(i) You need never be apart from those you love. (ii) Realities arise from focusing on the web of thought.

(i) You need never be apart from those you love.

We have sometimes alluded to the fact that you are never alone, you are never apart, you are always in contact, you cannot be separated and perhaps it is only right that we try to give you some analogies as to how this is possible.

Now you must start from the fact that you are first and foremost what you would term “spiritual beings”. You are, in the hackneyed phrase, spiritual beings enjoying a physical experience, which is 100% right of course. Now, coming back to our normal definition of consciousness, you are “conscious beings”; you are conscious entities who have decided to embark upon a range of experiences in a co-created environment that you term physical reality.

As we have explained so many times before and you probably understand by now, you are currently focusing (into) many realities simultaneously, what you would term living several lives at once. Now try to think what that means, that you and all consciousnesses, and let us just stick to the human species at the moment, are all focusing different places and living out a series of experiences in what is to you a separate reality in each focus. So, then you think to yourself, where is the centre piece of this consciousness that is sitting there looking around and focusing here, there and everywhere. Of course it is very difficult for us to put over the point to you that your unit of consciousness, or what you seem to be, only becomes reality to you when it is enjoined with many other units of consciousness through what you would term, to make it easier to understand, a form of neural network. So, if you can imagine, the energy of many coming together enables you to experience the joint perceptions of that particular gestalt of consciousness focused in that particular reality along with many other gestalts.

Now of course all these gestalts are interlinked. As you are. Your unit of consciousness is linked with many others which is linked with others, others, others, others, which is why all knowledge is available to all, because everything is totally interlinked. Now if you take this a little bit further and, as we have said, you have to start from the fact that you are conscious beings, spiritual beings if you wish, then the physical being is merely a construct of, what we termed before, imagination. It is a construct, it is a construct for your perception to perceive and for your perception also in sensory terms as in touch, taste, hearing etc. While this is going on, you’re focusing here, there and elsewhere, you are talking to each other all the time.

Let us give you some simple analogies to illustrate this fact. One that you may want to take a tour through the thought process with is the rather recent innovation of performing surgical operations at a distance using video technology and robotic instruments. We will not try to be too technical with this as because you only need to grasp the idea. So, the surgeon is sitting in a hospital in town A whereas the patient is in a hospital in town B, say 1000 kilometres distant. The appropriate equipment is set up and the surgeon can put on his visor, let’s put it this way, insert his hands into the equipment and then he is able to see and become part of, shall we say, the reality in that other hospital. All connections are made and the full operating support staff are participating as they would be should the surgeon be physically present. The surgeon proceeds using a robotic instrument which he can control and manipulate in such a way that it faithfully mimics his own actions.  At the same time he can focus around and communicate within that operating room almost as if he were physically present.

What have we got here? We have a disembodied being, i.e. the surgeon is 1000 kilometres away, operating a robot, an instrument, a vehicle, to keep our terminology constant in relation to the previous teachings we have put through and so you may look upon him as the spirit being. This is pretty much the same process that is going on with your own physical body and the spirit being. Now what is the surgeon doing? He is focusing in the other location, isn’t he? Which is exactly what is happening to you of course.  Now the surgeon, although looking through his visor and being focused upon the reality of the remote operating room, is not alone. He will have, depending on the difficulty of the operation, a backup team around him as well. Additionally there may be many other observers, medical students, teachers and other interested parties.  What does this mean? So this “spiritual being” has other spiritual beings around him, doesn’t he?  Yes?


And yet he is in contact with all those in the remote operating room. So take the one where the patient is as the physical operation and the one where the surgeon is as the spiritual operation. He is in contact with both. He is in full contact with the personnel in the room where the operation is being performed and he is also in contact with all the, what you might term “spiritual beings”, around him. He is in both places at once, he is on the stage and he is in the back of the theatre. Now he can get lost in the detail as well. He can get so immersed in the operation that he may block out, ignore, be unable to hear, the whispers of his back up team as he is concentrating on the observations of his staff surrounding the patient. You can probably understand that. Yet if he allows himself to take a minute off to contemplate his next move and enters the silence, shall we say, then he will hear the whispers of his team back at base. What you might also term as intuition in another context. The team may take the opportunity to get his attention and proffer their advice. Run the scenario for yourself and you will get the idea.

Let us now try a simpler analogy. One that may give you a more basic understanding.

You go to a party. There are many hundreds of people at this large party. It is spread over a large area in a vast house. You wander from room to room observing what is going on and suddenly you happen upon, say, a poker game and you decide to join in. Another person finds that the Cup Final is being shown in another room and he decides to join that particular group. There is a fashion show going on somewhere else….. just run the thing yourself.

