks. During a particularly pleasant period I “heard” the dry amused comment “perhaps we have reached a happy medium.” The most interesting part of this experience was that “I” was always present as an “observer” – I was “watching” and “hearing” my body expressing itself as a different personality – I was both the “observer” and the “observed”.

I hoped that I would be able to call upon this aspect of myself at will, but unfortunately that has not been the case and it has not made itself known since February. However, “I” have been left with a milder personality and have also realised that speaking with an upper-class accent is unimportant, likewise the much-improved singing. All in all I am more at peace with who I am.

This was the end of the talk and I then invited questions from the audience.

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