Various locations, various realities. (All arising from various focuses)

All these consciousnesses are involved in all these various things and depending on how much they are interested in what is going on then will they be aware of the other activities, the other realities? In most cases, not. The poker game may go on for hours, the Cup Final also. Other activities might do the same. Now take this in terms of your time and extend it to lifetime lengths and you will find that some people will spend their whole time focusing upon one particular activity, others will move from one activity to another. And yet they are all in the same place, aren’t they? And they all have the opportunity to step back from their focus and walk in to where others are watching the Cup Final and say “How is it going?” “Great, thank you” and they walk over to where their wife is watching the fashion show “are you OK honey?” “yes” “well I’m playing poker so we’ll catch up later” .

You are all in the same place, together, but you are all focusing upon the particular scene, activity that is holding your interest but you are aware that you can contact those you wish to contact at any time. Now let us say that there is a break, a rest time, for tea maybe. So what happens? You all wander back into the refreshment hall don’t you? And what happens to your focus? Your focus is temporarily laid aside e.g. the instrument is put to sleep, if you can understand the analogy here. And then you all talk to each other about what you are doing and agree to meet up when you are finished with your current focus.

Can you see this in terms of your daily sleep ritual and in terms of your life. There is no time, just a question of focus and of multiple simultaneous focuses.

Run this scenario in your own mind and you will see that you can both be together, or not, at any time you wish to.

You will find it difficult because you are focused, or so you think, purely in this reality, but, in effect, the part of your consciousness that is at the back of the theatre is able to pop in and out of the various realities and keep in touch with all the other gestalts. So in fact what you consider to be people who have been here and are now dead, which you now realise are not dead, you have never been apart from in the first place. You have always been able to talk to each other but you will not realise this until you get back and relinquish the belief that this is the only reality that you can inhabit at any one time. That is no different from trying to play poker while you are totally engrossed in the football game. You cannot give the attention required to both so you decide to focus on one and shut out the other. On another level you simply separate your focuses.

So you can understand, that although you find it hard to believe, you can never lose anybody, it is impossible to be disconnected. You can only choose to focus somewhere else and each time you wish to focus back you are together again. Which is why you can be, what you might call, “all things to all people” and you can have many, many love relationships. They all work and nobody gets possessive because it is the same for everybody, you cannot lose.

You need never be apart from those you love. You can always be together whenever you wish to be together. All consciousness is forever connected.

At the same time you are not tied to anybody. In the same way as you cannot lose anybody you have full freedom of choice as to whether you wish to answer the call, respond to the thought.  There is no way anyone can enter your awareness unless you open the door. In this reality you block out information from other realities so the same process applies. In general when these things happen, if you look upon what happens here, in many cases when people divorce some say they never want to see the other party again. Others stay good friends.


(ii) Realities arise from focusing on the web of thought

Let us try to explain to you how you are eternally interconnected and yet you can be experiencing many different realities simultaneously. So, let us picture a large web, any web you like, as you can see there are  pathways through the web and everything is interconnected so you can imagine neural networks, a spider’s web, whichever you like, but whatever happens in one area is felt or can be connected through to any other part. So, you have got a knowledge web, whatever you wish.

Now, for purposes of analogy let us locate you in point A of the web. If you look to the North, shall we say, you can see radiating around you, away from you, within that field of perception, all the connections and therefore all the realities arising from those particular connections. You might say arising from the thought of that gestalt if you wish, and if you focus in intently then that is the reality, the instrument etc. ( the body, the environment that you consider yourself to be a part of, your sense of “I” and your sense of the reality in which that “I” dwells).

Now of course if you then look West you have a different set of connections and accordingly a different reality, a different experience, and so on to South and to East and then you can graduate if you wish to SE, SSE, NE ,NW, however many realities you wish to be connected to.

Now, if there is a large scale emotion felt in one particular focus, one particular direction, one particular reality, let us call it a movement in the web, then a slight indication, a slight tremor, might be felt in another area of the web. You could put this down to a sudden feeling coming over you of happiness, sadness, whatever you wish. That could be what you might term a bleed-through from an alternate reality, another simultaneous life, another simultaneous “I”, one of the many “I”s that you are experiencing at any time. It is not too difficult to actually picture this in your own mind and watch what happens. Look at the web, look at your focus, see yourself as that one unit of consciousness in there connected with everything else (to all the other units of consciousness) and then see, as you look in one direction, all the interconnections light up, see them turn into colour, into a scene, you being part of that scene, see your body there and then see yourself believing that you are the body in that scene. Let’s call that North, now switch to East and see a different set of lights light up, it may look the same but you are actually focusing using (adhering to) different rules of the game, different parameters and a different scene appears and a different ”I”. (the particular gestalt you are now focusing into (East) will be creating a reality of its own which may differ somewhat from what we know as the conditions pertaining in North).

Are you following me?


And does it sound relatively simple?

Yes, thank you.

But of course you are there all the time, this connects to our previous expose that at any time you can switch focus and be in whichever reality you like with whoever you like ( one assumes the feeling must be mutual) . None of them ever disappear but you have the choice of focusing wherever you wish to focus and so do they. You must remember that your speed of cognition is basically instantaneous and so you are living all these lives, experiences, realities simultaneously.

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